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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 4, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

11:00 pm, i have a poll on the website. that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us, we'll see you back here tomorrow night. tonight, "on the record," all your news right here, donald trump is the last man standing and now odds are he will face off with former secretary of state hillary clinton and tonight right here "on the record" g.o.p. chairman reince priebus the man who must bring the republican party together. also donald trump's son eric trump is here and two men who we are hearing vp whispers about. former speaker newt gingrich and trump's main man on foreign policy senator jeff sessions. all of them are here in just seconds. plus, "on the record," on the ground in coal country where some miners are serious at secretary hillary clinton. lost at sea, tonight the father of one of two teenage boys who disappeared off the coast is here. cracking the code on this
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iphone. right now, back to the campaign trail where donald trump is the rnc's prepare summive nominee. will all republicans rally around trump? >> stop trump wing of the republican party appears to be rabidly running out of options. >> we are suspending our campaign. >> what ted did is really a very brave thing to do. and a smart thing to do. we want to bring unity to the republican party. >> if office holders, party regulars, party officials will begin to fall in line. >> the republican party by the way is much more united than the democratic party. >> they will come together in unit with common cause with a common purpose. >> >> going to win in november. >> if you are not for donald trump, you functionally are for hillary clinton. this will be a much billinger republican party three months from now. >> mr. chairman, nice to see you. >> nice to see you too, greta. >> i don't know if you said to me on camera or off camera, you told me there
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would be no contested convention and that you would have your nominee anyway, i guess you were right i also said i think it is possible that we would have more clarity more democrats have it sooner. i think certainly if you look at what is happening with hillary clinton she loses indiana. she is spending the money that she want to do spend on the ground game in the data operation on this primary and we have been ready for years now and we are just so much better than we have ever been before. >> well, except that each candidate always brings a challenge and one of the challenges you have with this candidate he has a very high unfavorable. how do you intend to move that? >> he is going to have an opportunity to be presidential, to talk to the american people about his ideas. and there is going to be time to heal, greta. look, we had contentious primary. it was 17 candidates. feelings are still very raw. so, i'm not pretending that
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this isn't going to take a while. we had campaigns that were serious operations that were very deep and a lot of money was spent. this wasn't one can at that time at one level and then a bunch of others far below. these were serious operations. it's going to take time. the focus is going to be off of each other and the focus is going to be on hillary now. we are going to expose her for who she is. >> did you speak to donald trump since the polls closed last night in indiana? >> >> i have spop spoke to him a couple times since the polls closed, yeah. i get the sense that he understands that this is a different ballgame now. this is not primary season. this is not pointing fingers at each other. this is about winning the white house, about our country, about hillary clinton. i think he gets that. >> well, he took a couple swipes at you and the rnc saying you all are rigged and everything else. are you going to mend thatnww2
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fence? >> well, we have, greta. i mean, we've talked many times since then. i think you've noticed over the last couple weeks he hasn't mentioned us and certainly he has been very kind in public about the rnc and us. hook, we have built something very huge here. a candidate can't win without the rnc. so the fact of the matter is, functional, operational, national party has its act together on the ground is absolutely necessary. so, without us, you can't win. the truth is we are here. we're having a convention in cleveland. we're going to have&l presumptive nominee at some point. obviously he has got to get to the 1237. he will. he doesn't have any opponents. is he going to join the republican party we are going to be prepared when that happens. >> well, it's been an interesting several months in your party. and we will continue to watch and congratulations on finally having a nominee. 17 down to one. anyway, mr. chairman, thanks for joining us, sir.
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>> thank you, greta. >> what is next for presumptive g.o.p. nominee donald trump? he is the last man standing and this is what he just told bill o'reilly in an interview you will see right after "on the record." >> the clinton campaign will go after you through surrogates. moveon, these sleazy left wing websites are going to tear you up. are you going to respond to that if hillary clinton takes the high road and doesn't do any of that? >> i'm going to be able to figure it out. we had 17 people and i will figure it out with hillary. depends where she is coming from. if she wants to go the low road i'm fine with that if she wants to go to the high road which i would probably prefer i would be fine with that. >> oneaof donald trump's children, eric trump goes "on the record." eric goes "on the record." >> very well how are you? >> last night was a big
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night for the republican party and for your father and your family. so congratulations. >> thank you. it was a great night for us. really amazing. >> eric, as sort of the tradition in politics, at least it was or often is that someone who loses a primary or loses election calls the winner did. your father receive a call last night from either senator ted cruz or john kasich. >> i don't think last night. i think last night was too fresh. definitely be in touch. my father was amazing last night. he really called ted cruz the ultimate competitor. he was. he ran unbelievable race. it was tough and vicious at some point. it was great. he was amazing competitor and he did a really, really great, great job. they will reunite at some point. i really feel that way. >> you expect that your father will get senator ted cruz back in the tent so to speak. >> yeah, i really do. i really do. >> is your father working on getting a vice presidential nominee? has that discussion gun begun? >> it has. my father is going to find a
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worker as a v.p. candidate. not going to be somebody who fill as bucket or appeals to a certain group of people. is he going to find a person who is a doer, a worker who will work night and day and tirelessly to fix the many problems we have in this country and woe have a lot of them. quite frankly we have so many of them that have been created by obama and hillary's legacy, we have got to get this country back on track. weave have got to fix the mess we are in right now. we will find a person that will stand by his side to do that. >> what will be your role, if any in the campaign. >> i will be back in new york and rubbing our company. we are building hotels as you know all over the world and golf courses and everything else. i will be here. listen, if called on and you know how i have stood by his side the entire campaign. if called on, i will be there in a heart beat. >> any decision made whether he will self-fund in the general election or not. >> he is still talking about. talking about it and considering and talking to the g.o.p. listen, she is going to come after conservative a war chest. shy will raise a billion dollars or possibly more. you are going to probably need to go out there and
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raise some money. you know, certainly conversations that's being had. we will raise a tremendous amount of money for the g.o.p. as well. that's something we will do tremendously well andu֖@@&c@ something we will work on. >> when do you think he will have a decision on the vice presidential nominee? >> is he going to look at it very carefully. is he going to consider a lot of people. single most important decision. no question about it single most important decision so you don't rush into it. we are getting off a great win last night. it wo( unbelievable high. you know, not only as a family and changing history. >> were you there. >> of course. >> you were in the room with him while he was watchingbq it? >> yeah. it was amazing ivanka and my wife have a napoleon necessary is a and don's wife sitting on the bed. three guys standing up, don, my father and myself and jared was there as well. amazing moment. never in history before has really a businessman run and won the republican nominee. he faced off against 17 people which set all records. set last person standing. i mean, when cruz, you know, foiblely kind of pulled the
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cord last night it was amazing because did he something that no other civilian has done in u.s. history. just incredible moment. >> did he yell anything or what was the first thing he said when the networks, i assume he was watching fox news channel when the networks called it for him. >> he had amazing smile on his face. honestly i'm not sure if any words could have done it justice. we put our heart and soul into this the last 10 months. i don't think words could have described it there were certainly high fives that went around the room there were a lot of great smiles and hugs in the room. you know, he did something amazing. he really did something amazing. he did it out of passion and love and he did it because he cares about this country. he wants to make america great again. that's why he is in this race. that's why at his age with his success, that's why he is doing this. he isn't doing this as a joke. he is not doing it as fun. he wants to fix this nation. he wants to put america back into prosperity and regain the respect that quite frankly we have lost around the world. >> eric, thank you for joining us. and it's going to be, i
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think, a long time between now and november. i hope you come back many times. >> it's going to be a long road. no question about it, greta. >> thank you, eric. so with senator cruz dropping out last night and governor kasich dropping out just over two hours ago, get ready for a general election slug fest. the g.o.p. race is all or nearly all wrapped up and now donald trump is zeroing in on the likely trump-clinton matchup. >> hillary clinton is a joke. >> i don't know that he has any boundaries at all. >> she was going to beat obama. she was favored to win and she got trumped. she lost. >> finally a candidate whose hair gets more attention than mine. >> she is a liar, wouldn't you say? you only have one lyin' ted. i don't think we can use same term for hillary. >> his bigotry, his bluster, his bullying have become his campaign. >> i told you she is like a snake with no energy. she doesn't have the strength and she doesn't have the stamina that. >> this is to me a classic
11:11 pm
case of a blustering bullying guy. >> crooked hillary, right? she is crooked as you can be. crooked hillary. >> and to think they were friends. how wild will this election ride get? should we fasten our seat belts now. newt gingrich goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> this will be brutal. >> i think it will be one of the wildest elections in american history. >> now, most people never -- i shouldn't say most people. the so-called republican elites and the media are never predicted that trump would win. in fact, you have got nate silver 538 according to your article, according to something you wrote in august are emphatic prediction. not just regular prediction. emphatic prediction is simply that trump will not win the nomination. it's not even clear that he is trying to do so. >> it's fascinating if you go back over the last year and that's why i wrote we do a newsletter twice a week at gingrich productions.
11:12 pm
when you look at it, all these people said trump was gone. trump was a joke. trump would never be there. now, all the same people are trying to tell you about the general election. and, you have to start by saying since none of them understood trump up through winning the nomination, why would you believe they have a clue what the general election is going to be like. >> how did so many people get it so wrong? because the american people are really unhappy. and that's why i think why bernie has surged. >> the turning point for me and ross worthington that works for me went back and found in september that trump would probably be the nominee. turning point for me was the night of the first fox debate when trump had a collision with megyn kelly and frank luntz did this focus group and they all said trump had lost and everybody in the mainstream media got together and said trump watched. and then you watched on facebook and google and twitter. and trump was winning by 65
11:13 pm
or 70%. there is something out here happening with the american people that none of the folks in the elet get. >> do you know what i think part of it is? that everything is pretty much just fine for the media they all have jobs. we all feed off this stuff. but for the american people, if you actually go out and talk to the american people, things aren't so fine. their wages are stagnant. things aren't great. nobody ever bothered to go out and talk to them when i start talking to people of every background you find whether you are african-american or latino or asian american, whether you are a millennial there is sense of anxiety what's coming next and what's going to happen. i think trump intuitive of that, really communicated it appeared he -- if you notice, he has been gaining strength. you know, for a while they said okay he has got 35%. he will never get 50%. now he has got 60%. but he will never be able to beat hillary.
11:14 pm
my question is how could anybody possibly be that certain considering how wrong they were the whole time? >> as a side is that jimmy carter in 1908 wins right now and reagan won by 10 points in november. one last quick question. any interest in being vice president because donald trump says he wants someone who has a background in politics. >> he had all sorts of nice words to say. look, i'm not seeking it i doubt -- i think it's a thousand to one against it but i think you have to pay attention if a potential president of the united states talks to you. >> has he called you? >> no. >> okay. just checking. he hasn't called me either. >> i promise you i will let you know if he calls you. >> i will be the first to know. >> short list. >> short list of 2,000. nice to see you, mr. speaker. and finance fair -- it's fair to say. needs elizabeth warren already throwing grenades at trump. here's a sample. here is what else is real. donald trump has built his campaign on racism, sexism
11:15 pm
and zen know phobia. this tweet: there is more enthusiasm donald trump among leaders of the kkk than leaders of the political party he now controls. now, some suggest senator warren is angling to be secretary clinton's nominee for vice president. what about trump? who is he going to pick? so far trump has only said it will be, quote, experienced politician. the "on the record" political panel is here from the "boston globe" matt viser and from the "washington times" stephen dinan. stephen first to you, obviously speaker gingrich is one of these experienced people. anyway, who do you suggest? >> look, vice presidential nomination is something that a candidate uses to solve a political problem he has, particular time in the campaign. what donald trump chooses will end up being something he has to choose at that moment. given what he said, there are some people he is probably going to take a look at. one of those is governor martinez of new mexico, hispanic woman who obviously checks off a lot of boxes and be very helpful to him. one of those could be governor rick scott of
11:16 pm
florida who obviously comes from florida. has very trump-like approach to politics. probably a good mesh there. and i got to think that he will take a look at governor christie in particular. the support that christie gave him being the first of the major opponents to come back and endorse him after he dropped out of the election standing by his side literalfully all these races, all these events, there is probably -- he deserves something from trump. >> matt? >> i agree with stephen on governor martinez. i think she solves two problems for trump. reaching out to hispanics and also women, which is very important for him to shore up. jeff sessions. first senator to endorse trump has foreign policy experience, immigration would be sort of front and center and then speaker gingrich as we just
11:17 pm
mentioned has been advising trump and giving him blunt advice which he may want from a vice presidential pick has experience taking on the clintons and run in this stuff before. >> i have two thoughts. i might as well play this game as well. one, no one is talking about at least not yet except the "new york times" actually mentioned governor mary fallon of oklahoma, she is a woman, she a governor and also served in congress and, of course, that is so important. the political experience. the other is tonight is he lickingúf[ól wounds but governor john kasich. i mean, the republicans if they want to win the white house, they have got to have ohio. and tonight it doesn't look like governor kasich is. >> the only problem with governor kasich is that the two big trump that trump is going to run on immigration and trade he disagrees with governor kasich on it would require a lot of lot of swallowing on governor kasich's part. if trump is going to run on that message. >> i want to get someone i
11:18 pm
don't completely agree with so can i have an honest good debate in the oval office. >> it comes down to how much trump feels like he needs to unite the party? how much does he feel like he needs to pick one the rivals people he was clashing with. is there is a cruz or aruba or somebody that establishment would feel a lot better about? and that would be -- lend itself to a kasich or rubio. >> it's going to be exciting to watch on both parties. thank you both. viewers, who do you think would be donald trump's v.p. pick? post your guess on my facebook page and greta is spelled with one t. just kidding. go to and the 2016 race for the republican nomination is now officially a one man race. last night senator cruz bailed out and now it is governor john kasich's turn. peter is live in columbus. >> john kasich said all along he wasn't going to take the low road to the highest office to the land but today kasich's road has a detour because after
11:19 pm
insisting that he was going to fight trump all the way to the convention that's in this state in ohio this summer, kasich got out of the race with one final very emotional campaign speech. a speech that he actually had written down on a piece of paper in front of him which is very rare because kasich is almost always off script. >> as i suspend my campaign today, i have renewed faith deeper faith that the lord will show me the way forward and fulfill the purpose of my life. thank you and god bless. >> and that was the last line. the last thing kasich said as a presidential candidate the cycle just last night the kasich campaign was assuring supporters and soliciting donations by stating that no heart what happened in indiana the plans hadn't changed he would move on to california. kasich hadn't been playing in indiana. team team pulled resource as
11:20 pm
part of agreement with ted cruz. the timing of today's announcement very surprising. not only did kasich today refuse or decline to endorse donald trump, he didn't even mention trump, which is something that some folks thought he might do. he did not do that. i have also spoken this afternoon to a rnc official back in washington, d.c. who said that now there is only one candidate left in the race it's going to be a lot easier for the party to gather resources, gather funds, and concentrate on the general election which as we saw last night is something that hillary clinton cannot do yet. greta? >> of course senator ted cruz, peter, didn't mention donald trump either when he exited or suspended his campaign last night. a lot of wounds out there. anyway, peter, thank you. and how can donald trump silence his foreign policy critics? chair of his national security advisory committee strong and early supporter senator jeff sessions is next. also, brand new clues in the death of a music icon,
11:21 pm
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trump's national security advisor jeff sessions goes "on the record." nice to see, sir. you were an early and strong supporter of donald trump. >> right. it's been a good day, yesterday. a very good day. >> indeed, i bet you feel that way. all right. first before we get to foreign policy, donald trump is going to have to pick a vice presidential nominee at some point. do you want to throw out a name or two? >> i won't throw out a name but he needs to get the best person he can one that can govern this country if called upon and one that can help him win the election. >> is -- turn to foreign policy. it's really early. is there some way to describe the donald trump foreign policy doctrine? >> i think so. first, he is saying we need to put the national interest first. we have got to evaluate any potential military action in terms of does it impact the interest of the american people. we simply can't afford to be drawn in to action after action where we don't have a
11:26 pm
direct interest. i think he believes in realism, thinking threw these situations. is he dubious about excessive military involvement. but i is going to lead. carefulcontinue to be a about excessive involvement. >> how does that differ from a hillary clinton foreign policy doctrine and president obama foreign policy doctrine? >> can you just say a lot of things have just been disastrous. if the clinton-obama policy, she was secretary of state for president obama. and he is -- he sets these -- he chose her and she is his top advisor. >> what is his -- how does his policy differ from trump? >> then a collosal series of errors. maybe the big estherer of the 21st century was withdrawal completely of all troops out of iraq. if we just left a few thousand, iraq wouldn't have fallen. now we are trying to retake no as you will and al anbar province. that was colossal error and she was, of course, part of
11:27 pm
that leadership then this libya no national interest in libya. secretary gates opposed that they voted 8 to 4 not to take action in libya, but hillary and barack obama decide to do do. so and now we have chaos in libya. isil involved there, too. this is a series of errors where we don't stand with our friends like in egypt. we turn against them. and we ended up with chaos as a result. >> all right. let me zero in on one issue. former fbi agent bob levenson we had his son on the other night. he got picked up in iran in 2007. the deal was struck with iran and he didn't come home as part of the deal. what would you advise donald trump to do if anything about bob lovenson if he is alive. >> he has got though make that part of the negotiating relationship with iran. iran is a nation that shoves us hard. they are relentless, tough
11:28 pm
negotiators. trump has said time and again you need to know how to walk away from a negotiation when it's going nowhere. the problem with the obama administration was they got so committed years went by and they were afraid to walk away. event actually and ended up with a bad deal. >> senator, thank you. nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> and the 2016 race getting down and dirty as it heads to coal country. "on the record" hits the coal mine next.
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secretary of state hillary clinton sparking a coal controversy in west virginia. under fire from coal miners after comments she made back in march. now with the west virginia primary less than one week away she is scrambling to do damage control. griff jenkins is in coal country to explain the dust-up. >> coal country indeed, greta, here it's a way of life. five years ago more than 300 operating mines in west virginia. today less than 70. under this administration 10,000 jobs lost. when secretary clinton made the comment she would, quote, be putting coal operators and coal miners out of a job you can imagine it didn't sit well. she did little on monday to reassure them she had best interest at heart. we spoke to the west virginia coal association. take a look. >> >> you know it seems so hypothetical critical where she has been part of the cabinet. this obama administration has done everything he could as he had promise to do put
11:33 pm
the coal business out of business. it's had a tremendous economic impact here in west virginia. where were they for the last seven years to step up and say now wait a minute, wait a minute, let's take a more reasonable approach to this thing. >> and the situation in west virginia is grim. the coal industry is facing an historic rout, some of the biggest companies going bankrupt. in the industry, losing a whopping 94% of its market value, in just five years. tough times for the industry and its miners. >> do you believe in if hillary clinton is to become the nominee and win the presidency that this will continue? >> she said and she did not make it a secret that she is going to continue with the policies of the last seven and a half years and expand upon them. there is no other way to perceive that pure and simple. we are doomed. >> i feel like she is basically just stabbing us in the back. how you can say that you're going to put us all out of
11:34 pm
work, coal companies bankrupt the coal companies and come here and lie to our face the way she did. i have nothing for her and, as a matter of fact, i agree with our mayor, she can just stay out, both clintons can stay out of our state. >> those miners tell me what they worry most about is whether they will lose their job on that day. from coal country, that's what we all got. greta? >> coal donald trump slamming secretary clinton for her comments. >> we're not going to be hillary clinton and i watched her three or four weeks ago when she was talking about the miners as if they were just numbers. and she was talking about she wants the mines closed and she will never let them work again. let me tell you, the miners in west virginia and pennsylvania, which was so great to me last week and ohio and all over, they're going to start to work again. >> but it's not just republicans. even democrats are lashing
11:35 pm
out. remember the west virginia house of delegate democrat phillips goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. how you doing? >> good. so apparently the coal miners are angry at secretary clinton. is that right? >> greta, the clintons have no idea how mad southern west virginia people and the coal miners are. it's extremely hurt down here big time. >> now, ruppy, and i was told to call you ruppy not by your formal name. let me ask you this. i went back and looked at the comment everybody was so angry about. secretary clinton in march said we are going to put a lot of coal companies and coal miners out of business and i don't hear this very often and we are going to make it clear that we don't want to forget these people. so i did a little more research and i found out that last november she suggested a 30 billion-dollar aid program to coal miners to retrain
11:36 pm
out-of-work coal miners and to do all sorts of things to help the coal miner workers. are they aware of that 30 billion-dollar proposal? >> well, greta, first of all, back on her comments on putting coal companies and coal miners out of jobs, you know, obama campaigned on if you want to lose money, invest in coal he will bankrupt the coal industry. if he can't legislate us he will regulate us out of business. he has done pretty good on his promise there. as far as the $30 billion, we are not looking for handouts. we want to work. we love to mine coal. we are good at mining coal. virginians have been well known to mining coal. >> i don't look at it as a hand out. i look at it more of let's row training people and giving them greater opportunity. i don't look at it that way. and i know that everybody is mad at her: go ahead. >> >> right, if we get retrained in our coal miners
11:37 pm
and shops that support coal miners get all this retraining, what are we going to do with it? we have no jobs here. they live in houses here. and if they move off they will have to have a place wherever they move to to live. who is going to buy their house here? they are stuck with big bills. nobody can afford two house payments and two sets of utilities and two sets of taxes and insurance. it's impossible to do that. >> i totally agree. >> we want to live here. >> it's a terrible situation i know everybody wants to live there i always thought this might be an opening to have a good discussion about it because everyone is now sort of taking sides on this and instead of trying to figure out is there something we could do to make it work right for the coal miners? >> well, greta, all we want to do is mine coal. you know, there has been over 410 coal fired power plants shut down in this country. that's sad. the power grid would not be
11:38 pm
able to sustain a big strain on a hot summer or cold winter. and i think we're going to see that if we have a hot summer. >> i should add that the community you are in has had generations and generations and generations of coal miners and we're teachly indebt to do all the sacrifices they have made. ruppy, i'm sure we'll be talking about this again. i don't think this one is going away. i certainly appreciate you joining us tonight. >> thank you very much, greta. come down and visit us any time. we would love to have you. >> i will. i actually would love to come. thank you, sir. and rock star prince was in deep trouble in the days leading up to his death. an intervention was being planned. brand new clues about prince's death from tmz harvey levin next. why do some cash back cards keep throwing obstacles at you? first - they limit where you earn bonus cash back. then - those places change every few months?
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brand new information on what happen may have killed music icon prince. he tried to get intervention days before he dead. tmz executive producer harvey levin goes "on the record." harvicky, what's the latest? >> well, greta, the latest is i can tell you that drugs are now front and center in this death investigation. >> the d.e.a. is now involved. we're told they are looking at doctors, pharmacies and i use that in the plural sense because they believe that they need to go beyond one doctor who happens to be a family friend. this is feeling more and more like michael jackson where there were multiples and doctors and pharmacies and even names d.e.a. is trying to find it today a lawyer stepped forward for a recovery center. there is a doctor by the name of howard cornfield who run as center in moren county. the lawyer says the day before prince died prince's people called and said this singer is going to die.
11:44 pm
is he going to die of a drug overdose. we need you now. dr. cornfield said i can't come tomorrow. can i come the next day but i'm going to send my son. and the son is the one who called 911. and when the police came, they found synthetic opiates in the son's backpack that he had with him and the son is not a doctor. we are told that they are looking at that there is a possible criminal case there. but the lawyer is saying since the son called 911, the good samaritan law should apply. he should not be prosecuted for these drugs that he had in his backpack and that is an issue that priewrlts are going to have to look at. >> harvey, did this all start not with recreational drugs, let's have fun and abuse drugs or did this start with a situation where he had pain, legitimate pain injury and he got addicted -- these are highly addictive drugs. >> it's hard to answer that just with opiates, greta. i will tell you why. in terms of percocet, yes.
11:45 pm
it had to do with bad hip problems that ultimately resulted in surgery in 2010. and prince was taking percocet for that and ended up getting addict to do it this almost killed him six days before he died, you remember, with that overdose that caused the plane to make an emergency landing. but, we are told by family members, various people that prince was -- prince had used cocaine in the 1980s. that there were things that were kind of on and off over the years. in terms of the opiates, this really kind of blossomed in a bad way during the problems that he was having with his hips. >> harvey, thank you. of course tmz always seems to get it first. thank you, harvey. >> okay, greta. >> and this is bizarre, was there foul play in the disappearance of two florida teens in the father of one of the teens is standing by to go "on the record."
11:46 pm
11:47 pm
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take a look at this. stunning new surveillance video of the very moment two-year-old boys austin certify stephanos disappeared off the coast of florida. >> it can be very fierce at times. >> do you want to work up toward jacksonville. >> took you to south florida and on board in the desperate search in the ocean to find the boys. >> i really don't have a ton of answers. i just have a lot of questions at this time. >> today, those boys still nowhere to be found. >> we have covered an area just shy of 50,000 square nautical miles. >> in march norwegian
11:51 pm
freight discovering the boy's fishing boat off the coast of bermuda. this picture showing wreckage warn down hull switches and possible clue austan's iphone. >> what do the family of these two boys think is on that i phone. father and lawyer goes "on the record." lou, i never know what to say to a parent of a child who is missing or is something else has happened. so, you know, excuse my awkwardness on it blue, the iphone, what do you think can be on that iphone and has that been sent to apple to try to determine what's on it? >> >> yeah. greta. you know, that was something that popped up. that was honestly a big surprise and looked at as a miracle to find austin's iphone on this boat from all that time. even though it's been submerged under water the whole time.
11:52 pm
you know, with no case on it or anything like that. i do hope to find something on it i hope to get pictures of him that he took of his friends and things like that if there is evidence of anything, i would like to know that too. i have no answers at this time. >> michael, the lawyer for the other missing young man, the family said that it looks like or appears that the that the boat was disabled intentionally. do you have any information to back that up or do you support the fact because suspicion of foul play. do you believe that boat was disabled intentionally? >> there is no evidence whatsoever that the boat was disabled intentionally. no evidence whatsoever of foul play. in fact, greta, all open investigations on this matter have been closed. >> blu, you have sent the phone off to apple.
11:53 pm
they have received it already? >> yes they have greta. i guess that's where this all stemmed from this discrepancy about this phone and what happens. and "on the record" obviously i would like to tell you, i mean, if nig anyone out there has a 14-year-old child and especially one that's possibly not coming back and never going to see again, would they want to hand that phone over for it to be kept in public record? i wouldn't think so. >> there is a little bit of a fight over this phone; is that right? because the other family went to court and the judge is the one who ordered it sent to apple? >> not exactly, greta. what happened was is the other family, the cohen family did want the phone. they wanted the phone to be kept somewhere here in florida by a third party company to be forensically annualized. we are argued that the phone should go to apple because
11:54 pm
mr. stephanos wanted the phone to go to the manufacturer. rightfully so. we offered that to the other side and stipulated it would go to apple and it's in apple's hands now. >> blu, i hope that you can recover some pictures of your son there. i wish that this story had a different type of ending as well and, you know, i do appreciate you joining us. and michael, you as well. thank you both. >> thank you. >> thank you, greta. >> and coming up, i'm going to tell you what is disgraceful and believe it or not, it's the a.p. i will
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
let's all go off-the-record. one of our heroes, a navy seal, charles keating the fourth was killed yesterday in iraq. now, it happened during a battle with isis. he was only 31. yet, already highly accomplished and extremely courageous. keating died for our nation for all of us. and what does the associated press do? the unthinkable. now, ordinarily, i think the a.p. is the gold standard,
11:59 pm
just the facts. none of that snarky stuff, but this a.p. headline is indecent swipe. navy seal killed in iraq was close to disgraced grandfather. his grandfather was charles keating jr. who went to prison in the savings and loan scandal in the 1980s, true. did the a.p. have to put that in the headline disgraced? that this slain navy seal was close to his disgraced grandfather? sure it's news. where is the good judgment? good manners? put that ugly family history in the body of the article not in the headline of a killed hero. slurs him and his family. i bet he was close to his grandfather. we all love our family. that's not why the a.p. wrote that headline. they did it to create buzz, be is that correcty. that's why people hate the media bad manners, bad judgment. so let me show good manners and thank navy seal charles keating the fourth and his family for this ultimate sacrifice. no snarky headlines here. just immense gratitude. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight.
12:00 am
that's all for us tonight. up next, donald trump the royale factor. good night from washington, d.c. go to two fun places to be after "on the welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy at the "red eye" deck and see what stories we will pea discussing. >> combing up on the big show, donald trump secure the gop nomination after last night's primary win. i guess indiana was the last cruzade. and they want all incoming freshmen to be justice warriors. it is the story fox news was born to cover. and friday "friday night lights" star drops by to talk about his new tv show. i can't wait for tom to find t


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