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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 5, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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-- weather and science education, so they asked me to throw out the first pitch. take a look at how it went. >> fire away! [ laughter ] >> there you are. >> round of applause for maria. >> amazing. very good. bill: a federal judge says he may order the democratic frontrunner to testify. martha: this is a bombshell. the claim comes as hillary clinton was hoping she could turn the attention to the general election. the hacker known as guccifer
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with no problem at all. >> was the access to the clinton server easy or hard. >> for me it was easy. martha: catherine herridge live in d.c. what more can you tell us. reporter: after fox news released this story. nbc released the transcript of their interest view.
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we met with him and did a series of followup phone calls where he gave us permission to record them. after researching his target lazar said he correctly answered the blumenthal security question. >> how many times did you access the clinton server? >> i would say twice. for me it was not of interest at that time. it was not like ... reporter: the hacker claims there were others on the clinton
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server, up to 10 and they were foreign-based according to the coding. cyber security experts said the hacker's claims are plausible but it may be hard three years after the fact to get the story. >> a lot of people in this community make up stories. it's hard to know until you get into the forensics information and get hard facts. unless there is another witness or someone who can verify the story. he got into it with a basic set of tools and a basic understanding of what it took to get there. somebody who is well armed, well funded and well trained also targeting the same thing.
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reporter: the plea agreement where lazar cooperates and it would be advantageous for him given his circumstances. bill: meanwhile you have that and new details on the possibility hillary clinton could be forced to a legal advocacy group will interview staffers. on the witness list cheryl mills and huma abedin and bryan pagliano. based on what he said in those interviews, the district court judge saying a sworn deposition from secretary clinton may be necessary. no word on whether she would
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oppose an order to testify. we'll see how it develops. many people have come on the air and suggested the f.b.i. is looking at more than just server, but the entire clinton foundation. we don't know that, everything is private, but it's possible. martha: we'll see where that goes. bill: donald trump is the last man standing. the presumptive nominee turning his attention to the potential running-mate. >> you consider ted cruz in your administration? would you consider him for that? >> he's a capable guy. we would think about that, but it's too soon to talk about that. bill: have you talked to him?
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>> no, i have not. bill: have you talked to kasich? >> no, i have not. bill: you have got to win florida, would you consider rubio as the vp? >> i haven't made up my mind. i would certainly consider him. bill: would the campaign slogan be vote for big don and little marco? >> no, i think it would be vote to make america great again. maybe we'll go that way. that was last night. trump has done an extended interview on cnbc. reflect on what you heard about a vp pick. >> i think the most important thing trump said is it's only been a little while. it has been 36 hours since ted cruz dropped out of the race. trump has two things. he has two real problems to
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consider. he's not ready organizationally to run a general election campaign. he thought he was going to have to fight through june 7 to win the republican nomination. since it has been hours since he won, a lot of republicans bitterly opposed him. they need time to get used to the new reality. bill: he was asked -- he's getting some republican support and others are suggesting no, they won't do it. he was asked about, he said, i have won without their support. then he was asked if he would tack to the right, his answer was simple, no. >> he said yes, i would love to have a united unified republican party, but i, donald trump won this race and maybe unity is overrated. he made it clear he's going to do it his way.
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there are things he can do in the coming weeks to help unify republicans. he can concentrate on areas where he agrees with republicans of all stripes. newt gingrich suggested he give a speech on judges that would make republicans very happy if they were his judicious jew o -s judicial nominations. hillary clinton hillary clinton had already. she sent $4 million on research and polling. he has spent $270 thousand.
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>> the trump campaign relied on public polling. he said there are so many of them, why can't i use those. he doesn't want his campaign to get as big as hillary clinton's he wants to run a small are campaign, but he's way behind in every area of organization. hoihillary clinton has thought f herself as the presumptive nominee for a long time and wants to run a national campaign. but in every area trump is way behind and he's got to catch up. bill: analysis out of washington. martha: bill o'reilly will be with us on america's newsroom to talk about the interesting sit-down he had with donald trump. bill: former republican presidents will not endorse the
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presumptive nominee. a spokesman saying since his son jeb is no longer in the race, it's none of his business. and jeb says he doesn't plan to comment on this race. every republican in office is getting this question as of today. martha: that's a big pronouncement from both of the former presidents. perhaps he will reach out to him and decide it doesn't matter based on what he said about some parts of the party. donald trump shifting gears to the general election. we have been talking about this and we'll much more. what will his next move be? very important. bill: karl rove says he should tone it down. >> i think it's a risk. i think he's a loose cannon, and
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loose cannons tend to misfire. martha: is this day one of the general election matchup? and what will the next six months look like? bill: the entire town, 100,000 people, in the path of a wildfire that's not burning down. >> my home is completely gone. no lives lost which is what we have to concentrate on right now.
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martha: a state of emergency is declared in alberta, canada northeast of edmonton. authorities went door to door to get them out of harm's way. the flames have gutted 1,600 structuressen it's moving so fast they do believe it will wipe out this entire town. >> i don't think we can take a risk on a loose cannon like donald trump running this country. for him to say it's okay for other countries to get nuclear what he phones, that's a risk. on some ideas he's bobbed and
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weaved, but he's a loose can noon and they tend to misfire. bill: crooked hillary and loose can noon. >> that's what got him to the nomination for the presidency. loose cannon in the fact he's not a traditional politician. his whole brand even before he became political has been flamboyant, calling it like it is, shooting from the hip, and that has set him aside from the 1 other opponents he was able to way out in this race. going into the presidential race, he's not going to change his style. mrs. clinton is trying to say do you want a loose cannon as president. bill: your defend anything is
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different from hers. is yours? >> the republican electorate was angry with washington and their own leaders. a loose cannon like trump is exactly what the party needed and wanted and indeed i would suggest that it gives him opportunities as we'll discuss in a second that go beyond other potential. >> more from trump with bill o'reilly when he was talking from the tone from this point forward. >> if she wants to go the low road, i'm fine with that. if she wants to go the high road, i'm fine with that. i can handle the low road if i have to do it. we had low roads the last few months. bill: i think the question there
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is, is the battle on personality or policy? >> the battle will probably be on both. what other presidential candidate will say yes, low road is great, i'm willing to take it. this is what has mrs. clinton terrified. that's why she gave that interview where she said he's a loose cannon. she and her team are worried about running against an unknown quantity like donald trump. he's not a traditional conservative, he's not a traditional politician. he will say anything and get away with it. he has gone over the clintons and it worked for him. donald trump is completely fearless. he doesn't play by the political rule book and she is terrified because she doesn't know how to handle it. >> bill, you reported before
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that she spent $4 million on research. that's what i do for a living. i don't have a sense that she figured out with all that money spent how to approach and how to handle donald trump. but monica is right. low road, high road. bill: monica i saying she is terrified. if you spent $4 million on how to deal with a problem and you don't have an answer, that lead to terror and ineptness. bill: romney electoral landslide loses to barack obama. where does donald trump pick up. >> can mrs. clinton reconstitute the coalition that won in 2008 and 2012. with that coalition will it lead to obama or can she cobble it
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back together. because donald trump is such a unique personality, he can put state into play. state that are questionable, but i think donald trump can turn it into a real race and she'll have to spend money in those states where she probably didn't think she would have to. >> she has to defend florida and ohio fir. if she can't win florida and ohio, very competitive. donald trump will compete in michigan, pennsylvania, missouri, wisconsin. he's expanding the map and he has the potential to bring new voters in. bill: "washington times." why women are not into the
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presidential race. martha: good stuff. this story as well. a navy seal's heroic final moments. dramatic video from the isis attack that killed charles keating earlier this week. bill: why you may have to pay more for health insurance. why premiums might spike despite the president's promise they would not. >> now is the time to finally keep the promise for affordable healthcare forker single american. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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these are difficult times for elderly holocaust survivors
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martha: yo you may have to dig p
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tore pay your healthcare insurance premiums. major insurance companies say they are struggling and cannot cover the cost of the affordable care act, and they are proposing cost increases in 2016. the president said in his own word that i would keep your doctor under this plan and for most family their costs would go down by $2,500 a year. that's not true. >> not even close. premiums have gone way up. what we are learning is oregon is one of the first 8 to put out their costs for 2017, and they are telling the state board how much they are going to have to increase rate. prove den health plan is saying she need 29.6%.
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mo -- a, oregon, 32%. costs have not stabilized. we can't charge more for people with risky histories. >> relationship nally there was a deal if they had to pay too much more, now they have got their pocket turned inside out and saying forget it. they either raise prices on everybody out there in the audience. united harris faulkneunite d un. anybody out there knows you can't find a doctor who will accept it. none of the doctors in their
6:27 am
area will accept medicare, medicaid. they are forced to drive long distances to find a doctor who will accept this. there was going to be these magical savings across the board that made the math work out. if you took the most basic math you know this was exactly what was going to happen. everybody will get their hikes in november when it's time to vote. that's when everybody is going to learn what your plan will cost next year and i predict it will impact the election. martha: it doesn't hurt the rich, the poor have better coverage because this plan perhaps. i have had conversations with people who said i never had coverage before. but the middle class, the whole group down the middle. they are the ones who get hurt
6:28 am
the worst. >> they are paying more and the doctors they have traditionally gone to won't see them. there are people on the low end who are grateful to have insurance. and the rich, they are submitting their bills, and it's costing them more. but they are rich. martha: it is going to cost everybody a little bit more in the country. it would have been a different sales job on this program, but at least it would have been straightforward. melissa: these are values as americans, vote yes or vote no, but that's not how they presented it. bill: we have a fox news alert.
6:29 am
futures pointing to a higher opening on wall street. stand by. martha: we have more information on this today. the brutal firefight that was caught on video that led to the death of a u.s. navy seal. how the pentagon report on what happened macon extra detective white house messaging on what we are doing on the war on terror right now.
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visit to learn more. bill: a fox news alert on a story changing by the week. an intense firefight with isis fighters claimed the life of navy seal charles keating. here is part of that.
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this went on for a considerable time. the video was shot on a cell phone between u.s. special forces and kurdish commanders. the footage was obtained by "the guardian." it lasted half a day and shows how engaged u.s. forces are. the white house inists they don't have a combat role, but this footage would suggest they do. so keep an eye on this story. martha: donald trump put the primary season behind him as he pivots towards the general election. karl rove writes in the "wall street journal," trump should tone it down. saying voters will tire of the
6:34 am
donald. reading more speeches from a teleprompter, particularly on the economy will help. karl rove joins me now. former deputy chief of staff to george w. bush. people will say, let trump be trump. do not tether this man to a teleprompter and tell him he does not need to be himself. we have seen that road before when john mccain become less mavericky and it didn't work. >> his favorables are 28% among all voters. a 69% unfavorable among women. 58% very negative. martha: he's not too far behind women. he's got a 37% difference between his favorables and unfavorables, she has got a 16.
6:35 am
one thing about the teleprompter speech on foreign policy that nobody talks about is people who were there tell me in the hours leading into it. he was putting himself into the speech. he needs to force himself to literally say what is it i want to say to the american people and go through the process of putting on a teleprompter speech and we'll see him scripted by himself rather than unscripted by himself. martha: love him or hate him, his instincts have been very good on how to win the gop. >> winning the gop nomination means 10% of eligible voters voted. he's wins less than 5 out of every 10 republicans. he's got to worry about the 81% of the people who didn't vote in the primaries and get them.
6:36 am
martha: you do get the feeling that they have such a head of steam, they are feeling so great about what they accomplished, and they should. but the general election is a whole different story, and if they want to win, they need to ramp up for that. here is last night with bill o'reilly. donald trump was asked what would you do if our guys are on an aircraft carrier and this happens. what are you going to do, and here is what he says. >> i would be very strong and say do not do that. that's provocation, that's something you are not supposed to be doing. bill: you would have to shoot one of those planes down. >> this is something i wouldn't want to do. >> i think it was a bad answer. he should have said we'll make
6:37 am
them pay a price for that. this is in violation of our agreement so we'll find a way to send a strong message to them. if they keep that up there will be consequences for their acts. it may not be a public escapade but we'll make certain if they pull those kind of stunts that we deny something they want. call up putin and keep telling him you keep doing that funny buddy stuff you will pay a price. which allow your people to do that kind of stuff you will pay a price. we have lots of tools at our disposal. put a couple his pals on a list saying they can't travel to the united states. make it clear we are doing that because you violated your agreements. martha: i was looking at another piece in the "wall street journal." they are trying to wrestle with this because they have been
6:38 am
anti-trump. so now a piece called the trump reality. one of the lines in it, they believe democrats hope to use mr. trump as a battering ram to take back congress and destroy reform. that may be very true. that may be what they hope to do. they hope they will damage the down ballot races. but this line about destroying reform, i think people look at what happened the past four years, and they say where is the reform. it didn't happen. and they are sorely disappointed. >> the republicans developed a comprehensive proposals to repeal and replace obamacare with something better. they have worked the last 8-10 years to reform and save medicare before it goes bankrupt as it will in 2032.
6:39 am
they have developed plans -- martha: even under republican presidents we haven't seen tax reform. >> we had two waves of tax reform under president bush. we took 9 million people off the lower rates. what we have seen under obama is just the opposite. you go to the chairman of the house ways and means committee, and he has a sensible approach to reform the tax code. and the republicans in the house and senate have embraced -- took them a while. i was there when we were trying to fight for modernizing social security. a lot of the credit has to go to paul ryan long before he became speaker of the house. that's what the "wall street journal" editorial board is concerned about.
6:40 am
martha: one last quick thing. you want to see him announce cabinet picks and scotus. >> he said he will do scotus. i say do it. i'm not saying name your cabinet. but indicate the people you might want to draw into the cabinet. you can't say this guy is going to be that. that gets you too close to the line on the law. but you can say these are the kinds of people i want to serve in my administration. my point is don't do what you did with carl icon. he said he didn't talk to me by the and i would never serve. bill: some of these answers may come later tonight. check out "special report." mike huckabee reporting for duty. he says does mike huckabee have visions
6:41 am
of being on the trump ticket? he's on deck to answer that next. martha: a massive manhunt for an escaped prisoner as police say they don't want to leave anything to chance. >> we'll have a lot of residents calling about every person they see walking down the road.
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to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. martha: a manhunt is under way for an escaped prisoner. authorities are looking for arthur buckle. security video shows buckle walking into the store. the mayor of the town has a message for the fugitives. >> you are going to be apprehended. my suggestion to you is surrender to law enforcement. surrender immediately and make it easy for everybody, including yourself.
6:45 am
>> he was serving time for assault. he was due to be released on parole in just 18 days. bill: mike huckabee is making no bones about it, he's supporting donald trump. he writes every prediction about this year's race was wrong. those of us who brought years of experience to the race found voters were not interested. they blamed everyone from washington for the mess and even blamed those of us who had never worked in d.c. we have a lot to go through. it's no surprise you are supporting donald trump after our debate in des moines, iowa you went to a veterans event with mr. trump. do you want to be his vice president?
6:46 am
>> i don't have any interest in anything unless he were to say he was interested. he never said anything about it. i'm moving on with my life. part of my life is going to be to try to make sure hillary clinton isn't the next president. one of the things i said i probably knew her better than anybody on that stage. and i'll dough everything can to make sure donald trump is the next president of the united states and not hillary. the nor from nebraska says no way. president bush 43 and president bush 41 say they will sit this one out. how do you come to grips with republicans who have a real hard time supporting mr. trump? >> i'm disappointed. a little outraged over it, bill. when we nominated various people over the past several election cycles to be president, there
6:47 am
were many of us who had heartburn. but we suggested -- we sucked it up and went out there and vigorously support our nominee. if they are not going to support the people the republicans nominated. they need to get out of the republican party and admit they are not republican or be honest and say i only want it when i get it my way. this isn't burger king, this is an election. you don't get it all the time just the way you want it. i have been out campaigning for people i didn't agree with 100%. but you are either on the team or you are not on the team. bill: that's a direct message to two former presidents. >> that's fine. i supported both:those presidents even though i had some misgivings about them.
6:48 am
bill: they would argue the contusions of the campaign run deep in their family and a lot of the back and forth was personal. i know that happens in politic. but they would argue trump is not a conservative. >> i would argue that hillary clinton is not a conservative, and anything that doesn't help trump helps hillary. i just don't think they want to go there. i understand because of some of the personal things that they may want to be less than supportive and they could say i will support the republican nominee and that means i won't say anything bad and i'll day out of it. that i get. but i think it's problematic if they indicate they won't even vote for the person the party nominates. that's a problem. bill: on the money front she has $300 million.
6:49 am
donald trump said he will not self fund hisien elect campaign. does he have to catch her on the money front? or do you see hip as being a different kind of candidate who does not need the traditional money flow? >> he's already proven he doesn't need anything that's traditional. this guy has defied political gravity from day one. i think that's one of the reasons he's perplexed the consultant class. with all due respect to karl rove. you guys have been wrong he step of the way. why would donald trump start listening to the very consultant whose advice would never have allowed him to be the frontrunner. donald trump has a masterful gift of getting media attention he doesn't have to pay for. if the rest of us had been so killful we might still be on the
6:50 am
stable. i think donald trump is x to follow his own heart and conscience and follow his inchicago nations because they have been right so far much to the chagrin of everybody who seemingly knows a lot about it. bill: much more to come. mike huckabee in little rock, arkansas. martha: brace yourself for the big one. a leading scientist says california is overdue for a main quake. how big are they talking here when we come back. they brought this on themselves.
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6:54 am
quarterback johnny manziel set to appear before a judge for hitting and kicking and threatening to kill a former girlfriend. the first-round draft pick could get up to a year in jail. martha: california's next big quake is coming, folks, you have been hearing it for several years. a leading scientist says the san andreas fault is primed for action. jonathon hunt live in los angeles for us. jonathon what are they seeing in this fault at this point? >> some stark warning. we haven't had a big one as the earthquake scientists define a big one. but there has been a lot of earthquake activity around the globe. you will remember the terrible picture we have seen from ecuador.
6:55 am
they are saying the san andreas fault overdue. it's that on section near los angeles that they are concerned about. you see san bernardino and riverside marked there. suburbs of l.a. they say that second looks ready to go. the quote was this. the springs on the san andreas system have been wound very, very tight and the southern andreas fault in particular looks like it's locked, load and ready to go. frightening word. he pert we have been hearing from has been saying the same thing. one thing they can't agree on is exactly when it's coming. martha: how bad do they think this could be. can anything be done to mitigate
6:56 am
the damage? >> fir of all, on the preparations they say we should be prepared for an 8 magnitude quake. obviously that's huge. they put out a simulation of what the shaking might look like in the l.a. area. in 2008 the u.s. gee lodg -- geological survey said it could cause 1,800 deaths, 50,000 injuries and $200 billion in damage to the southern california area. so this is a main problem. but for a long time a lot of building in l.a. have been retrofitted. so they have done everything they can. but if the big one comes, it will be bad.
6:57 am
bill: donald trump thinking about this v.p. pick. ..
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> new video of the isis raid that killed a u.s. navy seal in iraq shows how intense and long this battle was. it was one of the fiercest battle in the region in some time. cell phone footage exposed us troops acting as advisers are becoming more heavily involved in dangerous combat situations and that raises new questions as well. welcome to a brand-new hour of america's newsroom. >> that battle lasted two hours, killed in action, charles keaton
7:01 am
iv tried to save americans been down by gunfire. us commanders say that fight was one of the largest they have seen in months. martha: jennifer griffin joins us from the pentagon this morning. how did us forces find themselves in that direct combat position? >> reporter: those seals were involved in a ground fight on the ground, supposed to be in and advise and assist mission, the team of 11 navy seals left for the christian village two miles from the front line, assessed the situation during the pre-mission brief, at 7 am, 10 to 15 isis fighters broke through a checkpoint and sprinted toward the village, arriving after that in waves. us drones were watching, the seals decided to stay and fight
7:02 am
with their partners rather than pull back to safety and call in air strikes. they called in a quick reaction force, navy seal charles keating was part of that. >> he was killed, this was a gunfight. a dynamic gunfight. he got hit in the course of this gunbattle. there were bullets everywhere. martha: us forces killed more than 50 fighters i'm told by sources who were involved in the battle. isis did not take the christian village. martha: what was significant? despite the fact that it was a christian village was there more strategic means at work? >> reporter: in terms of isis ames, they chose that village i am told because it was a soft target and they had lost a big battle along the syrian border at a strategic crossing point.
7:03 am
the attack was designed to diapered attention from that loss. the military brought in b-52s like this one, they stacked 11 warplanes and drones above that village, f-15s and f-16 jet fighters along with the b-52s destroyed 20 isis vehicles. the black hawk helicopter that came into medevac charles keating was hit by gunfire on the way in, medics couldn't save keating but the other seals made it back to safety. martha: a hero in action. thank you very much. bill: a formal rival could become donald trump's running late, he is talking about john kasich. >> i would consider it, somebody i have gotten along with during the debates, during intermission always seem to be talking, we will see what happens. i have a good relationship with
7:04 am
him. bill: back on the trail, a 40% chance that he would pick someone he competed against in the primary. >> a very deliberative process, small group of people will go through what is always a lengthy vetting process and it is early. trump knows there is an awful lot of republicans out there not thrilled with his being the nominee. it will take a while to digest it. so at the same time he recognizes, a strong vice presidential pick might help them come to grips with this. he has suggested naming potential cabinet members before the convention as well as a running mate. it is a good move for trump, former rivals have already gotten into the dialogue.
7:05 am
bill: what about names? is the campaign free to share that with you? >> he wants to put out names, market tested at a couple speeches and see what people's reactions are. one former rival is ben carson who dropped out and endorsed trump quite early. they are starting as all candidates do with a long list to see who can meet the criteria. first off former rivals, some of them have been mentioned, john kasich, marco rubio, chris christie is looking for some opportunity and trump has spoken favorably about scott walker as well. and sitting on someone who can get legislation in washington and get bills passed, that is where you get to senators and governors, scott of florida, an important state and three women running against hillary clinton assuming she wins the democratic
7:06 am
nomination. there are folks from the senate including jeff sessions, the immigration plan, joni ernst and tim scott both freshman but dynamic figures and newcomers, part of the tea party, and formers, newt gingrich, former senator scott brown in new hampshire and massachusetts, sarah palin to endorsed donald trump and came out on the campaign trail and general james maddox and a bunch of folks with a lot of muscle. at least on the consideration process. bill: thanks. more later on that. martha: it is arguably day one of hillary clinton versus donald trump and the clinton campaign wasting no time, they have released a rather gritty new anti-trump web ad that lets some of the people we just talked about do the talking.
7:07 am
>> the man is utterly a more on. >> a sign of deep insecurity and bullying, the greed, the showing off. >> not really rich, misogyny, third-grade theatrics. >> that is what the trump campaign can expect. kaitlyn hugh e burns is a reporter for real clear politics. this ad goes on and on. >> this is the beginning of what we will see over the next six month. what was effective about this ad is using the republicans own words to describe the person who will be the standardbearer of the party. the clinton campaign has been studying this republican primary so far, learning from lessons learned by people like jeb bush and marco rubio and ted cruz, who were taken down by trump, off their brand, trump was able
7:08 am
to undercut their message and survive, proved to be a wiley competitor and the clinton campaign knows that whatever moves he makes they have to prepare for that. martha: whatever moves she decides to make, he famously said i punch back 10 times harder and there is no doubt he will withhold against hillary clinton. he asked how far he is willing to go to watch this. >> see what they do with me. if they are fair i will be fair, i run a high-level campaign. fair with me, i will be fair with them. martha: how do you think that will go? >> this is just another example. he will go farther than republicans have in the past. hillary clinton throughout the primary campaign made an issue of i have been in public life for a long time, i know what to
7:09 am
expect. the game changes with donald trump. he is willing to go to areas that even republican competitors are not necessarily wanting to go, she has to prepare for that and also figures to put perhaps a couple different states in play, places like michigan or pennsylvania that have been democratic strongholds in this presidential election, he might be able to put those in play. that changes or game plan from an electoral standpoint. martha: it is a tough issue, women, they don't have great numbers with women. unfavorable view of candidates among women donald trump 66% unfavorable, hillary clinton a pretty high number for a women, 48%, 20 points apart. when i looked at the ad we just showed, a bunch of other ads come up from senate races and other races that are more brutal, using donald trump's own words from the past. they better be ready to see this stuff thrown at them once again.
7:10 am
>> it is a huge deficit and historically that kind of numbers difficult to bounce back from. we have been seeing these ads in places like the arkansas senate race, places that would not necessarily be competitive. republicans have identified women as a group which they would like to expand their base to particularly beyond suburban women who have traditionally gone for them and when hillary clinton or democrats in senate races are able -- various comments trump has made since over the past two decades to their opponents that is difficult for him and trump has been in the public eye for decades but not as a political candidate. we were joking around on howard stern, i was kidding, which he said before, we will see if that is effective and a lot of people suggested karl rove in his editorial this morning, that his
7:11 am
daughters are powerful weapons in terms of working those numbers down with women. martha: thank you very much, good to have you here. bill: will republicans unify after a contentious race? >> we had an amazing day in indiana, a tremendous victory. all the delegates in every county, he really competed hard. i respect ted. bill: a comment about ted cruz, what bill o'reilly could do to bring the party together before the convention. martha: who has got game? can donald trump beat the clinton campaign machine on the ground? a look at some of the numbers and the work the trump campaign would have to do to catch up in the general election. martha: bill: issues for hillary clinton on the server, email, notorious hacker claims he will be into her server with little problem.
7:12 am
>> when somebody -- okay -- you had a server for five years, okay? you show in five years you had security?
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
bill: johnny mandel is now facing a judge. dallas county grand jury indicting yesterday on a domestic violence charge.
7:16 am
a former girlfriend accusing him of kidnapping, hitting and threatening to kill her in january. the judge in the courtroom talking about bomb conditions at the moment. the conditions will be spelled out and we will see what happens later today. wanted to show that to you, johnny football as he is known. martha: ground game is key when it comes to winning a general election and hillary clinton has serious campaign infrastructure that includes grassroots movement and large digital presence. we will show you the numbers in a moment. donald trump has relied mostly on sheer force of his personality, his speeches, will it be enough to propel him to the presidency, a conversation the campaign is having now.
7:17 am
the changes he is making, he claims he can win states that president obama carried in 2012. >> when upstate new york by massive numbers, win in long island by massive numbers, all the sections that are horribly affected by a clinton deal. i will win sections of the city no one else could win. i think new york -- if new york is in play and i won new york i win the election. martha: scott brown is a massachusetts senator and donald trump supporter and he joins us, good to have you here this morning. i want to look at a few numbers in terms of new york because donald trump said many times he believes he can win new york and perhaps he can, a pretty good track record so far. right now this is the way the poll is in new york, clinton 56,
7:18 am
donald trump 30%, let's look at voter registration in new york state. there are 5.7 million democrats and 2.7 million republicans. do you think those are tough numbers? >> of course but the election is not tomorrow. what i am seeing and what you have seen throughout the election is democrats, reagan democrats, disenfranchised democrats and independents coming over to donald trump because they like his message, they may not like how he is delivering it but they like his message and they will give him a second or third look and if you battle against the clintons new york is in play, pennsylvania, ohio, california depending, it is a different election than we have ever seen before. everyone knows that and hillary clinton is a fraud candidate. that neutralizes some. martha: everybody does know like you said this is a campaign like we have not seen in our lifetime
7:19 am
really, and when you take a look at the numbers and look at them the way we are you still looking at them they haven't made sense but let's look at more numbers to try to figure out where the campaign will go from here. tech and data collection trump has spent 1.1 million, research and polling, $270,000, she spent $3.8 million on that, interestingly a number of the 15 are trump properties so that is good vertical integration you might say. they will run a leaner campaign no doubt. what concerns you and those numbers and what doesn't? >> the clintons, the first family of presidential politics between bill clinton and hillary clinton running twice, they have an apparatus, a machine that everybody knows about, old-school way of doing things, donald trump is doing it in a different way using social media, rallies and other efforts
7:20 am
to mobilize a force that i haven't seen since my first election when people came out of the woodwork, the same folks saying we are tired of washington, tired of business as usual and we want to try something new and different. it will talents out and donald is expanding his campaign, hiring people who understand the process. it is critically important in his vice presidential pick and cabinet pick to bring in the other parts of the party to unite the party and you will see a lot of momentum moving forward after the convention. martha: you have watch this campaign closely since the beginning. what do you see changing and what concerns you? what advice would you give them at this point? >> i have seen it go from a shoestring operation to what it is now. i have seen the operation.
7:21 am
it is in full force and effect and continuously growing and adjusting and adapting to the changing times and changing place of now being the nominee. so i am seeing a lot of positive things and the suggestions i do give him and others give him our listen, limit the tweets, be very disciplined, focus on bringing family and surrogates and others in, women especially, to tell their stories. unsolicited, their story about who you are and what you represent as well as other minority groups and other folks with personal relations for decades with him. that will counter a lot of the negativity. i tell you what hillary clinton is going to do, they will try to divide and intimidate, demean, belittle, exaggerate, and he is the only one who signed the front of her paycheck. bill: new details in the benghazi investigation, investigators want to know what
7:22 am
happened to millions of dollars meant to speed up the process and skateboarding in the middle of traffic seems to be getting more popular.
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
>> five years, $5 billion in the benghazi matter. and that money is unaccounted for. the house benghazi committee wants to know where that money went. in 2015 james rosen was on that life in dc. you have exclusive documented connection with this case, what did they tell you? >> these are internal benghazi committee document and they show for at least 14 months trey
7:26 am
gaudi and his republican majority staff have worked behind the scenes with the ranking democrat and house and senate appropriators to secure $5 million in fiscal years 2015-16 to establish a unit that could respond officially to the panel's request for documents relating to libya and benghazi, showed the state department personnel evacuated from yemen who were supposed to staff this unit that was supposed to house three lawyers, case managers for specific document request and an it professional. >> can you show the public that the money that was reprogrammed, the congress set aside for this purpose has been used for this purpose and not other things? >> if they were reprogrammed for that or that funding was provided i am fairly certain it would have been used for the purpose it was set up for. >> the state has provided 95,000 pages of documents to the benghazi committee.
7:27 am
>> four years, not 5. how close are we seeing the final benghazi report, james and do you have any idea what the suggestions will be? >> both fbi director james comey leading the probe into the email server and the benghazi committee which uncovered that server have specified a may/june time frame for the disclosure of their findings. the committee is investigating the terrorist attack in libya that killed our ambassador and three other americans on september 11, 2012. at the time clinton was secretary of state and using a private email server on which she emailed a different account of the episode that she and her obama administration were pressing publicly. we do know the final report is expected to differ sharply from the previous report from the house intelligence committee led by mike rogers which found no evidence of gun rending by the special intelligence agency in benghazi or standdown order issued against the rest of them.
7:28 am
>> the iphone at the center of another legal controversy involving the device's touch system security. can adjudge order you to unlock your iphone? >> and we will talk about whether donald trump can bring republicans together. bill o'reilly asked about a republican dream team cabinet with names like rudy giuliani, chris christie and ben carson. >> would you do it before you went into cleveland so you would have a squad you are coming and with? >> i like the idea of doing some of this before we go into cleveland. i could do that and it would be well received. (politely) wait, wait, wait! you can't put it in like...
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
...that, you have to rinse it first that's baked- on alfredo. baked-on? it's never gonna work. dish issues? cascade platinum... powers... through... your toughest stuck-on food. so let your dishwasher be the dishwasher. see? told you it would work. cascade. bill: with donald trump emerging as the presumptive republican nominee, how can he heal what has become a very fractured republican party? bill o'reilly had a few ideas
7:32 am
last night. >> i believe before you get to cleveland you are going to try to consolidate the republican establishment's support by doing the following. appointing rudy giuliani the homeland security chief, appointing chris christie the attorney general and ben carson in charge of health and human services. i said i think trump is going to do that. would i be wrong? >> i have not made that decision but they would be three very wise choices. they would be popular but more importantly they do a phenomenal job all three of them. i haven't thought about that but i tell you all three would be very good choices in very good positions. bill: author of the best-selling book killing reagan, thanks for doing this. what do you think you learned
7:33 am
last night? >> i can't say what i learned because i am not really studying the trump campaign or the clinton campaign. i am trying to analyze what is likely to happen apart from what they do. it doesn't concern me what they do. i am trying to give the audience an idea of what is likely to happen. trump has to convince establishment republicans that he is not an outlier who was out of his mind. the only way, i mean the only way for him to do that is to line up a cabinet before the convention and say i will come in but these are my guys and the guys have to be acceptable to the republican establishment. it just makes sense that he would do that. that is why i put it out for him and he didn't say no, i am not going to do that.
7:34 am
he hedged his bets because i don't think he has decided, but he might do it. bill: who in the republican party will support him and who will not? ari fleischer sent this, i will vote -- i cannot vote for hillary, and everyone is getting this question including the former presidents, they are saying in a statement they are going to sit this one out. and he won there support. he asked whether he will tack to the right. do you see that evil thing, to the point where donald trump will fly to meet bush xli and bush xliii or is he truly a
7:35 am
different political character. >> i will be shocked if he went for texas and tried to woo the bushes, the way he treated, trump treated jeb bush, there is bad blood and it won't end. if trump himself says i'm going to win this election, going to the folks themselves, he won the primaries. he is going to stay in the arena that he will bring his message to people, doesn't need the party apparatus so there are two of republicans, the republicans who want to operate within the party and they won't say i won't vote for the nominee, they will all say ari fleischer and all these guys, i will vote for the nominee because i don't like hillary clinton and there are republicans outside the party, like the bushes, john mccain, mitt romney who are not going to
7:36 am
vote for trump, probably sit it out. ronald reagan in 1976 did not vote for ford. i know you know that because you read killing reagan. neither did nancy reagan. they voted but they wouldn't vote for ford. sometimes there is bad blood that runs very deep in the primary and this is one of those. bill: hillary clinton got a lot of money. her bank is loaded. i don't know how he makes up for that. >> trump -- trump -- bill: $1 million? >> trump money, his supporters are fanatical. donald trump's support, people who like him, these people will fund him. he won't have money problems. hillary -- enough money to do
7:37 am
whatever he wants to do. hillary clinton as you decca out, there is not a money problem here, money deficit, they will do what they want to do. bill: he was asked about a vp pick. everyone has their own theory. he said the possibility of choosing a former competitor is 40%, to me that means a list of 5 or two of the five, maybe a list on their. do you have a sense of what his intention might be, what he has said in the past, someone who wants -- perhaps they go back 25 years, who can interface on legislation that needs to get done. >> the first choice would be john kasich. trump himself would like john kasich but whether john kasich
7:38 am
will do it, hard to ascertain, very hard. second i think trump if he can't get john kasich might go to marco rubio, marco rubio has been friendlier to trump lately and rubio is leaving the senate and needs the job. those of the two guys who have a legitimate shot. the rest of it is murky because a lot of people don't want to run with trump, they don't want to be on the ticket. you can't embarrass himself by saying i want this person or that person or don't want to do it. it is all behind the scenes. for the electoral college, he has got to win ohio and florida has to, likely to win in florida but not a lock, one more thing, i think hillary clinton, senator sherrod brown of ohio, that is to i think she is going with because he is really really
7:39 am
left. that placates the bernie sanders wing, gives her ohio, not a lock but makes her more competitive there and sherrod brown is not going to upstage hillary clinton. bill: she was in his former district two days ago. >> they went to the diner together. bill: thank you. you are on record, see you tonight at 8:00. also tonight donald trump sits down with bret baer, we will see that at 6:00 on special report. martha: california a new battleground for organized labor with new legislation that could force public unions to report their itemized budget just like charities and politicians. reporting live on this from los angeles. >> reporter: you will love how this started. when a cheap state employee saw a crossing guard on an empty
7:40 am
street that had a tunnel underneath it, turns out it was a job given to her union which represents state workers. that began this five your battle to know one thing, how do they spend her union dues which it refused to disclose. she sued, $60 million budget which she and union members claim millions of travel and other expenses are unaccounted for or unexplained. >> i give you my money, show me how you spend my money, how much you get from the, how much you work for. i want to know how they spend my money and that is my case. >> reporter: suing failed, she convinced lawmakers to sponsor two bills recovering public employee union to show itemized budget online, not just the pie shot showing expenses and revenues but details of how
7:41 am
bosses wasted members dues on tickets, meals, limousines, a second bill required unions to hold an election every two years replacing the cumbersome and rare process of decertification and re-vote. almost 30 unions showed up to fight the bills. >> we already comply with the law, do what the law asks, we are totally open and transparent. >> they are prounion, they want to belong to a union, they want to be represented by a union, they just want to know where the money is. >> reporter: common sense doesn't always win in sacramento especially when taking on big labor unions. both bills went down on a partyline vote. martha: that is quite a story. thank you very much. bill: a new trend catching the attention of police, a viral video inspiring kids to put their lives at risk. martha: a notorious hacker tells fox news he broke into hillary clinton's private email server and it was not hard to do. he claims he is not the only
7:42 am
one. >> access not only from -- accessing ips. ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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7:45 am
martha: more problems piling up for hillary clinton on use of the email server, a federal judge suggesting she may need to be called to testify under oath as the investigation goes forward. that on top of claims from a notorious hacker that he got into that server. the hacker told fox he probably wasn't the only one that got in there. >> was the clinton server easy or hard? >> for everybody, i don't know, it was -- it was an easy server.
7:46 am
martha: pete snyder, candidate for the lieutenant governor, and former consultant for the obama campaign and principal consulting. good to have you both here. how much of a problem do you think this potentially could be for hillary clinton? >> the issue of the email server is continuing, the conversation continuing, presidential debate between clinton and trump is going to be a problem for her and nothing new has been discovered. this hacker's claims have not been verified but having the conversation continuing is a problem and it adds to distrust and you are looking at two candidates going into the presidential race who have unprecedented dislike, 50% disapproval of hillary clinton, 65% of trump. this is not helping with her approval rating, not helping
7:47 am
with the narrative. the campaign contends no evidence of hacking right now, they do not have issue with testifying or anything else. martha: testify according to this judge that would be problematic, these have not been verified, this guy has been telling the same story and it lines up with the emails leaked from the blumenthal part of the equation which he claims he was responsible for and they came out. >> a guy in the czech republic with a dell computer can hack in, imagine the north koreans and vladimir putin's kremlin have been using it like a turnstile at disney world. imagine a country with resources. the north koreans got upset at sony for making a movie that made fun of their leader and brought the company to its knees.
7:48 am
imagine the black male that could go on with the clintons or if all her emails became public. >> i talked to judge andrew napolitano about this, potential crime is not in having impact or having the information go anywhere but in leaving it vulnerable, creating a server that would be vulnerable and have information that is classified which we know there was quite a bit of information considered classified. that is of interest to the judge and investigators, a lot of question, he might have been brought here by the fbi investigation, it indicates he may be someone they talk to. has the clinton campaign dealt with this? it is going to hang around for quite some time. >> there was no deliberate transfer of classified information. there is still debate over what
7:49 am
was technically classified or not if they contend what pastor the server is classified so there is no security, it is about personal information passing away but for them it is staying steady with messaging and if they end up testifying they better be accurate and truthful and for them it is more how can we show the conversation down and make this go away. martha: to be exonerated, that is the only way that is going to happen and we don't know when that decision will come forward. i will end with pete because i started with you. a quick look at the head to head matchup. >> i think this is a tossup. hillary clinton has been tied up by bernie sanders for months and will continue to be for the next few months. i can't imagine how she is going to deal with donald trump. her negatives are in the high
7:50 am
50s, trump's are a little higher. when he starts going in after her she will be in the 70s. i think the republicans have a 50/50 shot. bill: thank you very much, good to see you both. bill: john scott is coming up. john: it has been an incredible couple days, donald trump the sole survivor after two republican candidates quit the race, shaping up in the trump versus clinton general election even if clinton takes fire from both sides. from bernie sanders, there is the email controversy, major developments on that front. we have it covered at the top of the hour, "happening now". martha: a new controversy over privacy, can a judge order you to unlock a mobile device with your fingers? n my asthma t coming back on my long-term control medicine.
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i used to like that song. >> a federal judge once a woman to unlock an iphone using her fingerprint. order to open a phone with apple touch system, legal experts argue that was a violation of their rights. talk about this, good day. what is the difference between a passcode and a fingerprint? >> there is no fifth amendment privilege on a fingerprint. of the client gets a subpoena for a fingerprint, don't know how to challenge that, there is no fifth amendment right, it is like giving your name and address a passcode, when this case gets interesting, you can challenge it because they are not just getting your fingerprint but asking you to put your fingerprint on the phone to unlock it.
7:55 am
interestingly enough, one law professor says it violates privacy and another says it doesn't so it is a highly debatable issue. the law has to catch up with technology. bill: this is fascinating, the fingerprint is considered physical evidence. what about the passcode? >> an interesting discussion -- distinction. since there has never been a privilege on fingerprints they could get confused. if this case is reviewed on appeal or goes to the supreme court you could see it overturned. another point, very important, lawyers talk about the facts of a particular case, everyone should keep in mind this woman whose phone they want to open is not the target of the investigation, she is the girlfriend of the target and ostensibly not engaging in any criminality. that is why everybody is saying this is a violation. if it was the target's phone we would not necessarily be having
7:56 am
this discussion. bill: she is the bystander. how close is this to the san bernardino shooter case? >> quite similar. not to be a broken record the law has to catch up with technology, san bernardino, they wanted to use a new algorithm to run every single combination. normally the phone would shut off after ten messages and they wanted to change it and they said that is invasive and goes too far. here i honestly think saying to a person the court orders you to affix your fingerprint on there may go a little hard. we have a thing that is interesting, there is no privilege on document so you get a subpoena for documents but there is the act of production, if the act of producing it could incriminate you you may have a privilege. when you order me to put my finger print on that phone to open it? i wouldn't. john: we will see where it goes, doug burns, technology and the
7:57 am
law is changing. martha: the back and forth getting started between donald trump and hillary clinton, what they are saying about each other as the general election comes into focus, folks. >> . >> .
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
bill: thursday, that's what they call it. martha: we will see you here tomorrow. have a great day everybody. jon: of fox news exclusive on explosive claims linked to the hillary clinton email controversy. welcome to happening now on this thursday. heather: i'm heather dower in for jenna lee. an infamous actor says in a jailhouse interview he gained access to the democratic brothers private email server and the needs of his claims are true national security was potentially at risk. he told our own katherine harris he had no trouble whatsoever reaching that


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