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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  May 7, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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this is a fox news alert. police have put an end to a shooting spree just outside the nation's capital today. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. a 62-year-old man was taken into custody this afternoon. suspected of killing three people during a shooting rampage that police say began at a high school yesterday, and continued at a mall and grocery store today. correspondent rich edson is live where the suspect was finally caught. >> a short while ago in this parking lot, police arrested a suspect they say is responsible for a couple of shootings, deadly shootings across suburban
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maryland this morning and another last eveningism police say they have taken him into custody. they say he shot his wife last night. they say about 11:00 this morning the shooter killed one and injured two at a mall. shortly after they say the shooter killed a woman at a grocery store across the street from here. police say they saw a car in the shopping center. matching the description of one seen at last night's murder. police say they spotted tortile here. police say they're trying to figure out a relationship between the suspect and victims today. >> we don't know of any connection. that's still very early on the investigation. that's something we're looking at. >> a federal official tells fox the suspect in custody worked in law enforcement for federal protective services.
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an agency responsible for guarding federal property. the official says in march protective services placed him on administrative duties because his wife had took out a protective order against him. this is the same shopping center where the d.c. shooter ten years ago began the shootings. but officials also point out that tordil ate last in the restaurant behind me. they say the snipers ate there during the height of their rampage. they say the connection is not lost on them as they continue to investigate what the motive was here and piece the crime together. chris? >> rich edson, thanks for that. republicans aren't mincing words as the list of those who say they can't support donald trump continues to grow. but there could be a breakthrough as the republican national committee tries to
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unite the party behind the presumpative nominee. trump tries to fix a misstep of his own with a tweet. john roberts is in omaha with the story. good evening, john. >> chris, good evening to you. another big endorsement for donald trump today when former vice president dick cheney said he would be voting for trump in november. there's still a lot of questions about just how broad support for trump really will be. as donald trump was winging his way west for his second rally, president obama was weighing in on the implications of trump as the republican standard bearer. >> there is no doubt that there is a debate that's taking place inside the republican party about who they are and what they represent. not just republican officials, but more importantly republican voters. are going to have to make a decision as to whether this is the guy who speaks for them and
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represents their value. >> the president was referring to speaker paul ryan's declaration he was not ready to endorse trump. trump is responded that he is not ready to embrace ryan's agenda. he seemed perplexed that ryan isn't yet backing him. >> i was surprised many people were surprised by it. some were really surprised by it and not happy about it. i will tell you i have many endorsements from yesterday. they're coming in left and right. he's one of the only ones that really was surprising. >> bringing the republican party together may prove trump's biggest challenge. >> hello, nebraska. >> today, nebraska governor pete ricketts endorsed trump despite his family bank rolled an anti-trump soup uper pass. bill sasse proposed they find an
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alterative. in west virginia he appeared to pivot too soon. telling supporters they didn't have to vote in next tuesday's contest. >> i want you to do is save your vote, you know, you don't have to vote anymore. save your vote for the general election. okay, forget this one. the primary is gone. save your vote for the general election. in november. >> later he seemed to say never mind in a tweet encouraging supporters to quote, go out and vote on tuesday. we will win big. the big campaign rallies here in omaha and two tomorrow in washington state aside, the next big event for donald trump will occur on thursday morning, that's when he is set to meet with speaker paul ryan and other members of congress. if speaker ryan throws his support behind trump it will go long way to trump's efforts to try to achieve party unity. chris, if he hedges his bets and doesn't say i'm with you, trump will have a whole lot of work to do between now and november. chris? >> john roberts in omaha, thank you. a showdown between trump and
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hillary clinton seems almost certain. but with trump now the presumpative republican nominee, clinton is looking to close out her democratic rival and change the optics of her campaign. senior political correspondent mike emanuel reports from california. >> hillary clinton is campaigning and fund raising for the second day in california. today up north in the bay area. even though there are primaries still remaining, much of her focus is on attacking the presumptive nominee. >> donald trump fails all three of those tests. with all the challenges we face in america and in the world, we can't have a loose cannon in the oval office. >> meanwhile, the lead super pac backing clinton is expected today start more than $90 milli $90 million in advertising through the november election. and has released online videos attacking trump.
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clinton has continued hinting it's time for bernie sanders to get out of the race making reference to her battle with senator obama when she dropped out. >> i knew this that whatever differences we might have had in the campaign they were nothing compared to the differences between us and the republicans. now, if that was true in '08 that is true on steroids today. >> today president obama suggested clinton and sanders will work it out. >> there's going to be a conversation between secretary clinton and bernie sanders about how we move towards the convention. the good news is that despite the fact that during the course of primaries everybody starts getting chippy. >> sanders shows no signs of dropping out. today sent this letter to the dnc warning against stacking the debt e deck at the convention. he wrote if the process is set up to produce a one sided result we're prepared to force as many
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votes as necessary to amend the platform and rules on the floor of the convention. sanders has campaigned aggressively in west virginia. one way that green energy sanders is connecting in coal country is noting that in his proposed climate change legislation, there is $41 billion to help workers. >> it means creating jobs for those workers who lost their jobs extended unemployment, education. all that those workers need to regain their livelihoods. >> here in california, clinton's expected to do well with older democrats, latino and african-american voters. sanders is connecting with young voters, and likely to try to catch up out here after tuesday's west virginia primary. chris? >> mike emanuel reporting from oakland. thank you. the romanian hacker who claims to have gotten into hillary clinton's private e-mail server says he's talking to the
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fbi. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge spoke to the man and joins me now with what a that could mean to the investigation. >> the hacker who says he easily breached mrs. clinton's e-mail server in early 2013 claimed in a jail house phone interviews that he spoke with the fbi on the plane when he was extradited last month to face separate cyber charges. he says he spoke to an fbi agent for 80 minutes. the conversation was recorded and the hacker took four pages of notes. a government source confirmed that he had a lot to say on the plane but provided no other details. fox news understands a meeting at this jail between the fbi and hacker was expected as early as this week. i spoke with him earlier this evening. you have talk today the fbi on the plane? >> right. because they came after me from
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the fbi from the state department, yeah. >> did you have any visits from the fbi when you were in romania? >> i had 2014 in march. >> clinton aide huma abedin have been interviewed as part of the investigation. the source would not speak on the record about the probe but said she was questioned. under the espionage act, intent is not required. mrs. clinton addressed some of the issues. >> have you been contacted boo ithe fbi to set up an interview? >> no. >> no contact there? >> no. >> any indication your private server was hacked by foreign hackers? >> no, not at all. >> the clinton campaign said in a statement today she is encouraging her aides to answer questions though there was no reference to the fbi or her i.t. manager who struck an immunity deal and took the fifth of
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capitol hill. thank you there was a disappointing jobs report today. the u.s. adding 160,000 jobs in april. the fewest in seven months. that keeps the unemployment rate the same at 5%. where it's been since last fall. president obama acknowledged the economic head winds today. >> the unemployment rate has been growing. unemployment has been falling and wages have been rising. the global economy is not growing as fast as it should be. >> the slow down in economic growth could keep the federal reserve from plans to raise interest rates again this year. a positive day on wall street to end the week, the dow grew 80. the s&p was up 7. nasdaq jumped 19. the dow lost .2%, s&p was down .4%.
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up next iran is defiant and the cost to the u.s. could be serious. here is what some of affiliates are covering. fox 35 from orlando with a successful rocket landing off the course of florida. space x landed the rocket in the atlantic. they expect to start reusing them to save money. fox 28 in spokane where scientists say they've detected small earthquakes between mount st. helens. scientists say the quakes have been increasing since march but don't expect another eruption soon. >> this is a live look at chicago. the big story there, chicago police officers under more scrutiny. the chicago triban has found more than a dozen examples of officers giving false or questionable testimony. it's part of a wide ranging
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investigation of the police by the justice department, in the wake of the deadly shooting of laquan mcdonald where police reports conflicted with video of the shooting. that's tonight's wild report outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back. p?p?h
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russian and syrian officials deny any involvement in a air strike that killed 28 people in syria. a human rights group says women and children are among the dead in a strike that hit. the camp is home to hundreds of people that have fled the fighting in aleppo provinces. a top official says wednesday the strike could be considered a war crime. the european commission imposes penalties for countries unwilling to help with the crisis. the eu is looking at a $290,000 penalty. tensions over the migrant crisis in europe can be eased. iran is threatening to cut off the strait of hormuz to the u.s. over a call to action over
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the treatment of u.s. sailors earlier this year. jennifer griffin tonight on the impact closing the strait would have on the u.s. >> a senior revolutionary guard commander has threatened to close the strait where one third of the world's oil exports pass each day. a cartoon was tweeted showing troops kicking the u.s. troops out of the gulf. >> translator: what are you doing here? go back to the bay of pigs. go and hold exercises there. what are you doing in the persian gulf? the persian gulf is our home. >> the threat followed the high seas capture of ten u.s. navy sailors in january. the iranian captors released video of the u.s. sailors crying, republican congressman forbes of virginia of the house armed services committee has submitted legislation to punish iran after learning classified details of the humiliation that u.s. sailors endured after being
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captured by the iranian navy. secretary of state john kerry thanked the iranians upon the u.s. sailors' release. >> i'm appreciative for the quick and appropriate response of the iranian authorities. all indications suggest or tell us that our sailors were well-taken care of. >> they are now giving medals tool the people that captured them. the united states thanks them for releasing our sailors. and we just believe enough is enough. at some point in time you have to say what they're doing is just wrong. and so if the administration won't do it, congress should. >> the bill requires congress to respond to iran's recent provocations and rethink sanctionsed t should the incide continue. in december the iranians fired unguided rockets 1,500 yards from a u.s. aircraft carrier and flew a drone over the uss harry truman on the same day the u.s. sailors were captured. the pentagon did not seem too concerned when iran threatened
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to close one of the world's most vital waterways. >> we have our forces present in that part of the world to make sure that there is the free flow of commerce and that american interests are maintained. >> a navy investigation into how those u.s. sailors were capturehead is expected this month. sources tell us the sailors may have cut corners by not carrying a premission brief. >> jennifer griffin reporting, thank you. the administration's controversial iran nuclear deal could be based on a faulty narrative one that president obama's deputy national security advisor is bragging boun. fox news media analyst and host of fox's media buzz joins me now with the details coming out of that "new york times" article. good evening, howard. why is this times profile stirring up such a fuss? >> ben rhodes comes across as smug as he boasts about using the media as a quote, echo chamber for white foreign policy arguments.
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listen to this the arg reporter we talk to is 27 and their reporting experience exists of being around political campaigns. they know nothing. rhodes talks about using what an aide calls their compadres to carry messages online and on twitter to validate, quote validate the things the journalists were being spoon fed. >> you and i have been around. doesn't every administration engage in this kind of spin? >> sure john f kennedy fed the stuff to ben bradley. reagan manufactured the picture background. but this reminds me of the administration recruiting m.i.t. professor to craft obamacare arguments aimed at what he later was caught admitting was the stupidity of the american people. rhodes has a point. with newspapers closing farm bureaus and slashing staff. some of the remaining reporters
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are greener and more susceptible tool spin. >> what's the effect of what ben rhodes is doing? >> he hopes sell the iran nuclear deal by fudging the narrative. the negotiations began well before the election of iranian moderates that the administration had touted as the starting point according to the times. the bush white house also orchestrated a press campaign to sell the invasion of iraq. bush aides were not later bragging about it on the other hand. >> thank you so much. north korean leader kim jungen appeared before the full congress in that country in 36 years. the event was a chance for him to be seen as a strong leader. 100 foreign journalists were invited but were given a tour of the wire making factory during his appearance. the u.s. military is sending in reinforcements to bolster
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security at the american embassy in baghdad. the add said protection comes after waves of protests against iraq's government over the last month including last weekend when protesters stormed the government's green zone in baghdad and occupied the parliament building for hours. mass evacuations continue in canada where a wildfire burns near alberta's oil sands. police escorted cars, 50 at a time out of work camps today. evacuees are being flown out of the air in mass air lifts. more than 80,000 people have left the area. the wildfire is now grown to more than 380 square miles. that's an area bigger than new york city. next how one of donald trump's biggest adversaries in the november election could be a democratic senator who is not even on the ballot.
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the college experience is supposed to broaden young minds, open them up to new ideas. but some say that idea is being suppressed. chief legal correspondent shannon bream reports on the fight to keep college campuses diverse when it comes to the school of thought. >> if you get through four years of college without being offended you should ask for your money back. >> once viewed as the perfect place for young minds to test the boundaries of their belief and theories, higher education campuses across the u.s. have increasingly come under fire. for attempts to ignore or even excellence perspectives seen as outside the mainstream. >> you need to get out. >> no, i don't. >> you need to get out. >> it's absolutely contrary to the purpose of a university which is to be a marketplace of ideas and to expose people to viewpoints they may not have heard before. >> professor john shields who teaches and is the co-author of the new back, passing on the
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right. conservative professors in the progressive university says the shrinking number of conservative professors is undisputed and contributing to a substandard educational environment. >> i think it does a great disservice to students and to liberal students. because they're not prepared to encounter thoughtful conservatives once they leave the university. >> shields has joined a coalition of professors, social scientists and scholars from across the ideological spectrum to launch a virtual town hall aimed at pushing for vice president diversity in american college and universities. recent postings include links to pieces like, the privilege of checking white privilege. and why are liberals so condescending. and also a report on a study by yale law school admitting its own lack of political diversity. >> campuses don't look like america. they probably never will.
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but a little diversity goes a long way. >> shields believes one of the best ways to diversify higher education is for conservative scholars to be willing to run the gauntlet in terms of top academic posts. chris? >> shannon, thank you. donald trump is ready ton h presidential election, but there's another democrat who could be a real problem for trump this year. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren isn't holding back saying she'll fight her heart out to keep trump out of the white house. doug mcelway reports on how the senator could be a player in the election. >> the night of donald trump's indiana win, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren tore loose on twitter accusing him on racism, sexism and narcissism. two weeks earlier after he was asked about another treat storm. he fired this warning shot across her bow. >> elizabeth warren on social
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media went after you calling you a loser. >> who is -- >> for trump who thrives of detecting weakness and pouncing, senator warren is a target rich environment. she listed herself as a minority in the association of law school directly. harvard cited her indian heritage against criticism. her recipe became the subject of derision after times it was plag plagiarized. >> i think she's a fraud. her entire success in academia and politics is based on a lie. but she is a native american. she's not a native american. there is no proof whatsoever that she is. >> warren's office did not respond to our request for an interview. her allies say she relishes the fight. >> the more that donald trump takes the bait and attacks elizabeth warren and thrusts elizabeth warren to the center of the national dialogue the
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better for hillary clinton. the issues elizabeth warren is fighting for are popular with voters. >> critics say the twitter tear is not accidental. >> she's been getting on twitter more and more criticizing trump like she's the pit bull for the democratic party. >> yeah, i think that hillary clinton is given her instructions, she's going to put on her war bonnet and go out and attack donald trump. >> one of the ironies of this fight is that the two are vying at least in part for the same voters. blue collar workers in swing state independents. trump polling right with promises of less regulation. >> warren pulling right. >> thank you so much. doug. it's election day in london, and it could be historic. our sister network sky news is projecting that labor party politicians kahn will win as the first muslim mayor of london.
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he was running against zack gone smith. he says he will take on muslim extremists. panel weighs in on whether the gop can unite around donald trump.
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paul ryan, i don't know what happened. i don't know. he called me two, three weeks ago was a very nice conversation. i figured routinely he'd be behind it. and he -- the other day just in a big surprise. i have had so many endorsements. >> donald trump just moments ago still surprised by house speaker paul ryan's statement he's not ready to endorse donald trump. and it's mostly up to trump to unify the party. let's bring in our panel charles hurt of the washington times. amy walter from the cook political report and charles
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krauthammer. i got to say that was a pretty remarkable thing to see paul ryan being booed at a trump rally. his statement didn't just surprise trump, but most of the political ward. i should say that ryan walked it back slightly saying he's happy he's going to be meeting with donald trump on thursday. but where do things stand right now, amy? >> this is a party we've been talking about this for some time now, charles, especially that is broken apart. i don't know how it gets put back together. it's not just paul ryan that has said that he doesn't know if he's going to endorse. we have jeb bush saying he's not going to vote for either donald trump or hillary clinton. we're going to see more high profile republicans finding a way to distance and detach themselves. i don't know what ryan's next move is on this. on the one hand, he's doing it to protect his vulnerable members many of whom are terrified with running with a polarizing figure on the top of
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the ticket. at some point, there's going to have to be a coming together of the two sides. it's going to be quite an awkward convention to see paul ryan up there leading his party, he's the chairman of the convention, not supporting the person who is getting the nomination. but at the end of the day, i think this is a paul ryan making sure that donald trump comes to him, not the other way around. >> can he do that? charlie? who has got the leverage here? >> donald trump has the leverage here. you know, and i think amy is right. obviously, you know, paul ryan wants to do everything he can to protect his members. both people in the house and senate who having a free election in places that are not donald trump country. none of this bodes well for the leadership or the party. when it looked like donald trump wasn't going to get to 1,247 there was going to have to be massaging to get him over the hump.
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he said you got to go back to the rules. now that it looks like they're getting it, they're picking up their marbles and trying to walk away. i think that donald trump absolutely because it does look like he's going to get the 1,237 by the rules holds the cards here. and the sooner that the party gathers around, what are they going to do? do a third party? how does that help republicans? >> you know, it's interesting as you two talk about the quandary. president obama is taking some delight in this divide inside the gop. he weighed in on that today. >> their standard bearer at the moment is donald trump. and i think -- not just republican officials, but more importantly republican voters are going to have to make a decision as to whether this is the guy who speaks for them and represents their values. >> he really is quite happy in this situation, isn't he?
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>> yes, he's watching this with delight. look, i think it's true that there are tactical reasons for ryan doing this to protect his members. the more cynical comments have been about he's looking for his own run in 2020 in the future. he's trying to appease his donors i think that's rubbish. i think what's happens here if you step back for a second the republicans have experienced the biggest ideological earthquake of a major party in our lifetime. 50, 60 years of conservatism has now yielded to a leader who is not a conservative, but who is a populist. that's a big deal. and i think what the ryan statement is, the ryan equivocation is, he's saying, if the party is now going to be split between the leader, the populist, and the old line conservatives, whether they're establishment or not doesn't matter. you've got establishment. and non-establishment. he wants to establish a center of power and a kind of home for
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the conservative wing. he wants to do it through policy, which he'll propose, that's who he is. he's a policy wauonk. the young reformers who have ideas on how to fix the country from the point of view of a conservative philosophy. what he's saying to trump, yes, you won, you won the popular vote. you deserve what you have. but you're going to have to reckon with the conservatives, even if you aren't one and that's what the meeting will be about. will there be a change in policy and adjustment in the platform, as a way to say we're going to try to make the two philosophies coexist. >> but could you have a situation, forget a third party, where trump runs his campaign for president, and the republicans, the tried and true republicans, the conservatives in the house and the senate run their own campaign? >> that's what i think is the leverage that the conservatives
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have. yes, charlie's right that trump has the leverage because he'll control the convention. he controls the apparatus, he's going to have all the money. he'll be dominating the news. but the other guys have a kind of negative leverage, which is they don't have to run a third party, all they got to do is stay home. or show interest only in the down ballot races. not out of malice but as a way of saying he's not a conservative. i don't have a vested interest, i don't have an interest in seeing it prevail and preemt conserv conservism. >> elizabeth warren went on a twitter tirade today. let's put some of those up. here is what else is real. donald trump has built his campaign on racism sexism and zeen phobia. then there was this. i'm going to fight my heart out
1:44 am
to make sure donald trump's toxic stew -- that's a delicious thing -- of hatred never reaches the white house. i guess we can put her down as a definite maybe >> she's in the i don't know i'm wearing my options. >> she's in the -- >> not ready. >> this is the challenge that donald trump has going forward, which is he has a divided party that's not sure they're going to get on board with him. i've looked through the data here national journey a whole story for example saying that if donald trump wants to turn out the new voters -- he can. there may be new voters for him to turn out. without the people that voted for romney, plus the new voters, even when they added that all up, it didn't equal enough to win the swing states, especially rest belt states. he'll need to win over the kinds of voters that mitt romney didn't win over, rulelatinos,
1:45 am
younger people and women. elizabeth warren is saying let's keep donald trump's numbers as low as we can in those groups. >> in about 15, 20 seconds is it possible after all he's said and done to win back women. >> i don't think so, no you don't get to win them back. what elizabeth warren is going to do is make those words come back over and over again. you don't get to erase them. that's not possible. >> next up, the friday lightning round. show me movies with romance.
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show me more like this. show me "previously watched."
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. it took nearly seven years but we were able to peacefully get iran to significantly roll back the nuclear program. it makes us and the world safer. >> that's ben rhodes, the president's deputy national security advisor selling the iran nuclear deal recently. we're back with our panel for the friday lightning round. let's start with a remarkably candid profile and statements by ben rhodes in the "new york times" sunday magazine this week. here's what rhodes says about how the white house sold the iran nuclear deal to reporters and through them to the american public.
1:50 am
this is rhodes quoted. most of the outlets that are reporting on world events from washington, the average reporter we talk to is 27 years old and their only reporting speerbs consists of being around political campaigns. that's a sea change. they literally know-nothing. charles, i can't wait to hear what you have to say about this. >> he's absolutely right. the fact the success they had in spinning the iran deal. it's a moderately informed student of the area and of the nuclear negotiations would know was a disaster from day one. they had success in public opinion in the newspapers portraying it in the news as a good thing that these die hards, hard liners and the congress were trying to stop. it was a fantastic success. and it is exactly because the reporters don't know anything about the area. particularly on the middle east.
1:51 am
they are young, they might have heard of oslo. they might have heard of the six day war. but they don't know the history. and if you don't, there's no way you can orient yourself. >> we're going to now begin the lightning round here. amy? i guess my question is, why on earth would he brag about this? >> that was what i was going to brag up. this is the kind of story you do once you've left office or in december, november after the campaign is over. but that to me was the most curious part of this, which is taking a victory lap and snubbing your nose. and also, for somebody who says i don't care what washington thinks, famously saying all of this is sort of a joke we're part of the establishment. really wanted to get some acknowledgment from a prestigious newspaper. >> i don't know why you would gloat over this. if it weren't such a terrifying topic, it's almost comical that "the new york times" would report on it. because it's been obvious from
1:52 am
the start -- i think charles has been telling us for three years about how bad the deal is. and it was obvious to anybody who invested the time to look into it. so it's a very strange thing that they're -- he would go out there like this. >> all right. we also have the disheartening case this week of wall street columnist and our colleague jason riley, a professor at virginia tech invited him to come to campus but disinvited him fearing his conservative views would spark protests. charlie, a sterling example of len intellectual diversity. >> if our founders who left us this great country were to come back today and see the state of education here, they would be very depressed. >> amy? >> this is one just of many ways in which colleges are letting us and their students down by not allowing them to express their many points of view. i think we have to recognize for
1:53 am
folks who then roll their eyes at -- when folks on campuses say i feel we have not got our points of view out. they should let them go to, people who haven't been part of the debate. >> one of the curiosities of washington of think tanks that are so conservative. the reason is conservatives gave up on academia 30 years ago and established their own institutions universities without students. a perfect situation. >> winners and losers of the week? charlie you start? >> loser is carly fiorina for being the last one on a sinking ship and winner is bernie sanders for -- he may not have won the nomination, but he has taken over the democratic party. and he is -- he continues to keep hillary clinton having to fight rear guard action. >> amy? >> for winners, i had a hard time with winners today. it's mother's day this weekend, mom, you're a winner.
1:54 am
i give you that. amplify. for losers, everybody call your mom -- reince priebus has had a terrible week and bringing the party together is not going to be much fun. >> losers john kasich. cruz's dropping out was an event. his dropping out was a footnote. ironically because he stayed in so long, essentially helping trump he's a high candidate to be trump's running mate. winner as i talk about earlier, paul ryan, he has established himself as the leader of the conservative rump. and giving it aplace where it can live, the house of representatives. >> you may be an expert i was thinking back to carly fiorina. did she last longer as a vice presidential -- or thomas eagleton. >> thomas eagleton could be a loser because he lost that title. >> it was actually nominated he was the candidate.
1:55 am
>> that's right. >> mcgovern said he backed him 1,000% and fired him the next day. >> for those people too young to know what we're talking about google it it's an interesting story. stay tuned to see the way that donald trump plans to pick his vice presidential running mate, trump style.
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finally tonight as soon as donald trump wrapped up the republican nomination this week, speculation turned to how he will choose his running mate. and when you think about it, there is only one possible answer. >> donald trump has secured the republican nomination. now he must choose a running mate. on vice president island. 20 amazing trump supporters in a battle for the ultimate prize. the second hypoest office in america. who will advance and who will be kicked off the island? >> gary you're impeached. >> vice president island this summer on every cable news channel. >> it's the only way. thanks for inviting us into your home. that's it for special report. join me this weekend for "fox news sunday." we'll talk with senior trump strategist paul manafort and pat mccrory.
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that and much more on "fox news sunday" this weekend. greta van sustern goes on the record right now.kekekekekekeke. tell us what you think about tonight. thanks for watching. i'm sandra smith. we're going to have a strong border. yeah, we're going to have the wall and who's going to pay for the wall? we want people to come into our country but they have to come in legally, folks, otherwise we don't have a country, we don't have a country. get your money ready because you're going to pay for the wall. going to bring jobs back from china, japan, all these countries. politicians don't know how to stop it. i will stop it easily and quickly. syrian refugees are now being resettled in rhode island. we don't know where they're from. they have no documentation. we all have hearts and we can build safe zones in syria and we'll get the gulf states to put up the money. we're not putting up the money. we're going build our