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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  May 8, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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right now on "justice," donald trump angrily defends his record on women while taking aim on his likely opponent's record on women. while yet another woman starts a twitter war against the donald. what's behind elizabeth warren's rant? i have some ideas. plus, you can see them coming out right now. and every secret service guy is looking at us. look who i spotted in this week's street justice. when i visited trump tower. >> what do you think of donald trump who just left?
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>> huge man. >> where are you from? >> sweden. >> well, there you have it. >> "justice" starts now. hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thank you for joining us tonight. so, you were worried about donald trump running the country? i'm more worried about two documented liars running the country, hillary clinton, who can't keep her story straight, whether it's the e-mails, benghazi, or dodging those bullets on that tarmac in bosnia. and now, elizabeth warren, make believe native american claiming cherokee heritage, which minority status was used to promote her at harvard law school. the rumor tonight, hillary clinton may pick massachusetts senator elizabeth warren as her vice presidential running mate.
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and this weekend is the audition for warren to prove her vice presidential bona fide. >> i just learned that crooked hillary, along with her friend -- you know, she's got this goofy friend named elizabeth warren, she is on a twitter ranltd. she is a goofus. a goofus. you ever see her? this woman is a basket case. by the way she has done nothing in the united states senate. >> more than that, the twitter war between donald trump and elizabeth warren is already locked and loaded. now, elizabeth warren doesn't even like hillary clinton. she wrote a well publicized critique of hillary and her big bank connections and protections saying that hillary was initially opposed to an overhaul of the bankruptcy laws. but after receiving a $140,000
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contribution from banking industry executives voted in their favor. arguing that big banks were part of the clinton's constituency. hillary has recently offered a flip-flop explanation. this is it. she wanted to protect vulnerable women and their children who were receiving child support from the risk that child support might end if the spouse went bankrupt? and elizabeth warren doesn't even support hillary clinton. in fact, she is still cheering bernie sanders on. no surprise there. elizabeth, like bernie, is a progress i progressive shall we say socialist? the bernie/elizabeth love fest is well documented. bernie saying that unlike hillary, elizabeth is the real champion who will take down wall street. so what's going on here?
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aside from the fact that politics makes strange bed fellows, we're in the middle of the preview of the real 2016 presidential race. but then again, people don't vote for presidents based on the person running for v.p. so what is this all about? if the rumor is true, it's about hillary trying to deflect her big wall street and big bank sellouts. it's about the bernie sanders millenials never voting for hillary and using elizabeth warren to bring them in. it's about how elizabeth warren -- it's making her the pit bull going after donald trump while hillary makes, well, lady like. it's about shutting up bernie at this summer's democrat presidential convention. it's about hillary doubling down on her woman card because, after
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all, hillary is a proponent of women. or is she? take a listen. >> she's married to a man who was the worst abuser of women in the history of politics. she's married to a man who hurt many women. and hillary, if you look at this study, hillary hurt many women, the women that he abused. and hillary was an enabler. and she treated these women horribly. just remember this. and some of those women were destroyed not by him, but by the way that hillary clinton treated them after everything went down. so just remember that, folks. >> now, while i have a feeling we're going to be hearing names like paula jones, jennifer flowers, waugh nita broderick, monica lewinsky and other such women -- but i doubt they will be coming out for hillary.
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plus, hillary might be a little busy. given the reported upcoming interview with the fbi which, of course, she hasn't heard anything about -- another lie that didn't even last a week -- and the fact that the feds seem rather serious extraditing a convicted hacker from romania who says he hacked into hillary clinton's e-mails, putting truth to the lie that hillary had no benghazi e-mails. not to mention, the risk of our secure records being subject to exposure. but more the reality that it did happen. so stay tuned, folks. it doesn't get any better than this. and that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitter, hashtag judge jeanine. with me now is principal at the dewey square democrat strategist mary ann marsh.
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marianne, hello, is elizabeth warren auditioning? and why would hillary clinton pick her? >> i didn't underestimate donald trump. and you shouldn't underestimate elizabeth warren. the most dangerous nern politics is the person who has nothing to lose. elizabeth warren has nothing loose. the fact she is taking on donald trump not only elevates her among her supporters across the country, a lot of the people who first voted for scott brown, then voted for elizabeth warren, put her in the senate those are the same people that voted for the donald trump in the primary. she appeals to the blue collar workers, rank and file. those are the same people who voted for donald trump that like elizabeth warren and voted for her, too. she has a great way to reach them. >> this is a national convention. the fact that people in massachusetts like her -- i know massachusetts is an important state. but at the same time i was looking up elizabeth warren's
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record. and you know, apparently none of the legislation that she sponsored ever became law. i mean, you know, it's -- she said she's proud of voting against the keystone pipeline, which would bring jobs. other than that she is a good talker. and the truth is she has issues, credible, the whole native american thing. and it maybe wasn't something that was such a big deal. but now that she is on the national stage, it will be. >> a couple things. remember, she is in a republican senate run by republicans and mitch mcconnell. >> so that's why she hasn't gottan anything passed? >> judge, well, look, republicans are the majority. there is a reason we only have eight supreme court justices right now. that's one of the reasons. >> all right. >> if you are a democrat she is working very hard to get things done. she is holding wall street accountable. >> how is she doing that. >> refinance -- >> explain how she is doing it. a woman you say doesn't have
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power is holding wall street accountable. i could go out and give a good speech, too. maybe for $285,000, i could give a great speech. but let's move on. >> i have no doubt you could. >> hillary is doubling down on the woman card. donald trump is doubling down on his calling hillary the enabler and saying that she's destroyed lives. i mean, you know, i get that she doesn't want to talk about it. but at the same time when donald went after bill, they shut up. >> well, look, i think the donald trump wants to go back to the '90s against hillary clinton it's not going to be very effective because people look at the '90s now and what they remember is the best economy they ever had and the biggest paychecks they ever had. they don't look at this. >> young people, the millenials don't remember that. they may be hearing about this stuff for the first time. doesn't it go to your credibility, if you say you are a woman who supports women, and then you hear that the one person who had the, you know, the attack squad was hillary
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clinton? >> i think when people hear about this, judge, when you look at the facts is hillary clinton was defending her husband. but when she found out the truth, and she found out pretty much when everybody else did, you didn't hear her going after these women anymore. that's a fact. she stopped. >> you know marianne, i love you, you are so smart. don't say that. don't underestimate my viewers and me. >> i'm not. >> the truth is, this went from the beginning right to the oval office. what he was doing to women. you know it and i know it. i can go through the lawsuits. it's not worth it. but it speaks to if she's going play the woman card she better be a proponent of women. >> she is. and i think, again, to be fair, she did go after women when she was defending her husband because she felt they were political attacks. and you i both know. >> i know this, marianne, i love my husband, you don't trash the women. but let's move on because this is getting too much. >> i think when everyone find out the truth they stop defending their husband. >> what is the truth? everybody knows what the truth
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is. those suits were sellinged several of them with the women. let's go to gus officer is extradited. he is a hacker. she says it's unfathomable that this guy hacked into a mom and pop home brewed server in somebody's closet. the truth is he is a hacker. >> sure. don't you think if he had them they would have been released long ago? we haven'tn seen anything. he is in a federal prison for hacking and now he is talking cheap talk. i don't think he has a lot of credibility. if he has the e-mails showput t. but i don't think he does. >> what if they are top secret and they are not being put out there now? >> as you know throughout this whole case unfortunately there have been a lot of leaks. i think if the fbi or anybody else looking at this believed that were true we would have heard that, too.
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>> do you believe the whole thing is going to be resolved in the next month. as relates to the e-mails. >> i hope so. what you do see is no one involved with this is saying she intentionally committed any crime sbrengsal levi lated national security. there have been plenty of leaks. with me now chris ferrell. all right, chris. hullary talks to andrea mitchell, and she says nobody hacked by e-mails. does hillary even know. >> she should know. and she's lying when she says no one did it. gus fer is very credible. >> do you do you know she is lying. >> we have the inbox pub lirveed in the guardian. we have the assessments of michael hayden and general flynn who says they would sh disappointed if their former colleagues in the kgb and the chinese intelligence service hadn't hacked a wide open outlaw server.
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it's improbable. it's unbelievable that any first world foreign intelligence service wouldn't target an incredibly vulnerable server like that. >> let's go to the faction. if gus fer, the romanian hacker, in jail in romania for hacking, not our charges. but if he did hack, wouldn't the fbi be able to identify where he was hacking from and whether he did the hacking? wouldn't there be a physical location identification? >> absolutely, they can forensically walk it back. frankly, that's why he is sitting in a jail in virginia right now. they didn't extradite him because he had nothing to do. they brought him back to provide testimony about how he entered her server and what he saw there. >> there was a quote. i was reading the reports. he said it was like on open or kidd the ease with which he
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hacked her e-mails. >> he also said there are at least ten other entries or hacks by other entities that he could identify just by roaming around the server itself. >> and has been a suggestion that the russians and the chinese and maybe even theis raes, you can tell by the ips were hacking into it as well. >> that's exactly what you would expect. >> you know what, chris, the judicial watch has been the one consistent pursuer of the truth. i mean, you know, you've got congress and overigt and all. that but you guys have taken it right to the courts. do you think that the federal courts are going to do the judges anything about the fact that these state department attorneys went in and said, we've got nothing, and swore to a federal judge that they had nothing that was in response to a freedom of information. isn't it more than just about hillary and automatica? doesn't it go down the pike? >> absolutely. that's why in our litigation
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where we've been granted discovery in the next eight weeks we will take the sworn depositions of hillary clinton's inner circle, automatica aberdeen, cheryl mills, patrick kennedy and others. frankly it's only through our litigation that the public knows any of this. and we'll continue to press forward. and as we take these depositions we'll make them public. people will be able to read and hear for themselves what was going on, what the story is. >> chris, but you know what doesn't make sense to me -- i was a prosecutor for 30 years. okay? if the fbi has a pending investigation, it is rare that they let a civil deposition precede their questioning or their resolution of their case because they don't want it messed up. but if a federal court has said you can question hillary, automatica and the rest of them then you are going to do it, right? can the feds stop you? >> they can probably intervene if they wish to.
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i can tell you that i, too, before i came to judicial watch i was a special agent of army counter-intelligence. i've done investigations on unlawful disclosure of national defense information exactly like this. and so you know, i'm not guessing at this. i've done it for a living just as you've been a prosecutor. and you know that we're going to press forward very aggressively with our case to get the facts out. whether the fbi does or doesn't move forward. or whether attorney general lynch chooses to block any kind of movement by the fbi to seek an indictment. you know, we have our own civil track. judge emmitt sullivan doesn't think this is funny. he asked the justice department attorney who authorized the use of the server. they couldn't answer. >> there is a shock. i am chris i'm running out of time. we'll have you back and we'll be watching very closely. i can't wait to hear what you get in those deposition. chris ferrell, judicial watch. >> thank you. still ahead tonight, "street
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justice" at trump tower. plus, he was a prominent answered trump pollster leading the charge to stop donald trump from getting the nomination. so what's he gonna do now? ed gelles is here and we're going to ask him. plus, paul ryan isn't ready to support donald trump. is that leadership? is that unity? three of the gop's best are here to discuss the decision or lack thereof and
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donald trump is the last man standing. conservatives across america, though, have spoken. but the question remains, will the gop unify behind the presumptive republican presidential candidate or will someone this the establishment risk everything by supporting a third party option? joining me now to weigh in, republican pollster and former adviser to anthony trump, ed goez. good evening. >> how are you. >> last time you were here, you said, you know, you were part of the anti-trump -- one of the super pac. are you still answer trump? >> well, no, i'm going to support the nominee, you know, judge. >> are you going to support trump? >> i'm going to support the
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nominee. and trump is the nominee. >> wait a minute, are you saying there is a possibility trump will not be the nominee? >> no, not at all. i am supporting the nominee. trump, i believe, will be the nominee at this point. and judge. >> who is going to beat him? >> judge, you have been very gracious. >> who is going to beat him, ed? >> no one is going to beat him. >> okay. >> i said i support the nominee. he is the presumptive nominee. and we all can't be as gracious as you are, judge. when you ran against hillary clinton for the senate and trump contributed to her. >> come on, there were four people, and i was down. let's you and i just settle on this. where does the money go? >> well, i think that's going to be tough. i mean, one of the things we -- i think we now have to look at is that we have trump is going the be the nominee for the republicans. i think hillary is going to be the nominee for the democrats. they boasth have historically
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high negatives. there is no telling where this race is going to go. it's going to be a very tough race. in the short-term one of the things we have to be paying attention to is the difference between trump's being slightly higher on his unfavorables than hillary -- >> that's not what i'm asking. where is the money going? in other words, you were -- there was a lot of money that was going into the anti-trump movement. okay? >> yeah, right. >> and now, where is that money going? >> i think you are going to see some of it go to trump. you are going to see some of it going to try to hold the senate and control the senate. i think some of it may not buy in until they see if he puts his money in. i'm not part of that did -- >> hasn't he put his money in during the primary? >> one of the things we're facing, and i say we as republicans, is that hillary's super pac has already put down $100 million of tv starting in june to go against trump. they are going to try to do what
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trump what they did to romney. and quite frankly, he has higher negatives hand what romney did at that inpo. that's what we are facing. that can't be party party money. that has to be money that the super pacs for trump are going to have to provide. >> with all your connection, ed, will you try to get some of that money that was anti-trump to be for trump? >> as you know, i'm not part of the money circleless. imi'm a pollster. i work in the campaign. i work in the trenches. >> okay. >> i will be back in the trenches working for our nominee and working for all our candidates. >> all right. and at the end of the day, are you going to vote for trump? >> i'm going to support the nominee, yes. >> ed, you should run for office. >>. [ laughter ] i know better. >> you do that washington two step very well, ed. >> well, and judge, in all fairness, one of the things that is very important for the trump
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people to understand -- look, i know paul manafort, i know rick wiley. they are very smart, man fort is sometimes brilliant is that we have a large chunk of the republican voters -- not the establishment, voters across the country that are fairly negative to trump. >> what is the point of people saying that? i've got to go. so what? they are negative to hillary, move on. pick a horse. >> trump needs to be reaching out to them. that's the key point. candidates always have to reach out. he needs to do that to republican voters now -- >> i think he has been doing that ten months. but that's just me. ed goens good to have you on begun. up next, paul ryan, donald trump, and the indecision that could cost the republicans. also ahead tonight, a special surprise for mother's day. don't miss it. and later -- who should be
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v.p.? >> monica lewinsky. >> oh. you never know what kind of answers you are going to get when youprison.
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he is fighting extra decision to the ugs. i'm jackie eye ibanez. now back to justice tis with judge jeanine. welcome back to "justice." what a week it has been for the gop. a presumptive nominee has emerged and the republican speaker of the house says he's not ready to support him. a lot of talk about this with my next guess joining me now, jeff booly, general counsel to the new york state republican committee. and tom freddy, also senior adviser to george pataki. we all work together. we are all pals here. >> we are. >> we are. >> for a long time. all right. now, for a party that usually rallies around its presumptive nominee, there is this incredibly grudging not even acceptance. is this the end of the republican party? >> you really have to look at
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the primary process. it's a little hard when the presumptive nominee of our party was little markey, lying ted -- >> would know, george, it's not personal. he had to get them out. >> but going after them on issue after issue is fine. but it got very personal. in ryan's case you really have to say he is a policy wonk. seriously, i think if he had just said donald says i've got to go and talk to him, we have got to talk about policy, he can do it move on. >> you know what they are goc to talk about, let me tell you, you and i know it. it's the shake down. don't give me paul ryan is a policy wonk. hog wash. he cams out and says sanctuary cities are not going to be funded by the federal government and then passes it in the quiet of the night. get rid are of that. and then they want to flank donald trump far not being conservative enough.
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? i'll let you answer, jeff. >> back to your original question, you know, i think donald trump ran a brilliant campaign, but it was an irreverent campaign. >> yes. >> and that is making the coalescing around him a little bit more difficult. and it's going to take a little bit longer. although, there are signs that it could come together. >> what do you think he and paul are going to talk about on thursday? >> i do think they are going to talk about policy. the differences that they may have on public policy. i also think that look the hard ball facts of it is that paul ryan has to talk to his membership and say where and how does this affect your local races? at the end of the day it's his job to remain speaker, right? a good sign for donald trump in new york eldin came out for trump, clear politics. the polls show in that district where barack obama slightly won two years ago -- four years ago, this time donald trump is winning the district of it's pure politics. that's what they are going to
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talk about. >> even reince priebus, there is this grudging reluctance. you know what i think it is, i think the establishment is scared to death to donald trump because he doesn't owe tell a darn thing. >> who is the establishment when you say that. >> the elected officials. the congress is held is such low esteem. 18%. the lobbyists, do i have to tell you guys about lobbyists? >> not at all. >> not at all. >> it's about winning elections. that's all it's all about. it's who can win. root now donald trump has an extremely high negative. as you well know. >> so does hillary. they cancel each other out. what are you going to do, change the nominee? >> the race comes down to independent voters. right now they are moderate in politics and moderate in temperament. >> who brought in more votes than anyone in the history of republican primaries. i have got to talk to jeff now. what do you think, jeff? >> i think when they meet, paul
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ryan is concerned about the impacts of mr. donald trump on -- races. mr. trump on the other hand needs to raise money. the question becomes whera are all the big gop donors going to go. as i look at it they have got four choice. one, they can support donald trump. two, they can stop short of supporting donald trump but oppose hillary clinton. three they can ignore the presidential race and send their money to the down ballot races which quite a few are. or four, which would be the worst case scenario, they would oppose trump and or support a third party candidate. >> all right. that's brilliant because those are the options. you know what's interesting to me, you have got the big spending fracking family behind cruz who is not going to back trump. well, trump is for fracking. i think energy is going to be a wedge issue this year. i really do. and yet what you've got is a fracking family won't support him. the koch brothers are not going to support him.
1:36 am
who else? charles and david -- is that true? >> look, the koch brothers generally in the past have focused on electing state republicans, gaining control, ejt legislatives, et cetera, et cetera. across the board it is going to be vital for donald trump against hillary clinton and the money that's coming in for our super pacs. he needs to start getting some of these people that you have mentioned -- and at the end what has hurt him is when a cruz supporter has felt the wrath of the lying ted. it's personal. >> but ted did lie. he did lie about ben carson getting out of the primary. >> jeanine -- >> that's bad stuff. >> but continuing that, and continuing it -- it's time to make peace. >> yeah, he won, now he's going to make peace. >> make the peace and don't expect people in 24 or 48 hours to say all right, all forgiven. give them time. somebody like that who has been a huge cruz supporter i would expect over time they will come back into the fold. >> what do you think, jeff? >> i think they need to move
1:37 am
some of these big donors who right now are commits to the down ballot races to get them to commit to the presidential race. for example, another cruz pac, to keep the promise pac, merser and conway. kelly ann conway i read made a statement that supporting donald trump and opposing hillary clinton are two very different things. so they seem to be headed toward, well, they'll get involved. they may not say they like donald trump but they will say they don't like hillary clinton. >> what's a day without a rationalization. >> the good news for your candidate, donald trump is that right now both democrats and republicans at the congressional level say he is not affecting down ballots. >> tom, jeff, nye my friends, thanks for being with us. >> happy mother's day. >> thank you, and to your moms, too. and -- anyway, what does the american conservative union think of donald trump versus the hillary clinton match up. mat schlapp, the chairman is
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here next. don't go away.
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paul ryan, house speaker, deepening the gop divide, saying he is not yet ready to support donald trump. sa take a listen. >> to be perfectly candid i'm not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now. i hope to and i want to. i think what is required is that we unify this party. i think the bulk of the burden of eun tying the party has to come from the presumptive nominee. i think he has to do more to bring all wings of the republican party together and then to go forward and to appeal to all americans. >> trump expresidented surprise
1:43 am
over ryan's comments that he would not yet support him. the two are set to meet this coming thursday. with me now american conservative union chairman, malt schlapp. all right. matt. whauf' got is the speaker of the house saying that donald trump has to unify the party. wouldn't you say donald has already unified 10 1/2 million voters? >> yep. >> and that paul ryan, as the speaker, ought to get behind donald trump? or am i wrong? >> well, i just think for elected republicans, this is very tough. because donald trump has been running against them. and we've had more -- he has gotten more republican votes in these primaries than we've seen by any republican candidate in my lifetime. it's hard for these people that are elected republicans because he has run against their failure to stop these obama radical policies. you can just tell they are still kind of -- it's hard for them to swallow donald trump. you know what's ironic?
1:44 am
they didn't like ted cruz either. they didn't like either of the messages that the voters were sending. those voters are saying we want to try a whole new way of doing business. >> it's interesting when you say that trump was running against their failures. when they accuse donald trump of not being conterve servetive enough, the truth is some of them were elected to do certain things, tea party candidates, and they just engaged in the washington two step. you know, are the republicans strapping fwoms to their chest and just saying let's blow up the whole party, not support him, and let hillary win? sore there is talk of this die, derek johnson who apparently is already on the ballot in 50 states. i think we have a picture of him. >> right. >> you know, running as a third party libbertarian. what do you think of that? >> let's be clear about the third party option. gary johnson admits he gets stoned every day. >> yeah. >> i'm not sure we think that makes sense for that person to have the nuclear codes on his desk. setting of all, they are saying
1:45 am
let's get a third party conservative to run against donald trump and hillary clinton. the deadlines in all these states has passed. and everybody every day they hem and huh over not endorsing donald trump they are he had be hillary clinton. it's clear this this country. we elect either democrats or republicans in the modern political times. if you are not for donald trump then you are for hillary clinton. let me tell you something i'm going to fight them until my last breath in my body. another clinton presidency? that's a disaster. especially for people who say obama has been destroying the country. >> the other piece is the possibility of elizabeth warren being the v.p. talk about the move as a progressive democrat to socialism. you know, that would be a problem, too. but what do you think that trump and paul ryan are going to be talking about at their meeting on thursday? >> you know, i think you said itlier, you called it a shakedown. i don't know if i'd use those terse, uj j. but i do think that paul ryan is
1:46 am
hearing from his house members. we've got more republican house members than we've had in a skpren rags. some of them are worried about the effect of trump. no question about it. they are in purple or blue districts. but the fact is at the end of the day, paul ryan is going to back donald trump. going to be the chairman at the convention, and has to back the nominee. and most republicans, most republicans and most leaders are going to get behind donald trump. he is going to get a record number of independents and people from if other side. remember, 30% of bernie sanders supporters say they won't support clinton incorporated because they think they are functions of wall street. there is a lot of reorienting going on in the political system. i think anybody who predicts the general election today doesn't know what they are talking about. >> when you take someone like donald trump, a little outsider, never ran for office, never ran for the mayor of the local town. and the fact that he just weapon unthere and did it and he has got all of these followers. i mean, you would think that the
1:47 am
establishment would understand that the american people have spoken. it's our government. it's our vote. it's what we think. but, matt, we'll have you on again to talk about whether or not they get in line. matt schlapp thanks for being with us. >> thanks, judge. and "street justice" is still ahead on the. plus, you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again.
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welcome back to justice. before street justice i want to take a moment tonight to wish all of the wonderful mothers outside there a very happy mother's day tomorrow. especially my own beautiful mom, es therin new york. hi, mom. >> caller: hi, sweet heart. >> are you watching the show? >> caller: i sure am. >> what did you think of it? >> caller: excellent always. >> all right, folks. you're looking at photos of my mom. there's picture of you on the tv, a picture of you and dad from a long time ago with a dress -- i don't know if you remember that pink one. i still have it, the gown, the pink and the green, remember? >> caller: yes. >> yeah, i still have that dress. i remember as a little girl you looked so gorgeous in it. and there's a picture, mom, of
1:52 am
you and me on the left and lulu on the right. and speak oing of my sister lul i called and wished you happy mother's day first, didn't i? >> caller: yes, you did. you need to gain some weight. >> after every show i call my mom and i say hi, mom, did you like the show and she always says, you look good but you're too thin. are you sleeping? here's the thing. aye gn going to spin class and i'm very happy with my weight. don't say anything. but tomorrow i'm cooking and some of the great food that you taught me to cook. and mom i just want to say to earn, people say where do you get your strength from and where do you get your determination from, i always say from my mom because she's my backbone.
1:53 am
>> caller: you have something to work for. you can do it all on your own. you've done it since you were a little girl, my sweet heart. >> i love you mom. >> caller: love you more. >> bye-bye, mom. >> caller: bye darling. street justice is next and we're going to be right back. p?
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donald trump is the
1:57 am
presumptive gop nominee. so for this week's street justice i headed to trump tower to see who i might find and you'll never guess who i caught a glimpse of. ♪ okay. thank you. what does trump tower tell you about what kind of president donald trump would be? >> i think he whould be an awesome president. >> what do you think of it? >> it's typically trump. >> okay. ♪ >> what do you expect to see here? >> i actually want to get to make america great again. >> what do you expect to see here? >> donald. >> i hear he's in the building. you're here at trump tower. what do you expect to see? >> nec president. >> what do you say to paul ryan who says he's not ready to
1:58 am
support donald trump? >> how about he can take a flying leap. >> are you ready to support donald trump? >> from day one. >> what the you say to paul ryan. >> catch up. >> paul ryan is a sellout. >> do you ever see donald trump here? >> i saw him once. >> what do you think of him? >> i like him. >> be pretty solid for us. >> who should be his vp? >> i would like to see carson but i don't think he's going to do it. >> who should be the vp? >> i have a feeling somewhere in the woodwork is chris christie. >> who should be the vp? >> monica lewinsky. >> guess who is here at trump tower leaving the building now. what a coincidence. look at that vehicle. it is literally backing right up to trump tower. you are getting a bird's eye view of what it's like to be a
1:59 am
presidential nominee. uh-oh. here comes the big guy. donald trump the republican nominee for president about to exit the building. and you can see him coming out right now. and every secret service guy is looking at us. donald trump about to leave trump tower. what do you think of donald trump? >> a strange man. >> where are you from? >> sweden. >> well, there you have it. and that's it for us on street justice. i'm not your normal street. and don't forget if you're looking for a great read or a gift for you mom, think of my book, "he killed them off" my quest for justice. the book is on sell now. friend me on fas bike, follow me on twitter and instagram. thanks so much for watching. the greg gutfeld show is next.
2:00 am
happy mother's day!photoin the yearbook. >> fox report is next. >> tonight, the gop is in uncharted waters. the presumptive nominee at odds with big names in his own party. this is the fox report. tonight trump is campaign nothing washington state shrugging off the high profile republicans that will not vote for him and taking swoip at former primary rivals. >> jeb bush is not an honorable person and lindsay graham is not honorable. when you sign a pledge it is supposed to mean something. the good nows is, that most everybody


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