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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  May 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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the poch alongside sethwear who has muscullar dystrophy. the two are inacceptable and they included the photoin the yearbook. >> fox report is next. >> tonight, the gop is in uncharted waters. the presumptive nominee at odds with big names in his own party. this is the fox report. tonight trump is campaign nothing washington state shrugging off the high profile republicans that will not vote for him and taking swoip at former primary rivals. >> jeb bush is not an honorable person and lindsay graham is not honorable. when you sign a pledge it is supposed to mean something. the good nows is, that most everybody has indorsed me other
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than paul ryan. i don't know what went wrong there. >> trump and ryan will have a chance to mend fences. ryan said he was not ready to endorse trump. dan springer live in the donald trump rally in washington. >> reporter: donald trump is about to take the stage. i have watched his speeches and haven't seen him trying to unify the party and seem ises like he will get the party leaders to fall behind him and when they don't he attacks them. and he hints that party unitty is overrated. i think paul ryan will beoc. and from trump's stand point, the only thing that matters to me is all of the millions of
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people that are signed up. he had a capacity crowd of 5000 in oregon. you can hear the crowd in into cane, washington. he packed them in. and 2000 people who could not get n. and we are a short distance from the canadian border. and washington primary and vote by mail vote and the voters received their ballot and it is a timely event. 44 washington delegates are at stake and now the goal is to put washington back in play in november. no republican nominee has taken the state. and the democratic governor said yesterday he is not welcome in washington. and protestors are outside. but it is it a small group. we had now people chanting at
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the trump supporters, but no violence. it is a peaceful event here in the northwest. trump just took the stage and it is a crowd waiting to hear him. >> thank you for the live report. we'll monitor the trump event and bring you portions of it live as warranted. meanwhile hillary clinton is courting republican voters as she prepareses for a show down. she targeted the gop nominee on the campaign and making little mention of bernie sanders. still the vermont senator refusing to back down. his own shot to win over unbound super delegates. clinton has two to -- 2 to 28.
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she could get the total delegates needed to win outright. rich is live in washington. the clinton campaign shifting its focus. >> reporter: to republicans. hillary clinton is attacking and courting them. her campaign is launching republicans for hillary clinton initiative and designed to give republicans to support her in the general election >> democrats are trying to persuade moderate republicans to vote for clinton. she has a primary challenger and short to secure the nomination. yet spending her speeches on trump and criticizing him on immigration and the obama health care law. >> donald trump said he's going to repeal it.
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somebody should ask. what are you replacing it with. and if the answer is something great. there should be a follow-up question. >> clinton has yet to call for sanders to exit the race. she reminded and pointed out that race was pointed in delegates with obama than hers with sanders. >> bernie sanders said he can win the nomination. >> reporter: candidates secure delegates in two ways, pledged from primaries and persuade super delegates. they can support any dell greats. 523 are hers. and sanders has vower than 40.
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he can convince many of them to switch. if you look at state and national polls, bernie sanders is the stronger candidate against donald trump. because we get all of the democratic votes, we get all of the independent votes which is what you need to win in november. >> reporter: clinton has secured 95 percent of the delegates needed to clinch the nomination. if sanders fails to get temto switch she can have a strong performance in california, and new jersey vote. democrats vote tuesday in west virginia. >> live in washington, thank you. and fox news is american news headquarters. nebraska holds the win or take
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all republican primary. up to the minute results here on fox news channel. a wildfires alert in alberta, canada. more than 500 firefighters are battling the flames and 15 helicopters try to combat the fire from bochlt 400000 acres have burn and it could double in size. the police and military overseeing extensive evacuations. others are getting air lifted to safety. more than 80000 people have been dispoliced and 1600 homes have been torched. brian has the latest. are officials closer to stopping the blaze? >> the wildfires remains out of control. they are experiencing some success fighting it by fort mcmurray.
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they expect to have a very good handle on the the fire in the community in the next month or two and say what is going to stop the inferno is significant rainfall this fire was the same size as manhattan, new york. and officials believe it could double by the end of the night and possibly reaching the border. the forest is driveway and at this point, only lots of rain will stop the fire completely. 500 firefighters are battling to contain the blaze and some are working 48 hours naub stop. it is threatening a major oil sand line. alberta is the third largest in the world. a quarter of canada's oil
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production is halted. >> it uprooted the city. >> 80000 people have been forced to evacuate from fort mcmurray. there have been no fatalities. but the blaze burned 1600 structures to the ground. mainly homes including this one. look at this picture. james o'rielly and his wife watch it happen in a iphone app. they watched the fire destroy the home by the four. the gas is turned off and the power grid is damaged and a large part of the city doesn't have power. there are no stores open and a great deal of hazardous material to are cleaned up. >> reporter: 25 this happened
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residents vac is vacced to the north to stay at oil worker camps were reevacuated by convoy or air lift that gives you the idea of the unpredictability of the area. they had to travel through their neighbors and city that is charred down. it is tough and the winds are high. >> thankfully they got out everybody and no loss of line. thank you. new concerns about the fight against isis. defense secretary ash carter warning that taking out the group is important for hum humanitty. and convicted drug lord el chapo on the move. we'll tell you about the prison transfer that mexican officials are trying to keep quiet. many sleep-aids have pain medicine
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>> drug kingpin el chapo abruptly transferred to another prison next to the texas border. he was moved from a mexican security facility to a prison near the texas board. no word why he was moved. his defense team didn't know the change before hand. el chapo was captured in january after a roept prison break p. he was out from a tunnel. and for more on the kingpin don't miss the report. geraldo anchors beauty and the beast. >> gun men dressed as afghan soldiers shot troops. the two nato troops are not americans. it happened this morning in the
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kanda harprovince. the taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. the fight against isis is far from over according to defense secretary ash carter. that remark coming after the pept gone said a navy seal was killed in a gun fight. fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the latest. >> reporter: as new details emerge how a navy seal was killed in a fire fight, carter was meeting with nato defense minister in germany. >> we have to do this, important for civilization we do this and going to with your help it is
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faster. >>inaty pledged more resources but few specifics. >> a day earlier iowa sis fighter ares broke through a checkpoint and stormed a christian villiage. u.s. scam eagle drones watched as the fighters began a fight. instead of retreating and calling in air strikes, a team of u.s. navy seals defended local partners and calling for a quick reaction force. navy seal was part of that. >> this was a gun fight. a dynamic gun fight. there were bullets everywhere. >> the u.s. seals rated the trip to be low risk in eight categories and this was a soft target for isis who lost a town. the attack on the christian cross roads was designed to
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distract from earlier losses. >> the troops in an advise and assist duties when the fight broke out and so they fought back. >> the grandson of the scandal plagued financer charles coating, charles keating the fourth grow up in arizona and was a college track star who vowed to be a navy seal. his high school track coach expressed shock. >> i am devastated. i have his wedding announcement on the refrigerator. and you know, he was getting married in november. i am devastated when i think about that. >> keating's fiance was supposed to shop for a wedding dress this week. >> reporter: the seals killed 50 fighters.
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at the pentagon, jennifer griffin, fox news. it is the most exciting two minutes in sports. which horse took home the top prize. and we'll talk to a traper and find out what it takes to prepare. >> cheryl sandburg releasing a heart felt message before mother's day. what she has to say. hey, jesse. who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. vern from voya? yep, vern from voya. why are you orange? that's a little weird. really? that's the weird part in this scenario? look, orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. save a little here and there, and over time, your money could multiply. see? ah, ok.
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e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. >> president obama said the united states is in a better place. he made his address in howard university. a historically black school.
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>> america is better than it was when i graduated from college. it also happens to be better than when i took office. but that is it a longer story. >> and he is calling on the class of 2016 to take on the challenge of closing the gap and citing income disparageing and unemployment and criminal justice. >> joe biden delivered the commencement address where he urged personal success. >> tonight there is a new winner for the kentucky derby. nyquist wrote out others. it is the eighth straight victory. the derby enjoying the second largest crowd ever. it has been held every year since 1875. what does it take to care for
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the horses. what does it take to get's horse derby ready? >> i am with ron, really the secret weapon of what makes them amazing. >> we train them. it feels great. >> what is it like to have a horse in the kentucky derby. >> you wake up every day at throw:30 in the morning. >> i know nothing. >> we are going to show you a couple of horses. >> you will work me. >> let me know how much straw and hay i have. >> like the exact number. >> yeah. >> no, there is a lot. you are tricking me. >> you don't work from the outside. >> right to vote. >> right to vote. timely with the election. >> brushed down with the coat.
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we'll show you how we do it. >> it is like a shoe sign. >> you will need a pitchfork. and keep the good and throw away the bad. >> you have me skoping up the poop. >> and i want to take him home. will he fit in my suitcase. >> you want to go home with me in new york. oh. >> and we have let you check the inventory. >> how have i done. >> so, so. >> i think the horse likes you which is good. >> and i found the perfect job for you and i know you can do it. >> here, this is your youn form. >> this is a jacket right.
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you figured out the perfect job for you. >> this doesn't look like. >> hold this right there. >> smile. this is humbling. >> there you have it, folks. my next profession. >> okay. fun times. this mother's day. the challenge single mothers face every day. lean in author cheryl, admits her best selling book did not express enough appreciation for the charges single mother's face. >> i will never experience and understand all of the challenges most single mothers face. but i understand more than i did a year ago. it takes a community to raise the children and so many deserve
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a much more supportive community than we give them. she advocated for paid maternity and family friendly work policies. >> new details on the hillary clinton e-mail investigation and the details on the hocker who claims he got easily in her oh, mail server. >> donald trump will meet with house speaker paul ryan next week in washington. will that reunite the party. >> if he had to have the sdegsz. he would do it the simple way, i endorse trump. man: dear mr. danoff, my wife and i are now participating in your mutual fund. we invested in your fund
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>> i am patty ann brown in for julie banderas p. it is the bottom of the hour. donald trump unleashing new attacks on hillary clinton. we are live at a campaign event in washington state. he called her an enabler and her husband the worst abuser of woman in the history of politics and made the case that woman voter ises should support him. >> in the history of the politics, hillary clinton's abused women more than any man that we know of in the history of politics. they are going to spend 90 million on pad ads about me
4:31 pm
about woman. there is no one that respects women more than i do. >> hi, john? >> reporter: good evening. and let's not forget. even as the general election looms and he is the republican nom no. he is still fighting in the primaries there is nine contest to go. donald trump wants to go in the convention with 1237 or close to leave nothing to chance which is why he has a couple of events in washington state hoping to have the lion share of the 42 delegates at share. he is making the pivot to the general election. and his main target. hillary and bill clinton and the super pac ads that is set to unloesh on donald on the issue
4:32 pm
of women. >> she's married to a man who hurt many women and he was impoached about lying about what happen with a woman. and she is going to take ads about little donald trump? i don't think so? and hillary was an enabler and treated those women horribly and they were destroyed not by him, but the way hillary clinton treated them after everything went down. >> reporter: we have heard him talk about this but not in the harsh and strident language. it is clear that hillary clinton being on the ticket, donald trump will do everything that he can to make bill clinton an issue in the election as well. >> what is trump saying about paul ryan.
4:33 pm
>> reporter: he's going further to say he was blind sided by what paul ryan said the other day and he said paul ryan talked about unitty in the republican party and those words passed his lips and not yet ready to throw in with him. donald trump believes that in the meeting with paul ryan. he will meet with the other members. and things will be fine. he reminded voters what is important is what the voters think. >> paul ryan will be and if he is not that is okay. a couple of people said from trump's stand point, the only thing that matters to me is the millions of people who signed up. we'll see what happens onned this. on if he had the decision to do
4:34 pm
again he would do it the simple way. >> it is important what the voters say and why he said the system and delegate selection is corrupt. that played against ted cruz and john kasich. what is interesting is a split hardening moopg the republican. bob deal and former voice cheney that will vote for trump. and the entire bush and many others who will never vote for trump in the general election. interesting times. and that is live in washington state. thanks. >> chris wallace sits down with donald trump campaign manager paul manafort for insights on how they are preparing. >> the fbi could question hillary clinton son about p the theous of a private e-mail server while secretary of state. and that is not exactly clear
4:35 pm
when. clinton denies any wrongdoing and this is as fox news gets experience with a hacker that broke in with clinton's e-mail server two years ago. and he said it was easy. he is in jail in vinge virj facing soiber charges. catherine herridge got an exclusive interview with goose fur. he told fox news in an exclusive jail house interview he compromised hillary clinton's personal server. the 44 year guccifer claimed it happened in 2013. >> reporter: you accessed a lot of accounts. is the clinton server easy and hot. >> both. what is it. for everybody.
4:36 pm
>> reporter: he was to face trial in virginia for soiber crimes. one of his victims is sidney bloomingthal. he correctly guessed the security question. and then he sent content and exposed the clinton address. >> this is a classic old school attack. >> once inside of the account. he gathered information about the clinton serve i, uknock code. >> how many times did you access the clinton server, marcel. >> i would say like twice. [inaudible] >> reporter: a second expert said his story is of interest p
4:37 pm
to fbi investigators. >> if a littlero mannian country boy can get into it anybodying can. >> he came across evident that others were there. >> it was up to ten on the ip. you can verify the numbers. >> his claims are not independently verified specialist told fox the electronic trail could confirm or disprove his claims. >> a lot of people make up stories and hard to know what is true until you get in the forensic information and get the facts. >> reporter: she was asked about security. >> any indication your private server was hacked. >> no, not at all. >> reporter: it showed no
4:38 pm
evidence of a breach. they warned that good hacker ares cover their tracks and the fbi offered no statement. in washington, catherine herridge, fox nows. the navy rescued migrants. italy, ships pulling 1800 migrants in boat ps in less than 24 hours. they were trying to reachitily from north africa. they are worried about more people to try to make the trek. they are fleeing war and poverty and have fled to the european union since 2015. >> england. london electing the first muslim mayor. a former human rights lawyer.
4:39 pm
the striking victory comes as europe is driven by the flood of migrants and struggle of islam phobia. and in india cattle looking more like naturals than others. >> judges selected 18 winners from more than 630 particants. china, a frenchman takes home the gold in the to it roping tournament. they walked on elastic hopes 1300 foot on the ground. >> hospitals and clinics are supposed to help people feel better. but medical errors are killing thousands of americans and they are underreported.
4:40 pm
>> and a massive wildfires is expected to double in size. there is a bird's eye view of a community in flames. ahead, the forecast from the extreme weather center. >> it was like something out of the movie. >> my sister-in-law lost her house at the fire. we are thankful to be together. or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision,
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there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing what knee pain?? what sore elbow? advil liqui-gels make pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. >> more on the top story. a wildfires in canada exploding in size. weather conditions fuelling the flames as canada has seen less rain than usual in the last few months. downpours are triggering
4:44 pm
widespread flooding down south. >> reporter: hi, we have severe weather and severe weather outbreak in the central u.s. and coping track of weather conditions in alberta. we have had a weather pattern that has not allowed systems to get in the area bringing moistures and cooler temperatures. that is going to change. those are the fires that are burning in northern portions of alberty. fort mcmurray is under evacuation. you can see the moisture making its way in and collar temperatures. that is the good news. but we'll not see the abundant moisture that the the weeks need from weeks and months of drought. we'll get a little bit of moisture but not enough to put a dent.
4:45 pm
they will have 60s and 50s on monday and that will help the four fires. but as the cold front comes in we'll deal with a shift in the wind direction. we'll monitor it. and we have our own weather system that will bring tornados in the rockies and the tornado watch for portions of northeastern colorado. it locks like a tornado storm for ray. it looks like a funnel spotted around the ray area of colorado. tornado warning in affect. we have severe thunderstorm warnings in parts of illinois and indiana and kentucky. hail and damaging winds. and watching the future radar in the southern and central plain states. we could see severe weather outbreak p for mother's day
4:46 pm
across these areas from texas, all the way up to nebraska. we are watching the area for portions of oklahoma and kansas where we could get nasty weather for the afternoon and evening. it will move oast ward on monday. severe weather and that is the area we see it in plan right across tornado alley, patty, an, back to you. >> got it. >> and the fire chief in maine is accused of setting a blaze and facing a arson charge. it burned 42 acres in old orchard beach. people live nothing a condo minnium were forced to evacuate luckily they no one was hurt. medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the
4:47 pm
u.s. behind cancer and heart disease. that's according to a new study. surgical mistakes and accidental drug overdoses account for thousands of preventible deaths. here's more. >> medical error is the third leading cause of date in the u.s. >> we spend a lot of money on heart disease and cancer. number 1 and 2 causes of death. it is time to recognize the third leading cause of death, medical care gone awry. >> publishing, researchers say medical errors are underreported because of a system that relies on international billing codes. that analyze to come up with a nationwide oast mate. from miscommunication to surgical mistake. that would place medical error
4:48 pm
right after heart disease and cancer. >> we should be a leader telling that people don't died from billing codes. >> the cvc agrees that medical errors are an important issue. but the agency defends the global standard and showed a wide range of estimates. a written statement they explain most of the studies are based on small and potentially unrepresented examples. and they are informative and useful and have important limitations and results should be interpreted with caution. they say the health care industry could learn from air crash investigations where mistakes are shared publicly to
4:49 pm
prevent future mistake. >> opening a record breaking rise today. we'll tell you why it is special. and katy perry versus the pope and it may take divine intervention to get her through it. show me movies with romance.
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show me more like this. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. >> in a town where megahomes are all of the rage, pop super star
4:53 pm
katy perry has her eyes on a former catholic convent. and the time say may rest with the highest or higher power. fox news correspondent johnathon hunt has more. >> katy perry will not son forget these twochlt >> the sale with katy perry was done behind our backs. >> the sisters don't want the convent to be sold to perry. they are not fans of her music. >> i didn't like it at all. and then the lion comes up and locks at her, come on. >> but their argument is more with the arch diocese of los angeles. >> we own it and it is, am using the word stolen. that's what is happening. >> the los angeles court backed
4:54 pm
the arch diocese and the sisters argue that the vatican should decide. but the legal issues are not affected by a decrow from rome. the sisters say they have faith. >> are you going to win? >> we have to win. >> while katy perry hopes that the property will not be. >> and the legal team has until wednesday to tell the court why the vatican should not have final authority here. the nuns meantime want perry to get the message that this property is a part of them she's never going to take away from them. johnathon hunt, fox news. >> and attention adrenalin junkies and a record breaking roller coaster making its debut in ohio. it is called the tallest and
4:55 pm
fastest dive roller coaster in the world. it gives riders a sweeping view of lake eerie before dropping them. and cedar point is known as the roller coaster cant captain of the world. this is the park's 18th coaster. no thank you. >> and a very special service dog. what the middle school did to put smile ps on a lot of faces. here's the plan. you're a financial company that cares, but your logo is old and a little pointy. so you evolve. you simplify.
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a dog in louisiana is getting her year bock photo. presly is a service dog to 7th grader joseph wear. he relies on the pup to get around. and school officials asked if he would like presly's picture taken. he is drawing a paw print on behalf of presly. >> and that's how fox reports on this saturday. i patty ann brown. beauty and the beast when kate met chapo starts now. nebraska holding the win or take
5:00 pm
all republican primary.  the worst drug dealer in the world escaped from the mexican prison. >> escaping for the second time and now on the run. >> he is a billionaire and responsible for killing tens of thousands of americans and on the streets of l.a. and milwaukee and no doubt where you leave. >> on the lamb after an escape. [speaking spanish]. >> he's the bowl. the notorious dealer


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