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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 6, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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we take attendance and it hurts our feelings when you're not here, we'll see you back here monday. tonight on the record, all your news right here, breaking news. fatal shootings at a high school, mall and supermarket. a federal security officer is under arrest for the murders. the grisly murders of a texas fitness instructor the media messages some are calling them creepy. a peace summit here in washington. i'm talking about the gop closed door meeting. donald trump, speaker paul ryan and rnc chair reince priebus can they unify the party? first donald trump rallies the crowd in nebraska. >> i won't talk about lindsey
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graham who had like one point, you ever see this guy on television? he is nasty. he gets out dealt at all levels of the campaign. he leaves a disgrace. he can't represent the people of south carolina well. he goes on television, i never seen a guy on television knocking me all the time. it's hard to believe i win everything on a land slide. he goes on television and goes i know more about the military than trump. i've been dealing with it for years. years. that's why we can't beat isis. we need new thinking. did you hear bernie sanders say she suffers from bad judgment. is he write. i wrote that down bad judgment. the e-mails that's bad judgment. it's also dishonesty that's why we call her crooked hillary clinton. dishonesty. total dishonesty. >> and earlier today, trump
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tweeting, paul ryan said that i inherited something special, the republican party. wrong. i didn't inherit it, i won it with millions of voters. joining us is herman cain nice to see you. >> thank you very much greta. >> let's start first with the last tweet, donald trump says that he didn't inherit the party he won it, what do you think? >> once again, donald trump is correct. he won the nomination, which meant that he won the leadership of the republican party. or maybe you can say the co-leadership since paul ryan is the highest elected republican official in the united states congress. he did win it. he earned it. and i think that's what has so many anti-trump, you know, never trump folk bent out of shape. >> should speaker ryan have endorsed donald trump as the speaker of the house leader of the republican party? should he endorsed him or dodged
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the question or how should he have handled it. what do you think about the summit this week and would you like to be a fly on the wall? >> i would love to be a fly on the wall. speaker ryan could have said he's going to support donald trump since he's the presumptive nominee. that's different than saying endorse. you say endorse some people assume you agree with every position they take and how they say it. he could have said i support them rather than i'm not ready for that yet. all that did was to throw more gasoline on the internal feud that's going on in the republican party. the meeting next week i think is excellent. if they sit down and go to the table with open minds they will probably realize that they have more in common than they have differences. i happen to think paul ryan may have not wanted to make any sort of commitment to trump because he might be getting some pressure from some nervous members of the house who are concerned about trump being at the top of the ticket and they
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are running for reelection. that's just a speculation. but i think the meeting should be eventful. i believe it's going to end up with a degree of success. >> all right. i will bring the viewers in at this point. this is your chance to vote on twitter. does it matter speaker paul ryan supports donald trump? tweet yes or no using #greta. we'll show your live votes throughout the show. mr. cain, also governor jeb bush posting on his facebook page today he congratulates donald trump essentially winning the nomination. but he says he will not vote for trump come november and he's not going to vote for hillary clinton. what do you think about that? >> that's like a back handed compliment. okay? he's not going to vote for him, but congratulations. it sends the wrong message to the people who may be still upset that their candidate didn't win. we started out with 17
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candidates. it's now down to one presumptive candidate. get over it and unify the party or they are going to be responsible for helping to get hillary elected. i feel very strongly about that. >> senator lindsey graham who donald trump just tore apart a few moments ago in nebraska, he says that he won't vote for hillary clinton he's not voting for trump either. he's also not doing anything on election day. >> well, lindsey graham is echoing the never trump anti-trump movement which will destroy the republican party. period. they are simply delusional, greta. they are simply delusional. and here's the other thing, they really haven't looked close enough at what they have in common with donald trump, they focus mostly on the sound bites that have been said to the public that have created the negative perception by so many people. if they were to take the time, i believe, like they should find out in this meeting next week
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they have more in common they they have differences. >> mr. herman cain, thank you sir for joining us. >> my pleasure. greta thank you. and west virginia coal country is not clinton country. secretary hillary clinton is coming under fire for saying if she were president, coal companies would go out of business. she's said that was a misstatement. as you might have guessed her political opponent donald trump jumped on the comments and now trump is getting the endorsement from the west virginia coal association. >> i'm thinking about the minors all over this country, we're going to put the minors back to work. we're going to pick the miners back to work. we're going to get the mines open. coal country. what they've done. >> the west virginia coal association goes on the record -- good evening, sir. >> good afternoon, or good evening to you, greta. >> well, it isn't likely that a democrat would win the state of west virginia if you look back
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historically at the election it may not be a big surprise. you coal miners are furious at secretary clinton, aren't you? >> yeah. absolutely. al they felt very hurt by her coming in and trying to change the story. and, you know, she had said i think wisconsin that she wanted to put everybody out of work and close the coal mines. she's going to pursue the global warming policy of this administration. so then comes down and thinks maybe it was a mistake. it sounded very convenient. i don't think very many people bought it. >> what do you make of the fact last fall she proposed you can see on her website, a $30 billion commitment to help the coal industry, to help that area? why did she do that if she's so, you know, head strong to do what she said, put the coal industry out of business. >> it's a different kind of help, greta.
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when you think about it we've got the best coal miners in the world. best coal . they've spent eight years trying to put us out of business. now they want to come down and dump the money in and buy their way back in and give them a check. or retrain them. and there's not anyone to retrain them for. they really want to stay where they are, earning somewhere between $80,100,000 a year. they're raising their children a in west virginia. they want to do that. >> is the vote against secretary clinton or for donald trump and if for donald trump, why? >> well, it's for donald trump. because he has said throughout his campaign, in a number of places he wants to put coal mino miners back to work and make coal more important than the eight years obama has been in
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power. it's for him. last night, i tell you in the civic center here in charleston it was the most hope and more smiles than i've seen on the working men and women in west virginia who filled that arena last night. >> thank you very much for joining me, sir. >> yes, ma'am. and senator bernie sanders versus the dnc. al senator sanders is accusing the democratic national committee for stacking the deck for hillary clinton and against him. sanders says the democratic convention committees are filled with secretary clinton supporters and in a letter to dnc chair debbie wassermann schultz he makes this threat. if the process is set up to produce an unfair one sided result. we are prepared to mobilize our delegates to force as many votes as necessary to amend the platform and rules on the floor of the convention. our panel is here, nice to see
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both of you. annie, we talk about the problems in the republican party. the democrat has just as big a problem. >> yeah, the sanders people are clearly very upset. what was so interesting about the letter is it's beginning to tell you what bernie sanders wants. he's gotten to a point where he's almost mathematically excluded from getting the nomination. and you're beginning to see what he really wants here is to have a bigger role at the convention. and this is not the first fight he's picked with debbie wassermann schultz. you'll remember back to the democratic debates they were on weekends, three of them scheduled. bernie sanders picked that fight and it turned -- >> i know for the life of me i think he's lucky into the debates. somehow he managed to squeeze an invitation out of debbie wassermann schultz for the stage. go figure. anyway, zeke, is this just sort of a little bit of a face saving
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way so he can get out and say he won something or is this a serious threat? >> he has already won something. he has been able to shape the democratic platform. the issues that hillary clinton is discussing, guns weren't on the agenda when she started her announcement. >> will they be after july? >> probably running against donald trump. the democratic base wants that bernie supporters want that coming in. the challenge that bernie sanders is going to face is that the democratic rules are structured such that whoever has the majority going into the convention controls the convention it's less democratic than the republican system. you know, if he forces tough issues like $15 minimum wage there are a whole lot of progressive democrats who back hillary clinton who will have to take that home to their constituents. >> i've been on the campaign trail and seen the passion of the bernie sanders' supporters. come november where do they go?
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are there any that march over? do they march over to donald trump or stay loyal to secretary clinton? >> some of this will depend on what clinton does to keep them in the fold. you know, some of that will really be important here. but if you look back to 2008, which was a more contentious primary on the democratic side, you had something like -- >> you think -- i think it's as c contentious now. >> i think there was more acrimony. in that situation you had 40% of hillary clinton supporters saying under no circumstances would they vote for obama. this time it's a smaller number. >> puma. >> none of us can remember. but we all -- >> democrats who went to mccain. >> two weeks of that. and then they were all on the democratic side. >> it's 25%. >> they're still showing an underground movement of those
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people. they're still mad. never dull. thank you very much. this a fox news alert a string of deadly shootings just miles from the white house in maryland. three crime scenes, three deaths in the span of 24 hours. now the suspect a federal law enforcement officer under arrest. rich edson is live where the suspect was arrested. >> good evening, greta. it ended here a couple hours ago across these parking spaces in this suburban shopping mall where police say they arrestedue yawl low turdle. they say it began last night. they say he shot and killed his wife there. they say it continued this morning at the nearby montgomery county mall where he shot and killed one person and shot and
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injured two more people. he came here right across the street to a grocery store and shot and killed another woman according to police. this continued, the investigation over the next couple of hours or so when they spotted a car. that matched the description of a car that was seen last evening at the murder scene. they say they spotted tordil here. >> he was eating lunch at the boston market. when he left, police say they apprehended him. police officials say they're trying to figure out what the connection with the other victims might be. federal officials tell us that he was a law enforcement officer for the federal protective services, it's an agency based in the federal government. and it safe guards federal property. in march according to that federal official, the federal protective services department took his gun and badge away because they say his wife had secured a protective order against him according to "the washington post." that protective order was based
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entirely on threats perhaps that he had made towards her children. the other thing about this that officials are pointing out county officials that this boston market behind me where he ate lunch this afternoon is the same boston market where the two d.c. snipers had reportedly eaten -- from a decade ago -- had eaten numerous times during the height of their shooting rampage more than a decade ago. this parking lot, this shopping center is where they fired their first shot. greta? >> thank you. on the record, ted williams has been at another one of the three shooting scenes. before ted was a lawyer he was a cop. he joins us from the montgomery mall in bethesda. what can you tell me about the scene there? >> i got to tell you, this scene here right over my shoulder here, is where cardell was supposedly come here and assaulted a woman, two good hero
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samaritans saw the woman being assaulted. came to her aid it was at that time that law enforcement is saying that this rogue cop shot the three people, wounded one critically, killing one, and shooting a woman in the arm. >> ted, this is what i don't understand. last night, it appears to have started as a domestic dispute where he's got a gun, he's got a protective order she got one before. he goes and kills his wife. but then that was last night. so what in the world provoked him to get up this morning and to continue on and do it nine miles further down the road at a mall and a giant grocery store? >> well, you know, that is what law enforcement is trying to do tonight, greta is connect the dots. yes, at 4:40 yesterday afternoon, shoots and kills his wife. comes to this mall this morning, assaults the woman, shoots three individuals here. go about eight miles up the
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street to aspen hill, where he shoots and kills a woman. and then coolly goes to a dunkin' donuts sets there, eats. law enforcement officers did excellent work. they observed him, undercover officers with the montgomery county police department. they waited two hours. he went to his automobile. that is when they all converged on him and they made an arrest. this was a rogue cop, a most dangerous person, greta. >> what amazing police work because they waited and watched him because they didn't know if he was armed. if he had his gun with him orlift it in the car. they didn't know if he would start shooting again. it was, you know, i tip my hat to the police. they waited until he was isolated away and safe. i give you the last word. that's when they made the arrest. >> it is rough. and it's rough for the law enforcement officers who had to apprehend one of their own and they had to take every bit of caution, but they did it in a
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professional manner here in montgomery county. >> thank you for joining us. and the trump kpachallenge. can he turn blue states into red states. karl rove is standing by to go on the record. a creepy message sent to a murder victim days before h
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2016 presidential race is quickly becoming a two person race with the general election looming. what would a donald trump secretary hillary clinton electoral map look like?
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karl rove goes on the record. nice to see you. >> get to see you. >> governor jeb bush says he's not voting for trump. lindsey graham says he's not voting for trump. have you made up your mind whether you're voting for trump? >> i'm watching the convention. we've got plenty of time for everybody. i'm not voting for a democrat. and we all have plenty of time. donald trump endorsed john mccain in september 17th i believe of 2008. so we all got a little bit of time to watch him and wonder. >> if number votes you can have a barbecue and get together. tell me which states are must wins. tell me how it unfolds. let's start with donald trump. >> well, first of all, the democrats in the last six elect taken states that have an aggregate of 242 lelectoral votes. the big inchilauenchilada is fl.
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if they win, the win the election. that's why florida is the key for trump. he must take florida or he has no chance of winning the presidency. if he takes florida, he's got a shot. the next two big states are ohio and virginia. ohio with 18 electoral votes and virginia with 13. the democrats have won these obviously in the last two presidential elections. much to the discomfort of the republicans and trump needs to win those back. but that's not enough to win the white house. that's enough to stave off the democrats but not enough to win the white house. >> so what does he need to win the white house? and, you know, he's got to win florida, virginia, ohio, and pennsylvania? >> i think pnennsylvania is a test. the trump argument is he can win blue collar democrats in midwestern and midatlantic and northeastern states. this is the blue state that the republicans have come the
11:24 pm
closest in in the last four elections, bush, i think lost about 3% in 2000. so this is his best shot i think for a big state that is traditionally voted democrat. if he won it, let's say he wins florida and let's say he wins ohio and virginia, he wins pennsylvania he's in the white house. if he doesn't win pennsylvania, then he's going to have to cobble it together. i think with several other smaller states, the best shot of which i think is iowa. iowa has an older population, heavy manufacturing on the eastern side of the state. strongly conservative on the western side of the state. president obama's approval ratings there have been below the national average. it might be another state at which he's got a good shot. >> all right. for either one of them, do you pick a vice president hoping to get a state or pick a vice president hoping to get something else? >> well, vice presidents have very little impact except in their own home states. you could make the argument that a florida pick might help him in
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florida. which was lost by mitt romney by .7 of 1%. those who study say the choose of the vice president nationwide is minimus in their home state very modest. there was a study that said if you look at all the modern vice president. the vice president who increased the vote for his party in a state more than any other candidate was richard b cheney and wyoming was republican and squeezing more votes out of wyoming didn't matter much nide nationwide. >> one last question, give me a name for each of them one for clinton and the other for trump, if you were advising. >> well, you know, somebody from florida would be good, somebody from the industrial midwest would be good for trump. interesting choice for hillary clinton would be senator tim cain of virginia.
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battle ground state. catholic. a man who spent time on a mission in central america. and then the other one would be sharrod brown. obviously ohio a battle ground state. >> thank you. and is the first amendment dead on college campuses? professors trying to
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the former secretary of state battling a global real estate magnet for the oval office. with isis trying to kill us, foreign policy will be front and center in the 2016 general election. how different is the trump doctrine from a clinton doctrine. and first of all i got to tell you, i love the book alter egos, great book i recommend them to anyone interested in the whole race on foreign policy. first of all, let me ask you about obama and clinton. are their foreign policies the same or different? >> they're different. and i want to stress from the outset i don't mean they're on the opposite ends of the spectrum. on the spectrum there are some significant differences. they're probably about here rather than here. but what they do have is a different view of the value of american intervention. and how interventions turn out.
11:31 pm
president obama has proven himself to be very skeptical about use of military force. he's resisted intervening in syria. he intervened in libya at hillary clinton's behest and regretted it. hillary clinton is fundamentally more persuaded that military force is an important tool, that american intervention can work out well. that america's role in the world should be as expansive as it has been through the post war period. president obama has been redefining the american role somewhat nmore narrowly. that's the contrast between the two. >> now factor in donald trump. where does he go? more to the president obama side of the equation or secretary clinton? >> it's complicated as things are with donald trump. he can cut either way. on the question of isis for example he's much more hawkish at least in terms of rhetoric. >> so is she. >> so is she. on the question of america's role in the world there are some
11:32 pm
interesting echoes. he talks about not having to underwrite the cost of nato the way we always did. that sounds like obama talking about free riders. he talks about getting outf the nation building business. so clearly there's a little bit of a strain in which there's a slight echo of obama in trump. but i have to hasten to add his rhetoric is different, he talks about a massive military buildup. he talks about bombing isis to smithereens. it's a sort of difficult to pin him down. there's elements of him that are more hawkish and more isolationists. >> what's the relationship between obama and clinton. she's no longer secretary of state. >> when she left his cabinet she began staking out her own positions on the issues. she went public on the fact she wanted to aid the rebels in syria. he was opposed to it t. she's been public in saying she would be tougher on putin and ukraine than obama has been. during the primary season, those
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differences were once again submerged. after all she needed the obama coalition to fend off bernie sanders. so you've heard a little less of it in the last few months. my belief is as we pivot to the general election and she now takes on donald trump, you'll probably start to see her delineate those differences again and that will be very interesting to watch. >> all right. it's a great book. alter egos, it's also a fascinating read. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. a controversy at george mason university across the potomac from the u.s. supreme court. the faculty saying it does not want to name their law school after the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> you cannot sleep at night. you're disgusting. >> first at yale. students got an e-mail from a student group discouraging offensive halloween costumes. one university lecture responded implying studes should be able to pick their own halloween costumes even if they're
11:34 pm
offensive. that didn't sit well with some students. >> it's not about creating this it is not. >> two months later the lecturer resigned from yale. you won't believe this one. total outrage when students saw these chalk drawings on the campus of emery university in atlanta. the students claiming they felt unsafe. >> you might as well be racist if you're supporting a racist. >> donald trump has a platform that is sbasbased on violence, racism, sexism. >> and now it's george mason university trying to rename its law school in honor of justice antonin scalia. the response? huge controversy. >> what's happening here at george mason really when you boil it down, is a group of left wing professors are hoping to make a political statement rather than paying the late justice the respect he deserves. >> the school's faculty passing a resolution calling the name change problematic and asking
11:35 pm
george mason university to s suspend the renaming of the law school. >> it's a huge opportunity for the school that the faculty wants to turn down for making a political statement. >> george mason university professor of law lloyd cohen goes on the record. nice to see you sir. >> pleasure to be here, greta. >> is this name change tied any sort of contribution money? sometimes people make a significant contribution exchange for naming something. >> certainly. certainly. yes, that's what law schools in some sense are in the business of doing. what universities are in the business of doing. universities sell the name of the university. they sell the name of schools. they sell the name -- sell puts the wrong tinge on it. >> honor in exchange for. >> exactly. and we're fortunate that as most universities that do receive money for names, law schools who receive money for names naming them after donors who have no legal distinction whatsoever.
11:36 pm
here we have the opportunity to name the law school over one of the greatest supreme court justices in the history of the united states. >> how much money is on the line for this? how much would the school get? >> there's two separate grants. one tied to the koch foundation. it's a scholarship for $20 million. an anonymous donor. i asked who it was. he was wise enough not to tell me because i can't keep a secret. that is $20 million. that's tied after naming -- >> $30 million on the table. and the students -- i thought it was a conservative law school. i'm surprised. >> oh, well, at the law school, there's a little bit of rumbling. that is to say, probably our students are on balance more conservative than what you would find at other law schools, more libertarian than what you would
11:37 pm
find at other schools. there's an elements that finds it objectable. >> is the first amendment dead? >> is the first amendment dead. >> on college campuses. >> it's under threat. it's under threat by a cabal of lunatic left wing students and lunatic left wing faculty. but not at the law schools. that is all of this objection from faculty members is coming from main campus. and none from people in the physical sciences, none from people in math. people in -- >> none in the law school? >> none. the law school is overjoyed. we have largely i'm proud of george mason university school of law. we have an outstanding faculty. former dean henry manning who created intellectual atmosphere of this place, it was said he levitated the place. because we did it without money.
11:38 pm
>> i remember. >> it was an opportunity to have money, some money. >> i remember when it got started not so many moons ago. anyway, nice to see you sir. >> pleasure to be here. thousands of people fleeing for their lives a massive wildfire not slowing down. a very dangerous situation. we're going to take you there live next. look at the video an look at the video an explosion fire on one of the
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look at the video an explosion fire on one of the here's the plan. you grow up wanting to be a lawyer, because your dad's a lawyer. and you land a job with a 401k and meet your wife. you're surprised how much you both want kids,
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and equally surprised you can't have them. so together, you adopt a little boy... and then his two brothers... and you up your life insurance because four people depend on you now. then, one weekend, when everyone has a cold and you've spent the whole day watching tv, you realize that you didn't plan for any of this, but you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible. the fox news alert. convoys of thousands of people desperately evacuating running from raging wildfire in canada. meanwhile, fire officials are warning the massive blaze could burn for weeks. we're live in canada. what story is getting these people out of there? >> well, there was an attempt today to get people who health department stranded to the north of forth mcmerurray down south. the problem is there's only one road through fort mcmurray.
11:43 pm
when the fire hit most of the city was evacuated to the south. some went north and found themselves stranded in a bunch of work camps that are unrun up there by oil companies. there was an effort of air lift them out but we're talking about over 25,000 people. today the mounties organized a convoy. and tried to bring them down south. but they ran into the fire again. it's been hopping back and forth across the highway. south of the city with flames reaching 200 feet in the air. that convoy with about 1,500 cars in it is still stuck trying to get through the fire. >> does that mean those 25,000 that are stranded trying to get out of there, are they still stranded, all 25,000 of them? >> of those 25,000 to the best of our knowledge so far no one has reached an evacuation point
11:44 pm
where they can relax. they are at least past fort mcm mcmurray but so is the fire. it's not really one fire we're talking about. this is a series of fires that are moving depending on how the wind changes. it's been windy here, it's dry, it's hot. it's going to get hotter. and so the fires are unpredictable. they're moving around and threatening different places. >> evan, thank you. and what a terrible story. i hope they get the fires out. thank you. get ready to speed read the news. the d.c. metro, the subway about to run a lot less smoothly. massive shutdowns disrupting hundreds of thousands commuters will last days and weeks at a time. this video shows an explosion and fire. a track fire in january of 2015 killed one person and sickened dozens more.
11:45 pm
in north korean congress meeting for the first time in 36 years. last time they met was in 1980. now that's three years before leader kim jong un was born. he bragged about north korea's recent nuclear test. history was made today in london. they elected their first ever muslim mare. he calls him the british muslim who will take the fight to the extremists. florida is getting the royal treatment. prince harry is in orlando for the invictus games. that's a paraolympic style event for wounded warriors. he toured the orlando venue and posed for pictures. one of the 500 veterans will be competing. that's tonight's speed read.
11:46 pm
and wait till you hear these clues. new clues in the horrific murder of a texas fitness instructor. the chilling new evidence next.
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show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. clues in a grisly murder. days before missy bever's grisly murder she received a creepy message on her linkin in test test id not know on linkedin, that's a social media platform that connects people around the world. missy bever reportedly showed a message to a friend and they
11:51 pm
both described it as creepy and strange, but the affidavit did not tell us what the message said. furthermore, it shows bevers had engaged in communication with another man described by police as, quote, flirtatious and intimate in nature. authorities say evidence pulled from mobile devices also reveals ongoing financial and marital struggles between missy and her husband, brandon. brandon bevers, seen here, has been cooperative with police from the very beginning and we should point out has not been named a suspect. now, police in midlothian, texas, where this murder happened, are also checking cell phone tower transmissions to see if the killer used their mobile phone, which would have pinged a tower. investigators say the suspect was inside the church for about 30 minutes on the morning of april 18th. you can see from this surveillance video the person is pacing around in police tactical
11:52 pm
gear, almost as if waiting for bevers to arrive to teach her fitness class. her body was discovered later this morning when folks started showing up for this class. she had multiple puncture wounds on her head and chest and investigators are looking at several persons of interest, who include multiple persons whose phone numbers showed up in the cell phone which had been deleted from the device but recovered by police. a strange and bizarre twist in this complicated case. >> casey, thank you very much. south carolina senator and bernie sanders supporter left stranded on the side of the road. a local tow truck driver refusing to help the 25-year-old because of a sanders bumper sticker on her car. now, that tow truck driver told the drifver that since she is a socialist, the government can pay for her tow.
11:53 pm
he's now telling the media why he won't tow socialists. >> every business dealing in recent history that i have had with a socialist-minded person, i haven't got paid. i owned the truck. the side of my truck doesn't say freebie. every time i have dealt with these people in recent history i get burned with an "e," not a "u." >> he says he supports donald trump. and coming up, are both donald trump and president obama going hollywood together? now, that's a tease. what could that possibly mean? well, i will explain "off the record" coming up.
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the call just came in. she's about to arrive. and with her, a flood of potential patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris. all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down on-demand, this hospital can be ready. giving them the agility to be flexible & reliable. because no one knows & like at&t. that's go "off the record." president obama said this today about the 2016 presidential race. >> i just want to emphasize the degree to which we are in serious times, and this is a really serious job. this is not entertainment.
11:58 pm
this is not a reality show. this is a contest for the presidency of the united states, and what that means is that every candidate, every nominee needs to be subject to exacting standards and genuine scrutiny. >> not entertainment, not reality tv. well that's a thinly veiled reference to donald trump. and i realize this is politics and both parties can't resist ghenting their digs in, making cracks, not use crass language, some use a calm voice, but i do agree with president obama, running for president is not about entertainment. it's a very serious job, but let's be honest, it isn't just one party in the entertainment business. remember president obama's appearance on between two ferns or what about being interviewed by a woman who is known for eating cereal out of a bathtub? that's not exactly hard-hitting news. it's showbiz, and, yet they all
11:59 pm
do it. but, of course, each denies it, and that's my "off the record" comment tonight. in tonight's campaign flash, 1996 republican presidential candidate bob dole just endorse donald trump for president. that news coming from the trump campaign and donald trump just wrapped up a rally at an airplane hangar in omaha, nebraska. hillary clinton continues her west coast tour. secretary clinton is holding an organizing event in oakland, california. and donald trump will take the witness stand. trump will testify in the class action lawsuit against trump university. he is set to testify after the presidential election and the now defunct trump university is accused of defrauding people who paid for real estate seminars. live twitter voting results on your screen right now. does it matter if speaker ryan supports donald trump? no says 67%, yes says 33%. tonight goforget to vote every
12:00 am
night. don't forget to go to and go to greta both places. i'll see you monday night right here. welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing. >> donald trull p has harsh words for hairspray. he better not be going after my girlfriend, lateisha. and the father-daughter dances. and jesse joyce joins us from l.a. if he is still managing the pac sun in the promenade. back to you, tom.


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