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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 9, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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so sweet. and i think we have heather's too. >> first mother's day is absolutely the best. so happy for you and will and hayden. and these are my boys. they're ages 5 and 6. they just beat one another up all day because that's what little boys do. >> happy mother's day. see you tomorrow. bill: fox news alert two breaking stories regarding national security threats. iran test firing another ballistic missile, thumbing its nose at the nuclear deal. and a startling report on the shrinking of our armed forces. martha: tehran's new saber rattling setting off alarm bells. this latest missile test verifies it puts' u.s. and israeli bases within its range. according to the "army times,"
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there are less than 480,000 soldiers on active duty. bill: tell us about the latest nuclear test. >> this was the third time in two months iran test fired a ballistic missile one test fired in march was inscribed with the phrase "israel must be wiped out." a news agency in iran claims his missile has a range of 1,300 miles. iran says these tests do not violate if the nuclear deal, but it's a clear provocation that comes right after washington
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imposed new sanctions upon iran back in march. bill:ist also comes at a time when our prop levels are the lowest we have seen since the second world war. reporter: the army times is reporting the number of active duty troops is the lowest since 1940. the goal is to get down to 475,000 by september. 450,000 next year, and it would mean they will be the lowest they have been since 1910. bill: two very important stories starting our week for the white house. martha: donald trump calling
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party unity nice, but not necessarily necessary. the presumptive gop nominee shrugs off how speaker paul ryan says he's withholding his support until he can prove he will bring the party together. but trump says, i'm not that kind of candidate. >> i think it's a mistake not to do this? does the party have to be together and be unified? i actually don't think so. i think it would be better if we were unified. i think there would be something good about it. but i don't think it has to be unified in the traditional sense. i'm going to do what i have to do. martha: it was quite a weekend for donald trump to be sure. >> we were with him in nebraska and washington.
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several big rallies in cities there. i talked with a prominent member of the republican national committee. he told me the next seven days for the election campaign will be crucial for the republican party. will it become the donald trump party or the donald trump-led party or will it split into different factions. bob dole and dick cheney and rick perry has endorses him. paul ryan has worked hard to build his republican agenda. now comes along donald trump who has an agenda that is in many ways at odds with him. after the meeting thursday, will donald trump begin to bend a little bit? >> i like paul ryan. i think he's a very good guy.
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he called me three weeks ago. he was so supportive it was amazing. >> do you feel blindsided? >> i was blindsided because he spoke to me three weeks ago it was a nice encouraging call. he called i think to congratulate me about new york. paul ryan's people clarified this and said they didn't talk three weeks ago. they talked in march. but donald trump didn't rule out the possibility of removing paul ryan as the chairman of the upcoming convention. martha: to suggest he will bump paul ryan out if he won't be behind him at that convention is stunning. the tax issue he talked about a couple weeks ago. he was asked by matt lauer and he said yes, i would.
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then we had his spokes people on the show the next week and said what does that mean? oh, he's only talking about specific people. but this weekend he said i would absolutely consider raising taxes which is antithetical. reporter: i didn't see the shows but i read the transcripts. and what he's talking about for the most part, he's got a plan, a baseline for tax reduction. but he knows when he gets that through congress that that baselines will probably increase somewhat. though he left open the possibility the very wealthy will pay more. but he said i want tax reduction for the middle class and for business. the increase he's been talking about is over the baseline of what he's proposing. and he talked about the minimum wage. earlier he said we shouldn't but now he's saying we should.
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by the should be left up to the states. >> on the minimum wage i would like to leave it to the states. every state is different with a different cost of living. but $7.25 i pretty tough. as far as i'm concerned, i could see something happening there. reporter: this is why people are wondering if he's going to stick to his position. talking about whether he will be able to raise the mobby necessary to mount a general elect campaign, i talked to one person who is a prominent mitt romney fundraiser. a lot of people coming on board the trump train. bill: we'll bring in byron york now. here we go. we are sick days into this, right? how's it going? >> so far so good.
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trump has gotten support of prominent republicans. membership mcconnell and john mccain said the same same thing. mcconnelmcconnell. paul ryan said he would like to support donald trump but right now he can't. it would be good for donald trump to soften the approach and not give in on any of the principles trump feels were important to his victory. so far right now trump's position has been, i won, get in line. he will probably have to do a little care and feeding as far as republican are concerned. bill: sarah palin came out over
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the weekend and said she want to go after paul ryan and his speakership? >> paul ryan is facing a republican challenger in the primary in the fir congressional district of wisconsin. but paul ryan has been in office for 16 years. he had a primary challenger in 2012. the louisiana type sarah palin cape to wisconsin was right before that april 5 primary. he spoke to the milwaukee county republican party and i was there. the audience sat on it hand the whole time. she had a hard type getting any response. bill: what did that suggest? >> it suggests sarah palin is not the most popular poll figure in wisconsin. wisconsin when found out is a
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different thing. after ted cruz beat donald trump so handily in wisconsin, we thought be is this a turning point or is wisconsin unusual? we found out wisconsin is unusual but that's where paul ryan is elected. martha: donald trump turning his fire to hillary clinton. >> she i married to a man who hurt many women. hillary hurt many women, the women that he abused. martha: strong word. trump invoking bill clinton's infidelity scandal. bill: twisters tearing through the heartland.
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martha: crazy with the this mother's day weekend. this twister in colorado traveled on the ground for 10 miles. five people were hurt but are expected to be okay. we are told several other tornadoes touched down in that area and more storms are on the way. >> donald trump just won a republican primary. he point overwhelmingly. the largest turnout of republican voters in all the primaries and he's an historic leader.
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it's his agenda that has been cemented that republicans and independent want. there will be a process. there will be meeting of minds. there is a lot that unites the leadership in the congress as well as donald trump. bill: that was paul manafort saying actual's success at the polls show he's what the americans want. governor sununu, trump is the head of the party, what do you think? >> unless trump does something unrepublican i'll stick to my supporting the nominee.
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manafort didn't refer to paul ryan's agenda, he referred it to the republican agenda and that's a bigger issue. there are certain issues important to republicans. taxes is amongst those. how you deal with the minimum wage issue. issues relative to trade is amongst that. and manafort is right. trump won 40% of the vote of the republicans which is 30% to 35% of the total vote. he built up a cult amongst 14% of the voters. that means there are other republicans he has to bring to the fold. and there are independent he has to bring to the polls if he want to win the presidency including conservative republicans. if manafort and trump think they will shove the rather flexible and undefined agenda he did very
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well with with getting 13% of the voters, they will have to do better than that. bill: what he just said is there will be a meeting of the minds. which i interpret as there will be party unity at some point. >> the concern republicans have is trump keeps saying he doesn't think party unity is necessary. if you start with that attitude and that perspective you won't be able to move this thing in the right direction. bill: i think what he said is i don't need all of them. but on party unity. it's early. perhaps in hindsight for republicans it's's good trump is this far ahead in the following respect. in 2008, hillary clinton did not concede until june. we are getting political dirty laundry on the table now and
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getting most of it resolved before cleveland in mid-july. >> assumed may be the wrong word. i think hope is a much more appropriate word. but the trump campaign has to start bringing in some serious advisers, particularly on foreign policy. he has really frightened a lot of senior republican members in terms of what he has been saying about national security. he has to figure out what he really wants to say on taxes. he has to figure out what he wants to say on dealing with the republican platform. he's got time to do it. but from what we saw in the last 7 days, they are not making a serious effort. bill: hillary clinton is making the case that republicans will vote for her. watch. >> i think for a lot of people again who take their vote seriously and really see this as
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a crossroads kind of election, i am asking people to come join this campaign and i have had a lot of outreach from republicans in the last days who say that they are interested in talking about that. bill: i know you are not one of them. you told us last week and again today, up and down republican ticket. is there something going on out there with that? >> that's why i was saying what i was saying. mr. trump has to start enunciating a policy that makes republicans not feel that way. that's part of the challenge that he has. bill: john sununu in new hampshire. martha: for everything there is a season, it has been said, even apparently illegal immigration. the sudden spring surge on our border and why it's especially alarming.
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bill: hundreds of passengers on a cruise ship have the norovirus. the ship owners say they are undertaking extensive sanitation measures and cooperating thoroughly with maritime authorities. it left england on the 16th of april.
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martha: it was two years ago when we saw a dramatic surge in children flooding our borders. the problem is still overwhelming our country. william, they threw resources at this a couple years agene apparently it didn't work. reporter: the ex bus from central america is the largest mass immigration to the united states is the largest since the boat lift. officials say if you are caught at the border -- and they are unprepared for the surge from the men and woarnl and children from central america. the numbers show it didn't work. for the first specifics months of this fiscal year, 28,000 urn accompanied children have shown up at borders seek asylum.
6:26 am
but even more children and families, 32,000 already. and the agents i spoke to say there is no sign of it going down. >> the numbers in 2015 declined from 2014. but they did increase this fall and we remain concerned about seasonal increases. reporter: the seasonal aspect is because it's spring and you don't want to try to cross in the middle of summer. last week in texas he found two 2-year-olds in the weeds just sitting there, but at least the families know they will be taken care of. martha: why is this happening? reporter: i'm told voters may not be listening to donald trump and secretary clinton, but they are. what the people of central america are hearing is prompting them to leave.
6:27 am
if you believe secretary clinton who favors illegal immigrants to stay here so you need to get here so you will be included in a mass immigration reform bill. the backlog is 800,000 cases, that's five years. what's happening is reerl releasing these individuals with a piece of paper and a notice to appear and a right to new york this country and that's drawing people to the u.s. so this information campaign is failure given the ability to come to the america and work and likely stay. martha: if they can get here they can stay and likely nobody will come after them. bill: an escaped convict still not caught after he failed to turn himself in at a highway rest stop. bill: donald trump dirk out new attacks on hillary clinton.
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bill: it's deadline day for north carolina's controversial bathroom law. the justice department giving them until today to pull the plug on the law saying it violates equal protection. >> we don't think three working days is enough top respond to such a threat. reporter: did they respond to your request for an extension? >> they said no unless we'll give you a one-week extension the government admits publicly
6:32 am
that the ruling, their language regarding bathrooms does in fact discriminate. i'm not going to publicly announce something discriminates that agrees their letter because we are talking about a letter in which they are trying to define gender identity. bill: the justice department threatened north carolina with a loft and they risk losing hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funds. >> there was nobody that was worse than bill clinton with women. hillary clinton's husband abused women more than any man that we know of in the history of politics. she is married to a man who got impeached for lying. he was impeached. and he had to go through a whole big process, and she is going to
6:33 am
take ads about little donald trump? i don't think so. hillary was an enabler and she treated these women horribly. some of those women were destroyed not by him, but by the way that hillary clinton treated them after everything went down. martha: donald trump going after both hillary and bill clinton, accusing hillary of enabling bill's behavior with other women. matt schlapp is here. marianne marsh is former senior adviser to john kerry. i want to get your fresh reaction after hearing that sound from donald trump. >> there is no question donald trump and hillary clinton know the white house will be won by women voters. you can see their strategy laid out in front of you. donald trump is attacking
6:34 am
hillary clinton to suppress the turn out amongst women. hillary clintonn is in virginia trying woo independent and republican women to support her. martha: matt, what do you think? >> the rules republicans have followed the last 20 years talking about bill clinton and his scandals turned out to be a political losers and donald trump is going to take on all these rules and test the hypothesis to see if he can come out with something bert. maybe it wasn't about the sex, maybe it was the clintons have a second set of rules and they may by their own set of rules. martha: the thing hillary will go after donald trump about are the statement. the words he has used, the things he has called women. it was brought up to him at our
6:35 am
first debate. for the purpose of showing this would be a factor down the road and something he would have to confront and deal with. we are look at his strategy. instead of making excuses and saying here is why i said that. he's saying those were words. that was a show. that was talk. let's talk about real behavior. is that a winning strategy for him? >> clearly trump thinks it will be. he's turning conventional wisdom on its head. at this stage in a campaign you are normally trying to run a positive campaign. donald trump is not doing that because his unfavorability ratings are so high he knows he can't bring them back down. he's attacking her on that front and he's hoping women get turned off by this campaign. hillary clinton is drawing a sharp contrast. the clip you played of hillary
6:36 am
clinton. she says i'm running for you. you may be afraid of this guy and you may not like me, but at least you know you can trust me not to do something irresponsible. martha: she is very measured and statesman like saying is this what you want? in the background we have this twitter fight with elizabeth warren and donald trump and it raises questions about what warren's future role will be. this is where this stuff is at. a twitter battle. he says i hope corrupt hillary clinton chooses goofy. i will defeat them both. >> she is kind of like the king
6:37 am
maker or queen maker on the progressive side. elizabeth warren being full-throat in her support for hillary clinton. her husband doubled down and picked a moderate southerner. maybe hillary clinton is thinking she should double down and pick another progressive woman. he will go out and say she is playing the card in a way that people don't like. and people will go after her. it's a fascinating race. martha: you look at an issue a republican could be vulnerable on. donald trump is finding some midland ground here. he's saying they do a lot of great things for women and that will get a lot of people fired up. but it negates the argument coming from hillary clinton.
6:38 am
>> no question. the more important development over the weekend is donald trump changed his position on the minimum wage. it's important to single women who will be the determinant subset. he has not been there on that. he said i don't know how people live on $7.25 an hour. he's change his positions on economics that appeal to women. every rule everyone has known about all these elections where you start positive, then you draw a contrast. throw them all out the window. you are seeing it played out in may in front of you. >> he's taking these issues one by one saying i can be flexible on the minimum wage and planned the parenthood, and by the way, when it comes to who treats women better, look at bill clinton. >> i would push back on planned parenthood.
6:39 am
he's saying as long as they provide abortion services they shouldn't get federal fund. they do other things, i might be okay with that. on the minimum wage he's saying let the state take care of it. he will be a deal maker. i don't think he want to raise taxes. what he's saying, if we get a big comprehensive tax reform package, i'm not going to worry about that too much. that's what we see going on here. donald trump is a wildcard on where he will be on these policies. i think he will have to give a lot more defend anything as we get to cleveland and the convention and the platform. i think it will be a huge contrast for voters. >> what could he say? >> i think the reality here is the general election is between donald trump and hillary
6:40 am
clinton. and hillary clinton will stand on her own two feet. bill: decision time for the f.b.i. and hillary clinton. the fed could be close to a decision and what could that decision be. judge napolitano on the bench. martha: genocide by isis reminiscent of the nazi's destruction of the jews as the world sits by as history repeats itself. >> each person has a purpose. and if they have no purpose, what happens? >> we kill them.
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martha: cnn asked brewer why she
6:44 am
is not on that list? >> i'm not on that list. >> would you be willing to be considered? >> i would be willing to serve in any capacity i could be of help with with donald on. that's a tremendous list to choose from. they are all wonderful people and well qualified. reporter: donald trump says he may not announce until the summer and only time will tell. reporter: chilling insight into the genocide being carried out by isis. in sinjar * over a 5-month period isis soldiers reportedly killing 5,000 people. the isis killing machines drawing comparisons to mass murder by the nazis and adolph hitler. >> they say don't worry.
6:45 am
>> they don't think they are going to die. that's why they come. >> that's why they come. then we begin the solution. >> the father says they are registered, separated and ordered to hand over money, jowly, cell phones. isis had a plan for everyone. >> a 10-year-old boy can care i why bomb, he will carry a bomb. this girl is beautiful, she'll be sold as a sex slave. >> each person has a purpose. >> each person has a purpose. >> if they have no purpose what happened. >> they kill them. bill: that is father patrick dubois who took the krien to the town of sinjar *.
6:46 am
and that story is repulsive. >> we talked about the incarnation of evil in the last century. isis is the incarnation of evil in this century. isis is worse than hitler in some ways, they have only gotten started. they have not only executed the yazidi and christians and turning little girls into sex slaves. to see what they are doing now. anybody who thick they wouldn't hesitate to use them, they do that. bill: we have not stopped them. here is more from that report. >> how do you stop the machine. >> it can be stopped only with victory. military. >> kill the idea?
6:47 am
>> kill people who carry them. bill: she had the right thought there, kill the idea. how do we allow this to happen in 2016. >> a lot of people didn't know about it. i think it wasn't an accident, who were the first people isis went after? they beheaded the journalists. they said get out of our area. why did they do that? they don't want witnesses to what they are doing. i talked to the president of iraq about a year and a half ago, he said the isis group, they think they have been chosen by the almighty and designated by mohammed to kill, kill everyone who is not a subscriber to their version of islam. they feel they have the responsibility to do it. they think thish victory has been preordained.
6:48 am
they want to bring on the end times. bill: isis went after the yeah e yazidis because they think they are devil worshipers. the report last night suggests there are thousands still being held. usually in america when this is happening there would be a call to arms to stop it, and there is none. >> it's not just a call to arms. you can't just militarily destroy them. but you have to kill the ideology. that's what we have been so hesitant to do. the political correctness. we don't want to call it islamic extremism because we don't want to offend anybody. until we start offending people that ideology will grow and gain adherence. bill: who knows what else is
6:49 am
happening. when you don't have reporters in parts of the world, you get things like rwanda. and it happens when leaders don't have the guts to step in and do something about it. >> who is the on leader in the free world who can do that? the united states. we have a president and cabinet offices and hillary clinton who looked the other way. they talk about it but they don't take action. bill: maybe they watched 0 minute * and that will make a difference. martha: a devastating wildfire destroying entire neighborhood and shutting down power grid. firefighters say this could go on for a very long time. bill: this man deported four times. you will never believe where he was just found. for their wedn
6:50 am
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bill: police in delaware aresting a man they have seen before. f.b.i. document show was caught with a bag containing 5,000 dollars in cash. he was arrested in 1999. reported back to the dominican republic after each arrest that followed. martha: good news for firefighters battling that massive wildfire in bert, canada. cooler temperatures and light rain are forecast to move in the next few days.
6:54 am
a surveillance camera captured this on an iphone and it shows one couple's home as they watched it burn together ground it's hard to see. but it's over on the left-hand side. they got a look at what was happening at home via that phone. will, what are conditions today and what is the outlook? >> conditions looking better today than they were this weekend. this entire region is bone dry after a mild winter. firefighters on the ground have given this fire a nickname. they are calling it the beast. when you look at the video you can understand why it burned 1,100 square miles. neighborhoods have gown in flames. 1,600 structures have been damaged. water is not drinkable.
6:55 am
gas has been shut off. one resident described it as armageddon. 90,000 people have been evacuated. it's not clear when they can return. and many fear when they go back home there may not be a home to come to. the good news is the weather has changed and firefighters are hoping to get the upper hand. >> for us this is great firefighting weather. we can get in there and get a handle on this fire. but for the wildfire stuff in the forest, that will take a long time to clean up. reporter: firefighters say this fire could burn for months and some of the smoke as traveled as far as iowa. bill: it many the size of new york or the size of london. a party divide.
6:56 am
donald trump says that's just fine with him. does he need unity to win? brit hume joins us next. >> we are going to go out and we are going to do great. i think paul ryan will be fine. if he's not, that's fine. a couple of people said from trump's standpoint, the only thing that matters to me are the millions of people who signed up. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪ i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests, i invest with e*trade, where investors can investigate and invest in vests... or not in vests. this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement
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no problem. i'll use a lot of detergent. dish issues? get cascade platinum. one pac cleans tough food better than 6 pacs of the bargain brand combined. cascade. martha: fox news alert. millions of people across the country in the path of severe, of possible severe weather, i should say from illinois down to texas. forecasters warning of perfect conditions right now for dangerous tornadoes like the one you see on your screen. welcome, everybody, on a monday. brand new hour of "america's newsroom" coming at you. i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. those are dark skies. today's threat after a string of tornadoes swept across the rockies over the weekend.
7:00 am
watch. stunning video here. colorado hit hard. one tornado stayed on the ground for 10 miles ripping through multiple homes. another twister injuring five people. maria molina is on the ground actually shot some amazing video. she is live in wichita, kansas on the move. back in colorado, how did that tornado form, maria? >> bill and martha, good to hear your voices. welcome to everybody at home. we captured amazing video in colorado on saturday evening. what happened the upper level low pressure system kind of tracked over parts of colorado. we had a warm front across eastern colorado and super cells fired up ahead. once they interacted with the warm front they started to spin and produce multiple tornadoes. the biggest one that tornado in ray, colorado, it hit just north of town.
7:01 am
unfortunately bringing damage to the town and causing some injuries out there, bill. bill: where is the threat today now for severe storms? where is that system going, maria? >> well the overall system is continuing to move eastward. yesterday we saw severe weather across parts of the planes. i want to show you cloud cover up above. we have a low level jet which is ripping, moving very quickly. those clouds are flying by. what that shows you how much wind energy and wind sheer we have in place. not only in kansas where i am, we could see severe weather later on today into portions of oklahoma, arkansas, portions of texas. yesterday we saw reported tornadoes across states like nebraska, kansas and down into oklahoma. these storms continue moving eastward. they will fire up throughout the day during the afternoon hours and during the evening hours. it will get very dangerous out there. you look at future radar you see
7:02 am
where the storms are expected to fire next hours. cans sachs oklahoma, missouri and eastern parts of texas. the risk area highlighted by the storm predict shun center by the national weather service. greatest risk is shaded in orange, northeastern texas, eastern oklahoma, arkansas and even across northwestern louisiana. that entire zone, bill could look at not only tornadoes but threat of damaging winds and large hail and as well flash flooding from the storms. bill: it is that time of year. good to have you out there. maria molina on the trail there in wichita, kansas. martha: meanwhile the political storm is still battering the republican party. gop leaders very much divided on one donald trump. does the party need to be unified in order to defeat hillary clinton? trump does not seem to think it does. listen. >> i'm going do what i have to do. i have millions of people voted
7:03 am
for me because i have strong borders, i want strong trade. i have to stay true to my principles also. i'm a conservative, but don't forget this is republican party, not called the conservative party. there are conservative parties. this is called the republican party. i am a conservative. >> joining me now, fox news senior political analyst brit hume. good morning to you. >> hi, martha, thank you. martha: is he right? us did the party need to be unified in the traditional sense, meaning that people like paul ryan and other conservatives are on board or is there a new model? >> well there is always possibility of a new model did, martha, but you simply -- best way to look at this seems to me look at the electoral map in which democrats have won for the last i don't know how many cycles states totaling 242 electoral votes and republicans have won, over a period of elections, states totaling 102. so the pub picks start out in a very difficult, though not
7:04 am
impossible position. and any republican nominee needs every vote he or she can get. mitt romney won 93% of the republicans in 2012 plus winning the independents by five percentage points and lost the election. which means any republican needs to recognize the old truth about politics, it is about addition and not subtraction and the first thing any either party needs to do is extract as many votes as possible you can out of your base and buildout from there. if you try to write off or prepared to write off whole portions of your base, donald trump it is really not the conservative party, it is republican party he is not wrong about that but the republican party has been the conservative party for many election cycles now. the vast base of the party is the made up of conservatives. if he alienates them or refuses to appeal to them, i think he has got no chance.
7:05 am
martha: so he, one of the big criticisms that he should have taken that moment when he won the nomination essentially and started to build that those bridges, started to bring people in, spend time reaching out to people who are not in his camp. he says no. i have a model. i have something that is winning for me. i'm sticking with it. he believes he will win rust belt states that have been democratic in the past. he believes he can win pennsylvania and wisconsin when you talk about electoral map. he sees people supporting him not in the particular republican model. he is bringing in women promising not to mess with things like planned parenthood and raise the minimum wage. what is wrong with that? >> on paper there is nothing wrong with it, exempt you look at his numbers with women, what he is underwater in terms of favorability, 75-24, something close to that. martha: yep. >> so he can take non-conservative positions on matters like planned parenthood and minimum wage but women i
7:06 am
think are reacting to him on a personal basis. they think he seems thuggish and mean-spirited and has said so many disparaging things about women. believe me, martha, the democrats are not going to let the voters forget about the things he said about women in the past. this is, he is going to have to run in the face of all these past statements. so he has a lot to overcome. i think he will do better in rust belt states, particularly with blue-collar whites than past republicans have but, if the conservative base of the party is not really with him, that is not going to be enough. so it is a, when you get down to it, simply a matter of math. i think he seems to have the feeling his nomination, which was by the way plurality, not majority of the republican party was actually a function of a majority of the country. well it was not. so he needs to start building
7:07 am
out and not leaving out people and my expectation is, perhaps if he should put his great negotiating skills to work and sit down with paul ryan and try to work out an agenda between them they both can live with, that will help to bring a lot of conservatives on board would get him off to a good start. his pride seems to me to be in play here and he looks like he will not do that. martha: you make great points. he won 10 million votes. when you talk to the campaign you do wonder whether or not they're seeing general election pick pure where you need to win hundreds of millions, compared to the primary picture that felt so good too them, they believe they will be able to translate that, maybe they will, perhaps they will. give me your thoughts on meeting thursday with paul ryan. what do you think paul ryan is trying to achieve by saying he is not ready to support him and do they walk out of the meeting with some kind of detente? >> i think they have a detente.
7:08 am
paul ryan is looking at majority of house of representatives and looking at districts members must run, many conservative, most of them conservative, he is looking what kind of an agenda they need to run on and if that agenda is at odds with what is being said at top of the ticket, they're all going to be in some trouble. he is trying to find a some kind of an agenda that the top of the ticket can endorse that his members could also run on, so they can safely support trump politically. martha: yeah. >> that, that seems to me -- trump probably wouldn't have to give too much but he may be unwilling to do that. trump is wise i think, not to simply adopt a set of talking points which are simply reflection of house and senate republicans have been saying for all time. he says he is different and different is what got him nominated.
7:09 am
i think he is right about that. ryan was intelligent enough to say the other day he wasn't trying to insist that trump adopt his, ryan's agenda. he is looking for some assurances on the big broad questions, questions of constitutionalism and rest of it, that trump will be with them or with him and we trump i think it is possible to do. the question is whether trump will do it. martha: there is so much money that wants to protect the down ballot races you talk about now, so concerned about the presidential race and donald trump at moment. brit, thank you. great to see you as always. >> you bet, martha. thank you. bill: got breaking news on this out of north carolina. we're waiting for reaction. today is the deadline you know, north carolina's governor is announcing he will sue the u.s. department of justice to challenge the controversial restroom law. accusing the department of justice of radical reinterpretation of civil rights act of 1954, 51 years ago. north carolina says the doj position on the state's law is
7:10 am
baseless and blatant overreach. so there is the reaction now from the north carolina governor, pat mccrory after his appearance on sunday with chris wallace on "fox news sunday." now we await reaction from the government. so stand by for that. as you remember today is the deadline for the response. the state could possibly surrender a lot of federal money as a result of challenging this. so we'll see where that all goes. that is the headline out of charlotte a moment ago. martha? martha: we know that hillary clinton staffers have been interviewed by the fbi. so is she next? >> i've encouraged all of, you know, my assistants and to be very forthcoming and i hope that this is close to being wrapped up. >> so nobody said, hillary clinton we would like to sit down and talk to you? >> not at this point. martha: not at this point. how long before that point arrives and speak with the
7:11 am
former secretary about the email server. will she face any charges? judge napolitano is here. bill: also we got new clue for search for escaped convict after the runaway is captured on surveillance footage. where police are searching today by helicopter. martha: new look at the inner-workings of the obama administration. a top advisor bragging about playing the press for fools. >> this white house really prides themselves being smartest kid in the room. what you saw in the article a little bit how the sausage is made which is always kind of an ugly thing to look at.
7:12 am
7:13 am
these are difficult times for elderly holocaust survivors
7:14 am
7:15 am
bill: search getting more intense today for a missing inmate in new jersey. state police say arthur buckle escaped from minimum security prison. he is 38. last seen at a rest stop in lacy township. buckle was supposed to turn himself in the rest area but took off before state police arrived. police searching the area with helicopters today, stationing extra officers at some of the schools located nearby. martha: breaking news this morning. north carolina governor suing the united states department of justice over challenge to the controversial restroom law, accuses the department of justice of radical reinterpretation of civil rights act of 1964. let's break this down with judge andrew napolitano. fox senior judicial analyst.
7:16 am
essentially the argument from the north carolina governor against the doj is what? >> that the civil rights act of 1964 does not address sexual orientation or what we now call lgbt rights. it only addresses gender. that the federal government has no say in telling private property owners how to construct or utilize or, or maintain access to bathrooms. martha: right. >> the justice department's argument is, this is arguably a gender-based issue and the state can not put it is authority behind telling people what they may or may not do or what they must do. so it's, it is a classic clash over a 50-year-old statute and how it can be interpreted 50 years later. it was written in era where gay rights had not become, not come to the forefront and the concept of transgendered, though it existed in '64 was so minimal
7:17 am
was not in the public consciousness. martha: the doj is arguing the civil rights part of the argument but do you think the constitutional argument would be stronger, if they simply argued these people were being discriminated against on the basis of sex? >> i think that the doj probably will make that argument and that will be sort of a bootstrap, sort of an extrapolation of language in the civil rights act of '64 which probably wasn't intended to cover this because this was not an issue in '64. martha: right. >> they will try to persuade a federal judge in north carolina to interpret this in such a way so as to stop the state of north carolina from doing what it is doing. what is the state of north carolina doing? this started when the city of charlotte enacted an ordinance telling private property owners they had to have separate bathrooms based upon their current perception of their gender identity. the north carolina legislature
7:18 am
said we don't like the city of charlotte telling private property owners how to run their bathrooms. donald trump said the other day ridiculous i should be talking about bathrooms while running for president. you asked me while i answer you. this is business judgment. a private property owner should make a decision about bathrooms in his or her business based on what he or she thinks what the customers want, not what the government wants. martha: massive amount of expense that would fall to line of all companies across america when they start building five different bathrooms in all walmarts and targets and stores across the country. >> yes. martha: something those businesses need to decide if that is the right thing for them in terms of their bottom line. more to come on that to be sure. bill: oh, absolutely. martha: meantime we want to ask but the original topic we were going to discuss which is the fbi whether or not they're getting ready to talk with hillary clinton. here she is talking about this over the weekend. >> no one has reached out to me yet, last summer, i think last august i made it clear i'm more than ready to talk to anybody
7:19 am
anytime. and i've encouraged all of, you know, my assistants and to be very forthcoming and i hope that this is close to being wrapped up. martha: are they going to question her or not? >> they are going to ask her. they have already asked her. while no one reached out to me yet, literally true, the justice department wouldn't reach out to her, it would reach out to her lawyer. another example of misleading statement from her. her lawyer is actively engaged in what we call preindictment advocacy. lobbying the justice department why his client should not be indicted. he knows who has been interviewed. he knows what those interviewees have said. he knows when those interviews were. he knows his client's interview is scheduled next. martha: his attorney knows exactly what her staffers said in there? >> yes. because they all hired one lawyer who is good friend of mrs. clinton's and a good friend of his.
7:20 am
and that lawyer for sure has told both of them, or certainly her lawyer, what it is her clients said to the justice department because they want, mrs. clinton wants to know ahead of time what kind of questions she should anticipate coming from the fbi. martha: so that excludes the possibility offer had being questioned by the fbi and them saying well, that is not what huma abedin said. >> they may say that to themselves without revealing it to her. look, the purpose of these interviews is to test the honesty of people. the purpose of interviews of her aides to see if the aides will tell the truth or if they will lie to protect mrs. clinton. reports say, one of the aides said i don't recall, i don't recall, i don't recall. that is a red flag to the fbi. that is the tack that mrs. clinton took when she testified before a grand jury while -- martha: they certainly don't want to lie to the fib under oath. we have seen what happens. >> she won't be under oath. the crime of lying to the fbi is the same as if you had been under oath.
7:21 am
martha: ask martha stewart. >> yes. martha: bill. bill: 20 minutes past the hour. dramatic decrease in america's military strength. the number of active duty soldiers is about to hit a level we've not seen in 70 years. martha: from enemies toa lies, former republican rival who once slammed donald trump now getting behind donald trump. so will other republicans follow suit? that is the billion dollar question. >> we can not send this narcissist, nominate this eagan owe maniac. nominating donald trump is certain way for us to ruin our opportunity to make america great again.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
bill: fox news alert on this now. new report saying that the army has the fewest active duty soldiers wins world war ii. how did that happen? national security correspondent
7:25 am
jennifer griffin live at pentagon. jennifer, good morning. how low are these u.s. army levels. reporter: bill, during the past year the army has been reduced by more than 16,500 soldiers that is the equivalent of three brigades. the army's active duty troops in march fell below 480,000. that is the lowest level since world war ii. what's more alarming is the number of those soldiers who aren't ready to deploy. >> if one or more possible unforeseen contingencies happen the united states army currently risks not having ready forces available to provide flexible options to our national leadership the most importantly we risk incurring significantly increased u.s. casualties. >> so 2/3 are not ready to defend this nation immediately in time of crisis? >> that's correct. they would require some amount of time to bring them up to a satisfactory readiness status to deploy into combat. reporter: 190,000 u.s. soldiers
7:26 am
are currently deployed in 140 countries around the world. the threat of isis is spreading from the middle east to north africa. russia and china's militaries expanding and north korea and iran remain unpredictable, yet number of u.s. army forces deployed abroad significantly decreased since the cold war. in 1985, 36% of the u.s. army was deployed abroad. last year the number fell to 10%. u.s. army is slated to be cut further to 450,000 troops by 2018 unless congress or pentagon intervenes, bill. bill: how does this compare with china or russia? reporter: russia has two million troops. many are conscripts. russia has 1.million, conscripts. u.s. has about a million if you include the army reserves. moscow, russia celebrated the 31st anniversary of world war ii on red square. today was no different.
7:27 am
it showed off its new state-of-the-art tanks currently being used in syria. as the u.s. army shrinks to the smallest size since world war ii, bill, russia and china are expanding. bill: jennifer griffin on very important story at the pentagon. jennifer, thank you. martha: so iran again thumbing its nose at the united states and the world, test firing a missile that could hit u.s. bases in the region. white house now with a response. bill: also president obama's national security advisor spark as media firestorm. how does the white house view reporters today? well this morning the white house is defending itself. howard kurtz ahead to analyze that. >> they really have this attitude frankly thatter this only smart ones in town and only ones who kind of understand the -- >> wait. why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business.
7:28 am
that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you
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bill: big story of the hour out of charlotte, north carolina. government saying it will sue the u.s. department of justice to challenge the controversial
7:31 am
bathroom law, accusing the government of quote radical reinterpretation of the civil rights act of 1964. the state says that the department of justice position on north carolina law is baseless and a blatant overreach. that is the reaction from the state today, with the deadline to respond. we are awaiting reaction from the federal government in d.c. when that happens we will bring it to you. martha: the white house says it is gathering information after iran apparently test-fired a ballistic missile with a range of more than 1200 miles. that would be enough to reach israel and u.s. bases in that region. iran insists the recent tests do not violate the deal it struck with the u.s. and other nations but u.s. says it violates a u.n. security council violation that prohibits tehran from building a nuclear weapons program. so that is how that is going so far. >> this white house really prides themselves on being kind of the smartest kid in the room.
7:32 am
that is kind of their approach to some things. they take that approach in dealing with the media, in dealing with capitol hill. in dealing with think tanks. bill: that is julie pace, ap white house reporter, responding to an extensive file on white house flags security advisor how ben rhodes views many reporters. the average reporter is 27 years old. their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns. that is a sea change. they literally know nothing. howard kurtz, host of "media buzz," fox news media analyst. how are you doing, howie. >> good morning, bill. bill: there is more to go into. first your reaction. you read the story. you came away thinking with? >> this was embarrassingly puffy profile in "the new york times" magazine after guy described as the boy wonder of the administration. second the deputy national security advisor ben rhodes, there is not other way to read
7:33 am
it, he comes off as smug and arrogant boasting how he manipulated press, not just on iran nuclear deal which we can get into with quotes like those. there are younger reporters that don't know anything about foreign policy but usually don't have senior white house officials bragging about this on the record. bill: so he came out and responded today, ben rhodes did. here is part of what he said. it wasn't spin. it's what we believed and continue to believe in the hallmark of the entire campaign was to push out facts. react to that. >> absolutely was spin of the real debate is whether or not it was deseparatetiveness. some people like our colleague james rosen said he was lied to by the state department when he asked whether or not there were back channel negotiations with iran about what would become the nuclear deal. rather the administration's narrative was, it really began the following year when a group of moderates was elected in iran.
7:34 am
when you even get beyond that when rhodes and his deputy talk about compadres in the media, spoon feed message. day, give color and these people would dutifully repeat white house line on twitter, online, not that every administration has not done version of this, this is updated digital version but does seem to give ammunition to those who believe some in the press are, function as obama cheerleaders. bill: his reaction the way i read it, we said in 2008 we wanted to do a deal with iran. and so in order to do it from this position the white house we had to say it was complicated, we need to state our case and needed to do it with people and reporters who understood the white house message. that is what he is saying. he would also argue this is what every administration does. do they? >> well on that point he, it is true, i can remember jfk leaking the juicy stuff to ben bradley. bill clinton used to call columnists late at night.
7:35 am
the bush administration used a lot of off the record and background conversations to sell the iraq war but the question here were ben rhodes and his colleagues being deceptive and did they have in parts of press corps, not talking about the veteran state department reporters but some younger reporters and some sympathetic columnists did they have people who carried their water without knowing about those conversations? in that piece that he wrote online, defending himself it is all about the policy and journalism. there is not even a hint of expression of regret for these things that he has said really denigrate journalists trying to do their job. bill: i remember the story when it broke late on friday. seemed like he was setting up the argument we had to make our case publicly. there were people who wanted war and people who did not want war and the president said it repeatedly this is bert option in this nuclear deal than going to war. i don't know anyone who is arguing for more war in the middle east, howie? were they? >> no. it's a straw managerment.
7:36 am
people who didn't want the iran nuclear deal said it would be better to get either a better deal or no deal or can't trust the iranian regime. the administration argued this was the best way to iran from develop developing nuclear weapons. that debate, sure, took place very much out in the open but as with every administration, there was a lot of back channel, background conversationses. the compadres in the media as ben rhodes put it, according to rhoades, this is guy saying it on the record to the "new york times." were more than happy to carry the water. bill: one more point, does this of a affect the credibility of the message of the white house when people get a chance to see the curtain pulled back like this. >> i think so. there are two messages. the one way they successfully spun the press, maybe more artfully or successfully than other administrations. secondly the beltway is buzzing. feeling journalists wow they're boasting about it. taking a victory lap before they're out of office.
7:37 am
it frankly ticked off a lot of people in our business here in washington. bill: howard kurtz in d.c. more reaction to come. thank you, howie. martha: for is something totally different. the church lady is back and weighing in on the 2016 presidential election. dana carvey talking about it on "saturday night live" and interviewing a fake donald trump. >> does donnie take a look at holy scripture. >> i love the books. the corinthianss part deux. book of revelations. too genesis, too furious which says and i quote, love thy neighbor as myself and like a good neighbor, state farm is there. [laughter] bill: good for a laugh. martha: we need that, right. bill: more where that came from. martha: need to keep a sense of humor. it will get pretty ugly out there. bill: indeed it will. pilot crash lands on a rooftop. where that happened and what was the result.
7:38 am
martha: former rival comes out for donald trump. why the man who called trump a egomaniacal madman, says, yeah, i think which i will vote for him. >> donald trump's campaign is not about making america great again. it is about making donald trump great.
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
bill: someone made a lot of money. 400 million-dollar powerball jackpot remains unclaimed. lottery officials waiting for sole winner of saturday's drawing to come forward to claim the prize. winning ticket sold at a 7-eleven in trenton, new jersey. it is worth $284 million to the person who has it. the jackpot was the sixth largest in powerball history. ♪ >> donald trump is a narcissist and he is ego main yag. he is not a serious person --
7:42 am
egomaniac. this is act and solo show. the joke is on us. donald trump's campaign is not about making america great again. it is about making donald trump great. martha: that is former louisiana governor and former presidential candidate bobby jindal when he was still in the race back in september. now a bit of a change in tune. jindal saying in new op-ed he is voting for donald trump in november warts and all. he writes, i understand why so many of my republican friends are in denial. while many of my democratic friends gleefully applaud defections. the media is deployed to reward courageous republicans to do the right thing and endorse hillary. count me out he says. nomiki konst, director of accountability project and chairman of president obama's 2012 election campaign and tony sayegh, welcome to both of you. there is more where that came from. >> no doubt and look you have to keep in mind, bobby jindal at
7:43 am
the time was competitor, in very competitive heated elections opponents say things about each other. i sense jindal is taking position that most on the republican conservative side will reluctantly get to, which is the trump presidency we don't know is better than the hillary presidency we do know. how quickly they get there, martha, depend on the tempo trump sets between now and the convention. i understand people seem to think he doesn't want to unify the party or doesn't think that is priority. i don't think so. i think trump understands not only has to grow the party which he is doing, he has to bring everybody together, very hard-line. he always says in negotiation you have to be willing to walk away. he is sending signals to the establishment of the party, hey, i don't need you. i will work you if you want to work with me but i don't need you. martha: paul ryan doing a little bit of "art of the deal" as well. >> they're getting to final stage of grief which is acceptance that he is our nominee ultimately. martha: nomiki, what do you think of bobby jindal? you can go down the list of
7:44 am
people spoke critically on him and went out as far as terminology, who are saying you know what? i'm in. >> bobby jindal is termed out. he has nowhere to grow. he is young man. he has career ahead of hill. he sees people in the party anti-trump, limited sy graham and john mccain they're older. they have nothing to lose. they want to keep the party that they know, the establishment that they know alive but the younger guys really want to grow with the party. if they're seeing trends of party shifting into trump's favor and want to grow politically they will start siding with trump even reluctantly. martha: principles do matter. paul ryan, he says, say what you have to say. too bad. if you want a job you better get in line. paul ryan is saying no, these principles actually matter. i need to know that donald trump understands where i stand on this and where other republicans stand on this and try to meet us halfway. >> that's true, martha, that is why the obligations burden on the party to work with our nominee.
7:45 am
to just abandon him, put him on island, pretend that majority of republican primary voters didn't select him, the most ever selected a nominee it is ridiculous. party belongs to the people. many of my friends in the establishment ruling class have to understand. i respect your opinions. i get why some of their principles conflict with trump. therefore, it is our job to unify the party to help donald trump become a better candidate. martha: it is not a church. it is not a religion. community of people who are electing a nominee. >> absolutely. martha: based based on the person who wins in the primary process and they think will be supportive of most of what they stand for. so i want to switch gears here, talk about the breaking news story this morning. governor mccrory out of north carolina speaking out about a suit he will bring against the department of justice based on this north carolina bathroom law. do we have the sound bite? we'll work on getting that for you. let me get your reaction first, nomiki.
7:46 am
they're bringing suit basically saying the civil rights act of 1964 does not legitimatize this action on the part of the department of justice. your thoughts? >> i'm, to be fair i'm not a lawyer so i can't get into intricacies of law. martha: politically what are the ramifications? >> politically ramifications will be consequential to their business. you see companies pull out. that is bad for him. as a governor he starts to see businesses pull out. we saw this in arizona hb 1070 few years ago with the immigration law. companies pull out and boycotts. that affects the economy. ultimately have to look at the state, do i want to political win that could help my political career in the short term or do i want a bad economic record that could have consequences on my political career. martha: that cuts both ways. a lot of companies say they can't afford to make changes with national companies that will be economic burden to them. they want to be recognized. in terms of this question, evangelicals, front page story
7:47 am
of "the washington post," say they feel very left out of this republican process. they were supporting ted cruz. i might point out also many evangelicals supported donald trump in the exit polls as well. but now they're going to deal with this question and have donald trump saying caitlyn jenner, use whatever bathroom you want. >> fair libertarian position which has a place in the republican party. i understand evangelicals may not agree with it. evangelicals in this cycle have not made perfect the enemy of good. with donald trump they like disruption he brings to order. many evangelicals feel things are going wrong. many progressives feel things going wrong in washington. in this matter, this is matter of states rights and matter of department of justice making a law it doesn't have the right to make. they're using civil rights act as vehicle to make this interpretation. governors have an obligation to protect their states and to also protect the process by which they get to determine their own laws. that is what i think at play as
7:48 am
much of this cultural issue with transgender bathrooms. martha: we have the sound bite from governor mccrory laying out some of his argument with chris wallace on "fox news sunday." let's take a look at that. >> are you willing to rule out at this point you will disavow, however you phrase it, in effect i'm walking away from this law? >> i'm looking at all my options and one thing the nation has to realize is, this is no longer just a north carolina issue. this order, this letter by the justice department is saying that every company in the united states of america that has over 15 employees will have to abide by the federal government's regulation on bathrooms. martha: those companies, you know have been hit with health care, they're going to look at this one more regulatory burden regardless of underlying issue. >> progress happens this way. same thing with disabilities act. a lot of companies and businesses had to accommodate disabilities.
7:49 am
you had to make bathrooms is being'sable to we will chairs. this is what happens when you make progress. small group of people are offended and impeeds on people's systems rights that is problem. i understand the governor's interpretation but the federal government has oversight it will be real dilemma if he continues to fight this out because progress is going forward in that direction. martha: thanks you guys. good to see you both. bill? bill: in a moment jon scott happening now. quick preview. happy monday. >> i'm doing well, bill. good monday to you. primary season is not over yet. gloves are coming off between donald trump and hillary clinton. we'll get it into with bret baier. trump versus paul ryan. bernie sanders is in it to win it despite the delegate deficit. why is he saying he would consider a vp spot with hillary clinton? email controversy continues to dog the hillary clinton campaign. gregg jarrett on latest twists. all ahead on "happening now." bill: see you in ten minutes.
7:50 am
>> sounds good. bill: wounded veterans competing in the "invictus" games. they begin today. you will meet incredible people. how adaptive sports are helping veterans recover today. >> to meet these athletes is remarkable because these are people who have overcome significant odds and they did so by being the master of their fate. relook.
7:51 am
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it's time to take a closer look. bill: so now the "invictus" games are underway in orlando, florida. what a night it was lasts night. among those in attendance, former president bush, first lady, michelle obama, and dr. marc siegel with the president this weekend. good morning, doctor.
7:54 am
>> good morning, bill. the very first invictus games ever to be held here in the united states are now underway. the courage and excitement here is contagious. the focus is not only on the physical injuries that are more obvious but also on the invisible wounds which are six times more common. honorary chairman george w. bush's institute, present ad symposium this weekend on invisible wounds. i spoke to president bush about the struggle to heel. >> they talk of course about the sport they're going to play or competition and sometimes talk about their injuries. to the extent that happens it helps boost somebody's confidence. it may be just somebody who is on the team says, i went to an amazing clinic and i got help. and you ought to try the same thing. to the extent that can ripple throughout the vet community it is going to help a lot.
7:55 am
>> bill, special forces paratrooper, rescue paratrooper staff sergeant august o'neill lost his leg rescuing people in afghanistan. now through the help of working with fellow vets, he is returning to active duty. >> when you get injured, your life is completely changed and through adaptive sports i have been able to come back and realize i'm still able to get up and do everything that everyone else is able to do, compete just as hard as everybody else is able to compete and continue training. that is pretty much what my job is all about. >> bill you know what? adaptive sports is really healing. it is competition and then after the event they get together, they hug. it's healing. helps people sleep better at night. helps them with their energy and helps re-engage each other, bill? bill: doctor, as you know that is so critical to the recovery process. what have you observed down there over the weekend?
7:56 am
how do they interact with each other? how are they doing? >> they are doing great. there is inspiration going on, as president bush says it goes beyond what the event is here. veterans hear about it from all over the united states and all around the world and causes them to join and start with sports themselves. less medication, more exercise. more joining. stop being isolated. join your brethren. bill? bill: very important message. thanks, doc. marc siegel live in orlando, florida. martha: such a great event. so great to have that here in this country. coming up, everybody, donald trump facing challenge we've been talking about bridging that gop divide. will the meeting with house speaker paul ryan put republicans on the same page? that is the big question for the week when we come back. my school reunion's coming fast.
7:57 am
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the running of the goat in kentucky. they break away from their handlers , sparking a search . all the goats were back where they belonged on sunday. they're going to make some changes next year. that's nice. bill: they call them billy. martha: sometimes you escape from time to time also. bill: maybe tomorrow. martha: have a good day everybody. jon: there is a new challenge on this monday for donald trump, just days after becoming the presumptive gop nominee. mister trump now faces the tough job of uniting the republican party behind him as the race goes on for the democrats. good morning, i'm jon scott. heather: and i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. the race does continue as donald trump gearing up for a meeting on thursday with speaker of the house paul ryan after saying he was


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