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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  May 8, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and for all of you for watching. you can catch me weekdays on "va "va "varney & co." paul is back next week. we hope you can join us then. hello. i'm arthel neville. welcome to america's election headquarters. >> i'm eric shawn. top of the news this hour, donald trump saying the success of his candidacy will not hinge on winning over the republican establishment. why he says he can win with or without them. plus, hillary clinton getting closer to clinching the democratic nomination. what she's trying to do to close the door on bernie sanders. and the huge and growing canadian wildfire has been exploding in size. now torching nearly 500,000 acres. why authorities say it could be burning for months to come.
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but first, donald trump responding to the growing number of republicans who refuse to back his candidacy, saying he doesn't necessarily need their help to win the white house in november. >> i think it would be better if we were unified. i think there would be something good about it. but i don't think it actually has to be unified in the traditional sense. >> all this after trump cemented his position as the party's presumptive nominee with a decisive victory in the indiana primary earlier this week. rich edson has more now from washington. >> presumptive republican nominee donald trump is urging skeptical republicans to rally around him. several high-profile republicans have refused to endorse and are even opposing trump. while senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is promising to support the republican nominee, house speaker paul ryan says he has reservations. ryan has invited trump to meet
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thursday with congressional leaders in washington. conservatives say they're concerned about trump's positions on a host of issues like trade, taxes, spending and foreign policy. though trump's convention manager says it is up to republicans to support trump. >> he's the head of the republican party. he wants the party to get behind him and support him. there's never been a nominee for president of the united states lican supporting him and everybody accepting every single position of the presidential candidate. >> many in the republican establishment appear to be passing on the 2016 general election. mitt romney, presidents h. w. and george w. bush and former trump rival jeb bush say they're skipping july's republican convention in cleveland. trump has criticized jeb bush for failing to endorse him after all republican candidates signed a pledge this fall promising to support the eventual nominee. while trump negotiates politics in the republican party, he's focusing more on democrats and his likely general election challenger hillary clinton. trump is criticizing clinton for her vote in favor of the iraq
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war. and defending himself against her attacks he mistreats women. hillary clinton is getting closer to the number of delegates she will finally need to lock down the democratic nomination. as she sets her sielghts on the general election. bernie sanders is showing no signs of retreating. the vermont senator about to hold a rally at rutgers university in new jersey. that's set to start about an hour from now as he tries to cut into mrs. clinton's delegate lead. and he vows to continue to the last primaries in california and on to the democratic convention. kristin fisher live in washington with more details on the democratic side of the campaign. >> bernie sanders just scooped up about 30 more delegates in washington state. but that will barely make a dent in clinton's lead. he had also been hoping to win yesterday's caucuses in guam, but clinton won that by 20 points. she now has 94% of the delegates
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needed to clinch the nomination, which is why she's now focused almost entirely on donald trump. today on "face the nation", she talked about the kind of campaign she intends to run between now and november. >> i'm not going to run an ugly race. i am going to run a race based on issues, and what my agenda is for the american people. i don't really feel like i'm running against donald trump. i feel like i'm running for my vision. >> now, in that same interview, clinton was also asked about the ongoing fbi investigation into her use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state. this week, we learned that several of her top aides have been interviewed by the fbi, but today clinton said the fbi still hasn't contacted her directly. >> no one has reach eed out to yet, but last august i made it clear i'm more than ready to talk to anybody any time. >> bernie sanders, he skipped the sunday shows, but tonight he'll be holding rally at rutgers university in new
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jersey, where hundreds of people have been waiting in line all afternoon to hear him speak. that should get under way in about an hour. tomorrow, sanders is off to california, while clinton will court potential voters in virginia and make no mistake, she's no longer just going after democrats and independents. she's now actively courting republicans who continue to say never trump. >> and it continues. thank you. arthel? the new york police department searching for a man who was trespassing at the united nations. officers responding to the scene saying that an intruder ran on to the u.n. grounds and disappeared after climbing over a wall and jumping into the east river. the u.n. headquarters is directly adjacent to that river. drivers searched the river, but did not find the intruder. >> authorities say they are seeing no signs of remorse in the federal police officer who is charged in that horrible two-day shooting spree in maryland. he is accused of gunning down his estranged wife. that happening in a high school
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parking lot. before he then, they say, killed two more people at two other locations in what police describe as a serious of botched carjackings that he tried to pull off. three other people were also wounded. the rampage came to an end on friday after authorities swarmed the suspect's car near one of those craneime scenes. coming up, our legal panel will be taking a closer look at this horrible case. in particular, why a restraining order that was filed by his wife apparently did nothing to prevent this senseless tragedy. we now go to a tragic accident in afghanistan. at least 50 people killed and 73 others seriously injured in a collision involving two buses and a fuel tanker. the death toll is expected to rise since the victims were taken to many hospitals in different cities and we're hearing many of them died on the way. this happening on the main
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highway linking kabul to the southern city of kandahar. one official blaming it on reckless driving. >> and it's an historic milestone today in europe, marking 71 years since the end of world war ii. french president francois hollande leading a ceremony in paris, saying this occasion serves as a reminder that there is war on the country's doorstep. the french leader referring to the violence in syria, in iraq, and in northern africa. mr. hollande also saying that young people must be aware and conscious of history because he says it can repeat in the future. mexican authorities pulling off a surprise high security operation, transferring the notorious drug lord el chapo to a prison near the texas border. bryan llenas is yojoining us wi more. >> joaquin el chapo guzman had been locked up in mexico's highest security prison.
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yesterday, though, they abruptly transferred him to a prison which is on the border and 21 miles south of el paso, texas. the question on everyone's mind is why? the governor of chihuahua, the governor of the state where prison number nine is located, says the government moved el chapo because there is "no risk of escape" at this new prison as opposed to where el chapo is being held. el chabo has escaped from mexican prisons twice before, in 2001 and last july, where his henchmen drug a tunnel, where they put him in after recapturing him. now, once recaptured, el chapo was under constant observation and floors reinforced with steel bars there. mexican authorities say this hoouf is pa move is part of a national security strategy. but some believe it's an attempt to thwart a third escape plan that could have been in the
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works. now, there is some concern about moving el chapo to this new prison. the prison is rated the worst in mexico for inmate conditions and other factors. but the prison is known to be under solid government control, which could limit the chance that el chapo could somehow influence or extort his way out. it's an interesting move, because juarez is under the control of chapo's hotel, which begs the question, why would you move him closer to his henchmen? he is wanted in seven jurisdictions. >> thanks. tonight, there's a fascinating hour here on the fox news channel. it is a fox news reporting special, "beauty and the beast: when kate met el chapo." tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern, right here on the fox news channel. >> very good. a fox news alert. a massive wildfire in canada
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could burn for months. that is the word from crews trying to fight the flames in the western province of alberta. the fire has scorched nearly 500,000 acres and forced close to 90,000 people to leave their homes. will carr is live from seattle with the latest. hi, will. >> hey there, arthel. this fire is so big you can see the smoke all the way in iowa. even though canada is getting a bit of rain this afternoon, it doesn't appear that firefighters are going to be able to get a handle on the fire any time soon, as it's continuing to burn in the alberta province. at the same time, it's racing towards saskatchewan. the conditions are really perfect to fuel this fire. the region is bone dry. more than 700 square miles have been scorched. 1,600 structures have been damaged or destroyed. more than 500 firefighters are on the ground. more than a dozen helicopters in the air. one resident said this weekend, it simply looks like armageddon.
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homes have burned to the ground. cars are charred. in ft. mcmurray, the power grid has been damaged. the water is not drinkable. overall, almost 90,000 residents have evacuated the area and some may not be able to get back any time soon. >> i'm watching it 24/7. every single channel, all day long. i cry. i cry. we're doing okay. the people are wonderful. >> the fire is also burning near the alberta oil, the third largest oil reserves in the world. it doesn't look like that's going to have any impact on gas prices in the united states. for the canadians, it's going to have a major impact on their economy. already they're projecting this to be the most expensive natural
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disaster in canadian history. >> horrible news for those poor people who lost their homes. okay. will carr, thanks. he slammed his opponents for courting all those big money donors, but now, he's turning over a new leaf when it comes to fundraising. plus, a powerful tornado unleashing its fury on a community out west. the latest on the damage there. and it's an annual honor tradition, honoring our fellow americans who have given so much to the country we all love. the invictus games in orlando, florida, highlighting the plight of our wounded veterans. hi, i just want to give a shoutout to my mom and grandma, tell them happy mother's day. i love you both. and i'll be home before you know it.
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time for a quick check of the headlines. crews assessing the deadlines in
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colorado after multiple tornados touched down in the eastern part of the state. we are hearing the severe weather injured at least five people and damaged about a dozen campers. the twisters also knocking down power lines and scattering debris. in florida, former notre dame running back greg bryant is fighting for his life. the 21-year-old bryant was critically wounded during a shooting in west palm beach yesterday. they were found in a car along i-95. the passenger was also wounded. investigators are looking for witnesses and so far have no suspects or motives. and new video of a coast guard rescue in south florida. these two fishermen capsized in rough waves and their rescue required a team effort from the police and coast guard. this all happening not far from the jupiter inlet, where perry cohen and austin stephanos went missing last july.
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the presumptive nominee is changing his tune when it comes to campaign donations. donald trump has been now setting up a national fundraising operation and taking a hands-off approach toward those super pacs. throughout the primary, mr. trump proudly touted that he was financing his own campaign. to some, that was one of his big appeals. but now that self-funding will not helicopter becaucontinue be general election price tag of upwards of $1 billion or more. here's paul manafort on fox news sunday about the financing. >> donald trump has proven in the primary process he put his money where his mouth is. he was nominated to be the republican nominee by the people based on a self-funded campaign. and his interests now are united only with the republican party against the liberal agenda of the democratic party. >> so can we raise the dough he needs to go forward? michael warren is a staff writer
1:19 pm
for "the weekly standard" and joins us now from washington. he needs a billion dollars. he's got that in the bank already, but he's going to get it from other sources. how is he going to get it and do you think he will? >> let's first dispatch with that lie that donald trump did self-fund his campaign. he did get donations from some people. he was soliciting them on his website. so at least now he's maybe being a little more forthright about what he needs. he does need that $1 approximatebillion. i think it's an open question about whether or not he's actually going to be able to get that money, or at least the large amount of money that, say, a mitt romney style or even a ted cruz style nominee would have been able to enjoy simply because of his unique nature as a candidate. and the number of constituencies within the republican party. he's ticked off over the last several months. >> and it looks like he faces quite a challenge in trying to get the money, and take a look at his fundraising so far. you make a great point about
1:20 pm
that. according to open secrets, he's raised about $51 million. a quarter of that has come from individuals, those people, as you said, donations. $12 million. but look at the other number. more than $36 million were loans from him. so 75%, the overwhelming amount of money that he has so far has come from him. he's going to need 20 times that. is it possible at all that he can come up with that number? >> i suppose it's possible. there are plenty of billionaires out there whose biggest fear is a president hillary clinton. so i think that's what he's counting on. to be a lot more difficult for him to do it and he's going to have to do some things that i wonder if he's even constitutionally capable of doing, which is apologize for some of the things he's said to backtrack on some of the positions he's taken, saying that he's willing to raise taxes on the wealthy, for instance. that's something the donor class of the republican party hasn't been interested in in the past. or he's going to have to do
1:21 pm
another thing, which is raise the specter of president hillary clinton and rammed that message down all the donors' throats. i'm really skeptical, if there is this third party candidate, that comes about that people are talking about could come about. he's just going to have a really tough time doing it. and he needs to get that $1 billion just to get the baseline that he needs to run against hillary clinton. he's already about ten points behind. he needs i think even more than a billion dollars. >> they were going to be spending a billion dollars. seems like he's really behind the eight ball. you think in four days when he has the speaker that he's going to get the rnc on his side and they can come together with some type of fundraising effort. >> reince priebus, the rn probably so. paul ryan is a different story. he has not -- he's withheld his endorsement at this point. i don't know what he's going to do in the next coming days. i do think, though, the rnc has made it very clear, they've
1:22 pm
indicated through their signals that they're going to get behind donald trump as the nominee. that he is the republicans' nominee. the question is those other donors. people who donated to the rnc and republican presidential candidates, they aren't i think as well aligned with the republican party as they have been in the past because look, it's their money. they're interested in seeing a candidate who espouses their views and i'm not sure donald trump is that person. >> if you gave money to lying ted or little marco or carly, i mean, you may not want to open up your wallet for donald trump. finally, there's this super pac, the great america pac -- look, there he is on top. seems to support him. they say the media thinks you don't exist. see those names? they have like first names and cities of people who are donating money. do you think this will be enough for him to try to get that billion dollars? or he's going to need a lot more. >> he is going to need a lot
1:23 pm
more. you raise a really good point about the bad will that donald trump has sort of instigated within the party. he's taken over the republican party. there's no question about that. it's his party now. but at what cost? in his pursuit to win the nomination, he's burned so many bridges. you have to wonder if all those individual donations, super pac, that's not going to be enough. the one advantage i will say donald trump has is he has the media advantage. he can pick up the phone and be on cable or national tv pretty much any time he wants. and he's going to have that advantage. got the name i.d. the question is whether that can translate in a general election the way that it has in a primary election. i think they're two separate things. it's like comparing apples and oranges. >> the image, i've got donald trump with a tin cup. i don't know, we'll have to see how that plays out. michael, always good to see you. thank you for joining us this afternoon. >> thanks. >> absolutely. former president george w.
1:24 pm
bush speaking with our wounded veterans at the opening of the invictus games today. the competition involves various sporting events bringing together those who have given so much to our country, and showing that there is not anything our wounded vets cannot do. dr. mark segel is live in orlando with the latest. >> we're at a policy symposium on the invisible wounds of war that's presented by the george w. bush military service institute. and the focus here is on the fact that six to seven times the wounds in war are actually invisible. i spoke to president bush about the fact that his father, president bush 41, when he came back from war was not necessarily looking at invisible wounds. take a look. >> it seemed to me that the world war ii vets came back, they didn't want to brag. they didn't want to talk about it. to the extent that if someone were hurt, they didn't want to talk about it because people
1:25 pm
would say you're not a man. >> i also spoke to medal of honor recipient master sergeant alan lynch, who talked to me about vietnam and the idea that we didn't know who the victor was, and we didn't even necessarily know who the enemy was. and master sergeant lynch said he's been suffering for years from his own post-traumatic stress. >> went through a lot of years of struggling. suicidal ideation and things that go along with it. i had a strong family. my wife stayed with me. and i had my buddies in the reserves that helped. we were all vietnam vets. we kind of worked with each other. i was in three years of therapy, again, before there was even a diagnosis. just someone to talk to. >> this panel is looking at the invisible wounds, arthel. and also they're tying it together with the invictus games. one of the greatest treatments
1:26 pm
for post traumatic stress is adoptive sports and exercise. >> true hero for sure. thank you. >> such a wonderful, wonderful and meaningful situation. there's been a surprising change of tone for north korean dictator kim jong un. he's taking a less controversial stance when it comes to the nuclear weapons. what he is saying and whether it's for real. hi. i'm here at camp bonfield. i just want to say happy mother's day to my mom, linda becker back in aurora, ohio. happy mother's day, mom, i love you very much, and i can't wait to get home to see you again. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise.
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hey. good to meet you dennis.
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north korean leader kim jong un changing his tune. the dictator speaking in a session of the country's first congress since 1980, saying north korea will not use nuclear arms unless it's threatened by nuclear weapons by another nation. >> translator: as a responsible nuclear weapons state, our republican will not use a nuclear weapon unless our sovereignty is encroached upon by any aggressive hostile forces with nuclears and we will faithfully fulfill our obligation for nonproliferation and strive for the global denukizatidenuk denuclearization. >> first of all, why is he saying this? who is really listening? and how much can his words be trusted? >> well, it's a very good series of questions, actually. first, i think that kim jong un certainly is trying to divide
1:32 pm
the international community. he's here trying to reassure perhaps the chinese, in particular, that he's turning over a new leaf. the regime is depended upon china's patronage within the united nations security council. and also, i think that this brutal and barbaric regime is trying to pull the wool over the eyes of other countries as well, particularly in europe. i think we should be very clear here, kim jong un is an absolutely brutal tyrant. we should not be paying any heed to his words over the past few days. this is a regime that remains an extremely dangerous threat to u.s. interests, to the security of the u.s. homeland, to u.s. allies in asia. it is also, of course, a major homeland security violator. and we should be really on our guard with regard to the danger
1:33 pm
that the regime poses to u.s. and international security. >> right. he's even giving that speech in a suit and tie. so not in the more military garb that he normally wears. but everything he does, as we know, is a charade and it's for show. it's a facade. so i ask you, what is his nuclear capability? is it a bona fide threat to anyone, and to whom in particular, if so? >> well, north korea has already conducted at least four nuclear tests. we believe that north korea possesses ten to 16 nuclear warheads. its aim certainly is to enhance the warheads by around 2020. north korea has also been testing a range of intercontinental ballistic missiles. we believe that north korea has the ability to strike as far as 13,000 kilometers, which would mean that the north koreans could strike across targets
1:34 pm
across the united states. at the moment, north korea has the nuclear capability to hit south korea and japan. and it's just a matter of time before the north koreans are able to hit the united states as well with a nuclear warhead. >> and i ask you, what's the best way for foreign leaders to deal with kim jong un, to stop him getting that nuclear proliferation that you just referenced? what is it, do you talk to him, do you deal with him in diplomacy? diplomatic ways? demands? more sanctions? are do you ignore him but closely monitor his moves? >> well, i think that a thug and a barbaric dictator like kim jong un understands only one message and that is strength and reso. i think that what we have seen over the past few years has been a rather weak approach taken by the obama administration. we need a far tougher approach. we need to see the deployment of
1:35 pm
the missile defense system to south korea. we need to see the ramping up of u.s. and international u.n. sanctions. >> but seoul is already in talks with washington regarding that u.s. missile defense system that you're talking about being deployed. >> that's correct. >> so those talks are happening under this administration. >> yeah, the south koreans are personally very keen to advance the implementation. we also need to see the united states taking the lead with regard to tougher sanctions against the north koreans. and also implementing the existing sanctions. and quite simply, the obama administration has not been forthright enough in terms of implementing those sanctions that are in place. >> i do have to leave it there. i thank you for your time. >> my pleasure. there are new details surrounding that deadly and horrible 24-hour shooting spree in maryland. how a restraining order seemed
1:36 pm
to prevent that bloodshed, and how police some think may have ignored the science. our legal panel will take a closer look at what went wrong. it's a mixed message on the economy. the bad news, is hiring is slowing down, but the good news is wages are up. so what will it take to get everything moving in the right direction? most people think that after an accident, you'll have to pay five hundred bucks for your deductible.
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1:41 pm
police say she had recently obtained a restraining order against him. alex little is here. he's a defense attorney and a former assistant federal prosecutor. david bruno also here. he is a criminal defense attorney and a former prosecutor as well. david, i start with you. why does it take so long for a wife to be taken seriously. it seems always until after the wife has been killed that the case gets serious attention and it's too late. >> sure, this does bring attention to these restraining orders. and there's a process that takes place. and ultimately, if these restraining orders are granted by a judge, it only gives them certain protections. it's really a court order that prohibits contact and things like that. and the court order is only as good as the piece of paper it's on, because it's a deterrent. sometimes defendants will violate the court orders and then they're charged with contempt and other charges, but it's merely being arrested and going to court. so unfortunately, while restraining orders are very important in our process, they
1:42 pm
are only as good as the paper they're on. >> so alex, what's your take on this? is there something in the works that somehow these people can get police protection? >> there are things that work and it's more than just a protective order. i think the communities that deal with this problem better have resources available for women to be protected, to get out of the relationship, find a safe place. if you have an individual who is bent on hurting a spouse, you need to separate the woman from that situation, get more somewhere safe. so it takes more than just a piece of paper. it takes community organizations working with police to make sure that women can be safe. >> but is that easy for women in particular? >> no. >> we understand that sometimes women are the abusers, but mostly it's usually the men, so we're going to stay with that gender. so i wanted to ask, and i'll follow up with you on this one. okay, they can go to a facility,
1:43 pm
if so. this guy went to a high school parking lot. what stopped him from going to a facility where this woman may have gone to take for a safe haven? >> safe havens and new places to live can only take you so far. because, like i said, when you get the restraining order, it's not like people can't find their spouse. so this is a problem. yes, there needs to be more advocacy and resources. people really need to understand as victims of domestic violence that there is help out there. cases like this brings it to the forefront. >> so what's a person to do so they don't get gunned down in the parking lot waiting to pick their kids up from school? what do they do? >> first and foremost, it's call the police. get the restraining orders. in addition to the restraining orders, there's also the possibility of criminal
1:44 pm
prosecutions if there are underlying domestic violence charges. then the prosecutors get involved. >> but this takes time, you know? alex, it all takes time. and this is the problem. these women are left vulnerable while this paper work is being done and this case is moving through the is. >> and i think we need to say that there is a responsibility of other men in the community to step in and play a role, whether it's people who are neighbors, who are friends of the family here to say we're not going to let anything happen to you. and i think that's critically important. and we as a community have to take a better responsibility protecting women when they're in this situation. we need to listen to them and find ways to help them. >> arthel, if i can, it's also unfortunate because there are victims of domestic violence that believe they don't have anywhere to go and they're in homes where they're being abused. and it's unfortunate. it is unfortunate. and we need to do a better job. and it's being done throughout the federal government and these resources are out there for
1:45 pm
people. so this is just another example for people to know that there are resources out there and get them while you can. >> absolutely. >> we do want to acknowledge those facilities that are in neighborhoods across our country who are there for women, rea reaching out to them and providing them protection. you mentioned good samaritans. i think you mentioned that, that the men should help, and we want to acknowledge malcolm wenzel, he was a good samaritan who died while trying to help. >> it's mother's day, and we have two daughters of the mom who was killed. and instead of celebrating, they're burying their mom. >> david bruno. alex, thank you. and adding to this tragedy, their daughters are still in high school. and i wanted to let you know that a go fund me page has been set up to help the family with funeral expenses as well as the girls' college expenses. as of this afternoon, the site has received nearly $30,000 in
1:46 pm
donations, so if you would like to help, you go to and type tordil in the search bar. this past week, we heard some good news for american workers. they say wages are up. but we're also learning that the hiring is cooling off. so up next, we'll take a look at what it will take for jobs and wages to go up at the same time. and what that will mean for all of us. another day, and i'm still struggling with my diabetes. i do my best to manage. but it's hard to keep up with it. your body and your diabetes change over time. your treatment plan may too. know your options. once-daily toujeo® is a long-acting insulin from the makers of lantus®. it releases slowly to provide consistent insulin levels for a full 24 hours. toujeo® also provides proven full 24-hour blood sugar control and significant a1c reduction. toujeo® is a long-acting, man-made insulin
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the new april jobs report showed that hiring slowed down. the slowdown could raise concerns that the weak u.s. economic growth discouraged some employers from hiring further. what's it going to get to get the entire economy rolling? kyle harrington joins us. there was a downturn.
1:51 pm
>> we've been seeing the jobs be sluggish at best. i think we've celebrated a bit of mediocrity in the celebrateda bit of immediate of course krasy in the jobs report. for the first month since september of last year, we have seen the jobs report suggest that we're below 200,000 new jobs for the month. and the stock market for one pays very close attention to this labor report each and every month and behaves appropriately. the jobs report is morose. wage growth while we have seen an uptick, i think it has to do with more long-term sustainable high paying jobs being part of the calculation in that 160,000 new job number. >> what do you think we need? what should we do to get that number up? >> i think the regulatory
1:52 pm
environment, the tax environment needs to be addressed very significantly in an effort for the entrepreneur and the develop t venture cap tillist to put their funds to work and not feel they are not going to get a reward for their capital being at risk. as we risk capital in the venture capital community and we put funds to work to start new businesses, and have entrepreneurs feel like that they are going to get some reward, i think the regulatory environment and the tax environment need to be addressed in this country in an effort to make it a worthwhile approach. >> i mean, that isn't happening. do you think that will happen with the presidential election or with a new congress or what? >> you bring up a great point. i don't think it is happening currently. i also think that as this presidential election unfolds here coming in november, investors, the investment community are watching very closely on which candidate is going to be the best to identify and address those issues. i have my opinion on who that
1:53 pm
candidate would be. to address the economic conundrum where he in. >> they do say those -- the gurus on wall street say the economy is getting better, slowly, not as much as they clearly want. usa today, it said they think the dow would be at 20,000 soon. if we have these jobs numbers, do you see it increasing slowly getting better or are they off base? >> i think that if -- we're at tepid growth right now. i think that if we can get the jobs report demonstrating 300,000 long-term sustainable high paying jobs in sectors in it the united states, i think the market will react positively. in the near-term, i don't see that happening though. so my concern lies in who the candidate is going to be? is dc going to agree with wall street in an effort to stimulate the economy? i don't think we have seen that for a long time. >> finally, kyle, we are going
1:54 pm
into the summer season. i guess that could show an uptick of jobs. do you think that will be enough? a lot of those jobs are temporary in the ice cream parlor or cotton candy at the beach. >> the summer approaches, people are clearly thinking of vacation and spending time with family. i think that part-time jobs will be appropriate and say for example the restaurant or retail sector. that's not going to be enough to increase wage grown in the numbers going forward. so i wouldn't expect any increase significantly for the coming months. >> kyle, we thank you so much. in a moment, we will be back with the most important job of all, and that's the celebration of mom. you wouldn't order szechuan without checking the spice level. it really opens the passages. waiter. water. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck?
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1:59 pm
mothers here in the fox family. we will start with my mom. there she is, doris neville. happy mother's day. she's watching us in new orleans. >> she watches a lot. >> she watches a lot. sends notes. fix your hair. her favorite thing is, pull that dress down. that skirt is -- where is that dress going? love you, mom. >> of course, my wonderful, darling, magnificent wife, lisa. because she's watching now. here she is. that's her expecting our amazing gift, our son oliver, 22 years ago. she doesn't look older from that picture. >> i love lisa. >> happy mother's day, sweetheart. our producer and his lovely wife, mother to two great kids, ashley and dillon. when they grow up, they will boss their parents around like david does to us. >> they are adorable. i will take one of those next time david brings them to the studio. that is it for us. enjoy your mother's day. thank you for your time. we appreciate you.
2:00 pm
>> happy mother's day to you and to your mothers. hope you have a great day. >> pull my skirt down for my mom. >> i don't have that problem. >> you are lucky. >> thank you for watching. on the buzz beater this sunday, donald trump defies media skeptics essentially clinching the gop nomination as ted cruz and john kasich drop out and the pundits face a very different republican reality. >> as of tonight, with ted cruz getting out of the this race, bill, donald trump will be the gop nominee. barring something cataclysmic. the numbers are just there. >> great that it would end that donald trump will win the nomination of the republican party. >> you also sent a note to our producers. it was four words. i want to die. can you expound on that at all this


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