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tv   Forbes on Fox  FOX News  May 7, 2016 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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ben. >> berkshire b. i want to be part of buflt the rest of my life. >> always been a spender, but saves the day. thanks, guy, fox continues now. the democrats are going to raise $2 billion. do you believe it? $2 billion and i'm also going to put in a lot of money in the general, but we're helping to raise money. we have a great group and we're raising money for the party. >> well, he ran as a self-funding outsider, but now, donald trump saying he'll need the insiders money man the to help fund a general election campaign. this is a campaign that is expected to cost each side at least and probably a lot more than a billion bucks. hi, everybody, welcome. so, would raising so many donation dollars burn the donald's image as a self-funding rebel?
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let's find out with mr. steve forbes. michael mcdonald, sa brie na schaffer, john and bruce. so, steve, you know a little bit about what it's like being a rich guy running for president. must be tough to raise money. >> not the natural thing for donors to think you need the money, especially after trump said he wouldn't take it, but it's not really going to hurt his image. that image of a maverick is not going to suffer, but he has to do both. he is going to have to write big checks for himself and raise large sums of money right now because the democrats are starting to trash adam and he must not let happen to him what happened to romney four years ago where the democrats defib fined them. >> john, to steve's point here, former gop campaign chairman, fred, said trump better be prepared to write a pretty big check himself to supplement the efforts. the donald says all he has to do is is sell a building ands he'll be able to fund the campaign. do you believe that is this.
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>> i don't believe it and i think we're seeing now how he wasn't truthful about his net worth because he can't self-fund, but i'm not worrying about him not raising money. what he's got going for him is that republican voters very much dislike hillary clinton, at the same time, democratic voters dislike donald trump. each candidate is a major gift to the fund raising efforts of both parties. >> he goes to these inside fund raising guy, he runs the risk of looking like a hypocrite, particularly things like goldman sachs. he spoke about goldman sachs funding other campaigns on the trail. >> i know the guys goldman sachs. they have total, total, total over him. just like they have total control over hillary clinton. >> it's steve, he is a goldman sachs guy. >> david, it's not going to matter a hoot. donald trump is so popular right now, he's going to have so much free time on tv. the people care about what he
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says. they care about what he thinks. they don't trust hillary clinton. they don't want another four year of barack obama. there's an uprising in this country and trump has the wind in his sails. >> said he's not only going to fund his own campaign, but some of the congressional races as wellful do you think he can? >> that's trump -- i guess, right, i don't think he can and the thing is is, he needs to get the gop establishment behind him. but he's served up so many knuckle sandwiches to these guys that think don't like him. the bush family isn't coming out for him. paul ryan, lindsey graham. this is a gop establishment that donald trump needs behind him. it feels like they have to apply novocain to their nerve endings before they embrace him. >> that's a phrase i haven't heard since junior high school. but what do you think about the
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funding issue? >> i think that's the fund raising is really essential to sort of building his legitimacy. yes, there's a lot of people who have supported him, but there are a lot who have not and who are still very reluctant to do so, so i think it's important he comes out not as a self-funded manful there have been some fails campaigns that started out this way, like a meg whitman or linda mcmahon, spent more than 100 million per vote. they didn't really have that buy in from the voters. fund raising is very important. >> it is. some people say too important, bruce. if you think there is too much money in politic, you've got to be worried about hillary clinton, the democrats. not the republicans. look at this. so far, the democrat, hillary's campaign has spent 157 million. trump's spent 47 million and she's looking to raise $2 billion for the general.
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>> the idea that trump has been self-funding to this point is not really true, but given his history as a troubled developer, he will try to play with other people's money on this, but i don't think he's going to be successful because when you're a presidential candidate, you have to raise money for the party and senate and congressal races and he's got so many people running for him. >> let me stop you for a second. too much money in politics and of course, the gop has all those friends in big business that bring all that money. it's a democrats. not the gop, bruce. >> it's just, listen. i'm not wild about the money. i'm for some more public financing and whatever, but we haven't seen that from trump. we haven't seen that from either of the candidates, so you have to play by the rule that is the rules are as of right now and if he goes up against sanders, which could still, there's a slim possibility of that, it will really be interesting. >> hillary, ch money as she has, she's trying to get a lot more.
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she put on a tweet saying she's the campaign you should spend money on and politico had a piece on how she is now targeting some of jeb bush's old funders. could she actually get some republicans, moderate republican money? >> not a lot, david. she's her own worst enemy in that respect. she reminds people why there's a republican party and so, what you're going to see play out is that trump does have a little bit of time to get his act together. because he's sewed up the nomination early, but she hasn't. she's beginning to have bernie at her heels for a wheel. she's going to lose a bunch of contests this month against sanders. >> mike says it doesn't matter that the splits in the gop are still not going the affect the election. that hillary's going to lose and donald's going to take all. you don't think these fights are going to count for anything? >> david, i don't. i don't think people care what the republican establishment thinks. i think people are sick of it
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and i think when donald trump goes to speak, whether or tv or a rally, you get great tv ratings, thousands upon thousands of people that want to hear what he has to say. nobody cares about what hillary clinton has to say. they know what she's saying, over and over. >> has the money issue been totally reversed because of this campaign and because of donald trump? >> i don't think so. i think it's going to become even more apparent in this campaign. we are talking about whomever is electeded, clinton or trump. the next president will be the least popular president in the history of the united states. that signals a lot of fund raising on both sides because neither side wants the other to be elected. gl what's going to happen, are these big money folks going to sit on their cash and say, the heck with it, i'm not going to put money in somebody i don't like? >> if you don't have a seat at the table or the menu, these guys will come out later on. coming up with all these weird clay shays this morning, i'm
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sorry. you raised a good point earlier that donald trump has been running as an independent kind of guy, not beholding to any special interest, but now, if he comes out and gets special interest money behind him, hillary clinton has some slight ammo against him. the founding fathers said we get the best politicses money can can buy. >> i would love hillary to try with all her connection, with the clinton foundation money, to try to make a point about donald being in the pocket of the big money guys. >> maybe that's a message that has not yet been tested and it will be effective, but he seems pretty resilient and pretty sort of protected from any kind of negative press, but the one thing that he maybe has to consider in addition to the fund raising part is that sort of apparatus, the campaign apparatus, which doesn't come about overnight. that's something hillary clinton has been working on and had in place for a long, long time. >> bernie is still running,
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bruce ch t not just hillary. there are three candidates in the running for the next presidency. do you think he's going to make a case of this? because he could look at the others and say, there's too much money there. >> i think he has and it hasn't been very successful. i think his time, it will be interesting to see how it plays out at the convention. truch, back to his self-interest. it's himself and that's the problem. he's the billionaire candidate here. >> unlike every other politics, right? all right, forget about who raises the most money. some here say it's the raises coming in obama care premiums right before the election that could design who wins. we'll explain, next.
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live from america's election headquarters in washington, good morning. here's a bunch of stories making he lines for you this morning.
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a historic moment taking place in london. labor party politician being sworn in as mayor. the first muslim to lead the city. more than 300,000 votes. at the ceremony, he was said he was quote truly humbled and promiseded to represent all of the citizens of london. in other international new, concerns about zika now forcing baseball out of puerto rico. major league baseball is moving two pirates and marlins games to miami this month after players expressed concerns about getting and possibly transmittinging the virus. puerto rico has nearly 800 confirmed cases, including its first death from the virus. those are the stories makinging headlines. now back to forbes on fox. wr. a week before americans vote on november 8th, a lot of folks
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may find out their premiums are getting jacked up. because the health care exchanges open on november 1st and some states are expecting double digit hikes. it could be a november surprise. >> absolutely, david. nothing tells people that you know, politics is personal more than rising premiums. when i think about my health care cost, it makes me swallow hard. this is when politics and obama care really become real for people. not just people yelling at each other about policy on television. this is going to hit the pocketbook and that's something that motivates voters. >> bruce, we've had the shock at the deductibles going way up. a lot of people have been surprise d about that. an 81% increase since obama care began. >> yeah, well i think with the people buy iing the obama care policies, i think you are having growing pains, no doubt about it. but i think the folks who the costs are going up is because you had unmet need. i think the people buying the
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policies are people who couldn't get health care coverage before because of preexisting conditions. >> unmet need. it's a nice expression, but when of the promises, that president obama made, he said most families would save $2500 a year instead of pay more. >> this could be a huge campaign issue assuming trump knows how to exploit it. face it, if it were about health insurance, we would have it in abundance because you're ensuring against the catastrophic that's easy to get and easy to keep. what obama care was was about providing all sorts of health care without regard to preexisting conditions, so that's going to be expensive. this is a big deal, but does trump understand it? >> i don't know he does. this is hittinging some democ s bases. the union bosses are furious because it hits unions a lot and seniors. seniors have medicare, but it doesn't pay for everything. they have to buy some insurance. >> i've been looking into that.
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the senior democrats are big voting blocks. they come out at election time. they are seeing their social security and retirement checks getting eaten up by obama care double digit hikes and premiums and so, they're not like k that. obama care's becoming the third rail for senior citizens and even big sides of the political aisle and you're right, the teamsters for trump movement is now in force. jimmy hoffa is yet to endorse hillary clinton. that's why hillary clinton is saying no to the cadillac tax, so even she is dialing back on her support obama care. >> senior is rolling over in his grave, but hillary care, remember that? and bernie pushed hillary right back to where she was in 1992 when the country rejected her idea of whole scale socialization medicine. >> she can't get around the fact that this is a third obama term and on health care, it's obama
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care on steroids. her plan was even worse than obama care. if that can be believed. so, for her to dial back, just not believable. >> mike, remember president obama himself way back in 20003, he was for socialized medicine. the single payer system, which is essentially socialized medicine. he spoke out in favor of it. that is i think and a lot of other people do, what we're working toward right now, isn't it? >> no doubt about it, david. obama had lie to the american people to get obama care passed. hillary clinton's health care meetings were deemed illegal because they were closed, they've both been not above board in the whole health care debate. obama's push federal government obama care is about the redistribution of wealth. if you wanteded better care for lower price, you move towards a free market. things not covered by insurance have gone way down. >> we're going in the opposite
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direction. this will be the second election since obama care. 2012, obama was re-elected, but that was before the big cost we've seen in the last couple of years kicked in. >> in many way, people have sort of gotten immune to anything we've criticized obama care. it was really hard to move opinion on it. something like this is very personal. going to hit people where it hurts and i think that's going to have an effect and i think steve is right. hillary, i don't buy it for a minute that hillary clinton wouldn't double down on obama care. she is the mind behind single payer systems. absolutely. >> the problem with that strategy for hillary is that right now, the big costs are kicking in. at first, it was incremental and people didn't really notice it, so it didn't effect 2012 election, but isn't it going to be more did i feel as things get going, as these bills for obama care continue to pile up? >> absolutely and the kicker is
8:19 am
not so much the premium, it's the deductibles. that is out of pocket. that hits people hard and people are finding they're getting less medical care than they did before. >> even rich anchors are doing that. the cashing in gang getting ready to roll. what have you got? >> some republicans burning their voter i.d. card because of trump and some in the liberal media saying he's killing the party, but can can the business man actually revive the gop? plus, a woman unleashing a verbal tirade on a dad for paying with food for government assistance. is she tapping into what's making so many americans angry this season? >> thanks, but up here first, ellen degeneres giving a stay at home mom a $25,000 college scholarship. that's great, right? wrong. why a lot of liberals are ticked off at the talk show host. details coming next.
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a good education often leads to a bet r life, so why are some on the left dissing ellen for giving
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we have partnered with the university of phoenix and they're passionate about helping people who want to go back the school and achieve their dreams and i believe in you, so i want to give you $25,000 so you can go back to school, all right? >> wow rs that was great, but ellen's generosity not getting applause from some liberals. they are fuming because the university of phoenix is a for profit college, but steve says flip it around. instead of bashing her, they should be praising her.
8:24 am
why? >> because she's enabling that woman to improve her lot in life. which shows that some on the left don't really care about people. they care about government control. even though research shows when you compare apples to apples, the for profits do a better job than the non-profits. this is about politics and control. not about helping somebody in need. >> it's just so nasty, bruce. i mean, to criticize somebody for helping somebody. >> well, i think what this is is a promotional ad campaign and i hope this lady is able to finish her degree and get some education. that would be great. but what the critics are pointing out, they want to shine a little light on this university of phoenix is under investigation and this was largely an editorial here. so i hope she's able to finish her degree because one of the allegations is people are not getting what they're told. >> let's face it. what the liberal critics are upset about is they want the
8:25 am
government to do everything with education. they just don't like companies, for profit companies in education business. >> leave ellen alone. our university business model should be under investigation. a trillion dollars of student debt because of these fat cat academics gouging middle class families. i think she's doing a great thing here. >> the fact somebody wants to buy the parent company of the university of phoenix at a 50% premium before the tender offer shows there's a lot of value in that university. >> anytime someone provides to others without reaching into our pocket, we should cheer them on vociferously. >> bingo. >> democrats should be shamed of their treatment of for profit colleges. they're competitive with higher education. >> thank you very much. coming up, still looking for the perfect present for mother's day? look no more. our informers have the gifts that will make you your mom's favorite forever.
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we are back with the best picks for mom. you say buy the gold itself. >> forget flowers. forget the gold jewelly. forget the silver. i have a gold etf, which is perfect for a skittish stock market. >> mike is right. negative interest rates around the world. two third of the world's global bonds, yield about 1%. gold intended to be a haven in that environment. >> luckily, when i think of my mother, i don't think of bombs and arrows, but you think you would buy that for a mom. why? >> i think your bomb is look at the five-year return.
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18%. >> this fund is a very cost efficient. >> happy mother's day. that's it for forbes on fox. rip, gop. the liberal media declaring the republican party dead after trump becomes the presumptive nominee this week. check out this cover showing the elephant in a casket and it's not just the media. some republicans burning their voter registration card after the donald's being night in indiana, but do they have it all wrong? welcome to cashin in. our crew -- start with you. they say trump killed the party, but are they forgetting it was trump who drew the massive crowds and


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