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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 9, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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drunk. >> good to have you back, heather. >> i hope everyone had a wonderful mother's day yesterday. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good day, everyone. >> bye. good morning to you and to your family. it's may 9th. i'm ainsley earhardt. fox news alert, dangerous twisters are tearing through the plains. look at that. it looks like a movie, doesn't it? massive tornadoes touching down all across the midwest, the wild weather, it's not over yetria me she's there live on the ground. she's tracking more severe storms. >> she was driving toward the funnel clouds. >> meanwhile, donald trump firing back at house speaker paul ryan for saying he's not ready to support the party's presumptive nominee. >> i was blind sided a little bit because he spoke to me three weeks ago and it was a very nice and encouraging call. i was doing well.
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>> well, as trump prepares to meet with party leaders on capitol hill thursday, will there be a change of heart? will they unite behind donald trump? then, president george w. bush gets candid about our veterans. >> i see my role of making sure our vets know that i'll never forget them. >> our exclusive interview from the invictus games. we're there live. so is one of our favorite doctors. mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ ♪ hi, everybody. thanks for joining us here in studio e. ainsley and i, this is our first opportunity to welcome back brian kilmeade who on saturday celebrated his birthday! >> yes. it was a lot of fun. >> and you just decided not to show up for work on friday. we had cakes, balloons, everything ready to go. >> i know steve brought that.
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did you bring anything? >> yes. i made you a cake and cup cakes. >> you know you get to a certain age, you -- >> if you are not going to show up for work on friday, don't bother on saturday. >> happy birthday. >> i got brian is done with his second year of college. i went and grabbed him and brought him home. >> he was done. >> yes, he was actually done. that was time. >> congratulations, dad. you put him through two years of college, that's not easy. >> he's doing the hard work. >> we have a lot going on on this monday morning. we start right now with some amazing weather. >> ainsley, let me say happy mother's day. your first mother's day. >> it was so sweet. thank you. >> good morning, everyone. starting out with a fox news alert right now and dangerous weather to tell you about. tornadoes tearing across the great plains. twisters cutting through several states over the week leaving multiple people hurt and
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everything destroyed in their path. this video was shot by maria molina. she and her husband were right in the middle of the storm. o maria, get home safely please. look at this. it touches down, a tornado in colorado. coming up we'll check in with her out of live report out of wichita. another fox news alert. a second spotting an escaped killer in new jersey. he was last seen last night off a rest stop off the garden state parkway. he was days from a parole hearing when he escaped. he was behind bars for an graefletd assault charge. he previously served 14 years for killing his girlfriend's baby. police say this man has not
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shown any signs of remorse for allegedly killing his wife and two other people. that spree of violence started outside of his daughter's high school in maryland when police say he shot and killed his estranged wife. cordell reportedly shot and killed two men who were trying to help a woman he was attempting to car jack. two other people were also injured. one in critical condition. deadline day. it is a showdown between the state of north carolina and the justice department. the governor has until noon this afternoon to either scrap the state's so-called religious freedom law or risk losing federal funding. listen. >> the federal government being a bully. it's making law and by their interpretation. >> that law directs transgender people to use the bathroom on their birth certificate. the department of justice's threat will cut off billions of
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dollars in federal aid for schools, highways and housing. now we need -- we should have i.d. to go -- >> you don't need i.d., whatever sex you were born with. >> that's the bathroom you use. >> it's going to be a huge showdown. it's unbelievable that we're debating this. >> the federal government wants it a certain way in the state of north carolina wants it a different way. >> they are holding their money over the state's head. so what will the governor do? great interview yesterday with chris wallace. >> let's talk a little bit about the soap opera that's going on on the republican side. at the end of last week, paul ryan made it very clear he's not ready at this point to endorse donald trump. they are going to meet apparently on thursday. donald trump, however, has refused to rule out blocking paul ryan as the republican national committee convention chairman. keep in mind. how can paul ryan be the chairman of the party where they
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are going to crown essentially donald trump? can't do that. >> right. especially when you don't support the presumptive nominee. donald trump says he was blind sided by this. he was shocked. take a listen. >> he's a very good guy. he called me three weeks ago and he was so supportive. it was amazing. i never thought a thing like this. i got blind sided by this. >> you feel blind sided by him? >> i would say stunned. it's politics, i'm never stunned by anything that happens in politics. i was blind sided a little bit because he spoke to me three weeks ago, it was a very nice call, very encouraging call. i was doingle with. he called me i think to congratulate me about new york. >> obviously, great interview on friday because you were the first one to talk to donald trump after paul ryan comes out with this statement. minimum wage, taxes, his comments on muslims, and hispanics, he feels in the autopsy, they feel they have to do more reaching out. he feels donald trump stopped him on that. he says he's not there yet and i
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also think that paul ryan i don't think really -- he's on the record saying if you don't to reelect me in 2018. i don't need the job. people say he wants to set himself up as 2020. i don't see it that way. i think what paul ryan is doing now is saying i'm not there yet. he could be setting himself up. they do have a good, sincere coming together on a dramatic announcement together at a podium saying after talking with donald trump extensively, instead of a knee-jerk reaction, yes, i'll endorse like mitch mcconnell, it might be more dramatic. i'm convinced he will go along -- >> keep in mind, a couple of years ago, it was paul ryan and mitt momry who were together. they were the ticket. what has mitt romney said, absolutely not. not going to do it. >> i was shock if he did the interview if he's not ready to speak about it yet. in his defense, he did say i'm not quite ready to endorse him. he wasn't saying he's not going
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to. they are meeting in washington on thursday. maybe they will iron out some of their differences and he will do that endorse: we'll have to see. >> it's his obligation, if he feels that donald trump is going to trouns mondale style. >> not everyone is on paul ryan's side. >> donald trump is definitely a republican, right, but there are many republicans who feel he's not conservative enough so that's why they are taking the unheard of step of demanding many conservatives who would be in your cabinet, who would you pick for vice president, who would you put on your supreme court, things like that. meanwhile, the person who is essentially the runner-up to donald trump is ted cruz and very famously he selected carly fiorina to be his running mate as a last-ditch effort to try to win indiana. as it turns out, she was not his first pick. before it got too bloody in the primary season, the cruz people
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actually started doing some polling. how would they do if marco rubio was his number two? and the results were unbelievable. it would be a blow-out, a cruz rubio -- >> they went to illinois, north carolina, and wisconsin. it turns out the cruz rubio ticket would get 65% according to their polling, and trump 35%. >> it would have been a power house. >> they reached out and they couldn't get marco rubio on the phone. cruz personally tried to get ahold of rubio. i don't think that it would have done anything to stop the donald trump train. >> it's funny that cruz is doing this. he did this with kasich. that didn't work. now he's saying he lost because marco rubio didn't team up with him. just accept it. >> how do you feel if you are
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carly fiorina today? >> i'm the second choice for second choice. >> matthew said carly who? >> fiorina, gee, thanks. they could have stopped trump if they had a better message and a better campaign. >> ted cruz also blamed fox news. >> we have to come on every single day. he had a chance for free publicity ever every single day. >> from the soap opera that is the republican side over to the soap oprah on the democratic side. >> hillary clinton is having a hard time pulling away from bernie sanders. the garden state is already feeling the bern. peter doocy joins us live in atlantic city with more. good morning. >> hillary clinton wants her supporters to think she's in general election mode but she's having a hard time shaking bernie sanders and she's also having a hard time explaining what's wrong with donald trump
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even though she thinks he's been getting a free pass from the press. >> give me three hard questions you think he should be asked. >> when he says that americans don't need a raise and that's why he doesn't believe we should raise the minimum wage, what's that based on? because if you look at the evidence and more than evidence, if you listen to the stories, as i have now for more than a year of so many americans who haven't had a raise in 15 years, it raises serious issues about how well he understands what's happening in the economy to working people. >> so his answer would be he wants to create jobs and those jobs will raise wages. he's been asked that question and he has a different view. >> and sanders meanwhile fresh off that upset win in indiana continues to contrast himself with clinton for democratic voters. he's drawing bigger crowds than she is, it's all about a grassroots movement versus the establishment favorite. >> secretary clinton --
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>> no! >> -- she's raised her money in a different way. the traditional way. her major super pac reported $25 million from special interests, including $15 million from wall street. >> and having atlantic city where casinos keep closing as a backdrop fits with what sanders has been doing, he's going to be here in three and a half hours. he comes to the most economically depressed parts of states and he gets thousands of people to listen to him, the longer he does that, the harder it makes for hillary to focus her attention on donald trump. >> i have a feeling, knowing him, he's about to have a funnel cake. >> i think you know him pretty well. by the way, in west virginia, tomorrow, it looks like bernie sanders is poised for a 6-point victory right now
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in most polls. >> he's up by more than 10. >> coal miners are bad at her in west virginia. >> he flexes every time he touches his arm. >> it's natural. i'm insecure. >> we just talk about donald trump's party problem but is it really a problem? >> does the party have to be together? did is it have to be unified? i actually don't think so. >> there's a clarification from his campaign. national -- his national campaign spokeperson katrina pearson joins us live next. it took more than 1,200 students 10 week of planning and a zero dollar budget. it's awesome. you got to stick around for this. this is the final result. it's that epic video going viral. they are going to perform for
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principles also. he says a unified gop doesn't make a difference to his campaign. his campaign is clarifying that message. joining us now is the national spokesperson for the trump campaign. you heard about the riff the donald trump says i was blinded sided late last week. what do you think is going to happen this week when they meet, katrina? >> i think that's what's going to happening, you are going to have somebody like paul ryan someone who supports the trans pacific partnership and supports essentially open borders. these are all things that donald trump does not support, so he may try to sway mr. trump to come his way, but it's simply not going to happen. 75% of republican voters rejected the notion of governing. >> don't you think in a world where donald trump is saying yesterday he's going to give in on his tax plan, is he really going to approach something with
3:19 am
his own party where there's going to be no give-and-take? this is the way it is or the highway? >> even with regard to his tax plan, he said there are some things he's going to fight really hard for that's businesses and middle income. he's going to put forth a top priority for him with regard to taxes and it will be negotiated because that's how things do work. he acknowledges that, particularly, when it comes to being able to work with congress. all of these things are going to be negotiated on the table and some of those things that we'll fight for. the difference for the trump administration compared to all the republican administrations previously to his, he will fight for what he believes is right for the american people. >> on -- there are certain things he will give. he's talking about giving on minimum wage. he's already talking about giving on the top tax bracket. if he sits down with the speaker of the house and say can we promise, you really think that donald trump is going in there to look to compromise in order to help unite the party and make his job easier?
3:20 am
>> it depends on what we're compromising on. mr. trump says he will look at the minimum wage discussion. i think that's really important so that we can have that debate, particularly when he goes up against hillary clinton in order to make that case, and with regard to taxes, he's talking about interest, alternative income. we've heard the argument that hedge fund managers take risks but they don't take the ones that a police officer makes. why are they paying lower taxes on that income? he's these are things he wants to debate. >> hillary clinton can't shake her opponent in the primaries, you can't even talk about the finals yet when she's still in the semis. katrina pearson, thank so much. exclusive interview with president george h. bush and he's still fighting for our vets. more from the president live
3:21 am
from the invictus games with dr. marc siegel. and while singer azalea banks says hillary should not get the black vote.
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fox news alert. iran announcing it successfully tested a medium-range ballistic missile. a senior military planning official claims that missile launch two weeks ago, has a range of 200 miles and could reach israel. newly released picture
3:25 am
captures bush's reaction to the 9/11 attacks. making a speech from the oval office and meeting with his top advisers in the emergency operations center. meanwhile, the invictus games for our wounded warriors continue today in orlando, florida. the paralimpic style games opened yesterday. >> dr. marc siegel joins us live. he sat down with president bush about how important these games are to our veterans, the world's veterans. >> hi, how are you doing? president george w. bush is the honorary chairman no are -- for the very first invictus games held in the united states. he talked to me about the
3:26 am
invisible wounds of war which are six to seven time more common than the visible wounds are. he talk about how there's a stigma attached and how it can be overcome. let's watch. >> a famous em poem by henley, i'm the master of my soul. >> i think it reflects the speaker of the athletes who were wounded in combat and are now competing. to meet these athletes is remarkable because these are people who have overcome significant odds and they did so by being the master of their fate. >> comment to me about the role of adaptive sports in bringing vets to the new normal or getting reintegrated into society, overcoming whatever their disability is. >> we're dealing with two disabilities. one you can see and one you can't see. the one you can see, it seems to
3:27 am
me that many of our vets have adapted to. after all, we're going to see some great athletes out there, you know, play different sports with a prosthesis, for example. i'm deeply concerned about the wounds you can't see. dbi or pts. here at the invictus games, of course, we're makering sure they have the best prosthesis or wheelchairs. these approximate games show they are improving. our focus at the bush center is to say what can we do and one thing we can do, doc, is to make sure that these vets admit that they have got a problem. there's a stigma and your job and my job is to help these vets understand, you know, it's courageous to say i need some help. >> i've never spoken to a vet who doesn't love you. you led by example. you are a very strong, courageous person. talk to me how that feels. former commander in chief, what
3:28 am
do you see your role as? >> i see my role as making sure our vets know that i'll never forget them, even though i'm not in office, i care for them as much now as i did when i was in office and that i intend to use whatever capabilities i have to get them the help they need. >> competition and teamwork as a way to give back to society. >> think so. i think it helps. i think it helps more though is for some of these vets to realize they are not alone. a person is on a team. he's got teammates. they talk, of course, about the sport they are going to play and the competition they are about to enter, but they also sometimes talk about their own injuries and to the extent that that happens, it helps boost somebody's confidence. it may just be that somebody who is on the team says you know i went to an amazing clinic and i got help, and you ought to try the same thing and to the extent that that can ripple throughout the vet community, it's going to help a lot.
3:29 am
>> thank you, mr. president. great pleasure. he also talked to me about his father, guys, about the courage his father showed after world war ii, but he said you know the issues of post traumatic stress or looking at your fears or your sleepless nights, anxiety, depression, that wasn't talked about in those days and luckily we're starting about that now. >> it's nice he's being so vocal about the hidden scars. so many vets deal with this. you've probably seen it firsthand being a medical doctor. >> absolutely. it's a very common problem. not just with war, but anyone involved in a cataclysmic event. it's a bipartisan issue. it's very important to help the vets to heal. >> the eyes of the world are on
3:30 am
the invictus games down in orlando. thank you for joining us. >> that's great. very inspiring. we were watching last night, michelle obama and president bush. >> prince harry. >> prince harry because he founded. >> for the next four days, everything is happening in orlando. it's the olympics there for those who fought war. they like to compete with each other and they hang out afterwards with each other. have a great time. >> it was fun to watch it. i know that guy, i know that guy. they have been on our show. >> it's 6:30 now in new york city. fox news alert, dangerous tornadoes sweeping through the plains states. maria molina and her husband reed they were there capturing that video. they are live on the ground tracking more severe weather. we're going to talk to them next. then, what happens next when vegan restaurant owners get caught eating meat? these two just found out the
3:31 am
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tornadoes tearing through the great plains this mother's day weekend, leaving several injured and destroying everything in their path. >> wow. maria more lena and her husband reed timer were in the middle of that storm. >> on this monday morning, they are live in wichita, kansas, where they are expecting another round of wicked weather that is heading their way. maria, good morning to you and reed, your husband, storm chasers. tell us about what happened yesterday. >> well, yesterday we were chasing in southwest oklahoma, but i'm sure the tornado that a
3:35 am
lot of you have been taking a look at was the one from saturday, which happened in colorado just north of a town named ray and that's tornado was very high based so you could see well up into the sky. it was an orange yellow glow out there. it was very strong. it caused some damage unfortunately and there were some injuries out there but now the storm is moving east ward and we'll keep tracking it now. >> it looks really dangerous. >> it looks like a movie. and to know who we love so much is out there chasing these storm. how did you make sure you were safe, maria? >> well, i have my husband who has been doing this for almost 20 years and i'll let him explain a little bit more about how you get near a tornado of that magnitude. >> the perfect tornado that we can get close to because it was moving north so we can approach it from the south and usually they don't like to expand up sheer and it was also high base
3:36 am
and pretty impact. we knew if we could get by that gust, there was that rotating bun on the side. maria was hanging outside downwind side of the window, she's hanging outside the wind and shooting the tornado at the base. she was a veteran out there. she's already seen like 30 or 40 tornadoes, shot most of that video that you are seeing. >> on the weekends, we tend to do this a lot. we'll fly out friday afternoon after i'm done with work and over the weekend we'll do some chasing and i'll make it back in time on monday. this time around it was a little different. here i am in wichita, kansas. >> some couples go antiquing. they chase tornadoes. and reed, i loved some of the video we see where there's that great big tornado behind you and you are doing a selfie which is right there, and i think we've got some audio of at one point, if there's a gigantic tornado bearing down on you, this is the last thing you want to hear. you are running out of gas.
3:37 am
>> we're out of gas? >> we're out of gas. >> the tornado already on the ground. it was worth it if it ran out of gas. at least would be close we could watch it. we are providing live coverage throughout that. it was the perfect opportunity to intercept and shoot the 360 video in there and beautiful tornado. we're glad that nobody lost their lives in that one. >> there were no houses, there's nothing else was around there, no structures? >> there are a few structures out there. farmhouses here and there, but the tornado was so small for the most part it missed them. we did some semitrucks or vehicle thrown. it looks like they were piled or clustered in one spot, where the suction voluntary tex was but thankfully it's a remote area. it almost hit the town of wray.
3:38 am
>> were you convinced the wind was not going to shift? >> yeah, i was convinced. we had been tracking several storms before that. we saw another tornado with a storm that was just west of that one and it produced right when it crossed this boundary which was a warm front so we knew the conditions in that particular area and actually right across the road were conducive for tornadoes. when this next storm came up, it was much biger and once it tightened up and hit this boundary, it produced that much larger tornado that you saw just north of the town of wray. >> the storms moved to the east and you have moved to the east of colorado. you are there in wichita, kansas. what does the forecast look like today regarding the threat for more storms? >> the same area of low pressure that's been spawning these tornadoes and severe weather started on saturday across colorado. the great plains on mother's day unfortunately now we're looking at the threat farther off to the
3:39 am
east, including right here in wichita, kansas, extending into parts of oklahoma, arkansas and missouri as we head on later today. >> reed and maria, stay safe out there. thanks for that reporting. amazing video. incredible. well, they are tornado chasers and tornado alley is the place to be. >> right. let's take it over to heather with headlines. >> good morning. great to see you. i've got news coming in from over the week and overnight as well. afghanistan and iraq army veteran brutally beaten just days before an election. west virginia state senate candidate democrat richard ojeda was attacked with brass knuckles. jonathan porter beat ojeda after asking him to put a bumper sticker on his car. police are looking into whether the attack was politically motivated.
3:40 am
we'll let you know. one of the world's worst criminals now being held in mexico's worst prison. we've learned that el chapo has been moved to a secret federal penitentiary in wawrs just across the border from el paso, texas. dea are deeply concerned that he's moved to a lower security prison. he awaits extradition to the united states. what happens when a vegan restaurant owner gets caught eating meat. these two just found out. a pair of see began restaurant owners are getting death threats. the two opened the restaurant in california ten years ago and they showed these photos on their blog, packaged meats and beef broth. they used that to announce their
3:41 am
foray back into a normal lifestyle. a pop star getting political endorsing donald trump, and saying hillary clinton talks to black people like they are pets. ♪ ♪ >> that is azalea banks and she sparked a twitter firestorm saying she wants donald trump to win the election. she wants the u.s. to be lavish for all of us. she bashed clinton with this tweet. hillary talks to plaque people as we're children or pets. i can't stand her. >> it's i can't stand herrrrr. h-e-r-r-r. >> by the way. i think omarosa reached out to her. >> 19 minutes before the top of
3:42 am
hour. passengers sent flying after a commuter train goes off the track. details on the derailment just ahead. it took 1,200 students, weeks of planning and 1,200 budget. this was the amazing result. >> ♪ ♪ going for for real ♪ this is my fight song. >> now we got bad blood. >> it's going viral for a great cause. they are going to perform it for us live from their school. good morning, kids. you are next on "fox & friends." >> maybe jimmy fallon is watching.
3:43 am
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♪ i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪ . .. .. .. .. .. .. ♪ ♪ some quick headlines now. hundreds of cruiseship passengers forced to stay in their rooms on vacation after reports hundreds of passengers
3:46 am
got infected with the norovirus. it's a stomach bug. the ship at the center of this massive outbreak took out from england. frightening moments in salt lake city after a light rail train derails on a curve. passenger end up at the hospital with scrapes and bruises. it's not clear what caused the derailment. the line is expected to be back to normal today. speaking of that, brian, this week marks one year since the deadly amtrak derailment, remember that one near philadelphia? >> eight people were killed. hundreds others were hurt in a crash experts say could have been prevented. >> matt finn is live in chicago on details on the track technology that could save lives going forward. good morning. >> good morning, guys. the images of that philadelphia train accident not easy to look at for the millions of train commuters across the country. many of whom right now are riding on tracks like the one behind me.
3:47 am
the national transportation safety board tells fox news it will release the results of its investigation into that philadelphia accident next week. what we do know is that train was going over 100 miles an hour, extremely excessive speeds. we've been following the status of new technology called positive train control or ptc. experts say ptc could have prevented that accident and saved lives. ptc could basically override an engineer who is speeding or about to run a crossing. we got a brief demonstration of how it works. take a look. >> if the train goes above the actual speed goes above the maximum authorized speed, basically, there will be an audible alert. if the engineer doesn't react to it, the train will be put into an emergency brake. >> so when will this technology be coming to a train that you use? congress initially mandated it be in full effect by this past january 1st but there was an extension. so now it must be on all
3:48 am
passenger trains by the year 2018, but there is some good news. it is already up and running in states like pennsylvania, california, and colorado. back to you guys. >> all right. matt finn live there in downtown chicago, right next to the train tracks. >> thanks, matt. moving ahead in the first hour here on "fox & friends" on the first day of the week. donald trump meets with gop leaders to discuss the party's future while others are plotting a third party run against him. trump supporter rudy giuliani here to react to that news at the top of the hour it took more than 1,200 students, ten weeks of planning and a zero dollar budget and that right there was the final result. the epic video is going viral for an excellent cause. they are going to perform for us live next. hey, guys! ♪ we've got bad blood ♪ >> what are you going to do with that desert? ♪ ♪ i want to hear you calling my
3:49 am
name ♪ >> can there actually be president trump, we have an interactive map. only hear on the real story today at 2:00. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. go ahead, embrace those beautiful moments. flonase changes everything.
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3:52 am
. it took more than 1,200. avon high school in indiana. take a look. ♪ my heart is a ghost town ♪ i can't feel my face when i'm with you ♪ ♪ going down for real ♪ this is my fight song >> the project is bringing much more than music to those in
3:53 am
need. this video helped raise more than $15,000 for families who cannot afford pediatric and prenatal care. joining us now, the students behind it of avon high school along with two of the minds behind this video. thank you so much for being with us, guys. congratulations on the success. >> thank you. >> of this video. i'll start with you. you have a student body of about 3,000. how in the world did you organize this? i know you're the producer behind the video. >> it took a lot of work. the hardest part was communication and getting all the students to work together as a whole was very difficult. but it all worked out in the end. >> and teachers were totally behind you with this? >> well, at first, the teachers weren't wanting to because of how much work it was going to take. and school is mainly for education purposes. so they don't want -- and it's for fun, but they didn't want to go in that direction until we convinced them.
3:54 am
but once we convinced them, they were all down for it. >> it's just amazing. grace, i know everyone was included. it wasn't just the popular kids. it was kids from all different walks of life and representing different organizations at your school. why did you produce this video? >> our main goal was to promote our new event, avon night light, which is a 5k community fair for hendricks regional health which is a local hospital, prenatal and pediatric care. so our entire school came together, everything from the dance team to robotics club to water polo, football team, everyone that you can think of and see in that video totally became behind this cause and promoted it, which was awesome. >> we want to see -- i think you guys are going to perform live for us this morning. take it away. >> all righty. >> hit it. ♪
3:55 am
♪ give it to me i'm worth it ♪ what you want ♪ tell me what you want ♪ what you like ♪ on the floor ♪ come on come on ♪ i don't want you to leave 'cause i ♪ ♪ going 'round and 'round this time ♪ ♪ cool for the summer ♪ she told me don't worry ♪ all aboard all aboard ♪ but i love ♪ i wanna rock with somebody ♪ in the night ♪ now i know my heart is a ghost town ♪ ♪ i was a kid ♪ you can't feel my face with i'm with you ♪ ♪ going down for real ♪ this is my fight song ♪ this is how it is
3:56 am
♪ baby now we got bad blood ♪ dee dee day ♪ what you gon do with that dessert ♪ ♪ i wanna hear you calling my name ♪ ♪ talking bodies ♪ i know that you want it in the worst way ♪ >> that is just incredible. thank you so much, guys. what a fun high school. i'm really proud of those kids. they've already raised $15,000. if you want to donate, the hospital is the hendricks hospital, so donate. visit, that's h-e-n-d-r-i-c-k-s, over to you guys. isn't that incredible? >> should we hit the boom box right here? >> hit it, guys. yes. >> that was awesome. meanwhile, four minutes before the top of the hour, a desperate search under way for this missing 9-year-old girl last seen on this surveillance video. the doctor who gave up a new boat so he could offer $10,000 to find her joins us live next hour. plus, rudy giuliani and dr.
3:57 am
oz when "fox & friends" comes right back live from new york city and indiana. ♪ this is my fight song ♪ baby now we got bad blood eve the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. i accept i do a shorter set i acthese days.t 22 i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't play anything less than my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'm going for it. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus it had significantly less major bleeding than warfarin... eliquis had both... that's what i wanted to hear. don't stop taking eliquis
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4:00 am
make sure it's ano maintelligent one.. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ good morning to you and to your family. it is monday. it's may 9th. we start with this, a fox news alert. vicious tornadoes tearing through the plains states right now. the threat of severe weather, it's not over yet. maria molina has a front row seat live on the ground with the latest. and how does donald trump feel after paul ryan's snub that he's not ready to endorse mr. trump? >> i was blindsided a little bit because he spoke to me three weeks ago and it was a very nice, encouraging call. >> well, it's all politics and rudy giuliani's going to react
4:01 am
to that and rumors that mitt romney may try to make a third-party run coming up in moments. >> if we can get him off the couch. dr. oz, those two are hitting it off. the castro brothers, both possible picks for vp. the only problem, we just found out they don't speak spanish. maybe a course. by the way, mornings are better with friends. rosetta stone is the big company now. >> is it bigger than berlitz? >> i remember the berlitz program. >> right? back in the olden days. >> i don't. i know rosetta stone. >> well, they're using it. not many people knew that. you know who knew that? the problem with winning over the hispanic community with the castro brothers is the fact they don't even speak spanish. so they're not going to resonate in florida. rudy giuliani's going to be on the couch with us in just a
4:02 am
moment. he's heckling us right now. he remembers berlitz. rudy's going to be with us in a moment. right now a fox news alert. tornadoes ravaging portions of the plains states and colorado twisting across the country leaving a number of people hurt and some outbuildings destroyed. >> i know. despite all of that, maria molina and her husband, reed timer, they were just feet from there as it was tearing a path of destruction through colorado. >> month morning maria is live in wichita during a second batch of wicked weather, right, maria? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. we're tracking the very same storm system that spawned tornadoes across places like colorado. there were 12 reported tornadoes out there in colorado on saturday. and then the storm shifted eastward, produced tornadoes in places like nebraska, also in kansas and even down into oklahoma. so we had a number of reports of tornadoes. and in addition to the tornado threat, we're also looking at very large hail, some flooding and also some dangerous lightning that was occurring with these storms. very strong winds as well. so it's a very dangerous storm
4:03 am
system, and it's still moving eastward today and could bring severe weather right here to wichita, kansas, where i'm located this morning. let's share more of that video from saturday because that was wray, colorado, the town out there in eastern colorado. and we saw this massive supercell that was moving northward. so the storms out there with that particular setup instead of moving eastward, they were moving northward. so we were tracking that storm and it crossed over a boundary that was set up out there. so it was a warm front. and once it interacted with that boundary, it unfortunately produced that tornado out there. there were reports of damage and also some injuries, unfortunately. but the tornado very photogenic. it was very high base. so it was actually a tube that was very tall. and that was what i think was most unique about that tornadoed that to the color from the dust that it was picking up. >> all right. maria molina and her husband, reed timer, they're storm chasers and they caught a big one yesterday. and we caught a biggest, rudy giuliani, the moyer of new york city. it was about a month ago when you said i'm going to support
4:04 am
donald trump. i don't know if i'm going to campaign for him. now it seems like you're a little more on board. >> i endorsed him. i've been working very hard to try to get republicans unified. it annoys me that -- >> well, that's a full-time job right thousand. >> i lost and the day after i endorsed john mccain. look, i have to say it took about two weeks to make sure all my people -- they get upset, they get angry, but they all came over. >> you're friends with john mccain. it's not hard to endorse a guy you're friends with. they don't really know donald trump. >> it doesn't matter. the party spoke. the party made the choice. we're not the party. i'm not the party. paul ryan's not the party. even donald trump's not the party. he's the party's selection. so we should go with the party's selection. >> so some people are saying mitt romney is going to throw his hat in the ring. there could be a third party. >> oh, that would be -- that would be -- >> is that going to happen? >> we might as well just say we
4:05 am
want hillary clinton to be president of the united states. and if we do, okay. but to me that would be a disaster. and i can't see how you could be a republican and not want hillary clinton to be president of the united states. >> was that a possibility, though? is that why paul ryan is not supporting donald trump at this point? >> there are issues of disagreement with some of these people. but on the main issues, lower taxes, lower regulations, straightening out the domestic economy, an america that's more muscular in the way in which it deals with the rest of the world, donald trump is there. the rest of the differences are ways of getting there. but on the main proponents or main issues of the republican party, he's going to be much better for this country than hillary clinton who's going to raise taxes, who's going to continue -- and i read somewhere yesterday that more regulations have been written in this administration than the last ten administrations combined. she's going to write twice as many. we're going to go from obamacare to hillarycare. single payer, socialized
4:06 am
medicine in this country. those are big, big differences. plus his approach to the world is a much more muscular approach, much more support for the military. so as a republican, i can't see, even if you have differences. >> well, we'll see what's going to happen because donald trump is going to be in the same room with paul ryan apparently on thursday. he was with us, mr. trump was with us on friday, turns out it's going to be thursday. what's interesting, though, in addition to the fact that so many, you know, and maybe it's interesting or maybe it's not surprising, the fact that george herbert walker bush, george w. bush john mccain at this point and mitt romney have all said they're not going to go to the convention. sarah palin, though, she's making it her mission to make sure that paul ryan loses his job, that he gets cantored. what do you think about that? >> well i think maybe everybody should hold off right now. we should stop fighting among ourselves. sarah should pull back. we should get the date straight for donald. >> it's going to be thursday. >> it would be a shame if he
4:07 am
shows up on wednesday and ryan thinks it's thursday. then we could have another incident. let's see if they can get it together. first of all, paul ryan is an imminently reasonable man. and donald trump and paul ryan have no personal history. >> don't even know each other. >> they have a couple of policy disagreements. fair enough. i have a couple of policy disagreements with everybody in the party. on the main themes, they're pretty much in the same place. so i think if we can get the two of them together, then the rest of it can fall into line. >> just to further expand, the third-party thing with senator ben sasse and mitt romney who are feeling out through the party to run as a third party and more conservative. that's what they're saying. and they're furious if the three go in, no one gets the majority, it goes to the house and then paul ryan emerges perhaps as the president of the united states. >> i don't see -- >> a more reasonable scenario, but i'm just saying. >> i see them electing hillary clinton. maybe they pick up a state here
4:08 am
or there. we would elect hillary clinton as president of the united states. we would never get to the electoral college. that kind of split -- that kind of split would take away states from trump where he might win by 4% or 5%. >> you talked about unifying the party. and a lot of people are upset with ryan for not supporting donald trump. sarah palin was saying his career is over. let's listen and then i want to get your reaction. >> i think paul ryan is soon to be cantored as in eric cantor. his political career is over but for a miracle because he is has so disrespected the will of the people. i think why paul ryan is doing this, jake, it kind of screws his chances for the 2020 presidential bid that he's gunning for. if the gop were to win now, that wouldn't bode well for his chances in 2020. >> i think that's a totally incorrect interpretation of paul ryan, and i think i know paul better than sarah does. if he were running, he would
4:09 am
have run last time, this time. i think paul is one of these guys in politics -- i wish we had more of them -- who's very principled. this is what he believes in. >> he likes policy, not politics. >> i know it's a bad word. i used to get accused of it by your boss, mr. ales. when he was my campaign manager. i used to love policy too much. what are you studying policy for? go out there and campaign, damn it. but i'm a policy wonk. i understand it. he has a couple of disagreements on immigration. he's got some disagreements on some of the language. he wants to talk to him about it. what's so bad about that? whenever i ran, i always had to go talk a few people into taking the next step. i think this is a good thing. let's let it work itself out instead of condemning everybody. >> meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about this. something that's made news. of course, a couple of weeks ago, the big news was ted cruz had announced that his vice president, if he was elected, was going to be carly fiorina. as it turns out now, carly was not his first choice. they apparently did all sorts of
4:10 am
polling after marco rubio lost florida. and they discovered that it would be a blockbuster ticket. they would blow up donald trump. but marco rubio said no, not interested. >> steve, he never even returned the call, it looks like. >> not interested. >> maybe he's not. there are some people who are -- >> double you believe that marr would have resulted in losing states? >> donald trump is a phenomenon in and of itself. i think the people who are going to vote for trump are going to vote for him no matter what. >> they said 65% in the five states where they did the polling would vote for them as a joint ticket versus donald trump who got, like, 35%. >> i would hire another pollster. >> it's wrong. right? that's what they say. >> their polling is always a little -- very, very -- and when you look at the margins in some of those states, that's almost a joke. >> homeland security by donald trump? >> i am interested in getting donald trump elected president of the united states.
4:11 am
i'm not interested in jobs, all this stuff about jobs only divides people. this person wants this. that person wants that. let's get him elected. then everybody can start worrying about job they would like to have. >> rudy giuliani, always a pleasure. >> thank you, mayor. good to see you. heather, it is 7:11 here in new york city. >> good morning to all of you. hope you're off to a great monday with we start with a fox news alert and the second spotting of an escaped killer in new jersey as police ramp up the hunt for this man. he was seen at a rest stop. he was just days from a parole hearing when he escaped. he was serving time on aggravated assault charge and previously served 14 years for killing his girlfriend's baby. he's now been on the run for nearly a week. a carnival cruise ship destroying everything in its path after crashing while it was being doing. the ship sailed too hard into baltimore port, hitting an elevated walkway. you can see that damage right there. it caused that walkway to collapse onto three cars below. listen.
4:12 am
>> he just pulled in too hard. it just was like a big, thump. >> scratching, banging noise. from the casino floor, you could see the crushed van and everything. >> no one was hurt. investigators are now looking into why that ship wasn't able to stop. and mercury is about to do something that happens just 13 times a century. the planet will pass in front of the sun in a few minutes and continue until around 2:40 p.m. eastern time. now, in that period, you'll be able to see a little black dot against the sun's surface. but they're saying don't look directly at it. why? i'm not sure. but nasa is streaming the event live so you can protect your eyes. so do it that way. it's been rumored for years, two of the most qualified for hillary clinton's vp spot, brothers julian and joaquin castro. julian is currently the secretary of housing and urban development, hud, and joaquin is a congressman from texas. they would certainly help clinton to court the hispanic vote, but there is one problem. according to page 6, neither one
4:13 am
speaks spanish affluently. the two are now reportedly taking refresher courses in case they're tapped for that vp fom nati nomination. and those are your headlines. >> they live in san antonio. whatever. thank you so much, heather. fox news alert, a desperate search is under way to find a missing 9-year-old little girl. when we come back, new surveil anticipate video and a new incentive that could help track her down. then for the tow truck driver who refused to pick up a stranded driver with a bernie sanders sticker on her car. that one. >> the side of my truck says "shoopy." it doesn't say freebie. and every time i've dealt with these people in recent history, i get burned. ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ >> he told her call the government for help. >> that's awesome. i have asthma...
4:14 am
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4:17 am
a fox news alert. a nightmare in tennessee as the search intensifies for this 9-year-old little girl. her name is carly trent. she's been missing since last
4:18 am
week for the last five days. after her uncle by marriage took her out of school under false pretenses. and as new surveillance video from the day that she went missing has now emerged, her pediatrician is now joining the tireless search. he is now offering $10,000 as reward money for carly's return. dr. chris callendine joins us from nashville. doctor, thank you so much for all your efforts in what you're doing to help save this little girl. why are you doing this? why are you getting involved? >> well, god bless you for having us. i've been blessed to work some amazing kids and we want every kid to know we'd do everything for them. kids are very engine wgenuine. the worst thing you can do is tell a kid one thing and do another. we'd be letting them all down. so this was the kids' idea, and we're more than happy to help. >> that's great. she's one of her patients?
4:19 am
>> yes, ma'am. >> tell me about her. and what's her relationship with this man? >> she's a beautiful young lady, quiet, giggly, blue-eyed, amazing young lady, loved by many. the gentleman is an uncle who's cared for honestly a big part of her life, very close to her, actually was with her of day. i think all of us thought this would be over quickly and she's been gone way too long. >> i know he did have custody of her at one point. first when you hear this story, you think my word, what are his intentions, but then you hear he did have custody of her at one point. what do you make of that is this does that ease your mind a little bit? >> he with want it to. we want to believe there are circumstances here that we just don't understand and that's why we're telling mr. simpson, if by chance you see this or you're listening, let me help or let us help. reach out. the only side i'm on is this precious little girl. let us help. once she's back, we'll worry about the rest of it and we'll help you through whatever is going on that led to this. >> absolutely. you're saying god bless you to me. i say god bless you to you. thank you for what you're doing. we hope this little girl is
4:20 am
found safely and comes back to your town. our thoughts and our prayers are with her and her family. thanks, doctor. >> thank you, ainsley. >> you're welcome. if you have any information about this case, we have the agency contact information on our website, coming up, stunning news about our military. it has shrunk big time. wait until you hear just how small our armed forces really are now. plus, are you having coffee right now? is it a dark roast? dr. oz says put it down. he shows us how get the most out of your cup of joe. there is steve and dr. oz. and it is not a dark roast for them. or maybe it is. ♪ i didn't know i was lost you know we said we'd take a look at our retirement plan today. not now! i'm cleaning the oven! yeah, i'm cleaning the gutters! washing the dog! washing the cat! well i'm learning snapchamp! chat. chat!
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4:24 am
hey, everyone. >> hey everybody. time for some news by the numbers. first up, a captain america: civil war," a true marvel at the box office. it raked in close to $182 million in its opening weekend. it is the fifth largest box office opening in history. next up, almost 480,000, that's all that's left of active-duty soldiers. this now means that the u.s. army has shrunk to its lowest level since before world war ii. >> it's no problem. and $429 million, that's how much somebody is missing out on in new jersey. lottery officials still searching for the missing millionaire who won saturday's powerball jackpot worth $429 million. the winning ticket was sold at a 7-eleven in trenton, new jersey. good luck.
4:25 am
all right. are you having a cup of coffee while you watch us? you may want to put it down. americans drink 400 million cups of coffee every single day, despite having so many health benefits, the way you take your coffee could make or break you. >> but dr. oz says there are plenty of ways to make the most out of your morning cup. and he joins us here live. hey, dr. oz. >> good morning. it's funny how coffee has changed. i was in the green room with rudy giuliani. he has an iv hooked up. he said when he was a kid, there was one that would stupt your growth. now we know it helps with your memory, asthma. >> opens up your airways. >> very good. >> i watch your show. >> it helps with liver issues, with diabetes, obviously gives you energy. there are a lot of health benefits, but is it really healthy for you when we take it every day? >> that's a good question. there are tricks to finding the best coffee for you, for instance, and you and i were just talking about this, my daughter and i had the conversation over the weekend,
4:26 am
which is stronger or better for you, light beans, light roasted or dark roasted? i thought dark roasted but that's the problem, they're really cooked. >> the reason coffee is so good for you, they're called polyphenols. number one source, this is really cool, the number one source of antioxidants in our entire diet is coffee. it's actually really helpful to us. but when we dark roast it, we destroy a lot of those antioxidants. so a light roast is better. that's the easy transition. the caffeine quantity is more linked to how long the water touches the coffee bean. so typical american coffee often will have more caffeine than an espresso because of how it's prepared. is it organic or not? it does make a difference if you're worried about pesticides. theoretically you'd kill them off when you heated them. and then the other issue is how do you preserve it? people throw it in the freezer or fridge. you want to roast that coffee right in front of you. have them put it in one of those little bags with the vent on it. >> what about the big barrel?
4:27 am
at a lot of stores you see bulk coffee. >> i wouldn't use that because that coffee has been there for a while. coffee is a perishable item. you want to pick it the way you do strawberries. you want fresh stuff. again, if you have it in the right bag, it will for about a week. don't expose it to air. >> and if you are listening on radio right now, what about these tips? number one, you said avoid putting sugar, the full screen we just had up. avoid putting sugar on light roast. >> the problem with dark roast, actually, light roast, some people like the bitterness, to camouflage it you'll add more sugar. the problem with coffee, it's not the coffee, it's the sugar and cream. speaking of cream, what's the other half of half & half? do you guys know? >> no idea. >> fat? >> it's actually cream which is 30% fat. so you want to avoid putting too much of that. >> have it black. >> have it black. >> can you do, like, splenda and those kinds of things to substitute?
4:28 am
>> of course you could. here's the thing. they don't really like. they're a false promise. you're not going to lose weight with those. they're not bad. you can use them. but a teaspoon of sugar is 15 calories. that's not why you're heavy. go ahead and put the real stuff in there. a little sugar is fine, a tiny bit. don't add kooch cream and it's a great morning beverage. >> this is the topic on your show today. >> the los of people losing tons of weight. this "new york times" article and what happens with "the biggest loser." why people who lose weight can't keep it down. it all comes down to awareness. >> i about the way, making you aware, dr. oz and his daughter -- >> daphne. >> daphne, that's right. >> both won emmys over the weekend. congratulations. >> it was the highlight for me to watch my daughter. it's an honor for me, too, but to watch your daughter walk up there, it's a special experience. >> we're very proud because she was our intern. >> you guys trained her. >> i know! >> you tuned her up. >> thank you so much, dr. oz. good to see you. straight ahead, the media
4:29 am
asking hillary for help in its coverage of donald trump? >> give me three hard questions you think he should be asked. >> would he ask donald the same question? and it took more than 1,200 students ten weeks of planning and a zero-dollar budget. and this was the final result. look at this, dr. oz. this epic lip-dub video is going viral for a very good cause, and they're going to perform for us live next.
4:30 am
4:31 am
4:32 am
♪ isn't she lovely ♪ isn't she wonderful okay. this is the shot of the morning. >> i don't buy this at all. >> the internet is going gaga for glam-ma. >> this 80-year-old's makeovers
4:33 am
are going viral after her makeup artist granddaughter posted before and after pictures on instagram. >> she does good work. she says she's practiced on her grandma since she was a little girl and her special trick is contouring. glam-ma says she's becoming a mascot in her nursing home. there you can see the before and after. >> aww. >> that is stunning. >> that's amazing. >> that is great. >> her granddaughter's talented. >> you're saying we make stuff up. >> no i'm saying what they put on the internet, i hear not all of it's true. we're going to bring her in, get her to try makeup on you, brian. >> some people say not everything on the internet's true. >> that looks just like her except with a lot of makeup on. she looks great. listen, you don't know what we look like when we wake up. it's a lot different, us women. >> you don't look like an 85-year-old lady. so we'll settle this debate in just a moment. meanwhile, in the race for the white house, hillary clinton is having a hard time pulling
4:34 am
away from bernie sanders. >> the new jersey primary isn't until next month, but the garden state is already feeling the bern. >> joining us live from the boardwalk in atlantic city, peter. >> reporter: and the boardwalk has been crawling with bernie sanders supporters all morning long. his continued presence in these primaries is preventing hillary clinton from fully getting into general election mode. but so is her own difficulty explaining what she thinks is wrong with donald trump. >> three hard questions you think he should be asked. >> well, when he says that americans don't need a raise and that's why he doesn't believe we should raise the minimum wage, what's that based on? because if you look at the evidence and more than evidence, if you listen to the stories, as i have now for more than a year of so many americans who haven't had a raise in 15 years, it raises serious issues about you know, how well he understands what's happening in the economy
4:35 am
to working people. >> so his answer would be he wants to create jobs and those jobs will raise wages. so he just has a different view. >> reporter: bernie sanders was here in jersey last night. but the garden state primary isn't till next month. so that means he is going to keep sticking it to hillary who he is most critical of when talk turns to donations. >> secretary clinton, she's raised her money in a different way. the traditional way. her major super pac reported $25 million from special interests including $15 million from wall street. >> reporter: sanders has been spending a lot of time lately in towns where factories have gone under. now he's in a place where casinos have been going under. but the one thing that is the same with all of these places is that a lot of people who have been affected by the downturn
4:36 am
are looking for something different, and they think they're getting it from bernie sanders. back to you. >> all right. peter doocy live on the boardwalk in atlantic city, new jersey. just look at the crowds behind bernie and then compare them to the crowds behind hillary clinton. there's such an enthusiasm deficit at many of her events. >> he's going to be key. remember when ted kennedy decided, okay, he lost the nomination to jimmy carter when he tried to challenge carter? >> kinda. >> and he never really got his people behind jimmy carter. he goes okay, i lose, i'm out. and carter lost. and unless bernie sanders turns around and says, listen, i can't win, but i want you to support hillary clinton and makes it believable, she can't win. >> right, right. mathematically speaking, he can't win mathematically speaking, right? >> because of the superdelegates. >> right, right. >> because the system is rigged. i've been to his big show. >> yeah, you have. 24 minutes before the top of the hour. heather, tell us about al qaeda. >> good morning. good morning everybody. a terror group pitted against
4:37 am
one another. al qaeda's leader encouraging jihadists in syria to join its battle, calling isis extremists, telling those isis guys to come on board with al qaeda. well, this message coming in a new audio recording. the first one that we have heard of since january. al qaeda losing its dom fainanco isis. terrifying moments as a cruise ship bursts into flames. take a look at this. >> get out of the way! >> well, passengers forced to crawl out of that ship and jump for their lives as that ship swallowed up by the massive flames. it happened while it was docked in vietnam. officials believe it happened in the kitchen. four were hurt there. and miami heat superstar dwyane wade stirring up some controversy after shooting hoops through that country's national anthem. watch this. ♪ o canada ♪ our home and native land
4:38 am
>> you can't do that during "o canada." what was he thinking there? well, some folks taking to twitter including the mayor of toronto, john tory. he wrote "hey dwyane wade a canadian invented the game. respect the anthem." wade insists he didn't mean any disrespect and blamed a scheduling change that conflicted with his pregame practice. what do you think about that? those are your headlines. ainsley? it took more than 1200 students ten weeks of planning and less than an hour to film this incredible lip-dub video that's going viral for a very good cause. ♪ i know my heart is a ghost town ♪ ♪ i was a king ♪ i want you to know ♪ i can't feel my face when i'm with you ♪ ♪ going down for real ♪ this is my fight song >> the students and teachers at avon high school in indiana coming together to raise money for a very good cause. that video right there raising $15,000 so far for families who cannot afford medical care. joining us now, the students of
4:39 am
avon high school along with two of the minds behind this video, micah prickette and teacher adam clark. thank you so much for being with us. thanks for having us. >> you're welcome. >> we talked to two of your classmates earlier in the show just about how you organized all of this. i know that had to be difficult. i know you had, like, one hour. was it study hall you had in order to tape this? what was that like? >> definitely. it was a lot of challenges that we faced, especially having almost 3,000 students here at avon. i would also say another aspect would be the various clubs that we have in avon high school. those 3,000 students separate into almost 100 clubs that we have. so it was definitely hard coordinating and communicating with all those different clubs. also, i don't know if you know this, but we had a tragic accident where one of our students died in a car crash the day before -- the night before we were actually supposed to start filming. so we pushed back our filming. and that kind of messed up our
4:40 am
schedule, but we want to do that to rally around his family of the one who died. >> so definitely we had a lot of challenges, but we came through them just like avon high school always does. >> wow, wow. well, it sounds like, you know, he has lots of -- your friend that you lost has lots of support and friends and it seems like a great group of kids because you're doing great things for other people. and this video is for charity. but you can't take place without the support of great teachers. and i know mr. clark, you're a teacher there. what is it like for you? i know you're proud of these students. >> oh, proud is not the right word. i'm impressed with these students and really when you talk about the number of students that have to come together, that's the thing that's most impressive to me. any one group of students that would have been appear thatheti it, but instead they come together for a great reason for a great cause and that's top to bottom. if you look closely our three
4:41 am
administrators are doing the whip and the nae nae. it starts at the students and goes all the way to the top. >> i come from a family of teachers. thank you for all that you do. you make such a difference. and you don't get paid enough. i wish you did, but i really appreciate everything you're doing to change all of the minds of those people behind you, those great students. i do want to see them perform. >> thanks so much. >> can you guys just take it away for us? >> absolutely. hit it. ♪ when i'm with you ♪ but i love it ♪ but i love it ♪ oh ♪ i can't feel my face when i'm with you ♪ ♪ be real ♪ oh oh ♪ let it go ♪ be yourself ♪ baby i'm worth it ♪ baby i'm worth it ♪ but i love it ♪ baby i'm worth it
4:42 am
♪ give it to me i'm worth it ♪ but i love it ♪ give it to me i'm worth it ♪ baby i'm worth it ♪ but i love it ♪ give it to me i'm worth it ♪ give to me i'm worth it >> excellent job, avon high school. thank you so much for that fun performance this morning. best wishes to all of you. coming up next, the obama administration's plan to improve our nation's schools transgender bathrooms. tucker carlson is here to react to that. can it actually be president donald trump? well, we have found an interactive map that shows at least five scenarios of how that could happen in a huge way. hi, everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. we're going to show you those five maps only here on "the real story" today at 2:00. [ light snoring ] hmmmmmm... hmmmmm...
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you wouldn't order szechuan without checking the spice level. it really opens the passages. waiter. water. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. hi, some quick headlines you may have missed over the
4:46 am
weekend. let's get started. russia launching a brand-new cold war with this new obama-flavored ice cream. the chill countertreat called little obama is glazed with chocolate and it features a smiling boy wearing an earring. how dare they. and a north carolina tow truck driver under fire for refusing to pick up a woman with a bernie sanders sticker on her car. she called for a tow. when he noticed the sticker, he told her to call the government for help and kept driving. >> the side of my truck says "shoopy." it doesn't say "freebie." every time i've dealt with these people, i get burned. >> because he works for a private business, that is not against the law to not tow a car. steve? all right. brian, thank you. today the governor of north carolina has to respond to the department of justice after being warned it is illegal to direct transgendered people to use the bathroom according to the gender on their birth
4:47 am
certificate. this as president obama plans an entirely new push for transgender rights in schools. here to react, "fox & friends" weekend host tucker carlson. you must be exhausted. good morning. >> good morning steve. >> why is the federal government making this push where they say we believe these transgender people are protected by title 9. >> well, that's a great question. it's a lot easier than actually improving schools. this is frivolous. that's the main problem with it. it's a solution in search of a problem. are there millions or thousands or even hundreds of transgender children facing skridiscriminat in schools? >> no. will it help them to better compete this the global economy? no. will it raise wages of anyone? no. now it's basically the enforcement arm of left-wing activist groups. i think dying on this hill for the democratic party is unwise because it doesn't speak to the actual needs or concerns of real people.
4:48 am
>> one of the things that i read this morning was that the administration has not defined yet what transgender means specifically. and so up until now and going forward, it's pretty much you get to pick your own sex, right? >> well that's exactly right. and this is what we haven't thought through. they haven't defined what transgender means. your sex is what you say it is. first that's designed with biological reality but it also has profound implications not just for bathrooms, schools or sports teams but also for the way the government allocates money. so the government gives out billions every year in grants and loans to, for example, women-owned businesses. and under the law you have to demonstrate that your business is run and owned by a woman. >> right. >> but you don't have to demonstrate that you are a woman. so there's nothing to prevent me from saying i am now a woman. you have to take me at face value. i want toes grants. there's no way to turn people down toward basically gaming the system. this sets up a conflict between transgender rights activists and feminist groups who are bas
4:49 am
basically on opposite sides of this question. >> exit question, this is politics, right? >> well, it is a weird kind of politics. it's a politics aimed at a tiny group of rich people for whom this is a powerful boutique issue. all my neighbors feel virtuous supporting and that's fine. i'm not for discriminating against anybody including transgendered kids. but there just aren't very many. and again, it doesn't speak to the concerns of the dwindling middle class in this country and the party that does that who speaks to people whose wages are low and not rising, that party wins. >> uk iter carls etucker carlso on a money, thank you. >> thank you very much. straight ahead, do you have a wedding dress that you wore once upon a time somewhere in a closet? what about some outdated electronics? we're going to turn your clutter into cash next. nice hand motions, brian, orb bernie. remember this song by bon jovi in 1989 with this, "i'll be
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spring is the perfect time to start throwing away all that extra stuff you don't need in your home anymore. and the good news is one man's trash is another man's treasure. so how do you turn that clutter into cash? and that's the big story. and that's why we brought consumer expert andrea warrick back with us to tell us how to empty our closet and make some extra loot. >> yes. >> you ready, andrea? >> i am. >> let's start with clothing. >> the average american throws away 65 pounds of clothing a year. and when you think about how much you spent on that clothing, that's a huge waste. especially because you can sell it online. so one of the first items i was going to talk about are bridesmaids dresses. now, this dress came from vow to be rich where you can actually rent them and save money. but if you bought one and you
4:54 am
spent the average of $150, sell it on or once wed. >> you need multiple. >> well, some women will just look for the color the style and then they'll look online. i sold a dress on ebay that i wore to a friend's wedding and i made back $70 on a $200 dress. >> what about baby cletothes? >> go to they'll send you this bag. you fill it up. you don't pay shipping. they'll go through it and give cash right to your online account. >> and you feel good you're getting the right numerical value for your clothing? >> exactly. and then as well if you have some luxury brands like marc jacobs or kate speade. >> everyone's got electronics. what do you do with them? >> so if u an old cell phone, laptop, tablet or dvds, you can sell those online. the old iphone 5, i found that you can get $55 for it at
4:55 am >> right. >> there's also where you can sell a cd player or laptop or bring them to target or best buy. they'll give you gift cards in exchange. >> you can turn in your dvds. >> dvds or video games. just take all your stuff in and see how much you can make. >> although that features george clooney and he is dreamy. >> you might want to hold on to that one. >> there you go, dvd player, clock radio, now jewelry. >> if you have costume jewelry, there are a few fun sites like people are posting their jewelry from a broken relationship they want to get rid of. if you have nice expensive pieces, go to a jeweler and get it appraised. also christie's or sotheby's also. >> if a relationship is going so well, you get married, by the way, the bracelet you bought me, terrible, let's cash it in. finally, books. i have tons of books. >> everybody has so many books cluttering their house.
4:56 am
it's time to get rid of them. cash in at you'll get 60 cents to $120 for the book depending on the condition and the popularity of it. and if you have college textbooks, velour books is an online marketplace that connects you with students looking for used textbooks and they pay for your shipping. so you don't even have to ship it out. you're getting poen right back. >> thanks so much. also thanks to vow to be chic because it's the only site we need to know about and the only place that really matters. all these websites online on great job. >> thank you. up next, powerful photos capturing george w. bush moments after the 9/11 attacks and they have never been seen until now. we'll share them. plus, bret baier here to react, trump snubbed by paul ryan. >> i was blindsided a little bit because he spoke to me three weeks ago and it was a very encouraging call. i was doing well. houston: mission allergy escape.
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good morning. it is monday, may 9th. we start with this. a fox news alert. a string of twisters tearing through the plains. unbelievable. these massive tornadoes touching down across the midwest. maria molina has a front-row seat and joins us live in moments. donald trump firing back at paul ryan who says he's not yet ready to get on board the trump train. >> i was blindsided a little bit because he spoke to me three weeks ago, and it was a very nice call, a very encouraging call. i was doing well. >> so what happened? between those two. bret baier on trump's highly anticipated meeting on capitol hill this week. have you seen this picture? it's hardly a salute. west point cadets raising their fists in the air in a tribute to the black panthers. man, that's a stunner. mornings, by the way, are better with friends.
5:01 am
♪ the lion sleeps tonight ♪ in the jungle >> aww. >> the "fox & friends," right now those animals are just running wild in the green room. good thing rudy giuliani got out of there. >> that's why here in here. >> mutual of omaha's wild kingdom is there on the couch. >> try that, "good morning america." >> they have. >> they have? okay. >> oh, gosh, give it a few more years. >> cats and dogs living together. republicans and democrats? >> i think we're going to bring in bret baier. how you doing? >> lions and tigers and bears. >> oh, my. what is going on in that round
5:02 am
building behind you where we just heard the sound bite from donald trump a couple weeks ago. he talked to paul ryan. things seemed to be just fine. suddenly donald trump is the presumptive nominee. and paul ryan was asked on another channel about endorsing trump. and he goes, not so fast. what happened? >> well, listen. to hear the ryan people talk, they said they were not sure that it was going to happen that fast, and they wanted to provide everyone some cover to be able to come to their own decisions. bottom line, i think there's some differences in policy on donald trump, how he's forecasting things. for example, on entitlements, on taxes, on minimum wage, on a number of things he's talking about which have been pretty much almost opposite to what paul ryan has been working on on the hill. i think this meeting on thursday will be a coming together of the minds and, you know, he will
5:03 am
be -- donald trump will be the republican nominee, and paul ryan, at least now, is scheduled to be the chairman of the convention. >> bret, unofficially, without going to a gallup poll, do you think ryan receives more blowback or more support for his decision? >> that's a great question, brian. i don't think we have a sense of how it breaks down. but i do think that party unity, i think the blowback would come from people in their states. and blowback from wisconsin republicans and blowback from people who are following this race. but up on capitol hill, you know, there's a lot of heads exploding about what to do with the party and going forward with donald trump as the standard bearer. i think some people are coming eventually to that side and saying it's going to be a good thing because he's expanded the base and people who haven't voted republican are now. other people are holding their ground, and believe it or not, holding out hope that there's a
5:04 am
third conservative one which seems pretty far-fetched to me. >> let's hear from donald trump and then get your reaction. >> he's a very good guy. he called me three weeks ago, and he was so supportive. it was amazing. i never thought -- >> so you're stunned. you feel blindsided by him? >> no, i would a stunned -- it's politics. i'm never stunned by anything that happens in politics. so i'm not -- i was blindsided a little bit because he spoke to me three weeks ago, and it was a very nice call, a very encouraging call. i was doing well. he called me i think to congratulate me about new york. >> i think a lot of us were a little stunned and taken aback by it. do you think he regrets, paul ryan, do you think he regrets not endorsing him and supporting him right out of the gate? >> i don't think so. i think this meeting on thursday is going to be where they kind of lay things out going forward. remember that paul ryan has been working behind the scenes with a number of committees to come up with legislative solutions essentially legislation in waiting. they're going to lay out all of these blueprints on different
5:05 am
things like obamacare replacement, on taxes, on entitlement reform. before the convention or at the convention. and i think the hope is to get some synergy with the party's nominee on what republicans in congress have been working on. >> all right. bret, let's go back. it was the very first fox news debate with all of the republicans on the stage, and you asked this question that we're still talking about. >> is there anyone on stage -- and can i see hands -- who is unwilling tonight to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the republican party? raise your hand now if you won't make that pledge tonight. mr. trump. >> okay. so it was donald trump then, eventually that came around and signed the pledge. but now there are all these republicans who are talking about i don't know -- who were on that stage -- who said they couldn't support him. >> lindsey graham, jeb bush.
5:06 am
>> to name a few. >> and others who have not come out and said definitively. has rubio? have others on that stage definitively said they'll back him? i think you know, you're going to see a lot of pressure on those people. you know, that original question, it got a lot of focus about trump and raising his hand. you know, by not raising their hand, that's what they were saying. two weeks later they all signed that pledge. and while it wasn't, you know, a binding pledge and everyone was talking about is donald trump going to be able to get out of it, it's not a legal document, it was saying, i will support whoever the nominee is. jeb bush said we don't have to worry about donald trump. he's never going to be the nominee. he said that to me. he said that numerous times. he's now the nominee. >> absolutely. >> and now jeb bush is not supporting him. >> and donald trump addressed this issue on "meet the press" over the weekend. here's his comment. listen to this. >> one of the reasons i didn't back away is that i happen to be, despite what a few people
5:07 am
think, i happen to be a very honorable guy. i signed a pledge. and that's a binding pledge. i heard it's not binding. it is binding. i have the best lawyers in the world. they say it's an absolutely binding pledge. jeb bush signed a pledge, a binding pledge. lindsey graham signed a binding pledge that they would support and endorse. that's what it says. now they're breaking. that's an honor -- you know, that's a question of honor. they are not honorable people when they do that. >> and you know, bret, there are a number of people who look in on this and go, that's the reason they don't like the establishment because they say one thing and do something else. >> yeah, and that's a fair point. and listen, it's not going to be a pretty picture if this battle within the republican party continues ahead of the convention. so from now until july 18th when the convention is gavelled in, the challenge will be really not for donald trump but for the other republicans to find a way to #eventuallytrump get to that
5:08 am
point. they're going to have to run another party, and that's going to be messy as well. >> oh, my goodness. the definition of messy. but jeb bush says i'm going to vote. i'm not going to vote for t of . governor perry says despite -- it got personal with him -- he says i'm going to support donald trump. as does senator john mccain who didn't run but certainly has a lot of power. he says he'll support donald trump if not reluctantly. >> here's the real challenge. hillary clinton is reaching out to republicans saying she has all these republicans calling her. and she's saying to republicans, you know, look at me. meantime, she's trying to coalesce her own party and get bernie sanders's supporters to get on board and say, you know, end this bernie sanders fantasy and come to my side. so the most progressive part of her party and republicans, she's trying to reach out to, and that is a tough line to walk. >> yeah, because after thursday, donald trump might have the support of the gop. we'll have to see. and then he can focus on beating
5:09 am
hillary. meanwhile, she's got to deal with bernie before she can even focus on fighting against donald trump. >> what a soap opera. >> yeah. >> she has a big buffer, a big lead, but he's still competing. and he's going to win some going forward including tomorrow probably. >> yeah, you're right. >> we're going to be watching bret baier on "special report" at 6:00 p.m. eastern time right here. >> great to see you on this monday. all right. fox news alert. tornadoes ravaging the great plains leaving a path of destruction leaving several people hurt. >> our own maria molina and her storm-chasing husband, reed timer, as you can see not far from that tornado as it tore a path of destruction through portions of the state of colorado. >> and this morning maria is live in wichita where she is tracking a second round of this wicked weather. good morning, maria. >> reporter: good morning. and that's right. like you mentioned, we saw that tornado in wray, colorado, touch down just north of town producing damage and unfortunately some injuries.
5:10 am
it was a very impressive and photogenic tornado, picking up a lot of dust, and it was very high base. you can actually see the tube extending far off, very -- at high elevations. now, we are in wichita, kansas, where we are expecting to see some severe weather. i want to share with you just some of the observations. as meteorologists, you're always looking to the sky. and take a look at those clouds. they are moving incredibly fast. so that just shows you how strong the winds are aloft. and when you get a lot of winds that are very fast moving and changing in direction with height, you could get a lot of wind shear, and that means the potential for supercells that could bring severe weather not only in the form of tornadoes but even damaging winds and also large hail. today we could be seeing storms across places like kansas, oklahoma and extending east into places like missouri and arkansas. there's a look at the area that could be seeing some severe weather. anywhere from eastern texas extending as far north as places like iowa and nebraska. stay safe out there today. let's head over to you in new york. >> you're right in the middle of the weather.
5:11 am
maria, thank you. let's hand it over to heather who has some headlines for us. starting with a fox news alert. good morning. >> good morning, ainsley and all of you. first, in tennessee, they are looking for a 9-year-old girl, carly trent is her name, and she's been missing since last week. her uncle by marriage took her out of school under false pretenses and now police are trying to locate the two. new surveillance video released from the day she went missing as her family and friends including carly's pediatrician join in on the search. that doctor now offering a $10,000 reward for her return. he joined us earlier on the show and spoke with ainsley. listen. >> we want to believe that there are circumstances here that we just don't understand and that's why we're telling mr. simpson if by chance you see this or you're listening, let me help or let us help. reach out. the only side i'm on is this precious little girl. >> if you have any information about the case, please call the number at the bottom of the screen. well, one of the world's worst criminals is now being held in mexico's worst prison. we just learned that el chapo
5:12 am
has now been moved to a secret federal penitentiary in juarez just across the border from el paso. d.e.a. officials say they are baffled by his transfer because this is to a lower-security facility. it's an area that's firmly controlled by the drug cartel that he heads up, by the way. mexican authorities say that they are confident that they can keep the drug kingpin from making a third prison break. really? this all happening as he awaits contradi extradition to the united states. wow. and the fist salute is, spaing some major outrage online. some are calling it racist. take a look at this from "the army times." the picture shows 16 black female cadets and a black panther style salute. now the students are dressed head to toe in their uniforms. these gals go to west point, by the way. critics are slamming this saying it violates military policies. the u.s. army forbids participating in political
5:13 am
activity while in uniform. west point has now launched an investigation. the cadets in the picture are set to graduate in two weeks. what do you think about that? and newly released pictures capturing former president george w. bush's response to the 9/11 terror attacks. take a close look here. the president seen in the sarasota classroom writing his remarks before he delivered them to the nation on 9/11 and also as he watches media coverage on air force one, also making a speech from the oval office. and meeting with top advisers in the emergency operations center. and those are your headlines. talking about these pictures, you see a lot of them where staff members are actually consoling one another on that day. and it just takes you right back to the memory of that and what we were all going through. >> we'll never forget. >> thank you, heather. straight ahead, is mitt romney plotting a secret campaign to run as a third-party candidate and defeat donald trump? h h herman cain says hang up the
5:14 am
phone. remember the most awkward apology ever? >> just as unique, both warm and direct. when you disrespect australian law, they will tell you firmly. >> how short is that cameraman? now johnny depp changing his tune. this just got interesting. so why pause to take a pill? and why stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right.
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5:18 am
the presumptive republican nominee, donald trump, is getting ready to have a capitol hill huddle this week on thursday with house speaker paul ryan. >> meantime, there's apparently a renewed push to come up with a trump alternative among some republicans. so why can't the party just rally around donald trump? >> herman cain is a former presidential candidate and a fox news contributor and joins us this morning from georgia. good morning to you, herman. >> good morning. >> hello, hello. good to be with you. >> we talked to you last week after donald trump became the presumptive nominee. he's heading to get the nomination. what is your message for all of these people with the hurt feelings and the never trump people and mitt romney who's considering a third-party run? what's your message to them? >> mitt and all of the anti-trump, never trump folks, look behind you, there is no army. what they hear are the voices of these resistance people pushing
5:19 am
against the presumptive nominee. there's no army back there. i don't get calls to my radio show saying that they want to go with a third-party candidate. i get calls on my show saying if trump is the presumptive nominee, i'm going to support trump. what is wrong with the establishment? i hear that every day. and we take calls even if people don't agree with me. the message is you're talking to yourselves. get your egos out of the way, and get behind the presumptive nominee. let me add one other point. remember the last time there was a movement such as this? ross perot. >> sure. >> he almost pulled it off. >> 19%. >> except -- exactly -- except for some reason that i don't know, maybe somebody knows, he suddenly pulled out. there were a lot of disappointed people. well, we now see a very similar movement with donald trump. and all of the people, as you indicated earlier, who signed the pledge to back the presumptive nominee, now they are going back on their word.
5:20 am
and steve, you hit it on the head earlier. this is why people don't like the establishment. they say one thing. they'll do something else. expecting the public to have very short memories. >> it's more than paul ryan. it's senator jeff flake and others and senator portman and others who are in tough congressional fights, and they don't want to be labeled as anti-hispanic because of donald trump's -- what he says about the wall and rapists. they are worried about the muslim vote or the way they look intolerant by what he said with that in the past. so they're worried about -- they might love him, but they feel as though the election fortunes will be cratered with him. >> they may have to do a little work and help clarify all of those misperceptions about donald trump. it might take some work. do it! rather than being wishy-washy and then being afraid to be on the down ticket from donald trump. most of those perceptions are misperceptions. and i have the audio --
5:21 am
>> maybe all of it will change on thursday when the gop gets together with donald trump. we'll have to see. thank you so much. herman cain. >> you're welcome. >> thank you, sir. meanwhile, are political fights like this stressing you out? our cyber guy says use your smartphone to calm down. what body aches? what knee pain? what sore elbow? advil liqui-gels make pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil.
5:22 am
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5:24 am
some quick hollywood headlines starting with a celebrity split. >> shut the [ bleep ] up. >> ozzy and sharon osbourne reportedly breaking up after ozzy had an affair with his hairstylist. okay, maybe that's the reason. the couple has been married for 33 years. they have three kids. and somewhat of a rocky past according to the writer. and remember the most awkward apology ever? >> australians are just as unique, both warm and direct.
5:25 am
when you disrespect australian law, they will tell you. >> johnny depp poking fun at the cringe-worthy apology he and his wife, amber heard, recorded after the two were caught smuggling their dogs into australia. listen. >> i would really like to apologize for not smuggling my dogs into england. >> and those are your headlines. >> i need to calm down as many other people do because the presidential election is heating up. and from debates to primaries, it can be enough to make your blood boil! >> luckily, steve, for you there is a smart way to find your inner calm, and it is just one swipe away. >> curt, the cyber guy, is here. he has smartphone apps to destress. what are you doing? >> honestly, i am so wound up about the political election. >> everybody is. >> i didn't realize how wound up i was until i started thinking you know what?
5:26 am
i forgot about these tools we have. and then i started feeling a lot better. take a deep breath with me. >> what's happening? >> let that deep breath out. we're talking about apps. so this one is called calm. it's calm radio. and you can just simply tune into, well, an app that helps you take a little moment out of the day to just chill out. and the theory is if you already know how to meditate, this would be great fthat. the other one that is actually really, really good is this one. and it's hard for me to get into that -- i can just have about five minutes of it. >> yeah. >> get me out of here. i'm out of the medication. let's take you to this one. this is a downloadable app called head space. and head space is the one that i need better because it's better because it's going to tell me exactly -- hello andy. thank you. so it takes you through a ten, ten-minute free meditation. we can hear it in the
5:27 am
background. andy is taking you through all of those. >> i love it. >> it will guide you through a meditation. after that they're going to try to get you to upgrade. just take ten minutes for ten days. what they're saying is you're going to see such a wild difference that it's worth continuing. and then there's the other one which i was reminded of called gratitude journal. gratitude journal is an app which it will let you -- we have it on screen here, the guide that gets you there -- you simply focus in on what we're grateful for. and it reminded me of the greatest advice i had from a guy working in a tv lot in l.a. he told me one day you look a little stressed out. let me give you a little tool. and this guy was too cool store schoo for school. you had to listen to him. he said in the shower i spend that time thinking what i'm grateful for and how i'm going to share that grateful feeling today. >> was it pat o'brien? >> it was not pat o'brien, ironically, but no, very cool guy, nelson. but he ended up changing my life, and i forgot i stopped
5:28 am
doing that for whatever reason. and this actually reminded me how valuable that can be. so that's called gratitude journal. and then finally i want to leave you this. this is a beautiful app suchly called pacifica. and the app can take you through deep breathing exercises. again, it's guided. and you'll spend $4 a month for it after its trial. all of these have taste tests to them so you don't spend anything with them. it tells you how to breathe right, how to inhale, how to exhale. okay, i've got it. and it takes you through these -- in the day when you just have a second to just break away from what you're doing, and you can have a smartphone to remind you what it feels like to be on a -- >> look at that. >> all of us are on the treadmill all the time. so it's nice that -- >> or the hamster wheel. >> an app to calm down. then again, maybe we should just put the smartphone down. >> but it would not have helped
5:29 am
the segment. >> smartphone guy's got to find the good stuff. >> go to fox & friends on facebook. >> thank you so much, curt. good to see you. >> you're very welcome. it's so nice to calm down with you. >> i love that. sounds like church bells. >> this is calm. calm radio. this is singing bowls channel. >> we've got to give this to the control room because they're yelling at us because we have to go to break. >> great to see you. what happens when vegan restaurant owners get caught eating meat? these two just found out. >> this is breaking news. then the invictus games are under way right now. leah gabriel find out what it's like to play wheelchair basketball. she'll be joining us in florida next. allergies.
5:30 am
and i'm doing just fine. claritin provides 24-hour relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 allergens. yeah, over 200 allergens! with claritin my allergies don't come between me and victory. live claritin clear.
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5:33 am
for you on this monday morning. an escaped killer is still on the loose in the state of new jersey. >> police are saying he made arrangements to surrender at a rest stop but vanished right before he got there. >> our fox affiliate is live in lacy township, new jersey, with the very latest on this manhunt. good morning. >> reporter: well, we're going to have my cameraman step out here and go above the trees down there. and coming out of the trees you'll see the new jersey state police helicopter. it's been circling around here for over an hour, part of the massive search 50 miles south of new york city here for this escaped prison -- escapee from last week. and this guy's done a couple of real stupid things. first of all, he walked out of this prison. they haven't told us how. but it was a psychiatric part of a prison. even though he was eligible for parole may 21st. and the second thing that he did, the surveillance pictures that are pretty fresh from last night here at this rest stop in the middle of the garden state
5:34 am
parkway which is a north/south toll road here in new jersey, he had made arrangements through his family to turn himself in but got spooked for some reason and took off on foot looking like you see there in the surveillance picture carrying a gallon of water wearing gray shorts, gray sweatshirt and construction boots and went into the woods apparently according to the surveillance video. and that was when he was last seen. this is a densely wooded area in new jersey right below new york city. so that's why it's a tough search. why he would run, who knows? why he would run and get spooked after he said he was going to turn himself in. but they've got some heavily armed officers out just in case. they don't think he's armed, but they've got cops at every school in this area. they're not closing the schools, but they are still concerned, and that's why they've got the cops at all of the schools. guys? >> steve keely live on the garden state parkway with the very latest, thank you. a guy loose with nothing to lose, not good. >> it is puzzling, he's so close to pack roled.
5:35 am
>> i know. >> why then? let's hand it over to heather with headlines for us. good morning. >> good morning. a tragic story to start off with right now that strikes a college football community. university of alabama-birmingham running back greg bryant has now been declared brain dead just one day after he was found shot in a car along interstate 95 in west palm beach, florida. the investigation is now being classified as a homicide. and detectives are searching for witnesses. bryant started his college career playing football at notre dame. he then transferred to the university of alabama at birmingham last year. our prayers go out to his family today. tragic story. well, a plane crash landing into a building in california after losing power. it happened yesterday at an office park just outside los angeles. the pilot broke his ankle but is otherwise expected to be okay. his passenger escaped without a scratch. look at that. and new fallout from the military's central command. an employee at centcom's joint intelligence office who spoke about cherry-picked intelligence
5:36 am
in the war against isis has now been reassigned for cursing and creating a hostile work environment. the pentagon already investigating claims by more than 50 analysts claiming that they were pressured to tone down their analyses of a rising jihadist threat in iraq and afghanistan. we'll keep you posted on that story. what happens when a vegan restaurant owner gets caught eating meat? well these two just found out. a pair of vegan restaurant owners getting death threats after their customers found out that they ate meat. well, the two opened their restaurant in california about ten years ago. and they recently posted these photos on their blog showing meat packages and jars of beef broth. they used these photos to announce that they're no longer meat free and now all these people are really upset about it. those are your headlines. i think people should find better things to do. >> vicious over vegan. >> okay. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i guess in order to own a vegan restaurant, you have to be vegan? i don't know. you probably should be. >> practice what you preach. >> you know more about it.
5:37 am
nearly 500 wounded warriors from 14 separate nations are participating the invictus games in orlando this week. >> fox news correspondent leah gabrielle is there in orlando and following all the action for us. haleigh ya. >> reporter: hey there, guys. can you hear cheering in the background. lots of excitement here. the opening ceremony was last night. we heard from a wounded athlete who's on active duty now who had been burned over 80% of his body. so he was like the legendary phoenix who had risen from the ashes. and that is true in a sense for so many of these men and women who have overcome major injuries and illnesses that they encountered while they were serving to protect our global security. and i was honored to spend time with a few of our athletes and learn a little bit about what it took for them to make it here. ♪ it felt like we were playing bumper cars for a second. >> it's a little illegal, some of the hits.
5:38 am
technically there's no contact. >> reporter: no contact? >> no contact. >> reporter: in this sport? are you kidding me? no contact? >> it is fun, though. >> reporter: watching these guys play is inspiring. and when they finished their skril a scrimmage, they challenged me to give it a shot. there's a special camaraderie among those who have served, and today they're going to show me how they play their game. how do you swivel? >> you can put it on your lap and then push. move forward. and then grab it. dribble once. there you go. you're a natural. >> reporter: i turned the wrong way. >> like regular basketball. put it over your head, nice and high. perfect! yeah! >> reporter: yeah! it takes major coordination. so do you want to try a little 2
5:39 am
v. 2? we're a team right here. >> let's do it. >> yay! >> one, two, three, usa! >> reporter: well, you can see i had a great time with those guys, spent some time with them yesterday, and they gave me a jersey. they are pumped. and i've been spending some time this morning with someone who i have a special kinship with because we were both sailors. as you know, i was in the navy and this is krissi. and she was in the coast guard. now, krissi, you were injured about four years into your service. and now you're a swimmer. tell us about that. >> i am. i use swimming as a recovery. i joined the navy safe harbor wounded warrior, and it's really been an amazing time for recovery and helped me with my recovery process. >> reporter: now, you say that this is something that you felt alone in wihen you had your
5:40 am
injury but that adaptive sports really found you. >> yes. a lot of time especially with a tbi, you don't know what to do. but when you're around all of the people who go through the same thing with you as you, it motivates you to keep going. >> tell us about your actual injury, how it happened, and then what it's like being here at the invictus games now. >> okay. i was hit by a drunk driver as a pedestrian. i suffered a lot, and i worked towards it. and navy wounded warrior called me and offered me to go to their training camp. and i went and it has motivated me to come ear, and i ended up here at the invictus games. >> reporter: it's so incredible being here with you. now, you told me that you got a special kiss last night and a hug from someone. who was that? >> prince harry hugged me and george bush kissed me. >> reporter: that is so cool. so great to have you here with us and to talk about this. now, prince harry created these games because he says that he wanted to show the world what
5:41 am
these men and women are capable of. well, i will tell you, they are vin vi invictus, and i am inspired. >> as are we. leah gabrielle, thank you very much from orlando. it's great. runs through the 12th. >> it's the perfect facility for these events. multiple areas, great place for the fans to see and it's a great -- obviously it's easy to get transported in and out of the complex. >> that's tom shaw's facility. that's where he trains a lot of athletes in the off-season. >> yeah, it sits right out there in the middle. zoo thanks, leah. that is inspiring. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. house speaker paul ryan not ready to board the trump train. >> i'm just not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now. >> okay, not right now, but does donald trump even need paul ryan? peter johnson jr. on deck next. then a tiger cub and a puppy and a crocodile. >> walk into a green room. sounds like a children's story.
5:42 am
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5:45 am
we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today. some republicans in congress still not giving their unified support to donald trump, but the presumptive nominee has one thing to say. >> i don't think it actually has to be unified in the traditional sense. i'm going to do what i have to do. i have millions of people that voted for me because i have strong borders, because i want strong trade, i want good trade. i want trade. i don't want to be an isolationist. i have to stay true to my principles also. and i'm a conservative. but don't forget, this is called the republican party. it's not called the conservative party. you know, there are conservative parties. this is called the republican party. >> but does donald trump even need endorsements i about the republican establishment to win the white house? let's talk to fox news legal
5:46 am
analyst pete j.j. >> this is the donald trump we all know and remember that we saw over the weekend. you know, paul ryan and some other folks in congress and a conservative magazine and maybe a conservative radio talk show host were trying to bring him to heel and say donald, we're going to put you in a 12-step program. there's going to be an interventi intervention. you're going to unify the party. that means change everything that you've been saying for the last nine months. you're going to come to heel. you're going to sick for your supper, donald trump. we're going to break you. by the time we get to the convention, you will be one with us. a congress that no one believes in. you know, 65% of the american people think we're going in the wrong direction. >> right. >> in this country. so they're going to retrain donald trump, and they're going to say, donald, we're not going to put a muzzle on you, but we want to hear what you have to say. and if you come along to believe what we kind of believe in, which in the congress is stalemates, the party of no -- >> gridlock. >> -- very little getting done, grit lock, let's see if we can gridlock you, shut you down, have you lose, blame you anyway
5:47 am
and then go on and get the nomination four years later. that's not a prescription in my mind for success in any other party. and so what donald trump is proving is that the establishment does have control, and it's his breaking point now to decide whether he goes along with that or not. does he keep word with the people who voted with him and say, listen, i'm not paying attention to what washington wants me to do. i'm going to do what i want to do. it's been successful thus far, and i'm going to continue. >> sure, i understand that. and he has been the anti-establishment guy all along. >> that's why he's successful. >> exactly right. so it would make sense that there would be some hurt feelings. but at the same time going forward, this would prove his meddle at being a great negotiator if he's able to bring the establishment and the anti-establishment people together to get something done. >> you're absolutely right. and that's absolutely correct. and it's part of making the deal. but part of making the deal means keeping first principles. meaning keeping faith with the
5:48 am
people who voted for you, keeping it as a matter of conscience and as a matter of who you are as a person. this will be a test of whether donald trump believes what he has said in the past. or whether he folds like a cheap suit to the congressional establishment and the right-wing small media. i don't believe that he will. i don't believe that he is a cheap suit. i disagree with a lot of what he's said and how he's said it but i think he's been effective as a candidate. and in order for him to maintain first principles, he's got to sta i with who he is. >> exit question. on thursday when they come out and make a joint statement, who will have bent the furthest, donald trump or paul ryan? >> congress and ryan will eventually. paul ryan, if he wants to keep his position as the convention chairman, obviously has to say, i'm for donald trump. it would be a little bit silly, wouldn't it, if he were the convention chairman and he's saying, well, i don't really know where donald trump is, and
5:49 am
maybe he can come along, and he can unify us, but i don't quite agree with him. i mean, come on. is it a suicide mission or do they want to win in november? this is a test this week. we'll see. >> there's the sound bite right there. >> okay. >> peter johnson jr., thank you. >> see you. all right. up next on this monday, look at that fox. yes. i'm talking about the animal, folks. we're opening up the cages next here on the fox news channel. but first, let's check in with martha for a preview of what happens in 11 minutes. >> good morning. good to see you this morning. so the trump/ryan showdown is this week. trump appears ready to rumble. "the wall street journal" says that he is about to blow it. but the campaign says nah, who needs the party? so who is better for the party? and who's better for women? trump goes for the jugular on bill clinton's past this weekend and hillary is fighting back. there are those just up and then some real tornadoes on the ground as well that we want to show you, give you an update on what's going on there when bill
5:50 am
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5:53 am
ainsley, it's time to -- are we on a tv show? >> luyou're, like -- >> three, two, one. >> i'm in my own world. >> and take two. welcome back, everybody. >> we have animals on the set. we're excited about that. well, they can save an endangered population. they can be cute, cuddly or even a little dangerous at a young age, but you can't help but smile when you see a baby animal. >> from mutual of omaha's wild kingdom is here with all sorts of live animals. good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. how you doing? >> who's our first contestant? >> all right. we have a baby tiger. >> hi. >> all right. so this is a baby bengal tiger.
5:54 am
>> right. >> he's only about two months old. his name's wyatt. and they're from mostly china and russia and a little bit south of there as well. and they actually are wonderful the largest big cats in the world. >> hi. >> take a look at that paw. >> so that is a cat. explain, stephanie, as we bring over the dog, how is the dog -- why are the dog and the cat such good friends? >> okay. so obviously we know that tigers are not meant to be around humans every single day. so this is a tiger ambassador. and we want them to feel comfortable. >> aww. that is adorable. >> we want them to feel comfortable when they come on the news and meet people. and so the dogs are comfortable around people tells the tiger, hey, guys, it's totally okay here. >> really? >> it's like a sibling. >> they pick up the signals? >> yeah. >> how long can they live together before you have to separate them? >> about a year. they'll stay together for about a year and then they'll separate. >> is that true of most wild animals, just a year?
5:55 am
>> no, it really depends on the species and also the animal. >> does he have a home? because i think steve wants to bring him home. >> i'm in line already. >> who else do we have? >> so we also have three foxes. >> well, it's the fox news channel. >> yes. >> there goes my dog. can i get a lint brush here? >> the tiger can't be near the fox? >> we just went for extra safety. we just want to be safe. >> has anyone seen a fox? >> have you seen a fox at fox? >> yes. well, we have three. and they're about a month and a half old. they're kit boxes. >> red fox. >> they start off gray and black. here, i'm going to give this one to you, brian. actually, steve, do you want one? >> sure. why not? >> release the hounds. >> so these three were born about a month and a half ago. and they would live in the den with mother and father and actually for the first two to three weeks, mom is so dedicated that dad actually has to go out
5:56 am
and get food and bring it back to mom. >> that's awesome. >> so happy mother's day to all the mother foxes. >> they are very kittenlike, right? >> they're in the family, but they do kind of have catlike tendencies. >> have they ever been domesticated? are they good watchdogs? >> no. absolutely not. a fox, coyote, wolf, you do not want to have them as a pet. >> why is that? >> because they're shy. they're skittish. >> even red foxes? >> yes. >> and they're gray. >> oh, my gosh. okay, thank you. wow! >> all right. >> we're going to find out more about that critter in just a minute and take a quick break. you're watching "fox & friends" live from the jungle. (vo) on the trane test range, you learn what makes our heating
5:57 am
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6:00 am
so sweet. and i think we have heather's too. >> first mother's day is absolutely the best. so happy for you and will and hayden. and these are my boys. they're ages 5 and 6. they just beat one another up all day because that's what little boys do. >> happy mother's day. see you tomorrow. bill: fox news alert two breaking stories regarding national security threats. iran test firing another ballistic missile, thumbing its nose at the nuclear deal. and a startling report on the shrinking of our armed forces. martha: tehran's new saber rattling setting off alarm bells. this latest missile test verifies it puts' u.s. and israeli bases within its range. according to the "army


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