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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 9, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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this couldn't wait to begin the running of the goat in kentucky. they break away from their handlers , sparking a search . all the goats were back where they belonged on sunday. they're going to make some changes next year. that's nice. bill: they call them billy. martha: sometimes you escape from time to time also. bill: maybe tomorrow. martha: have a good day everybody. jon: there is a new challenge on this monday for donald trump, just days after becoming the presumptive gop nominee. mister trump now faces the tough job of uniting the republican party behind him as the race goes on for the democrats. good morning, i'm jon scott. heather: and i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. the race does continue as donald trump gearing up for a meeting on thursday with speaker of the house paul ryan after saying he was
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blindsided by the speaker's announcement that he was not ready to endorse him. mister trump now refusing to rule out removing the house speaker from his role as chairman of the republican convention if he doesn't come around. as trump suggests, he will be changing his tone but he may be tweaking his position on taxes and the minimum wage be one we have team fox coverage, steve ducey live with the latest on the democratic race but we start with john robert live in our new york city newsroom. reporter: good morning, good to see you. forget the noise behind me. a prominent member of the republican national committee told me late last night the next seven days will be crucial not just for donald trump but for the republican party. they will tell whether this is going to be the trump party, the republican party or whether the republican party will be able to break into a number of different factions under the rules that have to be brought together
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in the chaotic november election. a lot of what happens will be riding on this meeting that trump is having with speaker paul ryan on thursday morning. will ryan get behind him, say he's going to support him or will ryan pass on the presidential contest to focus on down ballot races? the concern is whether donald trump actuallyis a conservative . he seemed to raise some eyebrows on sunday when he initially seemed to suggest that under his tax plan, some people would pay more. trump was quick to clarify and say no, they might pay more than what i would like them to but they will stay still pay less than overall. >> i said, of below proposal, yes, i may have to raise it a little bit because this is a negotiation. i may have to raise it. >> on wealthy, the highest earners. >> i said i'm really going to fight hard because the middle classes been decimated in this country so i'm really going to fight hard for the middle class. i'm not raising it and i'm not raising business to but i could see the wealthy getting raised.
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reporter: at the same time as he is looking for that meeting with paul ryan he's also taking care of business in primary states, west virginia, nebraska and washington state over the last few days and took a pivot for the general election, making it clear that bill clinton is going to be an issue in the general election campaign if hillary clinton and her allies come after trump as hard as expected on what he said about women. here's trump in spokane washington. >> and hillary was an enabler and she treated these women horribly. just remember this and some of those women were destroyed not by him but by the way that hillary clinton treated them after everything went down. reporter: it's likely we are not going to see a lot of donald trump in public this week.'s campaign is putting a lot of focus on building out to anational campaign and of
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course there's that big meeting on thursday where he will be on capitol hill meeting john, not only with speaker ryan but with many prominent members of the republican party on capitol hill and as they said, this could be a pivotal moment on how things progress going forward so we will be there and bring you all the news . jon: we will be watching and john roberts in our new york city newsroom, thanks. heather: while the primary race is all over on the gop side, senator bernie sanders says he is staying in it until the last votes are counted. despite hillary clinton's overwhelming lead in delegates and superdelegates. steve his life for us in atlantic city where senator sanders has just wrapped up a rally. hi peter. reporter: hi heather and bernie sanders is continuing to try to woo those superdelegates that he once counted on as being part of a vague democratic primary process by telling his party elite superdelegates they need to start voting the way that democrats in their state voted in the primaries,
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especially in states that he won overwhelmingly and that's because sanders can keep it competitive with clinton, can keep winning contests but pledged delegates that come with the wind only take a candidate so far. here's part of the pitch we heard today. sanders saidhead-to-head with trump, he does better than hillary. >> were going to go into philadelphia and the democratic convention . [applause] and expect to come out with the democratic nomination. [applause] but don't let anybody tell you this campaign is over. were going to fight for the last vote we can find in california. [applause] reporter: you heard how much the crowd in atlantic city like that. the sanders campaign is on a hot streak. not only the clinton in san diego but picked up 49 new delegates when washington state ordered some outstanding delegates according to which candidate on which district and his presence here in jersey until
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june so shows he is in it for the long haul. hillary clinton meanwhile is talking like the primaries are already over. her focus has shifted almost entirely to november and despite the nasty attacks on trump from her campaign and its allies, she is promising to keep it clean. >> i'm not going to run an ugly race. i'm going to run a race based on issues and what my agenda is for the american people. i don't really feel like i'm running against donald trump. i feel like i'm running for my vision. reporter: there's no better reminder that hillary needs to keep an eye on her left in the primaries then the size of the sanders crowd and the enthusiasm of that crowd. it did just clear out here quickly, the rally ended 10 minutes ago but an hour before anders was set to start there was a noisy field of burned and everywhere else we see sanders are as excited as
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anybody at any political rally or really a sporting event for that matter. heather? heather: how can hillary win all that support over? a little more about that later on. thank you peter. jon: donald trump hitting hillary clinton hard ahead of tomorrow's primaries. you just heard some of that from john roberts. he's launching personal attacks about her life. trump claims the democratic front runner hurt other women by enabling her husband's affairs. >> nobody in this country and maybe in the history of the country politically was worse than bill clinton with women. he was a disaster. and she was a total enabler she would go after these women and destroy their lives . have you ever read what hillary clinton did to the women? that bill clinton had affairs with? and they're going after me with women? give me a break. jon: special report anchor brett behr joins us from our dc bureau. six months to go in the election. and it's already getting
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ugly. >> it really is. if you look at both of these candidates, the presumptive nominees from both parties, there are no two nominees that have higher unfavorable numbers and both of those teams know that and they're going to be slugging it out, trying to increase those unfavorable and decrease their vulnerabilities. but it is going to be something to watch. you are seeing donald trump go after hillary clinton in a way that frankly, no other candidatehas , confronting straight on some of the past personal issues that everyone is very familiar with with the clintons but bringing it up time and again and it will be interesting to see how that plays out. jon: trump, it seems, has two loads to carry right now. normally a presumptive nominee by this part has the party apparatus behind him or
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her. hillary clinton hasn't necessarily united her party either but there is a very fractious, very hurt republican party that donald trump has to try to unite. has he shown any indication that he's ready to do that? >> well, i think he has said numerous times he's willing to negotiate on just about everything. he wants to negotiate on taxes and wants to negotiate on debt and deficit reduction and wants to negotiate on all kinds of things. i think you're going to see that as a result of thursday meeting with house speaker ryan who has said he can't get behind trump as of yet but maybe willing to do that if he hears what trump says. the concern on capitol hill from some republicans is that legislatively they been working on a lot of things the traditional conservative republican point of view and the nominee of the party perhaps is not from that point of view or has not talked that way.
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he says it's a republican party and not a conservative party and that has concerned some up on capitol hill. jon: that's going to be a fascinating meeting because if both ofthese guys have cards to play , obviously the nominee of the party cannot just dismiss the spark speaker of the house. >> right, and i think what i'm pointing to is negotiation part of it and i think trump has singled at least that he's willing to negotiate with congress on all the big items and that it is congress who drives the legislative train and the president is going to be pushing for a number of big items but working with his colleagues and counterparts up on capitol hill. i think it will be fascinating thursday and just turning to the other side john, when hillary clinton says she's reaching out to disaffected republicans and republicans are reaching out to her, that's an interesting line to walk for her.
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at the same time, she's trying to reach out to progressives who bernie sanders has mobilized. that's quite a difference between those two points of view. jon: fascinating tight ropes to be walked on both sides. i know before we get to that thursday meeting which is going to be fascinating, you've got special coverage of tomorrow's primary. >> exactly. we will have a special report at 6 pm. west virginia and nebraska on the public inside, we will be monitoring those races, we will have all the raw numbers and all of the calls and then we will have a wrapup show at 11 pm eastern time tonight . jon: brett behr, thank you and i wanted to mention that donald trump has announced that new jersey governor chris christie will serve as his transition team chairman. chris christie, to run the transition team for donald trump, that presumes that
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donald trump wins the white house. that's not done yet but we will have to see. heather. heather: we certainly will. today, californians can begin casting their votes in the june 7 primary and with so much focus on the 2016 race, election officials are expecting a lot of people to come in for their mail-in ballots. life for us in san rafael california with moore.hi claudia. reporter: good morning heather. boating does begin to today in california's primary with election offices in all 58 counties to send out those absentee ballots. $95,000 being sent out this week in marion county alone but if people don't want to wait they can go to their county registrar's office, get their ballots in person and cast their vote before they leave. these voting
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booths and this ballot box have been set up for just that reason. the hotly contested presidential race has seen a surge in voter registration for the june 7 primary. more than 850,000 new voters side up in the first three months of this year. the vast majority, democrats. many registered online and most are likely to cast their vote early by mail because that's been the trend. in the 2014 primary, 70 percent of voters sent in absentee ballots, from three percent in 1973. analysts say the first voters are the most passionate about their candidate and it generally favors the front runner, in this case donald trump and hillary clinton and that raises questions about how much time and money bernie sanders will spend in the golden state. he trails clinton by 10 points but he's being endorsed by the states powerful nurses human and has support among independents and young people, particularly students, the 18 to 24 age group and come june
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7, many of those students will be out of school or down at ucla they will be in final exams which puts pressure on sanders to get them to vote early. sanders will likely drive that message home at campaign events tonight in sacramento, tomorrow in stockton but bottom line, many voters in california will make their decision not on june 7 but now in early may. heather: a lot of people wanting to see what they do. thank you. jon: she is charged with living large on other people's money for years. police say this confused identity found her victims. plus, two things helping cruz control a massive canadian wildfire. >> yes! earthy... just rustic. [laughing] oh my gosh. wow. [owl howling] [gulp] uh, how about an island? island, yeah. yeah. yeah. [laughing] were you laughing in your fantasy? yeah! me, too. [gasps]
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jon: here are some crime headlines we are following today. a california deputy finally catches up to a woman they say has been living a life of luxury on other people's money. maria christina johnson due in court this week on charges of identity theft and dealing hundreds of thousands of dollars.
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allegedly she targeted her victims on dating websites. a former fbi agent suspected to plead guilty to perjury charges in boston today. prosecutors say robert fitzpatrick lied and overstated his accomplishments during the trial of notorious gangster whitey bulger. family members confirm that university of alabama running back greg brian has been declared brain-dead. the 21-year-old was found shot inside a car in west albany beach over the weekend. police say his death is under investigation as a homicide. heather: a devastating wildfire still burning in alberta canada . crews say the cooler temperatures and rain in the forecast could hopefully help control theclaims. the wildfire has scorched nearly 400,000 acres near the town of orts mcmurray, forcing nearly 90,000 people out of their homes. will live with the latest on that story . reporter: firefighters really hoping this cooler weather will help them get a death grip on on the wildfire they have nicknamed the beast. it is so big you can see
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smoke all the way in iowa. so far it burns around 700 square miles and damaged or destroyed 1600 structures. it devastated entire neighborhoods. two people were killed in a car crash during the evacuation, other than that there haven't been any injuries but in fort mcmurray, the power grid has been damaged, the water is not drinkable and the gas has been shut off. when you added up, almost 90,000 residents evacuated, some by air, art sure when they will be able to return . >> i'mwatching 24 seven, every single channel, all day long.i cried . we don't know where we are going to live. but we're doing okay. the people are wonderful.
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reporter: you can really visualize the residence concerns when you take a look at this surveillance video. the people who live inside his home are some of the ones who evacuated but on their cell phone they were able to watch in real time as the fire encroached their home and within a matter of minutes it burned the home to the ground. the fire also threatening the alberta oil sands earlier this morning. oil prices jumped then stabilized. the real impact could be felt by the economy, they are expecting billions of dollars in insurancepayouts and it's anticipated to be the most expensive natural disaster in canada's history . again, the good news here is the weather getting better. they are expecting rain in the forecast and heather, i can tell you those firefighters will take as much rain as they can get because this fire is expected to burn for several months. heather: hopefully they will get some much-needed help. will carlisle, thank you. jon: girl taken out of school by her uncle. now the desperate search for that missing child as officials asked the public for help rid plus, hillary clinton says she's ready to talk to the fbi about her email. is the investigation wrapping
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don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. jon: right now, the tennessee bureau of investigation offering a reward for information leading to the safe recovery of a missing girl. officials have been searching for nine-year-old carly trent and her 57-year-old uncle, gary simpson ever since carly was signed out of school wednesday by her uncle under false pretenses. carly described as having blonde hair, blue eyes. she is four foot eight and 75 pounds. officials say the two might be traveling together in a white van. anyone with information is asked to call the tennessee bureau of investigations at one 800 tbi find. that's 1-800-824-3463.
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heather: the investigation into hillary clinton's email server appears to be entering its final stage. according to sources close to the investigation, fbi agents have not found sufficient evidence that clinton broke the law but they have yet to question mrs. clinton. >> no one has reached out to me yet but last summer, i think lost august i made it clear i'm more than ready to talk to anybody anytime. the seventh joining me now, fox news anchor and attorney greg jarrett. very interesting statement there. she said that of the fbi, no one has reached out to me yet . what do you make of that? >> did you sense she was parsing her words? there are a couple possibilities here. her answer was very carefully worded. she said nobody had reached out to her as in her personal yet. her spokesman said last week that her attorney was in constant contact with the departmentof justice and in
8:26 am
the interview later on she said , well, she didn't deny that her team had been contacted by the fbi so it may have been that her answer was misleading. the second possibility is the fbi maybe waiting until they finish interviewing all her top aides. typically the target of invest an investigation is the last person the feds want to marshal together all their evidence before confronting the target, assuming hillary clinton is the target. heather: is it possible the fbi doesn't plan to interview clinton at all? >> that is actually the third possibility. maybe they feel they don't need to talk with her. they may think the evidence speaks for itself one way or the other. after all, the law is very specific if you look at the statute. it's a crime to knowingly store classified information at an unauthorized location. they may think any explanation she could offer is irrelevant, it's cut and dry. either she store classified info on the server or she did not. heather: so clinton, she's also repeated a standard defense we've heard before.
8:27 am
>> yeah, here it is in fact. take a listen to it. >> there was never any material marked classified that was sent or received by me. >> well, the statute doesn't care about markings. it's still a crime even if it's on mark and clinton did receive after all i national security indoctrination. it's a tutorial on the law and classified info. she was warned to simply that classified materials can either be marked or unmarked. she signed a document promising not to convey classified material to an unauthorized person or place, regardless of its markings so her claim here, nothing was marked, doesn't hold defense under the law. heather: what about the report that unnamed sources close to the investigation are saying that the fbi has encumbered no evidence that clinton intended to violate the law, does that make a difference?
8:28 am
it's very interesting because in so many ways it doesn't make any sense. whether clinton intended to violate the law, that's not the legal issue. the legal issue is whether she knowingly stored classified information on her unauthorized servers. we mentioned, there were 2200 classified documents on that server and an additional 22 top secret. it's really hard to argue that g, it was an accident. 2200 accidents +22 more. or it's hard to argue that didn't really recognize classified information for what it was. that would be arguing her own incompetence and especially curious because she personally authorized reportedly 104 of the classified materials herself so this whole business about unnamed sources saying they haven't found any evidence that she intended to break the law, her intention to
8:29 am
break the law is immaterial under the law. heather: very interesting. it seems like a decision or some announcement of some sort could come any day now. >> it could and look, the department of justice and fbi both know that the clock is ticking, it's a political year. convention is coming up in july. they don't want to be accused of dragging their feet. they got reportedly more than 100 fbi agents on this thing but it is so vast and so much classified information and other collateral issues about her foundation that you know, it's a herculean effort to dig your way through it you. heather: herculean effort, i like that. >> there's been so much obfuscation to .
8:30 am
heather: jarrett with more information, thank you. john. >> mark. jon: a surge of illegal immigrants trying to come across our borders how the upcoming presidential election is playing a role in a suddenly massive influx. we are live with that. plus, donald trump and the media. president obama even weighing in on the coverage which is taking a strange new turn with one tv anchor responding life to a trump to moments after it was sent to our media panel live with their take next .
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wildlife rescue workers open up a lot of dawn. tough on grease...yet gentle. dawn helps open... something even bigger. go to, dawn saves wildlife. heather: breaking right now at our borders where a surge of illegal immigrants trying to make their way into the us is now underway. with agents catching double
8:34 am
the number of unaccompanied minors and nearly tripled the number of families than last year. and the upcoming presidential election is playing a big role in the influx. largess is following that story from los angeles. william? reporter: there are three kinds of illegal immigration really. about those who arrive, those who never leave, those who speak over the border and what we are talking about here are immigrants who want to get arrested, who come to the border, turn themselves in and claim asylum which triggers this lengthy legal process they ignore and are never deported. unlike mexico where a border patrol agent can send them back, that's not the case with central americans. in thelast six months, 28,000 unaccompanied children from honduras, guatemala and el salvador arrived at the board in seeking asylum . that's double last year and the number of families, over 32,000. that's higher than the surge in 2014.
8:35 am
but because our jails are full, there's a backlog in the course of 800,000 cases, there's a five-year wait just to see a judge so agents are simply releasing them including gang members. >> we don't know who we are releasing and don't know what they are capable of. you can't find out of fake murder, you can't find out if they molested minors, you can't find out if they great. reporter: why is this happening? the administration tried an ad campaign to tell immigrants to stay home. secondly, there's no consequences. immigrants get released with the freedom to work in the us and number three, the politics. if you believe donald trump, you need to get here now before he built a wall. if you believe secretary clinton, you need to get here now to qualify under any reform bill because she favors allowing immigrants here to stay. the amazing thing is, more centralamericans have arrived here in the last three years and the largest single wave of illegal immigration , 140,000 or 125,000 in the
8:36 am
boatlift in 1980. the bottom line is, it used to be 80: 20 mexicans to central americans, now that's reversed, heather. it's 80 percent central american, 20 percent mexican. heather: william life for us, thank you. jon: there's a new twist in the media coverage of donald trump and it happened moments after trump unleashed this to . he wrote, while i hear morning joe has gotten hostile ever since i won't do or watch the show anymore, they misrepresent my position. about a minute later, the host of that program, joe scarborough responded on air. >> you know, you watch it. how are you doing donald. it's very funny when you say you don't watch the show. i think it's cute. keep it up. jon: joining us now, tammy bruce, radio talkshow host and a fault thoughts contributor. also alan combs, coast of the island cones show syndicated by fox radio. are you surprised?
8:37 am
>> the guy is acting really presidential, tweeting back and forth to joe scarborough during his show and i thought the show used to be called joe and donald and all of a sudden he turned against him. he's even flip-flopping on that. stick to flip-floppingon issues, donald. now you're flip-flopping on who hates you and who you hate . jon: the camera has always given donald trump favorable time. >> if they have donald trump watching they will have six viewers so maybe they'll notice. look, this is about the media and its relationship with presidential candidates. barack obama is all over reality tv shows, everything else and this is the nature of our new media. you've got social media
8:38 am
tapping right into what happens unlike television, broadcast cable and trump is doing what he's always been doing. americans generally don't like the media and he's reinforcing his position as an outsider and going after them, being somebody who moves the nature of how the media covers things and that is a sign of power for many people. >> it doesn't hold him accountable because on cnn, he's asked about his attacks on hillary clinton, calling her an enabler and why he chose those attacks. he totally to change the subject and goes to a laundry list of positions he's flip-flopped on and he's not being held accountable for that . jon: but we're dealing with a president who is often not held held accountable by the media, don't you think? >> not necessarily. he's been vetted, elected twice, by the way. and i'm tempted to say the other side does it also. here's donald trump: and glenn closely post, or pinocchio to 27 difference treatments and they vetted 27 percent of the things he said. he continually lies and he had not been held accountable. the washington post did a good job detailing lie after lie about which he has never been heldaccountable . >> i'm waiting for an account of accountability for bernie sanders in the views that he
8:39 am
spews that are unworkable when it comes to economics. hillary clinton, this is working out for both hillary and donald trump. the media ignores her because coverage would hurt her. she is also not an interesting person. they cover donald trump because they think they can hurt him but it's not working and the american people are interested in him. when youtalk about vetting, not only with barack obama and you can keep your doctor, you can keep your health insurance and the new york times story about how they took all the media for a ride and lied about the iraq deal and the air and weapons deal and they knew it and every everybody fell for it. that is one of the most blatant admissions that the media is used by this administration , that we should expect them to when it comes to hillary to not ask serious questions the administration like every other administration, they have people whose job it is
8:40 am
to sell the policies to the media for the public. every administration does it and that's what they do. it's not like they were lying about the iran deal. therandy is better than the alternative of which republicans have none . jon: the president is weighing in on the coverage of this election campaign . we thought you'd like to hear that. >> what i'm concerned about is the degree to which reporting and information starts emphasizing the spectacle and the circus . because that's not something we can afford. and the american people, they've got good judgment, they've got good instincts as long as they get good information. jon: all right. what do you think about that question mark. >> it he's exactly right. he's not as he said in his speech, reality show. this is not a survivor, political survivor in some ways but it's a serious office and there are serious issues here and that's not the sense you get based on
8:41 am
the temperament and presentation of the donald. >> you don't when you speak about survivor, when the president himself goes on a reality show with that bear grills guy and eat raw food from the ocean and will be the scat from the coyotes. the last time we saw it was him with a star wars character and a light saber but yet it's not a reality tv show. every nighttime show, the first lady goes on television. this is a man who campaigns with fake greek columns and afraidpresident fill in. he talked about that and the spectacle of what's going on . ask where not in the 2008 election now. >> we are talking about the same man who hypocritically did all that . [overlapping conversation] >> he's had two terms over which he was overwhelmingly elected. >> it was all spectacle and misleading the american people and directly lying about obamacare . [overlapping conversation] jon: we've got them wound up now. were going to have to end it though. all right.
8:42 am
>> obama spectacle. that's going to be the next thing he moves too. he's going to have a tv show. jon: tammy bruce and alan coles, thankyou . heather: we are going to keep talking politics and bernie sanders saying he is still in it to win it despite having no realpath to the democratic nomination so what is his plan? carpet political panel debates coming up next area . >> . >>
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heather: bernie sanders vowing to stay in the race despite mrs. clinton's overwhelming lead in delegates. senator sanders says superdelegates can still change their minds and support him and he's been hitting the democratic front-runner horror on the campaign trail.listen. >> secretary clinton has given the number of speeches behind closed doors on wall street for 225,000 to speak. i think that if you get paid $225,000 for a speech, it must be a pretty good speech.
8:46 am
[applause] it must be an insightful, brilliant speech and you probably want to share that speech with the whole world. [applause] heather: simon rosenberg is the president and founder of nbn and a former bill clinton campaign advisor and he joins us to talk a little bit more more about this. you were an advisor for her husband, how you would you advise hillary to handle the sanders situation if he says he's in to stay? now have similar challenges in trying to put their party back together after a contentious primary before their conventions this summer and i think they are going to be, what donald trump has to
8:47 am
do is different from what hillary clinton has to do but certainly bernie sanders is saying look, i'm running. i'm going to try to get as many delegates as possible and want to make sure i have as much rich as i can going into our convention to get the most of what whatever deal he gets out at the end of the day. secretary clinton is going to have to show a lot of political dexterity to make sure she gives bernie enough to make it look like he got something out of this negotiation but not too much that it alters the trajectory of her candidacy. heather: that is the question. what is it for bernie sanders? listen to what he had to say about possibly being a bp candidate. >> would you consider being her vice presidential running mate? >> right now we are focused on the next five weeks of winning the democratic nomination. if that does not happen, we are going to fight as hard as we can on the floor of the democratic convention to make sure that we have a progressive platform that the american people will support and then after that, certainly secretary clinton and i can sit down and talk. heather: what you think question mark with that benefit her? >> putting him on the ticket? i'm skeptical that was going to happen but i do think that one of the areas you could see, one of the areas i think
8:48 am
they will come together on quickly is around some set of initiatives to make our politics better. i think all parties have talked a lot this cycle about how her system is rigged and things are working the way they should be for the american people and we need better politics. i think there's going to be a lot of opportunity for the sanders and clinton campaigns to come together on those issues. the seven how does she pull over his supporters question mark his supporters, primarily they are young, independent white voters and she will need those voters and we are headed into the general election. how does she pull them over without moving too far to the left and alienating others? >> it's the art of politics. this is the art of the deal to use a donald trump term. we are in an extended new negotiation right now between the clinton and sanders campaigns her cup today, it's amicable.
8:49 am
there are some rough stuff, that's what happens in our business but i think things are still staying amicable. i think sanders want to deal. i think clinton once a deal.they will get it together by the middle or end of june, long before our convention. to me, it's harder to see how donald trump puts his party back together before his convention so i'd rather be, look, we're not perfect. we're going to have to struggle ahead but i'd rather be us than then going into the relative convention. heather: she still have to worry about those voters who are now saying they would sit out the election versus both for her and by some accounts, 29 percent of those voters. that was a us to a today rock the vote poll recently. thank you so much for joining us. we will see what happens. >> thank you. jon: look at how new technology could make your commute safer a year after a deadly train derailment. >> get ready for the rio olympic games
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jon: coming up on the top of the hour, and outnumbered. sander and harris, what do you have? >> ahead of this week's sit down with paul ryan and donald trump, he is refusing to rule out blocking the house speaker from chairing the republican convention. trump says he can win the white house without unifying the party. is it true? trump also attacking hillary clinton by targeting bill clinton's indiscretions. will this help or hurt him with female voters? and the report finds conservatives convention speakers are seriously outnumbered at american chop colleges. does this show liberal bias at campuses? read this we discussed that one lucky guy. he is lucky indeed. we save the surprise for later. outnumbered, top of the hour. jon: we will be watching. >> thank you. heather: transportation officials working to make train travel safer a year after a deadly amtrak crash in philadelphia.
8:54 am
last may, eight people killed, eight of them and hundreds more hurt after a train derailed while going around the curve at twice the speed limit. experts recommending that all passenger trains be installed with systems that can hopefully help prevent similar accidents. matt is life with us with more on this new technology. reporter: good morning heather. the images from the philadelphia crash, difficult to look at for anybody getting on or off the train today or riding on the tracks like those behind me. the national transportation safety board tells fox it will release the results of its investigation into the crash next week. that is going over 100 miles per hour, extremely excessive speed. unfortunately here efforts say it could have been prevented and lives saved. we have been following the status of new technology called positive train control or ptc.
8:55 am
experts say ptc could have invented that accident in philadelphia. the technology basically overrides an engineer who is speaking or about to run a crossing. we got a demonstration in philadelphia about how this new technology works. >> if the train goes above the maximum authorized speed, basically there will be an audible alert. if the engineer doesn't react, the train will be put into an emergency brake. reporter: so when is this technology coming to a train you use? congress initially mandated it be in full effect on all trains by this past january 1 but an extension was passed and now it must be on all passenger trains nationwide by 2018 but there is good news. it is already up and running in trains in states like california, pennsylvania and colorado. heather: met sam, live with us, thank you. jon: knew next hour of happening now, a soccer match ends in an all out brawl and it wasn't only players and fans duking it out.
8:56 am
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jon: we'll close out the hour with a fox news alert. a mexican judge reportedly ruled that joaquin "el chapo" guzman, can be extradited to the united states to face drug trafficking charges here. it is one of the fears, reportedly of guzman. "el chapo" staged that notoriouses escape from a mexican prison through a mile-long tunnel. he could be headed to the united states now to face trial here. more word on that as we get it. and this fox news alert. an inmate who did escape from a new jersey psychiatric institution has been recaptured. police say arthur buckle was
9:00 am
recaptured this morning around 6:00 a.m. along mile marker 76 of the garden state parkway in new jersey. this inmate who had been on the run all weekend, back in custody. we will see you back here in an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ sandra: happy monday, everyone. this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, is harris faulkner, host of "kennedy" on fox business, kennedy. jedediah bila is here, today's #oneluckyguy, co-host of "the five" and author of we the people, juan williams is here. as we always remind you, you are outnumbered, sir. >> severely "outnumbered" and lucky to be so. sandra: you're used to being out numbered on "the five." >> common. sandra: this is didn't kind of you'd r outnumbered.


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