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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  May 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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the official easter egg for the white house historical association. and that's it for today. for all you moms, especially mine, have a wonderful mother's day. and we'll see you next "fox news sunday." we begin with a fox urgent. we are in the heart of tornado season. here is the evidence. a busy and dangerous system. this is colorado. with a twister that touched down ripping apart homes and buildings. i'm harris faulkner. this is "the "fox report"." we are watching a path of powerful and dangerous storms. the latest batch capable of dropping those monsters from the sky. warnings going into effect right now. so far this weekend, the national weather service says at least four twisters hit colorado last night near the nebraska-kansas border.
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one of them dotting the earth for ten miles, damaging rooft rooftops, tossing debris. at least five people injured. in this hour, we're monitoring the latest activity as the sun setting heats things up again. you see the yellow and orange in the middle of your screen. that's been off and on during the day. at the end of the day, we will often see that hallmark red color come back. meteorologist maria molina with us. you brought us some of that eye-popping video. now that we see the classic red boxes there on the map, in the midsection of the united states, what are we looking at? >> those are tornado matwatcheso it means that thunderstorms that form have the possibility of forming tornados and large hail and cause some dangerous lightning and localized flash flooding and potential damaging wind gusts. so those are concerns for
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tornados. this will be continuing into the nighttime hours. that is what makes the storm so dangerous out there as well. across oklahoma, you still have a tornado watch in effect. some of which could be very intent. in southwest oklahoma, we're tracking a storm that's heading towards the lawson, oklahoma, area. there's some rotation with this storm. we could potentially see a tornado come down. nowhere from oklahoma to kansas, northern parts of texas. even through far southern areas of nebraska. you could have that threat for severe weather and tornados, so it's important that everyone stay weather alert.
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and tornado warnings. so that's something to know is very important. >> well, i do know, maria, just from watching today, and i want to preface this by saying you're in a live vehicle obviously driving in all of this so we could lose some of your audio. it's a little spotty, but you're bringing us a lot of the live view. that half mile wide tornado that touched down in colorado. i know a lot of people right now are in shelters. >> they should be in shelters. particularly if they're under a tornado warning. anywhere from kansas down through oklahoma and northern texas, there's a lot of wind shear. people need to seek shelter when there's a tornado warning. right now, we also have some
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yellow boxes. so you also need to seek shelter, whether it's on the side of the road or just stay home. ideally, you are home and not dealing with this rough weather across kansas, oklahoma, and northern texas. >> all right, maria, stay safe out there. we appreciate it. thank you very much. i mentioned that we're in the heart of the season. actually, historically, it begins around february or so. what we saw so far this year was a very active early season. february was very active with a. and march and april about average. so now we're entering that heart of the season and things will start to heat up literally, and we'll keep on it for you. also, often the clearest visuals we get will happen overnight. when you tune in in the morning for fox & friends, watch for our continuing coverage of the storm systems moving across our nation's midsection.
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and now fox news is america's election headquarters. there are two people who are most likely at this point to represent their parties in november, and we are already getting a preview, a taste of how donald trump and hillary clinton will compete. trump accusing hillary clinton of enabling her husband's past infidelities with women. mrs. clinton trying to paint trump as not competent enough to occupy the oval office. even before the presumptive nominees are official, here is a bit of what may lie ahead. >> she's trigger happy. look at this. i just wrote this down. iraq. libya. she wrote it. iraq. let's go into iraq. i voted against it, except i was a civilian, so nobody cared. >> i don't see donald trump having any kind of coherent foreign policy or theory of national security. he kind of makes statements that i find concerning. >> in the history of politics, hillary clinton's husband abused women more than any man that we
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know of in the history of politics. >> i cannot imagine a starker choice on the economy. i mean, honestly, donald trump actually says that wages are too high in america. i have no idea who he's talking to, do you? >> a super pack supporting hillary clinton reportedly preparing a 90-plus million ad campaign against trump in key battleground states. we're watching what could be an important meeting shaping up between donald trump and house speaker paul ryan set for later on this week on thursday as republicans struggle to unite heading into the general election. ryan had said he's not ready to back trump at the moment, leaving trump to respond that he felt blind sided by that comment, and now former alaska governor sarah palin, a trump supporter, is promising to actively help bump paul ryan out of the u.s. house. how? she says she'll support a candidate who's challenging ryan
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in wisconsin primary this summer. rich edson has more from washington. rich? >> reporter: good evening, harris. presumptive republican nominee donald trump is urging skeptical republicans to rally around him. several high-profile republicans have refused to endorse and are even opposing trump. while senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is promising to support the republican nominee, house speaker paul ryan says he has reservations. ryan has invited trump to meet thursday with congressional leaders in washington. conservatives say they're concerned about trump's positions on a host of issues like trade, taxes, spending, and foreign policy. though trump's convention manager says it is up to republicans to support trump. >> he's the head of the republican party. he wants the party to get behind him and support him. there's never been a candidate nominee for president of the united states who had every republican supporting him and everybody accepting every single position of the presidential candidate. >> many in the republican establishment appear to be passing on the 2016 general election.
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mitt romney, presidents h.w. and george w. bush and former trump rival jeb bush all say they're skipping the convention in cleveland. all republican candidates signed a pledge this fall promising to support the eventual nominee. while trump negotiates politics in the republican party, he's focusing more on democrats and his likely general election challenger hillary clinton. trump is criticizing clinton for her vote in favor of the iraq war, and defending himself against her attacks he mistreats women by referencing president bill clinton's affairs. harris? >> and we'll pick it up there. hillary clinton shrugging off that sharp attack from donald trump. she says she will not run an ugly race. that was on a sunday show today. while she has no public campaign events scheduled today, rival bernie sanders is getting a jump on new jersey, holding a rally at rutgers university ahead of the state's delegate-rich primary next month. kristin fisher is live for us in washington. kristin, what did clinton say in
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that interview about donald trump becoming the presumptive nominee? >> this was one of hillary clinton's first big interviews since trump became the presumptive nominee. since then, she claims that she's been hearing from a lot of republicans who now want to help her campaign. so instead of trying to link all republicans to trump, today we saw clinton really reach across the aisle to those republicans who continue to say never trump. >> when you have former presidents, when you have high-ranking republican officials in congress raising questions about their nominee, i don't think it's personal so much as rooted in their respect for the office and their deep concern about what kind of leader he would be. >> in that same interview, clinton was also asked about the ongoing fbi investigation into her use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state. >> no one has reached out to me yet, but last summer, i think
4:10 pm
last august i made it clear i'm more than ready to talk to anybody any time. >> so according to clinton, the fbi has never reached out to her directly, but we did learn that they have already interviewed several of her top aides. >> real quickly, we mentioned that sanders had this rally in new jersey. any sign of him slowing down and supporting hillary clinton? well, you're laughing. so i'm going to guess there's not. >> we've been saying this for a while. no signs of that at all today. you know, harris, he's still attracting huge crowds to these rallies. hundreds of people waited in line to hear him speak at rutgers university. he sounded more defiant than ever. >> from now until the last primary, which will be in washington, d.c. on june 14th, we are going to fight for every single vote. if democrats want to have the strongest candidate against trump, they should look at those polls, because in every single
4:11 pm
one of them, we beat trump by a larger margin than does clinton. >> over the weekend, sanders scooped up about 30 more delegates in washington state. he was also hoping to win yesterday's caucuses in guam, but clinton won that by 20 points. so she's heading into tuesday's primary in west virginia with 94% of the delegates needed to clinch the nomination, which is why she's now focused almost entirely on trump. >> yeah, you know, no matter how you multiply the numbers and carry the one, it sounds almost impossible for him to get the nomination. has anybody talked about what is it that bernie sanders wants? i'm dying to know. kristin, thank you. good to see you. we're live all day long on tuesday. democrats and republicans will go to the polls in west virginia and nebraska, respectively. live coverage here on fox news. right now thousands of people are homeless as a wildfire rages in canada. >> at first i thought well,
4:12 pm
maybe it will be a day or so and we'll be back. but as we're leaving, we see more and more of it, you know, we're going to be out for a while. >> and this is just not any fire. there are questions now of whether this will affect oil prices here. and a new development in the fight over bathrooms and the transgender community in north carolina. the state's governor responding to a demand and a deadline set by the justice department. plus, the fox news political insiders at the bottom of the hour. and did you call mom? >> hi, this is ft. lieutenant tricia luba. i wanted to give a shoutout to my mom liz peterson in boman, north dakota. i hope you and dad are enjoying the cruise. this is a first mother's day shoutout from your favorite child. love you and i look forward to seeing you in a couple months.
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wildfire alert. at least two people are dead in traffic accidents trying to escape a massive fire in alberta, canada. entire neighborhoods, gone. officials say it is burning out of control and will likely double in size as it reaches a major oil sand mine. some 88,000 people forced to leave their homes and everything behind, and now are living in shelters. >> all i thought is, dear lord, if you can get my child here safe, then i don't care. i was on my knees in the truck thinking, am i going to get from north to south? >> we knew if we stayed there was a bigger chance we wouldn't live. >> the fear, the uncertainty. will carr is with us. i was up in their part of the nation not too long ago. it is really dry up there coming into this season. >> that's right, harris. really perfect conditions for
4:17 pm
these wildfires. and this one is so big that smoke has settled down the past couple of days in iowa. this area did get some rain this afternoon, but it's really going to take firefighters months to get this fire out. it started and spread in alberta and now it's racing towards saskatchewan. those conditions that we mentioned, bone dry brush all over the place. there are strong winds. it's hot outside. more than 700 square miles have been scorched. 1,600 structures have been damaged or destroyed. more than 500 firefighters are currently on the ground, as one resident described it. it's armageddon in canada. homes have been burned. cars charred. others simply abandoned on the roadways. in ft. mcmurray, the power grid has been damaged. residents have been told not to drink the water. and it looks like the tens of thousands who have been forced to evacuate won't be able to get back to their homes any time soon. even the premier of alberta got emotional this weekend. >> this is mother's day. i'm hoping in all of this crisis
4:18 pm
to spend a few minutes today with my own children. that not all of us can do that is definitely an awful tragedy. so, today, mother's day, all of us in alberta are thinking of you who have suffered these losses. >> there's a slight chance of rain over the next five days in alberta. and boy, harris, do they need it now more than ever. >> no doubt. you said months to put that out. so you've given us the human element, which is the most important part. we're also, though, going to feel some aftereffects of this in terms of oil prices. how so? >> we already did. on thursday oil prices jumped. on friday, they went back down. economists tell us that over the long-term, the united states probably won't feel a major impact from this fire, but it's quite the opposite for canada. there's already estimates that this will be the most expensive natural disaster ever in the
4:19 pm
country's history. and they're already believing that the insurance cost here will be in the billions. harris? >> will, thank you very much. north carolina's governor says he will respond to the justice department's challenge, the choice to either get rid of the state's transgender bathroom law or face legal action. and he says he'll do it by tomorrow's deadline. right now, north carolina's law requires transgender people to use the restroom according to the sex, gender listed on their birth certificate. but the justice department says that violates federal civil rights laws. governor pat mccrory telling fox news sunday he's exploring "all legal options." >> i don't have the authority to change the laws as governor of the united states -- or as governor of north carolina. that is made by the north carolina legislature. so they've already made one unrealistic expectation. and second, they've also sent a letter to our universities and our university by state law has
4:20 pm
to go to the board of governors, which cannot meet until tuesday. so this unrealistic deadline by the federal government is quite amazing to the ninth largest state. but i'll make a decision within the next 24 hours. >> now, there are con flixs about how this could all play out. it is being reported, if it does not remove the law, it could risk losing federal funding. we'll stay on the story and update you as the news happens. an unexpected gift for moms with cancer. >> that meant heaven to me. that meant all the world. >> the surprise visit that put smiles on these patients' faces. and president george w. bush kicked off this year's invictus games with a promise to our veterans. >> as former commander in chief, what do you see your role as? >> i see my role as making sure our vets know that i'll never forget them.
4:21 pm
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mothers supporting each other this mother's day weekend. volunteers in kansas city, missouri, cheered up cancer patients who are also moms. they showed up, surprise style, with gifts and positive words. the women had never met before. but after crying and laughing together, we understand they seemed like family. >> some of them just need to know that someone's here. that someone cares. >> it's a blessing that there's people out there that care. >> the patients say this was overwhelming and encouraging for them. the group is called giving hope
4:25 pm
and help. this year's invictus games now under way in florida, and they are a paralympic style competition for injured military personnel and veterans around the globe. former president george w. bush is honorary chairman tonight, and hosting a symposium on the invisible wounds of war. dr. mark segel, one of our members of our a-team here at fox news is live for us in orlando. and i know this is the first time that this has happened in the united states. a big deal. why? >> absolutely. the first time the invictus games have been here in the united states, and the symposium honors the issue of invisible wounds, which are six to seven times more common than visible wounds. i'm talk about post traumatic stress and dramatic brain injury. president bush and i talked about the stigma involved. he mentioned the issue that he thinks that attempts to heal these wounds should be
4:26 pm
bipartisan. >> absolutely, there should be no politics involved with helping the vets. these are people who are going to make this country of ours a lot stronger in the future. and to help them transition from the military to private life is a cause worthy of any citizen. >> mike rogio was in the navy and he fell and broke his neck. in recovering from this, he turned to swimming. you know, he's competing in the invictus games here and he told me that his swimming has gotten so good that he's no longer competing with those with spinal injuries. >> i feel so much more valuable. i love the fact that i'm able to come out here and represent the united states and serve again. i've repurposed myself. i'm an asset to the united states again. and i'm just elated. i can't imagine a higher accomplishment. >> harris, the issue here is getting the courage, like mike
4:27 pm
has, and overcoming your disability. looking to see yourself with a new normal. but also fighting the fear and the embarrassment of not being able to sleep at night, not having anxiety, and really, really not being afraid of focusing on the stigma and overcoming it. harris? >> also, it does something for the rest of us. it gives us a way to tap into where they go next. you heard that man talking about how he's repurposed and how he's an asset again. if employers are out there, people are able to see this as like their next move, their next wave of service. it's a beautiful thing. >> harris, he made it into the finals. he was hugging those around him. he said he beat somebody from germany. he was so happy. and you're right, it's infectious, and it's going to lead them back to work. harris? >> dr. siegel, thank you so much. the fox news insiders are next. and the likely general election match-up between hillary clinton and donald trump has already
4:28 pm
gotten nasty. but will we see a return to more normal politics as we wind down toward the general outside this unusual primary season? and we mark 71 years since the end of world war ii in europe. a warning about the new fight being brought to europe's doorstep by the islamic state. remember, we love it when you chime in and you tune in at the same time. hit us up on our fox news social pages, twitter and facebook. we're coming right back. here's the plan. you're a financial company that cares, but your logo is old and a little pointy.
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it is magic time. john leboutillier. pat caddell joining us via satellite. and doug schoan, a fox news contributor as well. doug, i'm going to start with you. we are now with two presumptive nominees rolling our way towards the general election. i want to get your thoughts on how it shapes up. irrespective of the polling and what people say. >> sure. >> just experience-wise, what you've seen. >> sure. here is what we have. hillary clinton begins with a slight five to ten-point lead. she has a clear advantage based on electoral history. there is, of course, a but. donald trump has the potential to expand and go into wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, ohio to
4:33 pm
bring in working class whites, get new registrants, get democrats to cross over. this election will be can trump make this about hillary, can hillary make this about trump. so far, advantage clinton. >> your head is shaking so hard, john. >> well, i agree with 98% of what doug said. >> 2%? >> the last thing was -- i slightly disagree. i think hillary's job is so make trump the issue in the campaign. if she does that, trump will lose the campaign. trump's job is not to make hillary the issue. it's a bigger issue. and this is what's beginning to be the key to this thing. can he make this a referendum on this question -- do you, america, believe that our economical system is rigged? say that's one more time. do you believe that the economic system in this country is rigged? that the powerful people, congress, wall street, even the media, have scratched their backs for each other and screwed everybody else?
4:34 pm
if you believe that, and our polling has shown that 89% of people agree with that statement. if trump makes it about that, he can win this election, and he can win it big. >> all right, so pat, here's what's interesting about that. people say that the economy once again is front and foremost. they had been saying maybe national security. but after the jobs numbers last week, 160,000 created last month. they're refocused on the economy. so then it is who can sell rigged system better than donald trump? >> well, that's exactly the point. we have a revolt going on in both parties. the american people will pick up, as john said, where we have 89% of the people believe it's rigged. we have the biggest issue tied with the economy. sometimes exceeding it. being corruption, the word that's never talked about. you can see what trump did with the rigging of the republican primaries after the rules, after wisconsin. and how he drove that in the majority in 60% territory.
4:35 pm
the country is against so many things. i think we're weak defense-wise. they think the economy, they're being screwed and it's getting worse. everything points to wanting an election of real change that's anti-establishment. hillary clinton is the establishment candidate. and she is the no change candidate. trump's problem is, is he too much change and irresponsible change? and that's where it will be. but i'll guarantee you, if this election ends up being on the basis of what the people believe, hillary clinton better worry. these phony polls like orcs, would show only 5% undecided. some you've got to stop and say what kind of polling is this? what a fraud. you and i know, if you look at polls and offer people a choice, a quarter of the electorate is either a third party, or is -- so they won't vote. there's hardly a stable election. >> to piggy back on pat, she is
4:36 pm
the personification of the status quo, the rigged game, the foundation, the money, the speaking fees, all of it. it reeks of insiderism. everything pat said about trump is correct. the donald needs to get off of some of the negative stuff, focus on what i just mentioned, the big picture. >> this is negative, it's just not about her. >> we need to get this fair and balanced. look, the republican party is hopelessly divided. you have two former presidents, the speaker of the house -- >> can i just point out, though, that the republicans now have got one candidate. how many do you have in your party? you have two. the answer is two. >> harris, give me a chance here. there may be another republican running. mitt romney was approached -- >> but that wouldn't be with the republican party. >> he would be running as a
4:37 pm
republican. >> he's reportedly getting looked at. i don't know how solid that is. >> that is -- it's doug point. how riven the republican party is, that they are seriously looking at running the third candidate just to ruin trump in the general election. >> i want to ask our producers. do we have time for the trump on clinton sound byte? can we run that real quick? let's watch. >> she's married to a man who hurt many women. he was impeached for lying about what happened with a woman. and she's going to take ads about little donald trump? i don't know. i don't think so, okay? i don't think so. and hillary was an enabler and she treat these women horribly. and some of these women were destroyed not by him, but by the way that hillary clinton treated them after everything went down.
4:38 pm
>> doug, status quo. rigged games. that's not where this is, but could this work against hillary clinton? >> you know, i don't think it will. look, i worked for bill clinton during the lewinsky scandal. he left office with the highest level of approval he ever had when that happened. secretary clinton was not an enabler of this. she was somebody who offered an occasional commentary. >> oh, you don't really believe that. >> i believe it with all my heart and soul. and donald trump has as high a negative as any presidential candidate has. and all this will do is drive the negative higher. >> i'm going to go back to you, pat. >> well, i just want to say if anyone doesn't believe that she was an enabler, i would like to sell them a bridge in new york. particularly one going to brooklyn. i mean, she was part of the whole orchestration against katherine willy, against the woman that accused bill of raping her, all of that stuff.
4:39 pm
but more importantly, politically, hillary clinton has thrown everything that bill clinton did under the bus. oh, except for the economy. then she wants to claim credit. this election -- let me finish, john, please. this election, her unfavorables are as high as his, almost as high as trumps, and the other problem she's got is all this other stuff coming and she's got to race with a candidate who has real commitment. and let me just say this. the conventional wisdom was stupid. we were right all along. the conventional wisdom today, which is all these meek people in the media, i'm just shocked at how ignorant they are, are saying those -- the electoral college is not a lot until it's a lot. >> they're playing your sound track, which means we have to take a break. >> hi, this is major mcfarland.
4:40 pm
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don't dilute or mix toujeo® with other insulins or solutions as it may not work as intended and you may lose blood sugar control, which could be serious. ask your doctor about toujeo®. so, as we went to break, a little disagreement among the political insiders. pat caddell saying that the language that donald trump is having right now about bill clinton's past with infidelities and hillary clinton and so on and so forth actually is fair game. and john, you say yeah, but that doesn't matter. >> i think we need to go big here. the big picture, which is what i spelled out in the previous system, is the system, is the economy. >> can he do both? >> no. no. you really can't. you can get to hillary later about she's part of the problem.
4:44 pm
but first, we need to spell out the problem. and it fits in every demographic group. hispanic voters. he's got bad numbers with them. if he can convince the country to debate, whether the system is rigged, it's rigged against hispanics. and they're brought into this country, and they're being paid less. >> you were saying it was down to one four-letter word. >> jobs. jobs, jobs. trump is a jobs creator at a time when we have wage stagnation -- >> you realize you're a democrat, right? >> i'm an objective person analyzing, and candidly, that's how trump can move. yes, there's a lot of anger. pat's right about corruption. the system is rigged. but people want to know what's in it for them and it's jobs. >> hold on, pat, one sec. the other thing is the bernie sanders vote that is sitting there. they believe the same thing that we're talking about, that the system is rigged. >> his supporters. >> as pat often says, sanders and trump are eating from the
4:45 pm
same trough. other ends of it. but they're in the same thing. if trump slightly tweaks his message, i think he can get a big share of those votes. >> sanders says no way. >> i don't care what he says. those voters will decide what to get and they don't like hillary. >> he's already getting 10% of them. >> i want to talk about two things moving forward. i mentioned one of them. hold on, pat. if you had asked like six months ago, even six weeks ago if you thought the republicans would wrap up their side in terms of slimming down to one candidate before the democrats, people would never have believed it. doug, what's your opinion on that? >> here's the problem. it is going to go all the way to the convention. there will be a fight over the rules and the platform. it is bad for hillary. it's not fatal. but it is absolutely not what anyone expected. it's a huge opportunity for trump to do what we've been describing. >> all right, pat? >> yes. trump got a gift of two months. and no. nobody could have foreseen how he blew this out at the end, which he did. he blew it out. let me make a point.
4:46 pm
why he's got people who are breaking their oaths like bush, jeb bush and -- >> lindsey graham. >> the senior senator, who took an oath in south carolina. all of them did. stood on the first debate with fox and raised their hand saying when bret baier asked, they'd all support the nominee, because they never thought -- it's all right for them to break rules and to disobey their oaths. but let me tell you what the real problem here is. every exit poll many this election that i know of showed that a majority or plurality of republicans in every state believe their leaders had betrayed them. we have had a hostile takeover. the first time since 1896 when william jennings brian seized the democratic party with the speech, and it has been that hostile takeover was not engineered by donald trump, but by the voters of the republican party who were voting for carson
4:47 pm
and voting for cruz originally. all of these things, they sent this message, and the republican establishment and those people, conservatives, all of them could be put on a boat. the boat sunk at sea. no one would miss them. >> i'm stepping in with our viewers on twitter. >> they've got the wrong enemy. the enemy is the people in the republican party and in the democratic party for democrats. >> i'm going to step in with our viewers from twitter. tom tripp -- and this could be a problem for republicans and really for both parties, because we don't want people to sit at home. tom tripp says i will never vote again for a republican candidate if the party allows or promotes a third party candidate. they caused this. your thoughts? >> yeah, this could elect hillary. that is, i'm very happy as a democrat that the republican establishment is promoting mitt romney promoting discord. all good for the democrats. all good for hillary. and basically, the republican party being as divided as they
4:48 pm
are, prevents the consolidation. pat's right. the leaders are hated, but there's at least 30% of the party that they control. >> all right. real quickly, kevin ferguson says if trump makes the cost of college 100% tax deductible, he'll get the sanders voters. john? >> i hadn't thought of it, but maybe that's what ought to happen. that's what you do in a campaign. you figure out -- >> is that the art of the deal? >> who should he pick? >> he ought to pick kasich and win ohio. >> we'll talk more about that coming back. stay close.
4:49 pm
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show me more like this. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. real quickly you said john kasich is the vp pick. >> he has to win ohio. he can win ohio hand dilly. a popular governor there. i think we have to look at the
4:52 pm
vp thing. there's two separate list. one is a bunch of politicians, kasich is one, who will not take it with trump. they will not run with trump, harris, because they look upon trump as a loser in november and they don't want to be on the ticket with him and go down the drain with him. the other candidates on the other list that you hear about, newt gingrich. >> right. >> chris christie, rick perry, they're all dead enders. they have no political future other than -- >> which is why trump should go to the outside, pick ben carson and run as a pure anti-establishment candidate, neutralize the race issue and offer a forward looking -- >> ben carson says he doesn't want to do anything. >> they all say no until they're asked. >> serendipity terry, says newt gingrich, which is one of the ones you chose. now i want to move onto the idea of where do we go next for the general election. ahead of that, pat, is the meeting thursday within the gop.
4:53 pm
should be words between house speaker paul ryan and donald trump this past week. now they're going to have a meeting with leadingship on the hill, then they'll have a breakoff meeting with the two men, ryan, trump, and reince priebus. your thoughts on what we could see? >> i think everybody's interests, those three of them, is to come out of there with some harmony and some agreement. ryan is giving cover. he has some problems with trump's divisions, but the problem is he is thinking establishment. trump is the anti-establishment. that's where the country and the republican party are. so there's got to be some give here, but trump is the nominee. so i expect they will come out of there. i think the real problem they've got to address is the -- what i call the contentions, they're all fable. that the electoral college is a lock. it's always locked until it's unlocked. that's what happened in '92 with
4:54 pm
the republican lock. the house and senate will go down the drain. there is no statistical evidence or any polling to suggest that that's true under any circumstance. and by the way, in 1972, 1984 when 49 states were lost by the losing candidate, the democrats lost -- won two states in both elections in the senate and won. >> doug, i want to talk to you about what's coming up on tuesday. >> sure. >> primaries in nebraska and west virginia. there's some questions i'm seeing it on twitter. if donald trump is the presumptive nominee, why do the primaries matter. >> he hasn't gotten to 1237 yet. >> he will get there. hillary clinton is likely to lose in west virginia to bernie sanders which further prolongs the race. >> my big question of the hour. what does bernie sanders really want? >> he wants influence. he wants more money and he wants to control the platform.
4:55 pm
>> how? is he running for president? >> yes. >> or a ce o because i can't tell? >> bernie sanders who blew it in the first debate secretly is counting on the fbi primary to be the thing that -- >> his wife said -- >> his wife has become more active as a spokeswoman and very effective, by the way. >> i think he's thinking, hey, if she gets hit with something, i'm the nominee. >> final thoughts, tweets and facebook postings next. here's the plan. you're a financial company that cares, but your logo is old and a little pointy. so you evolve. you simplify. you haven't changed. you still help people live their best lives. and finally your new logo is ready, and you decide the perfect time to show the world is right... now. 80% of recurrent ischemic, strokes could be prevented. and i'm doing all i can to help prevent another one. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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which could be severe. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and any medicines you take. taking trulicity with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase your risk for low blood sugar. common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, and indigestion. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney failure. with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. and click to activate your within. final thoughts. this tweet came from pat and peter. ask the insider, should donald trump finally apologize to veterans for his mccain/pow comment. john, what's yours -- >> my life is the issue of the pows left behind in have i et namp. i happen to know for a fact that donald trump is very supportive
4:59 pm
of that issue. that comment he made was at mccain. a lot of republicans don't like mccain. i don't think donald meant any disparagement of the pows and i think he would clarify it. >> simply he apologize. it was an outriej gous and inappropriate comment. he should apologize. >> moving on. this week i mentioned the gop is having their big meeting. do you think that speaker ryan is losing any credibility in this process of going back and forth with donald trump? >> yes. >> remember what happened to the other 16 people that went up against donald trump? >> i think he is a force that is running to the republican party but he's also trying to factor in what the conventional wisdom of republican office holders is. trump is going to get annihilated in november and they don't want to be attached to that. they want to survive it. >> doug? >> they have down ballot races for senate and congress and despite what pat says, they are
5:00 pm
all extremely nervous. they want to have an ente entem corgiale. >> if he ends up in the white house, it will be interesting to see if he is a friend. that's it for "fox report." i'll see you on "out numbered" at noon eastern tomorrow. [ animals calling ]


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