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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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night. don't forget to go to and go to wi. both places. i'll see you monday night right here. "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> i learned yesterday a couple people, they don't want to endorse me, it doesn't matter. >> donald trump defiant in the face of some republicans not supporting him, and hillary clinton now getting heat from hispanics. >> hillary clinton is a criminal. >> tonight a special report, craziness in the presidential campaign. what are we to think? the protesters waving mexican flags on american soil. stuart barney has some thoughts. >> iran has rolled back its nuclear program and the world has avoided another war. >> but is that true?
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ahead, a shocking "new york times" report casts doubt on the president's statement. we'll tell you all about that. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "factor" begins right now. i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. presidential campaign already crazy. yesterday was cinco de mayo. donald trump tweeted out a picture of himself eating tacos. above the picture he said he loves hispanics. almost immediately the president of the militant organization la raza tweeted out wearing ing ii sombrero or eating a toeco does not cut it with your community. he is clueless, offensive and self promoting. >> eating a taco on sinkco mayo
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is now offensive? it's like eating corned beef and saying you love the irish on st. patrick's is offensive. hillary clinton had to be shocked when some hispanics in southern california protested against her. >> translator: other organizations skrojoined togeth for the protest. they say she's not supported a $15 minimum wage and has been part of anti-immigration policies including deporting undocumented children. >> again, absolutely insane. hillary clinton certainly has no bias against hispanic-americans. come on. and then there is the political fallout from the trump victory. former presidents bush the elder, bush the younger, presidential candidate mitt romney, current speaker of the house, paul ryan, all will not endorse donald trump at least at this point. in response, trump said this.
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>> i learned yesterday a couple people, they don't want to endorse me. i say it doesn't matter. it makes no difference. i didn't have huge support in the primary and i blew everyone away. >> well, on the other side, bernie sanders, who has absolutely no shot to defeat hillary clinton, will not pull out of the race as ted cruz and john kasich did. >> do we have your word in this interview that you're not going to drop out before the democratic convention? >> absolutely. we have made that commitment. i'm going to be in it until the last vote is cast. >> now, senator sanders certainly has that right, but what's the point? he has made his essential point over and over and over and over. wall street's rigged, billionaires control everything. nevertheless, bernie soldiers on. the clinton campaign cannot be pleased. finally, president obama injected himself into the campaign this afternoon taking shots at donald trump. bowling and rivera will analyze
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that later on. so it is, indeed, political madness in the usa, and believe me, it's going to get a lot worse. and that's the memo. reaction joining us from washington, kirsten powers. eating a taco on the 5th of may is now offensive. who knew? >> apparently. it's hard to keep track of this. there was a university where some sorority girls were censors basically for having a taco tuesday event. so this is now what is considered offensive. i don't pretend to get it. maybe you can figure it out. >> i don't know. i called taco bell and said, listen, on cinco de mayo how many tacos did you sell? they said about 875,000. >> a million. >> and i said do you realize how offensive that was. you didn't sell any to trump, did you? >> yeah. >> but do you believe that the president of la raza, that's an organization that believes that texas and new mexico and southern california belong to
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mexico, that we illegally seized it, do you believe that that person understands how crazy this sounds? >> i'm going to speculate that this person doesn't like donald trump and -- >> sure, of course. >> and he has said some offensive things about mexicans in particular, and so i suppose that, you know, anything he does i don't think this person is going to like it. >> but that's fine, you can not like donald trump and do it in an educated way but saying that he's a bigot or eating a taco on cinco de mayo is -- my question to you is could any rational person believe saying that makes them and their organization look good? >> well, there are a lot of people who are, i think, otherwise do behave rationally. this is something we see happening a lot on campuses where there is this idea if you are doing what donald trump did, they call it cultural appropriation, and they believe that you are somehow mocking their culture even if --
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>> so by that standard -- >> as you pointed out -- >> donald trump can never order mexican again. he can never have anything. >> i think he can eat mexican. i don't know if he can -- >> he can't talk about it. all right. what about the mexicans of southern california who are after hillary calling her a war criminal and all of this? what about that? >> well, i mean, these look like they were probably sanders supporters and people -- and young hispanics tend to support sanders. she does very well with hispanics overall but young people like bernie sanders. so i don't know that their views are probably that much different than your average young person bernie sanders' supporting person who is very critical of hillary clinton. >> yeah, but they take the rhetoric up. i mean, they take -- >> well, they're protesters. that's what protesters do. i don't know -- >> so you're not taking them seriously then. you don't think they have any serious points. >> no, i don't know that they don't have serious -- >> give me one serious point against hillary clinton. >> they had some criticisms of her supporting the crime bill. >> the crime bill.
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>> i think that's probably a fair thing to say, and, you know, i don't think that, you know -- i don't think she's a war criminal. i think she has a pretty sketchy past when it comes to american intervention. certainly her vigorous support of her iraq war, her support of the libya intervention. she's 23409not a war criminal b there's plenty to criticize. >> sure, but the bombastic way -- but you're right, protesters to get attention have to do that. what about the protests of the two bushes who were president and mitt romney and speaker of the house ryan, their protests are silent protests but protests nonetheless. how do you see that? >> well, i don't think the average republican voter actually seems to care that much about what mitt romney thinks. we saw that when mitt romney came out and tried to stop trump and it really didn't make a difference. and same thing with the bushes. i think that they are respected by many people in the republican party and in the country, but i don't think that they are really
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that relevant to a current race. paul ryan, on the other hand, is -- you know, he's the speaker of the house. he's a respected leader here and now, and i think that it would probably behoove trump to try to make nice -- >> well they're going to make nice next week. they'll have their meeting next week and then they'll e nermergd then ryan will endorse trump. >> eventually he will. in the end i don't think -- >> doesn't matter. >> trump's appeal is that he's an outsider -- >> he's going right to the folks. he doesn't need anybody else. it's him and the voter. no party apparatus, no endorsements are going to matter, vp isn't going to matter. it's just trump and the voter. kirsten powers, everybody. next on the rundown, the liberal "new york times" reporting the iranian nuke deal could be a fraud. an amazing allegation and james rosen will report for us. later, what are we to think of protesters waving mexican flags.
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could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at impact segment tonight. stunning report from "the new york times" in its sunday magazine. the newspaper will say that the obama administration did not tell americans the whole truth about the iranian nuke deal. in the state of the union address on january 12th, president obama said this -- >> that's why we built a global coalition with sanctions and principal diplomacy to prevent a nuclear armed iran, and as we speak iran has rolled back its nuclear program, shipped out its ewe rainian stockpile and the world has avoided another war. >> joining us now from washington with analysis of the story, fox news chief d.c. correspondent james rosen. you read the entire story, i assume. i have not read it.
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you've read it? >> yes. >> okay. what's the head line? >> well, the question here raised is whether there was deception in the selling of the iran deal to the american public as practiced by ben rhodes chiefly, the deputy national security adviser for strategic communications at the white house and the answer is unquestionably there was. >> let me stop you. hold on. >> okay. >> we have to walk through it so even i can understand it. you can't get too fast for it. ben rhodes is interviewed by "the new york times" in this "times" sunday magazine, correct? >> correct. >> and he says what? what led you to the deception word? what led you there? >> well, of course, he denies there was deception practiced. the instance that's dwelled upon in this 10,000 word "new york times" magazine profile of ben rhodes offers one example about the timing of the iran nuclear deal. the allegation is that the administration told to the american public that it's advisable to do this deal now because there's a more moderate government in iran but i can
5:14 pm
attest directly that the obama administration in the person of then state department spokeswoman victoria nuland, of whom i am very fond, flat outside lied to me in 2013. i asked pointblank are there any direct talks going on between the u.s. and iran of any kind and she said no at a point when the talks had been ongoing for eight months. but here is the real point, bill. we need to distinguish, it seems to me, between lies about the timing or the origins of the nuclear deal and those lice that have been told about the substance of this deal, especially when congress was reviewing it, and here ben rhodes was central. he told cnn on camera in april of last year under this deal, you will have anywhere, anytime, 24/7 access to iran's nuclear facilities. well, that turned out to be fatalities and secretary of state kerry later testified that anywhere anytime as he put it was never part of the discussion we had with the iranians and there are numerous such instances of deception on the part of this administration. >> in this article though, that's not the headline. we already knew that the usa and
5:15 pm
its allies and the u.n. did not have the access that it initially told the world it did have. we already knew that. but there's apparently another deceptive line that involves manipulation of reporters. what is that? >> yes, and this is a very well-written profile by david samuels of ben rhodes and how he goes about his daily task as the strategic communications deputy national security adviser. ben rhodes is among the best at what he does, but we have to be clear too in fairness to him, we have seen characters like ben rhodes serving the same function all the way back to the selling of the president in 1968, and we can be grown-up about the need to have on the government payroll people like ben rhodes and not get bent out of shape that the person on behalf of whom ben rhodes will spin self-serving narratives will be his actual boss, barack obama. the forbidden zone for the ben rhodes of the world and this article does a very good job of laying out how he went freely romping into the forbidden zone, is the pressing of false
5:16 pm
narratives and we've seen that repeatedly from this administration including on benghazi and in fairness to ben rhodes, i'm sure he would point out the iraq war and wmd as a false narrative. >> what's the false narrative on the iranian nuke deal? >> as i explained earlier, the whole point of the "new york times" magazine piece is that the administration sold to the american people the idea that it's advisable to do this deal now with iran -- >> so it's the time line. got it. >> that's right. >> so time line deal. so the obama administration said we have to do this deal now. we can't wait. they have a moderate government in iran. >> right. >> but it's not a moderate government, and the obama administration knew it. do i have it? >> no, because the further piece is they had already been engaged in the overtures to iran about this nuclear deal long before this election took place and -- >> they didn't care what kind of administration was -- >> correct. >> didn't matter. >> correct. they were bent on doing it. >> all right, rosen. see, rosen, i think i now almost understand it.
5:17 pm
you're much smarter than i am. that's why i have to slow you down. >> this is why you find me threatening. i understand. >> no, it's your tie, rosen. that's why. i'm going it read the article. directly ahead, is the obama administration telling the truth about american forces now fighting isis? take a hard look at that. "60 minutes" reporting isis has a lot in common with the nazis. we'll talk about correspondent lara logan moments away. with co lara logan moments away. pet moments are beautiful,
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together, we're building a better california. tonight this week an american navy s.e.a.l., charles keating, was killed in a firefight with isis forces in iraq. that makes three americans k.ia. in conflict with isis. the question tonight, is the obama administration being straight with the american people about what's going on on
5:21 pm
the battlefield. joining us from boston colonel david hunt, from washington colonel ralph peters. colonel peters, start with you, are we being deceived? >> you're being lied to outright. in addition to all the mistakes and indecisiveness of the obama administration, there are two immediate lies that apply. first, president obama ching to t -- cling to the narrative we have boots on the ground, they're not boots on the ground and they're not in combat. you're in combat over there. this guy was killed two miles from the front but in post modern warfare, 10 myliles, 50 miles from the front is still in combat. you have suicide bombers, you have assassins. the other lie is the obama administration wildly exaggerates our progress against the islamic state. we have made a difference. we have hurt the terrorists. we've hurt their caliphate,
5:22 pm
about you as we saw this week with the surprise attack that killed a s.e.a.l., they've got a lot of spunk left in them, a lot of fight, and because of our president's eternal hesitation to do anything decisive, yes, we're making some progress, limited, on the ground in syria and iraq, but islamic state, isis, is now a global brand. it's the starbucks or apple of terrorism. >> they still operate at will. colonel, do you see it the same way colonel peter sees it? >> yeah, but -- yes. the issue we have is that we started with a couple hundred so soldiers going to iraq and now we've got over 5,000, and the problem what happened with keating and the great s.e.a.l.s was the day long fight, the s.e.a.l.s ran out of bullets and they didn't have enough to reinforce them. what we've got in this fight, like we have when ramadi was taken back, a city in iraq, absolutely leveled the city. we left 3,000 buildings, 400
5:23 pm
roads. while we're doing the progress ralph is talking about, we're actually destroying iraq and the people doing the fighting are the peshmerga and some of the 5,000 guys we've got. this is another example of how a country slips into war, because in the next two years we're going to have actually more than just 5,000, more guys are going to get killed. we are making a difference, but it's not nearly enough. >> 5,000 u.s. troops in the theater and that includes syria and iraq, if you have 5,000 u.s. troons the troops there, yes i understand the casualty count will rise, why not use them in a more aggressive way. if they're there and they can be engaged at at any time, there are 30,000 of these isis fighters, i don't think there's that many in that theater, there are probably some in libya now, but 5,000, why don't we get 10,000 special forces and elite troops and take them out once and for all.
5:24 pm
this is crazy, is it not? >> yes, it is crazy, and it's immoral. the greatest immorality in a conflict is not collateral damage. the greatest immorality is for the united states to lose, and the fundamental problem is that president obama doesn't want to fight. he keeps putting these tiny band aids on a massive hemorrhage and there's a time-honored rule. it has to do with decisiveness. and the military rule is an imperfect decision made promptly then violently executed trumps a perfect decision made too late and president obama always wants perfect decisions. you don't get them. >> he doesn't want to engage. you're right, weigh nts to phe put a band-aid on until he gets out. colonel hunt, last word? >> this is a very serious war. we're slipping into it largely unnotice ed unnoticed. the press is not covering this because of the politics in the country. this is not the way you do this,
5:25 pm
by just doing it from the air. it's going to take probably 20,000 to 30,000 u.s. guys. this fight is far from over and once we do kill all of isis, you still got countries like iraq and syria and libya that are dysfunctional -- >> but we can't really do much about that. we have to just wipe out the immediate threat which is isis as we're going to hear with "60 minutes" coming up behind us because those people, they're the nazis, that he is who they are. gentlemen, thanks very much. plenty more ahead. "60 minutes" will run a report comparing isis to hitler's nazi party atrocities. we'll speak with correspondent lara logan. and protester waving mexican flags and what message that sends. we hope you stay tuned for those reports. long-lasting relief. it immediately neutralizes acid and only gaviscon helps keep acid down for hours. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief,
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5:30 pm
>> he has been studying the methods of mass murderers like hitler most of his life and he'd come here to investigate the genocide of the yazidis by isis, an organization more sophisticated than he expected. >> it's not easy to manage a war, to manage international terrorism and to manage genocide in the same territory. hitl hitler, it took for him a long time before doing all of that, and they did it so quickly. >> joining us from austin, texas, is lara logan. essentially your report is telling the folks what? >> it's telling people about how the islamic state approached the genocide of the yazidis, the scientific methods they used, the similarities in their long-term vision with the nazis and with hitler, and giving them some sense that this isn't just about, you know, people have heard a lot, bill, about the rape of yazidi girls who were
5:31 pm
forced in sexual slavery by the islamic state but what they haven't heard a lot about is the bigger machine and the bigger vision. so this report looks at both of those things and father patrick says quite eloquently in the story, if you just say this is about the rape of the girls, then he says, well, in his words hitler -- you could say hitler was a rapist. they, they raped many women in the second world war but he was a different category of machine, a much larger machine. >> i'll submit to you that most americans don't even know what you're talking about as far as this group is concerned. tell me about the group, tell me about what happened because americans, you know, they don't pay attention to this kind of stuff en masse. >> well, most people remember when the islamic state went storming across iraq and took the city of mosul. a few months later they went into other parts of the north and particularly into the yazidi heartland. so there's a group of people living in northern iraq, the
5:32 pm
yazidis. they've been there for thousands of years. they have their own religion, it's an ancient religion that adopted elements of many different faiths over time, some christianity, some islamic, but they have maintained their own identity and what's different about the yazidi people is the islamic state targeted them for annihilation. they wanted to erase their culture, their history, their people from the face of the earth. so when they went into the heartland of the yazidi people, they had that specific purpose in mind. they knew what they were doing. they weren't phoning each other and saying where do we take them to kill them? they had a plan. they systematically brought all the people to the kind of building they recognize, like an administration building, a school, something like that, something that was big that could house a lot of people. they separated the men, the women, the children. they killed most of the men, but as father dubois says, everyone had a purpose for them. if you didn't have a purpose,
5:33 pm
you were killed. but they look at the children, they have a purpose for them. they have training camps waiting inside iraq and syria. they look at the women, they have a purpose for young unmarried women. they can go to be sex slaves for their fighters. you know, so there is a system to what they did, and the difference is that they wanted to erase the yazidis -- >> and how many people were estimated to have been killed and enslaved. >> the numbers are very, very difficult to confirm. we did a lot of work on this. what you can establish is some 5,000 ya i dzi what you can establish is some 5,000 ya i dzdis are known to h been killed at this point. the mass graves are still being excavated, still being found, and that number is expected to rise. there were some 5,000 to 6,000 moria i didd -- more yazidis we kidnapped. >> and in the meantime the world
5:34 pm
watches, you know, as i said. this could have been taken care of a while back if the whole world would come together but i think the importance of your report is the comparison between the third reich and their systematic extermination of jews and gypsies and other people and how they did it, which is very similar to what's happening right now on this planet with isis. we appreciate you telling us about it, lara. we will watch on sunday night. thanks again. >> thank you, bill. when we come right back, president obama going after donald trump this afternoon. and barney on protesters waving mexican flags. also, apple stock getting hammered. those reports after these messages. allergies. and i'm doing just fine. claritin provides 24-hour relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 allergens. yeah, over 200 allergens! with claritin my allergies don't come between me and victory. live claritin clear.
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so now, there are more ways, for more people... to experience... complete protection from frequent heartburn. nexium 24hr. the easy-to-swallow tablet is here. the o rhyme "the o'reilly , number one cable news show for 15 years. the personal story segment tonight. as we told you, the clinton/trump presidential race is already madness and now president obama has jumped into the fray saying this about donald trump. >> i think it's important for us to take seriously the statements he's made in the past, but most importantly, and i speak to all of you in this room as reporters
5:39 pm
as well as the american public, i think i just want to emphasize the degree to which we are in serious times, and this is a really serious job. this is not entertainment. this is not a reality show. >> it's now geraldo and eric. that was kind of condescending. >> i think he was pretentious at his ivy league smug best. now that he is a lame duck and popularity over 50%, he feels he can be condescending, but there is something substantive about what he says and that is the great danger for the candidate, for trump, and for the gop. you have to be crazy to win the gop knowledge nation. you have to be to the extreme right of everybody on every issue, including immigration where you have to be to the right of steve king in iowa. steve king, the guy who said immigrants have the cantaloupe sized calves because they're all carrying dope over the border. so trump now has to retreat from
5:40 pm
some of those extreme positions. he's already started, minimum wage now is in play, raising the minimum wage. i think he will moderate, but there is no doubt but that his previous statements will be used against him. >> well, in the real world, president obama knocking donald trump helps donald trump because a lot of the -- i think 99% of the pro-trump vote is an anti-obama vote, is it not? >> president obama sounded a lot like paul ryan, mitt romney, john mccain, and the bushes. blame donald trump, call him a carnival barker, when the reality is he's creating an organic movement. people are coming out to vote for the first time -- >> my point is, bolling, and i'm sure you understand it -- >> maybe not. >> by saying this about trump -- >> of course, everything helps. >> it helps trump. everything helps trump.
5:41 pm
>> i want everybody to understand this. no one who likes president obama's job, the job he's doing, is going to vote for trump. no one. no one. so for him to almost waste a presidential press conference -- >> may i prove that i do understand bill's point? >> you prove that and then i will prove him wrong. >> very good. everything helps trump whether it's someone you don't ascribe to the president or hillary clinton taking shots at trump, then that helps trump. or if it's the establishment type rhinos that don't like trump -- >> there you go. bush the elder and bush the younger, the propresidetwo prese rhinos? >> the president had 51% approval. that is a fact. >> for this week. next week it will be 38%. >> you cannot win the presidency of the united states with just white people. what i'm trying to tell you guys is that trump is inoculated to president obama. doesn't matter what president obama says.
5:42 pm
now, the person that could be helped is hillary clinton and here is the question. do you think, bolling, that president obama is going to go out and campaign for hillary clinton? >> out and campaign, i doubt it. i don't think -- i don't think the obamas and clintons get along at all. >> i think president obama will warmly embrace hillary clinton if only to continue -- >> she's going out on the stump. >> he will campaign vicorously i predict -- >> rivera is wrong and i'll tell you why. reagan did not do it for bush the elder. eisenhower did not do it for nixon. it is very rare for a sitting president to go out on the stump for hillary clinton, and i do not believe barack obama will do it. he'll make a few appearances, a few big appearances, and that's it. he's lining up his book, his lecture tour. >> he's crucial to hillary clinton if only to rally the minority vote around the --
5:43 pm
>> sure he is, but is he -- if he does it, by the way -- >> he's a kid. he's got plenty of energy. ronald reagan was already relatively aged at the time he left office. >> that's a point. but i think mr. obama doesn't really like the clintons that much. >> he likes them a lot better than he likes trump. >> you're being nice and gentle with that. they do not like each other. >> bill and barack, that's two alphas right there. i don't know about her. >> it extends wider as well. i think hillary clinton is right alongside her husband in all aspects with dislike of the obamas. >> it's incumbent on donald trump, bring it back to trump, it's incumbent on him to be reasonable, to be moderate in his tone, to be educated in his presentation, and to not be the person who gang fought gutted the other republican -- >> look, we all know that the likelihood is that mr. trump will move to the center. >> right. >> but by doing --
5:44 pm
>> i am hoping so. >> -- so he alienates the republicans. the minimum wage is a perfect example. >> i'm not worried about those republicans. >> it doesn't matter who you're worried about. i voted for donald trump because he said he woond raise the minimum wage and as soon as he wins he said he will. explain that, bolling. gee always said he was going to. >> he said in the debate, i don't want the minimum wage up. gee said he was open to a minimum wage. >> if you try to reconcile his past positions, you will lose. he's going to change. he's not going to -- >> of course. he's changed on many things. >> this isn't the -- he said he wouldn't and now he says he will. >> don't give me gay marriage. minimum wage. said he wouldn't, now he says he will. no spin zone. last word, geraldo, make it quick. >> my last word is donald trump must moderate his tone, he will moderate his tone. barack obama will be an effective surrogate for hillary clinton.
5:45 pm
>> he won't moderate. >> gentlemen, thank you. one footnote, geraldo has a special that will air saturday at 8:00, sunday 9:00 p.m. entitled beauty and the beast about the drug thug el chapo in mexico. i hope you give him a hard time. stuart barney on deck. apple stock is getting crushed. is it because americans are angry with that company? stuart is next. hey! this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres
5:46 pm
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back of the book segment. two hot topics, protesters waving mexican flags and apple stock getting hammered. here now stuart varney. you're beating cnbc in the morning. >> that is correct. >> that's pretty good. >> see the smile? >> i know. i mean, they must be firing people over there at cnbc.
5:49 pm
varney is winning. man. >> thank you, bill. >> one of your villains are these protesters waving mexican flags. don't they have a right to freedom of expression? >> sure they do, but this is outrageous. you don't wave a foreign flag in the face of an american presidential candidate. some of these groups still claim california, texas, and new mexico are part of mexico. >> right. >> that's outrageous to do that. you don't -- you show allegiance to a foreign country in an american political demonstration. that is outrageous. and i think that it's like showing a red rag to a bull. you show that to americans, and they're going to object vigorously, likely so. >> i think the conservative and independent leaning to the right people will. the very open border crowd, they don't care. i mean, they want a -- they want -- the open border crew, and there are more of them than you realize, "new york times" for example editorial board,
5:50 pm
they're open border people. >> but there's something about waving a foreign flag against an american political presidential candidate -- >> there used to be, butcandida >> there used to be. but now with the globalism and we're not better than anyone else, and all of this business, but i do agree with you about 65%, 70% of americans would be very angry. >> very. >> apple. now, as everybody knows, they wouldn't cooperate with the fbi in the terrorism investigation in san bernardino, their stock down from over 130 to 93. let's roll the tape on the ceo of apple. >> we need to decide, as a nation, how much power the government should have over our data and over our privacy. we did not expect to be in this position, at odds with our own government, but we believe strongly that we have a responsibility to help you
5:51 pm
protect your data and protect your privacy. >> okay. so the stock is down big, and i think that he lost that pr battle, cook. >> he did. >> you agree with me? >> i do. >> most americans say, when there's terrorism and dead bodies in the streets, you have to cooperate with the federal government. you have to find a way to do it on a one-time basis, if you want to make it that way. but on a case by case. cook didn't. apple didn't. does that add into americans saying, i'm going to sell my apple stock or not going to buy it? >> no. i think apple stock is down for other reasons. that incident didn't help apple by any means bust the stock is down because, a, they're selling far fewer iphones than they used to. >> why are they selling far fewer? >> a lot of competition. >> competition is driving it down? it's not like, i don't like apple i'm going to buy samsung? >> no, it's not like that. >> you sure? >> a lot of people are very comfortable with the iphone 5
5:52 pm
and 6 they've already gotten. they may not want to invest in another new iphone because the old ones are so good. >> but doesn't the new one give you a massage and take your tests for you? >> not quite, bill. but i'd like them to get there. >> i'm sure they will. see, i think there's bad will in the marketplace toward apple. >> let's suppose for a moment tim cook would have opened up the iphone to the fbi. >> which he should have. >> there would have been an immediate demand from china, open up our iphones. we have dissidents and we want to know what they're saying to each other. >> you say to china no. >> yeah? >> n-o, i won't do it. >> tim cook is going to china very soon. he's trying to make amends there. >> what did he do to the chin e chinese? >> the chinese have done something to him. >> what? >> they have stopped up itunes, they've blocked that. >> because they don't want the freedom for their people to have the freedom to see it.
5:53 pm
>> yes. >> so cook is going over to beg them into the to do that? pf i don't know if he'll beg them, but he's trying to mend fences. >> what did cook do to them? >> wait. china has enormous leverage. >> apple needs china. >> absolutely. they need them big-time. don't offend china. >> i don't know how he offended china. what did he do? >> that's a very good question. >> he didn't do anything. he just wants them to stop blocking the itunes. >> china doesn't like a foreign firm like apple exercising that kind of influence inside their market. >> wait until they get a load of trump. stuart varney, everybody. "factor" tip of the day. kim car dakardashian in cuba. will she stay there? the tip moments away.
5:54 pm
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5:57 pm
the children watt fers interviewed last night were more interesting and better trfed than most adults he talks to. i thank you, bill, for interviewing sergeant clint romesha. thanks for giving his book the attention it deserves. you are welcome, kyle. the book "red platoon" is excellent. o'reilly, you give a negative impression of the internet, which is not entirely accurate. i won't hold it against you, though, as many older folks dislike what they do not understand. with age comes wisdom, ben. but that may change if americans don't wise up and understand how much deception there actually is in cyberspace. bill, i watch the "factor" every day over here and want to purchase a copy of killing the risen sun." the book will be out september
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right? he's on a pot tour in colorado. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, new evidence of a deep divide within the republican party. it comes just days after donald trump became the presumptive nominee. raising serious questions about the party's ability to unify before the november election. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm sandra smith in for megyn kelly. over the past 24 hours we've seen a series of endorsements and calls to reject donald trump, perhaps most notably those associated with the last republican to hold the white house, george w. bush. dick cheney suggests he will support donald trump for president, but bush's brother and trum of rival jeb bush is not on bod