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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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that's all for us tonight. up next, donald trump up on the royale factor. good night from washington, d.c. go to two fun places to be after "on the record." good night. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> ted cruz, i don't know if he likes me or if he doesn't like me, but he is one hell of a competitor. is he a tough, smart guy. >> donald trump wins but chaos still reigns inside the republican party. mr. trump will be here tonight. >> donald trump not only can win the presidency, he probably will win the presidency. and mainly because folks on the liberal side continue to say it's over. >> is that a sincere statement or misinformation designed to motivate democrats? we'll have a special report. >> i'm for that [bleep] wall. he should pay for it. >> also ahead, the former
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president of mexico on trump's big beautiful border wall. >> we will build the wall. don't worry. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. why trump won? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. in the beginning, there were 17 contenders for the g.o.p. nomination. now, donald trump has emerged victorious. it's a given that all the republican candidates oppose the progressive policies of president obama. but what separated donald trump from the pack from his disdain for the republican establishment, a contempt that reflected the feelings of many g.o.p. voters. one issue crystallizes that
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loathing. the murder of kate steinle in san francisco by an illegal alien felon who was allow to do kill her. i addressed this on the colbert program monday night. >> 32-year-old kate steinle. do you know this story. >> do i know this story. very sad, tragic story. >> out in judo square with her father, walking and she is killed and shot in the back of the head and she is dead. who killed her? an illegal alien, aggravated felon with six felony convictions in the united states who had been deported five times and who came back six times. all right? the girl is dead. so, i say we need kate's law, which means that if a aggravated felon defies deportation, that person gets mandatory five years first offense, 10 second offense just for being in the country. you pick him up, he goes to federal's prison. kate's law, simple, right? can't get it passed. why? because the republican leadership wouldn't get behind it.
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now harry reid. >> why not? >> very successfully on anti-illegal immigrant platform. >> it's all b.s. and the folks know it. >> trump is b.s.? >> the anti-illegal alien stuff is b.s. because you shouldn't be anti-illegal aliens, that doesn't solve any problems. >> you should be anti-criminal. >> right. exactly. so. >> you and i are agreeing all over the place. >> no we are not. >> you are actually listening and that's]]áa good thing. so harry reid, the senator, the democratic senator kills this in the senate. but mitch mcconnell, the republican leader does nothing. and then in the house they do nothing. why? because they wanted to attach it to a sanctuary city bill that they knew president obama would veto. so everybody knows. this why would they do that? >> that's right. why would they do that? all right? and i'm pounding the table. but it as a stand alone. >> brand new table. >> because president obama would sign kate's law, i believe. he wouldn't veto it but you can't attach it to 15 other
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things. >> okay. >> just listen to me for a minute. >> oh, boy. [ laughter ] >> i have been very good. >> you are absorbing. >> i have been doing well. >> you are learning. now you have to live it? >> i have to live it? i have to live this. >> learn and live. >> oh. >> so the republicans see this. they see their own party not doing the right thing. they expect harry reid to do it. he is corrupt. but they don't expect their leadership to not do anything. that's why they are furious. >> again, donald trump tapped into that fury being felt by millions of republican voters. the other candidates could not match his ferocity. that's why trump won. that's the memo. now for the top story, tonight, after defeating ted cruz in indiana yesterday, mr. trump said. this. >> i want to congratulate ted and i know how tough it is. it's tough. i have had some moments where it was not looking so good, and it's not a great
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feeling. and so i understand how ted feels and heidi and their whole beautiful family. >> joining us now from his new york city headquarters is donald trump. so i'm a bit confused. for months it was lyin' ted, now is he a smart, tough guy. what happened? >> well, i want to be gracious and he was. he was a good competitor. he was very strong competitor and it worked out we had an amazing day as you know in indiana. we had a tremendous victory. and won all of the delegates in every county. we won everything. and he really competed hard and tough. so i respect ted. >> all right. no hard feelings, even though he really gave it to you yesterday. you know what he said about you, i wouldn't run it because it was so nasty. so you forgive him? >> no. he said some things and he made up some things and he took things that were said out of context. i understand it it's not easy. it's not easy. >> you won the battle and
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you releasing the prisoners. would you consider ted cruz in your administration? would you consider him for that? >> well, he is certainly a capable guy. we can think about. a little soon to think about too much. it's just happened less than 24 hours ago. it's something certainly we would think about. >> you have talked to him? >> no, i have not. >> are you talked to kasich? kasich dropped out today. did you talk to john? >> >> no, i have not. he just dropped out a little while. no, i have not. we have had a good relationship with him. we will see how that turns out. >> would be a good vp you are going to need ohio. if you don't win ohio, you won't win the presidency. would you consider him for that? >> well, i would certainly consider him. is he somebody that i have gotten along with during the debates, during intermission i always seemed to be talking to john. >> oh, yeah? >> we will see what happens. i have a good relationship with him. >> that's interesting. marco rubio is saying nice things about you and we
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thought he might be out in the sun a little bit too much because he is in miami and it's hot. but, you need florida. you got to win florida. would you consider rubio as v.p.? >> well, again, i don't want to talk too much about it, bill, because i am considering a number of people and i think we are going to have a great choice. in the end i haven't made up my mind but we do have a really good -- i would certainly consider him. >> you would? okay. >> we do have a lot of candidates that i think would be very, very good. marco and i have gotten along very well? >> would the campaign slogan be vote for big don and little marco? no. that wouldn't work. >> no. i think it would be vote to make america great again. maybe we'll go that way. >> okay. you put ben carson in charge of your search committee for v.p., i understand. do you know what happened when bush put cheney in charge of search committee, cheney got to be v.p. is that possible here? >> i don't think ben is looking for that.
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ben is a terrific guy. is he a friend of mine. he gave me a very warm endorsement very early on. >> yeah. >> he has been so helpful. he was making calls and doing everything he could, making speeches, doing a lot of television. he is a terrific guy. dr. ben carson a terrific guy. >> now, you know how presumptuous i am and obnoxious i am. you know that you have known me a long time. >> that's true. i do. absolutely true. >> this isn't going to surprise you what i'm about to say to you. i said last night that i believe before you get to cleveland you are going to try to consolidate the republican establishment support by doing the following: appointing rudy giuliani the homeland security chief. appointing governor christie the attorney general, and ben carson in charge of health and human services. i said i think that trump's going to do that would i be wrong? >> well, i have not made that decision but certainly they would be three very
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wise choices. i think they would be popular but more importantly i think they would do a phenomenal job all three of them. no, i haven't thought about that. but i will tell you all three would be very good choices and very good positions for themselves. i think it would be good. >> would you do it before you went into cleveland so you would have like a squad be you're coming in with? >> i like the idea of doing some of this before we go into cleveland, yes. i could do that and i think it would be well received. >> all right. now, tone, tone, if history is any barometer, the clinton campaign will go after you through surrogates. move on, these sleazy left wing websites are going to tear you up. are you going to respond to that if hillary clinton takes the high road and doesn't do any of that? >> >> well, i'm going to be able to figure it out. we have had 17 people just now and i figured that out
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and i will be able to figure it out with hillary. it depends on where she is coming from. if she wants to go the low road, i'm fine with that. and if she wants to go the high road, which probably i would prefer, i would be fine with that. >> with but, wait, you're fine with the low road? most people don't want to go on the low road? >> no, i can handle the low road if i have to do it. i mean, we've had some low roads over the last few months. >> really? >> i'm fine with it if we have to go that direction. maybe you haven't noticed. >> i hope you don't have to do it. i would like to see you and mrs. clinton spirited campaign on issues without the low road. i know the media likes it i know they like all that stuff but i don't. i would like to see you, you know, you guys just fight it out over issues. now, we're going to hold mr. trump over because i have a foreign policy question i want to ask him that i forgot last time and i want to give mr. trump a compliment that is going to surprise him and probably get me in trouble. but that's okay.
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continuing now with donald trump from his headquarters here in new york city and he'll, of course, be running against hillary clinton for president in november. war planes have been buzzing u.s. ships in waters. i forgot to ask you this question last week when we talked about foreign policy. it's obviously a clear provocation by putin. what would your orders be to those ships were you president today? >> first of all, it's just no respect for our president and our country. is he tweaking us. and if it were me, i will tell you i would call him and i would say don't do it, just stop it. don't do it they're going to respect us. i have a semi nice
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relationship with putin. he said very nice things about me, as you know. i would say don't and we will have no impact by the way. i would say don't do it. they do it again, they could have a problem. >> all right. so you wouldn't hesitate if putin defied you and would you make that call public? would you tell the american people listen, i called old vlad would you tell him to knock it off. >> i might do that i would be very strong. do not do that that's provocation that's something that you are not just supposed to be doing. >> if he did, if he defies you, you would have to shoot one of those planes down. >> >> i would have to do something you would hate to do. this is something i wouldn't want to do. but i would say vladimir, don't do it. let's go. come on. we're going to have a good relationship. don't do it. >> now, there is going to come a point if you are elected president that somebody is going to call your bluff. you know that. >> sure.
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>> you are if going to have to do something. but the public needs to know what's going on. that's just -- certainly i, as an american citizen, would want to know what's going on between you and putin. okay. second question. unfortunately children were seen demonstrating against you in california. roll the tape on this. [shouting] [bleep], [bleep]. >> that was in fort wayne, indiana. i'm sorry, i misspoke. kids in california doing it too. what do you think about that? >> well, you know, we have had very few demonstrations. it might be hard to believe. but we were in california. had 31,000 people at an arena which was a record crowd. it was a love fest. there was nothing inside the rebound. when i got home that night, i saw they had some demonstrations, which by the way, were made to look much worse than they were by the
5:17 pm
press. did you have the case of the guy stopping on the -- stomping on the cop car. they ought to throw him away for quite a while. that was a terrible thing to do. when i see the young children with the foul mouth, the parents ought to be ashamed of themselves, frankly. >> you had to go in the back way in one of california's speeches because they disrupted outside. they were threatening, i think you're going to have to deal with some of that stuff. have you thought about how you are going to deal with people who get overly aggressive? >> oh, i think we will deal with it just fine, bill. that was not a big deal. i did something that worked actually very well. i won't in. i did a speech. i went out. and that was actually for the republican committee. did i that. that wasn't one of my events. that was for somebody else. but it was -- i mean, not a big deal other than there were helicopters all over the place following me. i felt like o.j. simpson. i left the plane. i was in this van and we were being followed boy helicopters all over the place.
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the fact is that that was not really a big deal. >> all right. vincente fox coming up later in the program. you got any message for the former president of the mexico? >> yeah. get your money ready because you are going to pay for the wall. >> you are not backing off that right? >> no. of course not. lock, we lose a fortune with mexico. trade deficit $58 billion a year. the wall is going to cost 10. believe me, they will be able to afford it and we are going to end up having a very good relationship with mexico. but right now sadly, like everybody else, they're taking advantage of our country on trade and at the border. so we'll get it straightened out. >> all right. and finally have to give you a compliment. not exactly you but your family it's very, very difficult for any political family particularly in the media every second of the day and night. but your wife and your children, i think, have magnificently since your
5:19 pm
run. and far better than you have. [ laughter ] i mean, with all due respect, i mean, they have been -- i would vot your wife if she put her on the v.p. ticket. but, i think it's a compliment to you. you. they have been unbelievable with the media very composed and i just want to do say that to everybody. it's not a matter of me favoring anybody. but i think that needs to be said. >> well, i really -- that's really nice. i do appreciate it. and they're watching. so i don't have to let them know. but we all appreciate it. >> and it's a very difficult thing for all political families. you know, to absorb the slings and the arrows that obviously are going to come your way in the months leading up to november. we really appreciate you coming on, don. we know how busy you are. it's always interesting to talk with you. and we we we can continue this threw the election. thank you very much. >> thank you very much, bill. thank you. >> directly ahead, karl
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rove, will he vote for trump? and then some possible misdirection in politics from a progressive it v guy on cnn. those reports after these messages as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world. irst and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. go ahead, embrace those beautiful moments. flonase changes everything. (toilet flush)
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campaign 2016 segment tent, recent polling shows a divide in the general election. cnn says hillary is well ahead. rasmussen shows trump in the lead. we believe those polls are obsolete because it's a new race trump vs. clinton. here to handicap it, karl rove. first of all, you said you may not vote for trump. are you changing your mind now? >> i have said that i was not for trump in the primaries and i'm going to sit and watch and observe.
5:24 pm
>> so you are leaving your options open? you have three options, hillary, trump, or nothing. >> well, i'm going it take my time. he endorsed john kerry in 2004 and took until september 17th, 2008 to come out for mccain so i have got a little time. >> stunning victory. wouldn't you say? >> oh, yeah. stunning. >> odds of 50,000 to one? more than that. >> in june of last year. even after he got ahead of steam. the primary is jaw dropping and indiana. >> you know i called it right after new york. actually, i have been right on every single call i have made since june. i'm frightened of myself now. >> must be night to be perfect. >> you know, last night i called that bernie sanders way before any of the networks. i just looked at the exit polling. i don't know why these pinheads couldn't call it earlier. >> it had a smell -- i was around clinton people earlier in the week and you could smell that they were concerned about it. >> why didn't she campaign in indiana? i couldn't understand that
5:25 pm
she could have won. >> no. i think they thought that indiana was slipping away and they wanted to put her in like west virginia and kentucky to move on. >> why? only lost by five. didn't take out one television commercial. >> by the time they recognized think hadn't built the infrastructure to win was too late. pumping her in the state at the end could not have shifted 5 points of the electorate. >> if she had done it all along. >> if she had done it all along, then might have turned out different. i think they woke up and said you know what? we have made a mistake, let's go on. >> cruz quits last night and kasich today. let's take cruz first. i don't believe the numbers are there in this country any longer for an ideological candidate, pure ideology to win anymore. >> i would be careful about saying that. we don't know what the next election will bring just as the last election didn't tell us would bring us this election. i would be careful about making that -- what's going to happen in the future is going to be largely dependent upon what happens
5:26 pm
this fall. if donald trump wins and then governs as he has talked about and does so successfully. then he will change the republican party to a populist party. if he loses, then there will be a battle for the soul of the republican party. >> right now in america, bernie sanders couldn't win. the polls -- once people figure it out what he wants and what it is they will not vote for him. >> younger bernie sanders will not be able to win. 74-year-old cranky vermont socialist. is he a democratic socialist and getting, what, 46% of the democratic primary vote. >> they don't understand what he wants. >> and in the polls consistently beating all the republicans running ahead. >> no one knows who he is. >> we can say that the country, unfortunately, has moved slightly to the left and somebody like bernie sanders. >> lightly? >> yeah. >> conservative candidate like cruz ran on pure ideology, the numbers aren't there. >> yeah, look, but there is a difference between conservative candidates, george w. bush was a conservative candidate. >> not an idealogue though.
5:27 pm
>> that's not what people were saying back when he was president. >> but you know him and he wasn't an idealogue. he is not an idealogue. >> is he a principled conservative who understood how to talk about. >> cruz is straight down the line doctrineaire. >> bush knew how to sell conservative ideas. >> so much different though. i'm going to be careful because i don't think a pure ideological candidate on the left or the right could ever win in this country again. they the voters want somebody who can involve problems. >> yeah. >> that's it. >> well, i agree with that. being from this perspective. >> right. >> the confidence in the institution of government is all-time low. almost as low as it was in 1947 when we had a president being forced from office. it's because of the failure of the last six or seven years to deliver on the promises. we were told pass the stimulus bill. all these great things will happen to the economy. pass the affordable care act. no longer do the american people have confidence in their institutions in national government. >> karl rove, everyone. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this
5:28 pm
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so, if you want the purest-tasting water and the water filter that's proven to reduce lead look for zerowater. get more out of your water. impact segment tonight, very unusual statement by van jones, an analyst on cnn. he is an uber progressive but apparently believes
5:32 pm
trump can beat hillary. >> here's the reality, donald trump not only can win the presidency, he probably will win the presidency and mainly because folks on the liberal side continue to say it's over. if only 70% of people, black folk don't like donald trump, that means 30% are open to his argument. if he gets half of those, he is president. okay? >> that's jones looking a little tired. the question does he really believe trump can win or is this a motivating statement for democrats? here now eboni williams and monica crowley. you say, monica? >> i say in van jones doesn't believe this, he should. i think he probably does. >> he does believe? >> they are not mutually exclusive. i think he does believe it and i think is he right about it as well. >> based on why do you think he believes it? if cnn's poll comes out and
5:33 pm
says hillary clinton is ahead by a good margin and as we said these polls are obsolete now because whole new ballgame. why we believe that. >> he believes it and also he is using it as motivating factor because he believes it he knows that -- >> -- so you are trusting him. >> that whoever ends up as the democratic nominee has to drive massive black turnout the way barack obama did. he has got -- whoever is the nominee has to get between 92, 94, 95% of the black vote in order to win. >> they have to get them to show up. it doesn't matter percentage. >> turnout is absolutely key. right now, what he understands is that unlike traditional republican candidates, donald trump has huge crossover appeal, including to black voters. >> and do you believe that? >> i believe that 100 percent. look, van is giving a warning, bill. is he not sugar coating it wake up, don't take the black vet for granted sign. >> he is trying to motivate. >> yeah. you can't fault him for that is he a die hard democrat, bill. that's his job. >> isn't he a communist guy
5:34 pm
this guy van jones? >> communist revolutionary. >> bernie sanders is too moderate for him. >> this is what i also know. i know that trump has been brilliant in one way. he has really put up this us vs. them paradigm very successful in this primary. the question becomes where do black voters fall in this. are they part of the us great again or part of the them? >> trump says because i asked him about this, not today but in a previous interview, it's all about jobs. it's all about improving the lives of working people no matter what the color is. >> and this is critical. this is why the black vote might be more receptive to what donald trump has to say in terms of his economic message. blacks have suffered disproportionately in the obama economy. black unemployment is higher than any other demographic 9%. black youth unemployment is at 25%. black wages have actually gone down whereas whites have stayed flat and hispanics have actually gone up. they have suffered under president obama and this economy. they are open, because donald trump is talking about the two issues that
5:35 pm
directly effect their livelihood, illegal immigration and bad trade deals. so, they might be more attuned and incline to do listen to him than they would a ted cruz. >> it's all conjecture but you are both convinced that van jones believes trump could beat hillary. >> i do. >> i'm not. >> everything monica said is incorrect about unemployment rates for blacks. this is the thing i think january is being genius. 80% of blacks have disqualified trump for things he has said. >> why? >> they feel like the anti-muslim thing and immigrant things are inclusive. >> why would they think that. >> again, where they fall in the us vs. them. >> i never heard trump say anything bad about black people ever. >> i haven't either. but, if you feel that that reflects on to you, then you are not going to consider him. 20% is a hot still to consider the argue ghmght it's all about how many show not the percentage. ladies, thank you as always. when we come right back, vincente fox former
5:36 pm
presidente will talk about the trump proposed wall. and miller on politics moments away. ol mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the personal story segment tonight. you may remember this statement from the former president of mexico vincente fox about donald trump's promise to make mexico pay for a border wall. >> i declare, i'm not going to pay for that [bleep] wall. he should pay for it. he has got the money. >> earlier in the program, president fox heard donald trump reiterate that he going to try to make mexico pay for the border wall. the president joins us from los angeles. so, here's my take on this and you tell me where i'm wrong. paroled -- patrolled village gently on both sides a bawl is humane it could cut down on people and drug smuggling two things that injure human beings as you know. so where am i going wrong? >> well, really fox and numbers, bill, are totally different to what is being said. and i think it's very
5:41 pm
important what i have invited you to come to mexico but more so i think it's very important to invite donald trump to come to mexico and to learn about the real mexico. that is i would think totally different. for instance, i was listening that he says mexico deserves punishment because of the deficit united states has on the trade with mexico which, yes, he is right. it's 50 billion. but does he know that the diversify sit with china is 400 million? >> he knows it, mr. presidential he knows it but, let's get back to the wall. my hypothesis is that the wall would save lives, all right. would be good for mexico and the united states. because it would take a lot
5:42 pm
of the power away from the smugglers, many of whom are cartel members and it would save, you know how people are abused. poor people trying to get el northe. a boozed by coyotes. you know that it would not cut entirely but cut the people smuggling and drug smuggling down. why don't both countries support this? >> that is true. better and less costly walls. one is to approve the initiative to build the migration bill that has been sitting in u.s. congress for 10 years now presented by senator mccain and senator kennedy. that bill brings a solution to migration, a solution to. >> it's not going to go until the wall -- the american people in every poll, mr. president, have made it clear they are not going to support anything until they get the wall up,
5:43 pm
to stop the millions of people coming. in now, the demographics have changed. under your -- you are in office six years, that's the term. about 8 million of your citizens when you were president came here to the united states. that's a lot for us to absorb here. 8 million people. >> it's okay. it's okay what you say. and everybody is working on it. let me tell you that this flow of migration has reversed in the last three years. >> economics from reversed it. >> coming back to mexico. less people going to united states because now we're building the opportunities in mexico. >> that's all well and good. that could reverse itself if there is another recession. do you know, mr. president, that in federal court 37% of all the sentences handed out are handed out to illegal aliens, not just mexicans, illegal aliens across the
5:44 pm
board. 37%. do you know what a burden that is on the u.s. taxpayer and our criminal justice system? >> i am with you. i'm not for open borders. what i mean when i speak about the bill in congress is to deal with this program on an intelligent and wise way. that's one thing to do. the other one is, pay for the wall? why? who is going to pay for the war on trade. the war on china's trade is united states. imagine a u.s. citizen paying 40% more for the car is he buying today. >> well, i would like to see a compromise here. i think that mexico and the united states could work together on an effective barrier. >> yes. >> which would help your country and our country and i think we could come to an arrangement. mr. president, i have got to run but i appreciate you
5:45 pm
taking the fire. thank you. we will see you soon. and miller is on deck. he will talk politics and michael bloomberg getting booed at a college. the d man is next. man 1: i came as fast as i could. what's up?
5:46 pm
man 2: this isn't public yet.
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5:49 pm
sorry about that. you know, kasich actually, i just saw on google he has invaded the white house with the ohio national guard because he says he can't wait anymore and then he told the chef to get him some skyline chili and bear claw. arg. >> you have been tough on kasich. you've been tough on him. >> billy, i know you like him. >> i like him. i think he did a great job. he is not a moron. he did a great job in ohio. >> best human ever. best human ever. >> listen, miller, miller, the facts are the facts. he ran the state well. come on. >> all right. billy. shut it down here. i'm kind of teasing. i don't think he is the worst human being ever. he is a bad presidential candidate that should have dropped out a long time ago. we just disagree on that. trump vs. clinton. >> yes. >> they gave trump this big window because nature abhors
5:50 pm
a vacuum and donald trump is a force of nature. the liberals played this stupidly. she lies about things she doesn't have to lie about. she lies about benghazi. they forced obamacare through. we have given money to iraq and we are strange. we have got no border. all this stuff has yielded people, even people who buy in large don't even want to get involved. they are say wait, wait, have you gone too far. it's too crazy now. when they tell you insays santly that trump cannot beat clinton. you know, they are telling you that incessantly because they do and i think they are a little afraid that he could beat her because she is not a great candidate. and you know something else? i think that if he really wanted to seal the deal with women, he should run as the first father/daughter ticket and have his girl ivanka run with him as the v.p., she is very impressive. now, i saw a rasmussen poll that says trump has moved ahead of her in a head-to-head battle for president of the united leads in a head-to-head battle with him to be
5:51 pm
president of mexico. so, listen, it's still all up in the air. i would say this, they left him a big opening by trying to sell too much crap to the american people. oh, and by the way, billy, i just heard this in other political news, joe biden third guy in the car in the sonic commercials. so that's going to be exciting, him sitting in the back going i want some nuggets, wants a new slurpee. >> you just have to look ahead. >> listen, kasich, the best guy ever. now, let's talk about. [ laughter ] bloomberg. >> wait, wait. you are out kicking your coverage here. i have to run this sound bite. mayor bloomberg, former mayor of new york city goes to the university of michigan to give the commencement address. roll it. >> beautiful. >> the whole purpose of college is to learn how to deal with difficult situations, not to run away from them. a microaggression is exactly
5:52 pm
that, micro. [crowd booing] >> but in a macrosense, one of the dangerous places on a college campus is the so-called safe space. [crowd booing] >> because it creates a false impression that we can isolate ourselves from those who hold different views. >> all right. what do you think? >> i think that's a micropodium did he is that far above it bloomberg. listen, bloomberg is part of this. he is part of the nanny state. see, this is the thing. you can't have guys saying that they think people shouldn't do something like i don't want you to have a certain size drink and then down the road not understand that you're part of the problem, mike bloomberg. people should decide for themselves. i'm a bit of objectiveness on this. people make their own decision. bloomberg has done some of this nanny state stuff. this is the yield of the nanny state. do you know when i first knew it was going to hit was overseas. i saw kids in paris who were worried about their health
5:53 pm
benefits in their 60's. 20-year-old kids flipping cars over in paris. i thought that's what the nanny state does. it takes kids who live in a country that invented the phrase swa de vi makes them think what their medical is going to be. bloomberg has done this to kids with the drinks and all this no salt on the table. this is the yield of the nanny state generation of emotional hem feel hemofill acts. you wanted it, what are you going to do with it. >> very good, miller, very astute this evening. all right. let's give him a hand and a quick reminder. >> billy, pretend this is kasich. >> i knew you were going to get kasich. >> oh, you are the best. you are. >> get out of here, miller, you are done. >>. all right. quick reminder that who wants to be president show starring miller and me rolls into fairfax, virginia this saturday night.
5:54 pm
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joe allen, o'fallon, missouri, o'reilly, congratulations, you called it. meanwhile, we're faced with two progressives in november. trump is a populist, not close to being progressive. steve hammond, bill, how many e-mails a day do you get expressing disgust that the race will be between trump and clinton? i estimate we get 15,000 to 20,000 e-mails a week, opinions all over the place, steve. no ground swell for any one point of view. shawn, bill, your talking points about left wing violence was spot on. where were the parents of those anti-trump children who were cursing. most likely surging them to do that, sean. kids don't just show up at a protest on their own. it's disgusting to see the hatred and vulgarity at the protests. i'm so sad my race is participating, the vast majority
5:58 pm
of hispanics are law abiding american folks who want the best for their countries. these protests are manned mostly by extremists. i don't believe bill o'reilly reads all of his e-mails. i noticed o'reilly gave 50 minutes of his broadcast to trump. i guess i missed the cruz interview. you missed it because the senator didn't accept our invitation in the past week! that's why you missed it. and you wildly overestimated the time mr. trump receives. bill, thanks for the highlighting dermatology issues in the tip of the day. i see so much skin cancer that could be prevented. absolute absolutely, doctor. everybody should get checked out. bill, just finished "killing reagan" i learned a lot about the president but even more about nancy. her story is fascinating. if you would like signed books for father's day, too late for moms this weekend, please check in at bill oreilly.cobilloreill.
5:59 pm
bill, you mentioned watters will be interviewing children about politics on thursday. is he going to another corresponde correspondents' dinner? very good, jorge! tip of the day, predicting politics not an easy thing to do as think thousands of "factor" viewers figured out. our poll was, will ted cruz drop out if trump wins indiana? only 18% said yes, he would quit. a whopping 82% said no, cruz would stay in. there you go! politics not an easy deal. but the 18% are very smart. "factor" tip of the day. that's it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website different from bill also, we would like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be pauky when writing to "the factor." tomorrow watters as i mentioned with the kids about who they want to be president.
6:00 pm
that should be fun. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, then there was one. if there was any doubt 24 hours ago that donald trump is the presumptive republican nominee for president, all doubt vanished about four hours ago. as the last man standing in mr. trump's way, highway hoif governor john kasich, officially bowed out of the republican race. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. governor kasich's move clears the way for the trump campaign to focus all of its efforts on hillary clinton, the likely democratic nominee who remains locked in a battle for the nomination with bernie sanders. if the latest polls are correct, mr. trump will need all the help he can get. not only is he trailing mrs. clinton, but reports sues