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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  May 9, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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better to have the goats on the loose than the running. bulls. >> nice to be here today. >> good to have you here, heather. thank you and thank you for joining us. "the real story" with gretchen starts now. donald trump making a big announcement about his transition team today looking ahead to november, everyone. hi, i'm gretchen carlson. this is "the real story." new jersey go chris christie will chair his transition team if he wins the white house. the presumptive nominee gearing up for a meeting with house speaker paul ryan that's going to happen a little later on this week. fox news team coverage, senior national correspondent john roberts live with me right here on set in new york city. claudia cowan live in california where early voting has officially begun in the state's primary. let's start with john here. who has the latest -- you have the latest on trump's big announcement today, chris christie. >> chris christie, i don't know any presidential candidate who has announced the leader of his transition team this early in the campaign, but this is one of those years when all the regular rules are thrown out.
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i'll tell you, the pivotal moment this week will be the meeting with paul ryan because paul ryan is looking for some assurances from donald trump that he will pursue a conservative agenda. paul ryan told "the milwaukee journal sentinal" he would step down as chairman of the republican convention if trump asked. trump kind of alluded to that yesterday, that he may leave that option over. ryan really just saying though that he wants to get to know trump. he doesn't know anything about him. remember, this is a guy, the speaker of the house, who spent a long time crafting a conservative agenda for his party and trump comes along with an agenda that is somewhat at odds with his. a lot of people would say completely at odds with his, and he's just, again, looking for some assurances. all that have aside though, trump seems genuinely surprised that paul ryan didn't come out and say i'm going to support trump. here's trump from this morning. >> i don't know exactly what is happening here. i was called a number of weeks ago by paul ryan. it was a very nice call, a very complimentary call, and that was the last i spoke to him and all of a sudden he wants to talk.
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and i think this is a time for unity, and if there's not going to be unity, i think that's okay, too. i'll go out and i think i'll do very well. i think i'm going to win the race either way. >> despite what the graphics said, not his comments on minimum wage. but there's a couple of ways that this could go, gretchen. he could support trump which would go a long way to helping build that party unity. obviously you're still going to have some people like george bush and his family, jeb bush and his family works say they won't support trump, but if it goes the other way, it could really affect him because paul ryan like other folks in the republican have done decide i'm going to skip the presidential race, won't say anything about it. i'll focus on the down ballot races because there's a lot of concern among republicans that a trump candidacy will decimate republicans on down ballots. >> still talk amongst the conservatives in the party trump hasn't done anything to allay their fears. >> particularly in the last couple of days. here's where we can talk about the minimum wage because he was saying after saying earlier this this election campaign he wasn't
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going to raise the minimum wage, he's saying, yeah, i think we need to do something about it. however, it should be up to the states to do because minimum wage in new york and california would be different than it is in places like iowa or idaho where there's a much lower cost of living. donald trump also raising some eyebrows in a rather convoluted meanderingensing on a couple of sunday shows about his tax plan suggesting that some people's taxes may go up, and then he had to walk that back saying i wasn't going up saying they may go up from where they go now. they may go up from the plan that i'm proposing. trump trying to clean it up earlier today. >> they are going to come to me and going to want to raise it for the rich, frankly. they will want to raise it for the rich more than anybody else but the middle class has to be protect the. the rich will probably end up paying more and businesses might have to pay a little bit more but we're giving a massive business tax cut. >> from the base i'm proposing 0, boston, 10%, 15% and 25%, much lower than the rates right now and trump also said and said
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it again yesterday, and i believe he said it this morning as well, that he would be willing to pay more taxes, that many wealthy people would be willing to pay more taxes. now, he didn't issue the caveat from my base proposal, so some conservatives are look at him saying what is your tax plan really? so he really needs to be precise in his language because a lot of people are looking at him very closely for every single little nuance in what he says. >> no doubt. john, thank you. >> thanks, gretchen. donald trump, paul ryan rift deepening as he ruled out as moving paul ryan as the convention chair. >> i don't want to mention. i'll give you a very solid answer after that happens about one minute after that happens. no reason to give it now. >> congressman ryan telling "the milwaukee sentinal journal" he's the nominee i'll do whatever he wants with respect to the convention. joining me now chris stirewalt, fox news digital politics editor and author of "fox news first."
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wow, i don't know. i guess somebody else could chair the gop convention, right? >> right, sarah palin probably would be available. look, paul ryan basically saying to donald trump i'm not going to fight you. i'm not going to fight you. you won. it's your party now and there's nothing that paul ryan can do to make donald trump become a conservative stalwart overnight. there's nothing that he can do to make donald trump do anything, especially as it relates to the idea of how he's going to be nominated so this is ryan saying it's yours, take it, but that doesn't come along with ryan's unconditional support. he's saying you can have your convention. you can have the party that you've control over, but that doesn't mean you get ryan and his support with it. >> okay. so it sounds like maybe they are both kind of playing both sides here. trump can take away the chairmanship of paul ryan. paul ryan can take away his
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endorsement. >> look, i think that for what donald trump is doing i don't think he should much care about paul ryan's endorsement. i think he's got to run left. look, if he put together the same strength and republican coalition mitt romney had which was 39% of the republican vote in 2012 he'd still lose because mitt romney lost. he's not going to get 93% of the republican vote. he's going to get substantially less than that. clocking 80% that have and that would send him down to a huge defeat. the question for trump is how much of the republican vote can he consolidate? how many republicans and conservatives can he win over while simultaneously reaching out to the liberals that he's trying to reach out to now with things like the minimum wage hike, higher tax rate than his baseline plan for upper income earners and the kind of things that bernie sanders voters might want? >> or the iraq war. there's a bunch of stuff he may be reaching over to the left to try and get those voters. >> for sure. >> now there's been another little bit of a dustup about whom called who or who called
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whom, whatever the right grammar s.listen to this. >> i think it would be better if it were unified. i think there would be something good about it, but i don't think it actually has to be unified in the traditional sense. i'm going to do what i have to do. >> i like paul ryan. i think he's a very good guy. he called me three weeks ago and was so supportive, amazing, and i never thought a thing like that. i got blind-sided by in. >> trump says he was blind-sided by paul ryan saying he wouldn't support him and paul ryan called him three weeks ago to congratulate him but the ryan camp is saying, nope, nope, never did that. >> didn't happen. that's what paul ryan said. there's a thing that people -- oh, yeah, i talked to him, everything is fine, yadda yadda yadda so what paul is saying is donald trump yadda, yadda, yadda, their phone camp i never called him, didn't do that. ryan is i won't call him a stick in the mud, but he's a serious individual, and i don't think he's going to play around with this kind of stuff and seen a similar thing coming from the camp of marco rubio that people in the trump universe were
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saying was just slobbering for the chance to get in there and love on donald trump and basically running to be his vice presidential candidate. people around marco rubio told me and others saying not happened. not even close, nothing like that, so they have to be careful about putting these people who are these not sticks in the mud but propry to us individuals in the position of having to refute those claims. >> chris stirewalt, well said. see you next week. californians, do you believe it, they start casting their votes today for their june 7th primary. election officials expecting a high turnout as california could still play a role in the democratic race. who thought that would happen, right? golden state holding the biggest delegate prize, but voters in five other states will also head to the polls on that same day. claudia cowan joins us live from california now. hi, claudia. >> reporter: hi, gretchen, that's right. we're at the registrar of voters office in san rafael, california, but registration officials in all 58 counties have started sending out
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absentee ballots. 95,000 here in marin county alone. if you don't want to wait for the ballot to arrive in the mail, voters can come down here to the registrar's office and pick up a ballot in person and vote today. ballot boxes are ready. >> there's a lot of excitement for one thing, and we do have people who will be out of the country or out of the state on election day or during a time period where they won't be accessible to get their vote by mail ballot so we've let them know that today is the first day that they can come into the office, if they would like to vote. >> california has seen a surge in voter registration. more than 850,000 new voters signed up in the first three months of this year. the vast majority democrats. many registered online and most are likely to vote early. here in marin they expect more than 70% of voters to mail in their ballots. analysts say early voting usually favors the front-runner, in this case donald trump and hillary clinton, which raises
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questions about how many type of and money bernie sanders will spend in the state. polls show him trailing clinton by ten points but he's won the endorsement of the state's powerful nurses' union and has a lot of support among independents and young people, 918 to 24-year-old age group, many of whom will likely be out of school and focused on summer by june 7th. sanders will want them to vote early. it's a message he is likely to drive home at campaign events tonight in sacramento and tomorrow in stockton, but, gretchen, the bottom line. many california voters will make their decision not on june 7th but in early may. even today we've seen a few voters cast their ballots already here. back to you. >> all right. lots of time. full month. thanks, claudia. so update now on a story breaking on our show on friday. 24-hour shooting spree leaving three people dead and three wounded. today the alleged shooter standing before a charge. what charges he faces. we'll tell you that and trump is looking towards november and so are we. we're breaking down five scenarios where trump could win
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the white house. you'll see it only here. and a bathroom battle spilling into court now in a big way. north carolina on the deadline that the justice department gave them today. instead, north carolina said i'm suing you. what it means for the state's controversial transgender bathroom bill. big debate coming up on that. >> it's a classic clash over a 50-year-old salt out and how it can be interpreted 50 years later. if you're running a business, legalzoom has your back. . visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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fox news alert for you now. suspect accused in the series of deadly shooting in suburban maryland on friday will be held without bond. that's just coming in. after making his first court appearance today he's accused of shooting three people at a shopping mall on friday. one of the victims died. a short time later investigators
11:15 am
say he went to a nearby grocery store where he shot and killed another woman in an attempt to steal her car. he was arrested friday after being spotted eating after that in a fast food restaurant. he's also accused of killing his estranged wife. that happened the day before allegedly on thursday. battle over bathroom rights heating up in north carolina today. the state announcing it will sue the u.s. justice department. leaders trying to defend house bill 2 which bans people from using rest rooms that don't correspond with their biological gender at birth. >> the civil rights act of 1964 does not address sexual orientation or what we now call lbgt rights. only addresses gender and the federal government has no say in telling private property owners how to construct or utilize or maintain access to bathrooms. >> right. >> and the justice department's argument is this is arguably a
11:16 am
gender-based issue and the state cannot put its authority behind telling people what they may or may not do. >> the justice department planning to discuss the issue later today. in our studio fox news legal analyst lis wiehl and and a former prosecutor this was the justice department today and the governor of north carolina saying he had to make a decision. he felt pressured. >> only had three business days to respond. >> they wanted him to make a public claim. >> that he agreed on the laws. he wanted two more weeks to say, first of all, they don't agree on the law and wanted two more weeks to say why they didn't agree on the law professor and absolutely not. for the state they are looking -- they took in -- north carolina public schools alone received $861 million in federal funding last year so this is a big money ticket item. the feds are almost sort of
11:17 am
holding ransom for north carolina just on the money issue itself instead of the federal lawsuit. >> north carolina sued the department of justice today. >> sure. >> they have every right to do that, right? >> absolutely, and the letter that they received last week from the doj gave them certain options, and they had -- they could have done nothing. they could have said you know what, file your lawsuit or withdraw your federal funding, and, no, they made a proactive approach and filed the lawsuit, and they are asking for a court to interpret the law which really is gray in the current moment. the united states has not come down to determine whether or not sex and gender is protected under the civil rights act. >> let's listen to the governor of north carolina and his accusations against the obama administration. >> now right now the obama administration is bypassing congress by attempting to rewrite the law and set basic restroom policies, locker room policies and even shower
11:18 am
policies for public and private employers across the country, not just north carolina. >> now what i thought was interesting, li s, apparently the judge that's been assigned to this case is a conservative who often relies on state's rights arguments. what would that mean here? >> well, that would work for north carolina's favor because, of course, this is a state's right issue. north carolina saying basically, feds, stay out of this. we passed this law in north carolina. this is what we thought north carolinians wanted. north carolina agreed with this. stay out of it. that would be pro north carolina. because this has been a federal law issue and because many states have agreed and disagreed, there's a split in the states. that then argues for this going to the supreme court because, as you know, the supremes like to take up the cases where there's a split among the cases. >> even if this conservative judge agreed with north carolina there would be an appeal and you think it will go all the way up? >> i think this will. it will have to go through the
11:19 am
circuits and up to the united states supreme court. you know, the supreme court in a recent case price versus waterhouse really did expand the sex definition and talked about gender considerations. that was a discrimination case. so there is sort of the tea leaves where there may be some expansion all the way up in the united states supreme court on this issue. >> you understand, i know you both do, there's so much wiggle room on both sides. how are you going to prove when you go to the bathroom when your birth was. >> and it's how you identify. >> and for people to take advantage of that. >> right. >> that's the other side of the equation. >> and the other part of the issue -- part. issue is they say, look, not even how you identify. there's a real governmental interest here. we don't want people that could be predators in these bathrooms. >> sure. >> there's two sides to this argument. >> of course. probably going to end up -- >> or 15 sides. >> thank you. >> you got it. >> trying to get back on track after that deadly derailment
11:20 am
killed multiple people in philadelphia. new details about the safety features that were supposed to be in place back then. are they there now? plus house speaker paul ryan preparing to meet with donald trump after trump wouldn't rule out asking ryan to step down as the gop convention chair so that brings us to the question of the day. should paul ryan step down at the gop convention chair if trump asks him to? trump hill yes or no, use the #therealstory. any votes coming in yet? there they are. 63% say ryan should step down if asked. 37% say no. let me know what you think. ...clear for take off. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full.
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welcome back to "the real story." this week marks one year since an amtrak derailment in philly that left eight people dead and sent hundreds to the hospital. the train jumping the tracks after it sped into that curve at over 100 miles an hour, more than double the speed limit. train experts say new safety technology could have prevent that had tragedy and amtrak is working to install new safety features. more live from chicago. hi, matt. as i recall, covering that story they were supposed to already have those safety features in effect when that accident happened. >> reporter: yeah. there were some safety features in place, but experts say, unfortunately, that accident could have been prevented with new technology that's out there called positive train control. positive train control or ptc is basically like autopilots for trains. it can drastically reduce human error by overriding an engineer who is speeding as was the case in philadelphia or a train that's about to run a crossing. you know, we got a demonstration
11:25 am
of this new technology in philadelphia. take a look at how it works. >> if the train goes above -- the actual speed goes above the actual authorized speed there will be an audible alert. if the engineer doesn't react to it the train will be put into an emergency brake. >> reporter: now the national transportation safety board tells fox news it will release the results of its investigation into that crash next week. now, this new technology, ptc, congress mandated that it be on all trains by january 1st of this past year, but the project was so massive there was an extension and now ptc must be on all trains by 2018. the good news is that it is already up and running in some states like california, colorado and pennsylvania, make being the commute much safer for people in those states. gretchen? >> good news for those people. if that was your train, you
11:26 am
missed it. >> reporter: right on. >> all right. see you soon. let's tell you about this. fox news latina learning that the leader of venezuela's opposition party has been assassinated days after 2 million of his supporters signed petitions to remove the current president from power. venezuelan protesters blaming the president for high rates of inflation, food shortages and power blackouts. recent polls suggest as many as two-thirds of venezuelans want him out of office. fire crews in canada feeling more optimistic as they battle that massive wildfire. the inferno so far torching 1,600 homes and other build national alberta. cooler temperatures though in the forecast on the way for the next three or four days. firefighters are hoping to be able to put out all the hot spots during that time. authorities also sending a team into the town of fort macmur toe start planning for the return of tens of thousand of people who had been evacuated over the last week. no timetable yet for everyone's
11:27 am
return. one of the most memorable images of the bush presidency, when the president was told about the 9/11 attacks. well, we now have never seen photos from the public of that day. and how could donald trump cobble together a path to the 270 electoral votes needed to become president? only here on "the real story" you're going to see five possible scenarios coming up next. >> in the history of politics, hillary clinton's husband abused women more than any man that we know of in the history of politics, right?
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bottom of the hour now. next president needs 270 electoral votes to make the white house, to win it, and while some say the gop could have an uphill battle "the washington post" looks at five scenarios where donald trump and the republicans claim victory. so let's look at the first map. it has trump sweeping the midwest, wins in ohio, michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin. working class voters could rally around the businessman and help him land 283 electoral votes. scenario number two, he could win florida, ohio, wisconsin and iowa. if so, he nets 228 electoral votes. on the next map we see trump winning new hampshire instead of iowa. he did there as you recall in the primaries.
11:32 am
it could also help him to get to 280. in the next scenario, we see a win for him in wisconsin. now, remember, cruz won wisconsin big, but republican governor scott walker is a strong force and anwin could help trump end up with 276 and the last one "the post" called the close shave. trump 270 and clinton 2668. how would that happen? the map shows trump winning ohio and florida, plus virginia and new hampshire, and it's happened before. this is basically how george w. bush won in 2000. knocks news alert as we await a hillary clinton campaign event with women and families in the d.c. subbush of stoneridge, virginia. this coming after donald trump went after her calling her an enabler of former president bill clinton's abuse of women. mike emanuel live in stoneridge. why is she there? didn't she already win the primary there? >> no question about that,
11:33 am
gretchen. good afternoon to you. the ultimate swing county in virginia, a huge area of growth just outside the beltway so hillary clinton is here to meet with suburban women voters to connect on a variety of issues from jobs to education and other pocketbook issues, so expect clinton to try to build on her support with female voters and to continue her attacks on the presumptive gop nominee. >> i don't see donald trump having any kind of coherent foreign policy or theory of national security. he kind of makes statements that i find concerning, whether it's about nuclear weapons or torture or anything else, so i think the burden is really on him to try to make a case. >> reporter: so a huge cheer just went up as miss clinton's motorcade appears to be arriving here on the scene ahead of the west virginia primary. clinton's focus is clearly on the general election. >> still has bernie sanders around and he's not leaving.
11:34 am
where is bernie sanders investing his time and energy today? >> well, he is focusing his attention on new jersey, the garden state, and bernie sanders health a rally in atlantic city earlier today after a huge rally last night at rutgers university. in atlantic city, sanders took a swipe at famous casino owner donald trump. >> oh, you know donald trump. oh, i get it. you don't think he's a brilliant successful businessman. who can bring the kind of prosperity to america that he has brought here to atlantic city, is that your boy? >> reporter: in new jersey sanders acknowledged he has an uphill fight but sounds determined to continue. gretchen? >> mike emanuel, thank you. so donald trump going after hillary clinton by linking her to bill clinton's past infidelities with women, calling her the enabler in that equation. listen to this. >> he was impeached for lying
11:35 am
about what happened with a woman, and she's going to take ads about little donald trump. i don't know, i don't think so. hillary was an enabler and she treated these women horribly. just remember this, and some of those women were destroyed not by him but by the way that hillary clinton treated them after everything went down. >> trump justifying those remarks this morning saying it's because hillary clinton has been, quote, playing the woman's card to the hill. joining me is ebony williams, political annist and mercedes schlapp former spokeswoman for george w. bush. ebony, what donald trump is saying here is not that bill clinton is a philanderer, what he's really talking about is hillary clinton cannot be the candidate for women because she enabled his behavior and in fact destroyed, using his words, some of these women's lives in the process. >> that is exactly what he's saying, gretchen, and i've got
11:36 am
to disagree with mr. trump on this. there is a lot, a whole lot to pick apart and tear about and criticize about senator hillary clinton, to call her an enabler, bill clinton he and he alone is responsibility for the infidelity and lying after the fact. >> mercedes though, she was with him as a team then and in fact -- >> that's right. >> called some of these women bimbos at the time, and it turns out that their stories were true. so the argument that trump is making is how could she be the candidate for women when she treated women that way? >> that's right. i think what trump is giving us a history lesson, especially for those millennials who might not have been as familiar with the scandals that the clintons produced back in the 1990s. i mean, it was very clear that hillary clinton had a history of silencing these women. they were part of the war room smear campaigns that they had, character assassinations of a 21-year-old intern who had this
11:37 am
affair with bill clinton, as well with gennifer flowers who had a 12-year affair. these are the facts. this is part of history, and this is something that i think only donald trump, because i think other republicans have decided they don't even want to touch that about the clintons. >> right. >> but he's willing to take this on and willing to say, wait a second here. you're going to stay that you represent women, but the truth is that you've been part of the fact of being basically accepting the fact that your women has sexually assaulted other women. >> sexually assaulted though? i thought that that was consensual between him and monica lewinsky. >> there were several. >> which one exactly? >> there's a lot of infidelities on the hand. >> i don't like the idea of blaming hillary for bill's indiscretions. >> i'm not blaming her but i'm asking the question whether she's the best question for women because of the issue. many thought she would run for president, elizabeth warren, tweeting up a storm.
11:38 am
no real donald trump your racism, sexism and xenophobia doesn't drive me nuts. it makes me sick but i'm alone and interestingly trump came right back on you, aren't you the one who made up the story that you were an indian? >> well, again, this is what donald trump is a master of. he's able to brand these people, and regardless of sex. i mean, he'll go after the women like he goes after the men, and, you know, he's really not about to back down, and i think he's going to stay strong on ensuring that he's going to hold these liberals accountable. he's going to make sure are we really going to move america to a progressive left where we've already seen eight years of failed policies of barack obama? do we want to see the same thing happen with hillary clinton or even elizabeth warren becomes part of this ticket, and so he's just saying i'm just not going to stay quiet and i have to say that's actually quite refreshing for republicans this for so long have had to stay quiet on all these different issues. >> one way to look at t.eboni, is there a fine line here
11:39 am
because he already has an issue with women, at least in the polls. is there a fine line in the way in which he tweets back and treats these women even if they are on the other side politically? >> certainly gretchen, you're right. the poll numbers show donald trump has a real problem with women. they are not like jumping up and down for hillary clinton either but he has a real, real issue with themmism think this was fair game though. senator elizabeth warren, she provoked this from donald trump and she got exactly what she wanted and he engaged and it's been going back around for the for a few days, a week, but my issue with senator warren i would really much more appreciate your issue about stopping at any rate and doing anything she can to stop donald trump. if she were in the race, gretchen, as you said in the intro, many of us thought she would actually put her hat, not kowtow to the clinton machine and be competitive in this thing and make it more interesting on the left and she didn't do that, so i think it's kind of a little easy for her to be on the outside looking in. >> all right. eboni and mercedes, great conversation. thank you. thank you. time now for my take. a lot of talk about how donald trump can't beat hillary clinton
11:40 am
in the general election. almost every poll so far has shown she's ahead, but had a little historical perspective could be helpful to take into consideration. so let's go back to 1980. republican elites were also extremely worried about ronald reagan's chances against jimmy carter. they thought reagan was too divisive, an actor and a bunch of other stuff, and the polls backed them up. in a may 1980 gallup pal carter led 49%, to 41%, same time we're in right now. june, 1980, carter still ahead, 48 to 41. even with the election ten days away carter was seemingly going to beat ronald reagan badly, and a bit closer among likely voters, 45% to 42% and 47% to 39%. so what happened? ronald reagan won in a landslide, and there's one other factor that you have to consider here. the fact that trump says he hasn't even gotten started yet on hillary clinton, and based on what happened to the other 16
11:41 am
candidates on the republican side when he started in on them, this could all get very interesting. george w. bush library releasing photos of the president on the day of the 9/11 terror attacks. here he is with press secretary ari fleischer planning their address to the nation from a florida elementary school where they found out about the attacks. later president bush watches tv coverage of the aftermath on board the air force one on his way to an air force base in louisiana. close-up of president bush and white house chief of staff andy card at the base and first lady laura bush with vice president cheney, national security adviser condoleezza rice and her white house at the white house presidential emergency operation center under the east wing. now on to this. gop far from uniting behind donald trump. some conservatives are even searching for a possible third-party candidate. coming up next, one conservative
11:42 am
radio host who has actually helped organize calls about a trump alternative, but here's the question. who would it be? tired of working for peanuts? well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut.
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shepard smith on the fox news desk. more on the back and forth between donald trump and house speaker paul ryan. we'll speak to two journalists who say the two may have irreconcilable differences and donald trump may be ready to even cut a deal when they meet on thursday. that's still ahead. conservatives still talking about running a conservative candidate as more republican establishment balk at supporting him. donald trump has not demonstrated that temperament or strength of character. he has not displayed respect for the constitution, not a consistent conservative. all reasons why i cannot support
11:46 am
his candidacy and lindsey graham won't vote for trump either. frump responding if i got beaten as badly as him of all the other candidates he supported i would not be able to give my support ear. eric erickson is a fox news candidate and you're behind the movement, mr. ericson, to look for a third-party candidate now. who is it going to be? >> well, that's part of the problem is finding one. a lot of names are being circulated, ben sass and tom coburn are at the top. list for a lot of people. the deadline for a write-in candidate or an independent candidate in texas came today though that arguably could be challenged but it's tough. there are multiple fronts moving at the same time, and it's not just the establishment republicans who are opposed to trump, a lot of activist conservatives who really oppose trump on social and fiscal issues. >> right. okay. ben sass, according to my reporting has said that he does not want to be considered. so -- >> right. >> if we took him out, mitt romney, would he want to be
11:47 am
considered? >> i don't think mitt romney wants to be considered. i think mitt romney probably would play a role, but he doesn't want to be considered. he's already run twice, so finding -- finding a third party to run actually is the difficult challenge right now and a lot -- >> why do it because governor rick perry, he got into dustups with trump but he is now going to support him. bobby jindal, another presidential candidate says he's going to support trump, and then you have speaker ryan today who gave an interview and he says that he is steadfastly opposed to a third-party candidate, even if it's myth romney, so who is it going to be? >> well, you know, if the republican party is turning towards trump the last week, supporting the minimum wage increase and protectionism and changing the party platform on abortion and raising taxes on people, that's not the republican party that many republicans thought they are a part of and it may very well be they all move to the libertarian party that has its convention at the end of the month. >> what about that all the
11:48 am
commitment that all of those candidates and i guess in good measure that republicans made, i remember during the first debate, when they were all asked, hey, had any of you considered going off off as a third-party candidate, the only person who raised his hand was donald trump. everyone else basically said that they would support. >> right. >> now in a twist of irony we have trump as not the third-party candidate but the republican candidate and all the republicans or some of them saying they are not going to support him. >> well, you know, that's one thing for the candidates. republican voters didn't take that pledge and trump has really only gotten nationally 20% of republican support, so i don't think republicans have to be bound by this if trump is going to fundamentally change the republican party and trump himself doesn't seem to take pledges very seriously. he's pledged until death do us part to three different women. >> okay. and how would you raise the money in the low estimate is that $250 million would be needed to run a third-party candidate. >> there are a number of conservative donors out there who have decided to sit on the
11:49 am
sidelines between trump and hillary who are already coming forward saying they could help us get the m judging by the conservative sentiment out there right now there would be a lot of grass roots money willing to be raised. i think the effort against him could surprise people. >> you don't think it would work in the way in which people were talking if trump was going to run as an independent candidate, that that would give the win to hillary clinton. you don't think that by getting a third-party candidate out there you automatically give the win to hillary clinton? >> i think donald trump as the republican nominee gives the win to hillary clinton. the polling has been very consistent in this, thus far. i don't think it's going to change so the fear is the down ballot races with trump as the nominee right now, you've had a number of solidly republican states move to the democrats in polling. none of the democratic states move to the republicans, so you risk lose the house and the senate without incentive for people to come forward. >> i guess you also add a lot of confusion to the voter if you have an independent candidate and you want that person to still be in charge. republicans on the down ballot. a lot to think about.
11:50 am
eric erickson, glad you're well by the way. >> thanks very much. over $400 million? what, waiting to be claimed. in the powerball drawing, but no one has shown up with the ticket, and there's another big still unclaimed. where is that one? plus tornadoes carve a across te of the country. look at that massive tornado and more severe weather may be on the way. it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... try boost® 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. and it's available in two new flavors, vanilla caramel and double chocolate fudge. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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wow. that is one of five tornadoes across the middle of the country happened this weekend. some storm chasers got dangerously close. storm trackers say the base of
11:54 am
this one in denver was half a mile wide. twister blamed for injuring five people. right now oklahoma and arkansas are under threat of severe storms still including tornadoes and large hail. you know what else is massive. a $400 million powerball jackpot. because it remains unclaimed your out there? lottery officials waiting for the sole winner to come forward. the winning ticket was sold in trend on the, new jersey. somebody out there has this ticket, right? >> reporter: this was the biggest lotto ticket ever sold in new jersey and the sixth biggest lotto jackpot. it was sold at a 7/eleven in trend on the at 5:00 p.m. last tuesday and the store owner who gets 30 grand for selling the ticket thinks the winner is one of her regulars. unr new jersey law all winners are revealed. it was bought as a cash tight meaning the winner chose to take a lump sum of $284.
11:55 am
25% goes to taxes. the only way to get the entire $429 is to get paid out over 29 years. the odds by the way of matching up all five numbers plus the powerball, one in 292 million. and while lotto officials are wait forge the new jersey winner to come forward the clock has now run out on a big california winner, a lotto ticket worth $63 million is null and void. lottery officials went back and scanned surveillance tape to see if they could i.d. the winner but they couldn't. 63 mil goes bye-bye. finally the biggest lotto prize of all time. $1.6 billion. the jackpot from last january. winners in florida and tennessee collected their checks but the person who bought the third winning ticket here in california, you see the mayhem there is still nowhere to be found. here's the clerk who sold it.
11:56 am
listen. >> i'm happy and excited. it's a big win. >> the winner, by the way, still has six months to come forward and collect their $500 plus million. new jersey and california get a billion dollars on the table that nobody wants. >> i can think of two people. you and me. all right. probably billions more. thanks. century old statue broken and you may not believe what or who success blamed for that disaster. right back. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. ♪ gaviscon is a proven heartburn remedy that gives you fast-acting, long-lasting relief. it immediately neutralizes acid
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we can provide the right care, right at home. here's what's trending today for you selfish selfie takers. a man broke a 126-year-old statue in lisbon. he tried to climb on it to take a selfie.
12:00 pm
this l.a. woman delivering a baby in the back of a car despite a police esdort hospital. paul ryan said he's not ready to support trump. you think he should. have a great day. now, live from the fox news desk -- >> paul ryan. he's a powerful, important washington politician. paul ryan is the speaker of the house of representatives. he's the leader of the republican party. he's third in line of succession to the presidency. he will be the chairman of the republican presidential nominating convention in july in cleveland. unless he's not. that would be unprecedented but in this season of the unprecedented it's possible and he's talking about it. in fact, the house speaker paul ryan says he will step down as chairman of the republican national convention if donald trump asks him to do so. that's according to an aide to


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