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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 7, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and to all of you for watching. you can catch me weekdays on "varney and company." we start sharp at 9:00 eastern. paul's back next week. hope you can join us then. the gop presumptive nominee turns up the heat on hillary clinton. >> she was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful, so naug bonnet and let's see what happens, okay? >> donald trump is campaigning out west today. we're hot on the campaign trail with him. on the democratic side, hillary clinton still can't shake bernie sanders. why he's vowing to stay in until the convention no matter what. and the body of an american hero returns home from iraq this weekend. navy s.e.a.l. charles keating
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iv. we will take a look at whether the obama administration is putting our troops on the ground at too much risk without enough backup. good saturday to you. mother's day weekend, it is. nice to be with you. nice to be with you at home. >> welcome to america's election headquarters from washington. republicans aren't yet falling in line behind donald trump. the list of those who say they cannot support him continues to grow. trump will meet with house speaker paul ryan next week but first is rallying voter support in the pacific northwest. national senior correspondent john roberts is in washington, where trump will speak in just a couple of hours. hi, john. >> reporter: elizabeth, good afternoon to you. trump here in spokane, a state he probably wasn't going to do well in, had the primary season continued.
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the eastern part of washington where we are is much more republican than, say, seattle. voters go to the polls here on the 24th of may. 44 delegates up for grabs but it all kind of seems like a moot point now that trump is the presumptive nominee in the republican party. he is already pivoting toward the general election. washington is a state that he probably would like to put in play for the november election. it's shown signs in recent cycles of maybe leaning toward a swing state though it's typically gone democratic. unlikely at this point trump will be able to turn it into a swing state for the november election but he is certainly taking all the energy that he used to focus on his republican rivals and is now hitting hillary clinton on that. last night in eugene, oregon, saying to hillary clinton, criticize me on women? how dare you. here's trump. >> i mean, there's never been anybody like this and she was a total enabler. she would go after these women and destroy their lives. i mean, have you ever read what hillary clinton did to the women that bill clinton had affairs
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with? and they're going after me with women? give me a break, folks. >> reporter: so clearly, after the results of the indiana primary on tuesday, trump's schedule is changing. he has today's rally, he is going to be in lindon, washington, about five miles south of the canadian border north of seattle this afternoon, then he's going back to new york. he will obviously be watching the results of the west virginia and nebraska primaries come in on tuesday and then thursday morning, he's got that big meeting with speaker of the house paul ryan, who has said he's not yet ready to endorse donald trump. on the campaign trail yesterday, trump being mildly critical of speaker ryan for not getting behind trump when so many other establishment figures have. here's trump from yesterday. >> we have so many people now that are joining, but i didn't get paul ryan. i don't know what happened. i don't know. i don't know what happened. and you know, he called me three weeks ago, we couldn't have had
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a nicer conversation. thank you very much, donald, it's great and we're together, everything's fine. then all of a sudden, he wants to be cute. >> reporter: no indication at this point whether paul ryan will get behind donald trump after that meeting on thursday. certainly he wants lots of assurances that trump would pursue a similar agenda to the one ryan wants to pursue. at the same time, donald trump racked up a lot of big endorsements yesterday. bob dole has come out for him, former vice president dick cheney and governor pete ri ricketts endorsed him yesterday, which is interesting because he spent millions and millions of dollars bankrolling an anti-trump super pac trying to take mr. trump out earlier in the election process. you get some establishment figures behind him and others are saying absolutely no way. >> we will see how that changes at the convention. john roberts, thank you so much. appreciate it.
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trump is the presumptive republican nominee but is still shy of the delegates needed to lock it up. he has 1,068. 1237 are needed to clinch, as you know. trump could get closer to that on tuesday, when republican voters in west virginia and nebraska head to the polls. a total of 70 delegates are at stake. >> as john alluded to, big question. will the gop rally around their de facto nominee? we heard about the leaders in the party. the question is what about the voters? back in january, the tea party patriots threw their support behind senator ted cruz. now that he is out, will the nation's largest tea party organization get behind donald trump? the co-founder of the tea party patriots joins us now. appreciate you being with us, jenny beth. nice to see you. >> good to see you, leland. >> for all intents and purposes, you are a republican, a conservative. donald trump is the presumptive gop nominee.
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he says he's conservative. why aren't you ready to vote for him yet? >> well, first, let me say this before i answer your question, and i will answer it. i want to thank all of our supporters and tea party patriot citizens fund. i'm so proud of them. over the last four months they worked very hard on the endorsement of ted cruz, which was the endorsement they chose for us to make after four rounds of balloting. >> why do you think that worked out? >> well, you know, it's really hard to overcome the amount of earned media donald trump has had. but when you look at where we stand today, and the things that donald trump said to propel him to where he is, and the things that ted cruz has stood for, we can see that the tea party mo movement and the issues and values we care about, the things we have been fighting for, resonate with the american people and certainly with the vast majority of the republican voters. so in that standpoint i think the tea party is ahead and when
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you look at where we were seven years ago, we didn't even exist seven years ago. >> i'm a little confused here. because you are saying that what resonates with the tea party is what resonates with the american voters but it seems as though the american voters weren't backing your candidate that you said were backing your issues. how does that line up, number one and number two, how does this look going into the general election? you pick donald trump and get behind him or sit this one out? >> answer to your first question, then your second question. the first is donald trump, when he started out, was talking a lot about the issues that we care about. that helped propel him to where he is today. the issues we have stood for have definitely resonated with the voters so far around the country. then where do we go from here. we have a lot of people who are looking at donald trump and he's backed off of so many different issues. just from tuesday, he changed his stance on minimum wage, changed his stance on his tax
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reform package and hired someone who worked for goldman sachs to be his chief fund-raiser, someone who donated to democrat candidates to be his chief fund raiser when he said he's going to self-fund. people are looking at donald trump -- >> fair to say you don't really -- you don't necessarily believe all the things he's saying? >> i think that it's fair to say that a lot of our supporters are still looking to see where is he really going to fall. he certainly has taken many different stances on issues. so where is he ultimately going to be? we have four different paths. there's the path of the people who are saying never trump, they are looking at a third party. there's the path of people who are saying we should be just disengaged right now from the presidential race and focus on the senate. we have to check with the supreme court, no matter what falls out in november. there are people saying let's just fall in line with the endorsement of donald trump and
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then there are people who are saying look, it's not so much donald trump, it's just never hillary. right now, what our supporters across the country are doing, we are taking a look back, looking at where we go from here, and what our best options are. unlike a lot of other groups, we work from the bottom up. our supporters drive our decisions. they are evaluating it. we aren't going to let the media or anyone else rush us into a decision. we will make the decision that's right for tea party patriots citizens fund. >> no question your supporters not only go to the ballot box but have been known to work for candidates. they are the true activists in this party. jenny beth, appreciate you joining us. thanks for your insights. come back when you have come closer to a decision, all right? >> sounds good. thanks, leland. >> liz? well, trump isn't the only one trying to win over undecided republican voters. so is hillary clinton. she is pursuing those and a gop who say they can't stomach trump. while trump can focus solely on the general election, clinton still has an opponent for the
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democratic nomination, bernie sanders. he says he's not backing out. we have the very latest on the democratic race. >> hillary clinton is focusing more on the general election. her campaign is even assembling a republicans for hillary group to draw votes from the anti-trump faction within the gop. this is according to a report in the "new york times." though still short the delegates needed to secure the nomination, speaking in oakland last night, clinton spent more effort criticizing donald trump than her republican rival. >> you're not just voting for a president. you are voting for a commander in chief. you are voting for someone who has a solemn responsibility to keep america safe and to continue leading in the world. and some of what i'm hearing from donald trump is quite concerning, right? >> senator bernie sanders is vowing to continue his campaign. west virginia holds its primary tuesday. sanders leads in polling there
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and says he will compete in the remaining primaries. >> i think it's an uphill fight, but we have been fighting uphill from the first day that i announced, when nobody gave us a shot to do anything, and now as i've said, we have won 18 states already and more to come. i think that our goal right now is to do very, very well in the nine remaining states. >> sanders has a substantial delegate deficit. clinton and sanders need to win 2381 delegates to capture the nomination. clinton has more than 2200. sanders has about 1400. clinton has also just won the democratic caucus in guam and its seven delegates. bit of a flight so neither visited the island. both campaigns have no public events today. sanders speaks at the rutgers athletic center tomorrow in new jersey. that state votes with california on june 7. two delegate-heavy states that would clinch the nomination for clinton if she were to win them. she leads in polling in both
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states. back to you. >> rich, thank you. now for more on the numbers rich was talking about. a november showdown between clinton and trump seems almost certain but bernie sanders vows he's staying in the race despite some unlikely odds. sanders needs almost 1,000 delegates to clinch the nomination while clinton needs less than 200. as you can see on the chart there. democrats caucus today in the u.s. territory of guam. seven delegates were at stake. within the last hour we heard from guam, the party announced clinton won 60% of the vote to earn four of those delegates. sanders picks up three delegates. tuesday the race heads to coal country. 29 pledged delegates up for grabs in the state of west virginia. fox news will have live coverage of that race and more all day tuesday and tuesday night as well. tune in right here, america's election headquarters. brand new surveillance footage showing police swarming the car of a murder suspect
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moments before his arrest in the parking lot of a suburban maryland shopping center. the arrest late yesterday ended a two-day shooting spree that left three people dead, including the suspect's ex-wife, and three more wounded. today, 62-year-old eulalio tordil was charged. he was a federal police officer and evaded police for 20 years before resurfacing on friday. additional u.s. marines are now in place to help secure the embassy in baghdad. video of recent protests that have gone on for months in baghdad led by shiite cleric muqtada al sadr. protesters were able to break
10:14 am
into the parliament building. now a map of the green zone, a u.s. defense official tells fox news more than two dozen marines have now arrived in the green zone at the request from the u.s. ambassador for a rapid response protection force at that facility. more on that story. the combat death this week of u.s. navy s.e.a.l. charles keating in iraq comes at a crossroads for the american military's presence there and in neighboring syria. tough realities are being confronted in the allied effort to defeat the isis threat. so joining us now for his perspective, retired four star general jack keene, former vice chief of staff of the u.s. army. he is also a fox news military analyst. general, thank you so much for joining us today. i'm really actually interested in hearing your take on what's happened this week. first and foremost i want to get your reaction when you heard of the navy s.e.a.l.'s death, charles keating, this week. it's a very fluid front line that our military members are facing. what was your reaction when you heard that?
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>> well, certainly sadness, disappointment, but listen, i spent my life as an infantry paratrooper. the youngster was in a fire fight helping the peshmerga. this is small unit tactical operations, something s.e.a.l.s are excellent at. at the end of the day, a fire fight is a fire fight. bullets flying all over the place. tragically, something hit him and took his life. >> when we talk about reinforcements on the ground, our men and women who are there fighting this very fluid and unpredictable front line, are they supported? >> well, yes and no. they clearly have enormous skill sets themselves and there are drones up that can assist them, there's quick reaction forces that can respond to them. but i think the major problem we have when we look at this is the strategy is so fundamentally flawed. we are coming up this summer on two years conducting this campaign. essentially against 30,000 isis fighters. when they get into a battle with
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peshmerga or now with the iraqi army, they have a tendency to lose it. they are not ten foot tall by any means. we spent three years and eight months defeating all of the nazi military and all of the japanese military, and it's astounding to me that we haven't organized this effort better, with at least 10,000 to 15,000 troops in iraq to help the iraqi army. they do the fighting but we are there to assist with lots of enablers, helicopters, artillery, things they don't have. in syria we should have taken the saudi arabians up on their offer early on when they said look, we can put something together here on the ground, let's take this thing down, and here we are approaching two years and there's no end in sight to destroy the safe haven in syria. as long as the safe haven exists, isis exists and are able to expand into other countries and able to motivate people to kill their fellow citizens in
10:17 am
cities around the world. >> you talked about a timeline in your answer and i want to play a sound bite for you from secretary ash carter when he was in germany this week. when he had said that he actually wished that the timeline was accelerated. take a listen to what he had to say and i'll get your reaction. >> we must do this, it's important for civilization that we do this. we can do this. we are going to, with your help it will go faster. >> i heard a couple things there. we must do this, we have to do this and with your help. so i feel that there's a science sense of urgency. is he getting what he needs from the administration? >> the reality is the president imposed constraints, significant constraints on our military right from the beginning. i think what chairman dunford, chairman of the joint chiefs, has been able to do is push out the boundary of those constraints as much as he possibly can. that's why there have been ten
10:18 am
incremental increases in the number of troops. we are about probably at the limits of what the president is going to tolerate. we will not really bring this to completion until we have another president in 2017 who will probably ask one of the initial questions of the pentagon and of the national security team, what can we do about isis. give me some options to bring this thing to an end as quickly as possible. >> on a related topic, i wish we had more time, we only have about 30 seconds, i want to get your reaction to the news we heard last week when protesters stormed the green zone. i always thought that was an impenetrable -- what was your reaction when you first heard? >> it's quite porous, to be frank about it. listen, iraq from a political perspective is almost in collapse. it's going to impact on the military campai's not a solid government there, who is the army fighting for? not just its people. they have to take orders from a government. this will impact the military campaign if this government collapses and it looks like it's on its way.
10:19 am
>> we had supported the prime minister, obviously. >> we haven't come close to helping him the way he needs help. secretary kerry rarely goes there. biden hadn't been there in five years until the last visit that he made. it's been hands off and we wanted petraeus in there, the former ambassador to go in there and help create a unity government as they had done once before successfully. it's really sad when you recognize how important the political situation is, if the military is going to be successful. we haven't done what we should have done, in my judgment. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> good talking to you. we are learning a lot more about the life and death of navy s.e.a.l. charles keating iv. he died rushing to save other americans, assisting kurdish peshmerga forces in northern iraq. his body came home yesterday, arriving at dover air force base. fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin introduces us to this quiet professional. >> reporter: the grandson of
10:20 am
scandal-plagued financier charles keating who went to jail for his role in the savings and lone crisis of the 1980s, charles keating iv known to his friends and family as c-4 grew up in arizona, was a college track star who vowed to become a s.e.a.l. after 9/11. his high school track coach expressed shock. >> i can't believe this. i'm devastated. i lost a family member. i have his wedding announcement on my refrigerator. i mean, he was getting married in november. i'm just devastated when i think about that. >> reporter: keating's fiancee was supposed to go shopping for her wedding dress this week. >> we have since learned keating secretly married his fiancee, brooke clark, just before he deployed to iraq this time around. a more formal ceremony was to have taken place this fall. he will be buried in the san diego area near the base of his s.e.a.l. team. coming up, a green beret who
10:21 am
risked his life for his country, now in need of support on this mother's day weekend. a story of one mother's devotion to her son and the organization that's helping him and his family. plus, donald trump promising coal miners in states like west virginia he will put them back to work. the big question is how. we take a look at his energy policy coming up. plus, one canadian community becomes a ghost town as tens of thousands of people are fleeing a massityive wildfire. will mother nature help out the firefighters there? >> reporter: we are watching this area. our recent weather pattern has not allowed moisture or cooler air to get into this region. but we think that might be on the way this week. we will talk about it when america's election headquarters returns. ♪ (music plays throughout) ♪ uh oh. what's up? ♪
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. a fox news alert on notorious mexican drug lord ajoaquin "el chapo" guzman. we hear he is now on the move. the associated press cites mexican security officials saying guzman is headed to another prison. they say the cartel captain was moved from outside mexico city to a prison in jaurez, mexico
10:26 am
just across the border from el paso, texas. no reason has been given for the transfer. authorities concefirm he was on his way out of the prison e was one of the world's most notorious drug bosses before he was captured six months after he broke out of a high security jail in central mexico. that was his second escape. he also made a jail break in 2001 from a different prison. see how this one ends up. you don't know what's burned and what's not burned, when you can go back. now you're sitting here and all you see is red flames. it's pretty scary. >> that was just one of the more than 80,000 people forced to run from their homes as a raging wildfire sweeps across fort mcmurray in alberta, canada. look at this time lapse video of the fire which has already burned 250,000 acres so far. canadian officials are warning it could double in size by the
10:27 am
end of today. we are following the story from new york and have the latest. >> for some perspective, at 390 square miles, this wildfire is 17 times the size of manhattan, new york city, six times the size of washington, d.c. and what canadian officials are calling a national emergency. this is happening in alberta, canada. the wildfire engulfing and surrounding the city of fort mcmurray in northwest -- the northwestern part of the country. it's an area with the third largest oil reserves in the world. it started on tuesday and since then, some 80,000 people have been forced to evacuate, but now officials are reevacuating some 25,000 residents who fled to oil industry worker camps north of the city in convoys and by helicopter. high winds have shifted this fire unexpectedly and firefighters have been fighting all week, some in 48-hour shifts, and help is now on the
10:28 am
way from other provinces. sadly, mother nature is simply not cooperating right now. the fire expected to double in size this weekend. there hasn't been rain, significant rain, in two months in the area and the forecast calls for no rain and high winds at least until the beginning of the week. >> it is a dangerous, unpredictable fire, an absolutely vicious fire, that is feeding off of an extremely dry forest. this is a dry condition, drought situation that has existed for some time. >> now, some 1600 structures have been burned to the ground, mostly homes in fort mcmurray. take a look at this video captured by home surveillance video camera. james o'reilly and his wife watched this happen on iphone app. their home and belongings burnt to the ground because of this fire. unreal. as of now, there have been no
10:29 am
fatalities directly linked to this inferno. officials say no towns or cities are currently in this fire's path. there's also no oil infrastructure, no oil infrastructure has been harmed by this fire which is important because it's so important to canada's economy. officials reiterated ultimately this fire will burn for a very long time until there is that significant rainfall they so desperately need. >> thank you so much, brian. appreciate it. hot temperatures and dry conditions continue to feed that fire. not only taxing exhausted firefighters but allowing the fire to spread even more quickly. we are hearing cooler weather, maybe even rain, could be on the way. meteorologist janice dean has more from the weather center. >> any good news is much needed in this area of canada. you can see not only around the fort mcmurray area, but also
10:30 am
north and west of alberta, canada, we have at least two dozen fires burning. it has been so dry out here. and of course, we are talking about oil production, that also could be threatened. this is where most of canada gets their oil production in alberta. taking a look at the satellite imagery, we have had what we call in meteorology an omega block, meaning the weather pattern has stayed the same. hot, dry conditions for weeks in this area, but the good news is that omega pattern is going to break down a little bit and the potential for not a lot of moisture, but some moisture to get into this area on sunday and monday. the temperatures are going to cool off over the next several days, which hopefully will help firefighters. there's the gfs model showing you where the rain, the moisture will get in. not enough of it, though, unfortunately. they are just not going to get enough moisture to help firefighters. the cooler temperatures, however, will get in there with 50s and 60s sunday into monday and so hopefully, a little bit
10:31 am
of good news, but leland, the damage is done in parts of fort mcmurray. our hearts and prayers out to all those folks affected. back to you. >> when you watch those pictures, you just really truly do as the old song goes, pray for rain. janice dean, appreciate it. thank you. coming up, hillary clinton could be next in line to answer the fbi's questions about her private e-mail server. we have a report coming up. plus, west virginia which holds its primary on tuesday is coal country, so what role does coal play in the candidates' energy plans? we break it down for you coming up. ...clear for take off. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full.
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sfx: leaf blowers the yardley's. dad! sorry. spring is on. start your trugreen lawn plan today. trugreen. live life outside. while donald trump is no longer facing any competition in the race for the republican presidential nomination, that isn't keeping him off the
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campaign trail. trump is courting voters in the pacific northwest. last night he was in oregon, today he's in washington state. he's got a rally in spokane later this afternoon. washington holds its republican primary on may 24th. democratic voters on the island of guam held their caucus today. the u.s. territory's democratic party chairman says hillary clinton took 60% of the vote, earning four of the island's seven delegates. bernie sanders took home three. while the fight for the democratic presidential nominee rages on, neither candidate is campaigning today. bernie sanders will hop back on the trail tomorrow holding a rally at rutgers university in new jersey. the miners don't want to leave anyway, is that right? you want to stay here. you want to open the mines. we are going to open the mines. i see over here, trump digs coal. look at that. trump digs coal. that's true.
10:37 am
>> at one point the coal miner's helmet on as well as he spoke to voters in west virginia ahead of tuesday's primary. donald trump says out of work miners will mine more coal under his administration than ever before, but leading up to his comments, trump's plan for the nation's energy industry haven't included coal very much. here to help us analyze his energy policy, robert brice with the manhattan institute. appreciate you being here, sir. as you listen to donald trump on the stump, he seems to love whatever energy policy is important to whatever state he happens to be campaigning in at that very moment. so when you look at this, is this more of shall we say a comprehensive energy policy or a campaign strategy? >> leland, i think it's the latter. i think it's convenient campaign rhetoric. look, donald trump is an expert at telling crowds what he thinks they want to hear. remember, when he was campaigning in iowa, he said he
10:38 am
loves cornett ethanol, even tho it costs $10 billion more per year than conventional gasoline alone. now he's in west virginia, a coal state and i understand he wants to win it but coal is facing a lot of head winds that i'm not sure donald trump can begin to address. >> energy is clearly one of the more important parts not only of the u.s. economy but u.s. national security. what does this campaign rhetoric of somebody who is now the presumptive nominee of one of the two major parties do not only to american energy companies but to our allies overseas who have to set their own foreign policy and have to deal with things like that? >> that's a key question, because really, what we are facing now is a very sharp divide, i think the sharpest between the democratic and republican nominees that we have seen maybe ever in presidential politics, when it comes to energy policy. hillary clinton and bernie sanders have both said they effectively oppose hydraulic
10:39 am
fracturing. sanders said he wants to ban it outright. hillary made a statement im implying she would come to nearly the same conclusion. it's occurring at the same time that hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, the shale revolution in the u.s., have allowed the u.s. to really diminish opec's power and we are now exporting liquefied natural gas and that's led to a dramatic reduction in the lng prices which is very good for our allies, particularly in europe vis a vis their reliance on russian gas. >> that was a key issue in the things with ukraine in terms of how vladimir putin had power over germany as well. want to go through a couple true/falses in terms of some of the things donald trump has said. oil is the lifeblood of our nation. that seems to make pretty much sense. true? >> absolutely true. >> all right. u.s. is the laughing stock of opec leaders and saudi arabia. that goes to the point you were just talking about. >> that's just patently false.
10:40 am
the shale revolution has undermined opec and now opec can't make any agreement on what they are doing now because of the shale oil coming out of the united states. >> all right. so fracing will lead to american energy independence. >> false. i have written a whole book on the myth of energy independence. u.s. is very much integrated into the global market. we live in an interdependent world in energy and everything else. >> as we look at what he has said about energy overall, you are the expert on this, break it down for us. is this somebody who really understands the very key role energy plays in america and how to deal with it, or is this somebody who says whatever he thinks is necessary to get elected? >> well, unfortunately, i think it's the latter. i don't hold any brief for trump or clinton but there's not anything even on trump's website about energy. all of that said, i think if trump were to choose to make this a more prominent campaign issue, it could become a wedge issue because as i said earlier, the democrats are opposed to oil
10:41 am
and gas production. hillary clinton said she favors reducing u.s. co2 emissions by 80% by 2050 and bernie sanders is saying he wants 100% renewable. if trump, i think this could be more of an issue if trump wants to make it one. >> we will see if he does that. coming up next hour, we will break down exactly what you were talking about, where the democrats stand on these very issues. robert brice, manhattan institute and obviously policy expert when it comes to energy, appreciate your time, sir. >> thank you, leland. liz? >> aides to hillary clinton talking to the fbi about the probe into the democratic front-runn front-runner's private e-mail server. is she ready to testify behind live doors?
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the bureau already sat down with clinton's aide, humana abedin regarding the democratic be presidential front-runner's private e-mail server. clinton long said she would be more than happy to sit down with agents to clear the air. we have the very latest. any idea on actually if or when this will really happen? >> we don't know if the interview will definitively happen for certain but we believe it's headed in that direction. we don't know when that will be. that's what law enforcement sources tell us, this investigation is progressing and that that is where it will likely conclude. fox news has learned that hillary clinton's long-time aide humana abedin recently met with the fbi to answer questions about clinton's use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state and whether classified information was willfully transmitted on an unsecured network. the fbi's interview of abedin who is part of clinton's innermost circle is a possible indication the investigation
10:47 am
might be in its final stages where clinton herself is expected to meet with the fbi. the clinton campaign issued a statement saying in part from the start, hillary clinton has offered to answer any questions that would help the justice department complete its review and we hope and expect that anyone else who is asked would did the same. earlier this week, though, the democratic front-runner told andrea mitchell she hasn't been contacted by the fbi and isn't worried about the investigation. >> i'm going to ask you whether since you last mentioned this to my colleague chuck todd in april, have you been contacted or your representatives been contacted by the fbi to set up an interview? >> no. >> no contact there? >> no. >> any indication that your private server was hacked by foreign hackers? >> no. not at all. >> fox news broke the story this week that a romainian hacker. until the investigation is
10:48 am
complete, it will continue to be an issue for clinton's campaign. just yesterday, republican national committee chairman said in a statement quote, clinton's irresponsible behavior as secretary of state and her deliberate attempts to mislead the american people show she lacks the judgment and character to be president. this issue not going away any time soon. >> not going away and you have to imagine the imagery of a sitting presidential candidate, the party front-runner, sitting down with members of the fbi for a criminal investigation. the fbi doesn't do any other kind. garrett, appreciate it. liz, what's coming up? >> a son's sacrifice for his country. a mother's devotion to his care. and others facing similar challenges on the home front. up next, paying it forward to the green beret community where service is a family affair. hea! no one burns on my watch!
10:49 am
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>> now to a mother's love on the eve of this special day of the year for moms. major darren baldwin was severely wounded and he needs constant therapeutic care from his devoted wife, but also his entire family. they are not alone.
10:53 am
joining me now is darren's mother and ambassador for the green beret foundation. thank you so much for joining me. first i want to ask you ahead of mother's day what it's like for you to be darren's mother of an empty man and warrior and now you are assisting what is now a wounded warrior. me about darren. >> darren, my son, is one of the thousands of combat-injured veterans that wake up every day and live with the impact of war. as a mother of an injured grown beret and seeing the life-altering changes he had to deal with made me come up with a promise to him that i would never let people forget the sacrifice that he and others that have gone to war made for our country and our freedom. having to deal with that on a
10:54 am
regular basis is what motivates me to get up in the morning. >> there thousands of mothers who wake up and will be waking up tomorrow morning and are caretakers. me how the foundation helped you make that transition and adjust to this new lifestyle. >> well, in the early years of my son's injuries, there were not many resources available to them. the green beret foundation stepped in and asked what they could do to help and they took over in providing extended medical care and therapies that my son needed and covered the cost of them. for that we wanted to give back for all their gracious care and support they have given not only my son, but his wife, bianca. >> how does it make you feel when you have the resources when you are going through a hard period with your whole family? >> it lessens the burden emotionally and financially.
10:55 am
we are forever grateful. that's what has made us passionate about supporting the green beret foundation in any way they can, not only contributing, but being ambassadors. about a daily life for darren. what is his lifelike now? >> his wife picks him up in the morning and takes care of him as a devoted care giver and sees that he is up and taken care of and washed and teeth brush and put in his wheelchair and whatever therapies he needs to go to. tries to give him a quality of life even though he had major life-altering changes. >> if people want more information, we have the website down on the screen where people can get more about the green beret foundation. 50 and foremost, thank you for your son's service and happy mother's day. thank you so much for joining
10:56 am
us. >> thank you. i am honored to being here. i want to wish all the military mothers and wives a blessed mother's day. >> wednesday's controversy over which bathrooms transgendered people can use has the attention of the obama administration and faces a deadline monday that could cost millions of dollars for one state.
10:57 am
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>> a massive wildfire to a quarter of a million acres foring tens of thousands to evacuate. expected to go from bad to worse. officials say it could double in size by the end of the day. we are expecting a news conference out of alberta. we will bring it to you live when it happens. >> with the victory in indiana, donald trump gets his rival and ends up where no pundit predicted. as the presumptive nominee. we have a reporter who took us through every step. >> the bathroom bill will take the federal governing gets the last word.


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