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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 5, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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we'll be here with geraldo rivera, so you have more questions about his castillo what she may have known, click on the "overtime" tab. for right now, let's bo straightaway to "happening now." we start off with a fox news alert. we are awaiting the white house daily briefing set to start any moment now. >> we are watch withing for new revelations that hillary clinton's private e-mail server might not be so private. we're covering the news now. new video of iraq, intense fire fight with isis that led to the death of an american hero, u.s. navy seal charles keating. >> when we asked and we lost everything. >> the wind- whipped wildfires forcing people to evacuate their town. and trying to save the city's
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downtown. >> all you can see is red flames. it is pretty scary. >> and it will get worse before it gets better. but will the tsa, asking congress for over time pay help shorten security lines? it is all "happening now". but we begin on thursday with donald trump's first day flying solo after the departure of john kasich from the race and the presumptive nominee may be facing his toughest challenge yet. i am jon scott. >> and i am heather in for jenna lee. it seems trump has his work cut out for him. after months of personal attacks and insults, his campaign reaching out to establishment republicans in the effort to change the opinion of mr. trump
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before cleveland. >> we are beginning with peter doocey in charleston, west virginia where trump will hold an event this weekend. >> reporter: jon, we found out two most prominent living republicans do not plan to endorse the presumptive nominee. the 41st president's spokesperson said at age 91 president p bush is retired from politics. he came out of retirement to do a now exceptions for jeb. but the 43rd president does not plan to participate or comment on the presidential campaign. party officials think that the party is uniting and taking a contested convention off of the table and having one
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candidate left standing and giving the gop an early leg up on the general election. >> if you hock at what happens with hillary clinton, losing in indiana and spending the money she wanted to spend on the ground game on this primary and we've been ready for years now and better p than we have been before. >> reporter: we got word in the last few minutes, that mitt romney does not plan to attend cleveland's nomination. and real republican party unity may be days away. the democratic candidates is splitting the coast. hillary clinton setting up shop in california. 475 delegates are available and she leads bernie sanders by double-digits in the polls.
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and bernie sanders in west virginia, our senior political correspondent is with the campaign near los angeles and he's in monterey park, california. hi, there, mike. >> reporter: hillary clinton is in southern california doing fund-raising and rallying supporters later today. bill clinton has done several events in southern california. early voting in california gets underway on monday and the clinton camp is competing for the 475 delegates at stake here. bill clinton took a swipe on donald trump. >> we are not going to kill our way out. we have to work our way out of it with defense and dimomacy and outroach. hillary is the most outspoken of any candidate against demonizinging moderate muslims
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that we need to win this fight. >> reporter: bernie sanders is in west virginia selling the income inquality message. knowing that income dropped in west virginia in 54 percent of the working age population in west virginia has a jovenlt he's talk nothing coal country about spending source cash to rebuild the economy there. >> when you make the transformation of the energy system workers will be hurt. we have $41 billion to protect those workers. we are not going to leave these workers high and dry. >> reporter: back here in l.a., hillary clinton is convinced she will be the democratic nominee, but not taking any chances in
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california since bernie sanders is not going anywhere. >> he sure isn't. so mrs. clinton is battling against two fronts against donald trump the republican nominee and bernie sanders who will stay in the democratic race until the very end. mrs. clinton said she understands where he is coming from. >> should you be the presumptive nominee. >> i know there are contests ahead and i respect senator sanders in the choice. i ran to the very end in 2008. >> you have been there. >> i won nine out of the last 12 contest. people forget that. >> we are joined by a senior political correspondent for usa today. >> it was supposed to be hillary clinton's coronation on the democratic side and turning into
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a horse race. >> ironic given where the narrative started. it looks like donald trump will easily march to his nomination, but i would call it a two- front war. it is not equal in terms of the firepower. bernie sanders is like the dead guy left on the battlefield keeping to jolt back to life. you are not at war with him. bernie sanders whether he acknowledges it or not. does not have a path to the nomination. even if he swayed all of those super delegates to come over in the states he won, he will not win given the numbers and super delegate numbers she has. he wants to push her in terms the party platform. and the reason why she can't take her eye off of him is him and the people he brings along. >> he has a lot of supporters,
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especially young people if they sit it out hillary clinton could be in trouble. >> that's the question. can she give him what she wants. there is a lot of things he wants that she feels is pushing her too far. the carbon tax, and making that firm commitment to a $15 minnium wage which she may feel risks losing jobs. and one thing to point to it, i really think she may cut a deal with him on the role of super delegates. i have talked to the clinton officials is masking the fact that she kept a lead in terms of pledged delegates and popular vote. there may be a deal for her there. but if he's not satisfied, she can kiss good bye his vociferous
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support between the election and convention. >> how things changed in indiana. the republicans were supposed to be headed to a iceberg in cleveland to sink the party and open convention and all of this battling. and it looks like donald trump will sail to the nomination, and the democrats may have the more interesting convention battle ahead. >> that's why bernie sanders continues to fight tooth and nail to the end. if you want tactics and symantices, the number of delegates to bring to the table in terms of the nomination, that will probably determine the number of voices that he has on the platform committee and he can use that to force his issues. but again, the question is, what she can agree to and not feel she is pushed too far to the
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left and then commence that election battle with donald trump. he will spend time from now until then, making himself more appealing to the general election audience and she will feel more boxed in. talking about the e-mail affect on all of this. hillary clinton's e-mail scandal is bubbling up again. the hacker who is in prison right now, tells fox news that he breached her private server pretty easily, and could have compromised national security. he offered up no evidence to back up his claim, but it doesn't help the narrative of her saying i didn't put anything important on my e-mail? >> that's right. no evidence yet until he provides a forensic evidence to back it up. he's done in previous cases.
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this is a highway profile hacker and provided evidence of that. but until he provides that, what it does, damage on the political front in terms of keeping the issue before the public. this will become where the game goes from here on out. whether or not this leads to charges, donald trump will use it to feed in to his narrative about hillary clinton and her judgment. he can't go after her on the experience and resume. but he can on the judgment argument. and he will use that to his advantage and the timing of the fbi investigation that is wrapping up and that will coinicide with the general election. heidi, senior political corspopdent with usa today. thank you. a u.s. navy seal last moments caught on video.
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that is tragic footage. alberta canada. the latest on the spreading wild fire and forcing thousands of people to evacuate as flames are so close. rrn a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen
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>> awe fox news alert the 90000 people forced to evacuate the homes because of a raging wild wild in the hometown of fort mcmurray and spreading to two nearby towns. the state of emergency, and more than a thousand firefighters are trying to get it under control. conoco phillips is shutting down operations. the fire destroyed 1600 structures. >> that is massive. >> we are getting new footage
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that captures the final moments of a u.s. navy seal's life. they teamed up with kurdish commandos in a gun fight. charles coating was shot on the battlefield earlier this week and died on the way to the hospital. jennifer griffin has more. >> reporter: hi, heather, the 5000 u.s. troops in iraq are supposed to be in advised and assist mission only. the new video clearly shows they were in cam bat. the team of 11 navy seals assessed the situation as low risk in the premission brief. at 7:00. 10-15 isis fighter ares broke through the kurdish checkpoint and sprinted in the village. u.s. drones were watching. the seals decided to stay and fight rather pull back and call
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in air strikes. they called in a quick reaction force and u.s. navy seal charles keating was part p. >> he was killed by direct fire. it was a gun fight. it was a dynamic gun fight. he got hit you know, in the course of the gun battle. there were bullets everywhere. >> reporter: of the 125 isis u.s. forces killed more than 50 fighters. the seals prevented isis from taking the village. isis lost a big battle in the syrian border. it was designed to divert attention from that loss. the u.s. military brought in b-52s and they stacked 11 war planes and drones above the the
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small village. f-16 and 15 jet fighters destroyed 20 isis vehicles and two truck bombs. the black hawk helicopter came in to get keating was hit by gunfire. the president has not made any statement in the wake of this navy seal's death. >> it sound ises like heavy combat. heavy hearts in the pentagon and here at home. jennifer griffin, thank you so much. >> the nato commander prepares to step down he raises a red flag of how the u.s. is responding to russia in eastern europe. he joins us live to weigh in on those warnings. and e- cigarettes, the warn withing. tired of working for peanuts?
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the fda, out with sweeping regulations for e- cigarettes. they are required to register with the fda. and ban the sale of e- siings to any one under age 16. and those regulations take affect in 90 days. the outgoing nato supreme commander issues a warning. general breedlove said america needs to focus on the growing threat of russia and warning about the failure to respond as
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valentine putin is aggressive in eastern europe. and we'll talk to guests. sir, thank you for joining us. we have covered the russian jets and flafy ships. we all remember the rebels that shot down the malaysian air flight. and the land grab of crimestoppers, where is all of this going? >> we ought to remember that vladimar putin's audience is domestic for him. he wants to maintain his grip on power and portraying himself as the strong one that stands up to nato and the united states, he plays well in his own country. secondly, he would like to break apart the linkage across the atlantic and get the united states walking away from nighto and he pushes on nato on the eng and georgia and modova and
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ucane. he has a three- prong strategy. and we need to meet strength with strength. >> is it just land or bases in all of that as we saw in the ukraine and also in syria. all of the above heather. and i will add to it. there is a strong economic component. he is trying to force these countries in a custom's union like the european union and a fro trade to include armennia and ka sistan. and there is an economic and military one as well. it is all about russia control near and abroad. >> the united states sees that as a role threat. remember in the reagan years and ronald reagan forced the soviets
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to spend money. and the economy in russia is thought strong. is there a financial solution to this? >> absolutely correct. maintain the sanctions on russia and european allies and asia nations inwhich you hadding japan. sanctions placed on russia in response to the invasion of ukraine and annexation of crimestoppers. that combined with low oil prices had an affect on the russian economy we ought to maintain that economic element as well. >> we haven't had a strong response yet. remember the state department called it unprofessional. and what does it take for us to be taken seriously? >> first of all. we need to move more forces around the periphery.
10:26 am
they think we will back off. and the new nato commander. the general at the top of his a jebbeda will be pushing forward rotational borders to show them we'll not back down. u.s. ships and aircrafts were operating in international air space and every right to be be there. >> we were reporting about a nato build up in the baltic and poll land. and russia would put 30000 troops on the board. and so what is the solution there. again, we need to demonstrate to russia that we don't allow russia to decide whether or not there are u.s. troops in places like pop land andro mania and latvian and if we cede that territory to russia, we get to the second big accountive of putin to break the united states away from the alliance. and we need to put our troops
10:27 am
there. and this is a long- term bad deal for russia because their economy is not strong. this will cost them and same strategy to bring down the wall. >> there is an editorial by michelle obama calling on companies to hire veterans. give them an opportunity to 90ed a mission at home. it is an important way to fulfill our obligation to serve them as well as they have served this country. your thoughts? >> it is it a terrific article. and hits the ball on the number of companies. j, morgan and goldman sach ises. it makes since to hire a vet. they are resilient and think of the courage and determination and true grit to stand in
10:28 am
combat. and they are innovators and they have to be. they face challenge and circumstances all of the time. and vets are very loyal. and so if i were in the business of hiring large number of people, i would look for veterans first. it was spot on. >> admiral, how long have you served our country ? >> 37 years in uniform coming out of annapolis. >> thank you. admiral, thank you. >> thank you, heather. another summer travel season is approaching fast and how the tsan is working to make your airport experience little bit better. >> donald trump, last man standing in the crowded republican presidential race. and what does he need to do to win in november. our political panel weighs in. >> and look what i have done. that's it you are out of here.
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plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. and its clinically proven formula helps you stay you. oh. nice shot. new ensure enlive. always be you. >> welcome back, donald trump is the resummative republican nominee after ted cruz and john kasich suspended their
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campaigns. he looks forward to a likely show down with hillary clinton in november. brad is the co-founder of goth ampublic relations and coran is a professor at george washington university's graduate school. you look the head-to-head polls. hillary clinton's ahead of donald trump, but you say not so fast you don't think she will necessarily boat him in the fall. >> donald trump is starting out and bullish on his chances, he has a near perfect working class message and master of the media and for trump nothing it out of bounds and keep the states romney and florida and pennsylvania. and he's the next president of the united states. >> can he do that? >> he can.
10:34 am
working class can voters are leaving the democratic party hand over fist. they are running out of white voters in the midwest and it is a problem for hillary clinton. >> bring brad in here. republicans have a problem in that donald trump doesn't poll well with minority voters, latino voters. he needs them to win. >> one thing with donald trump, this is where the traditional pundits are trying to take a square peg and put it in a round hole. donald trump is doing it differently. it is not how much he improves himself. how much he can tear downhill hill and that's what he's great at. he's the guy who runs a pretendis and made up the rules of apprentice. and what he did to the other 16 guys in the republican party.
10:35 am
he did away with them quickly. and he created so many followers. and really, his move going forward is not to try to you know, see how many more people to acquire. but how much more to destroy hillary. >> brad makes a great point, next ten weeks are the biggest for trump's campaign. he will solidify the gop base going forward and number one thing to guard against hillary clinton's political machine is risky and drnls. he has to find a way to win florida. if he can't win florida he can't win president. he has to keep the working class message and woo in women and hispanic voters. >> that's part of hillary clinton's message. she said he is a loose cannon and we don't need that. brad how will that play out.
10:36 am
ndonald trump has to do what donald trump does best. to change his tactics and try to acquire women voters and african-american voters, it is not the thing. he has to stay on his message. >> he needs them and he will acquire them with his own message. that's the way he will do it. >> staying on the same path now or alter his message. >> no, i think there is a lot of pundits saying look more presidential and look less scary and all of those things. he needs to do whatever he's done to win. this he's up against 17 candidates and had a good fight with cruz and kasich. and in the end of the day up against hillary and i don't think the strategy changes. i am sorry, you are under estimating donald trump's ability as a politician, which is underestimated so far. >> i agree with you.
10:37 am
i am a democrat and i know politics and i see a guy, i don't agree with everybodying e everything. but i appreciate his talent. >> i appreciate you calling a paid a spade. i appreciate you being honest. >> i am say issing that i think that donald trump has a great chance and the key is next ten weeks and now to the convention. and my concerns are two- fold getting 92 percent republicans in his tent and winning florida and being disciplined with respect to name calling and conspiracy theories. if he does that, he will be the next president of the united states. >> thank you so much. brad and we will have you back son. >> can donald trump unite the republican party. you are checking it out. it is up and running, join in
10:38 am
on the conversation. >> airport security lines might be getting shorter. the tsan is adding more screener, hoping to get you under way faster fsa looking to congress to help pay agents overtime. we have more on that. tom? >> this is where they say give us more money and look at 47000 tsan officers there is a easy way to move it around. the airlines are frustrated because the tsa, if they aren't staffed up, it makes it harder for the airline customers to have any kind of good experience. and as far as getting shorter, they are talking about adding 700 tsan officers to the 47000. and airline travel is up eight percent. and if you equal the same increase with the tsa loves in
10:39 am
the airlines and increase in passengers, you would have to add 4700 and not 700 tsan officers to keep the staffing. so it is going to be be shorter but by this much, jon. >> and looking forward to that. there was a big offer from gannet to buy the tribune publishing company. what happened with that? >> it is a simple story, looking at tribune stock down 50 percent from where it was a year ago. gennett spun off local tv stations around the world, they are a pure play newspaper operation. and gannett is trying to do scale. chicago tribune and l.a. times. they are looking around and how
10:40 am
can we get more scale cheaply in the stock over in tribune is down and that's what they are trying to do. gannet t has small and medium size towns to have newspapers and it is easy to change the cash flow in the newspaper business by increasing the subscription or the price per paper by a nickel and you changed your cash flow. that's what they are are looking for. and no more gannette tv station. they changed the name and there is a lot of people laid-off at those local stations as well. >> i hate that. and tom sullivan? >> a fount of information. >> that's where you became jon scott. >> apparently. >> and that, too. your training and you cut your teeth. i am sorry to hear about those jobs. >> and a disaster pairly averted
10:41 am
and a helicopter almost crashing on the side of a mountain and how the pilot managed a last-minute save. november, legal troubles doing hillary clinton and what the federal judge said about her e-mail controversy. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. gegiving up all the thingsan she loves to do. it should just mean, well, finding new ways to do them. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects
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these are difficult times for elderly holocaust survivors
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welcome back. we have incredible new video of a chopper recovery effort in utah that nearly turned into a disaster, watch this. helicopter pilots will know what is going on there. rescuers were in the mountains trying to rescue a woman. the main rottar hits one of the safety ropes and the pilot loses control and he was able to land
10:45 am
that shopper safety. and another chopper came to recover her body. >> she might be the democratic front runner but legal troubles are dogging hillary clinton. she might be forced to testify about the e-mail server. at issue is when she compromised national security. mrs. clinton suggested that the e-mail thing is much ado about nothing. but the federal judge said she might have to testify? >> that's right. six of her aides have to testify. and maybe he will issue an order later, she will have to testify as well. this is a civil lawsuit to force the state department and hillary clinton to turn over information that is a matter of public record. the judge is skeptical of what
10:46 am
clinton is saying. he wants to is have the answer. did she circumvent the open records law by failing to hand over records and second of all. did the state department protect her and cover it up? and the judge wants to know. >> they had to know she was nottousing state department e-mail? >> apparently there was a lot of confusion and it took three dozen lawsuits before the truth came out. requests were put in and the state department said we don't have those documents, and so the journalist had to sue to say wait a minute, these documents have to exist and indeed they did. and so the judge's potential order here, is that involved in the fbi investigation of hillary clinton? >> they are separate but very
10:47 am
intimately related. they all want to know the same thing. what was she doing? and why? and the fbi case is a criminal investigation and the federal lawsuit is silvcivil. >> it is against the law to place and store unauthorized information on an unsecure location or server. clinton's server was unsecure and unauthorized and the fbi is keenly interested in knowing the testimony of six individual exercise likely want to interview hillary clinton if she is deposed first, that will help the feds when they sit down with hillary clinton. >> and the infamousromannian hacker told catherine herridge he did. >> he said he did it easily and
10:48 am
repeatedly. we don't know whether he's telling the truth or not. he's cooling his heels in a virginia jail and waiting prosecution on hacking related charges. the truth of the matter is, it doesn't matter if he succeeded in hacking. the law exists to protect the risk of jeopardizing national security secrets. and here is the secretary of state. she is the keeper of our nation's greatest secrets and yet they are on a home brewed basement. >> we'll see what the federal judge decides, heather? >> states crack down on fantasy sports and one sight's founder is push ping for a new kind of stock market for sports. and we'll tell you how it workings. throw -- three months in jail
10:49 am
for an over due library book. what kind of deal have they offered them?
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
hi, what are the five states donald trump needs to win in order to beat hillary? is it one of yours? we're going to tell you. breaking news. there's a manhunt on the way for a baby killer that escaped in new jersey. the surveillance and he was in a drugstore recently. how you can help the police nab the guy. don't eat at the fast food joint chick fill a. is he stepping over the line? just seven minutes from now.
10:53 am
well, there's a push to establish a unique stock market for sports. it's a proposed amendment to establish the right to trade on fantasy sports market. the reporters say that the measure could bring in jobs and money. the o opponents are not thrilled about this. how would this work? >> reporter: yeah, for years fantasy sports can buy and sell players. now it's going allow them the to buy and sell teams. >> i was a diamond backs fan and it's fun to have the sports memb harrah beel la. >> the owner of teams are the luckiest teams on earth. >> it's a dream to be a gm and owner. >> it's why he in vented all sports market or as m and it's
10:54 am
the first sport's stock market. >> reporter: so this allows anyone to buy and sell their favorite sport's team? >> yes, all sports market is the stock market for the rest of us, and you can use the knowledge and passion to invest in the teams that you love. >> reporter: they're backing it and then proposed in california and the cross the country. >> 17 states are limiting the daily sports gambling on the internet. he says that his site should be kpamplt because it's investing and not gambling. >> it's a form of gambling. >> from stop predatory gambling and he points out that they take the approximate internet payments from sport's fans and hoping to make you money on the knowledge of the game or the team. >> this is a make believe
10:55 am
marketplace, so we live in a country today that half of all americanss do not own any assets and we're encouraging them to gamble in the stocks. >> so they say that it's absolutely gambling and at the very least it's make believing with with no benefits. what do you say? >> this is as much gambling as the new york stock exchange or nasdaq. >> well, unfortunately unlike the real stock market, you don't own the teams. you just are pretending that you do. that's it from here. back to you. >> for the teams, it's a better solution. >> reporter: yeah, you can very soon get regulated out of business. you never know. >> thanks so much. great to see you. all right. so here we go again. there's not a power ball winner in weeks. that means another huge jackpot. it's the final 30 next.
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all right. time for the final 30 and saturday's power ball jackpot is one of the top ten prizes in the u.s. history and $415 million. the largest jackpot this past january was 1.35 billion. do you return library books? >> yeah, i think that i do. >> this poor couple was dragged in front of a judge and they are avoiding jail time and saying that three months behind bar and a $500 fine for losing the dr. seuss book. i had tons of them. come over to my house. >> they had to go to court over
11:00 am
that? >> yeah, suspect thisn't that r >> one it was thing one or two that took it. >> that's my kids chblt. thanks everybody for joining us. "the real story" is is now. >> hi, ohio governor throwing in the towel for the white house dib and donald trump is the last man standing and bernie sanders showing no signs of giving up and campaigning today and donald trump also in west virginia ahead of the state's primary next tuesday. let's go to peter live in charleston, west virginia. peter, what are we expecting there today. >> reporter: hey gretchen. we're expecting a lot of people for the first rally as the last man standing. since that's the case, it's my


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