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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 9, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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recaptured this morning around 6:00 a.m. along mile marker 76 of the garden state parkway in new jersey. this inmate who had been on the run all weekend, back in custody. we will see you back here in an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ sandra: happy monday, everyone. this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, is harris faulkner, host of "kennedy" on fox business, kennedy. jedediah bila is here, today's #oneluckyguy, co-host of "the five" and author of we the people, juan williams is here. as we always remind you, you are outnumbered, sir. >> severely "outnumbered" and lucky to be so. sandra: you're used to being out numbered on "the five." >> common. sandra: this is didn't kind of you'd r outnumbered.
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>> i like eric, but gee, not like that. sandra: we'll decide what that means. harris: wonderful. sandra: breaking news to get to as well. let's begin. as donald trump enters the first full week as the gop presumptive nominee there are growing questions whether he will be able to unite the party. this as mr. trump said party unity would be nice but not really necessary. >> does the party have to be together? does it have to be unified? i'm very different than anybody else. perhaps ever run for office. i actually don't think so. i think that -- >> doesn't have to be unified? >> no, i don't think so i think it would be better if it were unified. there would be something good about it but i don't think it actually has to be unified in the tradition -- i'm going to do what i have to do. i have millions of people that voted voted for me. sandra: this just in. milwaukee journal sent tell reporting that speaker of the house will step down as chairman of this summer's convention if the candidate asks him to after the candidate said to this on
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"meet the press." >> if he can't endorse you, do you think he should be chair of the convention. >> i don't want to mention now. i will see after. i will give you a solid answer one minute after that happens. no reason to give it now. >> the paul manafort telling "fox news sunday" it was unreasonable to expect party harmony overnight. >> it is a healing process. it will happen over time. frankly the media's expectation the day after indiana primary everybody got out of the race everything would come together in one moment is unrealistic. trump understands this. he ran as an outsider. he ran as somebody representing the people's interest who were frustrated with gridlock in washington. he wasn't a candidate of leaders. >> we'll get to the comments in a minute. juan williams, i want to get your reaction after this. trump sitting down with milwaukee sentinel journal, ask if he would step down as
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convention chair in trump asks him to, his response was i will do whatever he asks him to. >> obviously there is split in the party. clearly in advance meeting everyone is being look forward to between trump and paul ryan i believe on wednesday, idea, oh, maybe they could get it together. but over the weekend things seems to have become more divided and specifically over the issue of trump saying you know what? i don't need, maybe i don't need paul ryan running convention, because it is his convention, it is his party. trump said it will be most entertaining spectacular convention any of us has ever seen because he will take charge. paul ryan is the punitive head, top elected republican in washington of the convention and the party. but at this point it is not only that paul ryan seems to be diminished by donald trump, it is that even party positions -- over the weekend he said you know what? maybe we should raise minimum wage and taxes should go up. sandra: to be clear, he says that should be left up to the states.
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>> remember, sandra, he was saying during the campaign he was opposed to any raise in the minimum wage. sandra: so let's talk about the latest developments as far as party is concerned. donald trump saying on fox business network this is the time for the party to unite. but at the same time he is asking the question, well look, if they choose not to, do we really need to be unified he is asking? >> that is politically smart answer for him, because if you look at all the disparate elements of the republican party, one would have to sell out essentially in order to make them all happy. i mean trump has hard enough time flip-flopping on key issues. you know he calls it flexibility. but i don't think he needs to extend that sort of flexibility and the fact that he is from the island of miss fit toys, that puts him in a better position with the voters he is doing best with, including poorly-educated white voters and independents. people that hillary clinton would saw off her left hand to reach right now. >> we heard this different message coming from paul
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manafort saying, that essentially leading to the idea the party will eventua but there is a healing process. >> should have taken place about 10 years ago. people talk about this like this is new problem, that because trump is out there he suddenly this great divider. republican party has been falling apart for years. when you had mitt romney out there, you had a bunch of conservative voters couldn't get behind him. when you had john mccain a whole wing of the right, people stayed home and not vote for mitt romney one of the reasons he lost this isn't a new problem. i think trump being out there highlighted it, perhaps taken it to a new level but republican party has been struggling for long time. they have a libertarian wing. they have a hawkish wing. they have an establishment wing, whatever that word means these days and there has been a hard time getting all those to come together. i don't know you have to bring them all together to win a general election. i'm not necessarily convinced of that, but i think the party needs to figure out who they are, when they get out there to talk to young people and talk policy, so many people, when i
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go to student groups, what does the republican stand for? they need to come together on some issues. sandra: for his part donald trump is saying i'm going to do what i have to do. i have millions of people that voted for me. harris: i don't know why anybody would doubt that, right? i don't know why speaker ryan is doubting that. look at other 16 people went up against donald trump with a whole lot of bravado. doesn't work out. it works for him. not for everybody else. i'm a little confused why speaker ryan would spend his political mojo on this particular moment. this could hurt him. they are having a group of lawmakers meet first. the second meeting will be reince priebus at the head and trump and ryan. he is in dangerous territory, paul ryan. making establishment look to voters less popular than it already is. sandra: let me challenge that, for a second, juan, maybe when they get together, paul ryan and donald trump meet on thursday, maybe paul ryan comes out and said hey, we were able to work things out. maybe that shows donald trump will say and do what it takes to
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unify guys like paul ryan. >> what can he say, what can he do? the problem is it goes beyond the moment. paul ryan is looking down the road. he is looking out for his members. he wants to make sure he maintains majority of the house. i guess he has concerns about the majority of the senate which is really vulnerable. what if donald trump loses? what of the republican party as jedediah is discussing, what is the future of this party without donald trump winning? i would add this to the news of the day which is corporations are pulling back from the convention. so right now reince priebus has like a $7 million deficit to pay for the convention because the big corporations are reacting to donald trump as the nominee. sandra: so much to get to today. all right. we've got it started on the couch. we have reports that fbi investigation into hillary clinton's emails is in its final stages as she claims she still has not been contacted by investigators and tries to downplay the probe.
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what we can expect when they do reach out to her. donald trump ramping up his attacks on hillary by going after her husband. calling her an enabler of bill clinton's affairs. will this line of attack work or could it backfire? after the show catch more on the couch from the web. "outnumbered overtime," click on the "overtime" tab, let us know all the times you disagree with juan williams on the couch today. >> that is always fun. sandra: tell us what topics you want to hear more about hear mo. these guys represent blood cells. if you have afib not caused by a heart valve problem, pradaxa helps stop blood cells from pooling in the heart... forming a clot... which can travel to the brain and cause a stroke. pradaxa was better than warfarin at reducing stroke risk in a study. in the rare event of an emergency, pradaxa has a specific reversal treatment to help you clot normally again. pradaxa is not for people who have had a heart valve replacement. don't stop taking pradaxa without talking to your doctor. stopping increases your risk of stroke or blood clots.
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♪ harris: reports the fbi investigation into hillary clinton using a private email server has now entered its final stages and now new reaction from clinton. word the former secretary of state may be interviewed in the coming days or weeks. we know the fbi already questioned her long-time advisor huma abedin. clinton acknowledging in an interveer her top aides have been part of the investigation but when asked she herself has been contacted, she repeated what she said before no one reached out to her. then appeared to downplay it all a security inquiry rather than a criminal investigation. >> what is your answer to those
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people, gee, fbi inquiry, that's a big deal? what do you say to them? >> i say what i've said for many, many months. it is a security inquiry. i always took classified materials seriously. there was never any material marked classified that was sent or received by me and i look forward to this being wrapped up. harris: let me add just a little bit to this before i come to juan. her spokesperson brian fallon says, you know, her attorney is constant contact with the justice department. is she playing word games with us when she hasn't been contacted? she knows she is in the pipeline. she has her attorney looking into it. >> sure. i think she was talking about being asked to come into the for the interview. as you've been saying huma abedin, other people, some people are taking the fifth. other people already have been as you say in line to be questioned. the question when does her moment come. that will be a big moment for her. it is almost in my mind less a big moment in terms of what she has to say. we know what she has to say.
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big moment in terms of media attention. it compounds her issue with trustworthiness and honesty which is tremendous issue for mrs. clinton. harris: okay. so david kendall is representing her. we know his name from david petraeus. there is a little bit of a problem with mr. kendall. critics are saying because he actually handled backup hard drives and didn't have clearance to handle them this is sticky wicket for mrs. clinton to be represented by him. >> there are so many sticky wickets and she could own her own sporting goods store and fill it with croquet mallets. kendall has problems. he as you know represented president bill clinton. >> i remember that. >> when he was wading through his own bog of sticky wickets. he had several -- harris: sticky wickets. >> he had several in his blazer. >> whoa. >> james comey is no stranger to clinton. this may be showdown between comey and kendall who have met in legal proceedings involving
9:15 am
the clintons in the past. harris: so our big question in all of this, juan alluded to, that is why this doesn't really touch her jedediah politically but trust issue definitely does. >> i think it touched her. but i think people, unless she gets indicted, unless some major thing happens here. i think most people made up their minds on this issue. it either bothers them. they feel there was lack of transparency here. she is not trustworthy. she is either a liar or incompetent and this is too much of an issue and can't go to the polls for her or made the decision to believe her. she complied with investigations, they haven't found anything, and this is good enough for me. that trust issue definitely played a role up to this point but unless something major breaks i think -- sandra: juan, what message is she sending by continuing calling this as judge napolitano many times pointed out a security inquiry. the state department conducts security inquiries this is open fbi investigation. she is being investigated by the fbi.
9:16 am
seems like she is in denial of that fact. >> no. i think she is aware of it but the thing she has not been informed she is a target after after -- of a criminal investigation. that is very important language for her. she does not want to be titled as criminal suspect in front of the american people. she has enough issues. i think for her she wants to be very clear, she feels, remember, "new york times" break the story, you say that is left-wing media. the media has been on her case. she wants to back people up and using people to do it. >> but is she target of the investigation? depends on what your definition of the word is is. >> oh, my. harris: good luck, juan. >> i think i should shut up. sandra: stick together ever-fun presidential politics, donald trump over the weekend taking dead aim at bill clinton's sex scandals, what he called hillary's enabling of her husband's behavior. >> there is no nobody that was worse, nobody, than bill clinton
9:17 am
with women. okay? nobody. in the history of politics, hillary clinton's husband abused women more than any man that we know of in the history of politics, right? now she is going to buy $90 million worth of ads about donald trump, right? 90 million. she was an unbelievably nasty, mean, enabler and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful. so put that in her bonnet and let's see what happens, okay? sandra: mr. trump this morning defending those comments saying hillary has no business criticizing his record on women. >> she can't about me because nobody respects women more than donald trump. and i'm going to take -- i will be better for women by a big factor than hillary clinton. sandra: meantime hillary clinton says she is not going to run,
9:18 am
quote, an ugly race but says she will run on the issues. jedediah, at this point do you think she can avoid the attacks coming her way from donald trump? >> i mean what is he trying to do here? this is how you win a primary. that's great. if he is looking towards the general election, people like bill clinton. he isvery, very popular. and the general election public is going to look at this, this is from the past. once again they already made up their minds about this. if this bothers them, character issue bothers them when we talk about monica lewinsky and hillary enabling attacks, they will have decided that already. that is done, that is over, that is the past. she will come out looking good because she says i'm focused on issues. this is all nonsense. he needs to focus on issues. this woman's career disaster poll at thiswise. hit her where it hurts and looks like you're above the board and present in the moment. sandra: he has been effective branding his opponents and lyin' tedd. >> little marco.
9:19 am
>> that was primary. >> nasty mean enabler hillary clinton. >> women have to make this call. look, starting point is very clear, sandra, he is at a huge deficit with american women right now. his unfavorables are like 70, 80%, unbelievable you would start from that point with the largest voting bloc in the country. 53% of the voters in 2012 were women. he has to watch out for what ted cruz did to him. ted cruz called him serial philanderer. talked about problems he had in his own sex life, donald trump that came from ted cruz. imagine then if you say to american women, what about bill clinton, what about what he did way back, but some of you younger women you may not know this, charges against bill clinton he was impeached. feels a little old to me but i don't know how it impacts younger women. who are far more sensitive. i think back to the song about staying with your man. there are some people, you know what? that family stayed together
9:20 am
despite all the issues. sandra: great point. he brought his family up on most stages. he had his daughters present. in some cases granddaughters. harris: not just present, speaking for him on campaign trail. i would say a couple things. for one, bill clinton i would like to see some of the latest research how popular he is. he had some missteps along the way. >> i agree. harris: he had, his voice is hoarse. he doesn't sound strong. i'm not criticizing, i'm pointing out facts i would like to see if people think he is the same bill clinton as he was 20 years ago. that's my first question. the second has to do idea what is really in their past. we heard over the weekend donald trump using the word impeachment along with bill clinton. he didn't say it was because of the sex. it was because of the lies. this goes back to the trustworthiness. i see a thread through the needle up until convention time earnings and then maybe a shift to general election strategy.
9:21 am
i don't know. that is just how i see him playing it. sandra: does this give her an opportunity, hillary clinton, kennedy, to bring up some of donald trump's controversial remarks agree with it or don't agree with it from his past, about women? >> if he slams her against the boards, she elevates her game when she talks about facts and figures and be the librarian. not necessarily scintillating politics. that is when she does better. when the clintons fall apart when they have to answer questions about this. if he can somehow turn this into relevant discussion where the press will try to pin her down as they did a few months ago on the campaign trail -- when bill clinton improvizationly trying to answer questions about past discretions gets really frustrated, that is when he falls apart. if trump shifts dynamic over there that can be somewhat harmful. harris: seen him yelling at protesters. donald trump could stick
9:22 am
something on her as you're talking about the link bow of labels and what -- lingo and labels and what not. >> critique with trump he is light on issues. he can do this well. this is reality tv he can pull stuff from the past. i personally want to sit here and say this guy can take her on foreign policy on key issues and leave her looking like the woman who is out of her league, know what i'm saying? sandra: already going there. not even in the general. we'll keep watching it. top advisor meanwhile to president obama walking back controversial comments that he made about duping the media to settle iran nuclear deal. the story ben rhodes is telling now and what the whole ordeal says about the obama administration. reaching out to gop voters disillusioned with donald trump. the strategy she is being looing to launch and whether or not it will work. ♪ peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery
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>> welcome back. this is "outnumbered" a top advisor of president obama is walking back controversial comments he made that suggested that the white house spun the media to sell iran nuclear deal to the american public. started with profile piece in the "new york times" magazine that article, deputy national security advisor ben rhodes explains how he created an echo chamber in the press that helped him push what "the times" calls a misleading narrative. he was quoted as saying all these newspapers used to have foreign bureaus. now they don't. they call us to explain to them what is happening in moscow and cairo. most of the outlets are reporting on world events from washington. the average reporter we talked to is 2 years old and -- 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists being around political campaigns that is a sea change. they literally know nothing! harris: wow. >> after major backlash, rhodes
9:28 am
said he post ad piece saying he never tried to mislead or spin the media. he writes, no shortage of the good reporting positive, negative mixed. every press corps i interacted with, vetted deal as extensively as any other foreign policy initiative of the presidency. a review of the press from that period will show plenty of tough journalism and scrutiny. associated press correspondent you will julie pace weighed in on all of this on "fox news sunday." >> this is interesting because this white house prides themselves being the smartest kid in the room. that is their approach to so many things. i think they look at this article and they will probably take criticism of it, which is plentily coming from people friendly to them as another example how washington doesn't get what the obama administration is trying to do. they really have this attitude frankly that they are the only smart ones in town. >> absolutely.
9:29 am
smart ones that decide the narrative and then spoon feed it to the press. >> i think that's true and i think this is quite insulting to a lot of reporters in washington. harris: you think? >> the thing is- sandra: "wake up call." >> political polarization or media outlets one way or the other, this crossed lines. why you see the outrage and fed the critics, not like there is shortage of critics iran deal. fed the critics, ben rhodes spinning idea once you had a more moderate regime in iran we could do business with them, when it fact, they were doing business way back with the ayatollah and hard-liners, way before there was this moderate regime. so they misled people, and did so intentionally. i think it has stirred up a lot of negative feelings. what julie pace said, right on target, smartest kid in the room means we're the dumbest kids in the room. >> what he is saying journalists
9:30 am
are lazy, young and -- harris: i get it. >> to you what is the most egregious thing ben rhodes said he didn't really apologize for or walk back? harris: i imagine his brother who is president of cbs news had a phone call to make telling him what is egregious. he lead as team of many talented and fabulous journalists over there. the 27 years old line, we have a lot of veterans in the field for all the networks doing heavy lifting and great work, so, i want to know where this came from. i'm not saying that some of it couldn't be true. i'm not saying some could get their head spun because we know it happens but i question the judgment of somebody in such a powerful position to point the finger at the media in such a widespread manner, knowing his own brother is leading one of the largest media outlets. >> by the way this administration that still needs the media and this hurts the president. if this is one, one of his national security advisors is saying, how does the president feel? sandra: i go back to one.
9:31 am
most confusing parts of this to look at ben rhodes, what he said, kind of sort of tried to walk back and doesn't apologize for, why now, why make the statements now and why not after the conclusion of president obama's term in office? >> that is part of arrogance, sandra, if you think about it. he feels like he is describing what is going on in washington. there is particular angry in this "new york times" piece what he calls the blob, foreign policy establishment in washington. he says they would still be locked into the middle east, still locked into the saudis and anger at iran and stalemate between the israelis and palestinians. they're trying to get a different narrative. i think that is what he was trying to do. he didn't realize what he was saying i think. he is telling people we're creating a new way of thinking and approach. we're smartest kids. >> it is arrow goons and incompetence. this level of hubris is almost hard to overcome. >> i want to ask juan, the liberal on the couch, does this
9:32 am
surprise you though? when i heard this, honestly the fact he had to come out to write a statement i think is hilarious actually because it is humiliating. it doesn't surprise me. i don't read this the obama administration is trying to manipulate the press and thinks the public is whole bunch of dummies and we believe it too and this is shocking. this what i come to expect from the administration. >> first as journalist, someone who covered the white house it doesn't shock me because i think every administration engages in euphemistic phrases. reagan called the mx missile a peacekeeper. talk about tax cuts, supply-side econmics. people in every administration try to use the journalists. that's the idea. the journalist has to be adversarial. that is with we are. we're supposed to be adversarial entity to challenge. sandra: supposed to be. >> i like that idea. i think that helps keep democracy rolling. when you see something where he says we have inexperienced
9:33 am
reporters on twitter feeds and they become a echo chamber, that is dangerous boy. >> we're not taking out of context. harris: sounds like you might have have a book coming out. >> save it for the book though. harris: go to politics again. hillary clinton is reaching out to gop voters and party leaders, yes, republican voters, who are turned off by donald trump. she wants to hear from you. her campaign is poised to launch a republican for hillary group and broaden an economic message to attract blue-collar voters and later today in virginia. mrs. clinton is targeting suburban neighborhoods outside of washington, d.c. perhaps strategy or hope on her chart that some of trump's controversial comments will push voters in her corner s that something that can work, kennedy? >> not yet. donald trump will triangulate after the convention. she is trying to do it now. she completely dismissed bernie sanders. talking about how she is the most progressive candidate and she is essentially embracing his
9:34 am
far left parts of the platform. then she wants republicans for hillary? can she have it both ways? is it triangulation or strangulation at this point? at some point whose campaign is she running? now seems like she is taking some of donald trump's talking points. trying to get some voters he is resonating with. harris: maybe that is because for him they have been working. juan, a big question for me. i asked it on "the fox report" last night with the insiders. hillary clinton that she will not inherit his supporters when he pulls out of the race. what does he want? >> he wants to push her left and push the party left. harris: is it working? >> i think it worked. she is on record. she ink changed her position especially on economic issues. harris: is that a flip-flop? >> i don't know if it is a flip-flop but she responded to idea that bernie sanders exceeded all expectations in this campaign and done
9:35 am
phenomenally well in terms of fund-raising. harris: he is still winning and not going anywhere. >> he isn't winning. harris: they split. >> no way bernie sanders gets nomination. harris: but he took up some support. >> always proportional. he made no progress in terms of saying i'm closer to hillary clinton than i was before. this effort in suburban virginia by the way, she does fine with younger women. it is married church-going white suburban women, first of all, she has some damage with there. those are the women who have the most questions. harris: why don't they like her? >> not that they don't like her. typically they vote republican first of all. secondly in light of donald trump being there, if donald trump is in the race, it is more about donald trump than it is about hillary clinton. two candidates with high unfavorables but donald trump helps hillary clinton in that regard. she wants to reach out to those older, white, suburban married women. sandra: you have to look at paul ryan saying i'm not ready to support our party's presumptive nominee, have to wonder to get inside of hillary clinton's head, thinking she is
9:36 am
salivating as opportunity to get to disillusioned republican voters. >> absolutely. tony perkins, family research council, true conservative on social issues. what is he saying? donald trump we want to know exactly who you are. you better tell us who is in your could be net right now. paul ryan. think about two presidents now, bush, the other bush, both bushes saying we're not going to the convention. you think about mccain, romney, pulling back. romney even discussions about third party. sandra: they wouldn't support -- >> they're not saying anything. they're not supporting. >> republicans who don't want trump will stay home. they will not vote for her. they're not republican. she is big government girl. if her policies pull people away from donald trump people don't know what it means to be republican anymore. nothing in line with the party. people look at trump he is wildcard and i don't like him, those people stay home. harris: playing woman card, doesn't? >> i don't really don't. >> quick populism both sides
9:37 am
espousing same exact thing, if that thing resonates, better able to capitalize on donald trump, that is where he has a problem with those voters. sandra: we'll move on. harris: secretary of state john kerry latest to go after donald trump. kerry speaking to northeastern university graduates. then there is this. new graduate ceremonies at top institutions feature many more liberal than conservative speakers. why aren't students getting to taste both sides of the political meal? i'm betty white and i'm known for
9:38 am
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♪ >> you are the most diverse class in northeastern's history, in other words, you are donald trump's worst nightmare. [cheering] we will never come out on top if we accept advice from sound bite salesmen and carnival barkers who pretend the most powerful country on earth can remain great by looking inward and hiding behind walls at a time
9:42 am
that technology has made that impossible to do and unwise to even attempt. you're about to graduate into a complex and borderless world. >> secretary of state john kerry taking a shot at donald trump and getting political while addressing graduates at northeastern university in boston this weekend. new study finds college students are not hearing much from the right side of the political and ideology spectrum. liberals outnumber conservative speakers at graduation ceremonies, four to one. not one of the u.s. news world report top 100 schools announced a conservative speaker so far this year. not surprising to me. kennedy, i often talk about the need for conservatives to do outreach and to get into universities because academia is so one-sided but they don't get the invitations because people know that if you bring in diversity of thought you will get diversity of thought as product at the university. so what can they do? >> always embarrassing for the schools to disinvite speakers.
9:43 am
anytime they invite a conservative speaker then it becomes national outrage and there are protests and people are self-flagellating on campus and no safe spaces. it is ridiculous environment to begin with across the board. look at john kerry. he looked like he was about to play quid damage. like a formal at hogwart's. so nonsensical what he is talking about. conservatives want to outreach at schools they should do it through libertarian organizations. >> that is a great idea. want to talk about the policy, talking about borderless. basically you have john kerry calling for what violation of our laws? we have something called border security in this country. what is even saying? what is his point. sandra: that they are donald trump's worst nightmare. i think it was very revealing speech by kerry. also when you look at the tuition at this school by the way, also part of this story, $60,000 tuition and fees to
9:44 am
attend northeastern university. likely to be going up this year. there is a lot bigger problems on these students plate than worrying about who will speak at their school. by the way when you look at some of the speakers, matt damon won't be chased off campus, that's for sure, when giving commencement address, as well as many other liberals from hollywood. >> harris, how much impact does it have when speakers come. well-known guy, hillary clinton goes. whoever it may be, if you have four to one ratio that really impact. we have classrooms, teachers, mostly liberal, what is the impact here? harris: i come from family of teachers. i look at your baking something. all the ingredients into the bowl. if you put mostly one flavor ingredient you tell me how much it impacts it? it will taste mostly like that one ingreed end. the result is always homogenous. you want a society nimble. you can't have nimble nature without the mind being stretched in every different direction so
9:45 am
it has the bounce-back. without competitive views of thought, what are the kids learning? think about you all the people you know how often you agree with them. that is not reality dish on life. i must be hungry because all my metaphors are about food. >> you're looking atme. you can't agree with everybody, right? harris: ah. >> i read a wonderful piece this weekend actually again in the "new york times," it was talking about a black sociologist i believe at university of north texas. what he said was, you know, i run into some discrimination because i'm black in the academy but most discrimination i run into because i'm a christian of the as a christian, people react to him, oh, my gosh he is not real academic or intelligent guy. that kind of prejudice tells you what is going on campus in terms of conservative speakers. you do not see conservative speakers, we know what happened last week, jason riley, it was virginia tech, virginia tech. they reinvited him. the whole idea of i think conservative speakers having the
9:46 am
opportunity to speak, i think is unbelievable how limiting it is from people who say they're liberals. liberals, open-minded. i wonder? >> call them out, his own kind the liberals. no one has it going on like donald trump when it comes to nasty nicknames. democrats hitting back with a name of their own for mr. trump. let's see hue that is working out. the name game. we'll debate that next. i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound) mobility is very important to me. that's why i use e*trade mobile. it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobile lifestyle. and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move... ahhh.
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sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. let's talk to jon scott, for what is coming up next hour of "happening now." hey, jon. >> hey, sandra. hillary clinton set to hold an event in west virginia. she has been focusing her fire on donald trump even though bernie sanders remains a thorn in her side. sanders vows to stay in the race all the way till the democratic convention in philadelphia. donald trump has been hitting hillary clinton hard as well for several days now, attacking her on her record with women. and we're awaiting a news conference from the
9:51 am
north carolina governor in raleigh, north carolina. he filed a lawsuit against the justice department over the so-called bathroom bill. the justice department gave the governor pat mccrory to respond to a letter that the new law violates civil rights statutes. we'll have latest "happening now." sandra: jon, thank you. >> thank you. >> we've pretty much come to expect it. donald trump with the derisive nicknames for his political opponents. let's take a trip in the way back machine, shall we? >> "lyin' ted," "lyin' ted." what is your name? my name is lyin' ted cruz. little, little marco. i want to run against crooked hillary clinton. jeb bush, we call him low energy, low energy. 1 for 41. very soon it will be 1 for 4or 7. so he is going nowhere. >> see -- that last one was john kasich's nickname.
9:52 am
now with speculation around senator elizabeth warren the world has been waiting with bated breath. she is possible clinton vp pick. we've got this. >> you know she has got this goofy friend named elizabeth warren. she is on her twitter rant. she is goofus. she is a goofus. [booing] you ever see her? this woman is a basket case. harris: wow. >> joining the party last week, dnc with a nickname of its own for donald trump. dubbing him, dangerous donald. chairwoman debbie wasserman-schultz seizing on it in an email reading in part, today is reminder of the dangerous donald would threaten america's relationship with our closest allies and make our communities less safe. it is apparently landed, with a thud. couple reactions on twitter. how long did it take and how many people were involved in coming up with "dangerous donald." i really want to know. oh, god, got a bunch of dnc
9:53 am
emails about dangerous donald. it is really happening. double-edged sword here, juan. not a lot of thought went into the name, for some fame must spies danger is their middle name that can be seen as a positive. >> i don't think so. i think this is really the heart and soul of the critique of donald trump which is, do you really trust him with the bomb? do you really trust someone temperament is unstable and some instances to really run and take care and protect our country? but i would say, the funny thing is, i think donald trump display as certain genius the way he labels his opponents. >> of course. >> when he talks about creeked hillary, goes to what we were talking about earlier, hillary clinton, when you talk about donald trump, dangerous donald is not bad. i could see, bully boy. i could see tempermental trump. you. sandra: you thought about this. >> these are names group of people put on whiteboard and i think they kind of fail.
9:54 am
i think you could have done better than dangerous donald. >> i know you would have done better. >> look at my fbn show, weeknights. >> people look at this, are these people a bunch of kindergartners. looking at donald trump -- i always worry, he will go into meeting of word leaders, if it doesn't go his way i can imagine what will come out of his mouth. that is the concern people have about him. honestly, debbie wasserman-schultz looking at this, this guy is genius. he is winning doing this. let's toss names out. i agree with you. go big or go home. sandra: calling her a goofus and basket case. he said she is too easy, i'm driving her nuts. just shows the fact they're now trying to employ his tactics that he is getting under their skin. >> i don't know if it gets under her skin. >> for marco rubio or jeb bush. they got sucked into that.
9:55 am
>> the problem was, that it was so effective, used by donald trump. i don't know if ted cruz can even walk down the street now without being called "lyin' ted." i think people understand. one of the things that political strategists say about donald trump is that he does have a certain genius. that he identifies an opponent's weakness and mocks it and enlarges it. i think that people right now are looking for a way to play trump's game. he uses sixth grade language apparently. got to talk just like that. we see democrats trying to imitate trump. harris: i think it is interesting democrats trying to change the subject. hillary clinton absolutely does not want to deal with the fact that bernie sanders is still in this race. who would have thoughts republicans would be more focused on one candidate right now before the democrats were. >> that ain't happy news for republicans. harris: the nickname and everything else, i mean only really helps him. dangerous as kennedy pointed out, that is sometimes not a bad thing. certainly interesting to see how that gets spun. >> i don't know about that one. >> you know how certain people
9:56 am
curse and it doesn't sound vulgar and entertaining. >> i've been in the makeup room with you. >> thank you, thank you. like my grandmother can do that get away with it. this is who donald trump is. donald trump -- not everyone can do that. >> you think it was effective to call elizabeth warren goofy. >> we'll discuss in "outnumbered overtime." more "outnumbered." stay right here.
9:57 am
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i was. sandra: many thanks to juan williams. he has a new book called we the people. >> if people are interested in behind the headlines. here are the roots so many things we're discussing. sandra: join us on the weak "happening now" now.


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