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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 4, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> set your dvrs, you never want to miss another episode of "the five." i believe chris wallace is sitting in the seat. take it away, brother. this is a fox news alert. ohio governor onkasich is out of the race for the white house. leaving donald trump as the only republican candidate still standing. good evening, welcome to washington, i'm chris wallace in for brit baier. what a difference a day makes, after donald trump swept the delegates in indiana, ted cruz dropped out of the gop race last night. and this evening, kasich has followed suit. chief political correspondent carl cameron joins me to report on how a long, messy republican race came to a sudden end leaving the path clear for the most unlikely of gop nominees. >> some of the most busy 24 hours of the campaign so far.
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when you kpin kasich with cruz dropping out. it was not a huge surprise. >> as i suspend my campaign today, i have renewed faith, deeper faith, that the lord will show me the way forward. and fulfill the purpose of my life. >> kasich knew it was over when trump was dubbed the presumptive nominee by the chairman of the republican national committee last night. >> i would be interested in john. >> former ben carson will lead trump's search and vetting team. >> we're going after hillary clinton, she will not -- >> ted cruz savaged trump in the closing days of the indiana race, came up far short and quit last night. >> with a heavy heart -- but with boundless optimism. for the long-term future of our
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nation. we are suspending our campaign. >> nationwide trump trails hillary clinton by double digits in a new cnn poll. the clinton campaign is organizing against trump in key swing states. in the last two days, veteran gop operatives from across the country have been offering to get on what the candidate calls the trump train big league after extolling himself as free from influence because he's self-financing his campaign through the primaries, trump is planning to start fundraising for the general election soon. >> i think it's most likely i will. you're talking about a billion dollars, or a billion and a half. i'll have to sell a building. i'm not looking for myself. i'm looking for the party. >> trump is offering to raise money fr other republicans amid rampant fear of those running for congress and other offices that trump's polarizing candidacy will undermine their own. more people trust trump when it comes to the economy over clinton. trump knows he has to curb the conspiracy theories and stop
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bashing members of the party he now leads. >> we're going to love each other, cherish each other, take care of each other. >> for the last two months, the american electorate has gotten a crash course in contested convention asnd now there's not going to be one. the nomination is now donald trump's. >> all of that a big waste of time learning about rule 16-c. >> exactly. >> carl, thank you. hillary clinton suffered a surprising loss in the indiana primary. and now she faces more troubling news. we have a fox news exclusive. the man who said he exposed her use of a private email account for government business is talking. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with a jailhouse interview in what it could mean for the ongoing fbi investigation of clinton. >> the romanian hacker accused of breaching the personal email accounts of washington's elite, including former secretary of state colin powell and a member of the bush family told fox news in an exclusive jailhouse
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interview that he also compromised hillary clinton's personal server. 44-year-old marcel lazar who goes by the moniker gucifer claim it happened in 2013. >> you accessed lot of accounts, marcel. >> yeah. >> is the clinton server easy or hard? >> for me was easy, was easy. for me. for everybody. >> lazar was extradited to the u.s. from romania last month to face trial in alexandria, virginia for cybercrimes. one of his alleged victims is long-time clinton aide, sidney blumenthal. lazar told fox he accessed the account by correctly guessing a security question. for the first time he publicly exposed the clinton email address. >> this is a classic old-school attack. it's not an attack that works against well-defended systems. >> once inside blumenthal's aol account, lazar said he gathered information about the clinton
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server's ip address. >> how many times did you access the clinton server, mars snl. >> i say like twice. for me it was not like the email server and i was using with political voting stuff. >> a second cybersecurity expert says lazar's story is plausible and of interest to fbi investigators. >> if a little romanian country boy can get into this, it means that this thing could have been gotten into by anybody. >> in the process of identifying the server's vulnerabilities, lazare said he came across evidence that others were there. >> while lazar's claims cannot be independently verified. three independent security specialists told fox that the computer server now in fbi hands
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may have a trail. >> unfortunately in this community a lot of people make up stories, it's hard to know what's true until you get into the forensics information and get hard facts. >> this week mrs. clinton was asked about security. >> any information that your private server was hacked by foreign hackers? >> no, not at all. >> "the new york times" reported that the server showed no evidence of a breach. there was immediate response from the clinton campaign and the fbi offered no on-the-record statement. hillary clinton could still be called to testify in a government watchdog case involving her emails. a federal court ruled that judicial watch can depose members of clinton's team while also reserving the right to question clinton herself over her email arrangement. the depositions must be completed within the next two months. well after a tough loss in indiana, hillary clinton was off the campaign trail, giving a speech here in washington, making no mention of her failure
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to lock up the hoosier state. senior political correspondent mike emmanuel takes a look at how clinton is forging ahead after her upset defeat. good evening, mike. >> there are still primaries remaining, but clinton clinton shifting towards her general election campaign. clinton just finished addressing an asian-pacific american group here in washington after taking aim earlier at presumptive gop nominee, donald trump. >> he's a loose cannon. >> hillary clinton tried to go on offense against donald trump but sounded uncomfortable when asked today about trump potentially attacking her on past clinton scandals. >> if he wants to go back to the playbook of the 1990s, if he wants to follow in the footsteps of those who have tried to knock me down and take me out of the political arena -- i'm more than happy to have him do that. >> her ally, massachusetts democrat senator elizabeth warren blasted trump on twit irlast night. here's what else is real, real donald trump has built his campaign on racism, sexism and
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xenophobia. >> elizabeth warren is really smart. >> you agree with all of that? >> i think that anybody who has listened to him and how he's talked, certainly can draw that conclusion. >> do you think he's a racist? >> i'm going to let people judge for themselves. >> don't tell bernie sanders and his supporters the race for the democratic nomination is over. today sanders fired up volunteers at his new campaign office in bowling green. >> those people thought we could not win in indiana. but we won. >> now we're moving to west virginia and kentucky and oregon. and you know what? we've got an excellent chance to win all of those things. >> last night sanders likely irritated prominent democrats by continuing to attack his rival. >> clinton has given a number of speeches to wall street financial institutions. for $225,000 a speech.
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she voted for the war in iraq. she wants to raise the minimum wage and that's good. she wants to raise it to $12 an hour, not good enough. >> a lingering problem for clinton was revealed in last night's exit polls, a record high of 42% in indiana said she is not honest while a huge number, 84% says sanders as honest. chris? >> mike, thank you. while bernie sanders is still in the democratic race, donald trump and hillary clinton's campaigns are now setting their sights on november and each other. on the republican side, you have a political outsider who has run his campaign like nothing we've seen before. on the democratic side, a candidate with a big traditional political machine. tonight chief washington correspondent james rosen looks at how the two campaigns could match up in the general election. >> they think it was probably $8 million was spent.
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against me. and we spent $900,000. for me that's the way it's supposed to be. >> that can't be the way it is this fall say many analysts. while conceding that donald trump is a singular figure in american life, a first-time candidate who has up-ended all conventions and metrics of the political game, experts say he's not wealthy dmuf to fund a general election campaign and cannot defeat hillary clinton with an air war dependant solely on trump's outsize celebrity and canny use of mass media. >> the things that got trump to where he is, is not necessarily the things he'll need to continue. not only can you rely on earned media. you must rely on paid media, staffing, advertising. >> with letter first bid for elective office in 2000. hillary clinton inherited the greatist democratic machine the country has seen since the kennedys and retooled it for the dimgal age, way beyond 2008 with
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a $5 million technology and data mining unit. offices in 28 states, a paid staff of almost 800. upwards of 10,000 volunteers and an army of consultants four times larger than trump's. >> she's got a year advantage over him. these things are like start-up businesses, they need time to work their way through. and you make mistakes and learn through it he's starting very late. he's not a ever done this before. >> trump's paid staff is presently estimated at about 100. a skeletal infrastructure said to lack a sizeable communications team. digital operation and research committee does have such infrastructure, though, and tuesday night's tweet from chairman reince priebus, crowning trump the party's presumptive nominee suggest it will be at his disposal. >> they have a natural organizational base that he's going to need in many if not all of the 50 states, many are grassroots activists who are going to pick up the phone and make the calls and knock on
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doors. >> when we don't tend to think of trump as having money problems, his fundraising curve will be steep. >> james, thanks for that. the flint, michigan water crisis took center stage today. as president obama visited the city months after the water contamination situation there. was first exposed. today's visit came at the request of one of the city's smallest residents. it highlighted a big problem over how the water crisis is being handled. correspondent kevin corke is in flint with a story. >> first visit for the president here since the water crisis broke some two years ago and the president was joined by epa administrator, gina mccarthy has come under incredible criticism for her agency's handling of the problem. they were also greeted by local officials, among them the mayor, karen weaver and the governor of the state of michigan, rick
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snyder. who today was booed very loudly by residents even as he tried to apologize for the crisis. >> i want to come here today -- to apologize. to say i'm sorry and i will fix this. >> clearly, the crowd not hearing any of that. now earlier at a stop at a local food bank. the president was briefed by united command and federal officials by the response and recovery effort. he said when asked, if he would sample the water in flint. >> generally i have not been doing stunts here. but -- >> okay now clearly, the president making sure that people know that if the water is filtered, it is completely fine to drink. i should point out, chris, that he met with a local round table of community leaders before coming here to deliver a standing-room only speech to a raucous crowd here at northwestern high school. >> let's face it, government officials at every level weren't
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attentive to potential problems the way they should have been. >> now even before the president stepped down off the air force one here in michigan, chris, you may remember last week, it was arkansas senator tom cotton who introduced the hold the epa accountability, accountable act in flint. let me just share some of his comments, he issued a statement saying listen, they cannot get away with this in flint, michigan. i want to share ju just a couple of lines from a state he had to share with us. he said enough is enough. epa officials are not above the law and we must take action before arkansas or any other state finds itself as the epa's next victim. now that act could actually end up costing them a lot of money. open them up to possible lawsuits. this is not the only issue dogging the epa. they had the major spill in colorado, three million gallons of toxic waste that went into the amimus and san juan rivers.
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i'm going to share the picture of the president meeting with little 8-year-old amara penny. chris, back to you. >> kevin corke reporting from flint tonight, thank you for that. up next, how regulations are sending thousands of your tax dollars down the drain. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 61 in connecticut where health officials say a pregnant woman has tested positive for the zika virus. the department of public health says the woman was tested after developing a fever and rash following a trip to central america. people will get a chance to vote on legalizing marijuana. backers of an initiative to legalize pot in california say they have enough signatures to put it on the ballot this november. the big story on fox 5 in new york, a look at a tennis
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ball-sized diamond. the 1100-carat jewel was unearthed in botswana and is the second largest diamond ever recovered. it is believed to be three billion years old and could fetch $70 million when it goes up for auction in june. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway. (man) hmm. what do you think? ♪ (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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the department of justice says north carolina's controversial new law that limits protections for lgbt people violates the federal civil rights act. the government is giving the state until monday to comply with the justice department ruling if they don't the state could lose millions in federal funds. thousands of new regulations are coming at a high cost to you. the headline of a new report detailing all the red tape that comes with new laws. chief legal correspondent shannon breen joins us now with tonight's regulation nation. >> well although some level of regulation is of course necessary to insure public health and safety, the number of rules and regulations coming from unelected government employees has skyrocketed in recent years, that's according to a new report from the
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libertarian think tank, the competitive enterprise institute. the total estimated cost in regulation tops $1.88 trillion. when you break it down to real-world dollars it amounts to an annual price tag $15,000 per u.s. household in total that burden amounts to more than the combination of corporate and individual taxes the irs is set to collect for 2015. the totals don't even factor in the mandates issued by federal agencies that don't go through the formal notice and comment period before going into he can. effect. >> there's all this regulatory dark matter. the guidance documents, the bulletin, notices, memoranda. all the way that agencies are manipulating and telling companies what they need to do and working beyond the normal law-making process. >> critics of the heavy regulatory burden are pointing the finger at capitol hill. they say lawmakers are happy to
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talk about the laws that they fought to pass but lawmakers pass the burden of how they'll work off to unelected government employees and the lawmakers complain about regulations that bureaucrats wind up issuing. in 2015 congress passed 114 laws. at the same time, government agencies issued 3,410 regulations. nearly 30 times the number of laws that got to a vote in congress. >> by law, the administration is supposed to do a cost-benefit analysis on any regulation expected to have an impact of more than $100 million. but they rarely do. and there's no penalty for not doing it. chris? >> shannon, thanks. >> the largest automotive recall in american history is getting even bigger. takata has agreed to recall another 35 million to 40 million air bag inflators, more than double what was already being recalled. the company's air bags can explode with too much force, are said to be responsible for at least 11 deaths and more than
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100 injuries worldwide. the national highway traffic safety administration says, the recall will take until the end of 2019. well, it was a down day for the markets, the dow dropped 100, the s&p 500 was down 12, nasdaq fell 38. your life could be in danger from the very people who are trying to help you get better. a new study finds medical errors are now the third leading cause of death each month, that's more than alzheimer's, accidents or strokes. correspondent jonathan serrey with the alarming results. >> medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the u.s. according to researchers at johns hopkins. >> we spnd a lot of money on heart disease and cancer, the one and two causes of death. it's time to start recognizing the third leading cause of death in the united states. public care gone awry. >> researchers say medical
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errors are underreported because of an antiquated system that relies on international billing codes, they analyzed separate studies to come up with a a nationwide estimates of more than a quarter of a million annual deaths attributed to everything from miscommunication to surgical mistakes that would place medical error right after heart disease and cancer. more lethal than lung disease and car crashes. >> we should tell the who that people don't just die from billing codes, now there's a recognition people die from bad medical care. >> the cdc agrees medical errors are an important issue and says it's working to identify and reduce the root causes. but the agency defends its current reporting practices, as part of a global standard. and cautions that recent studies have shown a wide range of estimates. in a written statement, a cdc spokesperson explains most of the studies are based on small, potentially unrepresentative samples. while such studies can be informative and useful. they also have important
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limbations and the results should be interpreted with caution. the study's authors insist even the most conservative estimates on medical errors are unacceptable. they say the health care industry could learn from air crash investigations where lessons learned are shared publicly to prevent future mistakes. chris? >> jonathan serrie reporting from atlanta, thanks. still ahead, a warning from our secretary of defense, the fight against isis is far from over.
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an iranian revolutionary guard commander tells state media they will close the strait of hormuz to the u.s. and allies if they threaten the islamic ning follows a long history of tension between the u.s. and iran over the narrow strait. through which nearly one-third of oil traded by sea passes. the u.s. navy says they will
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continue to operate in accordance with maritime standards and international law. a new cease-fire agreement is in effect in syria in hopes of stopping the bloodshed in aleppo. the u.s. and russia persuaded syria's government and moderate rebels to extend the country's truce to the city. where more than 250 people is been reported killed in the last ten days. the cease-fire has taken effect, but u.s. officials acknowledge there have already been violations of the agreement. the fight against isis is far from over. that's the word tonight from defense secretary ash carter. the news comes as the pentagon announced another american has been lost in the war on terror. national security correspondent jennifer griffin tonight on the fight, and new details about how a navy s.e.a.l. was killed. >> this fight is far from over. >> as new details emerge about how a navy s.e.a.l. was kill during a firefight in a village outside mosul defense secretary ash carter was meeting nato
3:31 pm
defense ministers in stuttgardt, germany. >> we must do this, it's important for civil dags that we do this. we can do this, we're going to, with your help. it will go faster. >> the nato ministers pledged more resources, but few specifics. a day earlier, 125 isis fighters broke through a kurdish check-point, 20 miles outside mosul and stormed a christian village where u.s. s.e.a.l.s had gone to advise local leaders. drones watched as the fighters began a sprint toward the village. instead of retreating and calling in air strikes, a team of 11 u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s stayed to defend their local partners. soon calling for a quick reaction force. navy s.e.a.l. charles keating iv was part of the rescue force. he was killed by direct fire. but this was a gunfight. a dynamic gun fight there were bullets everywhere. >> during their premission brief, the u.s. s.e.a.l.s rated
3:32 pm
their trip to the village to be low risk in eight categories, in other words this was a soft target for isis, who just lost a key town near bashir. it was designed to distract from earlier losses according to a military spokesman. >> the u.s. troops were doing their advise and assist duties when the fight broke out. fought back. >> the grandson of scandal-plagued financier, charles keating, who went to jail for his role in the savings and loan crisis of the 1980s, charles keating iv known to his friends and family as c 4, grew up in arizona, a college track star who vowed to become a s.e.a.l. after 9/11. his high school track coach expressed shock. >> i can't believe it. i have his wedding announcement on the refrigerator. i mean it's just -- he's getting married in november, or was. i'm just devastated when i think about that. >> keating's fiancee was
3:33 pm
supposed to go shopping for her wedding dress this week. >> u.s. war planes eventually killed at least 50 isis fighters and prevented that christian village being taken by isis. the blackhawk helicopter sent to medivac keating took fire on the way in. unfortunately it was too late. >> jennifer griffin, thanks. 88,000 people have evacuated canada's main oilsands city. after a wildfire swept into the area. the oil sands facilities are not currently in the fire's path. but it has destroyed entire neighborhoods of fort mcmurray, alberta. the area is the third largest oil reserve in the world after saudi arabia, and venezuela. and then, there was one. donald trump, wipes away the competition, but can he win in november? we'll talk about it, with a panel.
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are you fully confident, mr. trump, that you can unite the republican party behind you? >> i am confident that i can unite much of it. some of it i don't want. i mean there were statements made about me that those people can go away and maybe come back in eight years. after we serve two terms. >> donald trump on the day he became the defacto republican nominee for president taking a measured stance on calls for party unity. time to bring in our panel. steve hayes from the "weekly standard." a.b. stoddard from "the hill" and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. steve, i think it's fair to say you've been a harsh critic of donald trump from the very start. now he's going to be the republican nominee. in what way do you think the dead-enders inside the gop are going to go. are they going to rally around trump? just sit this election out? or are they going to -- pursue, explore the idea of a third-party conservative campaign? >> i would say a little bit of all three.
3:39 pm
it depends on who you're talking about. i think we've seen that many elected officials who indicated or suggested that they might not support trump are coming around and coming around quickly. i think in the sort of intellectual class or conservative movement activists, both in washington and around the country. you have i think a good number of people who say this man is not a conservative. i fought for these ideals and these principles in some cases for my entire career and the republican party which is supposed to be a vessel for electioning people with conservative ideas, if imperfect vessel is abandoning that with donald trump. so i think you'll have a mix. i do think it's a mistake to assume that the people who are opposed to trump will come around because he's wearing a red uniform. that's not the way it works for a lot of people. people invest in the republican party, are people invest in the conservative movement because they believe in these ideas. >> what do you think about a third party? >> i think there's talk, there's certainly talk behind the scenes talk about it right now. i think the real question as is
3:40 pm
always the case in these moments, who would the candidate be? if ever there were a time for a third party, you have donald trump with very unfavorable numbers, 53%, hillary clinton is very unfavorable numbers are 37%. if ever there were a moment this would be the one. >> a.b., i was struck but not surprised last night by how quickly donald trump pivoted instead of talking about lyin' ted, it was suddenly about senator cruz and how tough and smart and strong he was. he called for party unity and electing republicans down the ballot. how tough a job for him do you think to unify the party? it's never easy when a majority of the party has voted against you in the case of donald trump, this is unprecedented. people don't believe he's a republican. people don't believe that people who are resisting him believe he's a bad man. that he, he scares them. he doesn't have the temp perment. that he's too reckless and impulsive. they don't know what he's going to do.
3:41 pm
as steve said, there are many people that won't come around. uniting the party is going to require some specifics on policy. some good hires. and some presidential behavior. some statements of humility like he made last night and also some graciousness and also some fundraising. and it's a tricky time for, for the republican national committee. because donors don't want to give to donald trump, they want to save the senate and they want to devote some funds to keeping the house. in republican hands, but they're not interested in funding donald trump's campaign so unless he wants to sell those buildings or take public financing, he's really going to have to do a term job, i think on the party. and really look like he's working hard to unite in order to actually have this paid for. >> charles, i was looking back at the exit polls at the end of 2008 democratic race, and 40% of clinton supporters said they weren't going to vote for obama and of course, the vast majority
3:42 pm
of them did how seriously do you take it when roughly 40% of cruz supporters in indiana last night said i'm not going to vote for donald trump? >> i think the pattern is the same, in just about all elections. on the night you lose, you don't want to think about supporting the other guy. in the end you end up being united by the nature of the opposition. and that's what happened in '08, it will happen here. perhaps to some lesser extent because trump ran a real slash-and-burn campaign, succeeded of course. but for some people it's not going to work. it won't wear off. but i think the way he unites the party. apart from all the things that were mentioned, the most important i think and most effective would be in naming a team. a lot of people are just afraid of this guy is a novice, he doesn't know a lot. he appears impulsive. what if he surrounds himself. the first important appointment is ols going to be the vp. you hear stories that he'll name
3:43 pm
a cabinet. >> he suggested that in an interview that he might name a cabinet before, the convention. >> if he can choose a cabinet with people of stature and reassurance, you get somebody who is respected in the party with a long history and he's going to be secretary of defense or she's going to be, then that, not only do reassures you about the policy, but also it's a nod from that respected individual that trump is going to be okay. that could be a very effective employ. >> i want to play the game with all of you. because trump is talking obviously about a vice presidential person and he said today he was leaning towards a politician. somebody who would know how to get things done in washington. so let's go down the line. you got a name? not who you think he's going to pick. but who would be a smart pick for him. and a reasonable pick. >> it's got to be a politician. it's not going to work if it's a carl icahn. you already have a guy like that it's got to be a governor, i think. or perhaps a senator, maybe a
3:44 pm
competitor. a rubio-like guy or a kasich. somebody who had his own constituency. inconceivably a cruz, i don't lo i don't think cruz would accept it. nonetheless, somebody like that. >> a.b.? >> i think it should be the people saying no. a female governor like nikki haley. >> who for people who don't know, nikki haley has come out today -- >> she's going to support him, but wouldn't be vp. >> she's not interested in that job. >> and john kasich is not interested in the job. but obviously second biggest battleground in the electoral college, he would be a good pick. so i think a governor, particularly a female governor. >> they're talking about rubio. do you think the little marco thing is going to be a problem? or he could say i was in the middle of a tough campaign. you respect him. >> i don't know if senator rubio going to take that offer. but senator rubio has a long future ahead and he believes that donald trump will end up in a ball of political flames and he himself has a future.
3:45 pm
at least that's what the people around him are saying and that's what ted cruz believes, too. if you're one of those people who looks at your own future you don't want to be tainted with the possibility of the risk of donald trump. >> steve? >> i would be shocked if marco rubio would even consider an offer from donald trump. i think it has to be a conservative. one of the real problems donald trump is going to face over the next six months is that he's not instinctively a conservative. i think we'll see him moving toward the middle. we're going to see him increasingly move to the middle. he just said in an interview with another network that he's considering raising the minimum wage. he's going to look at raising the minimum wage on his first day after becoming the defacto republican nominee. >> the vice president needs to shore up the base i don't think it will be enough. i think you're going to have many, many conservatives who won't support him regardless. i think that's what i would do if i were donald trump. >> next up, hillary clinton takes aim at donald trump. but could the email investigation trip her up? the panel weighs in next.
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the clinton server easy or hard?
3:50 pm
for everybody. >> the internet hackerñi known as gucifer claiming he was able to get into hillary clinton's private email server. we're back with the panel. let's start with the exclusive interview catherine herrige did withe1 gucifer. if the fbi is able to show that, in fact, he was -- this isn't just talk he was able to get in her server, how damaging for clinton l-geáñ and politically? qsq'dously damaging  catherine is true,chgq not only did he access her server but it was easy to do so, i think it wo3ñt(t( give that foreign governments had hacked h4qp, server. i mean, we think that's been the case already. experts on intelligence and on cyber hacking and they will tell you that it's look, thist( should be a huge political liability. but it alsoçó showx be a legal liability for her. had you peopleçóçó likelp michal
3:51 pm
mukasey lay outçó the case on the evidence that we know publicly should have already been indicted. i talked to national security lawyers. 2pf)rgi cia officer that içó was representing who did exactly what hillaryt( clinton did. what we knowt( sheñr did, they would have already lost their clearances. they probably would have lost their job and they might well be in jail. it's taken an awful long time. we can only hope that they're actually doing a serioust( investigation and treating itfá impartially. >> charles, does theok alleged miss handling of classified information become a lot actuallyjfp((qááq"a5 it. actually got in to it? >l5e1ñr absolutely. because it turns what wouldñi be hypothetical theoretical into something real. it's one thing to say she jeopardized national security or could have, should have thought about it. and thus, is a culpable. in romania, individual one guy hacker was able to get in easily, which means the
3:52 pm
chinese, theçó russians, thelpx@ iranians, all the otherswda&c @@ have gone in, thatlp is there is real damage. at that point apart from the legalities. it's hugelyçó politically damaging. >> meanwhile,e1 clinton suffered anñi upset defeat in indiana last night. numbers. as can youe1 see, bernie sanders beat her by 5 points but with the democrats proportional allocation, he only pac'ed up a net of 6 delegates on her. and so clinton holds on to overall 2205 to 1401. that puts clinton only, if delegates away, shy of clinching the nomination. sg?7 a.b., is clinton's lossçóa inñi indiana significant in a political sense or is it4÷ just a bump injátokxd road? >> well,jf shet( is goingñ= get the nomination. but the problem is she under estimated bernie sanders and she is going to havew3t( toñi nt underestimate donald trump. she wast(e1 complacent.e=ekáheyh strappx
3:53 pm
him winning state aft+á state>!qáer state. and every time he does, he gets donations. and he getsfáok mojo. so he is going to go to the convention. this is a drag on her. when donald trump is already the presumptive nominee on the republican side. is hexd gettingt( his act together. is he going to raise money. she wants to be focusing on the fact every time interviewed ask about bernieñi sanders. he doesn't have tot( quit the race. she needs bernie sanders supporters. they don't like her. if donald trump supporters have going to z5.9 out and be super enthusiastic and they will. she needs the demsápáic party to turn out for her. so she cand5akk this bernie real problem andqñ itokko realy stands to be through the end of july.p, >>w3 steve, what does it say at this point that hillaryw3 clinton, while trump is winning all over theñr east did. hillary clinton is svi° having trouble getting democratic voters to goxd on board and to treat hert( like
3:54 pm
the presumptive nominee? an absolutely horrendous candidate. i think she is a horrendous candidate. the democratic party, thelp battle has been a little bit different because you have on the one handt( this antiestablishment mood that certainly we are seeing in evidence on the republican side but also on the demokq% side in the form of bernie sanders. is hillary clinton, in effect, trying to run ant( incumbent race. embracing barack obama, running to bew3 in effect his third terme1 and you are seeing these two things play off of one another. what it tells you isó[ that she can't close the deal. and that bernie sanders folks are committed, liberals,çó committedw3 leftists who i think will eventually come around far more easily than republican also to donald trump. but shei] is going to have to them. >> charles,ok about 30 seconds left. unimaginable, isn'tlpok it, that we're sitting here today trump has wrapped up the nomination, clinton is still fighting. >> right. it(lp mean, itt(t( isokçót( she
3:55 pm
up a while ago. indiana is a footnote. bernie sanders has become rather charming. he is carrying on as if nothing has happened. he has no chance of winning but he keeps -- he is in his he won't be stopped. he remindsñi me of the japanese soldiers discovered on the pacific island in the 50's and hadn't heard that the war is over. he will still be campaigning the day after inauguration day. >> that's it for the panel. stay tuned took see a classic baseball tradition go t#wribly wrong. ñc3çóe1ñrlpi]t(
3:56 pm
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4:00 pm
report." greta goes "on the record" in a couple of seconds. ♪ ♪ tonight, "on the record," all your news right here, donald trump is the last man standing and now odds are he will face off with former secretary of state hillary clinton and tonight right here "on the record" g.o.p. chairman reince priebus the man who must bring the republican party together. also donald trump's son eric trump is here and two men who we are hearing vp whispers about. former speaker newt gingrich and trump's main man on foreign policy senator jeff sessions. all of them are here in just seconds. plus, "on the record," on the ground in coal country where some miners are serious at secretary hillary clinton. lost at sea, tonight the father of one of two teenage boys who disappeared off the coast is here. cracking the code on this