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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX News  May 7, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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that sounded ominous. that's it. thanks to my guests. i'm greg gutfeld. i love you.  the worst drug dealer in the world escaped from the mexican prison. >> escaping for the second time and now on the run. >> he is a billionaire and responsible for killing tens of thousands of americans and on the streets of l.a. and milwaukee and no doubt where you leave. >> on the lamb after an escape. [speaking spanish]. >> he's the bowl. the notorious dealer flooding america with
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dope. they are preying on our citizens. >> mr. evil is mexico's richest and powerful man. >> el chapo himself said he was a billionaire. >> i imagine acting can't be so easy a migga and hope to say hello in person. >> el chapo is obsessed. el chapo walks you from the table to the room. you must have been thinking in that walk that this man wants to make love to me. >> i thought he could do whatever he wanted to. >> enter the real action figure. >> i have terrible regrets. >> it ends in a hail of bullets and death and extradition for crimes ranging from conspiracy to mass murder. this is a bizarre story
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a beautiful mexican actress. kate castillo and sean penn met with an obsessed fan who was the world's most wanted fugitive. guzman. who was also known as el chapo. before i get to the the details and legal consequences and explore whether the mexican government used the gangster's obsessive crush on the drama queen to bring him to justice. remember why we care. the heroin and drugs smuggled over our southern border is killing scores of americans as we speak in midwest and new england. so severe is the crisis created that heroin is a major issue in our presidential campaign. in the worlds of donald trump, el chapo and the mexican drug
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cartel, use the border unimpeded sucking drugs and death in the u.s. now tonight, our special report. beauty and the beast when kate met el chapo. sitting with kate castillo, most notorious for her journey with the journey sean penn to visit with el chapo in hiding, in mexico, it was a visit that resulted in a rolling stone article. some aspects of which are questioned by kate castillo and we'll get her version of events and i am delighted for the opportunity. >> i have to start with the new yorker magazine. there is a hand written letter from el chapo to you. i want to read. it >> i love your acting and you
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really go for it and i congratulate you. i imagine acting can't be so easy a migga. i hope to say hello to you son. you are a love. thanks so much. your friend jeaquin guzman. >> no, he likes my work. she is an admirer of my dad who is a well known actor. and he likes the kind of both things. me as a person probably he likes me and theresa men doza. >> and the woman he falls in love with does not exist. she is theresa men doza, the drug queen pin.
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she played it. and the queen of the south. the hilo rated sevees made the 43-year-old actress one of the biggest stars in latin america. she is cunning and brutal and uses seductive storm to be the powerful leader of the cartel, like el chapo in real life and loving behind a trial of dead bolths. >> he had a crush on you. isn't it obvious to you. you have seduced characters and you must know the reaction. that was a man with a crush. >> maybe yes, yes. i can't assure that. but likely. a lot of people had a crush on her. >> january 28th. el chapo's obsession is his undoing. attempting the last desperate
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escape. he left his dvd's. they are covered with debris and blood of his body guards who give their lives so their boss can stay free. el chapo is captured by a marine as he exits the soar. the mexican government said it was his obsession with kate that led to his arrest. >> it is confusing to me right now. they got him three months later. we were in october 2nd. and they got him in january. and so, i don't know. if they were following us, why did they wait? and what happened in the three months. there is questions i have still. >> what emotions. and what was your emotion. oh, no they got my friend or
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hooray they got. >> all of the bochlt above. i couldn't believe it. i was mostly afraid in that moment. i was afraid of my family and i was afraid of the mexican government i was afraid of the cartel. >> that is well placed. el chapo was responsible for the savage death of thousands. retired dea special agent described how sure he he dealt with the competition. >> give us a example. >> basically the eastern stretch of the border between the united states and mexico it was slls that was horrendous. they were dismembering bodies and take the heads and put them in an ice chest and deliver it
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to the mayor of the town where the violence was at and the banners had el chapo's name. we'll take it over. >> this started four years ago, when you wrote a tweet. a message to el chapo, the notorious drug king. he was on the lamb and in 2012, you wrote a tweet. i believe more in el chapo dpuz man more than the mexican government. they hide the cures for cancer and aids for their own benefit. mr. el chapo wouldn't it be colif the started trafficking with the good? come traffic with the her oe of heroes, let's traffic with love. you know how, i love you, kate. >> everybody said it was a el chapo letter. i was upset. it was an open hearted letter about what i believe in.
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i am not assuring that that is the truth. it is just what i believe. it was like saying you know, there are still bad people in the the government they just dress different. >> should is you have a broader picture of who this person was. he is not a businessman. he is a businessman but his business is death and poison. >> of course, i know. he is responsible for deaths in mexico. and everyone of those hurts me as well as the every mexican. and i am not condoning him at all. but, not all his fault to reach where he is. other people are there helping him. >> are you talking about the corruption with the mexican government? >> absolutely. >> remember in king kong the promoter said it was beauty that
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killed the beast. was it el chapo's desire to get kate alone in the jungle. and whether the mexican government played a part in the el chapo enterprise. that after this as fox news reports. ♪ ♪ ♪ (whispers rocket) what aremaking a cake!ht now? ayla reminds me of like a master chef and emiana reminds me of like a monster chef. uh oh. i don't see cake, i just see mess. it's like awful. it feels like i am not actually cleaning it up what's that make mommy do? (doorbell) what's that? swiffer wetjet. so much stuff coming up. this is amazing woah. wow. now i feel more like making a mess is part of growing up.
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♪ it was always just a hobby.
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something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. >> before the shocking 2015 escape, guzman spent time behind bars outside of mexico city, obsessing over the soap star he watched from his cell. icate castillo. see infiterated was he reached out to touch her and promising her exclusive rights to the life story, the little big man was bursting to tell. >> how did you respond when el chapo roached out to you and
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communicated with you? >> they wanted me for a movie and he wanted to give me the rights of his life and i was like okay. tell me exactly what does mr. guzman want? i will not do a romantic comedy about the guy. he tell the truth. tell the real truth. because everything in mexico. blame it on el chapo. >> how secretive was that arrangement? >> it was secretive. i was talking to the lawyers and then i started to talk, not talking but texting with mr. guzman. >> with el chapo himself? >> yes. >> from his jail cell 2015, the love struck drug lord send ises her's gushing fan mail. that series you made i saw and loved it. and you are a great actress.
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i am referring to lareina. they are text pals and the idea of film to immortalized the kingpin. >> how worried were you that the communications were intercepted. >> i was to stupid and naive. if he is the one who is being, you know on the run and he's the one who is giving me how to communicate. i thought it was secure and he knew what he was. >> kate goes back and approaches a producer she met in a reception hosted by oliver stone. over drinks in the pole oe, fer nand oe makes clear he is eager to be involved in the project about el chapo's life. the producer arranges a mean meeting between kate and sean penn. >> he's interested p and wants
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to meet you. we met in a restaurant in los angeles. he said you know it is possible to go see him. he's always asking to meet me. i am not going by myself. so, yeah, probably, probably that would be an option. and so i asked and he said, of course. >> but in the meantime el chapo has other plans o. july 11th, the billionaire literally goes under ground. it is incredible to see the extent of this construction. this is a major infrastructure project. 2000 tons of dirt that had to be dugout in the the tunnel. they estimated four men working ten hours a day seven days a woke, or at least a year to complete. tunnel. >> this is the mexican senator. >> the engineering and resources
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could not have been done without the support of the authorities. >> acications of corruption mexican is humiliated. a bounty of 60 million pesos is put on el chapo's head. u.s. put $5 million bounty. according to the authorities, el chapo's lawyer continues to communicate with kate writing after the escape. i am celebrating and kate texting back, me more. and what the actress secretly fears that her project disappeared with the drug lord. things get interesting, kate meeting oscar winning actor sea an penn. you sdietd to do what? >> we decided to see him with two producers. and so, he already invited when
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can i meet you in person. and for me bringing sean penn was alone. he is a huge actor and would give me credibility. >> what was your impression of what your arrangement was of sean penn. you are interested, that is awesome. i am talking about the project i am doing with him. there was no other issue, you know, it was the project i was interested in doing and that's why he was inviting us. >> just last year september 25th, kate steals a scene and flies to meet with el chapo's attorneys and final otherwise the arrangement with the rendezvous. >> did he know who sean penn was? >> he didn't know what he was. the lawyers, and the son knew and the lawyer, i think googled
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him which is funny to me. he is a huge actor and that is kind of funny. >> one of the most troubling questions of el chapo's prison breaks is with whether the officials conspoired to set him fro. how did kate and sean find el chapo in the jungle and the full force of the mexican government could not. (man) ah i forgot to record that show. (woman) now we have to wait forever to see it. (jon bon jovi) with directv, you don't. ♪ you see, we've got the power to turn back time. ♪ ♪ that show you missed, let's just go back and find. ♪ ♪ and let's go back and choose spicy instead of mild. ♪ ♪ and maybe reconsider having that second child. ♪ ♪ see, that's the power to turn back time. ♪ (vo) watch shows you forgot to record. call 1-800-directv.
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>> welcome back as we continue fox news reporting, beauty and the beast when kate met el chapo. and how actor sean penn got
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involved. did he misrepresent himself to the actress and drug lord, watch? >> in your mind sean penn was clearly interested in making a movie? >> it was clear he was interested in the project. we didn't know if it was a movie or documentary or a tv series, we didn't know. >> it was up in the air. you wanted to do a movie or tv series or documentary. >> i last met sean penn covering the earthquake in haiti. the rugged actor known for adventurous spirit and left wing poll teches jumped at the meeting the wanted man. >> you had no idea what was his role. >> it was acting. nlove struck and love stupid. el chapo continues to text his
8:24 pm
glamorous pen pal. i am very excited to meet you and become good friends. you are the best in the world and i will take care of you more than my eyes. and she answered. no one has ever taken care of me. >> did you worry about the legal consequences of meeting a fugitive on the lamb? >> we talked about it. and they say there is no legal issues. we didn't see any crime. we didn't know where he was. and we didn't know a lot of things and trying to do a movie and under the first amendment we are doing fine and nothing illegal. >> were you scared in >> yes, i was scared that there could be be a raid. >> sean penn visited kate castillo at her los angeles home for a meeting that lasted hours. he gave her his passport and cash to arrange transport to the
8:25 pm
meeting with the fugitive drug lord. kate wired $35,000 for a prelude to a movie deal. but penn p other plans. he was assigned by the rolling stope editor to interview el chapo guzman for the magazine. and next day kate and shaun boarded a private jet down to a western mexico known for tequila and mar yach i. and meeting with el chapo's son. and for a wild ride. >> we flew on a private jet to gua da lahara. and his son picked us up and the lawyer ares. and drove us to a secured area. it was just us with two cessna
8:26 pm
airplanes. we were flying very, very low and it was shaky and turbul eps was bad. >> two planes flying low in the jungle. it is like a movie. >> we are just going round and round and round. and sean and i are like what is going on. he was like i don't know. what is going on. i think it is compromised and we can't land here anymore. and okay, what do you mean by compromised. are we getting killed? i don't know. i was very nervous then. and they said now, five machines. you have to land right now. and so we landed and the other landed and there was people there to pick us up and we left so fast. and again, the planes took off. in five minutes, the whole thing and then we were off in the
8:27 pm
jupgle for seven hours. n7 hour in the pick-up truck. >> describe that? >> we had to go through the jungle and i would see people coming up from the jungle just to give the delivers. i don't know if they were cell phones or radios. every certain amount of kilombeters and so you know, those security rings. >> just local people giving you help. >> yes. >> to get to your destination. after seven hours through the jungle maddeningly nerve wracking what happens. >> it is late at night. and i have no idea what time. it was a long day and we have not eaten. and we came from los angeles. and suddenly as they stopped. they opened my door and i just
8:28 pm
hear ami gan and he helped me and that is when i anyhow it was him. he called me a miga. i couldn't believe it was really him. nfox news reporting beauty and the the beast it's your home. it's everything you've always wanted. and you work hard to keep it that way. sometimes... ...maybe too hard. get claim rateguard® from allstate. it helps keep your homeowners' rate from going up just because of a claim. so protect your home and your rates. talk to a local allstate agent and discover how much more their personal service can do for you.
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8:32 pm
and that's when i knew it was him. he called me ami ga. and i saw his face and i cooperate believe it was him. those eyes. he has a pretty particular way of looking at you. he was so happy. >> did he responlike a fan or school boy with a crush. >> it was nothing different than someone who really knows my work. it was pretty crazy. and then i introduced sean and producers and we walked to the open place with a table and there was a lot of food and we were starving, i literally couldn't eat. >> the answer to the pivotal question of whether the mexican government worked with el chapo to escape and a range the bizarre ren devous may depepped on whether sean or kate told the
8:33 pm
truth. about a road block they encountered. >> in rolling stone magazine during the ride from the air fold to the hiding spot of el chapo, you passed an mexican checkpoint and two soldiers in uniform and almost a feeling of nervousness waved you through. is that true and did that happen? >> not at all. that is not thorough. why would jose that, you have to ask him. >> if it was true, it would indicate that the mexican army wildly respected in mexico as being not corrupted would be work nothing concert with el chapo. and you say the mexican army was never there. >> never. we anyhow they were somewhere.
8:34 pm
>> searching for him. >> of course, checkpoints and this and that. that's why we went through the jingle and we avoid them. i don't know why he said that and also the two producers, they talked to them and they already said that they don't recall that. respiratory and so, they are backing me up on that one because that is it the truth. >> you believe be that sean penn made up the story of the army checkpoint and he is lying? >> yes. >> why, for dra thematic effect? >> probably. i don't know. >> he said you are denying that the mexican army is there pause you want to do a story sympathetic to the mexican government so you can go home? >> no, i have always been outspoken with the mexican government. they hate me because i am outspoken and i say the truth of what i think. i know the military and marines
8:35 pm
in mexico and i have so much respect for them. it was not true. >> what does the dea think? i asked carl poik. >> kate castillo said it never happened. who is telling the truth? >> i believe kate. i have the highest praise and confidence with the mexican. and impeccable seymour waved sean penn through a check block. >> that is suggesting that the mexican military and dpft is compliceit with el chapo; is she correct? >> i don't believe that at all. >> so he's lying? >> i think so, yes. >> we tried to get both sides. but sean penn refused my many request thes for a interview and chlor up the discrepancies. >> i don't know what is in his
8:36 pm
minds. that is definitely a very delicate point for the mexicans. >> what did you talk p at the that table. we talked about the project and talk about his mom. about his sons, and he has so much love for his sons and he was happy to be out. and to be free in a way which is for me not freedom, of course. >> one curious side show is the role of presidential candidate donald trump. for reasons that el chapo explains he seemed obsessed with the billionaire and maybe threatening his life. >> did the name donald trump come up? >> yes, yes. what was said. >> what do you think of donald trump? >> who asked. >> sean. >> oh, trump.
8:37 pm
so we laughed and it was just crazy. >> and after el chapo's escape from the maximum security prison. the republican candidate critized the mexican government and u.s. border policies and the war on drugs. el chapo and the mexican drug cartel, used the border unimpeded like it was a vacum cleaner and sucking drugs and death right in the united states. and unsubstantated threat prompts donald trump to alert the fbi. >> did he speak about trump with any sub stance? >> no. >> did he threaten him? >> no. no. not at all. he didn't even, you know, i don't think he is important for him. >> donald trump is not important for el chapo. >> i don't believe so.
8:38 pm
>> did you speak about doing a movie? >> yes, we talk about the project. we didn't know what was going to be, again as documentary or movie or feature. but yes, and i think he, he just was happy to have us there. >> i i do it was el chapo's obsession with kate that led to rearrest. did he risk it at for a dinner or was he looking for love in the jungle? we'll be back. >> we were drinking tequila. and it got to me. >> he saw you were tipsy. >> yes.  i've just arrived in atlanta and i can't wait to start telling people how switching to geico could save them hundreds of dollars on car insurance. but first, my luggage. ahh, there it is. uh, excuse me, sir? i think you've got the wrong bag.
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8:43 pm
article and not a movie package. and i said maybe be we can base the documentary or story on that interview, in my head. we don't know what will happen with senior guzman. i think it is good a mig oe to have an article. el chapo agrees after consulting with his son. there is an infamous photo to prove they were really together. >> can you take a picture with us. >> yes, i will. and we went and took the picture. >> according to kate sean asked to stay with el chapo. >> not without you. >> and el chapo said are you available eight days. and i said yes, i i guess. >> at the end of your dinner, it is it time for to you go to bed. >> we were again exhausted and we were drinking tequila and so
8:44 pm
the tequila got to me. >> kicked in and he saw that. and he's like. >> he saw you were a little tipsy. >> i think you have to go to bed a migga. and i was like yes, i think so. he said i will take you to your room. and that was pretty scary in that moment. and i stood up and he pulled my chair and i saw sean and the two producers like asking for help. not help necessarily in that moment in those seconds, it was like help. >> and el chapo walks you from the table to your room. you must have been thinking during the walk that this man want tots make love to me? >> yes, i thought he could do whatever he wanted to do. we were by ourselves. and his holding my arm. it was for me good because i
8:45 pm
thought i was going to faint. two beds separated by a wall and a diver. it was a devoider, and he said you slope in that one for privacy. >> she asked el chapo to fund good works for the poor. and then asks us to believe that the drug dealer turns robin hood and just said good by. >> you will not see me anymore. i never slope where with my guests are are for their safety and thank you for giving me one of the best days and he hugged me and he leaves, he left. i don't know how i got to the the bed. i was shaking. i couldn't believe what just happened and i was tipsy and i was tired. and i didn't know what to do. we have to run and i can't take
8:46 pm
my boots off. and i went to slope. >> rudely awakened. the group loafs. n45 minutes or an hour. they woke us up. one of the lawyers and said let's g. and kate is asked to drive. >> is there a reason why? >> yes, most of the time when they see women they don't ask much questions. >> did you drive all the way back to the hotel? >> six hours. >> within hours, mexican marines had raided the jungle hide out. >> many of the drug lords die in bloody shootouts, but el chapo shipped away. >> there was a raid right after we left, a big one and not a lot of people talk about that. but it was 1 or 2 newspapers. and they killed a lot of people.
8:47 pm
>> you say that one raid when they were unsuccessful in capturing el chapo. people died. does that weigh on you; does that bother you? >> every single day. >> explain that? >> i don't know how to explain how wrong it went. it was not supposed to go that way with. i was just trying to do a movie. >> my article faileded. >> and sean penn, working as a journalist. it was much to be be desired. despite the hours in the jungle he didn't have a interview. el chapo responded with lame generalities that accepted neither blame or responsibility for the havoc and pain his drugs have wrought. [inaudible]
8:48 pm
[speaking spanish]. >> kate is texting with el chapo two days before he is recaptured. and on friday january 8th, a final shot out. dpuz man is recaptured. and mexican officials say it is because of his meeting with kate and sean. >> news comes that el chapo has been be recaptured. >> yeah. >> your feelings? >> i was in shock. i was in shock because with him, i mean, two months before p. >> he was caught. >> and your reaction when he was caught? >> i couldn't believe it. >> sean and producers were talking to each other. have you seen the news? we couldn't believe be it. and at night because of the actress and producers, they got him caught.
8:49 pm
and i just wanted to vomit and talk to my parents, i was very afraid. >> exactly what were you afraid of. >> i was afraid of the cartel was going to say, you know, she got him caught. and i was going to get killed or my family. >> after months in hiding and shortly before rolling stones pub hirsched the interview, the drug kingpin is caught. did the interview lead to the arrest or one lead to the other? that' this is shaving. a blade. many blades. sharp blades. blades here, blades there. some more over there... whoa! that's not another blade. this is shielding. with lubrication here and here. the new gillette with proshield lubrication before and after the blades shields from irritation for a close, comfortable shave. the new proshield from gillette. the best a man can get.
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del castillo's world is turned upside down. news breaks of a violent raid and the recapture of el chapo not far from the jungle hideaway where they had met. only recently a u.s. citizen kate now worries of the consequences and the question of who she fears most, el chapo's thugs or the mexican government. >> actor sean penn with the notorious drug lord el chapo in a jungle while el chapo was still on the run. >> the following day, on saturday, a reporter calls me to my cell phone, and he's like i'm from union vision. i just heard from the mexican government that the actress that the general attorney was talking about is you. what do you have to say? want 20d die. >> there is no doubt but that the reach of the sinaloa cartel extends well beyond the mexican/u.s. border. aren't you afraid to this day
8:54 pm
that some hold you responsible for him being captured? >> no i'm not afraid. i'm more afraid, to be honest about the mexican government. i feel threatened. i feel they destroyed me. i cannot go back to my country right now because i could be arrested. >> what do you think you would be arrested for? >> i'm being investigated for money laundering. >> the money laundering allegation seems most serious. it is that kate solicited money from el chapo to fund her tequila business. she has an ownership stake in el honor brand. he is a charge she vehemently denies. >> there is an element of glamor to a successful criminal enterprise, specifically a chairis mattic person like el chapo or john gotty or even charles manson. i mean, they have their following. but speak to the victims. how do you feel about that?
8:55 pm
>> easyhe is a krichl he has ma many deaths and many many things. they exploit little kids. it's like a chain. it never stops. we have to stop consuming. it's not only drugs. it's human trafficking. it's weapons. if i can future just one little piece of my work, my name, my soul of course that could help for me, that would be amazing of course. >> you seem emotional about this. >> yes. oh, yeah. i get emotional because i -- i mean, there is so many thing about my country that i get emotional about. you know? especially right now, with all these things going on and all these problems that we have in mexico. and then those dead people, and that nobody talks about it. >> so tell me what you intend to do now, going forward. >> i want to tell his story. because it's not only el chapo. he cannot do it by himself. so i'm interested in how and who helps this kingpin to get that
8:56 pm
big. because the real, you know, organized crime is not only him. someone has to help them. and it's just corruption in mexico. and here. and everywhere. >> so what did we think of the three main players in tonight's real life telenovella? first of all, sean penn who has offended many of us with his controversial politics. i think he has to be given credit at least for his physical courage risking his life to play rookie reporter in the jungle. he admits his el chapo non-interview did not bring us any great insights it was undeniably sbrchlt or actress kate del castillo, now fears she may never be able to go home again. el chapo is back behind bars. and as soon as he is convicted to spend the rest of his sorry life in the super max prison, the better. but the ironic issue is how art
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right now on "justice," donald trump angrily defends his record on women while taking aim on his likely opponent's record on women. while yet another woman starts a twitter war against the donald. what's behind elizabeth warren's rant? i have some ideas. plus, you can see them coming out right now. and every secret service guy is looking at us. look who i spotted in this week's street justice. when i visited trump tower. >> what do you think of donald trump


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