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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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comment tonight. live twitter voting results on your screen right now. should donald trump ask expeerk speaker ryan to step down? 46% no. 54% yes. >> large part activism of young people, like many of you, black twitter to black lives matter that america's eyes have been open. >> president obama actually complimenting the radical group black lives matter in a commencement address. tonight, talking points will point out why this is very bad for the country. >> there are real people in north carolina, real transgender people being harmed every day by this law. >> it is now north carolina versus the federal government over transgendered people using restrooms. is this insanity or what? >> if cannabis is speaking to you i definitely recommend giving the toke.
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>> cannabis can talk? >> they are so high right now. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. justice, obama, and trump. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. talking points enjoyed watching the president's speech to the graduating class of howard university on saturday. very interesting. and he delivered it with energy. mr. obama's words were important because they address the division that we are now seeing in america, a divide that has catapulted donald trump to the republican nomination. there are four speech points that i would like to analyze tonight beginning with the
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status of black americans. >> in 1983, i was part of fewer than 10% of african-americans who graduated with a bachelor's degree. today you're part of more than 20% who will. and more than half of blacks say we are better off than our parents were at our age and that our kids will be better off, too. america is better. the world is better and stay with me now, race relations are better since i graduated. >> but the problem is race relations are now on the decline. the core constituency of donald trump is white working class people primarily men. they feel the federal government no longer speaks for them. that they are the ones getting hammered by a growing nanny speak growing on grievance only not their grievance. middle aged white guys how
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they should be understood. at this point words are meaningless. the obama doctrine of income redistribution has made it tougher on the working and middle classes as they watch salaries stagnate and health insurance cost rise under obamacare. of course, none of that is the fault of for african-americans. it is the government alienated white working folks by alienating them. the second point mr. obama played plays into the first one justice when too many boys and girls pipeline underfunded schools to overcrowded jails. this is one area where things have gotten worse. when i was in college about half a million people in america were behind bars. today there are about 2.2 million. black men are about six times likelier to be imprisoned right now than white men. >> so why are there so many more americans in prison?
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three reasons? fathers abandoning their children. a culture that glorifies crude and sometimes criminal behavior. and the illegal narcotics industry much of it based in poor areas. none of those things were mentioned by the president. the cold truth is there has been a failure to lead on culture and family issues and that has led to bad behavior being excused and sometimes being accepted. american society has grown so permissive and politically correct that solving poverty is almost impossible. anyone who raises questions about so-called entertainment that instructs children to reject civil behavior is immediately attacked in vile ways on the let. anyone lamenting the african-american out-of-wedlock birth rate risks being branded a
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racist. i know for a fact that barack obama understands and is appalled by the culture swamp. why then isn't he attacking it? as for schools, we continue to pour record amounts of money into public education but nothing gets better. why? because the system refuses to provide discipline, direction, or competition through school vouchers for the poor. that's why. third point. >> we cannot be ignorant of history. [ applause ] we can't meet the world with a sense of entitlement. we can't walk by a homeless man without asking why society as wealthy as ours allows that state of affair to occur. we can't just lock up a low level dealer without asking why this boy barely out of
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childhood felt he had no other options. >> right out of the progressive playbook no other options but to sell drugs. no other option unless come on. what an insult to the millions of young americans of all colors. working their butts off right now in fast food joints all across the country or other entry level jobs. kids trying to build a resume of hard work for low pay. not taking the immoral lazy way out by committing crimes on the street corner. as for the homeless, there is usually a reason. and many times it's personal self-destruction that no free society can prevent. china, for example, often isolates people who refuse to be responsible but we in america don't do that. even in cases of acute mental illness. individual rights trump dysfunction in our country. thus, the homeless problem. finally, the fourth point.
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>> thanks in large part to the activism of young people like many of you, from black twitter to black lives matter, that america's eyes have been opened. white, black, democrat, republican to the real problems, for example, in our criminal justice system. but to bring about structural change, lasting change, awareness is not enough. >> that was a big mistake. and rhetoric that is driving the trump vote. that kind of stuff just drives people away from barack obama and those who believe as he does. black lives matter is a radical group that has little use for free speech as both bernie sanders and the clintons have found out. >> thank you, seattle, for being one of the most progressive cities in the united states of america. [cheers]
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>> if you do not listen to -- your event will be shut down right now. >> we have somebody standing here. we have to bring them. >> okay. we'll talk. >> i'm not a super predator hillary clinton. apologize to black people. >> you are defending the people who killed the lives you say matter. tell the truth. you are defending the people who cause young people to go out and take guns. >> most americans are appalled that intrusions like that in the president endorses it? not to mention insanity like this. [chanting] pigs in a blanket. >> fry-em like bacon. >> barack obama's support of black lives matter tells college students that radical intrusions are acceptable. that, of course, creates an enormous wedge between his supporters aid more traditional americans.
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again, fueling the rise of a candidate like donald trump. ironically, earlier in his speech, the president chastised those who disinvite college campuses saying all responsible voices deserve to be heard. what about black lives matter shoutdowns, mr. president? the truth is some reforms need to be made on the justice, racial, and social fronts, but the core issues of poverty and injustice are not being addressed effectively because of politics and p.c. out of control. until those in power stop pandering and begin developing tough, fair to all policies, the growing divide in america will keep growing. voters who support donald trump are sending a very powerful message that barack obama and young americans who revere him should seriously think about, these are the words that truly matter in this country.
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equal justice for all. for all. and that's the memo. next on the rundown, charles krauthammer will reply. then later, does donald trump really need the republican establishment to win the presidency? the factor is coming right back. it's everything you've ialways wanted. and you work hard to keep it that way.
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mention of black lives matter as a change agent by the president? wasn't that kind of stunning? >> well, i think it was a nod that he felt he had to do. but, i mean, if there is antithesis to black lives matter it's the example of obama's own rise and his presidency. look, the question of whether he is responsible for the divide?
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the answer is no. the divide long predates obama. it goes all the way back to slavery, to jim crow and now half a century of trying to acome democrat legal -- accommodate legal equality. the fact is our politics have very little effect on the underlying factors behind the division. meaning the collapse of the inner city, especially the collapse of the black family. pat moynahan wrote about this in mid 1960's. he talked about the collapse of the black family as being a calamity that we have to face eventually because he didn't have an answer. that was at a time when the illegitimacy rate was roughly 30% to 40%. it's now 80% to 90%. and that's the problem. we have -- politics can handle a lot of things. you can redistribute income. build an atomic bomb.
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you can win a war. but to change the culture and the inner dynamics, the hackettes and the values of a community is beyond politics. i don't blame it on obama. >> but wait, wait, wait. one of the reasons that ronald reagan is reveered by conservatives is that he did change the cultural tone in this country from a waffling jimmy carter presidency to the shining light on the hill. and he did it rhetorically and then nancy reagan with the just say no to drugs. there was a steady stream of traditional values coming out of the white house. are you telling me that doesn't have any effect at all for 8 years? >> you can tell me what effect it had on the rate of drug addiction on the collapse of the family? it increased over time and, in fact, it's spread to the white working class? can you tell me? of course she said the right things and i applauded her for them. that's the proof of my point
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that politics can do a lot of things but changing cultural attitudes. are you going it tell me that a lyrics in a lot of the popular culture now are more positive, less destructive less misog chauvinistic than they were in the 1980s? the answer is no. >> wait, wait. >> it had zero effect. >> obama made the point in 1983 when he graduated from high school there were a half million people incarcerated now there is 2.22 million. during the 80's there wasn't explosion of crime. that happened in the 1990s after reagan got out, when the crack thing came in and drug thing came in big time. i submit to you that if you look at how the president of the united states used his bully pulpit, all right, from 1980 to 1988, that there were many more traditional values coming out and it was harder for the secular media to beat them back. it was harder. now it's a free fire zone. >> look, the media, were not exactly sympathetic to nancy
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reagan and just say no. >> no. crazy on her.y on her. they ridiculed her as a prissy person have no effect. they made fun of her campaign. >> americans turned on the media by reelecting in a landslide nancy reagan's husband. >> fine. >> they were so angry that the media was doing what they were doing they turned on them. >> look, to say that political speech has an effect on politics is not to say very much. what i'm saying is that political speech, the invocations of a president -- the exhortations are going to have a very minimal effect on the culture and you are attributing all these vast powers to nancy reagan just say no? >> i think you are wrong. i think that barack obama's rhetoric has created of a division that led to the creation of trump as a candidate. that people get so angry after eight years of this secular progressive movement and we see our country change in dramatic ways that they say you know what? the hell with all of them.
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i want some guy that is going to blow it up. i know that's the truth. last word. >> look, the objects of donald trump's attacks have been immigrants, mexicans, chinese, saws. >> it's the system. >> come on, who are sucking us dry. he was quite specific about who the culprits were, who the ones sucking us dry. including he has added on to that our allies. that has nothing at all to do with the black inner city, zero. >> but his rhetoric was more accepted this time around, which shocked the media because people are fed up with what's going on. when they hear a president embrace black lives matter. they go right over to trump, charles. >> i think you are totally overreading. this you are tacking on what happened over the weekend to a phenomenon that's happened way before and it has no relation to it. >> all right. good debate. as always. directly ahead, big stare
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down. donald trump versus some very powerful republicans like paul ryan and john mccain. we'll have a special report on that. and later watters taking a pot tour in colorado. that couldn't have happened in the 1980s. don't miss this one up ahead. ♪ i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪ are not equal especially when it comes to reducing lead in your water. zerowater's five-stage filter is the only one certified by the nsf to reduce lead lead that conventional, two- stage filters may leave behind. so, if you want the purest-tasting water
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factor follow-up segment tonight, donald trump will meet with speaker of the house paul ryan this week to try to iron out differences and all throughout the republican party there are big names who will not support mr. trump. candidate will be here on the factor tomorrow. but tonight the question is how much damage is being done by the g.o.p. by the split. joining us from austin, texas, stall wart republican criminal rove. assess the damage for us. >> there are more democrats than republicans. 39% republicans, for example, in a recent "wall
5:23 pm
street journal" poll. for republicans to win the white house, they have to minimize their defections to less than the democrats have in the way of defections. for example, in 2000 -- well, here, 2012, mitt romney only lost 7% of republicans, obama lost 8% of republicans but romney still lost the election. 2008, mccain 10% of republicans defected. 11% of democrats. obama won the election. if you take a look here in 2004 when bush won and 2004 and in 2000 as you can see bush kept the defections among republicans to significantly less than the democrats. 7% to 11% in 2004 and 9 to 13 in 2000 itself. so, this is important for trump to minimize the defections that he has from his own party to keep his party as united as possible and, today, there are some deep splits. "u.s.a. today." >> he says he doesn't need
5:24 pm
the fat cats and the establishment people because that's hot republican party ishw-] rebelling against. they are rebelling against the bushes. they are rebelling against the mccains. and so he doesn't need toes guys to help him out. is he wrong? >> well, he is wrong. the most popular person in the republican party today is president bush 43. if you take a look at "u.s.a. today" suffolk poll, recent poll four out of 10 primary voters say they cannot bring themselves to support trump in the general election. about 12% of them saying i would go for a third peter. 9% say they would vote for hillary. 9% say they would stay home. those numbers are high today. they will naturally go down as the campaign goes along. but you have got to reduce those numbers from four out of 10 to basically one -- roughly one out of every 20. one out of every 23, one out of every 24 for a republican have a shot to win. these people have a broader dissatisfaction with trump.
5:25 pm
he has number of people voted for him in the republican primary about 10 million plus. he has a record number of people who did not vote for him nearly 16 million. 40.2% thus far? securing the nomination. that other 60% need to be persuade to do come aboard. >> he says he is not going to rhetoric or apologize because is he standing by his principles. one of those principles this is interesting very early on he shocked a lot of people including me. i really thought it was a mistake and it didn't turn out to be a mistake when he said that john mccain he kind of chastised him for being captured. roll the tape. >> i think it's important for donald trump to express his appreciation for veterans. i don't require any repair of that. but when he said i don't like people who are captured, then this is a body of american heroes that i would like to see him
5:26 pm
retract that statement. >> so, would you be advising donald trump to retract, you know, not only that but the bush lied about iraq war and that kind of stuff right now? >> look, you mentioned tone. that there are people that don't think he needs to change his tone. well, remember what mocking the disabled and making ming misogynist comments. that garnered him a 69% disapproval among the voters. this guy is less popular than any person who has ever been nominated for president. >> but he won with exception of one david duke. >> but he won. >> he can't win the election if his favorables are matched by the other unfavorables by 49%. >> he will bring his negatives down. but shrewd should he apologize. >> i'm not saying that two trumps there is the good trump who says outrageous
5:27 pm
things about what it is that he wants to do that captivate the american people there is the bad trump who goes off the rails and mocks the disabled, attacks pows, assaults megyn kelly and says ted cruz's father was involved in the assassination of jfk. that's what is driving his negatives up. he gets to decide. is his tone going to be the good donald trump who who says the things that he believes with passion and authenticity or is it the bad donald trump who goes out and insults good americans. one out of every two republican primary voter women say that they do not like him and could not -- might not vote for him. >> talk to him about that tomorrow night. >> that's very problematic. >> all right. >> we'll talk to him and see if he has a strategy to bring those negatives down. mr. rove, thank you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. north carolina vs. the federal government over restroom rights for transgenders. the story is almost beyond belief. we'll take a hard look at it
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don't dilute or mix toujeo® with other insulins or solutions as it may not work as intended and you may lose blood sugar control, which could be serious. ask your doctor about toujeo®. personal story segment tonight. state of north carolina has cut back the ability for gay and transgendered people to sue. also the state has mandated that people must use public restrooms corresponding to their birth gender.
5:32 pm
federal government believes that is a civil rights violation. >> this law provides no benefit to society and all it does is harm innocent americans. >> if the federal government, being a bully, it's making law. it's -- and by their interpretation. >> joining us now from washington katie pavlich and here in new york city juan williams. let's leave the constitutional questions to the supreme court it will probably go there because north carolina is now suing the federal government and the federal government is intruding. you have got this big thing. let's leave that but practically, this is just crazy. just on public property, i think the governor of north carolina should add a third bathroom that anybody can use, right? >> in fact. >> wouldn't that solve the problem. >> that would solve the problem totally. for me, the practical reality is people use bathrooms, anybody, nobody tells you can't go in this one. >> cops will tell thawnchts if you are in baseball game
5:33 pm
and you walk into a woman's room believe me security will toss. >> you i have never seen security toss anybody. >> that's because you are usually dressed as a woman when you go in there. that's a joke. that's a joke. >> of course it's a joke. what are you talking about. >> tell everybody. >> i'm saying in my house in your house you don't say hey you use this bathroom. everybody uses the same bathroom. >> it is different. go ahead, katie, your point. >> we need to point out this law actually does allow for the government of north carolina to provide single stall restrooms for the exact purposes that you just talked about. >> yes. >> so that is included in the law that we're discussing here. but the issue at hand is north carolina governor saying, look, the justice department is saying that we're discriminating based on sex, when in fact, they are redefining what it means to identify as a certain gender. we want the court system to decide this. not the obama justice department. >> why does he want to get into this swamp? >> the reason. >> you know, look, if somebody is born a woman and then they want to become a
5:34 pm
man and the surgeons can do it, should the governor of north carolina care? i don't care. i'm sure you don't care. juan doesn't care. >> i don't care. >> doesn't know what it means. but, why is this a big issue? >> the reason this happened is because the city of charlotte, north carolina passed a local ordinance allowing for transgendered people, identifying as men or women to use the restroom of their choice, people complained to the state legislature and then they took action. mothers and fathers don't want men. >> it's so few. >> it's not small. >> i think i'm with o'reilly on this. you have to look at this in practical terms. what the practicality of it is you have some people say this is a wedge social culture wars issue. but then have you donald trump saying hey, caitlin general, i don't care. >> now i'm going to drop the anvil. so loretta lynch, the attorney general goes out and holds a press conference and all hopped up
5:35 pm
about this and going to go after north carolina. what about sanctuary cities, madam? okay? would you cede that's a much bigger problem than this? >> wait, wait. >> no, no. if the justice department is going to go after a law that they don't like and then there is law not being obeyed by sanctuary cities where is the justice department on that? where is the sanctions on that? where? >> you have a mismatch here. >> oh. >> you have individual rights in our society. >> how about the rights of all americans not to live in a city that doesn't obey the law? >> you have an argument about sanctuary cities i will listen to it and we will debate it there is no debate about individual rights. this is the obama administration making a big deal out of a little thing like that but katy, sanctuary city they don't want to hear about it? >> who is making the big deal. not the obama administration. >> justice department is going right in. >> the quorve governor of north carolina went after the local law in charlotte. >> your point about
5:36 pm
sanctuary cities, bill, is absolutely correct. americans have the right to be protected against illegal aliens and criminals who have been here committing violent crimes, deported multiple times and seek haven in these cities. that's a separate issue as juan says. when it comes to this particular issue of the bathroom law it's going to be very hard to enforce on a practical level. you can't discount the concerns that parents have had with little girls coming into the restroom and afraid of men coming into the rest rooms. >> take your little girl into the restroom. the cops in north carolina say this sin vent the -- is invented issue. some predator is in the men's room. >> now you can't determine that juan. that determination is hard to make now. >> there has been stuff that has happened. i know that i think the supreme court will probably rule against north carolina. that's what i'm going to tell you that's the way they are right now. thank you, guys, juan, next book in the marketplace right now called we the people. you might want to check it out for father's day. when we come right back, one
5:37 pm
of president obama's top advisors say there is media people in the tank for the -- i'm stunned. media people in the tank for the president? and he actually names two of them. brit hume andly analyze. watters already gone to pot. take as marijuana tour in colorado. moments away. my allergies don't come between me and victory. live claritin clear.
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thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the hume zone segment tonight. a long article in the "new york times" magazine yesterday says two very interesting things. first, presidential advisor ben rhodes spent enormous amount of time setting up the iranian nuke deal in a less than honest way and second, that mr. rhodes used some journalists who were in the tank for the obama administration, so he says, put out a false narrative. joining us from washington brit hume. so what did you think when you read that there were two journalists and he james then one for the atlantic and one for some i have never even heard of that were doing the white house's bidding? >> well, my first thought was that jeffrey goldberg, who, you remember, did that very revealing interview with president obama that appeared just recently id which the president said all kinds of things about foreign leaders and others that raised all kinds of eyebrows is really not properly described as being in the tank for the president. he is a pretty darn good and
5:42 pm
very knowledgeable reporter. so, i think that claim by ben rhodes, if that's what it was is a little extravagant. i'm not particularly familiar with the work of the other journalist so i can't comment ton. >> no doubt that mr. goldberg is a left wing guy and writes for the atlantic which sun believablably left. so, it wasn't a surprise to me. what was a surprise is that the writer of the article didn't even ask david samuels, the "times" guy, didn't even ask for a comment from goldberg or this laura rosen, didn't even ask him. didn't even call him. >> i think that was probably something he should have done. i might make this point, bill, i thought the article told us more about ben rhodes and perhaps the obama white house than it did about any of these journalists. >> ben rhodes reminds me of a lot of young, smart, talented young people who have gone to work in the white house and who by virtue of their presence in the campaign on the president's side or as an advisor have achieved a
5:43 pm
level of peril you might not expect of one so relatively young. it's a very heady experience working in a white house particularly if you are at all close to the president. and it can lead to certain allusions of grandeur and i think that played out to some extent here that he is portrayed in the article and helped the portrayal by his own comments as being the ventricle -- someone who actually spoke for the president and had a mind meld with the president and was extremely influential in foreign policy. if it's true, it's not a good sign. if it's not true, it's a sign. >> leon pa net tax one of the few quoted "on the record" in the article said it was true. he said that he and others gave advice to the president, which was rejected about this iranian nuke deal. that, you know, it wasn't a great thing the way they were going about it. that's the bottom line. this deal was sold as being a real plus for america but it was pre-sold.
5:44 pm
president obama wanted the deal. he was going to do anything he could to make it happen. that's what rhodes says. >> the charge that is made here is that rhodes, basically portrayed the fact of the deal is growing out of the presence in tehran of a new and more friendly regime. when we come to find out that actually the discussions had been going on since day one and the president had been trying his best to get the deal. rhodes defends that by saying we never had a chance until the new regime came in and the rest of it that distinct impression was created that they saw you this opportunity with new regime and that's why they pursued the deal and it wasn't quite true. >> he just wanted it from the trump. brit hume, everybody. watters on deck. pot tourism. a high point on some people's trip agenda to colorado. you're not going to believe this one. watters is next. pet moments are beautiful,
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pack of the book segment tonight, as you may know colorado has legalized marijuana and big industry there not only selling the drug but also offering pot tours. of course, watters got on board ♪ ♪ >> we're on the bus right now. everyone was told to bring their own cannabis. i personally love to have a glass of wine and couple of stakes of a j. >> a j is a joint. >> exactly. >> contact high already.
5:49 pm
>> where are we now? >> colorado, don't ask. >> i thought dank was like a wetted basement. >> that's another way to look at it. >> this looks like candy to me. >> hard candies, soft candies. >> give me something gluten free, i'm trying to look good this summer. [ laughter ] >> does peyton manning ever come in here. >> i have never seen peyton manning. >> i don't know the answer to that marshall. >> you are a drug dealer. >> you're absolutely right. i grow weed. i'm allow to do sell it, too. >> how much is this going to sewell set me back will set you back 14 plus tax. >> $14, that's it. >> that's it. >> thanks so much. this isn't oregano. >> water and sauce. >> plants here all day. >> smart answer. >> do you get high off your own supply. >> absolutely. >> hey. >> do you want to touch it. >> can i touch it. >> the plant. [ laughter ] >> i want to touch it.
5:50 pm
>> so is this like a dime bag? [ laughter ] >> you're making a lot more money than i am if that's a dime bag. >> what do thesebag. >> what do you feel like right now? >> i feel very calm. >> is that a joint, man. >> do you have the munchies. >> do you. >> what's a bong? >> a bong is a water pipe. >> like what a plumber would use. a water pipe. >> people who blow things in new york the jets. you grab it by the shaft. >> something like that. >> it can clear the chamber. >> so this is a marijuana
5:51 pm
cigarette? and you smoke it through the filter. >> yeah. >> i won't go skitso will i? >> stop laughing. >> a donut going down the hatch. >> that boy is a pig, pig. >> is the munchkin like the hole of the donut. >> i'm going to say yes, but no, it's not. >> very poorly worded. i don't think that would ever make it to print. >> now we're at red rock. this is the visual part of our tour here. i feel strangely calm. >> why do you take all your
5:52 pm
stoned customers here. >> because it's absolutely breath taking. >> this is my world. [ laughing ] that was a tour guide? >> yes. >> i hope you tipped her well. >> city sessions gave me a tour. >> how much did it cost. >> it was about $1,000 for myself and my screw. >> $1,000. >> they take you to the donut shop and the glass blowing place. >> it's $200 a head. >> yes. >> the tour operator is stoned. >> she was totally sober. >> she's just that way normally? >> that's not nice. >> thank you. so it's 200 bucks a head to go on this tour, right? >> yes. >> and then you have to buy -- >> you can bring your own can
5:53 pm
cannab cannabis. >> you can smoke it in the bus. >> yes. >> do you have to sign stuff. >> i never signed anything. i think i missed that part of the tour. >> okay. what if somebody goes in and gets really out of control? >> i don't know. i think they leave you in red rock and they drive the bus home. >> red rock is a beautiful place. >> yes. >> now it's on the pot tour. >> yes. >> so you're not recommending this pot tour, right? >> for that kind of money. >> if you're an adult, i'd say go for it, but it's not for everybody. that's for sure. tip of the day, killing reagan, the movie will announce the actors. hey!
5:54 pm
this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills.
5:55 pm
yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap. ♪ with a full tank of freedom, ♪ find your own highway ♪ we'll take you wherever you go. ♪ ♪ take you wherever you go. ♪ tip of the day, who is playing ronald and nancy reagan in killing reagan. father's day is coming up fast. the store has all kinds of great
5:56 pm
stuff, very reasonably priced. the big item this year along with pens and documents for a short time. we'll give you two parchments for one. check out the store. jennifer of castle rock, your announcement of the trump taco tweet was absurd. break away to admit that picture will not salve the wounds of the mexicans trump has insulted. that's for each individual to decide, but saying the picture is racist is beyond absurd and you should understand that. paul, florida, if hispanics thinks trumps pictures are offensive that's their problem. susan of mexico as an american living here i would be arrested
5:57 pm
if i were to publicly protest anything. really, susan. check that out. alberto, houston, texas. i get angry when i see them protesting with a mexican flag. bill, i think you are correct about apple stock. i have been a fan for years but ended my business relationship with apple when they refused to cooperate with the fbi. bill you, are wrong about apple. many of us pat riots are happy they refused the fbi. it's true the opinion is somewhat divided. any negative press helps business. bill, took your advice and bought tickets for my husband's christmas gift. what a terrific show it was. pennsylvania, you guys rocked in fa
5:58 pm
fairfax. we had a blast in the show. two big father's day shows coming up on june 18th in connecticut. reno in september and mississippi in october. make dad and grand dad happy. info on bill o' happy birthday to james may he was a pow during world war ii. 101 in scottsdale, arizona. way to go guys. as you may know, my book "killing reagan" is still going strong. the now the cast has been aanonymo announced for the movie is tim
5:59 pm
ma mathison. he played the president in west wing and played otter in animal house. cynthia nixon is playing nancy reag reagan. she is an accomplished stage actress. one of the executive producers on the film i couldn't be happier with the casting. the movie shooting starts later this month and i have a small role in it. killing reagan hot property and that's all. please check out the fox news website and we would like you to spout off about a fact anywhere from the world. do not be nebuluos. tomorrow we will have donald trump on the program. if you have questions you'd like me to ask him, e-mail me. i'll use your name if the question is good. we'll have a good amount of time
6:00 pm
with the candidate and i have my questions but i'd like to hear yours as well. thanks for watching us tonight. please remember that the spin starts right here. breaking tonight, a new fight erupting between the likely presidential nominees that could effect a key voting block come november. welcome to the kelly file. i'm megyn kelly. we are more than two months out and the race for the white house is getting personal as the two sides ramp up their attacks on each other over the issue of women. donald trump repeatedly bringing up bill clinton's affairs on the campaign trail and in interviews and how hillary clinton handled them. here's just one example. >> he was impeached. he was impeached and then he lied about it. he said nothing happened with monica and then he