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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  May 8, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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dr. samadi. >> happy mother's day, everybody. >> happy mother's day. >> thanks, docs. that's it for us. >> "house call" sunday for great advice to keep us healthy. >> we're back at 4:00 eastern. the gloves are off as hillary clinton and donald trump look past the conventions and towards november. what do the latest attacks mean and will they make a difference as both sides get ready for a long fight. and mother nature's fury. tornadoes touch down out west and massive wildfires up north producing so much smoke it's affecting the jet stream down the east coast. happy mother's day on this sunday to you and to you and yours at home. nice to be with you. i'm leland vittert.
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>> welcome to "america's election headquarters" from washington. establishment republicans refusing to endorse trump, the party's presumptive nominee and those who have gotten behind hem. now trump and those are weighing in on statements made by republican leaders like paul ryan and lindsey graham. rich is here with more. >> donald trump's campaign is telling skeptical republicans, it is up to them to support him. several senior republicans say trump needs to change his tone and rhetoric and adopt conservative positions on taxes, trade and foreign policy. trump's campaign says those republicans have it backwards. officials say the gop needs to embrace him. >> he's the head of the republican party. he wants the party to get behind him and support him. there's never been a nominee for president of the united states who had every republican supporting him and everybody
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accepting every single position of the presidential candidate. >> house speaker ryan has invited trump to meet with congressional leaders. ryan says he's not ready to endorse trump. trump says he was blindsided by that announcement. he is credit sidesing his former republican primary challengers, jeb bush and lindsey graham, for failing to endorse him, even though all gop candidates signed a pledge last fall to back the presumptive nominee. last night at a rally in washington state, trump called hillary clinton trigger-happy for her vote to support the iraq war while she was a senator. clinton has also attacked trump for mistreating women. trump shot back, claiming her husband, former president capitol hill ton and his history of affairs, is far worse than he is. >> i assume that's not going to be the last we hear of those attacks. rich, thank you so much. in addition to some top republican politicians saying no
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to trump, some big-time activists are doing the very same thing. going as far as to talk about a third party candidate. one of the loudest voices in that camp talk radio host erick erickson who joins us from macon, georgia. nice to have you here. >> thanks for having me. >> sufficing to say, you lost, trump won. where do we go from here? >> there's a lot of us, not just establishment republicans but also conservative activists who have fought the republican establishment who are opposed to trump. and the fight on that side is whether or not you do form a third party or you just sit it out and let trump lose on his own. the calculus everyone needs to understand republicans have determined if there's a third party or not, trump will not beat hillary. trump is now saying, for example, this weekend the republican party isn't a conservative party. it's the republican party. >> to that point in terms of
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where do conservatives go, you wrote something about that back in 2015. august 19th, to be exact, when you were the editor of i am the editor of, you write, we have long maintained we are conservative in the primary and republican in the general election. if donald trump is the republican nominee, he has my vote. is that statement still true or no longer? >>, no it's not true. for the fact donald trump is abandoning the free market for protectionism, abandoning blocking the minimum wage for increasing, it abandoning low taxes for high taxes and waffling on life. if he's going to change the republican party from what it was last year, then i guess i'm not a republican. >> if you say you're not a republican, though, fair to say in terms of whatever electoral map you look at, if there is a third-party candidate, it splits the electorate and hillary clinton is guaranteed to be the
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president. which is better, hillary clinton or donald trump? >> well, you know, if you put a gun to my head and said, who do i pick, hillary or donald, i would pick the bullet. they're just as bad. and i don't think that the choice for conservatives should be to decide between two evils. gwynn the choice of two evils, choose neither. >> so, where does this go from here? obviously, we have the presidential race. you say you'd rather have the bullet when it comes to that. looking down the ticket, though, how does this affect -- especially in places like georgia, that some polls say possibly could now be up for play? >> well, that's why the third party idea is taking so much merit from conservatives, is to give people a reason to show up in november. so republicans don't get crushed down ballot. right now there's no poll showing donald trump makes a blue state red, but you've now got mississippi, utah, arizona and georgia all republican states, solidly republican, that are now moving blue because of the trump/clinton situation. you have to get republicans out in november. if they're not going to show up for trump, they need someone at
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the top of the ticket to get them out to vote to save down ballot races. >> is that the issue, though, do you need someone at the top of the ticket to get republicans out, true conservatives, as you would call them, or will they come out specifically for those down-ballot races? >> i think it becomes very hard to incentivize people to vote if the choices are clinton and trump because that's going to dominate the conversation. senate congressional, state legislative races aren't going to dominate the race. when the coverage is all clinton versus trumpb, a lot of people will be demoralized and stay home. give them a third party to protest against clinton and trump. >> give me 15 seconds. give me three names you find acceptable? >> ben sasse, tom coburn. they're still looking for other names. that's the problem with third party right now, who do you run? nobody seems to agree. >> nobody seems to agree but we appreciate your thoughts on this mother's day. all the best.
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>> thanks very much. liz? >> well, trump may have all but locked down the republican nomination, but the fight is still on on the democratic side. bernie sanders is still in the race, but hillary clinton holds a commanding delegate lead and is inching closer to securing the democratic nomination. so, now she's concentrating on her republican rival and those in the gop are having a hard time getting behind him. kristin fisher has all the latest. >> clinton is taking a break from the campaign trail but she sat down for a lengthy interview on one of the other sunday shows. she was asked about what she thought of donald trump locking up the nomination and she used it as an opportunity to highlight the divide between the republican party, specifically the fact the speaker of the house, paul ryan, is saying he's still not ready to support trump. >> when you have former presidents, when you have high-ranking republican officials in congress raising questions about their nominee, i don't think it's personal so
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much as rooted in their respect for the office and their deep concern about what kind of leader he would be. >> so, now that trump is indeed the presumptive nominee, clinton is hoping to capitalize on the never-trump movement by launching republicans for hillary. she was asked about that new initiative on "face the nation" this morning and here's her response. >> obviously, i'm reaching out to democrats, republicans, independents, all voters who want a candidate who is running a campaign on issues, who has been willing to put out plans, and explain those plans and talk about how to pay for those plans. >> in that same interview clinton was also grilled about the ongoing fbi investigation. she says the fbi still hasn't contacted her directly for an interview, though we did learn this week that several of her top aides have been interviewed by the fbi. >> i've encouraged all of, you know, my assistants to be very
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forthcoming and i hope that this is close to being wrapped up. >> as for bernie sanders sanders, he skipped the sunday shows but tonight he'll hold a rally at rutgers university. he just scooped up an endorsement from the nurses union in california. up next for the democrats is west virginia on tuesday, then kentucky and oregon a week later. so, even though we've got -- still got a race on the democratic side as much as clinton and her campaign would like to focus all of their attention on donald trump. >> thank you so much. >> sure. alert with some good news. a joyous reunion in spain for three journalists who disappeared trying to do their job in a dangerous war zone. the hostages were released from ten months of captivity in syria. returning home safely today to hugs and you might imagine a few tears with families and friends. they disappeared in july from
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the city of aleppo in northern syria. it was controlled at the time by an al qaeda terrorist branch known as the al nusra front. the spanish government would not confirm whether they paid ransom for these men's freedom. simnow to the fight against islamic terrorist. islamic radical who's been seen as a leading voice for stoking palestinian anger is now in prison. the leader of the outlawed branch of the islamic movement of israel is beginning a nine-month sentence today for comments he made encouraging violence back in 2007. so, it's almost been a decade. waving to supporters, he said he welcomed jail if it helped advance his goals. salei has waged a decade's long campaign at the holy site in both islam and judaism. coming up, storm chasers
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capture this incredible video. a tornado bearing down on drivers trying frantically to outrun it. coming up, the latest on those storms that ripped through parts of colorado and where they're going next. investigators in tennessee released new surveillance video of a missing 9-year-old girl as detectives sort through dozens of tips. we'll have the latest on the desperate search for car li trent. plus, that monster wildfire scorching western canada continues burning as the thousands that had to flee wonder what, if anything, they'll come home to. a report on fire fighting efforts is ahead. >> 24/7 every single channel, all day long, i cry, i cry. i hope i have a home to go to. but we're doing okay.
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a terrifying scene in colorado. a series of tornadoes ripped across the eastern part of the state, wrecking homes and buildings just yesterday. one twister touching down in
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wray near the nebraska/kansas border. it then traveled roughly ten miles on the ground, according to storm chasers' reports. several minor injuries have been reported, but nothing major. forecasters say similar weather could hit today in kansas and also northern oklahoma. oil companies are now shutting down their operations and getting their people out of harm's way as a massive wildfire in alberta, canada, continues to rage out of control. so far more than 80,000 people have been evacuated. many now don't have houses to come home to. fox news correspondent will carr is following the latest on this and joins us now. hi, will. >> you said it, it's massive and expected to burn another 100,000 acres today. firefighters say this wildfire is unpredictable and dangerous. now, the part of ail letter that where this is burning is being described as bone dry. there are extremely strong winds. and it's quickly racing towards
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saskatchewan. the fire scorched more than 600 square miles, destroyed 1600 structures, more than 500 firefighters are on the ground, in the air more than a dozen helicopters are trying to beat down the flames. one resident says it looks like it's armageddon in canada this weekend. homes have been destroyed, cars abandoned. ft. murray, the power grid has been damaged, water is undrinkable right now and almost the 90,000 rbts that have been forced to evacuate have left everything behind. >> at first i thought, well, maybe it will be a day or so and we'll be back. but then -- as we're leaving and see more and more of it, we're going to be out for a while. >> the big concern as well, the fire's burning near the alberta oil sands, the third largest oil reserves in the world. at this point they're not really expecting any long-term impact to oil prices. that's the good news. the bad news, what they really need is some rain. and there's only a slight chance
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of getting that over the next week. leland? >> they were talking about that yesterday, just not enough in the forecast. will carr live in seattle, thanks. back to the campaign trail. bernie sanders continues to campaign agaton, but she's turn attention elsewhere. >> well, he doesn't have a view. he has a slogan. he needs to be really pressed on that. when he says, climate change is a chinese hoax, what does that mean? you know, has he ever talked to a scientist? >> you can hear there the democratic front-runner now taking aim at the presumptive gop nominee, donald trump. it's a clear sign primary season is winding down and shifting into general election mode. so, here for a fair and balanced look at the new state of the 2016 election, gop strategist shawn noble, the president of american encore and jessica, a
10:19 am
democratic pollster and strategist, she's with shone consulting. jessica, clinton is clearly pivoting. who is she appealing to? who is she trying to appeal to? is this the right time to pivot while she still has an opponent? >> i think it is the right time to pivot. i think she wants to make it about general election issues, draw the lines in the sand about what she's about and what donald trump is about. she can't forget bernie sanders, though, we know that. we have west virginia coming up. she certainly needs to prepare for california. as we said before, she's well on her way to winning this nomination. i think it's the right time to talk about these issues and how strong of an opponent she thinks donald trump will be. she's making clear appeal to his voters, white men. that's a demographic she doesn't do well with. she doesn't need to worry about the african-american vote, latino vote. i think women will break for
10:20 am
hillary clinton. i think it's it is blue-collar vote she needs to target. >> do you agree with that, she needs to work harder for that vote or focusing on the female vote? >> i think she does need to focus on the female vote. i do believe there's going to be a record gender gap in this election. donald trump does not appeal to women very well. i think you're going to see some shifting in his rhetoric. the thing that's going to be interesting is i actually think he'll have broad appeal, not -- it won't be a majority, but he'll probably get the largest number of african-american votes that any republican has received in recent memory. because there is -- >> what makes you say that? >> because he really does appeal to those that are feeling like they've been left behind. blue-collar worker includes whites and blacks. and it's going to be interesting when you look at these industrial states, it's going to completely change the electoral college map. this is a different election than we've ever seen before. the thing that's bad for hillary is she does not have this
10:21 am
completely sewn up. she has a few months of scrapping with bernie sanders in front of her all the way to philadelphia. and she's going to have to divert some attention to take care of that left flank because bernie is going to keep being a bull dog. >> you talk about the electoral map. states that were red and have been red in the past are, perhaps, going to be turning blue. georgia is a perfect example of that. >> right. >> how does donald trump either keep the map the way it is or rewrite history, so to speak? jessica, you can answer and then, sean, i'd like to hear your answer. >> i think he goes for rewriting history. he's accomplished things no one has expected or possible. as you mentioned, georgia now, it's tied there. one that's reliably red. he'll focus on going after pennsylvania and ohio, to make those more solidly for himself. he'll focus also on the northeast and places where he has shown strong popularity that
10:22 am
no one would have expected a republican to do well as well. i think that's his strategy there. donald trump is running a completely insurgent, bizarre campaign and i think he'll keep up with that approach. >> sean, you get the last word. >> i agree with jessica that it is rewriting the map. i think you have to include michigan and wisconsin and new jersey into that equation. i think arizona is completely out of reach for hillary. it's staying reliably red? >> why? i mean f they're tied right now in the polling, why is it out of reach for her? >> the polling right now is pretty fluid. i think anyone that looks at polling in the summer before even the conventions are done, it's just way too early. but arizona is going to be rebliy red because the hispanic grow is still way too small to have an impact to help hillary. >> just because of time, we have to wrap it up. we hope to have you both back. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> happy mother's day. >> thank you so much. a couple of programming
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reminders. donald trump's sr. adviser and convention manager paul manafort is chris wallace guest right after the show. and fox is exclusive primary coverage for tuesday. make sure to tune in. coming up, a campus mournz on what should be a day of celebration. we'll take a look into a tragic accident at mississippi state university that left one student dead. plus, we are two days away between the west virginia primary between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. the dean of coal country with a look at the showdown. and one happy supporter stole the show last night from donald trump. how that happened is still ahead. ♪ i'm happy clap along ♪
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>> i wanted to wish my mom from dayton, ohio, a happy mother's day. i love you and miss you and can't wait to see you. ♪ ♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship.
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see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at let's take a look at the latest headlines from the campaign trail. democratic front-runner hillary clinton continues to go after her presumptive republican opponent, calling donald trump a loose cannon on foreign policy. clinton says she's push a positive message saying, quote, she's not going to run an ugly race. the proud grandmother will quietly be celebrating mother's day but back out campaigning tomorrow in virginia. her rival, bernie sanders, is the only candidate on the stump today with a planned stop at rutgers university in new jersey. the state holds its primary next month. tomorrow he'll be to atlantic city and then california with a
10:29 am
june primary. on the republican side, the lone remaining candidate, donald trump, tells abc news he can win the general election even if gop leaders do not unify behind him. at a campaign rally last night at washington state, trump went after hillary clinton's husband, calling him, quote, the worst abuser of women in the history of politics. trump is off the stump for a couple of days. then the silent majority, this trump supporter is attracting attention for his vocal gymnastics and dance moves. that kid in red appeared at saturday's rally in spokane, whooping it up for his candidate. at one point it seemed unthinkable that west virginia coal country would be anything but clinton country. that all changed with this statement. >> i'm the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as the key into
10:30 am
coal country. because we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. >> that didn't go out so well. a poll shows sanders up by four. host of the radio show "talk line" heard around the state joining us from morgantown, west virginia. good to be with you. thanks so much. >> leland, my pleasure. thank you. >> so, mrs. clinton since then has tried to walk those words back in a bit of lynn gistic gem nastices. >> very tough sell. she made those comments apologized personally to the senator and then came to coal country and tried to walk that back and explain to people she didn't mean that and what she's going to do is bring billions of dollars to appalachia, coal
10:31 am
country, but it's tough to unring that bell. you hear miners and miners' families say, they don't want welfare. they to want go back to work. a very tough sell for her in west virginia. >> you think about the state of west virginia, deep red state when it comes to presidential politics. 60% plus of voters went for mitt romney in 2012. but we see folks supporting bernie sanders. how do you square those two sides of the spectrum? >> i think what's happened in west virginia is what's happened in a lot of states for bernie sanders and what keeps him going. we did a poll. we found almost 30% of west virginians still identify themselves as liberal or very liberal, so that bernie sanders message does have appeal here as it has in other parts of the country. and 23 you're going to be a liberal democrat or an independent liberal who in that campaign do you identify with more closely? that's bernie sanders. also he came here. he's had four rallies in west virginia. that message does resonate with
10:32 am
a portion of west virginia's population. in the meantime, hillary clinton, her message would be more suited to moderate democrats. so moderate democrats are upset with her comments about coal and less publicized her comments about making it difficult to do hydraulic thrashing for natural gas. >> let's move on to the general election here because west virginia could play a key role. not only in terms of the general election, if it switches to be a blue state. people have brought that up as a possibility. second of all, the issue in terms of whether down-ballot races are going to be affected by what's going on with the general election between trump and hillary. your thoughts? >> well, my thoughts are that this has, as you point out accurately, this has migrated to a red state. it's voted for the republican nominee for president every election since 2000 when george bush won. and in all likelihood, it will continue to do that in november. that's a problem for democrats. since this migration has taken place, if you will, it's been
10:33 am
tough for the democrats in west virginia to find that ballot. they want to support the democratic party but at the same time, the national democratic party has moved farther to the left. made it very difficult for west virginia democrats. they constantly have to parse this out. i'm a democrat but i'm not that kind of democrat. >> well, we've seen that especially with notijoe manchin >> it's been very difficult for manchin because he's a moderate democrat and he wants to work with both sides. it's a challenge for him to try to find that sweet spot. he doubled down last week. he took a political risk. he doubled down. he's all in with the clintons. that could be a problem for him if he runs for -- runs for re-election in 2018. >> you can just imagine those video clips coming back possibly to haunt him, es spely in an off-cycle with hillary clinton as well. appreciate your insights and we'll be back for more thoughts from west virginia. appreciate it, sir. >> my pleasure. >> all the best. an update on a story we're
10:34 am
following. the federal police officer of a shooting will face a judge for the first time tomorrow. the initial court appearance is scheduled for monday. police say so far there has been no sign of remorse from him. the charges carry a maximum sentence of life in prison. mississippi state university is now mourning the loss of one of its own after a student fell from the top of the jumbotron in the school's football stadium. officials say 21-year-old andrew scott dembowski slipped and fell from the jumbotron after climing it with two other students. the university issued a statement expressing sorrow at the death, which occurred the same day as the school's commencement. and the tennessee investigation has released surveillance video showing 9-year-old carlie trent shopping with her uncle after she went missing. the girl is believed to have been abducted by her uncle five
10:35 am
days ago. authorities say gary simpson signed the girl out of school under false pretenses and they believe the two may be in the area, like a campground or state park. a reward for information leading to her safe recovery is now up to more than $12,000. up next, the drug king pin known as el chapo making a move and his new home that's got a nasty reputation. we'll fill you in on why. to they are mothers, wives, of course, political advisers. first ladies juggle many roles inside the white house. we'll salute their contribution this mother's day when we come back. ...clear for take off. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby!
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these are difficult times for elderly holocaust survivors
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europe day. on this an verse of ve day, francois hollande laid a wreath a few hours ago to mark nazi germany's surrender in world war ii and the end of world war ii on the continent of europe. referring to syria and iraq, hollande said war is on the door steps again and warned younger generations to never forget what can happen. well, the mexican drug lord joaquin guzman, now the latest journey of the man known as el chapo has many wondering if there's more to come. we have more on the story. >> hi, elizabeth. yesterday mexico abruptly transferred joaquin guzman from the country's best maximum
10:41 am
security prison to a prison near the mexico/texas border which is rated the worst in mexico by human rights officials. now yesterday's surprise prison transfer has people curiously asking, why? one theory is officials caught wind of a brazen plan to escape and then moved him. remember, el chapo is the world's most powerful drug lord. he escaped from mexican prisons twice before, including last summer, before he was recaptured in january. now, since then, he's been held at the maximum security prison altiplano near mexico city. now el chapo is sitting in a jail sell in sciudad juarez. they say they moved him as part of a security protocol saying, quote, we have rotated more than 7400 inmates nationwide as part of a security strategy implemented last september. the transfer was carried in line with our federal human rights
10:42 am
policies. the reason behind this is to reinforce security at altiplano prison. that was the statement. now, sure, jail cell improvements are possible but head of u.s. drug enforcement administration tells the associated press the move is because of specific security concerns. did police catch wind of another jail break plan? we don't know that. now, remember, guzman escaped a maximum security prison through a tunnel dug into his jail cell last july. since his recapture, inprecedent measures have been put in place to keep him locked up. while his new home is a newly built prison, it raises some concern because the jail is in ciudad juarez, a city controlled by his sinaloa cartel. some see this as he may be extradited to u.s. where he faces charges. that would be a surprise because mexican officials had said it could take a year to extradite him into this country. so, questions, and as you said,
10:43 am
the oddcy continues. >> thank you so much. >> no problem. rescuers are still searching for 33 construction workers buried in a landslide in southern china. days of heavy rain triggered the slide early this morning at the site of a hydropower project. officials say about 3.5 million cubic feet of rock and mud were dumped on the workers' living area. so far eight people have been rescued according to state media there. and stay with us. they care for their family while their spouses protect our country. ahead, meet the military spouse of the year representing all those proudly serving in the armed forces community. and this horse and jockey are both riding high after a big win at churchill downs. we'll take a look at their running start to the triple crown. another day,
10:44 am
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quist has won the kentucky derby. >> he was the favorite to win and he did just that. nyquist held off the other horses in the home stretch to win the 142nd kentucky derby yesterday at churchill downs. a picture-perfect day. the 3-year-old colt made the 1.25 run in just over two minutes. finishing the course, get this, even faster than american pharoah, who won the triple crown last year. next big race is the preakness may 21st. riding nyquist is mario gutierrez, who this is not his first time to win the roses. did that back in 2012, won the preakness in 2012, but couldn't make it to the triple crown. >> do you think he's going to get -- >> we'll see. >> the last thing i read was, american pharoah, watch out. could be interesting. >> koog very interesting.
10:49 am
>> you should place your bets on him as opposed -- >> that didn't work out so well. when you talk american history, the focus is on the founding fathers, but what about the founding mothers? as we celebrate the first lady in your life, our own shannon bream sat down with producer and author andrew oaks to talk about his new book "first ladies' man" to take a look into the lives of the first ladies. >> you uncovered so many interesting nuggets about these women who were such a part of the foundation of our country. all the way up through now michelle obama, and you've cataloged a lot of that, at least the first part of it here. tell us something interesting maybe you learned that we're not going to know. >> this volume one covers the 1700s and 1800s. martha washington through ida mckinley. through one of the very first trips, one of the most amazing thing i got was all-access backstage pass so i went into
10:50 am
the adams' crypt in massachusetts. the gate was opened up. i got to walk in and stand next to these massive sarcophagus. it was so dramatic, i knew i would be getting access to collections and places that not everyone got to get into. so i felt a great responsibility to share that with people. >> yeah, and in telling these stories, you're also out speaking, and people are really standing to this. it seems like there's a hunger for this part of history. maybe there's been so much focus on the presidents. of course they'll be the headline, but there are so many interesting stories about the will standing right beside them. >> absolutely. to give you an idea of what i saw, some so fragile that they're not put on display at all. dresses that are destroying themselves by the very weight of the material and the beads and the charms and the little mirrors and glitz that are on these things. they're destroying themselves. so they can't even be on display.
10:51 am
but these folks, for me and the c-span series opened up the boxes, the vaults, the closets and i got to see a remarkable amount of stuff. >> there's this debate in our modern history about women who have an influence on their husband as president. do you find that some of these women, even way back, were influencing the decision and policies of their husbands? >> absolutely. if we think about it in modern terms, it shouldn't be any surprise that these women -- i mean, these presidents are their husbands. they sleep in the same bed. they stay in the same room. i mean, you, anyone with a spouse or significant other, you bounce things off of them. you talk about your day. nothing is different about these first ladies. right from the very beginning, all the winter encampments, george washington writes that he can't think straight without his wife there. martha washington goes in great peril to herself to travel in wintertime over frozen lakes with her whole entourage to get to her husband, general george washington, so he can think straight. we wouldn't be america if george
10:52 am
washington hadn't married martha washington. that story is in the book. that's amazing, because it almost didn't happen. and to think that if it hadn't, we wouldn't be here talking in america under an american flag, even maybe speaking with this language or accent. >> yeah. and that's one of so many fascinating stories. i'm so glad that you compiled this with all of your unique experiences. i don't think people will read this information anywhere else. so on mother's day today, it is out. congratulations. and it's a perfect gift. so we hope it goes well for you. >> thank you very much for having me. i'll come back for volume two. >> please do. >> here is the book itself. "unusual for their time" by andrew oaks. you don't want to miss it. so many stories in here. the website there is he goes by that moniker. >> i think it's great. he really did have unfettered access, so we are grateful. >> you think about the effect that first ladies made. we just recently lost nancy reagan, and the way that she transformed the office the way these women here transform the office. very cool.
10:53 am
>> great. >> so mother's day, we want to wish all the moms out there a happy mother's day and we wanted to share some pictures with you that you sent in with your mothers. here's trish with her mom darlene. and this is tara and her mom at the kentucky derby. or at least at a kentucky derby event yesterday. you only have a few more minutes to send us your picture of mom. tweet them out. more pictures when we come back. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. ♪ mama said there will be days like this ♪ . . oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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so what is the best mother's day gift? why, of course, having your mom's picture on tv. this is from diane. four generations celebrating today. i love that. >> there you go. and this picture goes to, as our viewer put it, the best mom ever, and the mom of the best mom ever. we even had one viewer send in a very adorable video message. >> alley, marley and claire and i would be lost without you. we all love you dearly. happy mother's day. >> and you actually thought i wanted to talk to darren about bourbon. >> you did want to talk to darren about bourbon. >> no, i wanted to talk about the video message. >> that's very sweet. >> a very big thanks to darren for helping pull that off. >> i appreciate that. >> imagine how quickly he got back to me on text message about that, too. >> i was teasing you. >> so now it's time for us to wish our moms happy mother's
10:59 am
day. here is my mother, carol. there we go. and now you see where i got my debonair good looks. amazing. >> i feel like maybe the good looks skipped a generation. it can happen. >> there is my mom and my daughter right there. happy mother's day to my mom. and my 18-month-old. and of course, we do have some more viewer pictures as well. >> it's amazing how many people flood in on twitter responses when you offer to put them on television. here it is as we run through the pictures of moms on mother's day. and what a special day it is. when i was younger, i made the mistake once of asking, if we have mother's day, perhaps we should have kids day sometimes. that did not go over so well. >> you know what kids day is? it's every single day of the year. >> spoken like a true mother. >> mothers get this one day of the year. we can't thank you enough for all these pictures you've been sending in. we hope you continue to send them. if you do tweet us, we will make sure to retweet them throughout the day. thank you for sending in these pics. these are great.
11:00 am
>> happy mother's day to you and yours. "fox news sunday" coming up. paul manafort on with whether donald trump can unite the republican party. take care. i'm chris wallace. with exactly six months to election day, donald trump will be the republican nominee. but can he unite the party? >> we want to bring unity to the republican party. we have to bring unity. >> saying we're unified doesn't in and of itself unify us. >> i didn't get paul ryan. i don't know what happened. the only important thing is the unification of the people. >> we'll talk with senior adviser paul manafort about trump's fight to rally the party and defeat the democrats in november. >> then, a showdown between the feds in north carolina over the legality of its transgender bathroom law. >> this


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