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  Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 5, 2016 3:01pm-3:22pm PDT

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time. and indiana was so overwhelming. it was such a great experience for me. and amazing and bobby knight helped. no question. but we won, it was a big big election for me. >> i want to talk about clear up some things and then talk about kind of general election themes going forward. first of all, the scuttlebutt is who you're going to pick as vp. everybody is asking you about it. i heard you say over the past 24 hours, that it's going to probably be a person with political experience. something that with work with the senate and the house. current or former? >> i say perhaps current, could be former. i think somebody with political experience that really has a close relationship with the senate. with congress. with, where they go in and help so we don't have to sign executive orders like president obama does every hour. it would be nice to get something passed, as opposed to just saying, we're signing it anyway. and i think we have some people that are very good candidates.
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i'm looking at some wonderful people. some were on the stage with me and some are not. >> there's a report out that you were down to nikki haley and suzannah martinez. >> nikki haley. no. she wasn't under consideration. isn't, really, she's very fine. but she's not under consideration. i'm looking at quite a few. >> you had conversations with marco rubio recently. several of them. >> we've had really nice conversations. not necessarily about that, we always had very good relationship. marco and i. it got a little bit nasty for a period of time. then we had the election and you know, that was a tough period of time for marco. marco is a good guy. a really nice guy. i like him. not necessarily with respect to any position. but it could happen. >> do you think he would say yes if you asked him? >> not necessarily to that one, but even that one. i've had a really good relationship with him for a long period of time.
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we had a little rough period for about a month. >> a little. >> you tend to forget that. you tend to forget. especially if you win you tend to forget it. but marco has been very supportive. very good. you know he said very nice things. >> speaking of that, you have dr. ben carson heading up your vice presidential election? >> i do. somebody who i have a lot of respect for. a great guy. i've gotten to know him much more so. he called up and he wanted to be part of the team. long time ago. he's been with me a long time. goes out and makes speeches, everybody loves him. >> that's a lot of trust to put somebody in charge of that committee. >> he's going to be looking and recommending. i like to have him later on, too. with something, we'll see what happens. but ben has been terrific. chris christie has been terrific. many people have been great. many people behind the scenes that you know people would be shocked. i think my biggest surprise is some of the people that speak so badly about me on television over the last two or three
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months are calling consistently calling. and they're saying you know, we'd like to be part of the team and one of them recently i just said, i said let me ask you a question, how can you possibly say good things about me after what you said. and he said don't worry, that's no problem, because they're politicians, they can say whatever they want. we're going to have a lot of people come on. a lot of people are supporting. and saw yesterday, all the names that have announced they're supportive. >> people look at what you've said and what they've said on the campaign trail. about different people. and now you're kind of past all of that. >> i mean carson this is a guy who heading up your vp committee. you called him pathological at one point. >> he said that -- >> i just repeated. >> he said you don't want a person that's got pathological disease, i don't want it. >> i talked about his book. he talked about his book. if you really read that statement, read what he is. i think i think it's pretty understandable when you read the
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book. he's really a fine person, he's a person i've gotten to like. >> i want to clear up this controversy that you've been asked about a couple days in a row now. where the last day in indiana, you bring up senator cruz's father. and lee harvey os-week-old. are you aware of any single piece of evidence that backs up the claims that you talked about? >> let me tell you how it started. his father said some really terrible things about me. and said pray and pray you know in a very bad sense about me. like nobody has ever said anything like that. and it was on tape. and your friends at fox and friends played it. and steve and brian, the group, they played it. i must tell you i was shocked to see it. i didn't see it until then. and i said i think it's a very nasty thing, it was a very nasty thing to say. it didn't come out of nowhere. >> and i had seen a week before, actually all over the place,
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there was a pirktd of the father -- picture of the father. after what he said about me, it's a little bit tough. he was having lunch or breakfast with lee harvey oswald. >> they're not sure it was him. even the expert didn't say it was. >> they didn't dispute that. they didn't dispute that. >> yesterday you said i don't think anybody has denied it. >> cruz denied it. >> i don't know, maybe they denied it later. certainly they didn't deny it when it was first made. here's the thing. they did a front-page story in one of the national magazines. >> "national enquirer." >> picked up bay lot of people. i said what about that? i would like somebody to explain that. that doesn't mean there's not an explanation. i'm sure there is. >> they denied it at that press conference that you then talked about when he kind of you know had all the things to say about that. >> they can deny it, it is -- >> i know you've heard this. >> that you have a nominee now, presumptive nominee who throws
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things against the wall and sees what sticks. citing reports, maybe not backed up. sometimes they're truth-challenged. as we've seen, you don't pay any political price for that. you have a loyal following. that's concern that now as gop nominee. just a matter of weeks you're getting classified briefings by the c.i.a. and the fbi. will your style be the same on the campaign trail? throwing things against the wall? >> when i cite reports. or when i cite major magazine articles, it's up to believe it or not believe it i'm not writing it myself. i think that's a very acceptable thing to do. as far as briefings and all, i will do much better than hillary clinton ever did with her emails, which she exposed the entire country to whatever she's learning as secretary of state. you don't get any worse than that. so i think that frankly, yes, i can keep a secret probably better than anybody i know. maybe better than anybody i know. >> on the email issue, you saw
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the story about hackers speaking out, the gucifer guy that apparently hacked into hillary clinton's emails. what do you think about it? >> i think it's very serious. it sounds true to me, but what do i do. it's not a question of him, it's what she did and why did she do it? bernie sanders said she's not qualified to be president. he said one of the reasons she's not qualified is she has bad judgment. she's got bad judgment. who would do this with emails, that's a very serious problem. and bernie sanders made a very serious mistake when he passed on it. he took a pass. now perhaps he'll go back because he certainly doesn't like her at least he doesn't like her any more. and you know it's a crooked system. like i say, crooked hillary. >> you said you were going to reach out to bernie supporters, you think you can get some of those voters. >> i think i can. >> will you be reaching out to conservatives? >> i have conservatives, other than some people that want to get publicity for themselves. >> some of the people that want to get publicity that i've
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defeated you know, i defeated them. it wasn't a pretty picture. maybe they're not used to being spoken to that way. >> we have to have for our country. most of the people are defeated people. and they've held a grudge. >> there are people in this the republican report, who are not on your side. you have to acknowledge that. senator ben sass, from nebraska. >> who i know. >> you've had a twitter back and forth. >> here's a guy, i watch him on television, know nothing about him. >> he's calling for an independent candidate to run for president. >> he's a real genius. let's say you get somebody to run. that means the republican can't win. now you have four to five supreme court justices that will be picked by hillary clinton or whoever it is. bernie even worse, because of a guy like ben sass, that would mean republicans can't win. if you do what he's suggesting. >> the worst thing that can happen, i'm going to win. i'm going to put wonderful,
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conservative good, solid brilliant judges. >> you're going to lay those out. >> i'm going to lay them out. i'm going to discuss people. >> a couple of groups. i think before the convention i want to put up 10, 12, 15 names of the type of people that we like. i would like to do that. >> from that list that you will choose? >> i've suggested that. i don't know if it's been accepted. from that list, i would choose, he's a conservative judges, would be great judges. >> you have two, the last two republican presidents saying they're not going to endorse you. >> i understand that, i understand why they're not. the war in iraq was perhaps the worst decision ever made in this country's history. it totally destabilized the middle east. it was a total disaster, made by bush. i took jeb bush on very hard. he was very nasty to me, spent $15 million, $20 million negative ads on me, nobody
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mentions that. they just say i was very nasty to him. i was, i came up with a low-energy individual. whether he is, i think he is. but it was a tough fight. he fought fought hard. he got out of the race. >> you think that their decision has to do with jeb bush? >> of course. i criticized his decision to go into iraq. you've come up with articles. but there's audio of you before the war -- >> no there isn't. >> a buzzfeed piece. >> yeah, i'm talking to howard stern. weeks before. first time anybody, i was a civilian. first time anybody ever asked me about the war, should we go in. because there was the question, are we going in? i said very weakly, yeah, blah blah blah. and then by the first day of the war you said it's a tremendous military success. >> what i said, what i said is, it was a success, because they thought it was a success. but before that, i said they shouldn't go in. then all during, for many years, i said this war is a huge
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mistake. in fact in 2003, 2004, they did an article, a big article in one of the magazines and "reuters" did an article where i'm very critical of the war, get out, it's a mistake. >> to you it's crystal clear in your mind. are you going to hit hillary clinton on this issue? >> she made a mistake. when she voted for the war. she made a big mistake with syria. she made a tremendous mistake. look at benghazi. she did the whole ad, who do you trust at 3:00 in the morning? you don't trust her, because she was sleeping there were plenty of calls in, she was sleeping. she took them from blumenthal, but she didn't take them from the ambassador. nafta was signed by bill clinton. nafta has been a catastrophe. an absolute catastrophe for our country. they say i'm not conservative, on trade. i believe in free trade, that's what they want. but we're getting ripped off on free trade because our leaders don't know what they're doing. in the case of mexico, i have nothing against mexico. thousands of people that work for me from mexico. they're fantastic. hispanics, think i'm going to do great with the hispanic vote. >> today is cinco de mayo.
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do you have any message to the mexican americans? >> i have no message other than i have great respect for mexico and their leaders, i'm not holding anything against mexico. i'm not holding anything against china. i'm holding it against our leaders for making such horrendous deals they're incompetent or they're taken care of by groups. there's tremendous money that pours, they pour into the superpacs. and to campaigns. today you announced your national finance chairman. he's an ambassador, former partner of goldman sachs. there will be people who say oh, he's buying into the big money. >> he's raising money, and he's been a very successful guy, young guy, smart, very sharp. wants to do this feels very committed. but he's raising money for the party. he's raising money for the republican national committee. >> you're going to take donations. >> i'm going to take, what i'm doing is i'm going to be putting up a lot of my own money. he's raising money for the party. he's doing that as a joint
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venture with the party. i'm going to be spending a lot of my own money. i'm going to keep it going. i don't know, so far i've spent probably $45 million or $50 million by the time the primaries are over. that's substantially less than what other people have spent and they've been sitting home for two months. a couple of policy things, i had a member of parliament on the show recently. pushing for brex it. the great britain exit from the eu. where do you stand on that? >> i think the migration was a horrible thing for europe. a lot of it pushed by the eu. i would say they're better off with it i know great britain very well. i know you know the country very well. i have a lot of investments there. i would say that they're better off without it. but i want them to make their own decision. >> puerto rico, there's a battle on capitol hill about restructuring its debt. concern about a possible bailout down the road, where are you on that? >> i think they can restructure their debt without a bailout. i think you can restructure
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their debt without. >> so for paul ryan's plan about restructuring the debt situation? >> i think i think you can restructure the debt without a bailout. you can restructure the debt. let the bond holders take a hit. puerto rico has too much debt. they have to get rid of it and when you restructure it, you have to cut it. you have to discount the debt if you don't, it's a question of time before they come back and do it again. >> campaigning in iowa, you said i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. you obviously know a lot about leadership. based on this, what's your assessment of the leader of isis? his strengths, weaknesses. >> they've had numerous leaders, we don't know who the leader is, brett. you have different people in different areas. what does amaze me is they have a leader and we can't get him. he's unbelievable. you have more than one leader of isis, they're expanding and spreading and taking over the oil in libya.
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which is really pure, great oil. among the best in the world and they're sending it out on ships and we're doing nothing to blockade it? >> if they toque took out abu bakr al-baghdadi, would you say decapitation would kill isis or another leader would pop up? >> no, another leader would pop up. it's been proven. we've knocked out leaders all over the place and somebody else comes up. he just seems to be a great leader, every time we take out one of their leaders, there's no difference. >> and you have a plan? i have a plan. you would have to hit them very hard, we have to knock isis out. we have an obligation to the world to knock them out if russia wants to help us, when they were dropping bombs on isis and i heard different people like lindsey graham upset that russia is getting involved, i said why, is it wrong? whoever wants to get involved, we have to get them involved. this is a threat. this is a threat we have to get rid of. >> about russia, you were asked if you've ever spoke ton
quote quote
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vladimir putin. and you said i don't want to say. i have no comment on that. >> one of the things people like about you is to answer any question. >> let's assume i did. perhaps it was personal. you know i don't want to -- hurt his confidence. but -- i know russia well. i had a major event in russia two or three years ago. miss universe contest. which was a big, big incredible event, incredible success. i got to meet a lot of people. and you know what? they, they want to be friendly with the united states. wouldn't it be nice if we actually got along with somebody? >> sure, but why do you think russia is doing these dive -- >> because they really dislike obama. they don't respect obama and they really don't respect our country. >> do you think on some issues you're to the left of hillary clinton on foreign policy? >> i think i'm much tougher and i think we won't have to be honest. i hear that i might may be to the left. i believe in very, very strong
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defense. i believe in world peace. i want to help other countries. >> you're going from running in the primary to eventually running in the general election. how many of your policy issues you've talked about on the trail, do you think will evolve? in that transition to a general election nominee. >> i think what i will be really talking about a lot, will be illegal immigration. but i think in order will be the economy number one and jobs and good trade deals. because that's ultimately part of the economy. because we're losing so many jobs because of our crazy trade deals, including nafta. >> congressman chris collins from new york. endorsed you, a member of your congressional leadership team. you know he's against mass deportation of il legal immigrants, he's against a temporary ban on muslims. he says that when you become the nominee, and then his idea, when
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you become president, that you are going to be more nuanced than you are on the trail. what do you say to that? >> look, everything honestly is going to be we have to negotiate we have to see, i can't make these decisions myself. we have to deal with a lot of people. i can't just take executive orders like obama and somebody was saying my tax plan is very, very steep. i mean i have the biggest tax plan. but i'm not the one that does the tax plan. it's me and lots of congressmen and lots of senators. and lots of everything. so i would say that certain things will be changed. certain things will be stay exactly the same. but you know, there is a negotiation back and forth. i mean i'm somebody that would like not to sign too many executive orders. it wasn't what our founders had in mind. sitting down and signing executive orders. chris collins, a fantastic guy,
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by the way, a fantastic guy. but i'm very strong on illegal immigration. that will never change. that doesn't mean in terms of implementation, we don't make a change. we have to stop the drug money from pouring in. but we have to do what i say we have to do. now, with that under, with that understanding, there will be negotiations, because i'm not a dictator. i'm being elected president, hopefully. because i'm going to make america great again but we're going to have to negotiate with lots of people. including republicans. >> you've been very clear on the stump that you oppose any reform of medicare, medicaid, social security. yet you told "the washington pos post", you would eliminate $20 trillion of national debt in eight years. >> i think what referring to, i'm very good at understanding banking, debt, i'm one of the all-time professionals.
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we can see where interest rates are. we can, we can discount that. we can for instance, you we may refinance when interest rates are so low. a lot of people think we should refinance, take in some extra money and redo the infrastructure of our country. we've spent $4 trillion in the middle east. we owe soon $21 trillion. we're going to have to do something about our debt. >> negotiating with paul ryan on his plan. that every republican almost has votesed on. is one of the things. >> i want to make our country rich again. i want to bring back our jobs. i want to make our economy soar. i want to do things that are going to make us so rich that we won't have to hurt social security. we won't have to hurt medicare. we're going to make our country rich again. i'm honored to be here and i'm going to do a great job and hopefully people are going to
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say, including people that aren't loving me right now, they're going to say he did a great, great job as president. >> candidate casino is shut down. but you have all black chips from charles krauthammer and steve hayes and everybody else. >> that's hard to believe. i think i'm going to take a picture. of these guys with the chips, right down on the 100s. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. i also asked mr. trump if he'll release his tax returns. he said he would, if he's not being audited. and pointed us again to these photos of him signing his tax forms. stacked up. many tax experts say either way, he could still release them or summary of them. trump told me he'll say what