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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 9, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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you are watching "fox and friend first on this monday morning. i am abby hunts man. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day with us. we begin with donald trump. he's after an endorsement brushoff presuch tive nominee. he is meeting with house speaker paul ryan face to face. >> kristin fisher is life in washington, d.c. with the latest from the campaign trail this morning. good morning. >> good morning. an all out civil war has erupted within the republican party. lindsey graham and mitt romney saying they will skip it over the weekend. house speaker paul ryan said he is just not ready to support trump. the two are scheduled to meet for thursday on capitol hill. thursday trump made the rounds on the sunday shows and didn't sound too concerned about making peace with party leaders. he refused to rule out blocking paul ryan from serving as the
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convention chairman. he made it clear he believes this is his party now. it is up to his critics to embrace him not the other way around. when asked if the party has to be unified this is how he responded. >> i am different from everybody else who has run for office. i don't think so. >> doesn't have to? >> i don't think so. it would be better if it was unified. there would be something good about it but i don't think it has to be unified in the traditional sense. >> trump made two comments yesterday that will make it likely even more difficult for some republicans to rally around him. first he walked back his tax plan saying quote by the time he gets negotiated it is going to be a different plan. i also reversed his position on minimum wage. we have seen him change his opinion on issues for ones that would be more appealing in a general election. trump says you need to be
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flexible but it is that kind that concerns party leaders. >> in the wake of his comments sarah palin now vowing to do whatever she can to unseat the house speaker in a primary election. >> his political career is over because he has so disrespected the will of the people. to come out and say who he will not support was not a wise decision. >> palin suggesting ryan would share the same page as former house majority lederer rick cantor who was unexpectedly defeated back in 2014. ryan is being challenged in his home state by wisconsin businessman paulnal lynn. >> it is time for hillary clinton the pending testimony before the fbi. the investigation into her personal e-mail server. she still has not been contacted
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by the fbi. >> no one has reached out to me yet. i made it clear i am ready to talk to anybody any time. i have encouraged all of my assistants to be very forthcoming. >> top aids including huma abedin have already been interviewed. clinton said she never sent or received classified information. 22 e-mails have been marked top secret. >> to the fox news alert for you, a second spotting in new jersey as police ramp up their manhunt for escaped killer arthur buckle. he was last seen near the garden state parkway. he was days from a parole hearing when he escaped. he was behind bars on an aggravated assault charge. he previously served 14 years for killing his girlfriend's baby. he has been on the run for nearly a week last seen at a pharmacy on thursday.
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one of the worst criminals is being held in the worse prison el chapo moved to a federal pent ten share rein juarez off the border in texas. they were baffled to his move to a less secure prison. mexican authorities say they can keep him from a third prison break as he awaits possible extradition to the u.s. >> oo another big story for you tornadoes tearing through the great plains leaving severely injured and destroying everything in its path. >> maria molina was in the middle of the storm in parts of colorado and oklahoma. >> this morning she is live for us in wichita tracking the second round of wicked weather that is now heading their way, is that right, maria? >> why a, that's right. here in wichita, kansas we are expecting to see severe weather as we head into this afternoon
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and areas south and further east of our location. over the weekend the severe weather outbreak started out in colorado and across eastern colorado we saw tornadoes touchdown north of town. it brought damage through the area. we reports of injuries. eventually the storm system moved eastward and mother's day produced funnels and possible tornadoes through southern parts of february february and also a reported tornado in southwestern parts of oklahoma. a lot of activity was going. not just tornadic but reports of large hail and strong wind gusts bringing down branchs across plan knee states across parts of the plains. we are expecting to see more storms. another concern with the systems is a threat for flooding. we saw that across portions of see that on the map. future radar shows that
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continues through this evening. from kansas to oklahoma further east across portions of arkansas. there was a real threat that today we could be seeing more large hail, more damaging winds and tornadoes out there. the greatest risk area is northeastern texas into arkansas, southwestern missouri and also into eastern oklahoma. we will keep tracking the storm system as it moves eastward. otherwise stay safe out there. >> i want to pull up the video unbelievable stuff following that tornado. that is your husband i believe there chasing the tornado with a camera. you are right in the thick of it. >> yeah. my husband and i flew out saturday morning. we said let's go to colorado, and a big feel for meteorologists with storm chasing is the wanting to understand better the storms. tornadoes aren't very well understood but we knew there was a threat for them. we tracked several super cells. we saw another tornado before
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the big one that you saw in wray, colorado just to the west of that town. severe weather forecast across eastern colorado. it unfortunately came to fruition and we saw some damage unfortunately. incredibleages out of colorado. that picked up a lot of dust, brought a lot of color to the storm and also it was very high bait. the tornado, the two of you can look all of the way up. it was a very high bait storm in colorado. >> how close were you? i know you chase storms you and your husband frequently, but how close were you to that? >> we do storm chase frequently. that is one of the strongest tornadoes i have been closest to as well. i would say we were a couple houn meters or so. >> that's maria holding the camera. >> how far do you think we were from the tornado? how far would you say we were from the tornado. >> probably 50 feet. >> i am going to go maybe a
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little further than that. >> we are glad you are both okay. >> i want to mention we were on the south side of that tornado. it is known they don't really move that way. this tornado was moving northward just behind it keeping our safe distance. it was very visible not a lot of rain around that storm. we felt we were safe. he is very experienced. he has been chasing for 20-years. >> thank you for being with us this morning. >> don't try that at home. thank you, maria. >> other stories for you right now an army veteran trut tbruta beaten days before an el leking. state candidate richard ohada in the hospital after being attacked with brass knuckles at his campaign cookout. a man beat him after asking him to put a bumper sticker on had i see car. he sped off and hid in the mountains. they are looking at whether the
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attack was politically motivated. he has be a man declared br after being found in florida. ryan started his college career at notre dame and transferred to university of birmingham last year. >> two major ride sharing services suspending service after a controversial vote. >> lauren simonetti from fox business to tell us more. commuters, the popular ride selling services uber and lift will later this morning. they will let them continue their own background checks on drivers. they will require the drivers have finger print checks. it could play out in other cities as well gas prices are dumped # cents in the last two
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weeks. national average 2.27 a gallon. the hike due to higher crude oil prices. captain american civil war number one at the box office. crowing almost $182 million over the weekend. that makes it the 5th biggest opening ever and more than jungle book and mother's day in third with # million. mcdonald run out of the fridays less than two weeks after having them in the bay area specialty. the garlic fridays are very popular. have you tried those? >> i have not. i don't think that i will. >> well, the time now is about 10 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, a fox news alert. this young girl missing for days. it is ramping up this morning. the brand new surveillance video just released. a new incentive to catch her captor. >> forget uniting the party.
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donald trump says he can pete hillary clinton all by himself. is it possible? the panel on deck with the answer. >> who ted cruz really wanted as his running mate revealed. it's true what they say. technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration.
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make sure it's ano maintelligent one.. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ >> a night natumare in tennesse they search for this little girl. carly trenton has been missing since her stepfather picked her up from school. the two may be in a rural area or at a campground. per pediatrician now offering a 10,000 dollar reward for her return. she will join us live on fox and friends. it continues to burn but a
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cooler temperatures and a little more rain has people feeling optimistic. a cooler forecast the next few days to give them a death krebs t grip on the fire. this comes a day after the off iffish shalls said the fire could double in size and burn for months. >> turning to the election donald trump says he will do it himself. >> does the party have to be together? does it have to be unified. i am different than anybody else who has ever run for office. i actually don't think so. >> the presumptive nominee blasting rivals who are breaking the republican rival loyalty pledge after jeb bush and lindsey graham both refuse topoto support him. he is saying he can beat hillary clinton without the united party. here is ashley pratt. thank you for joining us bright and early.
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>> not quite bright yet. still tadark out. can he do it without uniting the party? ash will he lee -- ashley, i will start with you. >> he can do it without the party but if there's one thing he has proven he can go it alone. his favorables are low with a bunch of demographics including women and hispanics. he would need to win over 70 percent of the white male vote which is something we haven't seen in order for him to over come some of the demographic challenges. uniting the party would be important for his candidacy. he has proven people wrong before including top strategists. i think at this point it is important to have a united front going in to the general election especially someone like hillary clinton. >> he has proven wrong people from the beginning of this. he has won by large percentages in a lot of these states. >> one thing for sure you have
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seen han up tick. he is bringing a lot of new people in the process. as ashley said i think she is right he's turning people off you can't measure what you don't know and people don't know how many new people. no matter how many people we all know he may turn off he keeps bringing something new in this party. people have a hard time measuring his aptitude. >> he won in ohio he won the votes as well. meantime he was blind sided by paul ryan not supporting him. can he succeed without his support? let's listen do what he says? >> i t is politics. i am never sturned by what politics say. he spoke to me three-week ago it
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was a nice call, encouraging call. >> was he blind sided by this? what is paul ryan doing? is it good or bad? >> i am not sure this is really a good or bad thing in the sense that for trump he has railed against congress and the establishment and a lot of his supporters care about that. why would they care if paul ryan doesn't support him. if anything it plays to his advantage. it makes him look some what week that he wouldn't be able to get speaker ryan's endorsement or support. if he is elected president he would need that support. but maybe by that point if it seems like he will win it will change his tune. he needs to be able to work with congress. i think that is what something he has railed on in the past. again a counsel edged sword. >> he needs to be able to work with congress but congress needs to be willing to work had with
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him. >> oh my god washington, d.c. politics being played here. what it is is ryan is speaker of the house. the house is trying to take care of the house. it is two different elections. they don't need the house and establishment. in the republican primary turnout congressional districts they are going to turnout anyway. this is fodder for the news. i think this is ryan positioning himself to make sure he can take care of the races. at the end of the day the trump train will go on no matter who gets on and who don't get on. you can't measure what you don't know. we no idea how many new people this will bring to the process. >> let's switch over to the democrats for a moment. clinton h clinton hears the wrath of west virginia coal miners. what does this mean heading into the primary? she originally said she was going to put coal miners out of business. now she says that was taken out
2:20 am
of context. how do you think this will fair for her on tuesday? >> she can't panneder her way out of this one as much as she cries to. she said something that is a huge mistake and will play largely in the west virginia primary. she is not playing with middle class americans at all and that's where she is going to struggle with this primary. >> west virginia is going to bernie sander's camp all day long. she is got a problem with white men. it will haunt her for the rest of the election i believe. >> thank you for joining us this morning. always like having you here. >> thank you. >> the time is now 20 minutes after the top of the hour. cruz ship passengers forced to aban ton ship when their boat catches fire jumping off the boat into the cold ocean below. >> crazy story. ted cruz makes his first appearance as he drops out of the race for president at the kentucky derby.
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>> fox news alert for you. a carnival cruz ship crashed while docking. it destroyed erg in its path. it went into the port hitting an elevated walkway causing it to fall down on three-cars below. >> pulled in too hard. >> scratching, banging noise and once from the casino floor you could see the crushed van and everything. >> no one was injured. no word on what caused the cruz
2:25 am
ship to crash. >> the cruz ship burst into flames. look at this. >> get out of the way. get out of the way. >> passengers crawled out of the ship the ship swallowed off by the massive flames. it happened while the ship was docked in vietnam. it started in the kitchen and spread through out. four people were treated for minor injuries. >> now to something a little bit more fun from a blind cat's game of catch to ted cruz's derby get up. krar lee -- carley shimkus is here with more. >> he is sturiirring up after shooting hoops through the singing of the canadian national anthem. ♪
2:26 am
>> criticizing wade including john tory who wrote hey duane wade a canadian vinted the game. a scheduling claim that conflicted with his free game. >> we talked about this blind cat at the beginning. how in the world does a blind cat play catch? >> a blind cat actually is gaining a fan following on social media after showing off her skills playing fetch. he was born without eyes so she relies on her sense of smell and hearing. the owner said he used to rely on his sister for help but he can get along just fine on her own. a dog would be envious of those fetch skills. >> that's amazing. >> got to talk about ted cruz. i didn't see him there but the internet is all a buzz over what
2:27 am
he was wearing. >> ted cruz is jumping from one race to another. the folks on social media can't stop talking about his summer suit. some calling his jacket unflattering. cruz wasn't interested in talking politics at the derby. when the reporter asked him about the presidential race he said he was just there to have a good time. >> there is no such thing as too big or too bright or too ridiculous at the derby. >> i thought he looked just fine. he's relaxing. >> maybe he could have added a hat. >> thank you, carly. >> 27 minutes after the top of the hour. john mccain probably hasn't forgotten in. >> he is no the a war hero. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured, okay? i hate to say it. >> now he is talking about endorsing donald trump for president under one condition. >> many consider them hillary
2:28 am
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perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> it is monday may 9th. paul ryan blind sided him with his comments last week. >> politics. i am neve stunned anything that happens in politics. so i am not -- i was blind sided a little bit because he spoke to me flee weeks ago it was a very nice encouraging call. >> sarah palin coming to trump's side firing back against the house speaker. >> tedly stor deadly storms wreg havoc on the plains. >> let the games begin. hundreds of lawyers descend on florida for the invictus games. "fox and friend first starts
2:32 am
right now. >> good morning to everyone at home. welcome to "fox & friends first". so nice to be back with everyone. i am heather childers. >> i am abby huntsman. 32 minutes before the hour. we begin with donald trump focused on the white house. the presumptive nominee is meeting with house speaker paul ryan face to face. if ryan doesn't fall in line he could go there alone. >> kristin fisher with the latest from the campaign trail. good morning. >> good morning, ladies. trump and paul ryan are set to meet on thursday on capitol hill. he made the rounds on the sunday shows and didn't seem too concerned about making peace with party leaders. he also signalled two big policy shifts that may make it more difficult for republicans to rally around it. first he reversed his position on a minimum wage. he also said he would support higher taxes for wealthy
2:33 am
americans. trump said on abc his current tax plan is my maximum plan. once that plan is negotiated taxes will go up. >> by the time it is negotiated. they will go up. what i am negotiating with the democrats i am putting in my on the minimum plan. it is goi-- optimum plan. it is going to be negotiated. >> we are seeing trump start to change his positions. trump says that is fine. you need to be flexible. it is that kind of flexibility that has many party leaders so concerned. on thursday paul ryan said he is not ready to support trump. again the two are set to meet on thursday. yesterday trump refused to rule out blocking paul ryan from serving as the convention chairman in cleveland this summer. he also made it very clear he believes it is his party now. it is up to his republican critics to embrace him not the other way around. not the most consolatory
2:34 am
language heading into the meeting. trump said he doesn't think the party has to be unified in order for him to win in november. >> remember when donald trump said this about john mccain's war records? >> he is no the a war hero. he is a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured okay? i hate to see it. mccain says he will support trump as the gop nominee but only if he apologizes. >> when he said i don't like people who were captured, there's a body of american heros that i would like to see him retract that statement. >> this comes days after leaked audio reportedly captures mccain saying he's worried that supporting trump could hurt his reelection campaign. >> sorry carly. ted cruz wanted marco rubio on
2:35 am
the ticket. the result, a blowout 65 percent to 35 percent and the take down of donald trump. but cruz reportedly could not ever reach rubio on the phone so he settled for carly fiorina as his vp pick. >> political brothers julianne and joaquin tras troe are reportedly brushing up on candidates. both are staud ding hard in case one is picked as their running mates. neither are fully bilingual because clinton would expect him to campaign for voters. former san antonio mayor is on the short list of vp owe potentials. terrifying way to spend mother's day weekend for people in the great plains. tornadoes carrying through several cases joining everything
2:36 am
in the path. it was wreaking havoc on colorado and oklahoma. >> the second round of wicked weather heading their way. >> tracking the threat for severe weather. until arkansas and missouri. we will bring that to you in a moment. a severe weather outbreak started on saturday brought some damage out there and injuries. the storm tracked eastward and mother's day this past sunday broughtevere weather across portions of the great pains. this very same storm system will
2:37 am
continue pushing eastward and bring more storms across eastern and central kansas eastern oklahoma and extending kwur they are east across missouri and into sashing saw. we will be looking at possibly stronger tornadoes. but the entire risk area could see tornadic activity and large hail and danieling winds in the storms. from texas into iowa and even into nebraska. let's head over to new york. >> a second spotting in new jersey as police wraframp up th manhunt for arthur buckle. he was last seen last night near a rest stop off the garden state parkway. he was behind bars for
2:38 am
aggravated assault charge. he received 13 years for killing his girlfriend's baby. he was last seen at a cvs pharmacy on thursday. >> el chapo moved into a federal pent ten share reacross the board he shall in texas. they were baffle bide a transfer into a lower security area. the mexican authorities say they are confident they can keep the drug king ppin from making a thd break. >> tragedy strikes the college football community. running back greg bryant has been declared brain dead a day after being shot in a car along interstate 95 in west palm beach glo florida. it is a homicide and they are searching for witnesses. bryant started his college
2:39 am
career in notre dame and transferred to the university of alabama at girling ham last year. being a stay at home mom is a job of its own. the idea for mothers looking to get back into the work force may seem daunting. cheryl casone is the author of a new book "the come back how today's moms reenter the workplace successfully. she spoke with a number of mothers after having children. great to have you here. >> great to have you here as well. it is such a big topic. yesterday was mother's day. today should be about getting moms jobs. many are looking to get back into the work force. one of the things a lot of moms told me is they felt insecure. that was the main theme. my first tip leaving security and guilt at home. once they got back in they
2:40 am
realized it was hard work. >> it is a matter of going and doing it. >> several moms used social media to get their network and stay within that network while they were at home with their kids. whether it was two years or five years facebook and twitter and pinterestlinkedin. you want to keep your voice and face out there. i never did a linkedin profile. i will start working at the book. i am happy with my job. that linkedin profile is awesome for moms. it gives employers a better picture of who you are. it shows them a broughter sense talking about your skills. it is not what the rez nay is about. >> i signed up about a year ago and it is great thing even if you are not looking. >> also your dream job.
2:41 am
if you are just getting started. if i could snap my fingers and give you your dream job what would it be? you have to know that and start saying it and you have to feel it. that will help you to start getting that conversation going. finally i talk about the book as well. you have to negotiate a killer deal. got to negotiate. >> these moms said i thought the company was doing me a favor by hiring me. once i went back to work i realized wait a minute iment doing them a favor. i am working my tail off and i got a second job at home that is also a full-time job with kids. >> love it. >> i learned a lot. >> these are such great tips cheryl. thank you for being with us. the come back is available on cheryl thank you for being with us. >> thank you so much. i will see you tomorrow for more good news. >> another great thing cheryl says in the book for moms looking for another job, stair change in the face and say bring it. >> the time is now 41 minutes after the top of the hour.
2:42 am
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>> terrifying moments as a cruz ship burst into flames. >> get out of the way! >> passengers forced to crawl out of the ship and jumped for their lives as the ship gets swallowed by the massive flames. all of this happened as the ship was docked in vietnam. they think it started in the kitchen and the fire quickly spread through out the wooden
2:46 am
frame. four people were treated for minor injuries. >> this week marked one year since the horrific amtrak derailment in philadelphia. eight people died hundreds hurt in the crash. experts say it could have been avoided. good morning. the images of that philadelphia accident not easy to look at for the millions of commuters across the country many of which were about to board and ride like the one behind me. the safety board tells fox news it will rye lease the final report on the accident in a if you d if you die /* /- few days. there could have been another one that happened last month that killed two more people. that technology is called positive train control. it is basically auto pilot for trains. it can over ride an engineer who is speeding as was the case in
2:47 am
philadelphia or an engineer who is perhaps about to run a crossing. we have got a demonstration of how this technology works in philadelphia. take a look. >> if the actual speed goes above the maximum authorized speed basically there will be an audible alert. this will react to it the train will be put into an emergency bra brake. >> when is this tick nolg coming to the train's new ride? it will be in full effect by january 1st. but an extension was passed and now it must be on all passenger trains by 201. it is already up and running in states like pennsylvania, california and colorado. >> always hard to hear it could have been prevented. live for us in chicago. matt, thank you. >> 10 minutes until the top of the hour. let the games begin. hundreds of warriors around the
2:48 am
world descend on florida for the invictus games. we are live in orlando with a sneak peaepeek. >> happy monday. >> same to you girls. happy monday. the day after mother's day we are getting ready for a huge week. "fox & friends" has this on tap. donald trump's national spokeswoman katrina pearson was a message with paul ryan on the eve of the big meeting between trump and speaker of the house. herman cain why the third party candidate push has to be squashed. also talking tuesday's primaries. doctor oz will be talking healthy coffee you should be drinking. also we have an invictus games profile from florida. please get dressed. it's monday. do not hit the snooze alarm one more time.
2:49 am
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it's time to take a closer look.
2:52 am
less than 10 minutes now until the top of the hour. i love this story. over 500 wounded warriors are participating in the invictus games in orlando this week. our correspondent is a veteran herself and is there following all the action. i understand one of the big games will be wheelchair basketball. >> yes, indeed. being here, you get a sense that these men and women are people who have made severe sacrifices for our global security. they have overcome major challenges to become the most elite athletes of their kind. i was honored to spend time with them to learn what it took to get here and what invictus means to them. >> you guys are playing bumper
2:53 am
cars for a second. slamming. >> some of it is a little illegal, some of the hits. >> no contact. >> no contact. >> in this sport, are you kidding me, with you guys, with marines, no contact? >> at this point, no. >> watching these guys play is inspiring and when they finish their scrimmage, they challenge me to give it a shot. >> there's a special cam radry among those who serve. today, they are going to teach me their game. >> you do a lot of hips. >> how do you dribble? >> push it forward. here you go. >> you are a natural. >> like regular basketball. put it over your head, nice and high, you shoot. harder than you think. perfect, yeah! >> right here!
2:54 am
>> it takes major coordination. >> there you go. >> so you want to try a little 2 v. 2. we have a little marine corps team right here. >> let's do it. >> hey! >> 1, 2, 3, usa! >> and the fight is on. i spent a little time with our basketball team yesterday. they gave me one of their cool jerseys. they are very pumped. they are going into the semifinals later this week. prince harry opened the ceremonies last night. he wanted to showcase what these athletes, what these people can do and he's doing that here. back to you. >> great story. playing basketball in a wheelchair is tough. >> tough on the battlefield and on the basketball court. >> leah, thank you. >> we'll be right back. stay with us.
2:55 am
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before you leave the house, here's what's happening for you today. the police officer accused of going on a deadly shooting spree in maryland expected to be charged today. authorities say that he shot and killed his estranged wife and killed two more people and injured two others during a manhunt last week. and it's time for a showdown between the state of north carolina and the justice department. they have until this afternoon to scrap the religious freedom
2:59 am
law or risk losing federal funds. and saturday night's $430 million jackpot told at a 7-eleven in trenton, nung, but the winner still has not come forward. call us. time now for the good, the bad, the ugly. a traffic top turns into a mothers day gift for a mother in labor. two l.a. cops pulled over a mother for speeding. they quickly saw why. it wasn't fast enough. a baby boy was born. take a look at this. a nose of a small plane crashing into a building. final, the ugly, the definition of irony here. an attorney known for nabbing dui criminals was arrested for practicing what he pros kuts. he was arrested for driving
3:00 am
drunk. >> good to have you back, heather. >> i hope everyone had a wonderful mother's day yesterday. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good day, everyone. >> bye. good morning to you and to your family. it's may 9th. i'm ainsley earhardt. fox news alert, dangerous twisters are tearing through the plains. look at that. it looks like a movie, doesn't it? massive tornadoes touching down all across the midwest, the wild weather, it's not over yetria me she's there live on the ground. she's tracking more severe storms. >> she was driving toward the funnel clouds. >> meanwhile, donald trump firing back at house speaker paul ryan for saying he's not ready to support the party's presumptive nominee. >> i was blind sided a little bit because he spoke to me three weeks ago and it was a very nice and encouraging call.


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