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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  May 4, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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the gulf of mexico. was swept away and then another boater found him swimming in a life vest. three hours later he was tired but he's been reunited with his owner. >> what are the chances of that? wow. thanks everybody for joining us today. >> the real story starts now. tons going on in the race for the white house. the presidential field shedding another candidate. hi everybody. i'm gech en carlson. this is the real story. ohio governor john kasich will hold a news conference. he's expected to confirm what we learned. he's suspending his campaign. this is as donald trump goes towards -- texas senator ted cruz of course, dropping out of the race following that crushing defeat. still live in indiana, in gary today. jeff, why is kasich dropping out now after he put out a big ad a couple hours before and he said he was staying in? >> exactly. he changed his mind late in the
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game, gretchen as you point out. he said last night he tweeted he was staying in. super pacs that have opposed donald trump and said never trump said we're staying in this. we're in this to fight. you point out this ad. we've got pictures of this star wars themed ad. today is may the fourth be with you. this is a star wars day. it was a themed ad looking into the future, into 2017 with a supreme court nominated by hillary clinton, you know, elizabeth warren on the court. that ad featured you gretchen in a report that pointed out that john kasich was the only republican who could beat hillary clinton based on the polls. obviously, even after the release of that ad, he finally decided, apparently he didn't have the support of the gop establishment anymore. >> to think i'm not even a star wars fan. i was just reporting on a poll that said that john kasich was the only one who could beat
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hillary clinton. so speaking of that, why didn't that resonate? >> you know, it's interesting in this year. you know, you've reported these polls many times. i think 17 straight polls showed him beating clinton. if you look at the polls, clinton versus trump, the latest politics numbers, it's a 6 or 7 point lead. one is 13, 14 points. consistently trump loses. there was a tweet today from david axelrod, president obama's former strategist, a kind tweet to john kasich. said wasn't the year for it. wasn't the gop he envisioned but he ran a positive apparitional campaign that he should be -- >> that doomed him in the gop primary. more partisan. didn't feel he was republican enough to get the nomination.
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>> all very interesting, jeff. try to bring in katrina pearson, the trump campaign. katrina, great to have you back on the real story. especially on this big day. i understand that your candidate, mr. trump was giving an interview to "time" magazine when the news came out that kasich was dropping out. he said this. i didn't think that was going to happen. now my focus will be on hillary clinton. what do you have to say about that? >> well, absolutely. we were expecting to go all the way through to the convention in this contest. in fact, we're not doing that now. it is a relief because it is time to turn the focus on hillary clinton. it is time for the party to come together and draw that contrast of what a pro-america agenda looks like versus another four years of barack obama. i think america is going to get on board. >> in another interview that was taped with mr. trump a few moments ago, he was talking about a vp selection potentially. he said this.
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i'd be interested in vetting john kasich of ohio. is john kasich at the top of the list for trump's potential vp? >> i think john kasich has always been someone that has been considered. he is the sitting governor of ohio. you know, donald trump came in second in ohio. of course, he's going to consider all of the 16 other people in the race simply because they were all very competitive. he mentioned that last night. so, of course, everyone that's run, mr. trump is probably looking at and considering as a running mate. >> what about dr. ben carson. it was announced today that he's going to be part of the vp vetting committee. would he also be someone mr. trump would look at as a possible vp? >> i'm sure mr. trump is looking at everyone that was in the race. ben carson is going to help along with that vetting process. dr. carson is very much respected. he also wants to help. he wants to participate in in process. he has a lot of supporters. he was one of the other
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political outsiders who gutted this campaign and helped expose a lot of the flaws in the current political system. we're happy to have him on board. >> what about marco rubio. he's in the all-important state of florida. even though mr. trump criticized him a lot calling him little marco. would he ever be on the list? >> absolutely. senator rubio was very much another formidable candidate. even though mr. trump won the state of florida, he does see all of the contestants on the republican side as individuals that could help a republican ticket, particularly with marco rubio and his vision. he has this 21st century vision that resonates with a lot of younger republicans. he's considering everyone. >> okay. i guess the criticisms will go by the wayside as he continues now to look. >> competition it now over. >> all the other 16 candidates and maybe others. let's talk about how he's going to raise money. because it's been estimated that mr. trump will need $500 million to $1 billion to run against
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hillary clinton. he said this, this morning. what he might have to sell to do that. >> we'll have to sell a building. i think that probably i'm looking -- i'm not looking for myself. i'm looking for the party, where the party is going to receive a lot of money so the party can compete, including at senate races, including at congressional races. you know, i think that's a big part of it. that's a big part of what i want to do. >> katrina, as you know, one of the most important things that donald trump had going for him in his campaign was being able to say he was self-funded. what's going to happen. how is he going to raise that money? dons of gop donors are not going to give him a dime they're saying. >> as mr. trump has already said. he'd be willing to commit a billion dollars of his own money to make america great again. >> how would he do that? sell property? >> like he said, he would sell a building. he would definitely do that for the country. he's talking about helping out senate races, congressional
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races. the republican party doing fundraisers for the rnc, definitely. it's going to be a joint effort. >> do you believe that mr. trump has to change the way in which he has acted potentially to try and get some of these big gop donors on board or that it doesn't matter? >> well, you know, gretchen, there's a fundamental difference in what some of the gop donors who don't want to support donald trump and the policies that donald trump holds. some of these individuals are very much pro-am necessary at this, open border donors. they're not going to be on board with donald trump. those individuals i don't expect will come along because they fit more in line with hillary clinton. once the contrast is drawn and once they see that donald trump does have the ability to bring in democrats, independents and new voters into the general election process, then i think they're going to come on board. >> all right. katrina pierson, always great to have you on. >> great to be here. time to bring in chris
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wallace for real talk. anchor the fox news sunday. let's start first with katrina. the whole idea of having to find or make or sell to get 500 million to a billion dollars for donald trump. what do you think? >> well, it is a very big issue. let's go back to 2012. remember that mitt romney had spent and was basically out of money by the end of the primaries. that's when the obama camp struck, basically between april and august when the republican convention was held. they put hundreds of millions of dollars into advertising. those were all the capital ads, ads with people laid off by companies that mitt romney had been involved in. to a large degree, a lot of people think that's when obama beat romney, that's when he won the election was in that period before the conventions even started. we're entering that period right now. trump, yes, he can spend his own money or try to raise money. he has to have money, one, to go after clinton and two, to defend
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himself. he can't just be -- let her spend money and be receiving all the -- just be a target for her attacks. >> if money was the only problem, it's not because now he has to try and get other republicans on board. here is a tweet from mitt romney, speaking of him. thanks to ted cruz for making a fight for conservatism, american leadership and freedom. i don't think he'll be endorsing donald trump. that will be the first time in decades that they will not support the current nominee. >> i don't know that he cares about mitt romney, frankly. he's pretty much on record that saying that mitt romney blew a campaign he could have won. it's very important that he have a united party. he doesn't have any opponents anymore. but he has a lot of people who are against him within the party, still talking about a third party candidacy or something like that. look, we make a mistake when we do a straight line projection and say the way things are now
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is the way they'll be three months from now or six months from now. >> totally. >> look at donald trump's victory statement last night. no lying ted. in fact, he praised cruz as what a smart, strong, tough competitor he was. completely different tone. i suspect you'll see, we've been waiting for this pivot. now that nobody is in the race, down to just donald trump, i suspect you'll see a very strong and active pivot to be more conventional, to be more presidential. doesn't mean he has to give up his opinions and the things that made him colorful. he understands he's got to have a strong base support of the republican party if he's going to have any chance against hillary clinton. >> yes. we spoke with katrina pierson who said marco rubio, who he called little marco, he would be a good possible vp. let's move on to the big news that's going to happen about three hours from now, which we've confirmed. that john kasich is going to drop out of the race. just about 12 hours ago, he put out this, chris. >> more than 44,000 americans
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across all 50 states revealed that governor john kasich is the only gop presidential contender that could get more votes than hillary clinton and beat her in the general election. >> the only candidate not to -- by the electorate is john kasich. >> what happened? >> well, i don't know. i'm not sure what went on inside. when they saw cruz dropped out and realized he can't take on and beat trump by himself. money maven terd into it. obviously, it was going to be hard for him to hold up the anti-trump side of the campaign by himself. who knows what pressure came -- remember, it was yesterday that reince priebus, the head of the republican national committee said trump was the presumptive nominee and they said let's get together, it's crazy to keep this going for six weeks. we need to focus on hillary clinton.
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>> no contested -- how the process works. >> a little bit of a disappointment. >> oh, well. you can tell me how pennsylvania works and colorado and everywhere else. maybe next time, chris. maybe the rules will change, by the way. who knows? great to have you on. >> i think it's trump. i think it's over. >> no, no. i know. for next time around. some of these state rules may change. pretty complicated. thanks, chris. >> you bet. the trump movement facing a serious dilemma. with kasich and cruz out, where do they turn from here? >> plus -- [ sirens ] >> thousands of people forced to flee their homes as a massive fire sweeps through. they're having trouble trying to bring it under control. as frustrating and scary as it is to leave your home, it's not as frustrating and scary as to find that you're trapped by your home. if the fire changes directions. my mom loves giving me advice. she even gives me advice...
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our top story. governor john kasich bowing out of the campaign. his campaign announcing it's going to happen in ohio. the editor in chief of ricochet. political consultant for joe biden. john, let me start with you. you surprised that john kasich is calling it a day. >> i'm surprised he didn't do it several months ago. but it was kind of abrupt. yesterday he was saying, oh, i'm in this until the convention. for him to quickly say, oh, never mind seems a little odd. i guess he saw without cruz getting some of the delegates that were expected to go to trump, that he really didn't
11:17 am
have a chance. he's running basically as of when cruz dropped out, he was running fourth in a two-man race. it's not a good look. >> yeah. >> matthew, is this bad news for hillary clinton? now all of trump's firepower is going to come at her? >> i don't think there's any bad news for hillary clinton in this if you look at the polls and i'm sure you have, gretchen. hillary is doing extremely well in the polls in a one-on-one matchup. i don't see how that will change much? >> really? >> considering the states -- yeah. she's up by 13 points in the cnn poll. more than 50% of white men view trump unfavorably. there's no real path to victory for trump here. no, i think this is all good news for hillary. >> except that the firepower hasn't started yet and trump has eviscerated every other candidate even on the republican side. >> i have an answer for that one, too. >> speaking of that, i want to move on to this. never trump, the never trump republicans facing this serious dilemma.
11:18 am
nebraska senator wasting little time saying trump's victory in indiana does not change his opinion. he denounced trump as a force that will divide the country. john, you agree with the senator. you have been tweeting up a storm saying conservatism lives. asked me to remove me from the mailing lists because i'm leaving the party. i guess you're not voting for donald trump. >> i don't think so. i signed on with the never trump movement, i guess you could say, a few months ago, just because i'm a conservative. i don't want to vote for a democrat. not voting for hillary, certainly. i don't want to vote for someone who donated to hillary. it is a tough swaituation. there's a lot of things to focus on. i'll write someone in or vote third party. i join the party of reagan and lincoln, not the party of trump. >> nothing that he could say or do that would change your mind? >> no, i really don't think so
11:19 am
at this time. maybe if he puts this person for the cabinet or promises this person for the supreme court. but at this time, i don't really trust the man. i don't think that he honors the commitments he's made in the past. if you want to vote for him, that's your prerogative. as for me and my conscience, i've decided against it. >> former speech writer for john mccain, good news for you, matthew. he says the gop is going to nominate for president a guy who reads the national enquirer and thinks it's on the level. i'm with her. so this guy who was with mccain says he's now voting for hillary clinton. >> yeah. listen, look -- does look like a lot of republicans certainly not a majority of them, but a lot of republicans are going to go over to the hillary camp. we've seen independents in big numbers going over to the hillary camp. that's why i'm saying, the fact that he hasn't turned his firepower on hillary yet is meaningless. because most of the country at this point listening to trump's
11:20 am
firepower views him unfavorably. his negatives are extremely high. >> so are hers. >> not nearly as high. 70% of women view trump unfavorably. >> true. >> 60% want to pepper spray him. 85% of african-americans view him unfavorably. >> 90% of latinos. >> politics changes on a dime. i don't think anyone -- [ overlapping talking ] >> that's not going to change. that's why we'll continue to be here every day to see exactly what's going to happen. gentlemen, thank you. >> thank you. rising crime in one major city. what's causing the rise and how police, boy, do they have their work cut out for them in that city. is it yours? john kasich to make a huge announcement at 5:00 eastern. we know what it is, though, right? here's our question of the day. governor john kasich is suspending his presidential campaign. should he? tweet yes or no. use #the real story.
11:21 am
we're doing our live full on twitter. look at that. i thought it might be higher. 73% say he should get out. 27% say he should stay in. let me know what you think. 73% of americans try...
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welcome back to the real story. massive wildfire in canada. forcing more than 80,000 people out of their homes. a city in alberta, more than a thousand homes already destroyed, including 80% of one entire neighborhood. officials had to call in the military to help as air tankers, helicopters and 150 firefighters try to beat back the flames. warm temperatures and shifting
11:25 am
high winds are not helping this wildfire growing out of control now. officials don't expect the weather conditions to improve, but so far no reports of any deaths or injuries ziefrnl the city by the bay is dealing with a rise in crime. residents of san francisco say the issue of homelessness is growing out of control there. some pointing the finger at the city's politicians. we're live from san francisco with more on this disturbing trend. hi, claudia. >> reporter: san francisco has a city of high tolerance. it's made it a tag net for the homeless and mentally ill. many residents say and the polls show their tolerance is being tested. >> along with cable cars and iconic landmarks, this is what people are saying about the streets of san francisco. people aren't feeling as safe anymore. >> it's dirty. >> we have to be more cautious and guarded about safety. >> according to recent fbi data,
11:26 am
san francisco has the highest rate of property crime of the top 50 cities. police chief greg ser says the rise in crime and the growing homeless population has coincided with a shortage of cops. he hopes to hire 200 more police officers by next year. >> there's more expansion coming as we get the officers back and we'll get a handle on this. >> reporter: others blame the politicians and residents willing to accept the deterioration on the streets in the name of political correctness. >> i hope the people of san francisco are starting to understand what has been created here by a very small group of lunatic politicians who still control a majority of that board of supervisors. it's disgraceful. >> reporter: none of the 11 board members would talk to us about the issue with the supervisor walking off before i could ask a single question. they can ignore us, but they're facing angrier voters.
11:27 am
a recent poll shows a rise, a sharp rise in residents who say this city is headed in the wrong direction. tourism officials and many residents want city leaders to enact tougher measures to clean up the streets, but gretchen, at this point, that appears unlikely to happen any time soon. back to you. >> such a shame. such a beautiful city. claudia, thank you. that big announcement coming from governor john kasich at 5:00 p.m. eastern. what's he going to say? donald trump looking at potential vp picks. what will he look for in a number two? some names that could make the list, next. >> he's been terrific andst a talented young guy and has a great future in my opinion. >> are you thinking of him for vp? >> i'm considering a lot of people. i'll let you know. i'm considering a lot of people and we want to have great at every level.
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the bottom of the hour. fox news alert now. fox news confirming ohio governor john kasich will be suspending his bid for the white house today. the announcement expected to come during a news conference at 5:00 p.m. eastern time in his home city of columbus. we're live in washington. kasich appeared last night to be staying in, even put out new ads about star wars. what happened? >> well, gretchen it became clear that donald trump would secure the delegates he needs before july's republican convention. governor kasich's strategy was to deny him the 1237 candidate
11:32 am
need today win the nomination on the first ballot. on following ballots, delegates may vote for another candidate and kasich claims he could persuade them to support him. it appears there will be no second ballot. with hundreds of delegates available in upcoming primaries, trump needs fewer than 200 delegates to secure the nomination on the first ballot. senator ted cruz dropped out at a distant second. he trailed rubio and he left the race earlier in the year. >> word is he's not going to endorse anybody when he suspends his campaign. how is it going right now to try and get the party now behind mr. trump? >> well, some republicans have announced their support following trump's indiana win last night. republican national committee chairman reince priebus tweeted donald trump will be presumptive republican nominee, we need t f hillary clinton. #never clinton repurposing the
11:33 am
never trump slogan. there is strong opposition to trump within the party and republicans have no other active presidential candidate to support. they could back him, offer tepid support and agree with some of his policies or oppose him. some conservatives will just sit out the prose dengs race. the conservative club for growth says "the club for broet pac has stayed out of races that have no pro-groet economic conservatives as candidates. the statement says they will focus on congressional races. >> a lot of people argue that could give the race to hillary clinton. we'll have to see. rich, thank you. presumptive gop nominee donald trump says he will select a running mate in july before the convention. who that candidate will be is anyone's guess today. trump laying out criteria for his event all vp choice, though this morning. >> it will be a person with political experience because i mean, while i've been in the world of politics all my life,
11:34 am
the business i will handle so well will bring our jobs back and will bring our economy back, but i do want people to -- i would like to have somebody that could truly be good with respect to dealing with the senate and dealing with congress, gettingi washington times and a fox news contributor. it was enlightening to hear that. he wants somebody who can work with congress. imagine that. >> donald trump is smart enough to understand that having an outsider at the top of the ticket is probably enough. he needs somebody who can help him govern as vice president. he knows that he's bringing a certain skill set to the ticket and he needs somebody probably an executive in some way, likely a governor. >> so we gave you a bit of a task today. who do you think might be on the short list? >> well, the guy that we just mentioned who is leaving the race today, john kasich, would be an obvious choice. they all say i'm not interested
11:35 am
in running as vp. he's one of the obvious choices. just because he's sitting atop ohio. problem is he's not a master of message discipline. you can't necessarily control him. i like governor martinez of new mexico. she's ayala tina, conservative, it's a critical swing state. >> she said she's not interested. >> they all say that. >> she's also said she's not a supporter of donald trump. >> that could also change. there are a lot of folks who resisted him. now some will certainly take that phone call. another one that might come as a surprise is ted cruz. there's a lot of personal ani s animus. we saw that over the last couple of weeks with trump and cruz. if jfk and lyndon johnson could get together and they really hated each other's guts. if they could get together to make a winning ticket, anything is possible. what trump needs to do is not just reach out to just latinos
11:36 am
and the constituencies. -- the fact that trump called marco little marco and called ted lying ted a gazillion times, you could say that doesn't matter because it's a new day. i think what was a game changer for ted cruz to possibly be the vp with him was that he did that press conference and really laid out how he felt about him. >> that's right. he did it the day he dropped out of the race. a couple of hours before. look, there's a lot of emotion going into running for president by the candidate, by their staff, by their supporters. tensions are running very high. give it a little time to simmer down. then when people see who may have opposed trump, when these candidates and others see that donald trump represents a wholly new way of approaching republican politics, politics in general, how to govern the country, you'll see, i think, a lot of former skeptics come around and be willing to take that call from donald trump.
11:37 am
>> condoleezza rice? >> her name has been bandied about. i don't know if she's interested or would want this, but she's somebody who would be interesting because she knows the national security apparatus of the government, obviously knows foreign policy and is a woman. >> ben carson supposedly heading up this committee. not sure if he would be in the mix. chris christie. >> i've heard his name bandied about as well. i love governor christie. i think two wildcards on the ticket, two guys who kind of smash the furniture when necessity walk in the room might be a little bit too much. the other problem for governor christie, i think, is his popularity in new jersey is quite low at the moment. the idea that maybe he couldn't deliver his home state on a presidential ticket, new jersey is my home state for a long time, and folks -- the calculation would have to be made, what can he bring and deliver. >> we will have to see. we'll be talking about it for some time. >> for a long time. >> monica crowley, thank you.
11:38 am
time for my take. was donald trump the presumptive nominee, it appears his work is cut out for him at least right now in two big ways. the #never trump crowd has turned into the #never ever trump. would some consider voting for hillary. check out this morning poll showing that 13% of the republicans who had backed him would vote for hillary clinton. then there's this. a new cnnorc poll done last night shows a lot of work ahead for the trump campaign with hillary clinton well ahead of trump. 54 to 41% in a head to head matchup. it's her largest lead since last july. she also leads trump on major issues, 61 to 36% on foreign policy. 51 to 444% on immigration and 55 to 41% on health care. the one big exception in this poll, trump is more trusted with voters on doing a better job with the economy than clinton. no matter what's going on,
11:39 am
almost every presidential election has come down to the pocketbook. coming up on the show, u.s. officials identify the navy s.e.a.l. killed in iraq by isis militants. the death was tauld a tragic reminder of the risk our troops face every day fighting isis. u.s. troops are in a train and advise mode but all too often they're still under attack. a retired navy s.e.a.l. becoming emotional while speaking about keating. >> thinking about mom and dad just lost a son. terrible. they need to know that every one of the seals wish they were there next to him when this went down. fighting next to him. >> he's the third u.s. service member to die since the president redeployed troops there in 2014. new york city church fire under investigation amid claims of a possible link to several other church fires around the world, if you can believe that.
11:40 am
new york's historic serbian orthodox cathedral destroyed by names on sunday which was easter for orthodox christians. three other churps caught fire that same day, two in australia and one in russia. a worker fired from a texas transportation company returns to his workplace and shoots two co-workers before killing himself today. the tragedy unfolding at knight transportation in katy, just west of houston. the gunman was fired earlier today, then came back with a gun opening fire, killing one person and wounding another before turning the gun on himself. investigators not yet releasing the names of the gunman or the victim. back to politics now. bernie sanders vowing to stay in the race after his surprising victory in indiana. nobody is talking about this. what it means for hillary clinton going forward. he's still in the race. plus, dramatic video of police shooting down a suspected drug plane.
11:41 am
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11:45 am
indiana primary. sanders making it clear despite the delegate lead, the race ain't over till it's over. >> we're live in washington. this kind of got lost in the dust last night because cruz dropped out. what is sanders saying after his big win last night in indiana, mike? >> gretchen, bernie sanders is planning to keep working in states where he thinks his message connects, virginia, kentucky and california. sanders tried to fire up volunteers at the opening of his campaign office in bowling green, kentucky, moments ago. >> i want to thank all of you for your help here in kentucky. i think that we have the message that can and will win in this state. and the message is not a complicated message because what's true in kentucky is true in vermont and it's true in california. >> sleeves rolled up with his wife by his side. he's wound up after a critical win for him in the hoosier state
11:46 am
of indiana. >> is it safe to say that hillary clinton wants to focus all of her attention on donald trump then? >> yes, hillary clinton is not wasting any time trying to raise money to run in the general election against donald trump. clinton sent out this tweet. donald trump is the presumptive gop nominee. chip in now if you agree we can't let him become president. she's also been talking this hour on a competing network going on offense calling trump a loose cannon and here's more about the republican presumptive nominee. >> i'm going to keep trying to convince people otherwise. but that's not what this trip is about. i'm here because i do want to be your president because i believe that our best years can still be ahead of us. >> clinton is also selling her idea to revitalize coal country. she spent several days in appalachia and took heat for talking in march about putting a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. she's called that a misstatement. gretchen?
11:47 am
>> i don't know if you can see the color of my dress, mike. you and i look like we're going to prom. >> that would be an upgrade for me. >> oh, i would look forward to that. we'd have a lot of politics to talk about. >> absolutely. >> she you soon. >> thank you, gretchen. >> we have coming up, breaking news today on the death of prince. what an attorney representing an addiction specialist just said about the pop star's final moments. check it out. >> dr. cornfeld felt that his mission was a life-saving mission. in that sense, certainly he felt it to be urgent. you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. ...cleasee ya!ake off. when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady,
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11:50 am
breaking news too tell you about right now concerning the death of the pop star prince. the attorney representing dr. howard cornfell, california
11:51 am
based opioid addiction specialist and son, andrew, speaking out today about their involvement with the pop star and the events leading up to prince's final moments. >> andrew's purpose in being there was to describe the recovery without walls program to familiarize prince with that. >> andrew pick herred here pictured here, that's prince. he was the person who made the 9 11 call. there he is. describing that medical emergency at prince's paisley park complex on the day he died. time to bring in lawyers. former prosecutor, criminal done. and former prosecutor and defense attorney as well. let's bring the story into the mix. the fact of the matter is apparently was so ill with addiction, they had reached out, somebody had, to this team in california, the main doctor could not come the next day, so he sent his son who is also working with the clinic, son didn't get there in time. never saw prince alive.
11:52 am
found him dead. is he liable in any way? >> the addiction doctors are not going to have any liability. they were called at the last second, tried to get there as fast as they can. however, the first finger that i would be points ing is the pers who called them instead of calling 911. if prince was in such a dire state that they needed to get california addiction doctors out to his compound, but instead putting him in an ambulance and getting him to the hospital. that's the first layer of liability i'm looking at. >> what would the charges be, john? >> could be involuntary manslaughter. the bigger issue, who was supplying prince with the pills? that's where law enforcement was going to do. was it a physician, was it a friend, was it a colleague? how was he getting these pills? every report suggests it was a massive amount of ownershpioidss taking. >> if he was getting them from the pharmacy, somebody had to
11:53 am
prescribe them, in other words, he wasn't getting them off the street. >> multiple doctors potentially because if you're taking -- sometimes people are taking hundreds of these pills a day. that would be a lot of prescriptions. we did see those pictures of prince walking out of the drugstore in the last days before he died. >> that's critical because that means he got a prescription from somewhere. >> right. >> if i'm law enforcement, i'm going right to the doctors who he was treated by, as well as family and friends. and we also know that law enforcement is getting very aggressive right now in these high-profile cases of prosecuting doctors. prosecuting even casual friends. there's a lot of people out there that are worried right now. >> it's such a shame because when people become that famous, they always have this protective circle around them. many times they are enablers. now they could be criminally responsible, potentially. i mean, i'm thinking about dr. conrad murray. >> exactly. >> who was the drug supplier for michael jackson. >> he went to jail. he was civilly liable.
11:54 am
in this day and age, you're not supposed to be able to doctor shop and get multiple prescriptions from different doctors. we're supposed to be in a system where everything was connected. who was giving him these drugs? then what about the pharmacy? i'm not saying the pharmacy is going to have any liability. it's prince. you're doling out these drugs to prince. bells don't go off? so many questions surrounding this case. >> okay. let's talk for one second about the will. because apparently there was no will. minnesota law specific to what happens including some of his step-siblings could get in on this fortune. >> yeah, it goes to, where if there's no will, you two to a statute and look for anybody who was in any way related to prince who may have an interest in this estate. it's going to be a family food fight, who has the right to his estate and the music he has as well. >> how crazy is it somebody as wealthy as prince doesn't have a will?
11:55 am
>> that's why i don't buy it, gretchen. i know a grudge declared he didn't have a will. i don't buy it. wills are easy to destroy if one person knows where it is and his lawyers don't have it. how could his advisers, agents, managers not force him to have a will? >> especially when he almost died five days before in illinois then he might have drawn up up tone ups next day. so much more to talk about. we have to leave it there. 75-year-old gene answerhans plowed a field to create the symbol by the artist. he then hopped into an airplane after to see if his work was good. and it looks like he did a pretty good job. anyone home? talk about an unwanted house guest. a lost alligator stopped to ask for directions and leaves behind a mark. with the right steps,
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we're going to show you dramatic video filmed by a police officer in peru, moments authorities shot down a suspected drug plane. authorities trading gunfire with the suspects for three hours. yep. before the pilot is shot and taken into custody. the other suspect reportedly escaping. drug enforcement agents later seizing more than 150 pounds of coke, but they believe the suspects hid an additional 400 pounds somewhere nearby. ♪ hello from the outside roaming reptile, not adele, makes its way to the front door of a south carolina home. that's a gator stopping by a home outside of charleston. bystander catches the whole visit on video. he says the gator wandered around the could saal-de-sa. john kasich dropping out of
12:00 pm
the race. 5:00 eastern. brings us to our next question, is it the right move? 75% of you in our live twitter vote, love this live thing. 24% said no, it's a bad idea. thanks so much for being part of the "real story" today. i'm gretchen carlson. have a great day. we gave it everything we've got. but the voters chose another path. >> now with ted cruz having called it quits and john kasich dropping out, donald trump is free to set his sights on the democratic front-runner, hillary clinton. >> she will not be a great president. she will not be a good president. she will be a poor president. >> hillary clinton now calling donald trump a loose cannon. ahead, a look at how they stack up in a potential general election matchup. also, who would share a trump ticket? the billionaire brought it up this morning along with his new play for campaign contributions. plus after a bruising primary process with 17 in the mix, donald trump promising to


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