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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 4, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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the race. 5:00 eastern. brings us to our next question, is it the right move? 75% of you in our live twitter vote, love this live thing. 24% said no, it's a bad idea. thanks so much for being part of the "real story" today. i'm gretchen carlson. have a great day. we gave it everything we've got. but the voters chose another path. >> now with ted cruz having called it quits and john kasich dropping out, donald trump is free to set his sights on the democratic front-runner, hillary clinton. >> she will not be a great president. she will not be a good president. she will be a poor president. >> hillary clinton now calling donald trump a loose cannon. ahead, a look at how they stack up in a potential general election matchup. also, who would share a trump ticket? the billionaire brought it up this morning along with his new play for campaign contributions. plus after a bruising primary process with 17 in the mix, donald trump promising to bring unity to the republican
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party. can he pull that off? let's get to it. >> now, "shepard smith reporting" live from the fox news deck. well, it's happened. after months of slugging it out on the campaign trail and watching his rivals drop one by one, donald j. trump has become the presumptive nominee for president on the republican side. the billionaire last night won indiana with 53% of the vote, better than some polls predicted. 17 points ahead of ted cruz. for him, it was the last straw. cruz responded by dropping out of the race. he had promised to fight donald trump all the way to the convention, but last night the senator said the path to victory had been foreclosed but never mentioned the words "republican" or "trump." john kasich following suit today we're told. fox news confirms he is suspending his campaign this afternoon. a spokesman says the ohio governor will make a statement in a couple of hours in columbus. that leaves the not-donald or
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not-trump movement without a clear leader. and without any real options left to stop the front-runner. a contested convention, who would contest it? donald trump is already moving on to the next phase of his campaign. he told abc news this morning he's now beginning to look for a republican to be his running mate. >> it will be probably a person with political experience because, i mean, while i've been in the world of politics all my life, the business i will handle so well, we'll bring our jobs back and we'll bring our economy back, but i do want people to -- i would like to have somebody that could truly be good with respect to dealing with the senate, dealing with congress, getting legislation passed, working toward something where we're not signing executive orders every three days like president obama does. >> donald trump may also want a vice president who can help him take on hillary clinton if she does, indeed, win the democratic nomination. a new cnn/orc poll shows her
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beating him by 13 points the vote today. 54%-41% in a potential general election matchup. that survey taken before trump's victory last night. but polls have consistently shown hillary clinton with more support. of course, political analysts have underestimated donald trump since the moment he announced his campaign back in june. you may remember his entrance at trump tower. most analysts said he wasn't a serious candidate and that he didn't stand a chance. but teflon trump pressed on and as the months flew by, the field of 17 republican contenders kept shrinking which brings us to today and donald j. trump the perspective republican nominee. what do we know about the timetable for trump to pick a running mate? >> actually it will be pretty conventional for the unconventional now uncontested presumptive nominee. he'll probably announce his
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running mate just before the n convention in july which gives him a couple months to pick. he has a reasonably good short list to start on right from his own rivals. he can look to chris christie, look to john kasich who he spoke favorly about today, said he would be interested in having the governor of ohio vetted. ohio is a critically important swing state for republicans in presidential politics as is florida and that brings us to marco rubio. all of these candidates at one point or another said absolutely will i ever be trump's running mate. they fancy themselves as patriots, when the would commander says i need you in the number two spot, some who said they won't may accept the offer. ben carson is going to run the search team. ben was the second candidate, former rival to endorse frutrum. chris christie is the first. he'll probably be on the short list, too. >> donald trump reminded us he's largely been self-financing his campaign. when does he begin fund-raising for the republican party? >> this is a delicate issue because a big part of trump's
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image as someone who can not be influenced, cannot be bought because he's not taking money from the special interests, not taking superpac money, not accepting any of that stuff. when he starts fund-raising and he is going to need to, he's not going to use all of his money to fund the campaigns portion of the cost of a presidential campaign, anywhere between 1 billion and 1.5 billion bucks. there will still be another $1 billion added to the till by the democratic and republican parties and their various different support groups whether it's labor on the left or affiliated conservative organizations and superpacs and things like that on the right. so he's got to come up with a lot of money and fund-raising from the american public. there's one way he could do it that would be very creative, to raise money, himself, for the republican party and then have the superpacs that he has been bashing for the last year and a half actually give money to congressional candidates, down-ballot candidates for senate, house, governor, everything else. there are a lot of republicans who are deeply worried their
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ability to get relen-elected or elected will be affected negative ly by the trump campaign. their trepidation of a trump nomination might be abated a little bit by some bucks. >> carl cameron, thank you. what now for the stop-trump camp? is there fight finished? blake burman live in washington. blake? >> reporter: we're starting to see the next moves, some of them at least for those involved with the whole stop-trump movement as it has come to be known. several groups spent months and millions as you know in the effort that has ultimately failed. we dug up some numbers here that show at least $34 million was spent by a handful of those groups and does not even include the campaign, themselves, or groups who normally campaign against republicans. one of the catalysts was club for growth. that's a conservative group based here in d.c. who donald trump has had a very public spat with. they dropped roughly $10 million against trump in the primary.
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now, a club for growth spokesman who i spoke with just a little while ago told me they will no longer pursue that fight, but that spokesman also told me they will not help trump out in the general election either because they do not view him, they say, as a pro-growth economic conservative. instead, they say they'll focus entirely on those down-ballot races that you just heard carl talk about. that spokesperson saying, i'm quoting here, "club for growth pac and club for growth action will do what we've always done best, fight hard to win congressional elections for true economic conservatives. q" ". remember they threatened republican candidates a couple months ago they would with hold support and funding if they publicly supported trump. club for growth says that in longer is the case because the active phase as they put it of the primary is over. one republican lawmaker who says he will not support donald trump is ben sasse. a senator from anebraska.
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he posted a diatribe. sasse said his position in february stands today as well. >> blake burman in washington. let's turn to glen hall now, editor of the "wall street journal." always been said democrats fall in love and republicans fall in line. can they all fall in line now? >> i think it's going to be a slower process. in fact, we heard from former rnc chairman haley barbour, that's exactly what he expects. slow movement behind trump. we're seeing some of that division starting. we had ben sasse as just mentioned but also had today the mississippi governor. we heard from bobby jindal he's in. there's a bounce but a slow one and we don't have heavy hitters in the game yet. >> lindsey graham and others who won't. yesterday morning, ted cruz, what we described here as lawyer ted cruz, giving his summation
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or closing arguments. closing statements. called him a narcissist. pathological liar. someone who would destroy the nation. if you are one on the conservative right who trusted in ted cruz, believe ted cruz, believe those words, how could you ever? >> it's going to be a very difficult decision. some real soul searching for going to have to decide, right? on the other hand, shepard, as other political operatives and the rnc said today, the people have spoken, right? you got to follow the vote. which way are they going to go? some people may ideologically be opposed to donald trump and may never come around. i don't know that the numbers are going to be big enough to matter when it comes down to the actual electoral college. >> i've never thought much of the head to head contest polls, what would it be like if it were today? the vote is two seasons away. the point spread today doesn't matter at all. what i can't get a visual on is how this thing is going to shape out. how they will campaign against
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each other. i'm not sure there's a way for even them to know yet. >> in some ways, you can see that the democratic party's attack, scripted in many ways by ted cruz and the attacks that his own party, donald trump's own party have levied against him. but you've seen the same thing in terms of what bernie sanders has been doing attacki ining hiy clinton so both sides have in many ways prescripted attack ads ready to roll i think. >> that's clear. "the new york times" out with an article in the last few minutes talking about donald trump's first 100 days. i'm going to read part of it to you and, again, this directly from "the new york times" and we thank them. "he would launch a charm offensive to start building a government based on relationships, perhaps inviting the republican leaders paul ryan and mitch mcconnell to escape the chilly washington fall and schmooze at mar-a-lago over golf and two pound lobsters. inauguration day, he'd two to a beautiful gala ball or two and focus on rescinding president obama's executive orders on
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immigration, calling up corporate executives to threaten punitive measures if they ship jobs out of the united states. the wall with mexico would be designed, the immigration ban on muslims would be in place. the audit of the federal reserve would be under way. plans to repeal the affordable care act would be in motion." quoting, "i know people aren't sure right now what a president trump would be like, he said, but things will be fine. i'm not running for president to make things unstable for the country." he has a lot of convincing to do for a lot of people. there's no doubt about that. we've read the exit polls. >> that's right. across the nation and within his own party. he's going to have to between now and the convention, now and the election, lay out really clear policy statements. he's going to have to get a little more specific than he's been in order to win people over and as you were talking about r earlier, the vp stakes are high for donald trump. picking the right person could repair some of the damage done during the primaries. >> you wonder who that might be.
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i heard chris christie suggested as one who might be near the top of the list. i don't know if that's true or not. i know what i've heard all day. today. i guess that would be a sort of attacker in chief during the campaign season, at least. and then trump says he wants someone who knows how to work with washington after that. >> yeah, so there's two different qualifications there. >> it is. >> john kasich might fall into the latter. somebody who has worked in congress, knows how to get deals done. that could be a fit if he's willing to sign on with the trump campaign. certainly we know chris christie is signed on. you get the impression that christie is all in. he's looking for something in a trump administration. but whether it's vice president or something else, it hasn't become clear yet. >> the immigration ban on muslims would be in place in the first 100 days. the immigration ban on muslims, a religious test in the united states. the audit of the federal reserve would be under way and plans to repeal the affordable care act would be in motion. again, that from "the new york times" today. i know that there are a lot of
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republicans who've been republicans all their lives who aren't for those particular things. you wonder if there's any room for compromise in this new campaign season. and make no mistake, it's a new season now. >> it's a new season. it's a different jaeagenda thane republicans have been putting forward. you wonder how that's going to happen, whether there's a separate trump agenda versus the republican party agenda when the platform is built. you heard some people talking, maybe it is the art of the deal, maybe he's putting out there that far reach so he has room to walk back a little bit in a compromise. we're not going to know until -- >> until we know. >> until we know. >> yeah. glenn hall from the "wall street journa journal," great to see you today, thank you. a lot more in this day in historical politics coming up. and hillary clinton's camp on its strategy to take on donald trump and the clinton campaign's plans to try to win over a whole new group of voters, republicans. that coming up on the fox news deck on this wednesday afternoon.
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i understand that secretary clinton thinks that this campaign is over. i've got some bad news for her. >> fight goes on, it sounds like. senator bernie sanders speaking after his primary victory in indiana last night. but even with the win, it's now mathematically impossible for senator sanders to pick up enough delegates to clinch the
12:17 pm
democratic nomination. look at the big board here. after last night, sanders is 983 delegates short. there are but 933 left. senator sanders says he'll keep fighting to win over some of clinton's superdelegates. party leaders who can change their votes at any time before the convention. secretary clinton is already turning to the general election and donald trump. >> he's a loose cannon. he's somebody who has said so many things and i'm sure he'll be scrambling and his advisers will be scrambling but he's already said all these things. >> her staffers say sthathey're hoping to win over those who don't support donald trump. campaign aides say some have said they'll vote for clinton over trump. mike emanuel live in washington this afternoon. mike? >> shep, hillary clinton is not wasting time going after donald trump, presumptive gop nominee. she's calling him a loose cannon. she's also being asked about a treat from her ally, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren who said "here's what
12:18 pm
else is real, real donald trump has built his campaign on racism, sexism, and xenophobia." here's clinton's reactions. >> elizabeth warren is really smart. >> you agree? >> i think anybody who's listened to him and how he's talked, certainly can draw that conclusion. >> do you think he's a racist? >> i'm going to let people judge for themselves. i have the highest regard for senator warren. >> clinton went on to say she's not running against trump, insisting she's running her own campaign. >> there's no doubt there's a lot of pressure on senator sanders today to, if not step aside, at least tone down the rhetoric. is there any indication that he's willing to end this earlier? >> no. sanders is on the ground in kentucky working ahead of the may 17th primary there. he stopped by a new campaign office in boling green a short time ago and spoke about addressing a lack of hope many
12:19 pm
are feeling. >> daughters are living shorter lives than their mothers. the reason that is happening, lot has to do with despair, people are turning to opiates and heroin, people are committing suicide, people are becoming alcoholics because they have no hope. and we're going to change that. >> sanders is not giving up. after a win last night in indiana. his supporters are still showing up and apparently energizing him. shep? >> mike, thanks. another way this election is set to make history, huge groups of voters say they can't stand either candidate. ahead, the approval ratings for donald trump and hillary clinton and what voters are saying are their biggest strengths and weaknesses. it's everything you've always wanted. and you work hard to keep it that way. ♪ sometimes, maybe too hard. get claimrateguard® from allstate. it helps keep your homeowners' rate from going up just because of a claim. call an allstate agent first. 888-429-5722.
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. if they become the nominees, donald trump and hillary clinton would be the most disliked presidential candidates in the
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general election in decades. look at this new cnn/orc poll. it shows 39% say they view the republican front-runner favorably. look at the negatives on donald trump. 57% of those surveyed view him negatively. voters are evenly split on their opinion of secretary clinton. 49% favorable. 49% unfavorable. in fact, most supporters of clinton and trump say that their choice is more about opposing the other candidate than anything else. i mentioned earlier the survey shows hillary clinton does have a wide lead over trump in the general election matchup, but that's still months away. it's not today. if there's one thing this campaign season has proved, it's that anything can happen. the polls be damned. abby phillip is the national political reporter for the "washington post." the negatives are astounding. >> yeah. it's really incredible. and i think both parties are going to be dealing with a really difficult job of trying
12:24 pm
to prevent voters from becoming so disenchanted with politics and so disenchanted with both candidates that they just sit on their hands and say, you know, a pock on both houses, we're done. >> from your reporting, abby, has either side indicated a strategy to raise the positive numbers and lower the negative numbers on their respective candidates? >> absolutely. the democrats you're already seeing some of that strategy play out. part of it is going to be -- it's going to be a two for. one is going to be taking on donald trump, the other is going to be putting forward some kind of positive agenda. that's the part that's going to be the most work because it involves sort of convincing people to buy in to your visions. i think they're trying to make a case that hillary clinton is sort of the defender of the weak, defender of women, of muslims, of latinos and hispanics. this is going to be the message they we see from her going forward. and on the republican side, i think they're going to be trying to really protect down-ballot
12:25 pm
candidates from anything that's happening at the top of the ballot with trump. they're going to be trying to go for a pretty straight message about economic conservatism that is irrespective of, you know, the top of the ticket, whatever trump has to say on any given day. >> let's look at some of the issues and the way that the voters surveyed say they think the two line up. this is from that cnn/orc poll. on terrorism, who do general election voters like better? clinton 50%-45% trump. immigration, clinton 51% to 44%. health care, 55%-39%. income gap, 54%-37%. on those issues there, the difference on the first three really is a matter of, i don't know, is a matter of the variable women polling and really most people who answer these questions are doing so with a candidate already in mind, aren't they? >> right. and on some level, those numbers
12:26 pm
are probably more reflective of the general sentiment of the country right now, not really specific to the candidate, themselves. as we go along, i think we're going to see those numbers really maybe adjust a little bit up or down depending on what's happening in the election. and you have to remember that donald trump as an economic messenger is a pretty unconventional republican candidate. he's taken a lot of positions that are closely associated with democrats including on issues like trade that i think might scramble some of those numbers as we go along in the general election. >> it seems like we've come to an understanding, at least for the day, of what the most important issue is, and one of the polls from the cnn/orc survey suggests to us that it's the economy. how important is the economy to your vote for president? clearly, 86% of those surveyed -- this survey was last week -- 86% believe the economy was the most important to their vote. margin of error is 3.5%. and look at who they think will do a better job handling the economy. donald trump, 50%. hillary clinton 45%.
12:27 pm
within the margin of error on that, it's pretty evenly split. clearly from the number, donald trump is in the lead there. what does that tell us? >> i think it tells us that the economy is still up for grabs in this election. that voters are still trying to make up their mind about what they care about and who is best positioned to deliver what they want. you know, i think donald trump has a challenge in convincing voters that he is -- that he has the sort of depth of knowledge and range of knowledge of the issues and hillary clinton has a challenge in sort of meeting voters where they are. i mean, you remember that bernie sanders is in this race and has been in this race for quite some time on the economy. his big issue is about economic justice and fairness. that's something that he's put hillary clinton on the ropes on for a lot of this election cycle. i think she's going to continue to have to deal with that. >> some will support the candidate he or she loves because some people love each of these candidates. some people who are ideologically driven will go in
12:28 pm
with their fingers on their nose and vote because it's all they have left. and some are left in the middle there. some are left going, i don't like these people. and it sounds like, at least if today were the day, it sounds like those are the people who could eventually decide this. imagine trying to win over the ones who admit, i don't like you. i've never liked you. i don't like you today. i dodon't plan on liking you tomorrow. now i have to choose which of you is going to get my vote. that's nuts. >> and it's going it be a really crazy situation for a lot of these voters. they're going to be heavily sort of sought after by both parties. i think democrats really see an opportunity here to say, you know, you may not love hillary clinton, but i think you probably dislike donald trump more. and those are the kinds of people they want to bring into their camp. these are moderate republicans. they live in suburban areas. they tend to be more educated and they tend to vote more often and those are the people that
12:29 pm
democrats see and say, we have an opportunity to bring them over into our camp. the question for republicans is preventing those people from staying home or going to the democrats. >> sounds like republicans have an equal thing there because how long have the republicans been going after hillary clinton to where so many republicans can say, i don't like donald trump, i'm not voting for her. there's a lot of that, too. abby phillip from the "washington post." as if it hasn't been fascinating enough. the next few months could be quite something. abby, thank you. more politics ahead. and many democrats have said, have long said that control of the senate could be in play come november. now there's some talk of trying to take control of the republican-controlled house. something analysts once said would be impossible. first, we are watching other news and there's word of who prince was supposed to visit in the final hours before he died. and a possible clue into what caused the music legend's death. that's just two minutes away.
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fox report and today's headlines. a chemist in massachusetts was high on the job every day for eight years according to investigators. they say the woman who helped convict drug suspects was getting high on the evidence. drugs like crack, meth, cocaine and lsd and she even testified in court under the influence. a judge sentenced her to 18 months in prison. and speaking of drugs, day before prince died, some of his reps tried to set the pop star up for an emergency meeting with a doctor to help him kick an addiction to pain medication. that's according to an attorney who represents that doctor. a law enforcement official says investigators are checking whether prince died of an overdose. and get this, a company in california showing off a new vehicle that's both airplane and vote. two seater works just as well in the air than the water. the wings can fold up to fit in
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the garage. if you want one, there's already a three-year waiting list. we'll be back to shepard smith right after this.
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maybe the trump camp should focus on congress instead of the white house. that's one strategy some republicans are now discussing according to the reporting of the "washington post." analysts have already said the gop could be at risk of losing the senate if trump is the nominee. now congressional political analysts tells the "the new york times" if donald trump does not do well, the democrats may have a chance of taking the house as well. let's bring in david, senior politics writer for "u.s. news and world report." i've heard that there's talk of funneling money toward that cause. maybe instead of toward the top of the ticket, but to down-ticket. >> yeah. i think that's definitely a possibility. but look, a lot of these senate races, illinois, wisconsin, new hampshire, these were already competitive races 12 months ago with or without trump. these are tight races in battleground states, but it is true, if trump gets clobbered,
12:36 pm
if he's losing battleground states by double digits, he's going to bring down some republican senators. but frankly, we're sitting here in early may. it is really hard to know. these races don't gel until the fall, anyway. we're going to see how donald trump performs before i think we can write off the house and senate for republicans. >> yeah. i've also heard the suggestion, look, he's bringing new people in. there's no question about that. there are new people in voting for him. the republican. isn't there the possibility that he might bring in those same people to vote republican down-ticket? and if not, why not? >> yeah. absolutely. and, you know, you're seeing this with some of the answers coming out of senators today and what they're saying. kelly ayotte out of new hampshire, incumbent republican who's going to be in a tough re-election fight. her spokesperson put out a statement saying she will support the nominee. trying to be really careful splitting the difference here between saying we're not going to go full, whole hog for trump just yet, but we'll support the
12:37 pm
republican nominee. and sort of this generic terms because they don't want to alienate his supporters, either. if his supporters start seeing that, they may come out and pull the lever for trump and not go down-ballot and pull a lever for the senate or house candidate. >> i reading in "politico" this morning, other places about ads that are already out against some republicans who are vulnerable and people lamenting it looks like this may have some effect. you wonder how if a nasty top of the ticket race is going to spread its nastiness down-ticket. >> i think that it probably will and you're already seeing the shots from the democrats on all the tape that they have on donald trump from his interviews on howard stern years ago to stuff that he said on "the apprentice." this is going to be the full mother load love iof it. trump has gotten away with a lot in the primary, basically said,
12:38 pm
this is the past, this show business and got away with it. obviously it's a different electorate when you're talking about a general election. i think the first step he needs to take is fostering that party unity. reaching out and trying to show a different demeanor, a different temperament, frankly, in these coming weeks so more republicans will get on board and bring him cover and bring reassurances to the rest of the ticket because people are going to have to make tough calls. do they want to stand on the same stage with donald trump when he comes parachuting into their state? that's going to be a tough call for a lot of these republican candidates. >> you know, i was wondering this morning when i learned you were going to be our guest today, i was wondering, david, if you're been able to give time to process the thought of what happened that this outsider had turned the party of reagan, if you will, into the party of trump and what kind of a moment this is, and if you had some capsuleizing thoughts on that. >> you know, it's a historic moment that we have not seen,
12:39 pm
you know, certainly in what i've covered politics but going decades back. i mean, this will be the first nominee for president who has no prior elective experience since eisenhower. so, i mean, this is unchartered waters. that's why i think even after, 12 hours after this amazing, you know, cascade of events with trump being the last guy standing, all this talk of convention is basically evaporated and isn't it amazing that the republican primary races after all these months is now wrapped up sooner than the democratic primary race which goes on between bernie sanders and hillary clinton? >> the republicans will be sitting on the sidelines watching them fight. >> yeah. >> that was unfathomable. david, nice to see you. >> thanks, shep. >> all right. america's war on isis will be a big issue for the next president. today, the defense secretary ash carter called the fight, quote, far from over. today he met with defense ministers from 11 coalition kun countries at the headquarters of
12:40 pm
the u.s./european command in germany. secretary carter said the fight against isis is, quote, important for civilization. jennifer griffin at the pentagon this afternoon. secretary carter did not get any firm commitments from coalition partner, is that right? >> nothing concrete, shep, just general commitment to provide more resources. >> all our friends and allies against the counter-isil coalition can and must do more to confront in syria and elsewhere. >> carter confronts the fact u.s. troops are getting drawn into the fight despite this talk of a so-called advise and assist mission, shep. >> hey, we're learning more about how the american navy s.e.a.l. died yesterday in an isis attack. what can you tell us? >> 125 isis fighters broke through a kurdish checkpoint a few miles south of this village at 7:00 a.m. yesterday morning. at first, 15 to 20 isis fighters
12:41 pm
had gathered near the checkpoint i'm told. nothing unusual. u.s. scan eagles, those were drones that were watching them, the fighters started coming in waves. the area where the s.e.a.l.s were working was a lightly contested area about 20 miles outside mosul l. it was a christian village. the u.s. s.e.a.l.srated their trip to be low risk in eight categories. in other words, this was a soft target for isis taking a beating down south and just lost a key town near bashir, a strategic cross road, shep. the attack on this christian village was designed to distract and in the process navy s.e.a.l. charles keating was killed. >> killed by direct fire but this was a gunfight. you know, a dynamic gunfight. so he got hit, you know, just in the course of this gun battle. there were bullets everywhere. >> he was part of the quick reaction force, our qrf, called
12:42 pm
in to help. the isis fighters broke through the checkpoint. i'm told by well-placed sources these s.e.a.l.s could have extracted themselves but they decided not to leave their kurdish partners alone. they called for backup and decided to fight. >> the u.s. troops were conducting their advise and assist duties. they were doing their advise and assist duties we the fight broke out so they fought back. and they called the qrf and then when the qrf arrived, they fought out. >> u.s. warplanes, f-15s, f-16s and also armed drones killed at least 50 isis fighters i'm told and prevented this christian village being taken by isis. the black hawk helicopter sense to medevac keating took fire on the way in, unfortunately it wases way in, shep. >> jennifer, thank you. a week ago an air force veteran and mother vanished in florida and investigators are
12:43 pm
saying it looks to them like somebody may have kidnapped her but detectives say the one clue they've come across has them all stumped. that's coming up.
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
right now, in a community near jupiter, florida, there is a 2-year-old girl who's not seen her mother in a week. relatives say they don't know where her mother is. and police are now saying there are signs that somebody may have abducted her. her name is trisha todd. here's her picture. she went missing last week, like out of nowhere. her ex-husband reported it when she didn't show up to pick up their child. police got ahold of surveillance images from a publix grocery store about 15 minutes outside of jupiter, florida. investigators say trisha todd was smiling, talking to people in the store like nothing had happened. no signs of any trouble. nobody reports seeing her after that.
12:47 pm
at all. what have police found? one big clue. they say her car was parked near her home. keys in the ignition. purse in the car. but so far, they can't figure out a reason why. trace gallagher live for us. investigators have ruled out the ex-husband. ex-husband not a suspect of anything, right? >> true, shep, they have. apparently he was the last person to see trisha todd before she disappeared. day took their 2-year-old daughter to the doctor together because the daughter was ill. and the ex-husband was spotted on surveillance video getting gas at 1:00 in the morning on the day she went missing. he told police he was getting gas for his ex-wife because her car was on empty. police say that story checks out because when they found her car, it was drained. the ex-husband also willingly submitted to a polygraph test and was interviewed by a police lieutenant, two investigators and an assistant state attorney and nothing he said links to her disappearance. so for now, they have absolutely
12:48 pm
no suspect. shep? >> now investigators are scaling back the search. is that just because so much time and so little evidence or what? >> yeah, pretty much. they're scaling it back because there really isn't much to go on. the sheriff calls the case circumstan circumstantially suspicious, forensically there's nothing, nobody heard screams, no physical evidence in the cars or houses indicating a scuffle, trouble or any type of abduction. when they found her car, the keys were in the ignition but her cell phone and wallet were missing and there's no record of any phone calls or texts. her credit cards have also not been used. trisha todd's family held a news conference this morning. the family pastor told the media they'll continue searching, they remain optimistic she'll return safely and their faith is in god and that's what's sustaining them. trisha todd is a hospice nurse
12:49 pm
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the investigators say the inflaters can blow apart a metal canister when they blow and can send shrapnel into passengers. >> takata already said 30 million were being recalled. the u.s. government is saying if future infractions are found, it could pay up to $200 million to say nothing of the u.s. department of justice opening a
12:54 pm
criminal probe against takata. so takata is cooperating with the u.s. government but they said, you know what? it took you a little long, we told you that essentially these were, like, grenades. you showed that video, intense heat and high humidity. i know a lot of the accidents have been in malaysia as part of the climate there. >> the deep south is coming already. south of georgia, 90 degrees this weekend. if you think you may have one of these and the feds have said it's like a grenade in your car, what are you supposed to do? not drive? you can't do that. >> no, chances are you've already gotten an e-mail or phone call. if you are not sure, just to put the date s on the map here, between 2015 and 2016, we have a list here. acura, which is affected by honda, bmw, chrysler, dodge, pontiac, gm, subaru, ford,
12:55 pm
infinity, i'm going through the whole list here. here's the website, if you are really freaking out, call where you got your car from and ask. >> thank you. see you in an hour. shares of mcdonald's hit the all-time forever high today. unclear whether it is just the result of a shakeup to their famous french fries. they are said to go garlic. meet the garlic fries mcdonald's is testing in four restaurants in san francisco. if they are hit, they will spread in 250 other restaurants this summer. the garlic is grown in gilroy, california, hence the name. better break out the breath mints. i will need a few. we'll be back with the look at
12:56 pm
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on this day in 1904 the u.s. started working on the panama canal. president roosevelt helped lead the push for americans to take over the project from the french government. france had backed out in part because of how dangerous it was. tens of thousands of workers died during construction. tens of thousands. the canal, of course, shortened the trip from new york to california by thousands of miles. and the u.s. took on what was then the largest engineering project in history. and it all started 112 years ago today. should news break out, we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. the dow is down again today, 17647. neil cavuto knows exactly what is going on in the market and has a great perspective on what
1:00 pm
is happening in the political world. it's a very good day to soak in his skills. because there's a lot happening. it's going to be quite a ride. neil leads you through the rest of the hour. thank you for trusting us for your news and information. i'll see you later. hey, shepard, i told you two worlds could be colliding today, what's happening in wall street and what is happening in the political arena? why the latest trend is not hillary clinton's friend and why jane sanders is saying she won't be the democratic nominee. bernie sanders' wife is joining us. and mark cuban will be here and thinks donald trump could go all the way, and maybe in a landslide. we'll be hearing from both soon. we are now an hour away from