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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 9, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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i was. sandra: many thanks to juan williams. he has a new book called we the people. >> if people are interested in behind the headlines. here are the roots so many things we're discussing. sandra: join us on the weak "happening now" now.
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>> chaos as angry fans take over the field. it is all "happening now". but we begin our second hour with three remaining presidential candidates making a final push for primaries in west virginia and nebraska. i am jon scott. >> i am heather childers in for jenna lee. starting with nebraska. that is only for republicans and donald trump is looking to pick up delegates and clinch the nomination. both parties will go to the
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polls in west virginia. speaker ryan would step down if trump asks him. to and donald trump announced new jersey christie will be tasked with building a team over the white house if trump wins in november. mike emmanuel is following the democrats today. and doug is in the mountain state on a big p issue for voters, coal. doug. >> reporter: we are outside of the mine in west virginia. you can see much of the mining operation idle and huge stack of coal. you can't make it out i don't think, but there are the railroad tracks to carry the coal to various power plants.
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they used to load up two coal trains a day with the coal and now they are down to two coal trains per month. that pretty much says it all. if you look at the towns, you can see the economic devastation. businesses boarded up and foresale signs. drug epidemic and broken families. and the number of coal mines in west virginia is one- third less than in year 2009. in 2014, the number be dropped to 191 and the decline is more rapidly. >> i am one of the rare people that work. but p the every day stress is uncertainty. our systems line let guys going out to work. will they tell us to go home?
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uncertainty is rough. >> i have two kids. three month old and nine-year-old. i can't provide for my family without the job. i can't put food on the table. it is it a struggle every single day to make end's meet. it is paycheck to paycheck and then it is not enough. >> reporter: when donald trump came to west virginia last week and put on a coal miner's hard hat they applaud. they know upon not naive. but he has made promises. >> and put it this way. hillary clinton said you shut you down and bernie sanders says the same thing. and donald trump puts you back to work and save your jobs. whether it is true or not, he is the first that sayses we'll put you back to work.
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i will support him. if he goes back on his word we have another election and we'll vote him out. bernie sanders who was opposed to all fossil fuels is outpolling milwaukee. 46- 40 percent. it is him opposed to fraking that has helped to put coal out of business along with obama's green energy agenda and economic upon popullism. seeing how the candidates will do, will be how coal miners 99ing the coal miner state. >> thank you, doug. turning to the democrats bernie sanders vowing to stay in the race until the end as he holds events on both coasts
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despite clinton having delegates to clinch the nomination. that is where you can find mike emmanuel. hi, mike. >> good afternoon to you, hillary clinton will be here in what is a huge growth area of northern virginia. with virginia expected to be a battleground in the general election. last time we saw hillary clinton on the campaign trail was friday night in oakland, california. she is attacking donald trump saying he does not have a coherent foreign policy and his attitude is cavealer and reckless. she faces questions on her e-mail server. the fbi has interviewed huma abedin. clinton was asked if the fbi ticketed her team. >> no one reached out to me yet. last august, i made it clear i
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am ready to talk to anybody any time and i encouraged all of my assistants to be very forth coming and i hope this is close to being wrapped up. >> clinton's purpose here this afternoon is talking to woman and young families about paid family lead and health care. >> thank you, mike. fox news alert taking you to north carolina. governor mccorey about his beef on the law. >> the state legislature and governor believe that guidelines need to be put in place because of the new public topic for government buildings, our schools and rest stops to insure privacy and expectation privacy for everyone.
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now just five days ago, the u.s. department of justice sent letters to my office, the department of public safety that reports to the governor and the university system suggesting that having government employee use the bathroom or locker room and shower facility to correspond to the biej boij sex is in conflict with federal policy. department of justice asked all parties to refuse to follow or enforce our state law. this was a substantial request with serious implications. and the u.s. government gave us a mere three business days to respond to this letter. we asked on friday the department of justice for are additional time. we asked for two weeks but they
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refused unless i made a statement where i would public agree with their interpretation of federal law and if i did, they would give one additional week to respond. i could not agree with that because i do not agree with their interpretation of federal law. that's why this morning, i asked the federal law to clarify what the law actually is. i anticipate our private legislature and other entitties throughout the united states, and possibly other states to join us in seeking this clariction. this is not just a north carolina issue, it is now a national issue and issue imposing new law on every private sector employer
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throughout the united states of america with over 15 employees. we believe that a court rather than a federal agency should tell our state, nation and employers across the country what the law requires. and let me say something. our nation is one nation, especially when it comes to fighting discrimination which i support whole heartedly. ultimately i think it is time for the u.s. congress to bring clarity to our national antidiscrimination provisions under title 7 and 9. let me repeat that one more time to all of our representatives and leaders of both the republican and democrat parties in congress. ultimately, i think it's time for the u.s. congress to bring clarity to our national anti- discrimination provisions under title seven and title nine. right now, the obama
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administration is bypassing congress by attempting to rewrite the law and set basic restroom policies, locker room policys and shower policy for public and private employers across the country, not just north carolina. now, i am still asking the north carolina legislature to reinstate the ability to sue for wrongful termination and discrimination in state court and i encourage them to do this quickly and welcome dialogue with the city of charlotte and state legislature that isson going for the last week. i want to insure the people of our state and country north carolina held traditions of insuring equality. the majority of the citizens in
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this state and governor did not seek out the issue. but we welcome the opportunity to be be part of the solution for all of the of the states and especially our nation. the greatest nation, the united states of america. thank you very much. >> so the federal government threatening to sue the state of north carolina if it passes the bathroom bill that requires the person use the bathroom correlated to the sex listed on his or her birth certificate. the government i should say is threatening the state. and you heard the response from governor pat mcrory from north carolina and hopes that other states will join him in pressuring brig bother or uncle sam. >> it is a very divisive issue
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depending on which way you interpret the law. >> there is a meeting between donald trump and paul ryan. can they work out their differences? and the family of late dale earnhart senior who has the stronger case when our legal panel weighs in. ...clear for take off.
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>> let's turn our attention back to the republican race and republican's struggle to unite ahead of the general election campaign. fox news confirms that paul ryan will step down as chairman of the republican convention if donald trump asks him to do so. trump is shrugging off the house speaker who is not ready to back the gop nominee. trump felt blind sided by that announcement but he doesn't feel he needs ryan's support to win
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in november. >> he spoke to me three weeks and it was a encouraging call. it doesn't hurt me at all. i would like to have support, but if he doesn't want to support me, that's fine. >> we'll bring in our panel. a b stoodard. and vince, editor of the daily caller. who is holding the cards here, vince, start with you. >> i think paul ryan is offering donald trump a courtesy that republicans in the party who outright rejected trump hasn't. hey, look. i could support you for president, but you will need to fix a few things in order to get that support. and that is a courtesy that donald trump is not offered in the race. and paul ryan is an influential republican. the house. and i think donald trump no
10:18 am
matter what he says in public would want paul ryan in his court. but right now he is not attacking ryan. >> it would seem a b, that donald trump has the nomination in hand and he can go ahead and be the bigger candidate if you will and set about trying to unite the party, but that doesn't seem to be his inclination? >> no, you can see trump believes that he won with a historic number of votes and earned against him from the other candidates and believes he is remaking the republican party and he's won and beaten the party stalwarts. and though they do have disagreement they don't matter. and he is saying it is my
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republican party and i don't need to unite and if you want to go home and have sour grapes, don't support me. but the nominees that is least united loses. if trump wants to win this and think about the party machinery and donors and getting out the ground operations to get-out-the-votes in the various states and the tools he needs to win, it would be better if he was not putting out aggressive tweets and actually met with ryan and it would help him win. >> ruddy guiliani weighs in on ryan relationship with trump. npaul ryan is a reasonable man. and donald trump and paul ryan
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have no personal history. >> they don't know open other. >> they have couple of policy disagreements. i have couple of policy disagreements with everyone in the party. but on on the main themes they are on the same place. the two of them get together and the rest of them get in line. >> is this part of his negotiation tactic. >> one it is paul ryan's negotiation tactic. realize if you view so much of what trump has done. actively negotiated and starts with a certain set of expectations and then moves on the winning opportunity for him and whether it is it in individual states or the general election. and paul ryan saying this is my offer, i can support you, but. >> we'll see if donald trump will go. this is the language that trump
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speaks. my sense is that paul ryan will not be obstruction to donald trump. andingly not come pain against him and he said he would step away from the convention suggests that he doesn't want to get in the process. but he wants trump to be a better nominee. >> if trump wants party money and expensive campaign. he might want to play nice with the speaker. >> he should be playing ball and he wants to win and needs all of the tools of the party particularly money and ground operation. paul ryan is giving cover to a bunch of congressional republicans who county know where donald trump on raising taxes on the wealthy. now an increase for the minimum wage. and they don't know where his policy positions are going. it is hard to get behind him because they don't want to own the flip flop and that is a big
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factor saying we are not ready yet. >> vince and a b, thank you. >> much more to come. the general election shaping to be a race between two candidates who are not very popular. we'll talk about it. (man) hmm. what do you think? ♪ (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> the general election is between two candidates that are not popularity contest winners. only 28 percent view donald trump favorably. 65 percent have a negative opinion on him. hillary clinton does slightly better. 38 percent have a favorable view of the former secretary of state
10:26 am
and 55 percent view her unfavorably. and here now is the scott. former huckabee and harlinhill democratic strategist. in your time as a political consultant have you ever seen a race with negatives this high? >> i have. certainly not at this level. >> on both sides. they are more disliked than liked. >> it is unprecedented and if you consult history it is not unprecedented with a candidate with worst favorability ratings to win. 68 percent have been won by the cappedidate. obama and bush and they fared worse than their opponent. i am not sure what it means, it is unclear at this point.
10:27 am
>> kevin, the runs seem to get most of theed headlines, the democratic party is seeing fishers of its own. ncertainly. right now, all of the headlines are about division in the gop, but the reality is, although donald trump's unfavorables are high. looking at the clinton camp, we are talking about possible criminal charges. they have a lot of mess to clean up as well. >> so how do the candidates fix this. pick one or bochlth -- both how do they fix it? >> they are going to continue the race to the bottom between the two of them as they enter the general election. hillary clinton and donald trump are going to brutalize each other and it will be who ever is the last man standing.
10:28 am
hillary clinton has a 30 year track record of fraud and everybody knows her. and donald trump's position is new. he has time to define who he is as a presidential candidate. hillary clinton is skating from a long track record. >> is that the way you see it, kevin? hillary clinton is front and center in american politics for a couple of decades. >> they are both well known. here's their argument. if i go to the hair dresser, i want to like the hair dresser. donald trump, that's his argument. you don't have to like me, but am i credible and fix the problem. hillary clinton has to sell a stability. but she will use dangerous, loose cannon and reckless. donald trump could take the train off of the tracks. i will keep it on the tracks.
10:29 am
donald trump it is credibility and hillary clinton is stability. they will not improve favorables in the race. >> but trump's credibility is key. his tax plan. for instance. how does that build credibility. >> he does well in clarity. and he is struggled with consistency. and what is interesting, in the general election voters, does that matter and specifically the republican base. as he begins to evolve as you will, hard-core support on the right deteriorate for him? he has to be more likeable and seen as credible and can't lose the base of momentum. he saids he is the master of the deal. and he will have to pull it off this time. >> harlin, do you need positive numbers to win.
10:30 am
>> you don't. potting are in the race at this point. and the clarity of donald trump. he is clear. corporate taxes, he wants to repatriot the 1.5 overseas to bring it back. >> he said it was negotiatable this weekend. >> everything is negotiatable when you pass it through congress. you start at one point and move through the process. and he is clear he will go after the cap gains loop hole. >> everything is northbound but get it past paul ryan. and we talked about those two earlier in the hour. thank you, both. >> looking forward to thursday for that meeting. >> the number of active duty american soldiers dropping to its lower level in decades.
10:31 am
what does that mean for the national security? >> and meteorologist out capturing massive tornados on video. she joins us with the latest on the devastating twisters. [phone rings] [man] hello,totten designs. sales department? yes...i can put you right through. ♪ sales department-this is nate. human resources. technical support. hold, please. [announcer]you work hard to grow your business. [man] yes. i can totally do that for you. [announcer] working together, we can help your business thrive. wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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these are difficult times for elderly holocaust survivors
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>> dangerous tornados ripping in
10:35 am
the west states. maria molina got close to this massive twister in colorado. wray, colorado. you can imagine the system that gross a tornado like that delivering heavy rains and powerful wind gusts and the threat is not over yet. with the latest maria molina, joining us live from wichita, kansas. maria? >> hi, we are tracking the severe weather over the plains over the weekend. it started in colorado, and captured that tornado in wray, colorado there was damage and injuries. the question is if there will be enough moisture in the atmosphere to produce tornados and unfortunately there was. that storm was high based and
10:36 am
created that tall looking tornado and it picked up a lot of dust and we saw the circulation with the storm. as it moved eastward, overall storm system produced severe weather in the plains. we saw flash flooding over oklahoma and funnels and other reported tornados from nebraska down to southwestern oklahoma. very large hail was reported with those storms. out here in wichita, kansas, we are expecting severe weather. we are expecting those storms to get going in the next couple of hours, it will get dangerous in kansas, oklahoma and eventually parts of kansas. a lot of chlorring has taken place out there, but i want to show you the storm report. this is where we saw reported tornados, down from nebraska to oklahoma. they have pushed oast ward in
10:37 am
arkansas. and behind it, we expect initiation to develop in oklahoma and kansas. it is quiet on the radar right now. but expect those storms to it fire. eastern texas, all the way up to iowa, and eastern nebraska. and so, this is a widespread strong system. the greatest risk zone is in eastern oklahoma, northeast, texas and arkansas. and we could see violent tornados and dangerous wind. we have a hatch kwhar out and looking at longer track tornados out there. and the threat continues in the night time areas and areas east of arkansas. we'll keep you updated. >> those are some of the best tornado pictures that i have ever seen. i know you took some of those. maria molina thank you.
10:38 am
>> way too close in my bock. facebook phototagging feature has face recognition. it violates the biometric privacy act. and a former prosecutor. and heather is a trial attorney. they are going to talk to us about what it meaning of the jenna, define the biometric identifier. >> illinois has a statute that prohobits pieft people from using that. you can't use retina or finger prints. my gym violates this all day long. but you are not supposed to do that in illinois. the judge should have read the statutute, photographs are excluded.
10:39 am
facebook is nothing but photographs. >> but they are using facial recognition to identify people. >> that's the thing they will have to decide in the case now. what is the difference between a photograph and the type of recognition to look at department of aspects to tag them. and under the law in illinois you have to give consent. if you didn't optout. facebook gives you the opportunity to opt out of tagging. is that enough to say i have conse consented to this. nread the fine print. moving on. and the the family of dale earnhardt senior are locked in a battle. his wife trying to stop her step son and daughter-in-law to not use the name. >> he's not using dale earnhardt.
10:40 am
he's using his last name. and he won in the lower court. i think they will go with him. >> you don't think they associate the earnhardt name with the business. >> it is his name. we are are on the court and call it evil stepmother. the products are dissimilar. that has nothing to do with race car driving. and they will keep that stance. >> i am from north carolina. nascar country and some would say you can't define it. >> and that does exist. and earnhardt are, the son in question here, he did not use always the earnhardt name. does that matter? >> i don't think it makeses a defense. he is using his own name. and she has strong trademarks. and she made it so that dale junior couldn't use the name. and she wins, these are two
10:41 am
different for her to win. >> we'll see what happens. >> jon? >> thousands of christians free the brutality of isis, one journalist is going in. mindy belt has been on the ground in iraq documenting the story of christians and their faith. she talks about stories of terror and survival gathered from the children and women in that world. >> there is fights breaking out with two soccer teams, and more. my mom loves giving me advice. she even gives me advice...
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. s . . . >> welcome back. "happening now" a massive brawl breaking out in brazil. angry soccer fans and players and officials duking it out. five fans were sent to the
10:45 am
hospital two in serious condition. it happened after a championship game with the rival teams in brazil. and home of the summer olympics games by the way. jon? >> well, the u.s. military cutting its strength to the lowest level since before world war ii. according to the army times, the number of active duty soldiers was reduced 16, 500 and equivalent of three brigades. and it is slated to be cut more in 2018 unless congress or the pentagon intervenes. as the islamic state tries to extend his reach christians face a growing threat of religious pers kougz. the number of christians in iraq dropped from 1.4 million to
10:46 am
275,000 and now a new book "they say we are infidels" tells the story of christians. mindy travelled extensively and joining me today. >> the numbers are staggering. >> they are. it is happening since the u.s. led war in 2003. i went back and looked at the christians and we talked about our policy and politics of iraq and not enough about the people. and understanding what is happening to the large minority and keep in mind tis it a minority that has been in the iraq since the second century. ancient church and now they are chased out completely in the niowa neva h plain.
10:47 am
>> putting faces and personal stories with the devastating statistics that we just gave. your bock is a series of stories and an elderly couple specifically that you met? >> a couple in northern iraq in the area that live nothing the ninevah plain in their 70s and held by gun point at 14 days in their home. they were forced to leave the city. they are asked not only to give up their belongings but the deeds to their property. they were forceed to flee for ten miles and told to cross a river ten miles away. and he broke his leg and they were chased by isis gunmen. and the other flip side of this story, all of the small heroes. a young man in a wholeba rrow
10:48 am
took him to the river and carried him to safety. >> another story is another young man that you met. >> danny's story going baz to 2007 and 8. we heard that the surge was on in the surge military surge was successful and it was from our stand point. but not successful in the iraqi christia christians. they were kidnapped and forced out of their home. danny was 7 or 8 years old when he was kidnapped and he fought them and tried to get away and he was held and this is a lost point p, the families were forced to pay ransome. his father negotiated his ransome down to $750. and danny was still not speaking he was so traumatized. and his father said can you imagine paying so little for
10:49 am
your own son. >> $750 for the life of your child. what more needs to be done to stop this. are we doing enough? >> certainly not doing enough, obviously. >> when you consider just the scope of this humanitarian crisis and the fact that 225 or 250,000 christians left in the country. they are living, they are living in the upstairs of a shopping mall in kurdistan. they are in a frozen state and not going to continue forever. isis will finally force them out completely, or there would be a concerted initial military or humanitarian effort to preserve them in l own home land. >> thank you for joining us and bringing additional light on the story. >> thank you.
10:50 am
jon? >> so tragic. tense moments in america's busiest train stayings, -- stations, officials releasing gas. how prepared is the united states for a live report from l terminal in new york city next. i'm terrible at golf. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you. twell what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut.
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e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. hey, everyone. happy monday. i've gretchen carlson. can paul ryan rand donald trump get along? ryan says he's sell down as the gop convention chair if trump asks him to. plus, polls say hillary beats trump. only here will you see five different election map scenarios showing where trump can win the presidency, and the governor of north carolina beats the department of justice to the punch, suing the feds today on
10:54 am
their deadline dade date over the so-called bathroom law in their state. so who is right and wrong? "real story" seven minutes from now. federal officials are testing new york city's subway stations for vulnerability to a possible chemical attack. this morning the department of homeland security released harmless non-toxic gas into several manhattan stations to se happened. chris levanthal live at grand central with a look at that. rick? >> reporter: john, five days of tests began this morning here at grand central, one of the busiest stations and one of the busiest subway stations in the world. the dhs and transit authority releasing, as you said, what's calling non-toxic materials. it's a -- there are part criminals of a food product with some starch, sugar and small bits of dna being pushed by gas from air compressors on to the subway platforms where it's floating into tunnels, on to trains and even on to commuters. the testers are doing this every
10:55 am
minute for 20 minutes here and eventually at 60 stations this week collecting 12,000 samples with sophisticated equipment to see what would happen in the event of a chemical or biological terror attack on the subway. where the stuff would go, how long it would take to get there and who would be affected and how can we better prepare for it? >> so, it will take us months to analyze all these samples and the data, but we will know exactly where things have gone and what levels they are at. >> authorities say there are no known plots against new york city's subway system and its 6 million daily riders and also say the subway will always be a target for terror and want to be prepared to know the area of potential containment. john? >> interesting. rick levanthal at grand central. thank you, rick. >> also pretty interesting, only happens every few years. mercury moving past the sun. how much longer you have to get outside and check it out?
10:56 am
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time for our final 30 and good news for star gazers. there is still time to see the transit of mercury. that plan set moving directly in front of the sun-for-seven and a half hours today. there's about 45 minutes left to catch it. it only happens 13 times in a century so get outside with a telescope or binoculars with the proper filter. do not look directly at the sun, okay? >> all right. do not do that. and goats going rogue. the annual running. goats in kentucky taking off without their humans and escaping through a farmer's market and all the goats eventually they were caught and taken back home. maybe they tried to look at the sun without the appropriate filter. that's what happens. >> better than bold, i guess.
11:00 am
better to have the goats on the loose than the running. bulls. >> nice to be here today. >> good to have you here, heather. thank you and thank you for joining us. "the real story" with gretchen starts now. donald trump making a big announcement about his transition team today looking ahead to november, everyone. hi, i'm gretchen carlson. this is "the real story." new jersey go chris christie will chair his transition team if he wins the white house. the presumptive nominee gearing up for a meeting with house speaker paul ryan that's going to happen a little later on this week. fox news team coverage, senior national correspondent john roberts live with me right here on set in new york city. claudia cowan live in california where early voting has officially begun in the state's primary. let's start with john here. who has the latest -- you have the latest on trump's big announcement today, chris christie. >> chris christie, i don't know any presidential candidate who has announced the leader of his transition team this early in the campaign, but this is one of those years when all the regular rules a


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