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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 5, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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bill: thursday, that's what they call it. martha: we will see you here tomorrow. have a great day everybody. jon: of fox news exclusive on explosive claims linked to the hillary clinton email controversy. welcome to happening now on this thursday. heather: i'm heather dower in for jenna lee. an infamous actor says in a jailhouse interview he gained access to the democratic brothers private email server and the needs of his claims are true national security was potentially at risk. he told our own katherine harris he had no trouble whatsoever reaching that server, listen to this.
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>> you access a lot of accounts, marcel. is the clinton server easy or hard? >> for me, it was easy. for me. >> mrs. clinton's team says they put security on this server. is that what you found? >> know, you know when somebody says we put security on the server, okay.that's for five minutes, okay? are you sure that in the five years we had security? jon: our chief intelligence correspondent katherine harris joins us live from washington with more on this.
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>> after fox broke the story last night nbc posted part of their interview with the hacker and based on the quote his claims seem consistent. fox first made contact with the hacker in april. we went to the detention center in virginia for a jailhouse visit then did a series of follow-up phone calls where he gave us permission to record the conversation for broadcast. the hacker extradited to the us from romania last month to face trial in alexandria forced cybercrime. one of his alleged victim is sidney blumenthal. after researching his target, lazar told fox he access the account by correctly guessing blumenthal's security question then that content from the account to the media and for the first time publicly exposed the printed email address. >> how many times did you access the clinton server, marcel? >> i'd say like twice because for me it was not as interesting at that time. itwas a potential for new enforcement . [inaudible] heather: cyber security experts claim the hacker's claims seem plausible but it
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may be hard for years after the fact for investigators to get a complete picture. >> fortunately in this community a lot of people make up stories and it's hard to know what's true until you get into the forensics information and get hard facts. unless there's a another witness or people who can verify the story, there's always going to be a lot of uncertainty and ambiguity. if what he did is true, he got into it from romania. he got into it with a basic set of tools, just a basic understanding of what it took to get in there. imagine now somebody who's well armed, well-funded, well-trained also targeting that same thing. heather: the clinton campaign has issued a statement calling the crack hacker up criminal.then no government agency has notified them the server was hacked. for contacts the plea agreement for the hacker
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cooperating with the fbi he is told fox he wants to do that in exchange for a reduced sentence would be a bit good outcome for the hacker and the fbi offered no statement. jon: why is he serving time right now catherine? reporter: he's serving time in romania for crimes against romanian government officials for hacking their accounts. it was interesting is he was extradited to the united states before his sentence was complete in romania. it was also interesting is that the us does not typically extradite hackers unless significant amounts of money are involved, a financial crime for example with access to government accounts and neither was true in this case so the us government invested a lot of resources, a lot of time and a lot of money to bring a nuisance hacker to the united states for trial and our contact this was not a coincidence and there seems to be an intersection with the clinton email investigation. jon: interesting. katherine harris, archie intelligence correspondent, thank you. ohio governor john kasich
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calls it quits, becoming the 16th republican candidate to bow out of the bruising 2016 presidential campaign area that leaves one man standing: donald trump. in the democratic race, bernie sanders says he's in until the last vote is cast. the conversation is turning now to the general election and the likely battle between donald trump and hillary clinton. although most national polls now show mrs. clinton leading, we are six months away from election day. let's turn into josh krauthammer, a politics editor for the national journal. welcome josh. thank you for being with us today. >> it's good to be here, john. jon: the gulf between hillary clinton's numbers and donald trump, obviously you have to take those polls with a grain of salt at least this far out from the election. >> yes, early polls are not necessarily predictive but the big problem donald trump is going to face is unifying the republican party in a general election and when you have both former president bush not endorsing donald trump and have a lot of
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senators and congressmen who are at the very least hesitant to fully get behind donald trump, that's a big problem for the party going into november where party officials and party leaders might be looking more toward the down ballot races then they are the top of the ticket. jon: the last republican nominee mitt romney obviously tried to derail the trump candidacy, had that blistering speech, anti-trump speech but one of his closest advisers is a guy named erin eric first drum. he writes in this today's boston globe.he says for republicans who remain opposed to reality show entertaining as president, both for trump despite misgivings. vote for clinton and directly put a democrat in the white house or don't vote or right in the name of a fantasy candidate and indirectly help elect clinton. his feeling seems to be the republican party is going to come on board the trump train. >> there will be a full-court press from republican establishment leaders, the republican national committee, people who want to
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unify the party to get everyone on the same team but is going to be a lot easier said than done. you have a track record, the trail of all the republican candidates who ran against donald trump and the harsh things they said against him, not just iowa ideological differences but real substantiative differences and hillary clinton and her allies are already airing that dirty laundry as we look toward the election so this is not going to be an easy reunion for republicans and i suspect 15 to 20 percent of the public and voters couldn't stomach the possibility of voting for trump in a general election. jon: in the early going that number was higher. i remember some of the early polling about donald trump when he first got into the race and there were huge numbers of republicans who said they could never vote for him. he seems to have on them over in the general election, the supporters as we've seen in the republican primary are going to be with him no matter what.
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he's going to get 40 percent just from the base and the working-class voters that really don't like clinton and they don't like the establishment of the republican party. the question is, can he get to 50 percent? a majority of the country behind him. you aretalking about two candidates in clinton and trump that are disliked by a large majority of the electorate. something has to give in november . jon: the republican party leadership didn't seem to appreciate, i'm one of those who never thought donald trump would go far as the candidate and the party leadership didn't seem to either . >> know and it's striking how quickly the republican national committee got behind donald trump after his victory in indiana this week and according to the new york times, the party leaders are saying hey, if you don't want to support donald trump on staff you got to leave the committee, you shouldn't be working for us so there will be that pressure and effort to get the party behind donald trump but for ideological reasons and temperamental reasons, there are both moderates and
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conservatives that will have trouble voting for a trump lead ticket in the november election. jon: he has shown a remarkable ability to adapt. he may win over some of these naysayers. >> the big question, does he moderate his positions, does he evolve as to have it to the general election? his first round of postprimary interviews over the last few days to get these picking to some of his more important positions. the wall, his belief that muslims immigrants shouldn't be in the country. what he said during the primary but we will see how he evolves. we will see if he moderate his positions. he's signaled a willingness to raise the minimum wage which will be popular with certain voters but he has a ceiling is facing in the general electorate and that's going to be a big challenge going forward. jon: it will also be interesting to see who he picks for his vice presidential candidate. josh, from the national journal. good to talk to you. >> thanks john. jon: we also want to hear from you. behind donald trump and unite the sometimes fractious gop, the grand old party. our life is up and running. go to and get your thoughts in the
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conversation. heather: now with mister trump the most likely standardbearer, a lot of analysts are looking what they call the down ballot candidates and how they will fare with the billionaire businessman at the top of the ticket. republicans hold a nearly 60 seat majority in the house right now and in the senate, the republican majority narrows to just eight when you count the two independents in the upper chamber who vote caucus with the democrats. a question a lot of folks around the country are now asking, what does this mean, november? let's check in with rich edson live for us somewhere in washington today. rich? p6 here i am. it means democrats need to pick up only 4c and hold the white house to reclaim control of the senate. the republicans defending 24 senate seats, democrats only 10. one of those seats belongs to john mccain and in an audiotape obtained by politico reportedly of mccain speaking at a fundraiser in
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arizona, he says if trump is the nominee, he will be in the race of his life because of the anti-trump sentiment in the hispanic community adding, it is roused and angry in a way he has not seen in 30 years. one hillary clinton supporter says mccain's problem extends to other republicans. >> a lot of the states big hispanic populations, florida, nevada, colorado, even virginia are leaning more democratic now than they would in a normal year which means that for donald trump: he's really got to win it in the rustbelt, the industrial north . reporter: democrats in ohio, illinois and elsewhere are already tying republican incumbents to trump. even house democrats say trump will define their republican opponents. the gop campaign source tells fox news republican senators in several states all outperform trump in their state primaries. republicans claim their candidates can separate from trump where they disagree. they also point to hillary clinton's favorability polling. recent polls show 49 percent fiber unfavorable compared to
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trump's 56 percent. a spokesperson for the republican editorial is a reason democrats are lining up to campaign with hillary clinton. she is a toxic candidate whose failed leadership has put the security of our country at risk and it is also still fighting a primary challenge.john, back to you. heather: rich edson in washington, thank you so much. we will see you real soon on a troubled football star johnny manziel facing a judge on assault charges. live outside the courthouse and there's also this. >> remembering the horrors of the holocaust. emotional ceremonies honoring the 6 million jews exterminated by the nazis. why the annual holocaust remembrance day takes on added significance in israel. >>
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across the country and around the world marking holocaust remembrance day. in israel, leaders paying tribute to the 6 million jews who died at the hands of the nazis with prime minister benjamin not yahoo rain we at the national holocaust memorial center in jerusalem and across that nation, traffic stops and citizens of a two minutes of silence. the annual remembrance day is held one week before israel's independence day with symbolizes the rise of the state of israel from the ashes of the holocaust. here in the us, remembrance ceremonies just wrapped up at emancipation hall. heather: what powerful images.
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here at home there's court action taking place today for the man charged with plotting to bomb a jewish synagogue in south florida over the recent passover holiday. federal prosecutors say they are opposing bail for james medina, claiming the 40-year-old suspect is a flight risk and danger to the community. the fbi says medina plotted with an undercover informant to get an explosive device to use at adventure a turnberry jewish center and was arrested after he gave the informant a fake bomb. the fbi recorded medina reportedly supported isis and claimed an obligation to attack jews in the united states. jon: the court hearing just wrapping up for troubled football star johnny manziel with former cleveland browns quarterback turned himself in on wednesday posting a $1500 bond. manziel is accused of assaulting and threatening to kill his former girlfriend. casey spiegel outside court building in dallas today. casey? reporter: john, this is the first time johnny manziel has been before a judge since he was indicted by the dallas
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grand jury last month. the 2012 heisman trophy winner sporting a soup in court today. he was very polite, answering yes, sir no to the judge's questions and today that judge ordered him under the conditions of his bond to not make contact with the alleged victim and not be in the possession of any firearms. all of this comes from an incident at the end of january where investigators say started at this dallas hotel. manziel ex-girlfriend claims they got into a fight there. she said he then forced her into a vehicle and drove to her apartment in fort worth. according to an affidavit, is x claims the former nfl player threatened to kill both of them during the car ride and that he had her so hard it ruptured her eardrum. the altercation continued at the apartment forcing the woman's neighbor to make this 911 call. >> they came out to the balcony and she said her boyfriend has beaten her up. she didn't want me to callyou . reporter: manziel is now a
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free agent and said he would like to play for pro football again but his downward spiral has caused all of his celebrity endorsements and two different sports agents to drop him. if he is convicted on this misdemeanor charge in dallas, he could spend up to one year behind bars and face punishment from the nfl. john? jon: a lot of talent in a lot of trouble. thanks very much, casey spiegel in dallas. heather: an incredible story of survival to tell you about after a week after a building collapses in nairobi, kenya somebody is found alive. unbelievable. we tell you about that, +8 women facing discrimination from a california restaurant. they say they were asked to leave this chain because of their religion. our legal panel will weigh in next. >> he told us we had 10 minutes to leave. we said we just finish our orders.
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x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. jon: new information on a survival story out of kenya. a woman rescued from the rubble six days after a seven-story building collapsed in nairobi. rescue crews were able to give the woman oxygen after they found alive but trapped in debris. a six-month-old baby was rescued earlier this week, raising hopes that more survivors might be found. at least 36 people died in that building collapsed, 70 are still missing. heather: new information about the discrimination lawsuit taking place in california. seven muslim women are suing the owner ofa cafc in laguna beach , claiming they were
8:24 am
targeted because of their religion. the women were wearing traditional muslim headscarves known as the job. they were ordered to leave the cafc before they were finished eating. attorneys for the owner say the lawsuit is a hoax and they plan to counter suit. for more on this let's bring on emily williams, an attorney and fox news contributor and after damage, a criminal attorney. they are accusing the restaurant of quote, islam a phobia. they came out in a very public press conference and said that but there's this hitch. the owner's wife is muslim and she's the one who called police. >> it's very unusual as a case, i'm not sure if there's anything really that happened here except better group of women who want some level of publicity because they are targeting a restaurant owned by muslims and i understand from other people who are interviewed about this that there are women in burqas and his jobs all the time and they don't get asked to leave
8:25 am
so i'm wondering if there was some bad behavior which caused the manager to call the police in the first place and that would be different than any level of discrimination. >> let's set the stage a little bit have any because one of the note was taking place, the women were in a restaurant, the restaurant has some policy where you can only stay 45 minutes after you finished eating and drinking and the women hung out a little bit longer then started taking video when they were asked to leave and if you watch the video it's a little obnoxious. what do you think? >> i used to live in los angeles so i've been to a cafc many times. i never noticed anything like that. let's be clear. certainly it is against the law to discriminate against anyone based on their religious beliefs and that would be their burden ápoint to prove that. you can't believe or allege that, that will not be enough. you've got to show that and show that through either direct evidence, either an admission by the restaurant
8:26 am
and we have no such thing here or some sort of circumstantial evidence. maybe this 45 minute time limit was arbitrary and something that was being used to show bias against religion but after that type of evidence, they've got an uphill climb. heather: last question on this. how are they going to try to prove that? >> proven discrimination? i guess they could have video or talk to other people who routinely stay fast that 45 minutes when the restaurant is otherwise busy so they could see if they were the only group that this policy was enforced against but again, we have to look at their behavior because no matter what you claim, if your behavior is egregious, they should call the police. they have a right to monitor what happens in their own restaurant. in terms of whether something someone becomes abusive or not, they don't have to accept that. we will have to see how this pans out. heather: we will keep your folks posted. i want to ask you another story in the media, the rise of social media is changing the landscape. there's a judge that just ruled that a man's violated
8:27 am
an order of protection by trying to follow his ex-girlfriend on instagram and so those who don't know what instagram is, it's all types of pictures. i'm sure you ladies are on, i'm on it as well but ebony, is that stocking? is that violating an order of protection by following somebody on social media? >> it is, heather. it's no different from trying to make a phone call or initiate any other kind of contact. a protective order prohibits contact or any efforts to resume contact with the victim so certainly i think the judge was on target here to hold this man in contempt by just the mere request to follow his ex because that probably invokes all kinds of fear and angst on her and that's what a protective order is designed to protect against. heather: he says he requested he be allowed to view her pictures through instagram so he never requested it of her but rather instagram so is that i any kind of argument? >> know, it's a novel organic and one that reeks of desperation but no, it is not
8:28 am
a successful argument and it shouldn't be because the protective order as ebony correctly explained prevent contact, both direct and indirect so just as you couldn't go up to somebody in person, you can't have someone else go up to someone on your behalf and that's exactly what happened here. he asked instagram and instagram put him in touch or attempted to have him follow her. she would get the notification that she's being followed and it would trigger a violation of a protective order . just like you can't fly a plane with a message behind it that says i miss you and i love you. that's contact also so that's just as bad and just as egregious and it is a violation. no contact means no contact. heather: ladies, thanks a lot. were going to have to leave it here. williams and esther penn. >> if it was a normal guy flying an airplane, that's another story. heather: we will see you real soon. thank you.
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jon: a leading number of the republican establishment is throwing their support behind donald trump. will it be enough to unify a deeply divided party ahead of a likely versus quick matchup? plus, the obama administration waiting into the so-called bathroom wars. what the justice department is demanding from north carolina's governor. >>
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jon: the majority leader of the u.s. senate, mitch mcconnell show throwing his support behind donald trump. he issued a statement yesterday reading in part, i am committed to to supporting the nominee chosen by republican voters and donald trump, the presumptive nominee is on the verge of clinching that nomination. republicans are committed to preventing what will be a third term of barack obama and restoring economic and national security after eight years ofa democrat in the white house. as the presumptive nominee: he now has the opportunity and obligation to unite our party around our goals.
8:34 am
let's talk about it with angela mclaren, a political analyst and santina jackson, fox news contributor and radio talkshow host. that last line , and obligation sounded a bit like a lecture, i guess from the majority leader. what do you think angela? >> it was a lecture and i commend the senator for doing what he's doing. we are in the shadow of a very bloodied primary process and there's still some bad feeling there but i think i the convention all republicans will be together for donald trump but he has a tall mountain to climb to bring everybody to the table. jon: do you see donald trump winning over other party leaders? >> you know, that remains to be seen. the fact we are nowhaving this top-down discussion , discussing what the party establishment wants, we have to remember that we also need to have a people up position because the people did not vote for the republican party. they voted for a person who ran as a republican so the question is for me, will the republican party be able to hold onto those people that donald trump brought along and if it's about patriotism or egotism. that is to say, will mister
8:35 am
trump put their interests or thepeoples interest first? >> we are talking about politics so course you have all of the above involved but you bring up a great point . i want to take the opportunity here, in 2012 it wasn't just barack obama that defeated republicans. republicans defeated republicans. you had republicans that stayed at home, mitt romney was defeated by his own people. insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result so some of your party elite and conservative intellectuals may not support donald trump but he can bring those other folks to the table. we truly can be of the party. he has the opportunity to bring more african a pair of americans, nor hispanics, more women by honing in on a universal message. >> i've seen this before in 1984 and 1988 when reverend jackson ran there were hurt feelings but he went out of
8:36 am
his way to bring back the people , not to let the people who had hurt feelings just out too far. i'm hoping we will have that because remember, there is life after the november elections. whoever becomes president is going to become president of the united states and whoever becomes president will have to be a unifier after a very difficult contest. jon: a former candidate on the republican side and speaker of the house newt gingrich was on fox and friends this morning advising republicans to get together with what he had to say i urge them to drop never trump and put in never hillary. the rest they are running of hillary clinton appointing a truly radical supreme court, eliminating the second amendment, the right to bear arms, eliminating religious liberty, imposing further radical values on the
8:37 am
country, i think that by itself, just the issue of the supreme court should convince most rational people that never hillary is a lot more powerful slogan than it never trump . jon: it does point out the fact that there are factions in both parties who aren't happy with their presumptive nominee. >> you know, i'm really surprised when i heard george will, someone who i disagree with but for whom i have a lot of respect having the slash and burn that i'm hearing on both sides, quite frankly is very disturbing. as i said you got to unify the country because the country, republican, democrat, independence, everybody outside, people who don't quote are facing real problems. the problem is what are our long-term and short-term goals? what will be best not just for the party before our country and i'm hoping republicans, democrats and independents will ask and answer that question so all of us can rise together. jon: i remember a republican campaign or contest, santee, in which a guy named george herbert walker bush gave ronald reagan a real run for his money and the two ended up running on the same ticket. >> absolutely. do you think ted cruz and
8:38 am
donald trump, nevermind. >> i don't think that's going to happen. i don't think that ted cruz was going to bow out so gracefully so soon so who knows? but i doubt that, i doubt they are going to be partners again. but ted cruz might be a part of donald trump's cabinet. >> he was graceful, i don't knowif it was as gracious. you have to be careful, angela. you've got to be careful about , no really. he did it bravely, as an african-american conservative i will say mississippi, the fact is we all have to understand that whatever party we are and what we are trying to do is what's best for the people and i believe in unifying, now we've got to have unity but we have to find a way to unify. we have to find common ground here and i don't see that happening yet to be one we had a picture of a moment ago
8:39 am
of the two presidents bush, 41 and 43, they have said they're going to stay neutral and not endorsed donald trump but i suppose angela if you want a unified republican party, the choice of the vice president is potentially going to go a long way toward making that happen donald trump is an outsider so now he needs washington dc insider. i think john kasich, i worked with kasich, welfare reform, kasich balanced the national budget. he took the state that was in the red and put it in the black and he worked with the obama administration dealing with healthcare and entitlement programs for people in ohio so i think he would be a great choice. but there are many other ones out there. you do have carly fearing up, you could go down the list. jon: that would be fodder for another day. we will have you back on to talk about all of that because we got six months until the election, believe it or not. angela mclaughlin, santina jackson. thank you both.
8:40 am
heather: right now the obama administration taking on north carolina's controversial bathroom bill. the justice department giving the governor there until monday to pledge that he will walk away from that law which officials say violates civil rights. jonathan fairey is live for us in atlanta. what happens if north carolina doesn't do away with it? reporter: in the north carolina's governor is calling it washington overreach in the most private areas of our personal life. he of course is right to that letter from the justice department informing him that house built to violate the federal civil rights act. the controversial state law is named the bathroom bill because it requires transgender peopleuse toilets, showers and locker rooms in public buildings that match the gender on their birth certificate, not necessarily the gender they identify with. if the state continues to enforce this law it could
8:41 am
theoretically lose federal education funding . >> is no longer just a north carolina issue because this conclusion by the department of justice impacts every state, every university and almost every employer in the united states of america. reporter: indeed, outside north carolina local governments are taking note. in oxford alabama the city council voted to recall a bathroom ordinance before the mayor could even side. the ordinance would have imposed fines or jail time on people use the bathroom that didn't match their gender at birth but the city attorney raised concerns of ordinance could violate the federal civil rights act. north carolina's law has shown on protests. proponents insist the bathroom provision is designed to protect women and children from male sexual predators.
8:42 am
governor mccrory says he is currently reviewing the issue to determine what his next steps will be but again heather as you pointed out, the justice department giving him until close of business monday to respond to that letter. heather: thank you so much, we will talk to you real soon. jon: our fox news alert takes you to west houston where firefighters are battling a four alarm blaze in a building there. we are told they are protecting a fire alarm company right now. adjacent to the flames, no reports of any injuries. in my experience, when you've got this much black smoke boiling, you've got a lot of fire left to burn. the smoke starts turning white when firefighters generally get a handle on it and it looks like they are a long way from that right now. we will provide updates on this huge fire in west houston texas as we get more information on happening now. also, is the tech bubble about to burst? why ping-pong could be a key indicator. plus, he was one of the most
8:43 am
famous explorers in history. where researchers now say they have found the wreckage of the ship commanded by jack and then james cook. >> he's important in new zealand. it was the first european to be in hawaii so he's got a whole history elsewhere around the pacific rim. >>
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
. jon: a piece of world history could be submerged off the coast of rhode island. archaeologists suspect the ship used by the 18th century explorer captain james cook may lie a few hundred feet offshore. the director of rhode island's marine archaeology project talked about the find area. >> we spent a number of years looking through a fleet of vessels that were sunk in newport harbor in 1778. they were significant because they were part of the events that took place before the battle of rhode island so that has to be important for the american revolution and what happened in rhode island during the revolution. it turns out one of the vessels in a previous life had been captain cook's and ever of his first navigation.
8:47 am
jon: the director says researchers are looking at a group of five sunken wrecks but the cost could total more than $7 million to successfully identify the ship. heather: how exciting they found that ship. i love her spirit about it also. let's talk about the economy right now. growing fears that the tax sector could be in trouble once again remember when that happened last time in 2000 or so? a lot of people lost money. the nasdaq currently made up mostly of tech companies ending in the red the last nine of 10 sessions but it's up roughly 11 percent since its 2016 low in february. a recent wall street journal article headlined this: tech bubble bursting. that article written by christopher mims, columnist at the wall street journal and he joins us now. what's the likelihood of the tech sector crashing and affecting us like it did
8:48 am
years ago? >> the first thing i know is this bubble is not in the public market so it's not going to be anything like it was in 2000. a lot of people don't realize there was a winter in tech investing in private companies in 2008 with the great recession so we are looking at something a lot more like that. it's not going to affect the public market. heather: not the public market but who does it end up affecting and what kind of hit would be taken? >> obviously it affects venture capitalists and funds which includes everything from pension funds to mutual funds. it affects everybody who works in tech. there could be repercussions outside of tech because i think tech is something we focus on a lot so if you see a correction there it can cause fear elsewhere. heather: you mentioned pension funds, alot of people are living off their pensions right now so that would certainly be affected . to what extent if this happens? >> luckily those funds at very small investments in this sector so really the
8:49 am
danger is more one of optics because if you start to see some high-profile so-called tech unicorns, billion dollar plus evaluations in private companies ailing, the optics of that are bad and it happen in the context of some other macroeconomic stuff it could have implications for the wider market but again, this is really going to affect tech itself. >> that's a really good point because markets and investors can get so skittish when something starts to go awry. people start worrying about the housing bubble or something like that so there could be some sort of third tier affect your sin? >>yes, absolutely. you're seeing that a little bit . apple, they didn't miss their guidance but the cause this is a first order they have had a decline in iphone sales in i can't remember how many quarters, the stock took a hit and that's the reason you saw that nasdaq go down that was entirely apple . heather: to our folks who are watching, why should they care? >> well, i think one reason you should care is that tech
8:50 am
is still a major engine of job creation.we are still in a country where small businesses are what create jobs and basically, i would dare anybody now to name a company that isn't a tech company. i am a tech columnist and that means i get to talk about any company from john deere to on-demand food delivery and since when is that tech area? yet now it is. heather: that's a fair point, only companies are considered that weather over valued at $50 billion or a lot of ones out there. christopher mims from the wall street journal, we will keep an eye on that. thank you. jon: it does get you thinking. experts say the big one is overdue. why scientists say californians need to be prepared for a massive quake. the question, how big it might be? >> go ahead, embrace those beautiful moments. flonase changes everything.
8:51 am
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jon: coming up on the top of the hour on outnumbered, sandra and harris, what do you have? >> happy friday eve my friend. that didn't take long. gloves coming off between donald trump and hillary clinton six months before election date and how ugly will this get? a federal judge may order a clinton to testify under oath in her email scandal. what could that mean for her campaign? and a justice department program says don't call them a felon or a convict. those words are disparaging. really? they are criminals. or do they deserve our respect question mark we will talk political correctness plus our hashtag, one lucky guy. although rivera is here. we won't show him now, you have to tune in. outnumbered, top of the hour. jon: i hear that familiar chuckle. i see the shadow of a mustache.
8:55 am
we will see you then. heather: good one. jon: there's a warning for residents of southern california. scientists say the san andreas fault, the state longest and most dangerous has been quiet for too long. all signs point to what could be a massive earthquake. chief correspondent jonathan hunt who lives out there is live with us now. reporter: there hasn't been what experts would consider a major earthquake along the san andreas fault in 1857 but it's coming. globally there has been a great deal of earthquake activity recently, the frightening pictures from ecuador last month just one example of the kind of devastating earthquake scientists he is now long overdue for california. the san andreas fault runs about 800 miles but it's the southern section close to los angeles that now concerned scientists the most. in his keynote address and an la area contest, thomas jordan director of the southern california earthquake center said quote, the springs on the san andreas system have been
8:56 am
wound very tight and the southern andrea's fault in particular looks like it's locked, loaded and ready to go. the center also released to simulation showing this shaking that la and the surrounding area might experience any magnitude 8 earthquake in 2008. the us geological survey released a report detailing the potential effects of a 7.8 earthquake along the san andreas saying it would likely cause 1800 deaths, 50,000 injuries and some $200 billion in damage. since then many southern california buildings have been retrofitted, earthquake resistance billing technologies have advanced greatly and building codes have become isn't even more stringent but john, no one is under any illusions. when the big one comes it will be bad and every expert agrees it is coming.
8:57 am
what they can't tell us is when. could be in nextfive years, john, could be in the next five minutes. jon: oh boy. don't jonathan hunt, thank you. we will be back in a moment with more happening now . >>
8:58 am
. . . .
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9:00 am
jon: "outnumbered" with geraldo starts right now. >> bye-bye. ♪ stuart: guys are trying to talk to the lucky guy. this is "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner. fox business network dagen mcdowell. democratic strategist, julie roginsky, as jon said, today's #oneluckyguy, host of geraldo rivera report, veteran reports, veteran correspondent geraldo rivera. little bit of news programing why. his special report on the ruthless drug lord "el chapo" how his obsession with that actress led to hisdown faull. you're "outnumbered." >> i will have five marge right at thats after the show. harris: a lot cooking.


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