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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 9, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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if this doesn't make you happy, you are dead. >> what are they doing? >> chasing each other? >> this is therapy. stare at it long enough, you feel good. >> it's only on saturday night. >> "special report" is up next. donald trump insists it may not be necessary to unite the republican party for him to win. as republican lawmakers scrutinize changing policy positions. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. donald trump kicks off his full week at the gop's presumptive nominee. in recent days, republicans are looking for additional clarity from the nominee in waiting on his shifting stance on raising the minimum wage and whether he'll raise taxes. now, house speaker, paul ryan, who is scheduled to meet with
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trump thursday will get out of trump's way at the convention, if asked. we have the take on the back and forth between trump and ryan. we begin with john roberts in new york with trump's unification efforts. good evening. >> good evening to you. donald trump is shelled at campaign events this week to focus on building his campaign operation and to prepare for what will be a couple very important dates in the nation's capital. >> we love you, thank you. >> reporter: in a nod to donald trump's leadership, speaker of the house, paul ryan, said he would step down as chairman at the july convention if trump wants. he is stunned by his denial to support him. >> we spoke three weeks ago. then all of a sudden, he does this number. i'm not exactly sure what he has in mind. >> reporter: the meeting between trump and ryan thursday morning
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is a pivotal event of what they call an historic week for the party. >> there's three possibilities, one is, they walk out and figure out a way to work together. one is they walk out and figure out they can't work together but they are not going to work against each other. the third way is they walk out and decide they are at odds. >> reporter: many conservatives are skeptical of trump, if not outright opposed. trump feels little interested in an established conservative agenda marching to the beat of his own drum. >> i'm a conservative. this is the republican party. there are conservative parties. this is the republican party. >> reporter: more shock waves reversing his opposition to a minimum wage hike. >> $7.25 is pretty tough. as far as i'm concerned i could see something happening. >> reporter: it was his position
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on taxes that caught everyone's ear. >> do you want the taxes on the wealthy to go up or down? >> they will go up a little bit. in my plan they are going down, by the time it's negotiated, they will go up. >> reporter: they may go up from what he proposed to congress, should he become president but added this. >> i don't mind paying more tax, i'll be honest with you. >> reporter: trump is already in full general election mode, launching a vicious assault against hillary and bill clinton to counter the attacks he will face on what he's said about women. >> she's married to a man who is the worst abuser of women in politics. hillary was an enabler and treated these women horribly. remember this. some of those women were destroyed, not by him, but by the way that hillary clinton treated them after everything
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went down. >> reporter: asked about his scorching onslaught, hillary clinton refused to take debate. >> i have nothing to say about him and his campaign. >> reporter: thursday's meeting, paul ryan may or may not support donald trump. he is warning a third party bid to derail trump would be a disaster for the republican party. >> thank you. weighing in on paul ryan holding off on putting his support behind donald trump. >> what paul ryan did is something presidential nominees have done. that is secure the party's base, first. it isn't done to be nice, it is to bring along the voters who may have preferred another candidate should be the easiest to win over. after all, fellow party members
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are inclined to support the party's nominee. while ryan said he wasn't ready to support trump, yet, he hoped later to do so. he did not expect trump to sign on to his agenda. regular this, all trump has done is gain support of a large minority of republican voters. paul ryan is in essentially the same position as 60% of republican voters who did not support trump. some never will. not ryan, he's looking for a way to back him. he's extending an invitation to trump to do so. trump will need every vote he can get to be elected. he would be smart to accept ryan's invitation. win over someone who would clearly like to be won over. brett? >> what about the move to say, listen, i'll step aside as chair of the convention, if you want
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me to. >> recognition that trump is the guy that will lead the party in the fall. at the same time, if trump continues to react the way he initially did to ryan's statement that he wasn't ready support him, yet, that gives ryan a reason, if trump should choose, to stay away from the convention and not be -- and give his fellow republican house members a way to steer clear of donald trump and the electoral disaster he may bring on. >> that and the trump people say, listen, he's expanding the party, bringing new people in and there's evidence some of these people could see the ticket improve. >> well, they could. put it this way, it's good to bring new people in. any republican nominee needs to do that, but you don't start by driving the people that are there out. i think that's the choice trump
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made. >> britt, thank you. senator ted cruz blames marco rubio for trump becoming the nominee. cruz wanted rubio to join the ticket as his vice presidential pick in march to stop the trump momentum. not sure if fiorina knows this. they conducted polls showing a cruz/rubio ticket would triumph over trump. rubio is addressing rumors he could be a vp pick for trump. he said i have never sought, will not seek and do not want to be considered for vice president. in 2008 vice president picks, sarah palin vows to unseat her nominee house speaker, paul ryan. ryan's reluctance to throw support behind trump. palin, who has been campaigning for donald trump will do whatever it takes to help the
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republican challenging ryan in the august primary in wisconsin. trump did not echo the sentiments saying palin is her own free agent. >> west virginia's primary is tomorrow. while their votes may not change the state of the race, it certainly has stirred up a debate over coal. we are in madison, west virginia with the cost of a struggling industry. >> men like jordan bridges toiled in obscurity in the coal mines in west virginia. now, the dynamic there has changed. >> reporter: what do you blame it on? >> regulations. the industry is coming up. everybody understands that. when you overregulate an industry to a point they can't mine the coal, it's essentially shutting them down. how do you come back from that? >> reporter: the economic devastation is all around. businesses boarded up. for sale signs. there is a drug epidemic and
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broken families. 283 coal mines in west virginia in 2009. in 2014, one-third fewer, 191. the decline steepened the last two years. >> this means a great deal to me. without my job, i can't provide for my family and put food on the table. it's a struggle every day just to make ends meet. >> reporter: last week, donald trump cake to west virginia and promised miners he will bring their jobs back. that, while hillary clinton was walking back comments the coal industry is, quote, out of business, remarks she maintains were taken out of context given the promise of $30 billion in retraining programs for miners, the transition to renewables and competition from fracking. >> if i'm fortunate enough to be president, i'm going to be as focused to help west virginia as i can, whether or not people in
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west virginia support me, i'm going to support you. >> reporter: bernie sanders leaped by six percentage points in west virginia. his opposition to fracking. for this miner, the choice on tuesday is a no brainer. >> put it this way, hillary clinton says we are going to shut you down. bernie sanders said the same thing. donald trump says we are going to put you back to work, save your jobs. that means a whole lot to us. whether it's true or not, the man is the first one to say we are going put you back to work. >> reporter: coal's profound decline is illustrated by the mine behind me, 30 miles south of charleston. one worker told me they used to ship two train loads of coal from the facility every day, now it's two train loads of coal once a month. brett? >> live in madison, west virginia. thanks. the fight over north
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carolina's so-called bathroom bill is far from over. the department of justice file as counter suit to north carolina's own suit against the doj. this, as the obama administration pushes for transgender rights in the classroom. kevin reports on the controversy from the white house tonight. >> we are seeking a court order declaring the restroom restriction imper misably discriminatory as well as a bar on the enforcement. >> reporter: the latest in the escalating war over the rights of transgender americans. >> this is about the dignity and the respect that we accord our fellow citizens and the laws we, as a people and a country, have enacted to protect, indeed, to protect all of us. >> reporter: the department of justice and the state of north carolina, enjanlging in a showdown suing each other over the bathroom law.
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it bans transgender people from using the bathroom that doesn't match their birth certificate. they accused the government of baseless overreach. >> the obama administration is bypassing congress by attempting to rewrite the law and set basic restroom policies, locker room policies and shower policies for public and private employers across the country, not just north carolina. >> reporter: the justice department's interpretation and application of existing law could cost the tar heel state billions, if the law isn't repealed or defeated. several agencies, including the department of education, housing and urban development, labor and transportation are all reviewing whether to take funding from north carolina because of the law. this, as the obama administration is expected to aggressively enforce their
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position transgender student rights are fully protected under federal law. >> the hb-2 law is spirited. it discriminates against people because of who they are. >> reporter: some believe the administration is misinterpreting the laws that govern equal protection. >> they are taking theosition that sex is not a matter of biology. it's not an objective fact that it is a subjective determination. >> reporter: subjective as in self-identify and self-determine. not biology. an interesting perspective there. what the administration may be missing are the privacy rights of non-transgender americans who feel uncomfortable sharing a bathroom with someone of the opposite sex. >> kevin, thank you. up next, russia and iran show off military while the u.s. hits the lowest level of troops
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since world war ii. fox 35 in orlando, if you live along the east coast, you might have noticed a black dot on the base of the sun today. that dot is the planet mercury, which made a rare move across the sun. nasa says the event occurs 13 times a century. fox 45 in baltimore, a man accused of going on a shooting rampage in suburban washington last week appeared in court. the judge ruled him held without bond today. he was arrested friday after police believe he killed his wife outside a high school thursday, then shot four others friday at a mall and grocery store. a live look at new york from fox 5. the big story, a chemical weapons test in the subway system. they released harmless gas at several manhattan stations. the study continues through
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friday. service will not be interrupted. that's a live look from outside the beltway on "special report." we'll be right back. my school reunion's coming fast. ♪ could be bad. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear.
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man 1: i came as fast as i man 2: this isn't public yet. man 1: what isn't? man 2: we've been attacked. man 1: the network? man 2: shhhh. man 1: when did this happen? man 2: over the last six months. man 1: how did we miss it? man 2: we caught it, just not in time.
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man 1: who? how? man 2: not sure, probably off-shore, foreign, pros. man 1: what did they get? man 2: what didn't they get. man 1: i need to call mike... man 2: don't use your phone. it's not just security, it's defense. bae systems. the u.s. and russia entered
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a new agreement to stop the bloodshed in syria. secretary of state, john kerry announced the nationwide truce brokered in february would be e restored. the cease-fire was 48 hours in aleppo. brutal fighting killed 300 innocent people over the past two weeks. iran denies the launch of a ballistic missile capable of reaching russia. the denial came after reports the islamic regime test fired two weeks ago with a range of nearly 1300 miles. the latest test would be the third such launch since the u.s. had an accord with iran. a deal a top administrator said it was manipulation with the public and news media. they report, that claim is being walked back. >> reporter: in a lengthy new
3:20 pm
york times sunday magazine profile, a writer portrayed the deputy security adviser as uniquely powerful in shaping president obama's foreign policy. and down right deceptive in selling the iran nuclear deal. >> there is no evidence that ever occurred. what i encourage you and other critics to do is look at the facts. >> reporter: samuels accused rhodes -- writing on, rhodes said the fact there were discreet channels in 2012 is something we confirmed publicly. that's not true. the talks were under way for eight months at the time of this exchange. >> there have been reports that
3:21 pm
intermitt taantly, the obama administration or members of it, conducted direct, secret bilateral talks with iran. is that true or false? >> with regard to the kind of thing you are talking about on a government to government level, no. >> reporter: rhodes appears to have misled the public about the substance of the deal. >> under this deal, you will have anywhere, anytime, 24/7 access as it relates to the nuclear facilities iran has. >> i can tell you, i never uttered the words, anywhere, anytime, nor was it part of the discussion we had with the iranians. >> it included anywhere, anytime access with the nuclear facilities, not suspicious sites. foreign policy analyst, michael ruben is the author of "dancing with the devil". >> every administration lied to
3:22 pm
the public to keep it alive. this isn't lying about the negotiations themselves, this is lying about the results of the negotiations. >> reporter: late today, we discovered the state department's video of the december 2, 2013 press briefing which icon fronted them about the press statement, has, itself, with the use of a white flash, been deleted from both the state department's official site and their youtube channel. in that exchange, she admitted to administration lied to me because they needed, quote, privacy. the state department said they cannot explain the deletion and are working to restore the material. brett? >> james, thank you. president vladimir putin led the way as russia showed off the military might during the victory day parade. 10,000 military staff took part
3:23 pm
in the parade. 135 armored vehicles and 70 types of military aircraft. putin took a swipe at the west with a reference to double standards that refer to washington support for rebel groups in syria. russia shows off the power. the strength of our military here at home is diminishing due to budget cuts. it's only going to get worse. national security correspondent shows us the numbers from the pentagon. >> reporter: in march, the number of active duty soldiers in the u.s. army fell below 480,000, the lowest level since the end of world war ii. they have been cut by 80,000 troops. they have warned or cutting anymore. >> if more happens, the united states army risks not having ready forces available to provide flexible options to the national leadership and most
3:24 pm
importantly, we risk increased u.s. casualties. >> reporter: more alarming is the number of soldiers not ready to deploy. >> two-thirds are not ready to defend this nation immediately in time of crisis. >> that's correct. they would require some amount of time to bring them up to a satisfactory status to be in combat. >> reporter: it's significantly decreased since the cold war. in 1985, 36% of the army was deployed. in 2015, 10%. a book facing the stretched military. >> the tanks are old, the helicopters are old. we have too few soldiers to fight the wars, but fighting with obsolete, worn out equipment. in the next two years, the u.s.
3:25 pm
army is slated to be cut down to 450,000 troops unless congress or the pentagon intervene. >> everybody wishes we had more dollars to spend, if it's possible. >> reporter: they are angry that republican lawmakers on the house service committee proposed as part of the bill to freeze the army at 480,000 by halting funding for current overseas operati operation. that bill will be voted on next week. >> jennifer, thank you. next, political bias is trending. a new report that says you will facebook feed isn't showing you everything. real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them.
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make healthy saychoices.ten but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients ... ... from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's ... ...complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and calcium to help support bone health. one a day. politics may be a play on your social media account and you may not know it. turns out facebook hasn't been giving users the full story when
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it comes to political news. fox news media analyst, howard, joins me with more on a possible political bias by the media giant. good evening. facebook is being accused of political bias. what is this about? >> facebook hires journalists to fiddle with the automatic formulas for the trending topic that is get more traffic. several news curators told that conservative news is being suppressed. they were deliberately omitted from the trending list. others say news from right leading sides was blacklisted unless it was picked up by the likes of new york times or cnn. one saying it had a chilling effect on conservative news. >> potentially, could this impact be? >> facebook is this massive media operation.
3:31 pm
facebook tells fox news, in a statement, it takes these allegations seriously and has rigorous procedures in place to prevent it. these accusations strike at the heart of the credibility of facebook as a neutral platform. what if they tinker with what goes into your personal news feed? as it happens, mark zuckerberg supports president obama on legal immigration and criticized donald trump. some asked zuckerberg, in an internal survey, what responsibility does facebook have to present president trump in 2017? >> we'll see if this story makes it. thanks. if congress doesn't act, you could be on the hook for bailing puerto rico out of $70 billion of debt. that's from jack lew. that's where we found peter
3:32 pm
barnes who spoke with the treasure secretary about the financial crisis. good evening. >> reporter: well, good evening, brett. the treasury secretary came to puerto rico to emphasize the cost of the island's financial crisis. the administration also hopes that the visit will put pressure on congress, especially some republicans to support a bipartisan bill to help the territory restructure the $70 billion in debt. the government here already failed to make hundreds of millions in debt payments and says it will miss more. now the administration is also warning that without this debt restructuring legislation, congress might have to consider a cash bailout for the territory. puerto rico's governor says possibly $20 billion or more. the treasury secretary would not comment on that estimate. >> what we are working with congress on now is not a bailout, it is restructuring.
3:33 pm
what we have said is to solve the problem, there is only so many choices. restructuring with oversight is the right solution. if you don't do that, then you have chaos or a bailout. we are not talking about a bailout. >> reporter: some critics say that even this debt restructuring legislation is a bad idea. it is a back door bailout and could set a precedent for state that is are heavily in debt like illinois and california. and, create new legal uncertainties that could raise the cost of borrowing, interest payments, for many states. >> the existing legal system to help puerto rico bail it out, essentially. not a taxpayer bailout, but bail them out for their mistake. that's what california and illinois are going to look to. >> the treasury secretary disputed that statement and the house, a house committee is expected to unveil the latest
3:34 pm
version of the legislation on wednesday. brett? >> peter barnes traveling with the treasury secretary. thank you. the dow closed down 35 today. the s&p 500 was up 1.5. the nasdaq was up 14. donald trump put to the test on everything from taxes to speaker paul ryan. the panel weighs in on how he's doing in his first full week as the presumptive gop nominee. it's only monday. next. can a toothpaste do everything well?
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does the party have to be together? does it have to be unified. i'm different than anybody that ran for office. i think it would be better if it were unified. there would be something good about it. i don't think it has to be unified in the tradition until sense. this is the republican party, not the conservative party. you know, there are conservative
3:39 pm
parties. this is the republican party. >> donald trump on his unification efforts with the gop. he is meeting thursday morning with paw ryan, house speaker. now, we just learned he is going to meet thursday at 11:45 with senate gop leaders including the majority leader, mitch mcconnell. this, as the unfavorable numbers for trump and hillary clinton continue a pace. this is the average of polls. the favorable/unfavorables for donald trump. look at hillary clinton's favorable/unfavorable numbers. it's similar. not that strong. the trump people are pointing out a times poll showing that donald trump beats hillary clinton. this is, we should point out, not a scientific military voting pattern. it is done every so often by the military times, pointing out his
3:40 pm
dominance in that poll. let's bring in the -- syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. let's talk about donald trump and the unification. seems like it doesn't matter. >> historically, the truth is, it does matter. no one has won the presidency, i think, with a split party behind him or not behind him. you have to imagine, going forward, a situation every time a republican state assemblyman comes out and says i can't support this man, it's another news cycle, another story about a negative. it's hard to imagine somebody doing well when the party is fractured behind him. >> he's meeting with speaker ryan, and the senate side as well on thursday. clearly, he's going to try to mend ways. he told me last thursday, he is up for negotiating on pretty much everything. >> that is going to be an
3:41 pm
incredibly important meeting. here is the deal. two gentlemen with the party. they are going to have to meet somewhere in the middle. for ryan, it was a smart move to say, wait a second, you are going to come to my office here. you have to realize, i have to control part of the space as well. although you are bringing in new voters, you can't lose the base in the meantime. that's a telling, critical point to see if, in fact, we can unify the party. that's going to include if ted cruz comes out and endorses donald trump, which will send a sign to the social conservatives as well. >> charles, i talked anecdotely with people on the hill. there's concern about what trump has been talking about, taxes, the minimum wage. other shifting things he said one way before and now a different way. what about that? >> look, with any huge number, he has a majority of the
3:42 pm
campaign. the fund amental issue, the pary is not necessarily conservative. it's clear he is at best a newly minted conservative. ryan represents his whole life, 20, 30 years of being a republican, serious about the policy. what you have here is a situation where, you know, the catholic church once had two popes, one in rome and one in -- trump is in control of rome. ryan is now holed up. he's saying, look, i represent a wing of the party, the traditional, ideological wing. you represent new people, new ideas. it's a different state. unless the breach is healed, i don't see how he can win. it is a breachable one if each recognizes the other's positions without necessarily conceding.
3:43 pm
>> ryan saying he will step aside as convention chair if donald trump wants him to. gamesmanship, what is that? >> i'm sorry, i'm trying to picture palm beach as the new rome. some of the architecture is a facsimile. it seems like brinksmanship and seems sincere on his part. i talked to people on the hill about this. he is, i think we sometimes underplay anguish in politics. i think there's anguish here and he doesn't want to have to oversee a process of destroying conservative values, the things the republican party stood for to oversee a convention that nominates donald trump. >> i want to play a soundbyte from the weekend. this is donald trump attacking hillary clinton and her response today and what it tells us.
3:44 pm
>> nobody in this country and maybe in the history of the country politically was worse than bill clinton with women. she was a total enabler. she would go after the women and destroy their lives. i mean, have you read what hillary clinton did to the women that bill clinton had affairs with? >> i'm going to let him run his campaign however he chooses. i'm going to run my campaign, which is about a positive position for our country. i have nothing to say about him and how he's running his campaign. >> is that telling us he is throwing everything he's got, even on the woman card. >> the republicans have been fearful of taking on democrats on anything that could be scandalous. in this case, donald trump said i'm not afraid of this woman or her husband. i'm going to take them on. i think for the republicans out there, for a long time who wanted someone to beat up on the clintons, it's refreshing.
3:45 pm
in case of the women card, he's getting a history lesson to the my lennaillenials who are not a the monica lewinskys of the world or the flowers of the world. younger women are not interested in voting for a first woman president. there's a separation between the older generation and the younger generation on that. >> he points out numbers on women, so does she. >> i think this will thrill republicans who want revenge for what clinton did and he did a jujitsu and they crushed him and his infidelity. however, for nonrepublicans, this is unbelievably risky and will likely hurt him with independent and democratic women. it's a big risk. he's the kind of guy who is in the cday.
3:46 pm
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the united states has been able to resolve the most pressing nuclear nonproliferation concern we had when we came into office. we have been able to prevent iran from obtaining nuclear weapon. >> there has been an attempt by opponents of the iran deal to suggest that somehow the effort to protect the deal was based solely on spin. all of you have had multiple opportunities to talk to ben on a range of foreign policy issues. and i think all of you appreciate the commitment that he has demonstrate to do working with all of you to help inform your viewers and readers. >> all this reaction being
3:51 pm
around political campaigns. that's a sea change. they literally know nothing. completing on that basically that's how the iran deal all came together. we're back with the panel. jeffrey, you were mentioned in said article. i don't think you are 27 and i know you know a lot. >> i want to speak on behalf of all my fellow 27-year-olds in all of this. >> what is your take on this whole thing? >> my take on this is i can't tell you how overjoyed i am to be relitigating the iran deal. i can't believe we are doing that. >> i should point out this was haphazard, you were invited well before this piece came out. >> i just happen to be here standing on the streets. come on. in my take is complicated by the fact that i don't think that the reporter did a very good job reporting on my involvement in this. but we will put that aside. my take is that for some reason ben rhodes did the
3:52 pm
unthinkable in washington, which was tell the truth about how the sausage is made. i mean, i'm a little bit. my overarching reaction to this is let's not kid ourselves about spin and the nature of spin. was the white house spinning everyone? yes. were the owe pony negligents of the iran deal spinning? of course. i mean, you and me both were the recipient of just reams of material every day trying to argue this thing down. and i'm just surprised that this has taken off the way it has. >> more as you look today with the confirmation of this ballistic missile test by iran and the violations that we have seen since this deal has gone through. >> right. >> well, that's the interesting thing to me is it's always been important to me how we're enforcing the deal and how we are making sure that iran does not do nefarious things, that it does. and i have have been the critic of the administration's behavior post dealed i think on the ballistic missile issue. on the issue of the navy
3:53 pm
sailors. on the issue of state sponsor of terrorism. i do believe that the administration should be doing more. ballistic mistles, let me just point out are meaningless without nuclear warheads. so the theory of the case in the administration is that if we keep nuclear material away from these people, then they could fire all the missiles they want. they don't mean anything. however, i feel a lot better if it seemed as if we were paying much more attention to this program because, one day, i believe, that these guys want to put nuclear weapons back on ballistic missiles. i do believe that. >> it's amazing to see this piece and someone who is behind the scenes who then is suddenly front page of this piece and talking openly about how he kind of essentially spinning. >> everybody it was the tell-all novel. this is not what you do in the last year of the administration. that's what happens after you leave the administration and then you write your story about what has happened. but i thought what was really interesting is obviously rhodes is coming back on the defensive side. is he basically saying look,
3:54 pm
there is public support that builds around this iranian deal. and what have we seen? that 59% of the americans have disapproved the way obama handled the iran deal. most of the americans believe they were going to violate the terms. so i think rhodes is a bit in trouble in trying to defend himself in giving this tell-all tale to the "new york times." >> the piece, charles, describes him as having a mind meld with the president. they see things the same way in foreign policy and their approach to the world. >> that's happened before with nixon and kissinger. the point about the scandal here is not that it was just spinning on either side. they were spinning beyond spinning. they were lying. and our side, the one that argued against it was simply saying this is not true. example of ballistic missiles. we were told they would be denied ballistic missiles for eight years. not true. they changed the language. the security council resolution the iranians are allowed. secondly, they promised,
3:55 pm
kerry had said no deal unless the iranians account for what's called previous military activity. the work that was done on warheads miniaturization. there was none of that and the deal was signed. they have lied. >> 24/7 any time anywhere. >> lying point by point all the way through. that's not spin. that's lying. it's not that i have to keep the negotiations secret. it's that they told the american people stuff about what was in there that wasn't true and the 27-year-olds never looked into it. >> i would say this though, and let's be fair, the iranians have adhered so far to the letter of the deal. i think that is true. on the missiles, i agree with you, but they have not pursued the nuclear program and it's up to the next president, actually, to enforce this and keep it going. >> the point here is they lied to get it passed and now we know the lies were actual lies. >> a final thought after
3:56 pm
we -- we could talk about this forever. stay tuned. we will look ahead to what's coming up tomorrow.
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