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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 5, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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day. now i'm beginning to piece together why bernie sanders' wife was saying we're in this race to stay. could it be there be because of the hillary clinton e-mail front. there are troubles on the hillary clinton e-mail front. to mike emanuel with the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon. while hillary clinton would love to shift her focus to november and the general election and taking on donald trump, the issue of her e-mails during her time as secretary of state is not going away. hi colleague, catherine herridge, brought to the hacker who was brought to the country for cybercrimes who says he
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accessed the clinton private server. >> you accessed a lot of accounts. >> yes. >> is the clinton server easy or hard? >> for me was easy, was easy, for me. for everybody. >> how many times did you access the clinton server, marcel? >> i say like twice because for me was not an interest. it was nothing for me it was not like hillary clinton herself. it was like e-mail server she was using with political stuff. >> the clinton campaign's response is, quote, there is absolutely no basis to believe the claims made by this criminal from his prison cell in addition to the fact he offers no proof to support his claims, his descriptions of secretary clinton's server are inaccurate. a federal judge issued an order
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saying it may be necessary for clinton to testify under oath about her private e-mail server before her party's convention in july. the order also includes other members of her inner circle during her time as sac of state. the judge says, the use of the private server may have been a deliberate attempt to avoid freedom of information act requests while he was serving at the state department. >> we don't know what any of this means or portendses trouble for mrs. clinton. too early to say of but obviously the idea of a presidential candidate having to testify under oath, perhaps weeks before her big convention, well, let's say, problematic, to' an attorney on the impact this could have. what do you think of that? the oddity of that? >> i think it's going to be quite interesting. note this. the reaction from hillary's camp
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was in part this is a criminal, he's not to be believed and also in response to the judge approving the discovery order said basically we're going to focus on the department of justice. the independent investigation. we don't have use for these right-wing politically motivate lawsuits, but note, these lawsuits, these foias, freedom of information act lawsuits, are what had hillary affirm she had turn over every work e-mail. it's also what led to the 55,000 plus e-mails being released by the statement department. so for tremendous ick pact on the issue and her campaign. >> when a judge says, i think it might be a good idea just to talk to mrs. clinton to hear her out, what does that signal? it doesn't mean anything untoward. what is he seeking? >> he specifically cited the narrow purpose of the lawsuit, which is to determine the adequacy of the state department
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residents search for these documents in response to that original foia request. he then says, look, it is necessary in answering that question to explore the creation, purpose, and use of this private server through this limited discovery of all of these depositions. so you're right. it's not a witch hunt. it's garnering more information. but he was quite explicit about the fact of who the depositions need to be with and why. >> when i had to chance to look at the political failout -- bernie sanders -- in west virginia right now -- his wife, jane sanders, was telling me without taking sides on the issue, just get it resolved already. i want you to react to this. >> there's a process. it's going forward. it's an fbi investigation. we want to let it go through without politicizing it and then find out what the situation is. and that is how we still feel. it would be nice if the fbi
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moved it long. >> what she was saying there, they're not going to make this an issue but this does cast a pall over the whole campaign. resolve it already. is it your sense that it all explode right before the convention, after the convention, what? >> it should because remember the judge set a two-month deadline with this discovery plan. so, if we stick to that, hillary could be potentially deposed within the next eight weeks, just in time for that. and remember in terms of the doj investigation, the staffer that created and monitored her private e-mail server has been cooperating with the doj and has been granted immunity. so there's two parallel paths. so, sure, the fbi might be taking their time but there's definitely a shorter timeline with this particular lawsuit. >> all right. emily, so many different angles in this,, all at the same time.
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thank you for making sense of it. something else we're ahead of the federal employment record. more indications companies are wearing off panel, who it's same or not, hard to say. it surged to 65,000 in april. gary says when you see companies laying off, that is a trend that is not usually interrupted right away. gary, what do you make of all this? >> look, markets, economy, jobs, they go in trends and sometimes when they start moving one way, they keep going. especially when you get into the job numbers. i have studied going back many, many years, and we have had a good nice trend. if it turns the other way it's trouble because it feeds on itself. >> the administration says we're getting more jobs, averageing 200,000 plus a month. no doubt about the jobs are back, just not the same jobs
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they are replacing, and i think that is what frustrates a lot of folks. you hear about those who had big six-figure jobs who are lucky to work a weekend managership but a job is a job so they tick it. that is part of the frustration and what you have called the consumer angst out there right? >> well, it depends on what you're making and how much you're making and how comfortable you are. i'm a big believer that every asset price. every data point based on what the central banks have been doing, and i think there's termites all over the place when it comed to the economy and will not do -- it can start to turn over badly if and when it happens. i think we're getting closer and closer, and if we start seeing jobs turn over the wrong way, i think heat going to light the fire heading south, and i think
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we're getting close. >> you know, know you don't go into the political realm, but on a day we're finding that mitt romney isn't going to the republican convention, neither president bush or president bush series or jeb bush, speaker ryan, he's withholding supporting donald trump for the time being. what's going on here? how problematic could that be for republicans? is this a brush fire, discontent? how too you watch it, markets and fallout? >> first off, obviously these people don't like donald trump but it's the voters that will go to ballot box and elect who they want to elect. i have news for you in many corners of the republican party those people you just mentioned aren't so well liked and there's a lot of passion for trump, whether or not it really grows big, and whether he is able to bring in hispanics and others, that will be another story. i have to tell you, everything
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he has done so far has worked. all the pundits have said so far has been wrong. so i tend to go along what if has been working and he's got a bunch of months to get the act together and true people in -- >> do you think he will? is it a problem if he doesn't? to pair praise mr. trump, there are some i whatnot to work with, others -- the vast majority seem to be aligning with mr. trump, but there are those within the power structure that are not. now, normally a divided family can't be a strong family going into the fall campaign. but, but, it can still happen. play this out for me. >> number one, we're still six months away from an election. number two, strength begets strength and i will guarantee you that if the numbers keep going up you'll see more and
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more people you did not expect to align with him to start aligning with him. starting to see it right now. starting to see on his end being mr. nice, nice, with a few people he wasn't. so that's going to change, too, and time does cure and heal wounds every now and then. think he ill -- hopefully he attempts that and we have a long way to good, and it's going to really depend on the economy. if the economy heads south i think he's going to have -- it's going to have a big ill pact. politician vs. businessman and that plays into his hand. six months to go and there will be a lot more love from the pup republican paster. >> he taken assault 160 of the most brightest stars in the republican party. so he has a track record. >> that's an amazing story. >> indeed. we are mentioning on donald trump, he's going to go to a big
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rally in charleston, west virginia tonight. here's what is very, very interesting, though. a big union there, very big union there, has come out for donald trump. but it is this particular union, and what it could portend in the fall campaign which explains why mr. trump is still campaigning as if he has plenty of competitors in the republican party. we're on it.
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well, the race is still on in the democratic party as well, and bernie sanders trying to make west virginia part of the string of deals he can put together and maybe make a final statement before, of course, california, and all the other big states on the same day. could be a case for some hillary clinton loyalists who say too little too late, but on the republican side as well, just because donald trump has clinched this doesn't mean he has won over everybody.
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we told you about speaker ryan not able to support trump just let following on the heels of the likes of mitt romney and the bush family, skipping out. a lot to read into that. we got to get back to what are the stakes with or without these people that donald trump needs to close the deal, for that, who better than larry sabato. smart people like you remind me that democrats have a built-in electoral edge, and bring them darn close to the 270 electoral votes. donald trump has to upend that where does he have the best chance to do that? >> you got start with florida. there is absolutely positively no way for donald trump to win nationally without the 29 electoral votes of florida, and florida's close. it's back and forth, back and forth. democrats have done well the last two times but only by the
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narrowist of margins. so start there. go on to ohio. because ohio, those 18 electoral votes is more than the 18. it's the fact that ohio has picked the winner 28 of the last 30 cycles, and i know you remember those 30 civiles cycleu remember the on exceptions are john f. kennedy in 1960. lost ohio but won the presidency, and franklin roosevelt in 1944 but no republican has been elected without ohio. so tart with florida and ohio. >> so, if you're looking at ohio, you're looking at florida, you could look to john kashich, marco rubio, to help improve the odds? >> yes. and i would throw in governor rick scott, who -- of florida because he has been for six years, he had two tough races. he is wealthy. he could be assigned to florida
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for virtually the entire general election campaign. that's not to argue for him over john kashich or over marco rubio. it's simply to say there oar -- other choices. >> interesting. i'll raise that with him on the next segment. everybody seems to say conventional wisdom -- you hear from dem contracts we're so glad it's donald j. trump. we'll run roughshod over him, and and we'll win in a landslide. what do you make of the dispark the dem croats are counting not only -- democrats are counting on a big win. >> you can make a lot or arguments to suggest they're right and you can also say it's may and go back 1980. and at that time ronald reagan was way behind jimmy carter, and democrats were praying it would be reagan. they were asking for reagan.
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they celebrated when it was reagan. and the guy won a landslide. that was not supposed to happen. the crystal ball was absolutely right back in 1980. >> do you ever get a sense that whoever wins, to change and break the logjam in washington, that person has to win by a lot? you mentioned ronald reagan with the '80 landslide and '84. and consequential big history-shaping massive movements in thinking and legislation are usually born of landslides? will that be the case to change things? >> it helps. we live in a very partisan age so even if you win by a little, as, say, george w. bush did, but also had the senate narrowly and he -- the house narrowly. that was enough to get his
1:19 pm
platform banks passed into law. so doesn't have to be a landslide but helps when the people put an exclaim make point after the election. everybody says, mens of the house and senate, say we'd better listen because if we don't we may be shown the door next. >> all right. brett baier caught up with donald trump and was pursuing this running made thing. what does this say about donald trump when some names about those who we consider and those he wouldn't do we have that? listen. >> as a reporter us there, you were down to nikki hailie and -- >> no, not nikki hailey, no, she wasn't under conversation. >> you had conversations with marco rubio recently, several of them. >> really nice conversations. not necessarily about that. just that we had -- always had a very good relationship, marco
1:20 pm
and i, and then got a little nasty for a period of time, and then we had the election and that was a tough period of time for marco. marco is a nice guy and i like enemy but not necessarily with respect to any position but it could happen. >> what do you think over the rubio thing? >> well, again, i think he has gotten long better with rubio, and rubio has made it clear that he might well be willing to serve in this position if asked -- >> that was little marco, the water joke, how do you move on from that? >> come on. these are politicians. >> all right. >> they get over things very quickly when they have to, or when it suits their interests. all about -- >> what do you make our quickly he dismissed nikki hailey and he just -- that was it.
1:21 pm
>> like any other presidential nominee, he has had relatively good experiences with some and relatively bad experiences with others, and for whatever combination of reasons he considers the fact that she endorsed rubio and sliced him at a very important moment in the campaign when he was hoping to win -- and he did -- south carolina. i can see why he made the decision, and, look, it's not like he doesn't have a lot of other choices. this is the nominee's prerogative. nominees are human beings and they pick people they want to work with. that they have good chemistry with and also someone they can win the election with. >> fair enough. larry, stick to this youch might have a future in this. you're the best. >> thank you, neil. >> well, you know, you heard florida for rick scott on larry sabato list of potential running
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>> speak of the devil. hardly the way people look at florida governor rick scott. good to have you. i have larry sabato, one of to the more brilliant political minds saying you'd be a perfect trump ticket filler-outer because you don't carry some of the nasty campaign baggage, presumably, marco rubio would. >> it's always flattering when somebody says nice thing about you but i have a great job and don't intend to leave mitchell goal is for donald trump to have a big win i. predict he will rein florida and win family. i'm going to stay in the job i have and do everything i can to
1:26 pm
make sure he is in the next president. >> if the exploratory committee was looking at you, and ben carson is heading that up and says we need to get stuff in detail from you, you wouldn't turn that down, would you? >> absolutely. it wouldn't make any sense since i want to stay in this job so wouldn't make any sense for the to go through the process. >> really. so -- i'm sorry, governor, don't want tobe belabor this. they have to vet you and everything and they began the process -- if they began the blows, you would stop it. >> i'll pass. we have added a million jobs. i want more jobs in florida. so i want a president who is going to be a good partner. not had a good partner the laughings five years and three months i've been governor nice to have one my last two years so we get more jobs. >> you want to see donald trump elected president, right now. there are many fellow republicans who don't seem to
1:27 pm
share that. speaker paul ryan saying i'm not ready to support him. and you heard from the who's who cast of the party, from the bush family to mitt romney skipping the convention. >> i think we have to think about november and think.what is going to happen in the next four years. barack obama's policies have not worked. if we sit on the sidelines and allow hillary clinton to win, we'll just have for more years of failed national policy. if you like the way the country is going, and most people don't, then vote for hillary clinton. wife you want to make a change some have somebody focused on jobs and doing good trade deals, build our military and destroying isis, you need to get behind donald trump, and the earlier the better. we have to unify the party. >> do you get a sense right now that donald trump is pivoting, maybe in a good way, trying not to be as confrontational and
1:28 pm
saying nasty things. one thing i noticed on the minimum wage, when i first discussed the issue, and whether it should be higher. it was at the first fox business delate last year. i want you to get a sense of this and how he has evolved. >> are you sympathetic to the protesters' cause since the $15 wage works out to about $31,000 a year. >> i can't be, neil. hate to say it but we have to leave it the way is. people have to go outer and work really hard and get into that upper stratum but we cannot do this if wore going to compete with the rest of the world. we just can't do it. >> do not raise the minimum wage. >> i would not raise the minimum. >> all right. fast forward to this comment on cnn. >> you can't live on 7.25 an hour. >> no, and i'm looking at that
1:29 pm
because i'm very different from most republicans. you have to have something to live on it. >> i've not talked to donald with regard to that position. i was in california this week and talked about the fact their raise to $15 means they'll lose 700,000 jobs. 700,000 people having a job and not having a job in my case we're seeing became growth in our state because we have added a million job. >> i know you're trying to woo those jumps -- we all evolve and change our points of view but he has changed on what was a very big subject and went out on a limb saying, no, no, the wage ties high now. now seems to be saying, yeah, could go higher. didn't specify how much. mitt romney said the same thing. you have a higher wage in your state than the national average but don't want it to go to 15.
1:30 pm
is that problem for donald trump? do people have to pin him down on this? >> i think he is going to go out and talk about what he thinks is important, which i know is the same thing i do, it's jobs. >> the same -- >> north -- not talked debt -- i have to talk to him. we want maximum wages help wants to build the job market. that's how we'll see wage growth and seeing it in florida. when you create more jobs and have job openings, became goes up and that is happening in our states and other states that elected the right individuals to grow jobs. >> governor scott, thank you very much good catching up with you. >> nice seeing you. have a great day. >> how do you celebrate cinco de mayo? if you're donald trump you tweet out this picture. looks delicious. wonder what the form are president of mexico, vein ten --
1:31 pm
vein send at the fox things of that.
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1:35 pm
observer of the race. her candidate is hillary clinton. her candidate is not your husband. >> i know you want to start a fight in the democratic party but i'm not going to play. >> i would never do that. >> no, neil. we know -- yeah -- that there are differences within the democratic party. progressives, moderates, conservatives, we intend to bring them all -- >> but she is the leader -- >> the bernie -- she is the lead kelsy gabberd and left dnc was she wants to support clinton. >> it was kind of hard to hear. jane sanders said yesterday,
1:36 pm
without quake saying it this minute my blueprintly there's a bias against her candidate, her side. it's clear the establishment wants hillary clinton and they're entertained by bernie and his enthusism and young fans but enough all right. right? >> yeah. dr. jane sanders is a bert woman -- better woman than i am. i was part of the dnc, have been an activist and i'm not as progressive as my millenials elm'll state up the dnc has been holding hands with hillary clinton and you's be blind to not see that. from the fact they have the stacked primaries, have closed primaries, that debbie wasserman schultz has allowed things like lobbyists to come into the democratic national committee,
1:37 pm
the super delegate and endorsed hill the u.s.a. last year. the list goes on and on. let's be honed here. the democratic party has been talking about hough they would need to raise all this money to compete against republican but wore not win'ing they select their confidences by how much money they can raise and hillary clinton can raise a whole lot of money. who does that benefit? not the people. that benefits the consulting class. the the i'm -- >> she is leading in the polls. your candidate, bernie sanders, leads even bigger in the polls when pitted against republicans, but their argue. is that if this drags out to the convention, they're the ones who could have the contested affair, maybe not enough to topple hillary clinton but to make it a nasty affair when they must be licking their coaches, seeing the division among republicans and all these power brokers who aren't going to the convention, speaker ryan, saying he can't
1:38 pm
support trump. they're getting impatient, come on, bernie, sit down. >> sure, but bernie is fueled not by bernie sanders and cutting deals with the dnc. he is fueled by a movement. 80% of progressives and democrats under the age of 50 support bernie sanders. that number should shock the dnc. as a bernie sanders supporter, as a democrat, i will vote democratic but i can't ensure a bunch of independents will, and if you want to break down the numbers they're worried about hillary winning with super delegates. 58% of super delegates are dnc members, and of the members, majority of them are men and white. hillary clinton doesn't want to win based on one super delegate equaling 10,000s. they don't want to talk about how they have lost 69 house seats, 13 senate cincinnatis, 910 state legislative seats. 11 governorships since 2008. yet they're raising more money
1:39 pm
than ever. where is the money going? it's a centralized party and not folk used on the grassroots, not pick going leaders and want to talk butabout how we're not able to compromise. maybe they should look for candidates who -- >> we'll see what happens. fired up and ready to go. diany of you see this? my worst nightmare when i go to a grocery store, that some nut sprayed mouse poison of the produce. it happened. get ready.
1:40 pm
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1:42 pm
i told you a lot of earnings have come out but we follow those who have a barometer on society, tremendousworks among -- dreamworks among them. the shrek series, being scooped up with comcast. out with bigger numbers.
1:43 pm
but part of pattern we're seeing emergency some media stocks that show when it come's to you and me and what we'll pay for, going tout movies and events, we're willing to do it but have to find the right opportunity and venue. keeping an eye on this. a michigan man arraigned on fourth felony charges for allegedly spraying mouse poison on foods. >> reporter: authorities release ed the suggest's named, facing four felony counsels of food poisoning help went into four stores and sprayed a combination of mouse poison and hand cleaner's salad bars and self-serve food. surveillance video shows the man carrying a red basket walking down aisles and was identified guy a number of shoppers who tip
1:44 pm
off police. he targeted whole foods, meijer, and plumb markets and my have prayed poison at 15 other marks in cities like flint and midland. the michigan department of health says is doesn't anticipate adverse health effects but still in the process of testing food samples and telling people to toss the food out. police say the suspect admitted to poisoning food but has not yet revealed the motive for doing so. >> wow. scary stuff. trace, thank you. you know, it is now politically incorrect to use the term convict and felon if you're talking about, well, convicts and felons. charles payne says, that's it. that's it. >> neil, we can focus on the politically correct aspect of this and that's what theft
1:45 pm
wanted to do. this is part and parcel of a much larger scheme going on for a very long time. ultimately to have felons be able to vote. right now, you remember the big news out of virginia where the 200,000 felons were given the right to vote. there's been some pushback on it but we'll see what happens. there's more than just the idea of rehabilitating the image of felons and convicts and ultimately to me i think this is what it's been about. 5 million felons being able to vote would tell the places like virginia where the votes seal the deal. >> i guess if you served time in jail you served time in jail. there's no nice way to say that. and we're all for having a good life afterwards and getting your -- you serve your time, done the crime, whatever, but this interpretation with the assistant attorney general, carol mason, writing: many of the formerlien considers rated men and women and young people i talk to say no punishment is
1:46 pm
happen harsher nba than being permanently brand a convict or felon. i can see her opinion. you have done the time and paid for the crime. >> if that statement is true to someone, if they really feel that, it should be the ultimate deterrent for not getting involved in the legal system in the first place. in other words if you are so concern about that particular stick marks then don't do the crime, because what we're not talking about is how to reband the victims? -- rebrand the victims. the administration wants to ban employers asking about someone's criminal records. are you nuts? what do we say to people who go out of their way, under similar circumstances as these folks and-don't commit crimes and they've grind out life and make it work hospital. due. how do we rebrand this movement that -- not to call a felon a felon or convict a convict, and we just turn the whole world
1:47 pm
upside-down. >> charles payne, weird stuff. >> it really is. >> thank you very much. his fine show starts in a little over an hour on fbn. this former president of mexico becoming kinder and gentler? folks remember this. >> ray. no going to pay for that [bleep] wall. i am not. he should know that. not going to apologize. on the contrary -- ahh... ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health at cigna dot com slash take control. my m...about my toothpasteice. she eveand
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thank you! thank you! what a week! we sat down, we kicked back, and we watched tv!
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1:51 pm
this coming a little more than a day after vincente fox, the former president of mexico, said he maybe went too far with some comments he's made about donald trump. now wants donald trump to come down to mexico to see mexico for himself. mr. president, very good to have you. >> thank you very much, neil, thank you. >> it sounds like you want to make amends here and he wants to make amends, too. to the mexican people. >> well, it is the intention, because what we need is him listening and learning the way of life, of others. starting with the immigrants of the united states, by the way my grandfather was a migrant that came from cincinnati, ohio, down to mexico. the state of juanaato, looking
1:52 pm
for his american ring. so i really want to contribute to keep this strong partnership that we have built with the united states through nafta. so yes, the invitation is open. >> have you heard -- have you heard back? >> no, no, i see that he is now having some enchiladas and some mexican food. i hope he will not get an indigestion. >> you had kind of a crass term you used last time. you acknowledge maybe you went too far. do you regret that now? >> what i worry about is, is issues. is fundamental things. besides the discussion or personal discussion with him. his thinking about strength, for instance, i think it's an absolute mistake and error. because the way to create jobs,
1:53 pm
create wealth, is by trading. and through investment. and the idea of enclosing this great leading nation in four walls in isolated from the rest of the world, is crazy. it does not go with the 21st century. >> well we got a problem here, mr. president, right? we've got a problem in this country. i understand and your biased for the mexicans and the mexican people. do you think you go a little too far when you claim he's a bigot? i've covered the guy for 30 plus years, i've never seen any indication of that. he wasn't against mexicans, the way that was played, the way you kind of reacted to it. he was against those who get into the country illegally and don't play by the rules what is wrong with that? >> well it is not -- clearly expressed what he meant. he's been aggressive with every single component of the community, society, nations. but let's get to the point.
1:54 pm
>> my only point is he do not indict all mexicans. he did not indict all hispanics. he did not indict all immigrants. he went after those who get here illegally and we ignore. your country -- >> let me explain. >> i'll let you respond to this. >> let him then explain what he meant by let me tell you that imposing a 40% tax upon automobiles manufactured in mexico, because we have a super is two errors, one, the taxes is going to impact u.s. consumers, americans are going to pay 40% more for the car they're buying. number two, it has to do with the idea of building a wall and mexicans paying for it. he knows pretty well we're not going to pay for it. >> well he says you are.
1:55 pm
>> u.s. taxpayers are going to pay for that wall. >> with our current account, you would have the money to pay for it. leaving that aside, i understand your frustration, but we've got a big mess -- >> i don't have any frustration at all. >> we've got a lot of illegals here, largely from mexico. and the problem seems to be that mexico makes it so, that mexico and things are so horrible in mexico, that naturally they want to come here. isn't the burden on mexico? to improve its economy so that -- >> 96% of mexicans have a job. same as in the united states. >> why are millions of them coming here? why are millions of them coming here? >> why u.s. americans go everywhere else in the united states to work and to do little bit more money? hundreds of thousands, but not to say millions of americans work outside. work abroad.
1:56 pm
>> i understand, sir but don't you think the problem should be addressed in mexico. if people are leaving mexico for better opportunities, doesn't that provide to the mexican officials, you're not providing good opportunities. it's your fault. >> well why americans go outside to work in mexico? >> i think the numbers are a little different, mr. president, right? >> no. i don't think so. there is millions of mexicans migrants in the united states contributing to the wealth to the greatness of this nation. he didn't spoke about them. they are my heroes, great people and i want to be at their side. because they've been offended and they are not criminals and they work -- >> he didn't call them all criminals. those who abuse the system and go around the laws, they're the criminals and technically that is the definition of a criminal, right? >> you have criminals everywhere and unfortunately we don't want that. we need compassionate leadership
1:57 pm
that understands the problems of the economy, that understands the problems of the people. that work with the people. it's good that he suggested to increase wages. great. >> understood. >> but the way to increase wages is -- >> morning ted! scott! ready to hit some balls? ooh! hey buddy, what's up? this is what it can be like to have shingles. oh, man. a painful, blistering rash. if you had chickenpox, the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime.
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hello, i'm dana perino, along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, eric bolling, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." hillary clinton insists she didn't put america's security in jeopardy with her use of a private email server as secretary of state. she was questioned about the investigation again this week. >> have you been contacted or have your representatives been contacted by the fbi to set up an interview? >> no. >> no contacts there? >> no. >> any indication that your private server was hacked by foreign hackers? >> no, not at all. >> not at all? not quite. aleast according to a romanian hacker, who said he easily and repeatedly broke into the


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