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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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this l.a. woman delivering a baby in the back of a car despite a police esdort hospital. paul ryan said he's not ready to support trump. you think he should. have a great day. now, live from the fox news desk -- >> paul ryan. he's a powerful, important washington politician. paul ryan is the speaker of the house of representatives. he's the leader of the republican party. he's third in line of succession to the presidency. he will be the chairman of the republican presidential nominating convention in july in cleveland. unless he's not. that would be unprecedented but in this season of the unprecedented it's possible and he's talking about it. in fact, the house speaker paul ryan says he will step down as chairman of the republican national convention if donald trump asks him to do so. that's according to an aide to the speaker.
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donald trump has not ruled out asking speaker ryan to step down as convention chair if, if the wisconsin lawmaker refuses to endorse him. >> i don't want to mention now. i'll see after. i'll give you a very solid answer if that happens about one minute after that happens. okay. there's no reason to give it right now. >> not a minute after. donald trump added he does not think that will happen. he is set to meet with paul ryan on thursday to hash out their differences and there are many. last week speaker ryan said he was not ready to support donald trump not yet. the gop front-runner says the comment blind sided him. sarah palin of all people came to trump's defense yesterday saying speaker ryan's political career is quote over but for a miracle. irony. she said she's going to support paul ryan's challenger in wisconsin, the primary challenger. she has endorsed donald trump but when it comes to her
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comments about speaker ryan trump says palin is a free at. other establishment republicans have refused to endorse donald trump including former presidents george w. bush and george h.w. bush to name but two. but he doesn't think the party needs to be united not in the traditional sense. and he's already prepared to take over the oval office if he wins. just hours ago donald trump announced new jersey governor chris christie will run the white house transition team, premature. in a trump campaign statement chris christie said he's honored to take on that role. we have team fox coverage of politics 2016. mike emanuel will get to the republicans but john roberts is here with more. this is interesting. >> so many interesting moves. that's what's so interesting about this. you talk about the establishment republicans who are lining up against donald trump at the same time many establishment republicans on his side. people like former vice president dick cheney, bob dole,
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rick perry of texas to name a few. this meeting with paul ryan really very important. don't forget paul ryan has 60 competitive races he's running in november. he wants to win those. he wants to preserve republican control of the house. he wants to be reasonable lie assured when he talks to donald trump, donald trump won't pursue policies to increasele chances those races will be decimated. a lot of people don't believe trump is a real conservative. he didn't do anything to help himself on that front on the sunday shows whose taxes gets raised and whose gets lowered. >> i'm really going to fight hard for the middle class. i'm not raising it. i could see that the wealthy getting raised. not raised from where they are now. raised from my low proposal. designee said they would get raised and then back tracked. people like donald trump he
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speaks with very little filter. built he gets himself in trouble. >> he's not been going after president obama. he's avoiding that. but he's going after former president clinton. >> he has become an issue. that's because super p.a.c.s supporting hillary clinton is writing an ad aimed at comments he's made about women. so donald trump is preparing to unload, already has actually on former president bill clinton. take a look at what he said in spokane, washington on saturday. >> he was impeached for lying about what happened with a woman. hillary was an enabler and she treated these women horribly. just remember this. and some of those women were destroyed not by him, but by the way hillary clinton treated them after everything went down. >> so the hillary clinton campaign has got a decision to make, because every time she hits him or super p.a.c. or somebody else hits donald trump on this woman issue he's going
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to pull that out and he's going to aim it squarely at bill clinton and hillary clinton and will drag that whole thing through the mud from now until november. >> john roberts, thank you. democrats now, the democratic nomination is all but a done deal. bernie sanders has a challenge that the experts seem to all agree will keep him from being the democrat for president. sand serious still fighting. today he said he still has a chance twoin the nomination if he can convince the super delegates to switch sides and he's talking about fighting all the way to the convention. here's a look at the latest count. over the weekend sanders picked up two dozen delegates. secretary clinton also added to her total after winning guam. clinton could lose every single remaining contest and by a landslide and she would still be the nominee. that is as long as she hangs on to those super delegates. mike emmanuel in stone ridge, virginia just outside of
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washington. hillary clinton exchange there today. >> that's right. this is a bellwether county. this county has a republican member of congress but supported president obama in 2012. so hillary clinton is looking to build support with a critical constituency here today with women voters in virginia. clinton talking health care, education and other issues affecting young families and hoping to connect with republicans who might not care for donald trump. >> he doesn't have a view, he has a slogan, and he needs to be really pressed on that. when he says climate change is a chinese hoax, what does that mean? has he ever talked to a scientist or is he just again assuming a slogan. when he says women should be punished for having abortions, what does that mean? how would he go about that. >> clinton in a daily war of words with donald trump. she's dogged by her e-mail
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controversy, huma abedin has been interviewed by the fbi. we expect clinton will be interviewed by the fbi as well. >> the delegate amass for senator sanders is difficult. what is he saying about it? >> well that's right. we heard a new tone from him today talking about an uphill climb. sanders campaigning in new jersey and atlantic city in the garden state after a big rally at rutgers university last night and sanders was talking about the way forward for him. >> it's a narrow path and we have to do really well in the next states. but -- but, new jersey and california are going to be the largest states yet voting. if we do well here and to well in california we think we have a good chance to win most -- who knows what happens but i think we got a good chance to win. >> and sanders is expected to do well tomorrow in west virginia. he's vowing to keep fighting forward. >> thanks.
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let's bring in heidi the senior political reporter fore"usa today" and live with us from washington. she says, secretary clinton says she wants to reach thoughtful republicans, what does that mean. >> right. let me do some interpretation. thoughtful republicans mean specific demographic groups and really there's two here she's going after. the first would be women. it's not going to be ted cruz's van gevangelical voters. but she can appeal to women fiscally economically conservative but more socially liberal and you saw her, for example, hitting trump on his previous comments on abortion. she's going to be running those ads which basically playback donald trump's own words, comments he's made about women over the years and then the second group is the foreign policy hawks kind of and also the free traders who may be a
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little spooked by his more isolationist stance that he's taken, employmore protectionist. >> you mentioned evangelical conservatives. they've had a good run in the republican party. where do they go now? >> that's a good question. i think that, you know, there's talk now of potentially a third-party candidate. i know speaker ryan has said that would be kind of a disaster, but some republicans have an alternative opinion on that and they think if you put a third-party candidate out there maybe some of those voters will still come out and vote and save some of these members on the down ballot, some of these senators and house members who are shaking in their boots about the down ballot effect this will have on them. that's one alternative. i think we're fundamentally seeing a re-ordering of the republican party right now and
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what was once the grassroots of the party and now looking at themselves, looking in the mirror and now saying are we now the third-party candidate in all of this? >> there's no one organizing that. i've heard lindsey graham speak of it. i haven't heard anyone say this is a good idea, here's a third candidate. here's someone who could run. and take over our issues as evangelicals. >> people are just being goaded like mitt romney, senator sasse. at the end of the day there's other voices to say enough, this is our fate now we have network with the hand we've been dealt and try to strike some sort of deal with donald trump to bring the party back together and paul ryan said that today. you know, despite their differences that's his goal by july they can try to repair some of these fissures. obviously this is a story we're chasing between now and then to see if these differences can be
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bridged in time for the party to come together and provide a clear consolidated alternative to hillary clinton. >> one more thing before we go. it's clear hillary clinton is trying to get as many women under the hillary clinton tent as possible. it's further clear that donald trump is going to hit at her about women by going through her president's former infidelities and the way she treated those whoerm involved in those infidelities. how do you see that strategy of trump playing out. will we see a parade of women? >> i don't know. juanita broderick who accused bill clinton of raping her is now working with roger stone, trump's confidant. i very much think she could come out of the wood work. i don't know about some of the others. this is where the question, though, is what is the political impact on this. of course, women who are
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predisposed not to like hillary clinton will continue to not like her. in terms of moderate swing women, it was when she was going through all this with her husband being kind of open about these allegations coming out. so i don't know it will have a positive impact on some of those women that hillary is now trying to peel off out of the republican party. >> we'll know soon. heidi, great. thank you. ahead how would you feel coming face to face with an enormous tornado? we'll talk to fox meteorologist who was chasing storms when she caught one. that's coming up on the fox news this afternoon.
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people across the plains and deep south are bracing for the athlete of more tornadoes today. spring patterns here and not looking good. forecasters warn 41 million people are at risk for severe weather in the united states including large hail and damaging winds. this comes after a weekend of twisters over the great plains. look at that thing in colorado on saturday happened in ray, colorado which is about two and a half hours east of denver near the border of nebraska and kansas. reports there that several tornadoes hit the small town of about 3,000 people. some images of that storm in our slide show this afternoon. this is ray, colorado. one of the twisters damaged this
12:16 pm
automotive shop. this is one of the service trucks flipped over and destroyed. down the road one of the storms turned this shed over on its side. typical stuff. this is from wiggins farther west still in colorado. storms wreck this building. you can see there the cars there buried in the debris up underneath a huge mess there. and this is the same town wiggins, trees and power lines fell throughout the area causing multiple power outages, emergency crews report the storms injured five people. maria molina has been following these twists. she's in wichita, kansas. what are you watching for today? >> reporter: well right now we have the sun out here in wichita, kansas and other areas further south along the i35 corridor the sun is out across oklahoma. so the instability is building. we have that area of low pressure that we've been tracking for several days and
12:17 pm
firing up more storms into the later hours of this afternoon and through the evening and wind shear in place as well and moisture. that means these storms have the potential producing some very large hail, damaging winds and even tornadoes. now here in wichita it appears the main concern is for damaging winds and large hail. there will be severe thunderstorm watch likely issued very soon if it has not been issued already. as we head further south and east across southeastern oklahoma they are watching that area for the potential for a tornado watch to be issued. we think the wind shear is much better across southeastern oklahoma or much worse if you do not want to see a tourist out there. many people do not. we're expecting that weather to continue moving eastward. every where from texas to nebraska you're looking at severe weather. damaging winds. large hail and tornadoes will be possible today. make sure you have a way to get those weather warnings. when a tornado warning is issued that's when you need to seek
12:18 pm
shelter. >> maria, thanks. you got up close to one of those tornadoes in colorado over the weekend. what was that like? >> reporter: well, it was very intense but we have this mission all season long. we chase on the weekends to try to get some 360 video up close and personal. when you put on a virtual reality head set you can look around and get a good idea what it's like when the tornado was on the ground. we achieved that mission on saturday. some good news. but it did produce some damage and there were injuries in that area. that was in ray, colorado. when you're out there in the field and have a tornado of that magnitude so close to you you have to be hyper aware. we knew it was moving north and we were to the south tornado. we felt we were at a safe distance. you have to be aware of debris, power lines coming down. that's something else to
12:19 pm
consider when you're in that type of situation. you shouldn't be doing that if you're not experienced. my husband, he's been chasing for 20 years so we felt safe at the time and achieved our goal. >> good job. maria molina out in wichita. in north carolina there's a fight over bathroom access. on one side the state's governor who signed a law limiting protections for the lgbt community and requiring transgender people to use bathrooms that matched their biological sex. on the other united states department of justice argues the law violates civil rights. it warns north carolina you need back down. today the state refused to back down and fired back with a lawsuit against the feds. details on that next.
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a defiant response today from the governor of north carolina as he sudden the feds over the state's so-called bathroom bill. the law which took effect last month or i should say in march, actually limits protections for gay, bi-sexual and transgender people. i want stops cities from passing their own anti-discrimination rules. north carolina governor pat mccrory calls the law a quote common sense privacy policy but officials with the u.s. justice department says it violates the civil rights of those in the lgbt communities. they threatened a lawsuit which could cost the state billions of dollars in federal funding but the governor beat them to court. we're expecting to hear from the attorney general loretta lynch moments from now. but first jonathan. >> reporter: the governor's lawsuit seeks not only to protect this controversial law but also billions of dollars in
12:24 pm
federal education and transportation funding that is potentially at stake as a result of all of this. last week the justice department sent the governor this letter informing him that he had until the close of business today to inform the doj on whether he intended to enforce this controversial bathroom law. the justice department stated that it regarded the law as discriminatory as violating the civil rights act of 1964 because in the view of the justice department requiring people to only use the bathroom corresponding to the gender on their birth certificate discriminates against transgender people. but the governor's lawsuit argues that transgender status is not a protected class under the civil rights act, according to the lawsuit quote, the department's position is a baseless and blatant overreach. >> right now the obama administration is bypassing congress by attempting to
12:25 pm
rewrite the law and set basic restroom policies, locker room policies and even shower policies for public and private employers across the country, not just north carolina. >> governor mccrory says a court rather than a federal agency should tell states and employers what the law requires regardless of what the legal systemize north carolina's bathroom law has already cost the state millions of dollars in lost revenue as some majors have cancelled plans to expand in that state. these businesses are protesting what they see as a discriminatory law but the governor insists the law is all about protecting people's safety and privacy in the bathroom and locker rooms and other private place. back to you. >> thanks. we're expecting thing attorney general lower letta lynch to speak in just a few moments. she's schedule for 3:30 eastern time. four minutes from now.
12:26 pm
as she begins to speak we'll take you there live. >> thousands of families on the run from a monster wildfire. leaving their homes behind. how many of them are finding out they will never get to go back. the latest on the scenes of this destruction in one of canada's worst ever disasters. you can fly across welcome town in minutes16, or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites
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you wouldn't take medicine without checking the side effects. hey honey. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. . firefighters say they are finally finding opportunities to get a death grip on the massive wildfire in canada. cooler temperatures and a little rain may allow them to start turning the corner as one official puts it. look at this thing. more than 80,000 people have evacuated from areas around the city of fort mcmurray. the flames have scorched hundreds of thousands of acres, destroyed homes and buildings in its path. it's said to be larger than the entire city of new york. half the size of rhode island. officials say they expect it to become the most expensive natural disaster in canada's
12:32 pm
history. with estimates running into the billions of dollars. as we have been reporting fort mcmurray is in the heart of canada's new oil sands country. the region has the world's third largest reserves of oil. will carr has the news for us. is this thing still on the move and how fast? >> reporter: definitely slowed down since this weekend. the weather you mentioned is certainly helping with that. make no mistake still a massive wildfire. so much so that the firefighters there on the ground that have started to call at any time beast. smoke has traveled as far as iowa. so far burned more than 700 square miles. it damaged or destroyed 1600 structures and devastated neighborhoods and to give you a visual example, take a look at this surveillance video from inside a home. the residents who lived there left the evacuation and able to watch in real-time on their cell phones as the flames came into their home. down there on the left you can see it. within a matter of minutes the home was engulfed and they lost everything.
12:33 pm
the good news the weather is helping. there's a 40% chance of rain in fort mcmurray this afternoon. the temperatures are expected to stay low. >> for us this is a great firefighting weather. we can get a handle on fire. for the wildfire stuff out in the forest area that will take us a long time to clean up. >> even with the weather, this fire is expected to burn for months in the rural areas of alberta. >> what's happening with all the evacuees. >> reporter: they say it's terrifying. almost 90,000 people had to evacuate. some had to be airlifted. it was that diver situation. many left without any possessions. most are living off donations. >> i'm watching it 24/7. every single channel. all day long. i cry. i cry. >> all our hopes are gone.
12:34 pm
we're doing okay. the people are wonderful. >> reporter: two people died in a car crash during the evacuation. no other injuries have been reported. >> will, i was reading some of these evacuees are in towns hundreds of miles away from there and they are talking about rebuilding, but no one seems to really have a handle on how you can do that because it's just so big. >> reporter: that's right. with the fire still burning, the firefighters can only get so close so the devastation, the ultimate devastation not known right now. so people simply having to wait where they can safely and hope that when they do go back their homes are still there. >> will carr for us. will, thank you very much. >> reporter: you bet. >> a fox urgent as promised the attorney general loretta lynch is about to talk about north carolina's so-called bathroom bill. the feds say the law violates the civil rights of transgender people. it's clearly unconstitutional.
12:35 pm
north carolina's governor says this is not about that, it's about privacy. the legal showdown could end up costing the state billions and billions of dollars in federal funding. of course this entire controversy erupted weeks now months ago with a series of lgbt laws. so far it's cost the state of north carolina a lot of business dollars, concerts have moved out there was, businesses have decided not to hire more there. we're getting an audio check. just a few minutes, about a minute or plus ago we got word that loretta lynch was about two minutes away. so we know this is about to start. you may have seen just a little while earlier the north carolina governor spoke. kind of getting ahead of this, giving his perspective on this matter. his perspective on the law or the bill that was put into place down in north carolina and then trying to get ahead of what would be the governor's response, i suppose, this afternoon.
12:36 pm
that's pat mccrory the governor of north carolina. he made it clear he's positioning in this a different way than feds. t the feds made it clear this is a violation of the constitution. all people have equal protection under the law. specifically the supreme court has ruled on this matter. specifically according to the feds the law that's been put into place in north carolina is discriminatory. it's discriminatory in the same way jim crow laws were discriminatory. it's discriminatory against transgender people in the same way that jim crow laws were discriminatory against black people and there's a long history of this. the feds see this as no different in any way and that's the case they will make today. but getting ahead of them was this north carolina lawsuit which is being threatened at least by the state of north carolina. whether that might be having any legal standing is another matter and one for another day but today we'll hear from loretta lynch about what the fed's plan
12:37 pm
is against the state of north carolina. remember the state of mississippi has put a law into place. in fact been trying to get the governor to come talk to us for a long time and has been unsuccessful in mississippi. similar thing is going on here. it seems to be the new cause celeb as states pushes back against the supreme court decision saying discrimination of any form against first women then blacks and now against lgbt people, that that discrimination is illegal, it's unconstitutional and that people of that class, of that group have protections just like people do with race and sex. so loretta lynch now will come forward and explain to us exactly what the fed's plan now is. whether she will mention the governor's statements from north carolina early today is another matter but they have been going back and forth throughout the day. the governor down in north carolina got an extensive amount of time showing this and making their point earlier today and because of balance is where
12:38 pm
we're coming from here we'll let the feds do the exact same thing. it would appear when they have a two-minute warning about three minutes ago that they were off by just a little bit. so when loretta lynch does speak since we don't have any way of knowing except when they tell us we'll go back there immediately my guess is that will happen the moment i move on to something else. i'll move on to something else. china and russia don't build their military the united states army has reached its smallest size in decades. according to a new report in the arm times newspaper 2,600 soldiers left active duty service in march. and nobody ever replaced them. the crackdown is set to continue for even further for two more years. with the army reducing its size by tens of thousands of troops during that time. military officials have said their hands are tied and at the bottom of this is budget cuts. jennifer griffith is at the pentagon. the army still has half a million soldiers on active duty?
12:39 pm
>> reporter: their hearts. since 2012 the u.s. army has been cut by 80,000 troops. it's been reduced by three brigades. in march active duty troops fell below 480,000 the lowest level since world war ii. what's more alarming is the number of those soldiers who aren't ready to deploy according to the u.s. army chief of staff. >> if one or more possible unforeseen contingencies happen the u.s. risks not have force ready to our national leadership and most importantly we risk incurring significantly increased u.s. casualties. >> so two-thirds are not ready to defend this nation immediately in time of crisis. >> that's correct. they would require some amount of time to bring them up to a satisfactory readiness status. >> u.s. army is slated to cut 30,000 additional troops taking the army down to 450,000 troops
12:40 pm
by 2018 unless congress or the pentagon intervenes. >> the military is still larger than all the comparable militaries combined but how does this compare to russia and china's military. >> if you talk about the military budget that's correct. russia has 2 million troops, many are conscripts. china has 1.6 million troops also many conscripts. u.s. has a million if you include the army reserves. the white house and ash carter were angered when republican lawmakers on the house armed services committee proposed as part of the next defense authorization bill to freeze the army at 480,000 by halting funding for current overseas operations. that bill will be voted on next week. >> jennifer griffith at the pentagon. thank you. a coalition air strike took out one of the islamic state's of the senior leaders. the guys name, abu wajib.
12:41 pm
he was a military chief for the anbar province in iraq. the strike happened last week in the western part of that province and also killed three other isis terrorists. the leader of al qaeda trying to convince isis fight towers switch sides and join his crew. in new audio recording the group reportedly posted online described isis as a group of extremists and renegades predicting their followers will stop take orders. al qaeda chief said coming together is a matter of life or death for jihadists. the two groups are battling for land, power and mostly influence in the terror world. isis fighters were once part of an al qaeda affiliate but split from the group a few years ago after a power struggle. we're waiting for the attorney general, loretta lynch and we got a two-minute warning about six minutes ago. so when she does speak we'll take you there live. stay with us. of their type 2 diabetes
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the man who shot up a crowded movie theater in colorado is already serving a life sentence. but family members of his victims are now fight agnew legal battle. today marks the start a civil trial against cinnamark the company that owns century theaters in aurora. that's where james holmes opened fire. victims families say the theater should have had armed guards at a big event and said alarms should have sound when james holmes came in through that emergency exit. he killed 12 people and wounded 70 others. some survivors said that all they could do was just drop to the ground in terror. >> i'm shot, i'm shot. i said me too, just stay down. and then he shot me a second time. carey said what do we do? what do we do?
12:46 pm
i said pray carey pray to jesus. >> now he's in prison for the rest of his life. the trial that began today is in state court. no word on how much money the families are demanding. a similar lawsuit is scheduled for federal court later this year. for its part cinnamark respond it could not have foreseen this attack. let's bring in a former federal prosecutor who is now a trial attorney representing clients in both criminal and civil cases. a lot of emotions here. >> incredibly difficult issue. >> what about the law? >> that's the thing. you have to have sympathy for people suing the movie theater. what they are saying you should have done a better job protecting me. but the law says in order to find somebody liable under these circumstances the injury had to be foreseeable. how could a theater ever in a million years foresee that somebody like james holmes would walk in and shoot up the place. that's the defense. >> and if you're a juror on this
12:47 pm
panel, though, i mean it's being held right there. your heart has got be -- >> absolutely. this case has enormous jury appeal as it should but ultimately even if there's a verdict in favor of the people bringing the lawsuit, it still goes up on appeal, still the legal issue and the court of appeals as a legal matter can say we're not going to hold the theater liable because there's no foreseeability. no one could have known this guy would come in and do that in the theater. >> are the families looking for money here or are they looking to change the way theaters and other public places, private businesses that are public places work? >> both. they are obviously looking for money. it's a civil lawsuit. not just on esoteric issue of law. when you go to starbucks will you be frisked, going through metal detectors. there is to be some balance. >> when these families, lawyers, make their claim, will they be
12:48 pm
appealing mostly to emotion or how will they roll? >> they have to appeal to both. but it's such an emotional issue. how can you not have sympathy for these plaintiffs and these families, these people who were injured so grievously. obviously the main argument is going to be more of an emotional one not a legal one. >> coming back at that argument from cinnamark's part is the law. it has to be. they can't argue the facts. what they can say is no one could reasonably have anticipated this happening. we did the best we could under the circumstance. this was a cataclysmic event that no one could anticipate ever. >> thank you. the feds say they are unleashing a harmless invisible gas inside new york city subway station. they say it could end up saving lives some day. that's next. most people think that after an accident, you'll have to pay five hundred bucks for your deductible. the truth? at allstate, you could pay zero. allstate gives you a hundred dollars
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the u.s. department of homeland security releasing a harmless gas into the new york city subway system today. they want to study how the gas flows along the tracks and tunnels in an effort to help them prepare for a potential terror attack. rick levinthal is on the story in new york. >> reporter: dhs has 200 devices they have hooked up to air compressors and positioning them at the end of the subway platforms, the tunnels that the trains pass through. and then every 20 -- every minute for 20 minutes they load a small amount of the material, starch and sugar, with traces of dna into the devices and compressed gas pushes it in clouds into the air. and then into the tunnels, trains and even on to commuters, simulating what could happen in a chemical or biological attack. then they test the air in the system and the stations and trains for the next four hours to see where the stuff goes, how long it lasts, how long it takes
12:53 pm
to get there and how best to contain it. >> we are trying to help the transit as well as other local authorities understand if something hazardous is released in the subway, where does it travel, who might be impacted. how big of a problem do we have and how emergency responds and cleanup. >> they say they'll collect 12,000 samples this week, it is going to take about six to eight months to analyze all that data. >> why are they doing this now, rick? >> there is no known threat against the new york city subway system, but it is considered a prime target and we have seen attacks on trains and subways in the past, most notably in tokyo. 21 years ago, march 1995. members of a japanese cult released sarin gas in a widespread attack that killed 12, seriously injured 50 and there have been numerous bombings on trains since then.
12:54 pm
this week, the understanding of how chemical or biological agents would behave under the streets of new york city on one of the busiest subway systems in the world, with nearly 6 million riders every single day. >> rick in new york city. thank you. el chapo is one step closer to facing justice here in the united states. a mexican judge approved the drug horse's extradition. the foreign minister still needs to sign off on it and defense can appeal. mexican officials captured him in february of 2014, he embarrassed the government had he escaped from prison through an elaborate secret tunnel system last july. mexican forces recaptured him in january, a few months after he had a secret meeting with sean penn. here in the united states, el chapo is facing charges including money laundering, drug
12:55 pm
trafficking, kidnapping and murder. minutes away from the top of the hour, the top of the news and we're waiting for the attorney general loretta lynch, we just have gotten word the u.s. department of justice has filed a criminal complaint against the state of north carolina saying that its bathroom law constitutes a pattern and practice of discrimination and violates the civil rights act. in addition, named in the suit, the north carolina governor pat mccrory, the north carolina department of public safety and the university of north carolina, all defendants. stay tuned.
12:56 pm
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12:58 pm
mr. brady, we've been expecting you. will you be needing anything else? not a thing. beautyrest black. get your beautyrest. beautyrest black. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. look out, kentucky derby, there is a new race, the first running of the goats. happened this weekend in covington, 90 miles east of louisville. dozens of volunteers were going to act as a barrier around the critters, but the goats were having none of that. six of them broke free and ran wild causing quite a bit of chaos around the town. >> i would like for this to be
12:59 pm
an event that happens again. >> very memorable first annual goat running. >> it all took a full day, but searchers say they eventually captured all the goats, organizers say they're thinking about making some changes next year. on this day in 1950, firefighters rescued the real life smoky bear. the u.s. forest service created the cartoon mascot during world war ii, over concerns that enemies of america would try to start fires here. a few years later, crews saved the 6 week old bear cub during a forest fire in new mexico. the forest service adopted that cub and it became the living symbol of smoky bear, helping to promote the classic slogan, only you can prevent forest fires. and the lucky little cub was on its way to becoming america's first famous bear, 66 years ago today. we'll have coverage in just a moment of the attorney general
1:00 pm
loretta lynch and the lawsuit that has now been filed against the state of north carolina, the governor there, pat mccrory, the university of north carolina, and the department of justice there. the anti-lgbt legislation, they say, is discriminatory. cavuto will have coverage as his show begins now. all right, thank you. we're monitoring this waiting for the attorney general loretta lynch to spell out her response to the state of north carolina suing the federal government saying it has no business to decide what north carolina was going to do with restrooms in its state and simply states that if you're male biologically, you go to the men's room, female biologically, you go to the women's room. this has gone beyond bathrooms, this is like a modern day freedom of speech issue and well beyond. the attorney general is expected to speak shortly and give her response to the governor of north carolina, effectively suing the united states government over butting into practices that it says are the state's business.