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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 6, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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♪ bill: the republican party is still apparently divided. donald trump getting a lukewarm response from house speaker paul ryan. ryan saying he's not ready to get on the trump train, and donald trump is responding. martha: this started yesterday when speaker paul ryan was doing an interview. he was asked, are you ready to support donald trump? >> i'm not ready to do that at this point. i hope to and i want to, but
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what is required is that we unify this party. and the bulk of the burden will have to come from our presumptive nominee. he needs to bring all of the wings of the party together, then appeal to all americans. martha: donald trump said ryan's comments caught him off guard. >> i was surprised by it. it's fine. he can do what he wants it temperatures fine. i had many endorsements coming in yesterday from left and right. he is the only one that was surprising. he talks about unity. with millions of people coming into the party obviously i'm saying the right thing. the party had a lot of problems, and now the republican party is the talk of the world because
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there is no place and no party increasing its scope like we have. it's a big story. millions and millions of people have come into the party. it's hard to believe, and it doesn't bother me at all. bill: chris stirewalt, good morning to you. it appears paul ryan is starting to negotiate for leverage in public. >> totally agree. paul ryan offered a list of demands. some of them were issue oriented. he and most republicans disagree with donald trump on a few points as it relates to trade, and increased domestic spend and serious foreign policy differences. some of it is ideological but part of it was attitudinal saying you have to be cool if you want the party to unify.
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nine weeks from now donald trump officially grabs the nomination at the convention and he's gone. bill: paul ryan is the chairman of that convention. >> ideologically speaking there are substantial differences. but most of the schism within the republican party at least for now, the schism has been about trump's methodology, the way he talks, what he says. jeff sessions is a good example. jeff sessions and donald trump agree on most issues. jeff sessions is a courtly fellow and nobody is mad at him. they are mad at trump not for
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what he says but for the way he says it. if he tries to be normal republican and a politician he can't win. he has to continue to be a disrupter. bill: this is what the speaker told me specifically about this process. >> what we are doing is what are our ideas and solutions. we'll have a standard-bearer and it will be one of these people running for president. bill: you will support that person? >> of course, yes. bill: is it just a matter of time before they come together? >> ryan is making it clear that he eventually will, but trump has to give him something. this is the art of the deal. the danger for trump is this. mitt romney got 93% of the republican votes cast in twifl. what donald trump has to do is
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acknowledge that some of the republican party, maybe 20% is not coming with him. you have to do better with independent, better with democrats. he has to take the bernie votes. bill: a lot of republicans don't see trump as conservative. that's where the rubber meets the road on that. martha: one of paul ryan's predecessors disagrees strongly with his stance. the former speaker newt gingrich blasted paul ryan for not endorsing the presumptive nominee. >> he made a big mistake today. he's the speaker of the who is. he has an obligation to unify the party and reach out. what do you think mitt would have said if i got up and said i'm not going to support you.
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i supported george w. bush even though i was a reagan and kemp supporters. what would george w. bush have said if i had gotten up and said i'm not going to support you. martha: there are two lines of thinking. some believe it was a good move on paul ryan's part. they will have to work together in if the future. bill: every republican is being asked the same question. the battle between hillary clinton and donald trump under way while speaking to a largely latino crowd in california blapsing donald trump's plan to deport illegals. >> he doubled down on his plan to round up millions of people. that's actually what he said. the best way to prevent that from happening is to make sure he never gets near the white
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house. bill: a bit later this morning, reaction from governor jan brewer. she is in the middle of all of this in arizona specifically. martha: we'll talk about immigration when jan brewer comes up a few minutes from now. the f.b.i. has reportedly interviewed some of hillary clinton's closest aide. huma abedin. they are going to set a date to interview the democratic frontrunner herself. how far is the f.b.i. from this investigation? >> the "los angeles times" reports the huma abedin interview was a conclusion investigators have concluded much of their background work
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and finishing their investigation. officials have been investigating those close to clinton or with knowledge of her private email server. the f.b.i. is trying to determine whether there were violations federal law in her email server. it is unclear specifically how much longer the f.b.i. will investigate, when the department of justice will determine whether to file charges. mrs. clinton is til trying to shake democratic challenger nor bernie sanders. martha: what is the clinton response. >> they maintain the secretary broke no laws. and said from the start hillary clinton has offered to answer any questions that would help
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the justice department complete it review. we hope and expect anyone else asked would do the same. we are confident the review will show nothing inappropriate took place. martha: hillary clinton continues to downplay this. but the f.b.i. continues to put out signs this is a serious investigation. bill: judicial watch will interview current and former state department staffers. plus there is this today. >> it's a disaster. i find it's not fair. they didn't even let us take our thing. so we lost everything. martha: the poor woman. this an awful situation. there are massive evacuations as
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that wildfire ranges north of the border. bill: donald trump clearing the republican field. now he has to focus on a whole new numbers game. we'll show you the map next. i'm terrible at golf. he is. people say i'm getting better.
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martha: a raining wildfire north of the border causing a mandatory airlift. thousands are being airlifted out of fort mcmurray. officials declared a state of emergency as more than 1,000 firefighters are trying to contain this blaze. >> you are going to vote -- i don't have to say that anymore. but in november you are going to go out and you are going to vote. it will be the greatest vote you ever cast. the votes were supposed to be on tuesday. but now i can say stay home but get twice as many people in november. bill: the race for the white house comes down to a numbers
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game. hillary clinton doing the past 0 reach 270. i want to show you two maps. the first map is 2012. this is where obama beat romney 202 to 332. >> the good news for trump and the republican is he's look at that map differently, and, bill, his map to victory is in states republicans normally haven't won. specifically pennsylvania, michigan, ohio, wisconsin. those are the four states that
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trump ought to be in half the time. >> can he win those states? can he? >> as today? no, he wouldn't win them. can he season what he has done since last summer? i'm not going to rule anything out. but he has to spend time there and build that blue collar non-college white vote. he has to find millions of additional voters and get them out. >> this is from your website. i believe you put this out probably five or sick weeks ago. it's a busy map. there i a lot on it, where should the viewer focus. >> what you need to focus on are the democratic state. if this is a campaign that.
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as i'm suggesting to you, the midwest, the north central midwestern state where trump can potentially do something if he spend enough time and effort there. bill: you say trump has a lot of work to do and hillary clinton is beatable. >> ask yourself a question. under certain circumstance, under -- pick some other republican candidate who haven't had the beating trump and some of the other that ran this year have. could they beat hillary clinton? does she have enough negatives to be beatable? yes, capital letters. i can't man anybody disagreeing with that. you start from that premise. if the circumstances unfold like we have seen with deep republican division, you can be
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sure she is going to win. that's up to the republicans. we'll see how they handle that cleveland convention. bill: typically we focus on florida. but that's not what you just did. you took us to the northern midwest states and you believe that' where it's decided. >> it's a different map because trump is a very different candidate. bill: when are you going to do your new one? >> at the conclusion of the primaries, before the convention. bill: sometime mid to late june. >> that's correct. martha: while we are watching this historic election, history could be made overseas. london about to elect its first muslim mayor.
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bill: a fireball erupting on a crowd and troubled train track. ♪
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bill: the european union getting ready to roll out steep fines for countries that refuse to take in their share of refugees. every person that country turns away will cost almost $300,000.
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if they fay another nation to take in their share, they can opt out. martha: now we are left with a situation that's difficult for these countries and for the people involved. london is on the verge of welcoming its first ever london mayor. sadiq kahn has a comfortable lead over the conservative candidate. reporter: if sadiq kahn becomes the mayor of london he will be the first mayor of any major western city. the two candidates couldn't be any more different. kahn is one of 7 candidate, the
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son of a bus driver. zach goldsmith is the son of a billionaire and he tried to make something of kahn's muslim background saying kahn had associations in the past with muslim extremists. he said this happened in his role as a human rights lawyer. he also charges that goldsmith is using donald trump-style divisive politics in this liberal neck of the woods. martha: you mention religion did play a role in the debate and conversation around this race. >> there are sensitivity to it. we remember the 7-7 attacks in 2005 on the transport system that left 52 people dead.
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europe and especially the u.k. is on high alert following the terrorist attacks. kahn says if he does become mayor he will fight terror hard. for the 8.5 million people who live in london including well over 1 million muslims. the concerns are a bit more mundane. like house and transit, fighting crime and healthcare. they are a little bit more leisurely about the vote counting. the election happened yesterday. they started counting the ballots at 8:00 a.m. london time this morning. right now kahn the 45% and gold smith at 35%. martha: gregg, thank you very much. bill: the washington, d.c.
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subway service shut down during rush hour after a ball of fire breaks out. investigators say there was debris on the tracks that cause it. no one was injured there. that train service is always having issues. folks who live there -- there has been a lot of. martha: it's a lot more sleek and easy to get around people would say. bill: apparently it's not always on time. it could be an issue. martha: like the vote count in london. congressional politics. north korean style. how the dictator is cementing his power. bill: vp watch is out. who is on donald trump's short list and who is not.
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our panel will name names next. >> i think we have some people that are very good candidates. i'm looking at wonderful people.
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bill: we have a new jobs report for april showing hiring cooled slightly. 5%, right? the real unemployment rate including the under employed. u.s. employers adding only 160,000 jobs. that's the fewest in 7 months. experts expected more. the slowdown could raise concerns that weak u.s. economic growth discourages employers from hiring. martha: donald trump walking back comments yesterday from
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dr. ben carson that sent a shock wave through the conservative wing of the gop. carson could pick an independent or maybe democrat as his vice presidential running-mate but trump said this morning he wants a republican on the ticket with him. >> would you rule out the right kind of democrat? >> i would rule him or her out. we want a great ticket. i'm going to pick a great republican and we'll have a tremendous victory. we are going to win. martha: there you have it. juan williams and mercedes schlapp. he's been sort of throwing out a few bread crumbs for people to follow. and it appears he's in the early stages of figuring this out.
6:32 am
>> i think somebody with political experience that has a close relationship with the senate, with congress, with where they go in and help so we don't have to sign executive orders like president obama does every hour. it would be nice to get something passed as opposed to saying we are signing it anyway. martha: given the history of this nomination process it's always important who a nominee picks. so who do you think is likely given the parameters? >> i feel like my list changes every day. but if i were to create my short list i would say senator marco rubio. i think governor case up is a natural fit as well. they come from swing states and have legislative experience he's looking for. those would be my first two picks. that doesn't eliminate he can go
6:33 am
in the direction of a governor bobby jindal. he is a minority as well and he's an indian-american. trump has to figure out how to bring in conservatives. looking at a nominee who is a social conservative, fiscal conservative, hawkish, in addition to having those close relationships with congress. martha: there are a lot of boxes that need to be checked. and he need to be careful about not being super transparent and making it look like, well, i picked this person because she is whatever. she fits the minority box and we'll put her on the ticket. what do you think when you look at this picture. >> when you look at someone like newt gingrich and you said he might be interested, that will
6:34 am
check a lot of those boxes you are talking about. he has a line of connection to the congress and experience as a former speaker. but he's an older man at this point. when you stop and look and said it's only 40% likely he will take the other 16 who ran with him. that tells you a lot. when you start looking at who might be selected. case up says no, then you get to rubio, cruz, bush, i can't man any them embracing donald trump. then when you look at sarah palin. paul ryan said he can't even support donald trump. then when we were talking about women. sarah palin was an early supporter of donald trump but she is so controversial. that would please the tea party wing of the movement, but i
6:35 am
think it would not help donald trump with independent. martha: when you talk about some of the people he ran again coming around. and you look at the democratic commercials and videos already out there that have each of these folks slamming him on being everything from a path long cal liar to you name it, there is a lot of difficult hurdling to get over. >> absolutely. i think when you choose a vice president, you are trying to find someone who strengthens your weaknesses. for donald trump it's finding a multi dimensional candidate. while speaker gingrich has enormous connects to the congress but he's a bit of 1990s. it doesn't play out in this mom nation now. it's looking into the future
6:36 am
finding younger, growing, impressive communicator in the party saying i'm going to go forward and see if i can unite the party. that's going to take courage. if he's looking for a woman per peck tough. marcia blackburn or governor susana martinez who comes from a swing state. from the swing 8 factor to how can he broaden his base with women voter in particular. >> you have got to have somebody who is willing to play. you look at ohio, you can't get case up and senator portman says he doesn't want to play. you look down the road at rubio and bush and i don't see them wanting to play. susana martinez and nikki haley. are they willing to hitch their wagon to donald trump at a moment when the party i so fractured?
6:37 am
they have to think about their own political future. are they going to be damaged good when associated with donald trump when people start to think got future of the republican party? martha: in many ways it will be a calculation and whether they think he can win. if you atap yourself to this candidate, you will attach yourself to this candidate. you will have your name out there. what's going on? i have won more vote than any other republican nominee in the primary process. he's tweeting stuff about i can't inherit this, i earned it. a lot of folk-look at this and they will not be too pleased with the person they are so enthusiastic about. >> i think in the ryan-trump situation, it's like who is the alpha dog. they are trying to position themselves to figure out who is
6:38 am
in the stronger position. in the end they will need each other. that's why the meeting on capitol hill next week is incredibly important. i think what ryan did make sense in the sense he isn't going to say i'm going to accept it 100%, we'll talk about it. he need to make sure ryan feels comfortable with trump and make sure he's going to and by conservative principles in this election. martha: rubio stand out for a number of reasons as somebody who might be able to break that gap, but we'll see. >> if we can get bill hemmer on board -- >> look at your campaign advisers. get your signs ready. nice try. who will be the vp. bill: north korea about to do
6:39 am
something it has not done in six years. kitty logan live on the story out of london. reporter: the last congress held by the party was in 980. despite the buildup to this one. it's shroud in secrecy. media invited into the country for think event is reportedly not allowed inside the venue and state tv is not showing the opening day. we understand the congress is under way. it's set to last self days. it's thought the aim of the gathering is to consolidate the authority of kim jong-un. this i his first congress and he will take this as a way to confirm his control over the country. north korea carried out a series
6:40 am
of missile tests in recent months. but it hasn't deterred the country from continuing it testing program. the fourth missile test left north korea with u.n. sangs. but what they are showing the outside world i this, a functioning factory.korea does e using this congress to showcase their ability. but there are fears there could be a nuclear test anytime soon. bill: thank you. martha: a pregnant woman showing off her incredible bravery fighting off a would-be robber. bill: we'll ask the president of that group what he wants to
6:41 am
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but police say look for someone with rather large bruise on his back. bill: judicial watch will be allowed to question sick current and former clinton staffers. the president that group just won his case. tom, good morning to you. why did the judge grant this for you? >> because we asked for document about in this case huma abedin's shady patronage job at the state department and they told us it wasn't where they should have looked and they didn't look at any clinton emails. emails. so we were game. and when you game courtened the freedom of information act we need answers. the court agreed there was evidence of bad faith and we should be able to ask them some questions.
6:46 am
bill: why not the f.b.i.? why you? >> the f.b.i. can do what it need to do and some of these interviews the f.b.i. is talking about just reportedly just interviewed huma abedin. report of that came shortly after we were told we could talk to huma abedin. the f.b.i. has a criminal investigation. we are trying to figure out, did the agency subvert the law, did ms. clinton take document improperly out of the agency? and where are the documents the american people have the right to see. hillary clinton only turned in half the emails she took with her. one of the things we are going to do, was foia subverted, the open record law, and if it was, can we get the document that were looked at.
6:47 am
i don't even know if the f.b.i. has gotten them. the judge suggested he may subpoena them. bill: the judge is emmett sullivan. what do you think huma abedin knows about this server and email system. >> miss and continue was the only person mrs. clinton told under oath had an emailened the system. and continue was reviewing and talking to mrs. clinton about all sort of things on this system. and and continue evidently was concerned about the freedom of information act and mrs. clinton using emails that could be subject to disclosure. when it was suggested she use the state department system and they would be subject to the freedom of information act the response from and continue was i don't know if that would be a good idea. bill: brian fallon from the
6:48 am
state department says this. from the start she refused to answer questions that would help the justice department complete its review. what's the alleged crime. >> on the crime side there were major violations of classification laws. she asked folks to remove classification markings and send them to her. she maintained classified material in a negligent way that 2002 that material at risk. she took document that were government document with her that is plain old theft. then you have conspiracy issues and maybe even destruction of government record. bill: you will carry out these interviews in the coming 8 weeks. when will you talk to hillary clinton? >> the judge said we might be able to talk to hillary clinton and if it's required we'll ask
6:49 am
him and get his permission hopefully to talk to her. if these witnesses come in and say i don't know, ask hillary clinton, we'll have to ask him. martha: a story of a green beret who was kicked out of the army when he went after a child rapist in afghanistan. he's now thankfully back at his post and serving his country. congressman duncan hunter fought to have him reinstated. bill: using the power of sports to inspire our wounded warrior. the invictus games are about to kick off.
6:50 am
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martha: the invictus games are kicking off in orlando showing there isn't anything they can't do. prince harry already there playing polo. i'm joined by andrea jackson by wofl in orlando. andrea, you have a couple special guests with you. tell us about it. reporter: good morning to you. it's an exciting event for orlando. we are in the international spotlight. competitors from 14 nations are here. vicky is the ceo of the invictus games and one of our wounded
6:54 am
warriors who is competing in the games. >> this is fantastic. we have the games in the olympic park in london. here in the wide world of sports, the competitors couldn't ask for something better. everything is on their doorsteps, and for friend and family they are coming here and we have disney park and we couldn't ask for a better combination. it's exciting. reporter: you are competing this week, what events will you be competing in? >> the men's 100 freestyle. this is the final milestone in my recovery. i get to come out here and represent the united states. it means the world. >> tell us about your story. >> i broke my neck in 2009. it's been a slow recovery but i made the milestones to a point
6:55 am
where i can come out to the invictus games where it's extremely competitive and compete. having all the countries out here and being in this event where it's nation first nation. >> the opening ceremonies are sunday. what can we expect? >> it will be huge. we have james blunt performing. we are welcoming the 500 athletes from 40 different nations. we have laura write singing the invincible song. we have coldplay, and the stadium should be packed. we have the creator from the olympics ceremony. having had the privilege of watching the rehearsals. by far this is better. even she and her partner admit this is probably her best piece of work so far.
6:56 am
reporter: this will be an incredible event. some serious events. the invictus games running through next thursday here in orlando and the opening ceremonies will kick off sunday. martha: mike, you are such an incredible recovery story. i read your path. what would you say to those at home who may be in a darker place than you are right now about what they can do to turn things around and do what you did? reporter: mike what would you say to other wounded warriors at home in a similar situation to what you were in a couple years ago, what would you say to them? >> take it a day at a time.
6:57 am
turning to physical activity, it will increase your mental well-being. i believe fizz cool well-being plays a huge role in your -- i believe physical well-being plays a huge role.
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. . . .
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martha: we are awaiting a rally this morning by donald trump. actually it happens later this afternoon in the nation's heartland, in nebraska, as ahead of first primary as presumptive republican presidential nominee. one of the most powerful republicans on capitol hill saying he is still not convinced. welcome, everybody, brand new hour of america's muse room. i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning, happy friday. speaker paul ryan is not yet ready to throw his support behind donald trump. republican chairman reince priebus will meet next week to talk things over. on foxx and friends today trump criticized his party for its performance four years ago in 2012.
7:01 am
>> they lost a race that should have been won last time. i've been very open about it. that was a raise should have been easily run. that is easier race than i have this year. i will win. you see the polls going up ralliedly. but i was very, very surprised. talks about unity, what is this about unity? bill: this morning an hour ago, trump tweeted, that paul ryan said i inherited something special, the republican party. wrong. i didn't inherit it. i won it with millions of voters. john roberts traveling with the trump team in omaha, nebraska. john, good stay to you. >> bill, good morning to you. this is either turning out to be battle of wills or battle position and senority. the big question this morning, will paul ryan get behind donald trump? as importantly will donald trump get behind paul ryan, not just a few minutes after ryan said yesterday, that he is not ready to support trump, trump came out and said he is not ready to support ryan's agenda. as you pointed out, trump said
7:02 am
this morning the two will meet next week likely on wednesday. this may all be negotiating tactic on part of paul ryan but donald trump is not clearly happy about it this morning. >> he can do whatever he wants to do. it's fine. i was surprisedded by it. many other people are surprised by it and symptom are really surprised by it and not happy. i set all-time record by votes gotten by somebody running. reporter: more gop establishment figures are betting behind donald trump. representative darrell issa of california said he would endorse him. former texas governor rick perry through his support behind donald trump and said he would be his running mate. rick perry said of the guy last summer, donald trump's candidacy is cancer an conservatism, clearly diagnosed, excised and discarded. so clearly rick perry may have some making up to do with donald trump if hopes to be his running mate. bill: process has begun. what have you heard, what bits
7:03 am
of information have you picked up on the selection for vp? reporter: they are definitely vetting a lot of candidates. i'm hearing it will not happen until just before the convention. that is pretty traditional you have the week-long run-up before the convention. donald trump suggested it might even happen at the convention itself. one thing looks like is not going to happen, donald trump will not nominate a democrat to be his running mate. ben carson floated that yesterday. immediately sent shockwaves through the republican party much the same way john mccain did when he suggested he might pick joe lieberman. donald trump doesn't want people to think he is not real conservative. nominating a democrat might reinforce that. trump is saying on "fox & friends" amused people sighing they won't be his running mate. here is trump. >> i get a kick out of it. i won't mention names. >> tell us who is not on the list? >> so many people saying i
7:04 am
decided to turn it down. they were never on list. i won't embarass them. senators and governors. they're out saying i've decided not to accept. i never even talked to them. reporter: one person donald trump really does like is marco rubio though rubio does not seem interested. i have spoken to people inside of rubio's camp. their belief that donald trump will lose in historic fashion in november. they don't want rubio anywhere near when that happens. they want him to run in 2020. bill: wow. john roberts in nebraska. we'll see him a little later, donald trump, then we'll see john. thank you, john. martha: we're talking about the fact that donald trump is calling for the republican party to unite but many gop heavyweights appear to agree with speaker ryan. they're not ready to rally behind him. his campaign is tapping two congressman to help round up support on the hill. joining us california congressman duncan hunter. he was early trump supporter, leading trump campaign outreach efforts going on in washington. congressman, good to have you
7:05 am
back on the show. good morning to you. >> good morning. martha: how is that effort going given what we heard from john roberts? >> it is going well actually. people from all over, all over parts of congress with different specialties saying how can i be helpful? i want to endorse. my guy is it off the race. we have to win, what can we do. so it is going well. martha: talk to us about a meeting that will happen on wednesday with -- they think it is going to be wednesday sounds like, sometime next week, they're still arranging it with speaker ryan and perhaps others. will you be at meeting? >> probably not. this needs to be between donald trump and paul ryan. they're diametrically opposed on things like trade. trade, when it comes to trade, paul is a idealogical free trader, meaning he's up for any and all trade agreements with any and all nations. trump is diametrically opposed to that. the question comes in do we back people who millions of americans from every state voted for, or
7:06 am
the speaker of the house, who i voted for but not the american people to be speaker of the house. i think that is kind of what it comes down to. at some point people are going to have to realize that trump is going to be, he is going to be the one running for president of the united states and no matter how important we all think we are as congressman, we're just congressman. i think that people are going to start realizing that. martha: what's the impact of the word from the bushes, from president bush 41 and president bush 43, that they will sit this one out? you have very negative comments from john mccain, he thinks there will be a lot of damage to the down belt and donald trump and whoever he picks for vice president. >> i don't think it has any impact frankly. trump doesn't need endorsements. trump doesn't need former presidents to come out and help him. that is opposite what he has been getting. american people are behind donald trump. so i don't think it matters if high level politicos or
7:07 am
washington, d.c. bubble guys do not get behind him right now because the american people are behind him. and american people are the republican party. no matter how important again people in d.c. think they are, they are not the american people. and the american people chose trump. that is just the way it is. i'll tell you what this is like, martha, really quick. this is like two boxers, i'm a big boxing fan. you have guys talk trash before fights. no matter how much trash they talk and no matter how tough they fight at end they always hug. there has too be a time for hugging coming up. hopefully it is sooner than later. martha: we're a little away from the hugging but the hugs may come you're absolutely right about that. no endorsement people in quarters may work out. things that looked bad turn out to be good for him. i want to talk to you about charles martin. you and i spoke about this case. he was in trouble with the military because he took action
7:08 am
when he saw a child rapist case in afghanistan. and you worked very hard to exonerate this man. i want to put the letter he wrote you, part of it at least. i encourage you to read the whole thing because it's a moving letter. he says i i want to thank you fr bringing national attention to serious issue of sexual assault being committed against young boys in afghanistan. your thoughts on this whole story? >> number one, thank you to you and thanks to fox news putting this out there. trying to get the military bureaucracy to do the right thing sometimes makes presidential politics look like playing tiddlywinks. it is hard to get the bureaucracy to do the right thing sometimes but in this case the army did the right thing. sergeant martland is a amazing man who wants to fight for his country. he wants to be overseas. he wants to fight and protect the american people and kill america's enemies. this guy is the epitome of an awesome soldier and i'm just honored to be in a position
7:09 am
where you know, people put me into office so that i can help guys like him and others too. that is what i'm here for. martha: you put your position to very good effect here, sir. i want to thank you for that. you know, he, sergeant martland saw despicable acts of assault being taken against young boys by leadership figures in afghanistan and he wanted to put an end to it. i think it is something everybody needs to know b he is naming one of his children after you, duncan hunter. >> that is amazing. martha: you will have a constant reminder what you did for him with him every day. thank you very much, congressman. good to see you as always. >> thank you. bill: good work. what a sacrifice and right decisions. martha: absolutely. bill: you donald trump says i has got what it takes to tackle america's foreign policy issues including tense times with russia. >> i know russia well. i had a major event in russia two or three years ago, miss universe which was big, big incredible event, incredible
7:10 am
success. bill: on that comment do democrats pounce and is that better than being connected to eight years of obama foreign policy? we'll debate that, back and forth in a moment. martha: meanwhile clinton calling out trump on immigration and trump supporter and former arizona governor jan brewer knows a lot about this issue and joins us for her reaction. bill: something entirely different, katie perry versus the pope. why the pop star needs a blessing from the vatican. ♪ you're late for work.
7:11 am
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bill: fox news alert now. word from the middle east, more than two dozen killed in syria after an airstrike leveled a refugee camp. this video from a first responder showing the devastation. firefighters trying to put out flames. volunteers clearing bodies from the camp. this is northern syria near the border with turkey where it has been tinder hot lately. 28 killed. some 2,000 people have taken refuge there over the past year. it is not clear yet who carried out the airstrike. martha: donald trump opening up about his experience in foreign policy and specifically on russia. trump and russian president vladmir putin have exchanged pleasantries through the media but trump will not say if he has ever met him in person. he also says that he understands the russian people because of an
7:15 am
event that he held there once. listen to this. >> you were asked yesterday if you have ever spoken to vladmir putin and you said, i don't want to say. >> yeah i have no comment on that. no comment. i was in russia. >> one of the things people like about you is answer if i questions. >> let's assume i did. perhaps it was personal. i don't want to hurt his confidence. but, i know russia well. i had a major event in russia two or three years ago, miss universe contest which was big, big, incredible event, incredible success. martha: joined by pete hegseth iraq and afghanistan veteran, author of the new book, in the arena, fox news contributor. pete, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> easy to imagine the clinton campaign would seize on the comment and say, you ran a pageant in russia and you are proposing that you understand the country well enough to deal with our relationship with it. what do you think? >> they could try to and donald
7:16 am
trump would wisely point right back at them and their misspelled reset button and point right back to them server hacked by russian hacker gave away state secrets. he would point back on russian connection to iran and syria and bashar al-assad. he can point right back at hillary clinton in every instance. not that he saying pageant qualities him, instead of because of relationships, because of his stronger stance that's taken, that foreign leaders would at least engage and listen to him in serious way different than what this administration has done which is effectively give away the farm to strong leaders in the world who don't think america stands for what it used to stand for. is that a perfect resume' for foreign policy experience, a pageant? no. it is not about a pageant. trump is saying he has a different relationship and take a new approach. martha: no doubt vladmir putin is a strong figure and donald trump is also a very strong figure but you say there are things you believe that the
7:17 am
candidate needs to understand about the vantage point of other country, namely pride that they have and things they have on their agenda as well? >> that's right i think we hear a lot from donald trump, hey, i will call them and they will not do it. what if they do it, i will call them to make sure they don't do it. these are proud countries. chinese will continue to build islands in the south china sea and expand influence in satellite states. bashar al-assad will not lay down. isis will fight back. he knows that. but he has been fairly coy how he will approach some of those problems other than saying we will be strong. we will build their military. they will know our word matters. don't get me wrong. those things are important. we haven't had that last seven years. that will change the power dynamic in important ways in america. how he will respond is pretty opaque process. voters want to look for more there before they sign up. martha: no doubt before debates
7:18 am
hillary clinton on a stage, she understands the dynamics here, you can criticize the job that was done as secretary of state, that is perfectly understandable and criticism, back and forth, on that stage, he is used to being on debate stage in a lot of people, at times he hung back quite a bit and didn't really engage in some instances especially questions on foreign policy. he will not have luxury one-on-one and has three tough questioners sitting him there asking him questions about isis, middle east and complex soviet, russian relationships. >> sure. martha: it will be tougher. >> it will be tougher, no doubt. we have it on good information, donald trump is huddling more with foreign poll sigh advisors. broad set of advisors, getting up it speed on details, hey, you're running for president, contested side of the aisle on republican side. this isn't going to suddenly martha turn into policy election. it hasn't been. it wasn't on republican side. yes, two people on stage will force more discussion.
7:19 am
he is running on gut feeling americans have, americans lost their country. their president doesn't believe in them and abandoned certain things. iraq war is difficult. he is on different side of hillary and don't love his articulation of the surge and what we accomplished there and what the president gave away. i think he will be schooled up in the debate in many ways. he will project a strong image and hillary clinton will be wedded with to barack obama who has been weak on the foreign stage. martha: thank you, pete. it is good to have you with us today. pete is author of the new book, in the arena. speaking of strong image he projects. good read and well worth your time. >> thank you, martha. appreciate it. martha: you bet. bill: 19 past. hillary clinton outlining difference between her and donald trump on issue of immigration. does her strategy have a shot at working? former arizona governor and trump supporter jan brewer is on live. we'll talk to her. martha: a plane headed for pennsylvania goes off course when heavy turbulence hit. >> we were flying normal.
7:20 am
i was sleeping. then all of a sudden i heard a little jolt and big jolt. i looked over and my mom was flying up in the air. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full.
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martha: a rocky ride leading to airplane actually being diverted halfway through the trip. allegiant airlines flight from dominican republic to pittsburgh landed in florida in fort lauderdale said. seven people were hurt when severe turbulence hit. i hate turbulence. one person described how bad it got. >> i looked over to her and saw her flying up. that is the first thing i saw. that is really scary. you see movies in the crash when everyone flies up. that is what it was like. things are flying. bloody mary mix all over the place. martha: oh, boy. the airline is working to help 13passengers reach their final
7:24 am
destination and get on solid ground. bill: bloody marys taste group. group of veterans return to the bottle field to fight zombies. premise of a movie called "range 15". most of the actors are real-life military veterans. jonathan serrie live in the story in atlanta. good morning. reporter: hi, there, bill. collaboration between veteran owned companies. in the past they dabbled in online video to entertain customers and friends. now they're pooling resources to create this full-length feature film on a zombie apocalypse. this comedy is attracting support from veterans all over the country. roll camera. reporter: "range 15". is no tip lal hollywood production. despite cameos from stars the vast portion of the crew is military vets were no experience. >> we're slice the back.
7:25 am
>> that is genius. reporter: the film's crowd funding campaign raised more than one million dollars after the idea caught fire with veterans all over the country. >> all about comradery. that is big part when i came here. i didn't expect to be in the movie. i wanted to hang out. i've been out two years. something about that feeling you get when you're with other veterans. >> if this was a zombie movie you would be ripped through the glass right now. >> this is not a some by movie. reporter: shattering hollywood stereotypes is one of the film's goals. the producer says all too often veterans are portrayed as god-like heroes or broken souls. >> neither of those things is true. we're a cross-section of society. we're regular people that chose to serve the nation. reporter: "range 15" premiers may 27 at the gi film festival in washington. in june, ticket preorders determine which theaters will show the work of veteran film-makers.
7:26 am
in atlanta, jonathan serrie, fox news. bill: looking forward to that. 25 minutes past the hour. martha: one thing about this presidential election. does not appear it will be a popularity contest. far from it. appears we'll have two presidential candidates setting records for unfavorability numbers that are really pretty high, folks. so we'll see what those look like today. bill: these are epic, martha. wow. pop superstar katie perry can pretty much buy any home she wants but what if the pope has something to say about that purchase? ♪ i've just arrived in atlanta and i can't wait to start telling people how switching to geico could save them hundreds of dollars on car insurance. but first, my luggage. ahh, there it is. uh, excuse me, sir? i think you've got the wrong bag. sorry, they all look alike, you know?
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♪ martha: all right, we're back and hillary clinton is looking to quash, quash concerns, that is what you would say there, but she can't close the door on bernie sanders of the former secretary of state is campaigning in the state of
7:30 am
california where a big win next month could put her over the top. latest rpc average shows her leading there by 10 points right now. we've seen bernie close the gap as these things get closer. we'll see. senior correspondent mike emanuel reporting live from oakland where clinton is holding an event today or tonight rather. mike, is there cause for concern for hillary clinton in california right now? >> martha, california will be interesting because it is an open primary, meaning that independent voters could cross over and vote in the democratic race. so hillary clinton has been here in california. did several events yesterday in the los angeles area. will travel up here to the bay area to oakland for some fund-raising later today. and will also do a rally here in oakland and clinton is hinting getting to be time for rival bernie sanders to step aside. >> when i was running against then senator obama, he and i were neck-and-neck in the popular vote. depending upon how you counted it i was a little ahead or he was a little ahead. he was about 60 or so pledged
7:31 am
delegates ahead, in much, much smaller margin than what we see this race. but i knew that he had won, because it matters how many delegates you have. reporter: clinton was greeted by a few hundred bernie sanders protesters in east l.a. calling on her to release wall street transcripts mentioning benghazi and more. last night there was no sign of sanders giving up hope. >> you are the revolutionaries. every single day we are becoming more and more of an oligarchy. >> sanders hoping to win in west virginia on tuesday. we've seen former president bill clinton and hillary clinton investing time and energy here in california. the early voting starts here in california on monday. martha? martha: wow, that will be interesting race. mike, thank you very much. bill: and then the voters like,
7:32 am
no one. hillary clinton and donald trump have this in common. enormous unpopularity with american voters. in fact americans distaste for both trump and clinton is record-breaking according to ashley pratt, senior political writer for life set and julie roginsky, democratic strategist and fox news contributor. ladies good day to both of you. we showed you headline from the website. here is one of the quotes. clinton and trump are more strongly disliked at this point in the past 10 presidential cycles. wow. julie, starts what gives? >> a matter of hold your nose and vote for person you hate least. not certainly that people vote for beloved candidate. different from obama in in '08 o drew a lot of support and adulation from his supporters in this case, hillary clinton is more disliked than any other candidate running except for one, and that one is donald trump. almost disliked as david duke when he ran for president.
7:33 am
david duke had no shot getting nomination. it is pretty surreal. >> duke beats him in this. i'm happy to hear the grand wizard of the ku klux klan beats somebody in terms of being hated. bill: ashley, you saw the piece, what did you think of? >> it is interesting, right? hillary clinton was supposed to be in a cakewalk for the nomination on the democratic side. without trump in the race, she would have been the least-liked presidential candidate in history. which says something, right? he is going up against the clinton machine which is supposed to be this well-oil mechanism. she was supposed to be the darling of democratic party. she is not liked by a lot of people but donald trump is not either, yet within their respective parties they are pretty well-liked, when you break it down to demographics that spells a lot of donald trump, particularly with women and young people on both sides of the political spectrum so. bill: i'm reading these are people don't just like or dislike. they really like or dislike them, ashley. >> yes.
7:34 am
that is what i think is fascinating about this. you have people who vehemently do not like either of them and then you have people who are thinking that they're the savior of the party on both sides. so, i think that you have two very divisive things here. i think as the general election, you know, comes into full swing, we're going to see a lot of these things really, not really mesh together. you will have one side very pro-trump, one side very pro-clinton, a lot of people that say, what am i going to do on election day? bill: you're both right on that. both lived very public lives for a long time. does one have more upside on voter discovery who they are? >> they're fairly well defined candidates on both sides. when you're challenger, you need to define yourself before your opponent can define you. in this case both are not incumbents but both have name recognition and saturation you would expect from an incumbent.
7:35 am
it is very, very hard to redefine somebody which i think on the margins spell as lot more trouble for donald trump purely because he enters this race with much higher negatives than she does, despite fact she is not very hard to redefine yourself when you're so defined in the public eye. from what i see past several days doesn't seem he want to redefine himself. >> what we need to keep in mind. he doesn't have a record. he has gaffs for sure. >> he does have a record. >> hillary clinton hasly, riley terrible record when it comes to your policies. you can say she is champion for women. she paid her female senate staffers less than male staffers. clinton foundation do nations and no transparency. benghazi and three dead americans and saying what difference does it make? condition she be the person who picks up phone call at 3:00 a.m. what voters have to decide do they want the person to be donald trump. doesn't have a record to go off one.
7:36 am
his business record is strong one. >> it is horrible. bill: how would you defend that. >> of course donald trump has record. all things he said in the last 24 hours. >> what about hers and -- >> let me finish my point. you spelled out what you think her record is. i would say to you donald trump today came out and said he has no problem potentially united states defaulting on full faith and credit on its debt. that is startling, startling statement from a man who wants to lead our country. a man said he loves hispanics liked fiesta bowl at trump tower. >> she wants to put coal miners out of business. >> i'm not getting debate whether she has record or not. i'm simply suggesting being he has a record. bill: ladies, i'm going to get this middle here okay. he can't hear both of you at same time. ashley, they both have six month to change minds before this election. >> they do. bill: go. >> they do and i think they have a large road ahead of them when it comes to inning with over voters because there is a lot of dissatisfaction out there with
7:37 am
the establishment. she is the ultimate insider. he is running as outsider. we've seen him change his tune in last 48 hours since becoming presumptive nominee. they both have large road ahead. she has serious questions with the looming fbi investigation. bill: listen, i enjoyed the debate. thank you, ladies. >> thanks. >> thanks. bill: for playing by the rules. ashley, julie, see you soon. >> see you. bye. martha: all right. you think buying your home is complicated, what if the pope had to sign off on your arrangement. pop superstar katie perry trying to buy a conformer con -- former convent in los angeles there. is complication. jonathan hunt is live in los angeles. good morning, jonathan. reporter: martha, the property katie perry covets is on the hill. it is still controlled bit arch die owe sis won't let us or nuns
7:38 am
go through the gates. this is real estate battle for the ages. fine, fresh, fierce as miss perry might say but she doesn't have this one on lock. ♪ katy perry will probably not soon forget these two. >> the sale to katie perry was done behind our backs. reporter: stir rita and sister cat thin holzmann, don't want the convent they called home over several decade to be sold to perry. they are not fans much her music. >> i didn't like it at all. then she lion comes up and looks at her come on. reporter: their argument is more with the archdiocese of also which approved the sale to perry. >> we own it and it is being, i am sorry, use the word stolen because that's what's happening. reporter: los angeles court has backed the archdiocese. the sisters argue the vatican
7:39 am
should decide but perry's attorney eric rowan told news a statement the legal issues, quote, are not affected in any manner by a decree from rome. the sisters say, they have faith are you going to win? >> we have to win. reporter: while katy perry simply hopes the property will not be -- ♪ one that got away . reporter: perry's legal team has until wednesday to tell the court in writing why they believe the vatican should not have final legal authority in this case. martha, the sisters told me yesterday, they have a lot more to reveal in court and if katy perry wants to keep fighting them, ultimately, then she is going to hear them roar. martha: look out. that would make me think twist. thank you very much, jonathan. bill: divine intervention perhaps, huh? martha: that is what i was going so say. bill: really? martha: we've been working together too long, i think my
7:40 am
friend. bill: i gotcha. hillary clinton going after donald trump over immigration. >> we have to recognize that the kind of language coming from donald trump is hateful! and we need to repudiate it! bill: what is trump saying about that. hillary clinton telling latinos voters this election offer as clear choice. trump supporter, former arizona governor jan brewer responds to that live. next. martha: plus, you know what they say. what goes up must come down, right? in this case -- >> oh. [shouting] [applause]
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
martha: hillary clinton immigration plan, telling large latino crowd at a rally in los angeles that this election offers clear choice on their future.
7:44 am
one either heavily pro or anti-immigration. >> here she is. >> donald trump doubled down on his plan to create a deportation force to round up millions of people. that is actually what he said. [booing] the best way to prevent that from happening is to make sure he never gets near the white house! martha: joining me now to talk about this, former arizona governor jan brewer who is trump supporter and obviously been very steeped in and active on this issue very long time. governor, good to have you here this morning. >> thank you, martha. martha: how would you respond, how would you respond to what hillary clinton had to say at that rally. >> wow, somebody running for president telling a group of people she will not enforce the laws of the united states of america, pandering? unbelievable. martha: when you go to the issues, you know you talk about the building the wall, you talk about the deportation force, you
7:45 am
talk about removing children who there was a student who stood up at the rally who said i lived here all my life and every night i go to sleep having nightmares basically that my mother is going to be kicked out of the country. >> well, you know, and of course pulls on your heartstrings. bottom line is these people are here illegally. they came here illegally. at least the parent came here illegally. i would assume when they leave they would take their children like any parent would with them. bottom line is, we've had an administration has not observed and not protected the people of the united states. they have not enforced the law. and it is not acceptable to the law-abiding citizens of the united states and it's wrong. if you don't like the law, then the change the law. but don't turn a blind eye. they take an oath to uphold the constitution and laws of our land and they're not doing it. they are encouraging people.
7:46 am
they are encouraging people to break the law. martha: i mean you have a front row seat for this issue. a lot of states in the country do not and do not understand it. the way that people in your state do. bret baier spoke with donald trump last night. he pressed him a bit whether or not he would evolve at all on this issue and here's what he said. >> i'm very strong on illegal immigration. it will never change. that doesn't mean that in terms of implementation we don't make a change. i think we have to build a wall. we have to stop the drugs from pouring in. only way you will do it. but we have to do what i say we have to do. martha: what do you think he means by that? where do you see potential to set priorities on list of things that he is going to do? how would he start, do you believe? >> well i think that mr. trump understands what the laws are and impact all this illegal trafficking, drug cart tells and immigrants coming into our
7:47 am
countries is cog us. it is wrong. if you're going to evolve you will change the law and deal with it and come to resolution how we deal with it. but meantime the laws need to be enforced. the wall needs to be built and we need more boots on the ground. those of us who live on border state like arizona which is the pathway to all the illegal drug trafficking, sex trafficking, the extortion, bringing poison into our communities and then we end up paying all the costs for all the illegal immigration in regards to the health care, the education, the incarceration and the government, the federal government doesn't reimburse us. they do not uphold their end of the bargain. they won't let us enforce the laws. they want to enforce the laws. they don't enforce the laws. it is just an unbelievable mess. think that is why the american
7:48 am
people are so disenchanted with what is taking place. why we're in the political scene that we're in today. because no one -- we have to follow the rules but nobody else, if they want -- martha: it's a basic fact. if you pass a law and everyone agrees on the law you would imagine upholding the law would be the chief executives position on that which is not always been the case as you have documented quite well. >> yes. martha: i do want to ask you about something else very near and dear to your heart, the issue and program you're working on, overseas the education of our military families, children in our military families. tell us about that. >> well, you know, this is one group people that really need to have a consistent education and i grew up on a military base and what is taking place now in arizona and other states is because we don't have a consistent standard for math and english across the country. these children are being moved from one base to another and there is no way to garner or understand if they're going to
7:49 am
be sent from arizona to oklahoma, if the standard is going to be the same. so, unfortunately they either arrive in oklahoma and they're sitting there because they are so far ahead that they're just wasting their time or so far behind they can't catch up. so we need to have a common standard of math and english grading system so that we can know that when our children move about, that they're on equal footing. martha: great point. >> they are now, it has been reported, martha, that these people that are career military, they are refusing advancement given the fact they don't want to leave because they love their children just like we love our children. and they are not going to take the risk of moving their children around, disrupting the education because education is knowledge. martha: it is. and we have to families that make enormous sacrifices as you know, better than anybody having done it yourself.
7:50 am
we need to make sure we compensate, make sure that the kids are educated that works for them and works for their families. governor brewer, thank you veryy much. always good to see. >> thank you so much, martha. >> jon scott coming up next on "happening now." good friday, jon. >> good morning to you, bill. the 2016 election roller coaster keeps getting more thrilling. donald trump consolidating his front-runner status and battling with some in the gop for their support as hillary clinton faces more scrutiny over her email controversy. peggy noonan and howard kurtz say do not trust conventional wisdom when it comes to trump top white house aide suggests in the national article that the white house controls the media. we'll get into all that and have a surprise for you, "happening now." bill: i like surprises. >> we always do. bill: see you in ten minutes. you heard of the smartphone? how about a smart arm? what? check out what this can do for you. ♪
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martha: so we know in about an hour or so president obama will be delivering some remarks on the economy and the numbers that came out this morning. that will happen at 12:05 today. dow down about 78 points at the moment. we don't know if he is going to take questions but of course we will be watching that. and we will bring that to you live if there is a back and forth. bill: meantime could be a serious game-changer for angry birds. researchers unveiling new prototype technology allows users to turn their skin in the touch-screen. lance ulanoff, good morning to you. you wrote a whole piece on this.
7:55 am
get to the who, what, when, where, how on this? how does it work. >> it is pretty straightforward. there are sensors in the band. there is receiver, actually a transmitter on the finger. the band is the receiver. finger is the transmitter and it knows position of your finger. without that band or ring on your finger doesn't actually first. it measures, x, y, almost z axis a good portion of your forearm and a good portion of the top of your hand. and what this does, extend interface beyond that tiny little thing. here is the natural smartwatch. it is about a one inch screen. you know the development of apps has maybe been a little bit slow because, you know, your finger basically covers the screen when you're moving around. now this device, just a prototype at this point, lets you turn your whole arm into a screen. bill: thinking smartwatch is not big enough for user to -- >> these are your screen sizes. this is what we live on all the
7:56 am
time. got tons and tons of apps here. when you open app get whole screen. screen is really small. why is extends to work really well for notifications. from the for deep application. but if you can extend the interface to a virtual area on your arm that is a pretty big deal. bill: tell me this. lance, i have ipad, iphone, love them all. why would i want this? or maybe other question, would i need it? >> well, if you really like wearable device, if you love the smartwatch but feel that it is limiting in the space and you have this idea that the apps can do so much more, yeah you will want this because you're going to want that extra control. honestly this technology probably expand to other things where you know you have something on your ear and you're touching your arm to control it or something in your pocket. bill: like a virtual space? >> right, exactly. bill: prototype for now. lance, thanks for coming in. i'm out of time. lance ulanoff. see you soon.
7:57 am
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bill: there is divine intervention. martha: martha: really bill: friday. >> i thought you meant katy perry lost the convent. have a good weekend, everybody. ♪ jon: major developments in the hillary clinton email controversy. as fox news learned that the fib interviewed huma abedin, top aide to former secretary of state as part of its investigation. welcome to "happening now" on this friday. i'm jon scott. heather: i'm heather nauert in for jenna lee. we made it through the week. congratulations. jon: we just have to show our new set piece. our big surprise. even though you at home don't get too excited about this stuff. we always like this. heather: new peltz and whistles


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