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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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are made in trump tower grill. i love hispanics. that's all for campaign flash. see you tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. right here on fox news channel. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> this is to me a classic case of a blustering, bullying guy who has knocked out of the way all of the republicans because they were just dumbfounded. >> hillary clinton beginning to lay the her opposition to donald trump. we will handicap the most raucous political vote in history. >> my instinctive is trump is going to win and beat hillary badly. >> conservative americans remain divided over mr. trump. dana perino has some thoughts about that. >> who is going to pay for the wall? >> donald trump. >> he can afford it. >> also ahead, jesse watters asking the urchins about who they want to lead america. >> bernie sanders should be president because that's what my grandma and grandpa
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say. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. handicapping the clinton-trump race. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know, we at the factor like to advance stories, not give you the same old stuff over and over again. as we predicted weeks ago, hillary clinton will be running against trump for the presidency unless she is indicted over the email scandal. so, let's take a look at who has the advantage right now. an analysis of the electoral college by the "the washington post" says that if mrs. clinton wins all the states, traditionally win, plus d.c., she only needs to win florida to become president. but that is a bit simplistic because donald trump should be more competitive in states like michigan and pennsylvania, than mitt romney was. however, there is no
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question, no question mrs. clinton is a favorite to win at the moment. even talk radio republicans are split on trump. >> my instinctive feeling right now is that trump is going to win, beat hillary badly; that it could be landslide proportions. i still don't think people understand why trump won this. i don't think they understand at all the reason people support trump. >> because donald trump is the g.o.p. candidate, and i believe hillary clinton is going to win because of this, you will never elect another g.o.p. person to high office ever again. because, what's going to happen is you are now going to have hillary clinton legalize as many voters as you can. >> right now you can throw out the primary votes out of
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the window. about 20% of voting age americans participated in the primaries, leaving the vast number of americans still to be heard. mr. trump's support is fervent and that will help him. secretary clinton's support more tepid. however her advantage in the minority precincts and women substantial miss clinton putting forth she is not going to take any guff from donald trump. >> if he wants to go back to the playbook of 1990s. if he wants to follow in the footsteps of those that are tried to knock me down and take me out of the political arena, i'm more than happy to have him do that. this is, to me, a classic case of a blustering bullying guy who -- who has knocked out of the way all the republicans because they were just dumbfounded. >> for his part, mr. trump told me last night he is more than happy to take the low road if hillary clinton attacks him. that sets up a very unpredictable race. remember, a debate between
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clinton and trump will be the most watched political event in history. summing up anything could happen. hillary clinton has to be considered the favorite today. that's the memo. now reaction, joining us from washington richard sam mary olinger monday, kiplinger letter and here in new york city dr. david rothschild founder of so predictwise, what's your prediction? >> well, right now, we're looking at about 70% that hillary clinton defeats donald trump. >> that's the same odds they have in london. >> that is the same odds. >> yeah. >> we are looking very closely at the prediction markets. these are places where people buy and sell contracts that are worth money if they win, worth no money if they lose. they are saying about 70%. >> you can't bet on a presidential race in america. it's illegal, correct? >> actually, you can. there are smaller places that the ftc has allowed. >> internet.
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>> vegas won't. >> $850 per contract that you can go to predict it and make these bets. what we are seeing here is this splits the difference between the fundamental models that say, look, generic republican, generic democrat you are at a toss-up maybe slight democratic edge in hypothetical matchup points showing hillary clinton dominating donald trump. but these are still very early. and most people don't know who the no, nominee is going to be. >> the odds change. 70% hillary, 30% trump? >> that's right. >> how do you see, mr. sammon? >> that's a move straight up to november. i would give hillary clinton 2 in 3 chance in being elected. 1 in 3 chances nothing. what trump needs to do is to win florida. he needs to keep his base really excited the whole way through. and he also needs them to turn out. he needs them to replace votes that he loses in the women sector, in the minority sector, and, yes, he has a one third chance. he also needs to perform
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extremely well in the presidential debates which are different than the primary debates. >> you know, mr. sammon, i believe there is a chance that hillary clinton won't debate him. and she will say, particularly if it gets really nasty and personal. she will say, look, i'm not going to put myself through it i don't know, i mean, i can't predict that will happen, but there is a chance because i'm trying to put myself in each candidate wants shoes, and if trump is really going to town on monica lewenski and these things, i don't think mrs. clinton will show up and she will say, look, nobody would. but, if it does happen, a clinton-trump debate, i think you are right, that, doctor, could just put this whole thing on its ear, right? >> i think the interesting question is where is this uncertainty? and you are hearing this question about the doe baits. well, the debates are pretty late in the game. very few people really change their mind that late. and, also, voter turnout is pretty sticky. year after year the same sort of people turnout. i'm going to question one
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thing you said at the top which is this question is it better for trump to be thinking about pulling off ohio, virginia, the kind of classical swing states or leapfrogging over to michigan and pennsylvania? and i think that if he actually has a chance, it's actually going to be in the slight changes in those states that have been historically tight swing. >> the ones that are really hurting economically i agree with you would be the states that he could spend a lot of time in and, perhaps, you know, turn it around. but they have to have a lot of electoral votes. is it fair, mr. sammon, when you take a look at it that a state like california is a hillary clinton state no matter what trump does. >> yeah. i agree with you. >> so that's enormous amount of electoral votes right there. texas will be a donald trump state, no matter what hillary clinton. i don't even think you are going to see hillary clinton in texas. you didn't see barack obama and he went down there once. new york, trump's home state, more than two to one democrat to republican registered only two to one. trump could win here but i would have to do much better in the new york city area
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which is friendly clinton territory. so just in the electoral college, it looks like donald trump doesn't have much margin for error at all. >> i would keep an eye on new york. you make a good point. new york doesn't have to always be in the democratic side of the equation. there is a lot of rural areas that support donald trump. there is a lot of the city that does, too. and, also, there is a lot of people who don't want another clinton again. and so new york could be in play. the same is true with pennsylvania. almost always goes democratic. that's because of the philadelphia, metropolitan area. you look at the middle of pennsylvania, that could become very competitive. and, remember, we are in a volatile year. not every forecast of every state is going to hold true one month to the next. >> okay. >> let me disagree with mr. sammon on that. >> go ahead. >> which is to say if you are thinking about electoral strategy. if he wins new york he has probably won 47 other states. we don't see the dramatic types of swings that we see
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in previous to 1980, previous to 1992. we're seeing a much more stable environment. there is not that much shift and turnout from cycle to cycle. there is very little shift people. you have a third of the population who highly identifies with one party. third of the population highly identifies with the other party. most independents vote the same way year in and year out. >> you have personalities that purchase, much larger although barack obama was a big personality. but this one? but i do concur that right now mrs. clinton is in a power position. but there are so many variables surrounding her that it could change. you guys were good tonight. i want to bring you back for update maybe every six or seven weeks to see how things change. gentlemen, thank you. next on the rundown, hillary clinton already has an attack ad out against trump. dana perino will analyze it. also a medal of honor recipient. true american hero will tell us harrowing story of fighting for his life in average. wait until you hear this
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that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? in the impact segment tonight, didn't take long but hillary clinton already has an anti-trump ad on the net. >> everything i say and do folks, i do. okay? >> i will get rid of gun-free zones on schools. my first day it gets signed, okay? >> planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. >> get rid of obamacare. >> i will build a great, great wall. >> we're going to have a deportation force. a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. ♪ >> with us now dana perino whose big best seller and the good news is now in
5:14 pm
paperback. there it is. doing yoga on the cover. very good. what did you think of that ad? >> i always think it's effective when you use somebody's own words against them. so if you are going into a debate, you want to know what your opponent has said, know their record better than they do, and then be able to make them try to defend it. >> here are the two things i took out of it. number one, this might make more people vote for trump. >> that's the paradox. >> right. >> going, yeah. i don't like planned parenthood. yeah. i wants obamacare repealed. so, it might help him. number two, the music. if you're going to make him into a ghoul. you have got to have hard music ♪ >> internet ads don't have the best music. good possible business venture. >> but this, i mean, those who do not like donald trump don't need to be reminded of his palm bass -- bombastic statements. >> this was not meant for them. >> these are the zombies on
5:15 pm
the internet that don't know anything. >> or her supporters. has to show that she is willing to fight him. there is probably only about 8% of voters who are persuadable or gettable at this point. and all of the campaign something going to be trying to get them. >> you make a good point. a lot of people addicted to the internet that don't know anything oh, look at this. now, today, in donald trump got some bad news president bush the older and president bush the younger, romney, are not going to support donald trump. big names. add them to john mccain and other establishment republicans. do you think that will effect the vote? >> in november? >> yes. >> possibly. but i think also that what donald trump would say look, i'm bringing all these other new republicans in. >> of course that's what he would say. let's deal with reality. >> the rift is real. this are conservatives who feel they don't have a good choice this time around. >> these are establishment people. >> you still need them.
5:16 pm
>> i don't know something and i need you to tell me. >> okay. >> all right? trump is saying, look, i'm not going to win over the establishment republicans. that's what i ran against. i ran against the blow-up the establishment. of course they are not going to -- how is that going to impact him though? >> i do think there is a real risk that you have a significant number of establishment republicans or even those that would consider themselves conservatives that are not going to be able to pull the switch for him. that's not true for all of them. i think he has already shown an ability to peal off some. >> yeah, newt gingrich, rudy giuliani. >> going to be running for governor of virginia. he was the former head of the rnc. i think that donald trump actually do do a little bit more picking up the phone and saying i know i might not be your cup of tea but please get behind me. >> you don't know if is he doing that. >> i don't know if he is doing it. >> you know he has talked to marco rubio on the phone. >> yeah. and he did talk to paul ryan and he said that they have had good conversations. what ends up happening is
5:17 pm
you have something more like a coalition government. say donald trump wins the presidency, speaker ryan is the speaker of the house. they have to figure out a way to work together. >> i don't think that's going to be the difficulty. the difficulty is going to be -- >> -- the election. >> him getting it because right now. >> which is why a lot of people that have been reluctant to support trump from the beginning have been saying they want to back a winner as well. the party and new voters have chosen donald trump as the nominee. so, there is that. and there are benefits and consequences to a total disruption. and you have to figure out a way to accept that and try to make up for the deficit on the other side. >> it's going to be an eerie convention with the two former republican presidents not being there and two candidates who ran and were defeated not being there. >> you know george h.w. bush is not somebody -- he didn't go to the last convention. is he retired from politics. >> you know what i'm saying. all the big republican guys -- >> -- you have to understand also from george w. bush perspective look at what
5:18 pm
donald trump has said about him that he should have been impeached for war crimes that he lied about 9/11. forget the brother, what he said is conspiracy theory disproven by bipartisan -- >> -- i'm not criticizing them for not going. >> okay. >> it's too hard for them to go. >> it is very difficult for them to go. >> they also are not going to be working against him. >> no. they don't like -- >> -- >> they don't like hillary and that progressive agenda. i have never seen like this in my 40 years of experience. >> me neither. >> where you have a real outsider now controlling the republican party. and part of the party is not going to show up. >> right. >> dana perino, everybody, directly ahead, college campuses attacking free speech. me. we have a special report. and, later, bernie goldberg on whether cable news and the network news are happy about a clinton-trump run. we'll be right back. they found out who's been hacking into our network.
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who? guess. i don't know, some kids in a basement? you watch too many movies. who? a small business in china. a business? they work nine to five. they take lunch hours. like a job? like a job. we tracked them. how did we do that? we have some new guys defending our network. new guys? well, they're not that new. they've been defending things for a long time.
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[ digital typewriting ] it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems. factor follow-up segment tonight. college students attacking freedom of speech. writing in the "wall street journal" jason riley says he was dis-invited to speak at the university -- virginia tech university i should say. the dean of the school said mr. reilly was not telling the truth. then, jason produced an email that proved he was reporting accurately that he was dis-invited, thereby, showing the dean to be the one with the truth deficit. after that the school, virginia tech, reinvited jason. he must be dizzy. a few years ago i did a benefit for it happened to alexa foundation at boston university because alexa, a student there, was raped on campus. now, i have a graduate degree from b.u. that should have been a major event on campus. a positive event to help people like alexa.
5:23 pm
but, b.u. faculty members, at least a few of them, tried to sabotage the evening because of me and partially succeeded. all over the u.s.a. this kind of stuff is happening on a daily basis. joining us now from raleigh, north carolina, robert shibley executive director for the foundation. how bad is it really? >> it's actually quite bad. it's hard to exaggerate the problem. fire, my organization, the foundation for individual rights and education has been compiling lists of disinvitation attempts and successes. we have seen since the year 2000, 305 separate dis-invitation attempts, 131 of which were successful in getting people disinvited and the pace is accelerating, since 20 half of those. just since then another half. >> you know, college campuses are interesting. what i found fascinating about your study is it is
5:24 pm
not just conservatives who are being dis-invited jason riley being a conservative black man. it's liberals, too. let's run down a few things that have happened and you can tell me. rudy giuliani was invite to do speak at a catholic school, saint john fischer in upstate, new york. what happened there? >> that's right. well, when he was invite to do speak, 49 faculty members, which is a 'significant percentage of the faculty members at that school signed a letter saying he should be disinvited because of his comments about president obama. comment at one point saying they didn't think he loved the country very much and crime in black neighborhoods. they said that made him unacceptable to speak. in that case the university president denied that petition and said no, dissent is important part of democracy and we are going to let him speak. >> dissent though, rudy giuliani is, you know, former mayor of new york city. it's not really outlier.
5:25 pm
it's his opinion. he did get to speak there now, here is one cardinal timothy dollan from the new york archdiocese was given a hard time by a jesuit school la money college. what happened there? >> that's right. well at lamoine college, more than 600 students, about 20% of the student population signed a petition asking for him to be disinvited because of his opinions on lbgt issues and allegations about involvement with the sexual meteorologist scandals of the catholic church. again, they failed in that but it's interesting to see 20% of students sign on at a catholic university to not see this really quite well known cardinal. >> it wasn't that the cardinal was involved directly it was that he was part of the hierarchy of the church. >> that's right. >> that has this problem. and it was more gay marriage opposition, i understand, at le moyne, the cardinal doesn't want gay marriage and 20% of the students did. the school prevailed.
5:26 pm
these are small catholic schools. easily overridden, the crazies can say you don't like it, then don't show up. now, on the left, our pal, brother, cornell west was given a hard time at ucla of all places. what happened there? >> that's right. well, he was supposed to speak at a conference named after notable rabbi out there, rabbi who it h. been a friend of martin luther king and worked with him on the civil rights movement. and a coalition of jewish organizations asked that he be dis-invited because of his views on the israeli palestine, israeli palestinian issue and also because of his support for the bds movement boycott domestic and sanctions on israel. they ask that he be dis-invited. >> but he wasn't. he got to speak, right? >> that is right. did he get to speak. >> then our pal congressman louis gutierrez at usc, right? he got a hard time there. >> that's right. unlike many people, actually 11 out of the 18 people who
5:27 pm
have been subject to dis-invitations this year have actually been disinvited but gutierrez speech at the university shouted down with calls of u.s.a., u.s.a., some times after 15 minutes he gave up and left. that's what we call the heckler's veto, when hecklers take over a venue. >> they shout him down. >> why? why were the people at usc, you think they would like gutierrez. why didn't they like him? >> well, in this case it was protesters who were shouting u.s.a., u.s.a. presumably they were political opponents of gutierrez and didn't want to hear him. >> these were right wing protesters that shouted down gutierrez? because it's usually the left that does this stuff. >> statistically expeeking it is more frequently the left. as you pointed out a little bit earlier, it comes from both sides. once you have this tool of trying to silence your opponent it's so attractive for everybody to use it that's part of the dangerousness of it. >> it is dangerous and
5:28 pm
epidemic on college campuses. shibley, thank you. >> whether cable news and network news are thrilled with the clinton/trump showdowns. >> a true president should be wise, noble, loyal to america and, you know, not stupid. [ laughter ] >> all right. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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personal story segment tonight. an excellent new book called red platoon, a true story of american valor, written by staff sergeant clint, who received the nation's highest medal of honor on february 11th, 2013. i spoke with the sergeant earlier this week. >> so 2009, you guys are out in the middle of nowhere, all right. you know you're in danger. did you know why you were there politically? did you know why your country sent you there? >> you know, we knew our mission there was to help create stability in the region. we were the farrest northern coalition forces in all of neuronstan province. we had the election coming up that year supporting that. we had various engagement's with the local government to try to get them to get off their butt and take control of their country. deep down inside each one of us knew if we could plant that one seed of democracy
5:33 pm
hopefully it would sprout and grow. >> so most of you and the other guys in the camp, you were believers in the cause. you wanted to improve the lives of the afghan people, correct? >> yes. >> you know, would have been there now for so long and they haven't improved and it doesn't seem like the afghan people really want it and you touch upon that because your afghan allies in the base camp, keating, they ran away. >> they did. that was one instance that afghan soldiers we had there just a couple months prior were some of the greatest guys i served with they were motivated and dedicated. that gave us hope to see that kind of inspiration carried on in their own logic and thinking. but, yeah. >> the guy that you had, they weren't very good. and the taliban who were attacking you were. they were motivated. they were brave. >> very well trained. they knew what they were doing, absolutely. but they also made the mistake of going up against the greatest fighting force. >> and in the end you
5:34 pm
disseminated them but a great loss to the guys at the camp. were you scared in this fire fight because you guys were heavily outnumbered. the camp was partially overrun could have died at any moment. were you scared? >> no. i really wasn't scared that i was going to die. i went overseas knowing that was the reality of putting on the uniform. what scared me was not getting up to that humvee where geigus was. >> not saving the guys. >> that's what scared me. >> how much adrenaline takes over in a fight like that. >> your training takes over. i had some experience under my belt. that muscle memory takes over. certain actions kind of happen naturally. but you i couldn't tellize that to keep pushing forward to keep, you know, taking that next step, driving ahead. >> instinct, you have to could this, have to do that have to do. this you are not thinking i could get a bullet in the head.
5:35 pm
>> if you start thinking that, you freeze up. you stop you rp award the the congressional medal of honor humbled in the book saying look, i got it because i was in a certain circumstance. everybody deserves it but surely, surely, that is a high point of your life, getting that medal and that recognition. >> you know, it's never in a million years did i think i would receive the medal of honor or meet another recipient. you don't think you are going to win it we don't win it. honestly as i look back that was one day in my life. it's a very important day. but my defining moment will be when my kids grow up and they become successful and productive members of this country that will be the checkmark that says i've done something. >> that's more important than the medal to you. that's important statement. >> when you received that medal from the president did he say anything to you. >> that was one of those days, just the emotion and everything going on, i don't remember a whole lot. i know it is a moment i will
5:36 pm
never forget. as i stood up and he pet that medal around my neck i got to look out across the crowd. the first row i seen my family. and behind them the family of the eight that was there i looked over to the left there was the soldiers that i served with i just remember being so humble and proud and happy to just have us all under one roof. >> it must have been very emotional. >> absolutely. >> last question. if you had to do it all over again, would you do it, your army career, the same way? >> absolutely. not a doubt in my mind i would do. >> fire fight? all the pain you saw, the suffering you saw? >> to be able to know those great men and be around just their amazing characters, that will be something that will never leave me and to just spend five minutes with them was worth a lifetime of everything i could ever go through. >> i have to tell the audience that i read the sergeant's book, and you really bring these men, your comrades to life. i mean, theyal people to we, the reader, which is very different than
5:37 pm
a lot of books. i mean, you say okay, that's that person. you make then come to life. usc ribe them and interactions. i couldn't recommend your book "red platoon" any higher, sergeant. we appreciate your service, of course. and thank you for writing the book. >> thank you so much. >> i one correction it's not the congressional medal any longer just a medal of honor. you don't have to write me. bernie goldberg on perhaps the most intense presidential race in generations clinton vs. trump. moments away.
5:38 pm
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thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. let's get to the purveyor of bernard who joins me from miami. were you surprise to do see lester holt, good guy, at the trump tower broadcasting at the trump tower? >> well, surprise. not in the sense of the reason, think was because it was a ploy for ratings. i'm not surprised by that. if you tie yourself to donald trump in any way, it's good for ratings. now, look, i wouldn't suggest that any news organization anchor an entire news program from the lobby of a building of
5:42 pm
someone running for president of the united states. but, there are far worse things going on in journalism. and this just isn't registering on my journalist i can scale. >> mr. holt has to go up to chap call and do the chappaqua and do the show from hillary's front lawn to be fair and balanced. >> if i was hillary i would say i want lester up here on my front lawn doing the show. >> are you suggesting that there is no news value in doing it from the lobby of donald trump's office building? >> yes, i am suggesting that. but i'm also suggesting that if you are going to be a network news broadcast you can't go to one guy's house and not the other. >> well, i'm sure hillary would welcome them to her front lawn. >> she could show them the server in the basement and everything. >> as i say, this isn't -- for some reason this is not registering on my ricter scale.
5:43 pm
>> i thought it was a little bizarre. i was picturing with huntley and brinkley. would huntley and brinkley been in the trump tower. >> no. no. it's bizarre only if you don't accept that with donald trump running, everything is going to be a little bizarre and if you can get ratings out of it, a lot of people will do things that they wouldn't normally do. >> like take phone calls from the candidate and that's unprecedented. you can ever remember anybody -- any other presidential candidate calling in to news shows? >> no. i have got sort of mixed feelings on this one, too. look, i think people, if the only way to get donald trump is to do it over the phone, some news organizations will do it and some won't. but, i would prefer to interview a candidate, he or she, sitting right next to that person. this there is a certain dynamic. but, if barack obama called up any morning show or
5:44 pm
basically any show and said, look, let's say any morning show and said i'm not getting up in the middle of the night to be down at the studio at 6:30. if you want the interview i will do it over the phone, they would all say yes. so, and radio interviews when they interview candidates, they often do it over the phone. >> yeah, yeah. that's a good point. maybe i'm wrong for not allowing call-ins to the factor. i will rethink it. but my rationale, so you know, is that if you're doing a phoner in here, you could have two or three guys whispering or writing you notes on what to say. >> no. that's a good point. >> so i want, like you, you're facing me now. you know, when you get in trouble, there is nobody to help you. the audience enjoys me filleting you. if you were on the phone you might have your wife telling you tell him this. that's why i don't do it. >> hold on just a second.
5:45 pm
what? >> i know. >> tell him to shut up? okay. shut up, bill. >> now, in the big picture, i believe most cable news operations and network news operations are overjoyed in the business sense that it's clinton vs. trump. that's -- it's like the world series l.a. versus new york. they want the big names and now they have them. >> i would say the only thing thing they're not happy about is that they can't put it on pay per view. that's the only thing they're not happy about. this is the show. >> the show, right. >> this is the biggest -- and while they will cover the issues, this will basically be covered at least on television as a show. you know, when henry kissinger many years ago was asked what he thought of the iran-iraq war, he said it's a pity that they both can't lose. well, millions of americans feel the same way about these two. it's a pity that they both
5:46 pm
can't lose. they have high negatives, and that makes for a great show. there is going to be -- it's going to be nasty, it's going to be ugly, and forgive me for using a term i have used before. in the united states of entertainment, bill, the only sin is being dull. and this will be many things but dull is not one of them. >> that's right. >> that's why they will cover it as entertainment as much as anything else. >> donald trump will be the first reality show presidential election in history. and that's what it is. >> that's right. >> all right, bernie goldberg, everybody. watters on deck. who do the kids want to be president? we'll find out after messages. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. unless you have allergies. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion.
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5:48 pm
man 1: what's you're assessment of our security? man 2: [ gasps ] porous. woman: porous? man 2: the old solutions aren't working. man 2: the world has changed. man 1: meaning? man 2: it's not just security. it's defense. it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems.
5:49 pm
watters world, it has been my experience that american children often have a lot of
5:50 pm
wisdom to put forth. we sent watters out to ask the irchins about the presidential race. >> who do you think should be president? >> i think bernie sanders should be president. i've watched the news a lot. >> what do you watch, msnbc? >> that's it! >> who do you think should be president of the united states? >> hillary clinton. >> taylor swift. >> bernie sanders. >> what are you, socialists? >> yeah. >> what does that mean? >> i don't know, man. >> i wouldn't go telling people that. >> who do you think should be president of the united states? >> donald trump. >> donald trump. >> trump. >> you're cute. >> thanks. >> stranger danger! stranger danger! >> a true president should be wise, noble, loyal to america, and, you know, not stupid. >> what do you think about obama? >> i think he should stay. >> you love msnbc, don't you? >> astounding. >> boring!
5:51 pm
>> why should trump be president? >> he's a republican. >> why do you like republicans? >> because there's not obamacare. >> make america what again? >> happy? >> better. >> free? >> is trump going to make america what again? >> great. >> oh, very, very good. what has donald trump been saying? >> i will build a wall. >> who is going to pay for the wall? >> donald trump. >> the muslims? >> the lmuslims. >> mexico? >> mexico. >> we shouldn't have a wall to block america from the rest of the world. >> you're voting for bernie, aren't you? why don't you like trump? >> he talks too much. >> he's mean. >> trump is very high maintenance. >> why do you like hillary? >> if she wins she'll be the first girl president. >> and probably the last. >> why do you like hillary? >> she has really good ideas. >> what are some of those good ideas? >> kids' rights. >> are you not being treated
5:52 pm
properly? >> well, sometimes. >> you mean you want to get out of doing your chores. >> yeah. >> my friends and i skipped school and we came this close to robbing a bank. >> what do you think about hilary i clinton? >> sometimes i think she can say the wrong things to people. >> she's bad. >> why is hillary bad? >> my parents say she is. >> always listen to your parents. >> what do you think about hillary clinton? >> trump is right. if she was a man, she wouldn't get 5% of the vote. >> what's bernie going to do to help the world out? >> free stuff. >> free stuff is good, right? >> yeah, free stuff is good. >> what about bernie do you think is good for america? >> he's kind of like laid-back. >> had you sure you're not thinking of larry david from "saturday night live"? >> he'll be good, too. >> i own one pair of underwear, that's it!
5:53 pm
>> i just want a democrat to win. >> when you start paying taxes you're not going to be a democrat anymore. >> can i have a moment to myself, please? >> what's the most important issue facing america right now? >> immigrants. >> the taxes? >> terrorists. >> what are we going to do to defeat the terrorists? >> i have no idea. >> neither does obama. what do you think the most important issue facing the country today is? >> criminals. >> where are you from? >> new york. >> thanks, de blasio. >> oh, boy, that's swell. >> do you guys know who i am? >> watters. >> you're watters, and this is your world. >> that was some ride, wasn't it? >> watters is out somewhere on assignment for his own program, which you can see saturday may 14th at 8:00 p.m. "factor" tip of the day, another warning about the net. the tip moments away.
5:54 pm
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more bad stuff on the net in a moment. but first, hope everybody is all set to give mom a nice day on sunday. let's turn our attention to dad right enough. best gift in the world, best gift in the world, tickets to see me and miller in the who wants to be president shows. fairfax, virginia, coming up this saturday night mohegan sun, connecticut father's day weekend. that will be a blast. reno, denver, atlanta, biloxi, mississippi, in the fall. and then there are signed books for dad and granddad. i'd be happy to do that. but you have to get your orders into the website soon. also please visit our store. we have great stuff for dad and granddad there. all the money i get from donated to charity. now the mail. o'reil o'reilly, you have done it again, just like not asking obama why he was hiding his college records you did not ask president fox about mexico having a wall on its southern
5:57 pm
border. blew it again. i didn't ask that, dave, because mexico does not have a wall on its border with guatemala. i would suggest that you not be a pinhead, but i fear it may be too late. i'll also deal with this in the tip of the day. bill, you read my e-mail last summer saying trump was not a serious contender. i was wrong, you were right. i hope you continue your tough interviews. during your interview with trump you asked him about the disparaging comments cruz made about him this week. why didn't you ask about him talking about cruz's father being involved in lee harvey oswald. why waste your time with mudslinging? i mentioned cruz's comments in the context of whether trump is considering the senator for a position. had trump at 70 to 1 to win the nomination.
5:58 pm
not close to lester winning the football championship. 5,000 to 1 there, paul. congrats to thelester lads. mr. o'reilly, good luck with your passionate quest to pass kate's law unless a member of congress is victimized it will never get passed. much tougher fight than i thought it would be, but i'm not giving up. o'reilly, please speed up the release of "killing the risen sun" i want to couple that with reading ledge endzs and lies the patriots. legends and lies the book, the patriots, there it is, out may 24th. tv series starts june 5th on fnc. "rising sun" out in september. if you order "legends & lies" on we'll pay the shipping. tod finally the tip of the day, as i say in the mail segment, a
5:59 pm
viewer believes mexico has built a wall on its southern border. i got other letters like that. very likely the erroneous belief came from a political website the viewer reads. i estimate about 70%, 70%, of all alleged facts on the net are false or misleading. and i see it every day. that's because there's no consequence for putting out bogus information on the internet. it's a free lie zone. "factor" tip of the day, be very afraid and skeptical of internet stuff. except on you can take our information to the bank. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website, another good one, different from also, spout off about the "factor," name and town if you wish. word of the day, i love this oldie, do not be a poppen jay when writing to the "falctor." again, thanks for watching. tomorrow, apple stock going
6:00 pm
down. are americans angry with the company? i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, just 48 hours after donald trump effectively secures the republican nomination, he is back on the campaign trail. this time in west virginia, trying to convince democrats to abandon hillary clinton and laying the groundwork to defeat her this fall. oh, a good old john denver. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. you may recall mrs. clinton was dealt a significant setback in west virginia when she was confronted by an out of work coal miner on comments she made about putting coal miners out of business. mrs. clinton said she misspoke. but beau was not buying it. earlier tonight he received a
7:39 pm
in sentiment for most