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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 5, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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jon: "outnumbered" with geraldo starts right now. >> bye-bye. ♪ stuart: guys are trying to talk to the lucky guy. this is "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner. fox business network dagen mcdowell. democratic strategist, julie roginsky, as jon said, today's #oneluckyguy, host of geraldo rivera report, veteran reports, veteran correspondent geraldo rivera. little bit of news programing why. his special report on the ruthless drug lord "el chapo" how his obsession with that actress led to hisdown faull. you're "outnumbered." >> i will have five marge right at thats after the show. harris: a lot cooking.
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why wait until summer really. it is on already between hillary clinton and donald trump as they gear up for the general election. trump says he is not afraid to get down in the mud with clinton he is must. watch. >> i will be able to figure it out. we had 17 people just now. i figured it out. i will be able to figure it out from hillary. depends where she is coming from, if she wants to go the low road, i'm fine with that. if she wants to bo with the high road which i would prefer i would be fine with that. depends where she is coming up. >> you're fine with the low road. most people don't want to go on the low road? >> i have to handle the low road if i have to do it. we had low roads over last few months. >> really? >> i'm fine if we go in that direction. maybe you haven't noticed. harris: then on other side, hillary clinton while she has not quite put away bernie sanders for good, the democratic front-runner clearly has donald trump in her sights. she says she is not holding
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back. >> i've seen the presidency up close from two different perspectives. i think i know what it takes and i don't think we can take a risk on a loose cannon like donald trump. >> made references to your marriage to your husband. [laughter]. >> well he is not first first one anderson. i can't say this often enough. if he wants to go back to the playbook of the 1990s, if he wants to follow in the footsteps of those who have tried to knock me down and take me out of the political arena, i'm more than happy to have him do that. this is to me a classic case of a blustering, bullying guy who, who has knocked out of the way all republicans because they were just dumfounded. harris: wow. geraldo, you covered many political campaign, a long career, how is this one going to shake out. >> oh, my goodness, what a question. can i say about hillary clinton that laugh, after anderson asked about the husband, so inappropriate.
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it wasn't a joke, and she laughed and it made me feel, her problem is she is not a natural for all her vaunted credentials, my goodness, secretary of state, senator from new york elected twice but still comes across as awkward campaigner. i think trump far more formidable against hillary clinton than people give him credit. i don't think he will steam role the many males that he dispatched so efficiently. he will keep her off balance. i think attacks, those personal attacks on bill clinton, history of monica lewinsky in oval office will have some resonance. i think he will rally many. the question will be able to win election with mostly white men supporting her.
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harris: quickly as we move around the couch what is the number one weakness in terms of how donald trump might come after her. >> her number one weakness, me personally, as long-time war correspondent, she was in charge when we lost the middle east. the overthrow of gadhafi was catastrophic mistake. many ways mirrored the catastrophic mistake of george w. bush getting rid of saddam hussein. totally destablizing the region, leaving it open to isis and not having the wherewithal to fight isis. you know, the way it should be fought eye to eye. harris: our democrat on the couch, julie, come to you to answer back. >> there is really, i'm not in the business of giving donald trump advice. i will do it for a change. hard to go after hillary clinton on monica lewinsky stuff, and women stuff. she at her best most sympathetic when she is victim. you may not like it. may think that inappropriate character trait for a president. has most sympathy among voters. i worked in and around hillary
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clinton world for 20 years. back '98 her numbers were starerring during the monica thing. i'm not sure donald trump is best messenger on the fill lannerring, the if he goes back at her husband the fact he cheated on hillary clinton. you know what i was in disbelief. i was being done to me. you may not like it what that will happen. >> i feel like it or not donald trump is capable of throwing mud at hillary clinton, having stick and not getting dirt under his fingernails. that is his authentic self. he has gone out on a limb. he can insult people. he won the republican nomination. like when marco rubio tried to go after donald with insults and it didn't work. that was not authentic marco rubio. but donald trump is tough guy. you take him on you will get in your face. harris: want to come back what
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geraldo said, that is where her weaknesses is, could see donald trump going after her, with regard having war correspondent her weakness with regard to foreign policy she was at watch when we lost the middle east. >> if you know what she is doing, she sees geraldo is right about this. she has to inoculate herself. this guy is loose cannon. you can't trust him with the nuke button. he could nuke the rest of the world. harris: she was in charge. >> i get it not intellectual discussion. excuse me but discussion about who you trust with the nuclear button. and she, despite what geraldo said he is right in a lot of way -- harris: issue up until late. the issue has been isis. islamic state savages. issue has been syria and red line we didn't cross nuclear button always existed what is front and foremost in foreign policy is exactly what geraldo is saying. i can't believe i said that twice. >> front and foremost what she wants it to be. she will try to change the
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dialogue. you may not like me, may not like me on foreign policy and. >> you make a strong point. she welcomes playbook from the '90s. she is where she is today because of her handling of that, playing victim card. it has worked for her. but when challenged taking high road versus low road, i won't need to take the low road. i will take the high road. challenge her on issues. >> he is sending a message, if you want to hit him on things like his past, i have known him since 1976 -- >> his wife for example. >> whatever, whatever, he is signaling don't go there because you know, live in glass house you don't throw rocks. this issue of the nuclear button though, the red button, phone call at 3:00 in the morning all the rest of that, the thing about the majesty of the presidency, i'm sorry, i have now chartered this since president eisenhower was in office, you have had all kinds of different people. peanut farmer.
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you had, bumbling speaker of the house who then became, you know, vice president, became president by accident. you had movie star, ronald reagan. no one pushes the red button. let's get that straight. no one is so recklessly irresponsible that they destroy the world on a whim. and it is fake argument to think that any person of sane person would be so unreasonably recklessly, ego tis i cannily, far sis i cannily i will end the world. narcissisticly. >> that is the campaign. >> '90s playbook. who wrote the '90s playbook, the clintons how to put away your female enemies, and belittle women who just cause to go after bill clinton. they wrote that out. whispering out gennifer flowers and paula jones. >> i think you're profoundly misunderstanding the fact she is
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saying, she will be able to convince enough people in fact everything you said is accurate except for the fact he is reckless enough, he is unhinged enough, as jeb bush said he does need therapy enough he may push the red button. that is fear try to instill in campaign. >> jeb bush and his brother and his father are very bitter because they thought that jeb would continue the family dynasty. he was lavishingly funded but he will never shake that whole low energy thing. they are so bitter at donald trump that would never in any -- i think this declaration of neutrality is the best trump can expect. harris: before we move on, sandra, i want to ask you something. you mentioned, that is great point, why say you don't need to stay on the high road. why take the low road? >> coal issue, hillary clinton words were taken apart by republican. >> as they should have been. >> donald trump made his point eloquently what she said. why can't she stick to the issues. >> i'm not defending it. i think you're absolutely spot
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on that coal mistake, it was like, the buffalo hunters, no more buffalo. okay, buffalo hunters, forget it, your life is over. coal miners, think that career is over to say it so brutally and -- >> they have endorsed her by the way. >> $30 billion in rehab. harris: big overarching question in my mind, not whether or not either candidates take low road or high road, but can america survive if they end up in the mud when that happens? we have seen -- >> the way he takes on her as woman, you say to the american people, to women out there, hillary expects you to vote for her simply because she is a woman and women, sandra and i talked about, will not buy that. >> polls are reflecting opposite. that is the opposite. harris: we'll move on. federal judge is saying, it may be necessary for hillary clinton to testify under oath about her email server. what is that going to look like for a presidential candidate?
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♪ sandra: major new developments in hillary clinton's email scandal. a federal judge saying that the democratic front-runner may have to testify under oath as part of a review into her use of a private server. while she was at state. he says a sworn deposition from clinton may be necessary, based on what comes out of interviews with some current and former state department staffers. meantime a romanian hacker, extradited to the u.s. last month to face trial for cybercrimes, tells fox news that he easily and repeatedly breached her server back in 2013.
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saying he first got into clinton confidante sidney blumenthal's aol account and used it to hack into the secretary's server twice. clinton campaign denies that. the hacker complains that they can the be verified but sigher experts say the story is plausible. it has not been confirmed yet. but the ability to confirm what the hacker is claiming is there. >> i think it's a bogus story. sandra: why? >> when you first of all, when catherine or -- sandra: catherine herridge. >> asked her in jail, asked how many times have you broken into hillary's email, he said like twice. i mean it is two times you know. it is 12 times you can say like. i was asked to corroborate any evidence of that hack, of that successful hack. he was unable to present any evidence whatsoever that he -- sandra: he is in jail.
9:17 am
>> he had plenty of time to give instructions to anyone to corroborate his story. his story is uncorroborated. it is absolutely not -- in my opinion, there is no evidence to support his charge other than his self-serving statement in jail. sandra: okay, but that is certainly possible. and for the record, hillary clinton it calling this, says he is criminal and her camp is calling these claims baseless. that being said, dagen, we charted about this earlier this morning with judge andrew napolitano. he called this interview, profound. in fact he said if they're able to confirm, proof of hacking it would make it, quote nearly impossible not to charge hillary clinton. >> right, because espionage is only just removal of information. we do know there was top secret information on that server. listen, the fbi is investigating this. the fbi would theoretically be able to find footprints of any hack they're accessed her server. bigger issue she has to sit down
9:18 am
with the fbi at some point. she has to talk to them. if you lie to them it's a crime. they can lie to you, they can sit down in interview and lie to you, tell you if you're being questioned, that they have information they don't even have, how is she going to handle that? sandra: what happens when that day comes? >> i said there is problem for her only if recommendation for indictment. if there is no recommendation for indictment agree fbi did do dual against. i don't think james comey is partisan hack, and if he recommends that indictment that is problem. if he doesn't recommend indictment agree whole story. >> how do you get recommendation for a indictment. i submit there is no evidence that grand jury exists. harris: how would you know that because you don't know what the fbi has. >> i have a dear friend of mine in washington representing two key witnesses, dear friend, i trust him implicitly, is there grand jury your clients will testify?
9:19 am
no, we know of no grand jury. if anyone has evidence grand jury right now, please call me i would love to confirm existence after grand jury. harris: in order of things, wint we want to see what the fbi has? don't we want to know? >> you talk about indictments and hillary clinton wearing orange. this republicans, like me, divert necessary energy in pursuing wild goose chases. this is romanian hacker, who offers no corroborating evidence and we seize on it, ah-ha, this is it and it is not it. if these charges are true, sand today asked dagen, if these charges are true, so forth so on. if there was life on pluto, i would, you would go to pluto for vacation. harris: let's deal with the facts they are. we know bryan pagliano set up email server. >> right. truth. he got immunity. harris: we know he first pleaded the fifth and struck a deal and now he is talking. >> correct. harris: we don't know what he is saying. we do know this judge, this
9:20 am
federal judge, i looked him up, learned a little bit about him. went to howard university, got law degree, doesn't appear to be somebody who would politically siding with hillary clinton. he is saying this has enough sniff to it that she could actually end up talking to the -- >> why did she set up the private email server is legitimate question. did she set up the private email server to avoid groups like "judicial watch." >> go beyond that. the concern this was hacked. that she had private server in her home in chappaqua, new york, and it was hacked and exchanging classified information. would you have concern, geraldo? >> i have been concerned like benghazi, been concerned for two years and no one come up with any evidence. isn't it, at some point you have to say to your elf, if somebody had something, wouldn't we see it? harris: we don't know -- >> can i add one thing. >> let me add one thing. throw this pickup truck in reverse back it up half a mile.
9:21 am
from distance this looks like one thing, bad judgment. if you want to be president of the united states. >> i agree, it is bad judgment. i agree, terrible, terrible judgment. >> that is all it is. >> she wants to be president. i a. >> i agree with that. sandra: who will donald trump pick as his running mate? >> me. sandra: that is the question we'll be asking. political watchers are placing their bets as we speak. trump revealing likely one of his former republican primary rivals. who would be the best choice? plus why trump may face uphill battle uniting republican leaders. can he win over his critics or does he need to do that at all?i ♪ hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve.
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♪ the. harris: with all of donald trump's rivals out of the race now, speculation is building over whom he will choose as is running mate in the general election. the presumptive nominee says he is considering, quote, a lot of
9:26 am
candidates but that, it will most likely be, excuse me, an elected official who can work with congress. watch. >> it will be probably be a person with political experience because, i meanwhile i have been in the world of politics all my life, the business i will handle so well. we'll bring our jobs back and bring our economy back but i do want people to, i would like to have somebody that could truly be good with respect to dealing with the senate and dealing with congress, getting legislation passed. working toward something where we're not signing executive orders every three days like president obama does. harris: now trump is telling cnbc there is a good chance his vp choice will be one of his former primary opponents. >> well, i would say probably a 40% chance within the group. i have gotten to be friend with a lot of those people and i guess perhaps enemies with a couple but i've gotten to be friends with quite a few. i would say there is a good 40% chance.
9:27 am
harris: well it is generally true, geraldo, thaw choose what you're lacking. so he is admitting that the political side just like he didn't have the delegate side, he hired paul manafort, he is admitting he needs to shore that up. who do you think it will be. >> i'm interested to see how he computes 40%. harris: it is less than 50. >> maybe that is what he means. i have been consistent on this harris. i believe his best running mate would be john kasich, governor of ohio. my wife is from cleveland. ohio is big swing state. a republican has to carry it. harris: historically. >> his experience with balancing budgets. he was here three years. our colleague on weekends. very competent man. there were bitter words exchanged with the eating and everything in the run-up to indiana i think was very unfortunate but i still think a case-sick traumaticket versus a
9:28 am
clinton cory booker ticket. gives them the philosophical choice. harris: i will get to the cory booker component because you're working with him. in all the polling, pretty consistently john kasich had best chance of beating hillary clinton when you look at entire field of. >> here is dilemma for john kasich. he is 63 years old, he is not young, but actually younger than anybody running for president. harris: isn't she is in her 60s. >> so it trump and sanders who are in their 70s. relatively young. he can run in four years if trump doesn't win. does he want to be tied to donald trump? does he want to go down and lose. baggage everything donald trump said last year, next six months -- >> people really turn down that offer? i don't know of anybody? >> typically they don't but i'm not sure kasich if he does the math, well probably not a great
9:29 am
shot of trump winning whether he wants to hitch his wagon to donald trump. harris: talk about cory booker. >> i used to work with him. cory booker i think would be a great pick. i think cory booker takes care of two demographics. one she is struggling with younger voters. nobody has better rimm and rapport with younger voters than cory booker. harris: among the democrats, you're saying. >> among everybody. cory booker is beloved figure among young people. people love him. look at his twitter following. not predicating anything. people love hims, especially younger voters. he is minority. she needs to rebuild the obama coalition. needs to be sure african-americans support her same level of barack obama. harris: who would have thought a clinton would have problem with the african-american community. >> she doesn't have a problem. they're flocking to her campaign but she needs to preserve coalition. >> quickly with trump, the reason, age why you wouldn't see vitriol, ted cruz, nikki haley,
9:30 am
marco rubio. they're 44, 45 years old. they have many decades ahead of them in politics. john kasich is different story. he had a personal emotional change on that campaign trail this year where he connected with the american people. you could see it in his eyes. and i think that he is not ready to give that up yet. harris: he told us that yesterday. >> saying yes or no? >> i think he would be a terrific running mate. harris: as he was suspending his campaign, we saw very emotional and connectedness he had with people he met. sandra: all right. meantime looks like donald trump may have his work cut out for him when it comes to winning over the republican party. "the new york times" reporting that it contacted dozens of gop governors, senators, donors and other officials and many wouldn't say whether they would stand by the real estate mogul. paper saying many call for unit many republican leaders refrain from falling behind with mr. trump. dozens avoiding inquirieses where they stood other wanted mr. trump to detail policies or
9:31 am
tone down his language first. others tied themselves in knots as they praised and criticized mr. trump in a single breath. i spoke with congressman peter king other day, he fell into that camp. he is not openly endorsing donald trump but he likes him. he supports a lot of his policies. but he has concerns, one of them was national security. the other was trade, that he had an issue with. >> this is may. we have a long period of time to heal the wounds within the gop seems to me. and the more moderate trump is, i mean he doesn't have to abandon whatever conservative props he has that he sincerely holds that i think trump that will emerge will be a far more acceptable candidate, not that he will be wishy-washy, he is not that kind of guy. i think trump will make all of these people, not all maybe, but assuage a lot of these concerns. i think he will rally the, rnc will working on it.
9:32 am
big pacs will work on it. i think trump will be just fine thank you, when it comes to republicans. the key will be how he appeal beyond republicans. maybe he lose as couple of bush estas, but appealing to the male democrats and independents. sandra: i want to get to this ad hillary clinton pit out where she really lets republican themselves do the dirty work for her, basically reminding them of some things that they have said about donald trump in the past. listen. >> i am a unifier. we're going to be unified party. ♪ >> he is a con artist. >> a phony. >> donald trump is the no-nothing candidate. >> donald is a bully. >> this is an individual who mocked a disabled reporter. >> i don't remember! sandra: wow, julie. >> well, if i were enterprising reporter, harris faulkner or, i would call every single one those people ask them if they stand by what they said today. that will tell the tale as to
9:33 am
what geraldo is talking about. how quickly they coalesce whether they still stand by it. listen their credibility is on the line. they said it. a lot of horrible things are said in primaries but i never heard anybody refer to primary opponent as con artist, needs psychiatric help. harris: give you example, south of the border former president vicente fox says he apologizes to donald trump. >> he did? i didn't hear that. harris: if he can -- remember he iced cuss words. if he can get there, how long will it ache other gop members. you thought about running against cory booker. how we discussed that off-camara. >> i showed him the opo book on him. harris: how do you get cozy with somebody you've been fighting like a mosquito for months? >> because it in the great interests of your country. harris: really?
9:34 am
>> i submit to you. harris: is that what it is? >> going into everyone of those guys, including mitt romney, would never say those things. marco rubio never say what he said about trump. harris: about the country or about them? >> when you're involved in this race and this young lady has been involved in this race you say the worst, go low, hit them in the, where the sun don't shine, you do everything you can. harris: thanks for cleaning that up. >> then, i almost didn't, but then when the smoke clears it is question is very simple. do you want hillary clinton or do you want donald trump? it is very simple question. you don't get column c. you can stay home if you want. i assume that the republican platform will be more appealing to conservatives than the democratic platform will be and that will help unify the party. >> donald trump won the nomination even with all of these slings and arrows being thrown. >> right. >> and being shot at him. you know why? >> thousands of negative ads. >> establishment republicans are the very people who abandoned
9:35 am
the americans voting for donald trump, who let their towns throughout this country rot over period of decades. i don't only in terms of racing money for him, he needs 15,000 donations to the party of $33,400, that gets him to half a billion dollars. that is what he needs. in terms of money, open endorsements i say nay. sandra: i think he gets a lot of advice next days or weeks. >> does he listen? >> color me cynical. a lot of these guys don't want him to win. they have a shot four more years. sandra: they're convicted crimes like murder, rape, tax evasion and perjury, but under obama administration program they will no longer be felons or convictions. they believe those words are degrading to former prisoners. is this more pc whackiness? we'll debate it next. ♪ jack be nimble, jack be quick,
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♪ >> welcome back. i am delighted to be outnumbered by this lovely an talented cast. >> ah. >> there is push by the justice department to avoid stigmatizing ex-prisoners. doj has a program to do away with the name felons, for person who committed a crime. no more convict. they will be called "an individual who was incarcerated" attorney general carol mason writing in "washington post," i believe we have a responsibility not only reduce physical but psychological barriers to reintegration. the barriers can drain their sense of cell worth, perpetuate a cycle of crime the very thing reentry programs are designed to
9:41 am
pre vent. sandra i know pc and whole rest of it, undeniable people served time, they are much more likely to be recidivists and much more likely to be reintegrated into society. so why not give this a try. sandra: i agree with you, makes them difficulty to get housing and higher education and credit. justice department laid this all out in the explanation nation for why they're doing that. there is reason for that. meant to deter people for committing crimes. there are consequences. they're trying to remove those consequences. what are we going to do to deter criminals? >> harris, let me follow up, i don't know where you stand. i assume you tend to agree on that. maybe that is not assumption i have to make. my point, don't you have to try something? someone get as year in jail, okay. a year and a day. so they're a felon. now they can't get into public housing.
9:42 am
they have to put, you know, on their application for a job, who will hire them. who wants to hire someone. >> you actually don't have to put that on the application anymore. something that does have a profound effect. harris: they took the box office. >> at the federal level, in 23 states, 100 cities and country's largest employers and walmart and target and koch industries, they do not have a box on initial job application where you say you're a felon. >> why not? these are awkward and cumbersome expressions. think of something more snappy. harris: to answer your question, what you're saying wipe a word a absolutely true about somebody who committed a serious crime? >> yes. harris: what if i tweet about it, you get me to scrub my twitter too? how far do you want to take wiping something away as a fact? >> illegal alien is a fact but it is also a horrible expression that is, that punishes people who did nothing other than, every other immigrant except they did it the wrong way.
9:43 am
sandra: wait, wait. we're not saying to quantify or qualify exactly what the crime was. that is different. so they fall into a category of crime. you can still say your pas filled with whatever. and that is what the word felon, that is what the word convict does. you're not saying convicted rapist. that is completely different. >> felon is a good word. i mean it is a bad word but good example. you could be a felon if you rape someone. you can a felon if you embezzle money. >> exactly. >> you con be a felon broke into a house in martha's vineyard. >> or killed somebody, right. >> it is kind -- >> in answer to sandra's question, the consequences you get to serve time in prison. i understand why after you get out of prison, voting rights in some states are banned. >> that is misconception. most people, most states allow felons to vote. >> not everywhere. my problem you served your time. you have done your time. paid your dues to society. i'm not suggesting you don't do
9:44 am
that. after you have done that, why do you stigmatize somebody for rest of their life. sandra: consequences of their crimes are not wiped away. >> consequences crime, if you killed somebody, rest of your life in prison. can't have somebody serve -- >> what do you call them, honey bunny? harris: i think you and are "outnumbered." they are trying to stop kids from being bullied, now cities are targeting parents of bully forcing them to pay up if they don't shape up. will this work and is it fair to pin the blame on mom and dad? ere and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or
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sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first to jon scott with what is happening up in second hour of "happening now." >> hey, sandra. donald trump is the last man standing and the presumed nominee on republican side. "politico" has fascinating piece. 12 signs donald trump will be president. we'll get into that with our political panel. he is already hitting hillary clinton hard. she is now facing fire from two sides, trump on the right and bernie sanders on the left. as she faces new revelations and pressure over her private email server. more on that ahead. plus an update on the story we brought you last hour. four-alarm fire in west houston, texas.
9:49 am
looks like firefighter with the handle on the flames. we'll get you update ahead on "happening now." sandra: good stuff, jon, thanks. >> thanks, sandra. >> we recently told you how oklahoma lawmakers were considering a bill to fine kids who are bullies 50 bucks. some wisconsin towns take a step further, targeting parents of bullies. the town becoming latest to pass a police issue warning to parents that child is acting like bully. they would have 90 days to address their child's behavior and fix it. if they don't, the first fine is 3$6. second offense within a year gets the fine bummed up to $681. there are a lot of moms here. and one father. julie, why, but -- >> nobody better come for my money. >> are parents so irresponsible to have to pass a law.
9:50 am
>> i don't know. my little 3-year-old has bully tendency. >> i knew that. >> i complain to dagen how. asks me how he is. he is in trouble again. >> as republican i would use the power of purse to create social change. i would reward parent whose children got as, with perfect attendance records. i think fining parents whose children are bullies are totally appropriate. >> that is horrible. are you joking? first of all what is bullying? i'm sounding like heartless republican. is bullying my telling you that i think you're ugly? is bullying -- i don't know. no, i am mother. >> you have 3-year-old. harris: teacher tells your 3-year-old is problem, by then you already know. >> no, no. if you're going to fine people this needs to be quantified in statute. >> rewarded or fined. harris: i agree. then you have to set the rules and make them clear. i don't think numbers are big
9:51 am
enough though. parents pay more than that to keep their kids quiet. pay more for devices to keep them quiet. i think this should be bigger to make it stick so it really works. when you hit somebody in the purse you get their attention. sandra: you are heard person say what is most important here, if it actually works. i dug through the research. nobody citing any research on this showing this work and this is effective in curbing bullying. >> how about my idea of rewarding good behavior? sandra: why -- harris: what is the baseline? anything below that is something that gets our attention. >> why does it require the government to get involved? >> thank you, i agree. >> public schools and inner cities are failing. try something revolutionary. we've been trying democratic approach, throwing money at teachers unions for decades to no avail. schools are horrible. why not try, go to parent, your kid is in school every day. >> you trust that school -- >> kid gets an a.
9:52 am
i give you a check for $100. your kid is bad -- harris: here is the big question. you get a period of time to fix it as a parent. if you didn't fix it before, is $366 going -- >> make it $30,000 a year, that is a lot of money. >> what if you're a poor parent? why would you penalize some poor parent because their kid is out of control. >> used to be called suspension and parents had to take care of them. harris: move on. elusive and notorious drug lord "el chapo" as you know is in custody. what ultimately brought him down was a woman. we'll be right back most people think that after an accident, you'll have to pay five hundred bucks for your deductible. the truth? at allstate, you could pay zero. allstate gives you a hundred dollars off your deductible the day you sign up. then another hundred off every year you don't have an accident. let the good hands reward your safe driving with a deductible that goes away. ♪ deductible rewards. one more way you're in good hands with allstate.
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♪ [laughter] harris: my goodness. she is the beauty and he is the beast. mexican drug cartel kingpin "el chapo" guzman, once considered the most powerful drug trafficker in the world now back behind bars after twice escaping from mexico. his capture credited that he granted an interview to actor sean penn tipping authorities to his whereabouts. the beauty actress was obsessed to her. proclaiming his love in tweets. for "beauty and the beast,"
9:57 am
geraldo spent a lot of time with miss kate to gave her surreal. >> "el chapo" walks you from the table to your room. you have must have been thinking during that walk, that this man wants to make love to me? >> yes, i thought that i mean i thought that he could do whatever he wanted to do. we were by ourselves. he is actually holding my arm, you know, for me good, because i thought i was going to faint. harris: wow. it is interesting to get those details from her. tell us more. >> well you have first of all, the most-wanted fugitive on earth. the dea calls him the usama bin laden of the drug trade. he is the ruthless head of sinaloa drug cartel, pouring heroin, this whole new epidemic and suburbs that is a sinaloa heroin from mexico,fenn tin noll, the sin at the time tick. hep chops people's heads off.
9:58 am
the way he gained control of drug trade through merciless violence. this is kate castillo, star in popular, "dynasty" like, "dallas" like show on television. portrays drug kingpin to uses ruthless violence and her charm. "el chapo" becomes obsessed with the character she plays in the telenovellla. she writes a missive. you're blaming for horrible crimes. i know you're not responsible for everything. why don't you -- he starts writing him back. harris: was she lonely? what was going on? >> i'm not a shrink but -- character she placed theresa mendoza, did the actress become in her mind, was -- i don't know why, but i know, a lot of people hung out with john gotti,
9:59 am
charles manson and his followers. harris: what happens? >> what happens they track the text messages between kate as she brings sean penn along and party goes into mexico and all this clandestine nonsense but the dea is watching, mexican attorney general says it was those communications and that meeting that led them to the first hit on "el chapo" in the jungle hideaway. he got away that time. when they caught him, got to listen to this, he had entire collection of her soap opera dvds in his duffle bag. harris: part stalker. dagen, go ahead. >> really quickly, isn't "el chapo" married? >> yes to a beautiful wife. sandra: really worried about that. >> why would he ever cheat on his wife? harris: got to run. >> because of his obsession with the little blonde played by naomi watts and just can lange. harris: so much more to this. be sure to watch this weekend, "beauty and the beast," saturday
10:00 am
8:00 p.m. eastern, sunday 9:00 p.m. eastern. we'll be here with geraldo rivera, so you have more questions about his castillo what she may have known, click on the "overtime" tab. for right now, let's bo straightaway to "happening now." we start off with a fox news alert. we are awaiting the white house daily briefing set to start any moment now. >> we are watch withing for new revelations that hillary clinton's private e-mail server might not be so private. we're covering the news now. new video of iraq, intense fire fight with isis that led to the death of an american hero, u.s. navy seal charles keating. >> when we asked and we lost everything. >> the wind- whipped wildfires forcing people to evacuate their town.


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