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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 10, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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yearbook, which is not her real name. and meghan trainer and too . that wraps it up for us. "fox & friends" starts now. see you tomorrow, bye. good tuesday morning to you and your family. it's may 10th, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a fox news alert. a knife wielding man yelling allah ak bar goes on a rampage in a busy train station. one person is dead and several others hurt. breaking details in moment. brand-new swing state polls out within the next 15 seconds. they are going to show how hillary clinton and donald trump are stacking up against each other. we've got the numbers. previewing november coming up in the next two minutes. >> we don't know what it's going
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to be. we cannot wait to look at them with you. your favorite social media sites taking a left turn. facebo facebook. please correct me if you want on live television. you won't read this on facebook because it's the "new york post." let me just remind you, mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ the sun is coming up over new york city and that, of course, is freedom tower. one world trade center. we have a unique point of view today because we have set up the first broadcast in world history atop four world trade which is that building here and the guy you can hear singing right
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there, cole sindell will be here. he's teamed up with uso and he's with us and it's a special day here. >> yes. not only talking to him but he will be singing for us from that special sight. we come up on year 15 since september 11th. now, everything has been rebuilt. we will be touching down there, downtown. first things first. bad news broke overnight. we're going to start with a breaking news story, fox news alert. a deadly train station attack in germany, a knife-wielding man went on a rampage. this is in the southeastern part of munich. one person is dead. three others injure. the attacker a 27-year-old german individual now under arrest. the motive possibly politically
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related. kansas city police mourning the loss of one of their own, detective was shot and killed. the suspect took off in the detective's car. he stole two other cars leading police on a wild chase before he was crashed on a missouri highway. the detective is survived by a wife and two daughters. an email mystery surrounding one of the former aides of hillary clinton. the state department says it can't find any of brian pagliano's messages. he worked as a department -- at the department from 2009 to 2013. the rnc sued for his records during that time. pagliano was given immunity by the doj in their investigation. marco rubio putting rumors
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to rest saying he will not serve as donald trump's running mate. he said in previously, my previously stated by his campaign and concerns about many of his policies will be unchanged. he will be best served by a running mate and by surrogates who fully embrace his campaign. he never sought that position and he never would. instead, he will focus his efforts on the people of florida. >> for a few more months because he's out. i'm curious if he's going to endorse. he did not not end doors -- endorse. paul ryan says he's waiting. i'm not sure he's going to endorse. we have some good news actually for donald trump. right now, polls are open in west virginia. >> that's right. donald trump is running unopposed and expected to pick up dozens of delegates today but
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democrat hillary clinton could be up for a big loss against bernie sanders there. >> and she only has herself to blame that. >> rich is live in charleston, west virginia. >> voting begins here this hour. 13 hours of voting in west virginia today. democrats have 29 delegates at stake. republicans 37. hillary clinton maintains a wide delegate lead nationally. she has 2228 delegates to bernie sanders 1454. a candidate needs 2383 to clinch the nomination. despite that seemingly insurmtable lead. senator bernie sanders is pledging to stay in this race. while clinton won west virginia back in 2008 easily. 67% over then-senator barack obama. she acknowledges her chances are difficult this year. that's in part because of remarks regarding the coal industry in the past.
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talking about putting them out of business. the industry has declined rapidly here in bef west virginia and nationally in part because of competition from natural gas, because of less in import demand and major obama administration environmental regulations. despite her difficulties here, clinton is already focusing on the general election and donald trump, responding to his comments that he made about her husband's affairs. >> i'm going to let him run his campaign however he chooses. i'm going to run my campaign, which is about a positive vision for our country. >> on the republican side, donald trump is slowly amassing the delegates he needs to clinch that nomination. he needs fewer than 2 un00 -- 200 more and is running with no other national opponents. as for campaign events today, donald trump doesn't have any public ones. hillary clinton is campaigning in kentucky. senator bernie sanders is out west in oregon and california. back to you. >> unbelievable.
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sanders could be having a huge winning streak and no one is paying attention. this is a fox news alert and it is stunning news from the world of politics. quinnipiac university has just released a brand-new battle ground state poll. how many times have we heard that hillary clinton head-to-head with donald trump, she's going to blow him away. stake a look at this. florida, hillary clinton at 43%, donald trump at 42%. they are within the margin of error. they are tied. >> we've been waiting for these all morning. they just came out five minutes ago. this is new news to all of us. pennsylvania for the longest time now has been a blue state and listen, donald trump says, i got a real shot there. donald trump is looking at this poll at the same time. he's trailing within the margin of error by one point in pennsylvania. 43-42. >> this is a stunning one. this is ohio.
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state of ohio. look at this. donald trump is leading hillary clinton. 43%. hillary clinton gets 39% of the vote. >> keep in mind, they always say the white house without ohio, donald trump is leading. we just got this poll out eight minutes ago. donald trump is doing better at this juncture than the republican party nominees in 2008 or 2012. also he is widely regarded as the best guy to help on terrorism and the economy. >> a lot of people are wondering what's going to happen on thursday. if you look at these polls, the voters have voted. america is speaking and saying this is the guy the gop wants, is donald trump. thursday he's meeting in washington with a lot of gop leaders in congress and it's going to be interesting to find out what happens, if they can get on board. the party needs to unite at this point. you hear reince priebus agreeing
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with that. >> jeff blake from arizona, says i can't support a lot of what donald trump says special when it comes to hispanic and the wall. i'm curious to see if this poll changes his point of view. >> but is it the greater good of the party? that's what many people are saying. >> we're talking about the fact that paul ryan is going to sit down with donald trump. they are going to sit down with mitch mcconnell. apparently, dr. ben carson wants to sit down with paul ryan before they sit down. i think they are going to come out -- >> holding hands. >> we had a good discussion, we had a good meeting and we're on the same page. otherwise, paul ryan is throwing the party. it's like a guy throwing a party for his ex-wife. she's great, but i'm not with her. >> right, right. >> what he essentially said is i'm not there yet. he didn't say i'm not endorsing, like governor perry, who ever
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thought that he would come out and support the nominee. he said listen we're getting closer. we're getting to know each other. we're on the same track. maybe that would be the best you can hope for. for him to turn around, now that i got to meet him face-to-face, i'm voting for him, that might be too dramatic. >> the other eye opener for paul ryan if he sees these results and he says donald trump is leading hillary clinton in ohio, he could be president. i need to work with this guy. so -- and donald trump is a negotiator, so stay tuned for that. meanwhile, brian held this up. "you won't read this on facebook." this is a big story on the folks over at the tech site gizmoto broke it. parent their website with the feed, they decide what is trending and what is not. >> called curators. >> they decide what's going to be news and they did not, for the most part, according to the
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people who talk to a number of these reporters, if the website leans to the right, they wouldn't include it. >> this top curator was so troubled by this trend, steve, he started writing down every time a story was trending that was leaning conservative and didn't get foo the trend, into the trend column and how many others were interjected here. >> one of the curators said depending on who was on shift, thing would be black listed or trending. i'd come on shift and i discover that cpac or mitt romney or glenn beck or popular conservative topic won be trending because either the curator didn't recognize the topic or they had a bias against ted cruz. you said one of the workers made a list. on that list, murdered navy s.e.a.l. of chris kyle was on the list of things not put on trending. >> things they suppressed were
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blaze, news max. one of the things they didn't push to the top. black lives matter. >> why? because mark zukerberg believed in that cause. they feel they are in a killer battle with twitter. >> facebook denies all of it. coming up, the most notorious drug kingpin in mexico is coming to america. wait until you hear where el chapo is headed next. geraldo will be there, i'm sure of that. we can forget the shrimp on a treadmill study for $1 million. we have more coming out that's worst than that. a live look atop world trade center, looking across the
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all right. it's 16 minutes after the top of the hour. it's breakfast time all across america.
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it's also primary day in west virginia and heather nauert we have dispatched to a diner called deejay's 50s and 60s diner in fairmont, west virginia, to see what the people are thinking, as they go to the poll places, polling places all across the miner state. good morning to you, heather. >> hi, steve. good morning, guys. isn't this place beautiful? this is deejay's 50s and 60s diner, we're in fairmont, west virginia. some of the topic people care about today. jobs, coal industry. a lot of people work in that industry. lots of voters. let's talk to folks and see what they are thinking. good morning, ladies. they came in here early to join us. a little nervous to be on tv as well. they are fantastic. gentleman you don't want to talk to us. >> no. >> what is your name? >> butch. >> nice to meet you? have you voted already? there are a lot of people doing early voting this year?
3:18 am
>> i'm retired. i'm voting later today. >> who are you voting for? >> i'm usually straight democrats, but i'm thinking trump today. >> what make you thinking about voting for trump today? >> he's saying the right stuff. he's getting away from politicians. i retired from general motors. . when i started there's 57,000 employees and now there's 40-some thousand. we can't lose the manufacturing in the u.s., no. >> you mentioned sort of authenticity. hillary clinton not long ago talked about putting coal hinersd -- miners out of business. what do you think of that? >> it's dead now. we need to revive that. >> what has that meant to folks locally? >> it's hurt every town. >> good luck voting today. we'll check in with you later.
3:19 am
we'll check in with you later and we'll bring you more from fairmont, west virginia. >> thank you. coming up, remember when madeline albright said this about women who don't vote for hillary clinton. >> just remember there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> oh, boy. >> well, now, women are firing back. we're going to tell you about that. s his hit song you should be here is burning up the charts. ♪ you should be here standing with your arm around me here ♪ >> the song all about his dad and now country start cole swindell is performing live this morning atop the world trade center in new york city.
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a performance you won't see anywhere else but on "fox & friends." ♪ you should be here ♪
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a plane struck my lightning mid flight. one expert believes the plane may have actually been hit. planes are designed to with stand the effects of a lightning strike. notorious drug lord el chapo guzman could be in brooklyn. he faces murder, kidnapping, and
3:24 am
drug smuggling charges. millions of your tax dollars going toward scientific research but what kind of research? maybe a zika vaccine? maybe a cure for cancer? how about a study that uses chimps to determine why yawning is contagious. it's a real thing, guys. the research costs $1 million of your tax dollars. we have the author of the report, senator jeff blake. i'm standing in front of our wheel of waste here. let's spin the wheel and i want you to explain some of the waste that our government is spending. this one is the wet dog shake study. what is that all about, senator? >> that's part of a $390,000 nsf or national science foundation study they built a robot to mimic a dog shaking to see how many shakes it takes to get dry.
3:25 am
>> wow. >> they also looked at squirrels and a few other animals as well. >> unbelievable. >> i don't see the utility, frankly. >> me neither. gosh. let's spin the wheel again. are cheer leaders more attractive in a squad? really. >> that is part of a $1.1 million nsf study. the author when they put together the abstract for this study cited the show out how i met your mother. they are trying to determine if cheer leaders are more attractive when they are part of a group than when they are seen individually. >> does anyone care? sexy goldfish? to determine if goldfish are sexy? >> that was part of i $9.3 million study that put goldfish in two different tanks. they injected the male goldfish
3:26 am
with some type of hormone to see if they would feel more sexy and swim closer to the female tank. >> unbelievable. this is a pet we plush down the toilet. they are plush -- flushing our money down the toilet. yawning chimp study. what is this about? >> $1 million nih study. they took chimps and showed them cartoons of somebody yawning or some animal yawning to see if they would yawn as well and they did. yawning is contagious. this is your taxpayer dollars. where does it hurt most to be stung by a bee? >> that's tough. one researcher was stung five times a day, i think, in various places on his body and found out that the nostril, it hurts worse when you are stung on the nostril than any other place, with genitals close behind.
3:27 am
>> i would imagine. we saw the shrimp on a treadmill. i like this one. alligator on a treadmill. >> they were trying to determine if humans could outrun dinosaurs. they tried to mimic them by using a chicken and an alligator. it runs only about 1 mile an hour. if you bring up the scale of a chicken and an alligator, apparently humans could probably outrun a t. rex. we think. >> our viewers will like this one. why does the face of jesus appear on toast? how much did they spend to determine that? >> that was part of a $3.5 million nih study. they wanted to see if people see faces, in particular the face of jesus on a piece of toast, so
3:28 am
they went to china to actually study this. they found out that people do see faces on toast. what we get out of that, i'm not sure, and part of the problem here is when i'm saying these figure that were spent, we don't know how much was actually spent on a particular stud judge because we aren't told that. we're told that it's not information that we can have, so i'm introducing legislation today, along with this study, called the federal research transparency and accountability act that will force them to say, all right, we've spent this amount of money on this cheer leader study, for example. >> what's the reaction to other people in congress? are they saying quiet down? quiet down, senator, don't make this so public. >> no. all of us support federal research. there's important research going on out there. we need a cure for ebola, for example, and the zika virus, we need a vaccine, but when we spend money on where it hurts most to be stung by a bee or how
3:29 am
can we guess americas next top model, that was another study, then we're not spending money on what we should spend money on. there's outrage out there. >> somebody needs to be accountable. we have folks with diabetes and cancer. that's where our money needs to go. thank for joining us. deadly tornadoes are touching down and ripping across the country. maria molina is chasing them right now. she's live. she's coming up next. cole swindell with an amazing performance you will see here on "fox & friends." we're live with him at the world trade center. there he is. ♪ ♪
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we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin. we have got another fox news alert this morning and it's all about the weather. look at these images, extreme weather continues to ravage the plains states for another day, brian. >> at least two people are dead as oklahoma bore the brunt of the tornado outbreak. >> maria molina is live in katie, oklahoma, next to a home that was completely wiped out. maria. >> hi, good morning, good to hear your voices and hello everybody at home. we're in the town of katie, oklahoma, about one hour south of oklahoma city and like you mentioned, we did have tornadoes rip through this state and a tornado touched down right at our location yesterday afternoon and behind me we have what was a home. the only thing left is its foundation, so that gives you an idea of just how strong the winds were with that tornado and we're getting word from crews here on the ground that the
3:34 am
family was able to seek shelter and were okay after the storm. they were able to seek shelter in this storm shelter. we've seen mobile home damage here. trees down, power lines down and the fatality that occurred in this area was just west of this location. other areas across oklahoma and even much farther off toward the note, states like nebraska, iowa, into illinois and the same goes into parts of arkansas. severe weather outbreak took shape yesterday and it's forecast to continue throughout the day today as we continue to track the storm moving east. taking a look at radar right now. it's a relatively quiet picture across places like oklahoma and kansas, storms racing off to the east and the threat for severe weather today will include portions of tex, but a much greater threat across parts of the midwest and including places like kentucky and tennessee. you are looking at a threat for
3:35 am
stronger tornadoes to rip through today. damaging winds and hail later today and into tonight. over to you in new york. maria live in katie, oklahoma, with the devastation. >> our thoughts and our prayers are with the folks in that area. let's get some more news and we've got our special guests in the wings at a special place. >> we do begin with this. brand-new tools to track down a cold-blooded killer wanted for murdering a mother and a fitness trainer inside a church. nypd experts are helping police in dallas to analyze pings. the killer seen in this video with a vest on with police written on had their cell phone on when the woman was killed. three teens are charged with
3:36 am
the beating death of a high school student. she was attacked in a school bathroom. the girl who started the fight, trinity carr is charged with criminal negligence homicide. an autopsy shows that she died from a heart condition agitated by the attack. remember when madeline albright said this about women who don't vote for hillary. >> just remember there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> well, albright is said to be this year's commencement in scripps college in california. students are furious. one of this wrote this on i'm deeply disgusted that on the happiest day of my life i have to sit quietly and smile while this woman tells me to go out into the world and be amazing.
3:37 am
even though, according to her, i'm going to hell. this might be the cutest thing you've seen all day. [ dog park -- barking ] [ baby laughing ] >> that baby is cracking up. the baby's parents get a kick out of the whole thing and they laugh just as whole much, hiss tarkically in the background. >> i love that one. >> i'm amazed that little kid doesn't get scared, the dog is jumping at him. >> no scared. >> thanks. chart-topping country singer and song writer cole swindell has had a very busy year. his second album, "you should be here" with a song with that same name. >> he's joining us now.
3:38 am
cole swindell is atop the world trade center and pete hegseth is with him. >> you can't beat the view atop here. it speaks for itself. >> unbelievable. it's probably the best morning i've ever had in my entire life. thanks for having us all here and wow, good morning, new york. this is amazing. >> a couple of proud americans here. let's walk around and show them some of the views as we talk about you and your new album. you've got a new album coming out. we're going to play some songs live on the air. tell us about the inspiration for the song "you should be here." . it's the title track of my new album. it's my favorite song i've ever written, sang, everything i've ever been a part of it. i lost my dad back in 2012 right after i signed my record deal. it's a special song because there's so many moments and i know you can name a couple too.
3:39 am
it's crazy like. there's moments to where if this person were her, this person were here, it would make it so much better. "you should be here" is so special to me. i'm thinking about my dad and all my buddies back home. they would be freaking out if they were here. >> you are going to donate some of the proceeds to the uso. what does it mean to be performing on ground zero. the first performance for this understanding haloed ground. >> i respect this plate so much. everybody involved. in america, we were all involved in this thing and to be able to sing a song that's so special to me and on a platform that, you know, there's going to be folks watching, they lost so many, and it's -- i don't know, to me that's country music, man.
3:40 am
i fell in love with country music when you could relate to it, and this is one of those songs. unfortunately, unfortunately, we can relate to. >> indeed. let's walk over here and check it out. we've got the statue of liberty behind us here. we've got mid town manhattan, the freedom tower, sta to a of liberty. tell us, cole, how did you get your start in country music? you started from humble beginnings. >> i did. i did. i started off -- i grew up playing sports and, you know, when i graduated high school, i started singing a little bit, and that's where i really got my start was in college, and, wow, like now, i'm getting to take in views like this and that's, you know, that's not why i set out to do this, but it seems like every now and then you get these moments that are just, you can't -- you can't compare them to anything, and this is -- right here, this moment right here is why i wrote "you should
3:41 am
be here." this is one of those moments that everybody should be in. i'm glad to be here. >> you started selling -- i mean, literally, folks know you started selling t-shirts with luke bryan. you were a guying doing merchandise and you worked hard. >> yeah, i was selling t-shirts for luke bryan. he's one of my best friends, and he's one of the first people i met in this business and it showed me, you know, looking back, i'm so glad that i got to learn from not only a great artist but such a great guy. he's a good dude and i think we need more of those in this world. that's all i want to do is sing my songs and try to help people out. >> thinking about a lot of people here this morning. i'm proud. i'm going to be chillin' up here a little bit. i think it's going to be a beautiful morning. we've got some performances coming your way. but coal, thank so much for with us this morning. we're going to stick around. take in the view. grateful to have this opportunity. first live concert at this
3:42 am
building ever with the freedom tower in the background. can't wait. back to you guys. beautiful morning. he's going to be performing that song, "you should be here." >> about his dad. under the heavens. >> i love the story with luke bryan. they went to the same college and same fraternity. luke said come on the road with me and write some songs with me. now he's on his own. >> he's also going to be may 12th with florida-georgia line. stick around through the whole show and you'll see him live up on top of four world trade. 18 minutes before the top of hour. fox news alert. breaking overnight, a man with a knife goes on a deadly stabbing spree screaming allah akbar. we'll be joined next with analysis. >> the state of north carolina and the justice department suing each other over the
3:43 am
controversial bathroom law. so who has the better case? judge innapolitano has been scrambled. he will have the answer to the question. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes,
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you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. we have a if fox news alert for you on this tuesday morning. overnight, one person dead, three more injured by a knife-wielding suspect who was screaming allah akbar in a crowded munich train station in germany. we have someone joining us, dr. gork in. >> what do you make of this? >> good morning, it's very
3:47 am
disturbing and very interesting, back in february, a 15-year-old muslim girl was arrested for attacking a german police officer at the railway station in hanover and we know there have been scores and scores of knife attacks against israelis starting last september, so we may be seeing a different tactic. they are not going for big spectaculars. they are not going for ieds, they are going tor low-tech knife attacks in train stations. >> do we know if this is a german citizen yet, the assailant? >> yes, the name has not been released but he's a 27-year-old german citizen who was born in germany. >> well, the fact that he screamed allah akbar says what to you? >> that's the smoking gun, isn't it? this is going to be something that's going to be very hard to put into another category of workplace violence. he's shouting in arabic allah is
3:48 am
the greatest. remember that shooter in philly who shot at the police officer. then he swore allegiance to isis. this seems to be a pattern that's spreading from america, to the middle east, now to europe as well and isis actually said this in one of their publications on the internet after the brussels attack, you need to be hitting the soft targets like railway stations in europe as well. >> dr. gorken you are an expert on counterterrorism. you travel around the world and educate individuals and take us inside the minds of terrorists. how do you fight isis? how do we fight these radicals? >> in my book, "defeating jihad." the thirst finding -- first thing you need is you need to -- you say they are unemployed or
3:49 am
lacking in education. first, you need to honesty and truth. second, we have to empower our muslim allies. the good sunnis, like the jor n jordanians and to take the fight to isis today. lastly, we have to delegitimatize their message. the black flag is far too sex from inten -- san bernardino to brussels, to win. >> there was a pseudo chemical attack in new york city just to see how new york would react and bring us through the motions. do you have a sense of how prepared the german police for incidents like this and how quickly they may have acted after this guy stabbed four people? >> i don't want to qualify how they reacted to this. if you look at paris and brussels, not a good sign. the most wanted man after the paris attack is hiding literally
3:50 am
in plain sight for four months in what what is the qifles of the e.u. nothing comes close to what the nypd did after what the nypd did after 9/11. they are amazing. until mayor de blasio arrived they were the model for counterterrorism in the world. >> okay, from gorka, sir. >> yeah, "defeating jihad" has the strategies. >> and meanwhile, the state of north carolina and justice department is suing each other. who has the better case? judge napolitano is here next. everyday
3:51 am
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3:54 am
i do not agree with their interpretation of federal law. that is why this morning i have asked a federal court to clarify what the law actually is. this is not just the north carolina issue. this is now a national issue. >> as a result of their decisions, we are now moving forward. today, we are filing a federal civil rights lawsuit against the state of north carolina. >> dueling lawsuits yester the department of justice and north carolina now suing each other over the so-called bathroom bills requiring transgenders use the bathroom of
3:55 am
the gender on their birth certificates. here to weigh in on this is fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. who's going to decide this thing? >> it will be decided by one federal judge. it is interesting after governor mccrory filed his suit -- >> in the morning. >> yeah. instead of counterclaiming filed their own and in a federal court, in a different part of north carolina because they didn't like or trust the judge to whom the first suit was apply -- was assigned. here's the background. city of charlotte says every business here and everything in the government has to have separate bathrooms for everybody who wants them. >> if they have more than 15 employees. >> correct. correct. the state of north carolina says to charlotte, well, you can't write a rule like that. you certainly can't tell people in private property what to do. so on private property we'll let people do what they want because the government is strapped for cash we're not going to make
3:56 am
governments create new bathrooms. the justice department threatens north carolina and says under the civil rights act of '64 which says nothing about sexual orientation or transgendered identity, you can't do this and besides when you accepted money from us for the university of north carolina, you signed an agreement not to discriminate against people. so does the act does it cover gender identity? it was not an issue at the time, but can you extrapolate the language from the law of 50 years ago to the problems of today? governor mccrory says no. why does he say no? because four times the congress -- the four times the congress said no. >> something for congress to decide, rather than this, right? >> well, it's in the hands of if federal judge.
3:57 am
and he'll decide. is it for congress or for the courts or the states? >> stand by. brand-new swing state polls out this morning, hillary clinton and donald trump are locked in a tighter race than anybody expected and he's beating her in one important swing state. find out which one, coming up next. nexium 24 hour introduces new, easy-to-swallow tablets. so now, there are more ways, for more people... to experience... complete protection from frequent heartburn. nexium 24hr. the easy-to-swallow tablet is here. safety doesn't come in a box. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job
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good morning. 7:00 a.m. here on the east coast. it is tuesday, may 10ment. i'm ainsley earhardt. this is a fox news alert. a knife-wielding man goes on a knife rampage. one person left dead, several others are injured. and the breaking details are in moments. then brand-new swing state polls just released in the last hour. hillary clinton and donald trump are locked in a tighter race than anybody expected. with trump beating hillary in one must win state. we'll break down the numbers in seconds. wow, it's stunning. coming up, it was a straightforward question about the controversial iran nuclear deal. >> the obama administration or
4:01 am
members of it have conducted direct secret bilateral talks with iran. is that true or false? >> but now we're learning that may not be true. did the white house actually lie to our face because you're not going to what james rosen heard back from the podium on that. it's an explosive story and we're expand on it because your mornings are better with "friends." ♪ ♪ i just want to go on the dance floor ♪ ♪ let me see you do it in the bed of my truck ♪ ♪ you know how to shake it, let me see you do it ♪ >> cole swindell has five straight number ones and this is one of them. you're looking at the four trade center where cole swindell has been speaking to us all morning. and will be performing for us shortly.
4:02 am
>> it's a unique point of view. four world trade center is a thousand feet up, it's reopened recently. so cool to have him up there. he's teamed up with the uso, so money from his brand-new album is going to be going to the uso families. it's great. >> just a beautiful picture. what historic moments have occurred there at the bottom of new york. you can see ellis island. you can see lady liberty, world trade center. a beautiful place. what a clear sky for a perfect performance. >> he's a talented singer/songwriter as there is in nashville and of course the country has embraced him as have we. meanwhile, a fox news alert, stunning poll numbers. >> quinnipiac has come out with brand-new poll numbers and how many times have you heard from the mainstream media that hillary clinton smokes trump in head to head polls? well, here are three swing state polls, in florida, hillary clinton is at 43%, donald trump is at 42%.
4:03 am
they are tied. they are within the margin of error. >> take a look at the state of pennsylvania where they're neck and neck as well. 43 to 42%. >> do you think what's amazing about pennsylvania, donald trump took every single congressional district. he didn't get all the delegates but man his appeal to independents so clear. and ohio, by the way, donald trump lost to the sitting governor, but he leads hillary clinton 43 to 39%. for those people who said he has no shot, he is buried, we're not going to get behind that dead in the water candidate, you must rethink that because quinnipiac is hardly one of the polls that, well, they lean right. >> nobody has won the presidency without winning the state of ohio. so important. >> at this juncture, donald trump is actually doing better in these states than the nominees on the republican side in 2008, john mccain or in 2012, which was mitt romney. also the people of those three states that say that donald
4:04 am
trump would be better on the economy and terrorism than hillary clinton. the bad news for trump and hillary clinton, they're both beaten by bernie sanders. when you do the head to head for instance in florida, bernie sanders is at 44%. and trump at 41%. then look at ohio, sanders at 43%. trump at 42%. in pennsylvania, sanders at 47% and trump behind that. >> that won't be a match-up because of the super delegates. >> the system is rigged! it's rigged i'm telling you. meanwhile, this cover on "the new york post" and maybe your local newspaper. >> i doubt it. >> it is about facebook. the curators are in control of what's trending and not trending on their site. it turns out manipulate is part
4:05 am
of their news cycle. >> so they get through the news, if it's liberal story we'll make that a trending story. if it's a conservative story, that's out of here, we don't want that on facebook. >> that's right. some of the websites they have censored include the blaze, breitbart, washington examiner. and also newsmax just to name a few. facebook denies it, but this is what one of the curators who talked to the website -- >> who used to work there. >> that's right. he said this. >> depending on who is the shift, things would be black listed. i would come on and glenn beck or popular topics would not be trending because the curator didn't like the news topic or like they had a bias against ted cruz. >> so they would tamp down stories like the lois lerner story. >> how about the chris kyle story. >> it is ironic that the irs
4:06 am
used their power to suppress righty speech and facebook suppressed the fact that the users cared about it. it's one of those things we have told you about in the past -- >> we talked about this last week. >> this is a graphic example. >> stuart varney talked about this and two of the curators who used to work for facebook came out. and one of the stories suppressed was the chris kyle, the murdered navy s.e.a.l., was that story. >> and they're primarily ivy league educate and they create the model and they're injecting into the stories they like. i noticed that many times when you want to share a conservative post the share button is missing. >> no way. really? all right. missy writes, we noticed this long ago. our posts would disappear. posts wouldn't share, facebook makes no secret about where they stand. wow. >> sunny says i shut down my facebook page and i hope many others do the same.
4:07 am
so here you've got the story that facebook censors the news. then over the weekend there was a story in "the new york times" a profile of the national security adviser ben rhodes, the brother of the president of cbs news, david rhodes. ben rhodes simply came out and flat out said that the white house has been lying to the american people about the iranian deal and they used all sorts of methods. essentially just to get that through. then, you've -- so the white house is lying, facebook is censoring the news and then you've got the state department doing this. regards the iranian deal, james rosen asked a question back two years ago in 2013, showing possible deception by the administration. this is what they showed -- this is what happened at the time. it has since by erased from the state department. watch this. >> there have been reports that intermittently and outside of
4:08 am
the formal p5+1 mechanisms, the members of the obama administration have conducted direct, secret meetings with iran. true or false? >> on a government to government level, no. >> so that clip does not appear on the white house website. look at this, when it comes up to that point in the press conference you'll see a flash where he -- a white flash where rosen asked the question. so fox went back and looked at it, hey, what are you doing? we have no explanation for this. we will fix it later. is that unbelievable? so ben rhodes decides to open up "the new york times" magazine to make himself look look a hero and sadly he's probably the most influential member of the obama foreign policy team. how do you feel when you're susan rice and you have a mind meld with the president of the united states, where he thinks that every foreign policy expert
4:09 am
is a moron. people like jim baker because he worked and surveyed the iraq study group and he worked on the 9/11 commission. he is a novelist, a fine arts major who walked into that job and is now reconfiguring our entire middle east policy saying hit the road, egypt, saudi arabia, jordan, and israel. we are going to now side with iran and for two years prior to what they were telling us, james rosen asked the question. they were having one-on-one negotiations with iran hard-liners instead of leveling with the american people and not having relations with iran. >> to summarize facebook is cens censoring, the white house is lying and the state department edited out eight minutes of history. >> wow. on that need we go to heather childers with a fox news alert. breaking overnight a deadly train station attack in germany. a knife-wielding man screaming
4:10 am
allahu akbar went on a rampage near munich. one person dead, three others injured. the german is now under arrest. and the motive politically related. dr. sebastian gorka, author of "defeating jihad" and he joined us on why this may be the start of a disturbing trend. >> we may be seeing a different tactic, they're not going or the big spectaculars, their not going for -- they're not going for ieds, but low tech attacks. and even isis said this after brussels you need to be hitting soft targets like the railway stations in europe as well. to kansas city, police are mourning the loss of one of their own. detective brad lancaster was shot and killed after responding to a report of a suspicious person another a casino. that man, curtis ayers took off in lancaster's car. and he led them in a wild car
4:11 am
chase and that's when he was shot and then he was arrested. detective lancaster was an air force veteran served two tours overseas. he is survived by a wife and two daughters. and chick-fil-a, de blasio called for a boy comfort the chain. the owners of chick-fil-a -- new yorkers are still flocking to the restaurant. in fact, doing so well, 12 new stores are expected to pop up around the city over the next year. >> magic of mayor de blasio. persuasive skills. >> love chick-fil-a. >> thank you very much, heather. meanwhile, the special treat, pete hegseth is along with country superstar cole swindell. what are you up to? actually up to a thousand feet. >> we are up at a thousand feet.
4:12 am
i believe to believe the most beautiful view in america right now. ladies, it's not just because cole is here. you have the freedom tour, midtown, the first live concert in the 8:00 hour. cole swindell, obviously, you're a patriotic guy for both of us. it's absorbing this moment, this hallowed ground. you sing about "you should be here." what does it mean to be here and to be performing on "fox & friends"? >> this is definitely the most special performance i have had in my life. just to be here as i say, and this view. i mean, this is unbelievable. just everybody that lines the thing up and just -- you know, getting to sing a special song. i think everybody that is going to be here today knows that feeling and i -- that's all i want to do is just try to put a smile on their face and everybody realizes that now.
4:13 am
we're on sacred ground right here. >> indeed. we are blessed to live in this nation. donating the proceeds from the album to the uso. good all the way around. later on in the program we'll walk around and show you even more views and then we have cole swindell coming up in the 8:00 hour with a live performance of "you should be here." stick around. we wish you were here. >> i hope pete gets one of the caps by the time he gets back. 13 minutes after the hour. >> still ahead, speaker paul ryan calling donald trump's bluff saying he'll step down as chairman of the republican convention if donald trump wants him to. can they somehow meet in the middle? that's the big question. move over bald eagles. there's a new national animal. >> really? ♪ one day a rider made a decision.
4:14 am
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4:17 am
i'll do whatever he -- he's the nominee. >> i'll do what ever he wants. with respect to the convention. >> so that was paul ryan talking to the local newspaper about
4:18 am
what he would do, would he step aside if donald trump asked him to, and he said yes. and now they're set to sit down and the speaker said he'd step done as the convention chair and he'll meet with trump on thursday. perhaps maybe putting this in the rearview mirror. what needs to be done? let's ask pennsylvania's mike kelly. are you surprised that the speaker said i'm not there yet to endorse trump, are you surprised what he said yesterday to the milwaukee sentinel? >> you know, i was surprised last week because i think that was a conversation he should have had in conference with all of us as opposed to being on the national tv. and what he said yesterday i think he understood, you know, last week i went farther than maybe i should have. it's time for me to take a look at where i'm coming from. if we're going to truly unite the party then we have to do things that are very visible about uniting the party. because this is an election about choices as you know, brian. paul has been very good about
4:19 am
making a confident america. i think he can work with trump very easy. donald trump has worked with people all his life. he's a people person, he's not deep on policy, but he understands people and how to get to the end. >> where does the rubber hit the road, is it on entitlements, raising taxes? what is the rift between the two policy wise since it's not personal? >> yeah, i think the -- where the rubber meets the road, both understanding each other and how we come out with a message that makes sense for every single america. where paul is having trouble with mr. trump, he says things one day and then changes it the next. the ability for them to sit down, a very thoughtful paul ryan and a person like donald trump who people seem to flock to and has worked his whole life working with people to get to an end that satisfies both party, that's where they can both come together. >> the polls came out -- quinnipiac, battleground states. it shows donald trump winning or
4:20 am
within the margin of error against hillary clinton even in your state pennsylvania. one point. pennsylvania hasn't gone to the republicans in quite some time. do you think this will change anyone's opinion on the feasibility of donald trump winning? >> well, sure. listen where i come from, overwhelmingly pennsylvanians voted for donald trump. when we see that 14 million more americans voted in this primary than in the 2012, there's a reason why this guy is attracting people. so what i think we do now, look at the strong points, combine the two strong point what mr. ryan feels on policy, and put those two together and make sure that america understands this is an election of choose. we can choose to lose or refuse to lose. >> very good. from your sports background, sounds like you're tapping into the days of notre dame. congressman kelly, thanks so much. we look forward to seeing what happens on thursday as he meets with congressional leaders. thanks so much, congressman. >> thanks, brian.
4:21 am
straight ahead, an incredible feat of pride and determination -- rebuilding the world trade center after 9/11. cole swindell brings the construction workers back together. we'll talk to them live. . the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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time now for your "news by the numbers." first, $18 trillion, that's how big of a hole bernie sanders would burn into the national deficit. a study shows the tax plan will not cover the health care and other free plans he's proposed. shocker. 187,000, that's how many pacifiers a company is recalling after receiving reports that babies could choke on them.
4:25 am
not good. finally, 12%. that's how much cheaper plane tickets are expected to be this summer. compared to last year, due to the lower jet fuel. do they pass those on to us? >> of course they do. more than a decade in making the new world trade center complex has five office towers with half a million square feet of commercial space and the eight acre memorial plaza. >> how does such a massive project come together? let's ask pete hegseth with two of those who made it happen. pete? >> brian, thanks a lot. yeah, we're up here with the most beautiful view in the world for my money. with two of the men that were a part of making sure this project happened. i'm here with dara mcquillian and frank huesy. >> good morning. >> good to be here. >> we're going to set the scene here. show us what we are and what we're looking at here in the
4:26 am
complex. >> sure. we are standing on the 57th floor terrace of the four world trade center and in the background, one world trade center, the tallest building in new york and the first office building to open at the world trade center. the building under construction is three trade center and that will open in 2018. these three round out the new office buildings here at the world trade center site. >> clearly, 15 years after 9/11 it is being rebuilt in realtime. this is a big year. why? >> because we have tens of thousands of people working in these buildings, but the train station just opened. the shops will open this summer. and new yorkers will get to experience the world trade center as a part of a finished piece of new york. >> indeed, it certainly is coming together and watching it here. frank, watching the cranes work behind us and the thousands of men and women that have contributed to this site, tell
4:27 am
us something maybe our viewers don't know about what it's taken to rebuild this site? >> i know one thing it's all about team effort. this is like a major football team and it takes all the intricate pieces from a laborer to the ironworkers, and just to be here from the foundation -- as a matter of fact, to watch the falling buildings move away and do the foundation and watch everything fall in place and the building constructed in front of me is just an amazing thing. >> everyone remembers where they were. how soon did you start working, real quick, on this location? >> just a week right after 9/11. i was actually just behind you on the building over there in -- and didn't know i would come to this zone. but here i am. and i'm here to stay until it's
4:28 am
done, you know? to make sure we're back up and running 100%. >> a lot of men and women committed to making sure this site gets back to 100%. thank you for joining us, an incredible location that new yorkers and americans will enjoy, and the complex is open for business. steve, brian, ainsley, back to you guys. >> thanks. they have leased or committed 6 million square feet of office square feet. >> they have a long way to go. >> it's rising at a rate of one floor per week. amazing to watch it every week. >> we will rebuild. >> for a while it stood there because of bureaucracy. >> red tape. >> great we could bring you the images. meanwhile, on a tuesday, he's the same guy who changed the benghazi talking points, misleading the americans about the deaths of the four brave
4:29 am
americans. now, he has admitted he did the same thing with the iran nuclear deal. but actor dean cain and outspoken conservative says superman needs ben rhodes at the white house to go. he's on his way to the couch. come on in. you're next, superman. and now pancakes on primary day. there's our friend, heather. >> good morning. who's hungry there? we are at here in fairmont, west virginia. that's d.j. he's taking great care of us. we're talking to the voters on this primary day and the polls have been open since early this morning. good morning. this is your, right? how did i do? okay? we'll come back and talk to voters on the other side of the break.
4:30 am
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real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing a fox news alert. extreme weather ravaging the middle part of our country. >> and at least two people are
4:33 am
dead, dozens left homeless and as oklahoma bore the brunt of the outbreak of tornados yesterday. >> you won't see that footage anywhere else. our own maria molina is there in oklahoma. there's a chance for more dangerous weather, is that true? >> many areas could be dealing with more severe weather. not only today, but even as we head into tomorrow. so we're talking about a multiday severe weather outbreak. like you mentioned, i'm in katie, oklahoma, and they took the brunt of a tornado that touched down. the national weather service crews will be out estimating the speeds of the wind, with that tornado. you can see it had to at least been rated an ef-3, at least preliminarily, considering that home was blown off the foundation. we have been told by some crews that the family did seek shelter in the storm shelter behind me and that they were safe. but as the sun continues to rise, we'll get a better idea of the damage. you can see farther off behind me we have a home that suffered
4:34 am
some damage to its roof. so again, the damage is extensive. an hour south of oklahoma city, many other areas are dealing with severe weather as well. we had tornados reported as far north as nebraska, iowa, even in illinois and even farther east across the state of arkansas. a very widespread section of the nation dealing with this very dangerous weather. now the storm system is continuing to move eastward. it's a quiet day right now across the center of the nation in places like oklahoma and kansas. but farther off to the east, we have it pushes into kentucky and tennessee. quick look at the areas that are expecting severe weather today, in texas, across the midwest, damaging winds, large hail and tornadoes will be possible yet again today. let's head over to you, steve, ainsley and brian. >> all right. the sun will come up and they'll get a good look at the devastation. 26 minutes before the top of the hour and heather childers has the other breaking news. including a scare in the air. >> exactly.
4:35 am
another weather-related event that caused some problems. major scare actually in the air. passengers tossed around like rag dolls. look at this. air masks dropping from the ceiling. this was inside a jetblue flight from puerto rico to orlando last night. the turbulence hit as the flight attendants were handing out snacks and a refrigerator door even burst open. when the plane landed in orlando emergency crews were there to meet passengers. eight people taken to the hospital. twitter taking a stand against the cia and fbi. they're blocking them from more detailed searches that could help prevent terror attacks. but could also be used to spy on people. analytics company data minering a lowing the agencies to the information. twitter said they never authorized it. and north carolina and doj
4:36 am
suing each other over the bathroom law. that requires transgendered people to use the bathroom on their birth certificate. loretta lynch said it is discrimination and pat mccrory said it's an overreach by the government. and who is right? >> does the civil rights act of 1954 which does not cover sexual orientation, does it cover gender identity, it was not an issue at the time. can you extrapolate the language from 50 years ago to the problems we have today? >> a federal judge in north carolina will hear each case. and finally, move over bald eagle, the bison are moving in. president obama just signed a law naming the bison as the national mammal. it's first time that one has been named. this puts it on par with the bald eagle as an american symbol
4:37 am
but don't worry, folks. the eagle is still the national animal and this's not going to change. couldn't be named the mammal because eagles aren't mammals. >> right. >> great story. >> and we have to bring in -- >> reptile now. >> absolutely. or amphibian. >> we have to bring in dean cain. because you're uniquely qualified to comment on this. because you were drafted by the buffalo bills. >> now that we're a national mammal maybe we'll win more games. >> or win the super bowl. >> how are you? >> i'm great. i'm having a great morning because mornings are better with friends. >> look at you. >> something we were talking about in "the new york times" magazine, they came out with a profile of ben rhodes, the national security adviser to the president of the united states. he admitted they had been making stuff up to push the deal with iran through. made up stuff. they got a bunch of reports in washington, they don't know history and if they asked a hard question they'd do all sorts of
4:38 am
things to change the subject. >> ben rhodes, i don't remember voting for ben rhodes, so strange. >> he was at nyu at the time getting his fine arts deal. >> i didn't vote for valerie jarrett either and they're making policy and it drives me nuts i see something like this. i know people like ben rhodes, but what happened is he was given, you know, you talked about it this morning. he was given sort of platform to talk about himself. and he bragged about what hoe did -- what he did and still advising the president now. it's horrific, i know it exists and it happens sometimes, but it's a braggy way to put it out there. >> lives were at stake. look at benghazi, he was in charge of the policy on benghazi. >> yeah. i can't wait -- i tweeted about it, i can't wait to see his name just disappear from so many things regarding national security. >> nobody doubts he's an intelligent guy, he cut his teeth writing up the 9/11 report
4:39 am
and got to see our national foreign policy in action and concluded that the last 40 years were a bunch of morons running things and he and president obama knew better, but to do it without telling anybody. >> i'm not sure how that jives with the rest of how government should work. i don't get it. i know the people who think they're so smart and want to act on their own and listen, both guys are smart guys. i just happen to disagree with them completely on foreign policy and national security. >> leon panetta described the secretary of defense being in a car andriving without the brakes and steering, you think you're in control and you're not. the people were behind the scenes rather than a guy with decades of experience. >> i like leon panetta. i got to meet him, and i think there's a photo somewhere. yeah, he spoke -- listen, robert gates said some things in his book. a lot of people said things in the book, how our national security, our foreign policy is being run by a bunch of people with no real experience.
4:40 am
technocrats if you will. >> him revealing, pulling aside the curtain, that's usually happening after you leave an administration. you know, you write a book sometimes down the pike. but kevin corke our correspondent asked josh earnest, can you state categorically that no senior official has ever lied about the iran nuclear deal and earnest said no. no. >> well, that's the most honest thing that josh earnest might have said. didn't victoria newellen tell the truth? >> it looked like rosen had him on the ropes and that was whitewashed and eight minutes are whitewashed. >> when there's an iran/contra scandal, there were ramifications. it happens in every administration. but there's no hell to pay.
4:41 am
>> i'm happy to see this administration is coming to an end very soon. i'm hoping things will turn around. >> so speaking of the future and things turning around, are you a trump guy? >> i'm not voting for bernie sanders or hillary clinton so i guess that makes in atrump guy. >> you weren't before. >> i wasn't at all. he didn't have my convinced. paul ryan is a smart guy. a lot of people don't like him at this point in time or call him a rino, but i think he's extremely intelligent. i got to sit with him three or four hours, before he was a nominee for the vice president on the ticket. >> he's a great guy. >> a great guy. i think he has a real clear head. i think they'll come out of the meeting they'll have and they will be united. >> donald trump said he didn't really know paul ryan, so it's good that they're going to sit down on thursday and let's see what happens. >> i think it will be dynamic and positive. >> we'll watch you on "masters of illusions" later. >> right, it's on the cw, a magic show just like the eight minutes of footage that
4:42 am
disappeared. watch it, it's great. >> we know how that disappeared but not yours. >> they're not as easy to figure out. >> thanks. >> on the cw. >> cw. >> super on the curvy couch. coming up, donald trump and hillary clinton are locked in a tighter race than anybody predicted in three key swing states. laura ingraham on the brand-new poll numbers coming up. and pouring coffee and talking politics in west virginia, there's heather nauert getting the pulse of the people on this primary day. if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪
4:43 am
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4:46 am
some quick headlines now. the feds smell something fishy and busting two men for smuggling frozen fishes, yeah, stuffed to the gills with cocaine. they reeled in nearly 45,000 pounds of coke. listen up parent, find yourselves spending too much on smartphones? it's harming your child's ability to hold a conversation. they say almost a third of kids starting school are not ready for the classroom. they just sit there. many kids have low levels of reading and writing. put down the phones. >> that's why my daughter doesn't talk yet. >> exactly. that and -- >> no, she's 6 months old. >> but still. >> let's bring in heather nauert who's in west virginia on this primary day. serving up some pancakes in her flannel. >> good morning, good morning, everybody. great to be here in fair month, west virginia at djs 50s and 60s diners. we are talking to voters. 29 delegates up for grabs on the
4:47 am
democratic side. let's talk about the issues they care about, coals, jobs, the economy are top issues here. we have a mix of people who are liking donald trump and also bernie sanders and not hearing too many hillary clinton supporters. she upset only people with her comments about the coal industry. good morning. tell me who're voting for today? >> i'm voting against hillary. >> why not for someone? >> well, the corruption over the last 30 years is too much to take. >> who are you voting for today? >> i guess today it's bernie. >> how do you think he'll do with the economy? >> i don't think he's going to win the general election. just voting against hillary because today that's the way to do it. >> all right, thank you so much, sir. good morning, sir, tell me your name, please, and who you're voting for. >> bill. i will be voting against hillary clinton as well. >> you were voting for who then? >> i suppose it's the socialist bernie sanders. >> bernie sanders. what do you like about bernie sanders? >> not a lot. i like donald trump. >> i see.
4:48 am
okay. so the plan is to vote for sanders now and trump in the general? >> yes, then to try to support our constitution which hasn't been paid much attention to. >> all right. thank you so much. thank you so much. let's talk to lady over here. what's your name? >> susan ripple. >> who are you voting for today? >> well, i'm voting for myself because i'm running for family court judge. >> okay. >> but in the national election, you know, i think each candidate has pros and cons and i'm really looks towards the general election. >> but today you have to vote for somebody, who is it doing to be? >> i haven't decided. >> what's going to get you to decide? >> probably some last minute internet research. >> okay. better get on it. the polls have been over for little over an hour here. good morning. how are you both? who are you voting for today? >> well, i'm an independent, so i'm going to get a democratic ticket. i'm going to vote locally for the people i want to vote for. >> what issues do you care about the most? >> i care about coal.
4:49 am
i care about coal. i worked at a power station, spent my whole career there. we burned 3 million tons of coal a year and i just can't see voting for either hillary or bernie, so that means i'm going to be on the democratic -- i'll have a democratic ballot. i'm voting for neither of those. >> let me ask you quickly, your reaction when hillary clinton said she wanted to put people in the coal business out of their jobs. >> hey, i just -- just can't take that. >> can't take it there. all right. guys, we have to leave it there. we'll talk to some more voters here in fairmont, west virginia. let's send it back to you in new york. >> thank you very much n west virginia, where coal is king. could be the number one issue for a lot of people. >> all right. 11 minutes to the top of the hour. coming up -- do you have a hard time getting your kids to clean their room? >> yes. >> not after you see our next segment. the secret to making chores fun. >> chores fun? >> but first, holla back, girl, gwen stefani, topping the charts
4:50 am
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4:53 am
is your kids' room a pigsty? >> chances are you're going to answer yes. and it time to clean it up because today is national clean your room today. >> it is? >> yeah. good thing for you we have the president of molly maids meg roberts here to make cleaning fun for us. >> good morning. it's national clean-up day, we think that should be every day at molly maid. today, we are here to teach kids
4:54 am
how to tidy up. >> all right. let's start off -- >> we'll start with the bed. every parent knows that the bed is a messiest place. we want it well made. that doesn't happen all the time. with say get rid of the top sheet, deal with the comfortable. these kids, you can clean up the stuffed animals. we encourage them to gather all the stuffed animals, organize them on the bed. sometimes it's hard to work with kids that aren't your own. deal with the stuffed animals on the bed. >> clean up the bed, please. >> trying to get your kids to clean a room -- they don't do it. >> how you going to do it? >> make it more messy? >> as long as they pick it up off the floor. >> i like the idea of the top sheet. >> yeah. meg, a good junk collector. >> it's all about organizing. get the kids to organize stuff. they can't clean it. they're the ones who will do the
4:55 am
picking up. boy, if you can organize, i think there are trucks and horses. if you can gather this stuff like the game of memory in school. >> horses, put all the horses in here. put all the trucks in here. this is it. all right? >> sometimes if you ask them to do it with speed, it will happen. desmo desmond, you do the horses. >> toss that in there. >> clearly, they're not listening us to. >> what we're learning, kids don't listen. which is why we like to clean your house for you, but oftentimes they can get it done. maybe they'll pay attention to this because boys love sports. have two laundry baskets. when you take it downstairs there's still a place for them to put their laundry. this will help them have a little bit of fun picking things up when they do decide to listen. one of the other motivators is cold, hard house. we do that at my house. every time they gather we give them a couple of dollars so they can spend the money in the jar. >> wow. he's good. >> he's good at that.
4:56 am
put all the sports equipment into the basket. they're slowly cleaning. >> it will take a little while. >> it will take a while. some people use an egg timer to get it going. >> boys don't listen in your house, just call molly maid because they'll be in there in two seconds. >> here's what we did in our house. hey, boys, want to go to dairy queen? it's a little early. >> i don't know what that place is. >> it's ice cream. >> well, they're not motivated by a clean home. i hope everyone has luck with this this week. >> thank you. hillary clinton and trump are locked in a tighter race than anybody expected in three key swing states. laura ingraham is taking the brand-new "q" polls coming up next. and cole swindell is about to perform the first ever live musical performance from four world trade center in the shadow of the freedom tower. look at that.
4:57 am
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good morning. it is tuesday, may 10th, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. this is a fox news alert. breaking as we are coming on the air this morning, a knife-wielding man yelling allahu akbar in a germany train station. and turbulence rocks a flightful of people. the force so strong air masks dropped down and a door busted open inside. the latest on the injuries just coming in. then, brand-new state polls out a short time ago. how hillary clinton and donald trump stack up in the
5:01 am
all-important swing states come november. laura ingraham got those polls and larry sabato got the polls and they'll break them down shortly because this hour, more than any other hour, are better with "friends." ♪ ♪ from the mirror of my ride your hair blowing around ♪ ♪ look for the country sound good stuff, like in the back seat ♪ ♪ nowhere to go, nowhere to be i've got my shades on tight, rolling with the music jack ♪ ♪ pulling on the wheel going around you, baby ♪ ♪ sunset, there's a chance we could get tangled up and lay back and lazy ♪ ♪ come on easy now, nothing but time, let's get to killing it ♪ ♪ talking about rockin' with
5:02 am
you, girl, you know i'm cool with ♪ ♪ just chillin' it chillin' it with "fox & friends" right here. >> wow. he is singing from the top of world it seems. cole swindell. one of the hottest singers out there right now singing with the back drop of the freedom tower. 1776 feet tall. >> right. he's on top of four world trade which is about 1,000 feet in the sky right now. and he's teaming up to celebrate the u.s.'s 75th anniversary. got a brand-new album out, callcal callcal called "you should be here." he's going to perform for us at the conclusion of this hour on a special "fox & friends." >> you can see the ellis island, statue of liberty. the weather couldn't be better for him today. >> look at that, on top of that building right there.
5:03 am
>> incredible. >> beautiful day. >> it is a beautiful day, cole. >> thank you, cole. >> what a great day. also a big day for politics. we'll talk about some new "q" polls great news for donald trump. but right now we turn to heather childers with breaking news. >> yeah, following this overnight. breaking this morning. a deadly train station attack. happening in germany. a knife-wielding man screaming allahu akbar went on a rampage near munich. one person is dead as a result of that, three others injured. the attacker a 27-year-old german citizen now under arrest. the motive possibly politically related. dr. sebastian gorka is the terror expert and the author of "defeating jihad" and he joined us on why this may be a disturbing trend. >> so we may be seeing a different tactic, they're not going or the big, spectacles. not going for ieds but for low tech knife attacks and isis said this is one of the provocations
5:04 am
on the internet after the brussels attack. we need to be hitting soft targets like railway stations in europe as well. now to kansas city and police are mourning the loss of one of their own. detective brad lancaster was shot and killed after responding to the report of a suspicious person at the casino. that suspect, curtis ayers, then took off in lancaster's car. he stole two other cars after leading police on a wild chase across two states before crashing on a missouri highway. that is when he was shot and arrested. detective lancaster was an air force veteran serving two tours overseas. he is survived by a wife and two daughters. passengers on this jetblue flight, they were in for a very bumpy ride. look at this. you can see the air masks dropping from the ceiling. people being tossed around like rag dolls. this is the scene inside of a flight from puerto rico to orlando last night. the turbulence hit just as flight attendants were handing
5:05 am
out drinks and snacks sending items flying everywhere. a refrigerator door even burst open. when the plane landed in orlando, emergency crews were there to meet the passengers and eight people were taken to the hospital. and four years worth of e-mails from one of hillary clinton's former aides have somehow vanished. yep, the state department says it can't find any of bryan pagliano's messages. pagliano worked at the department from 2009 to 2013. the rnc sued for his records during that time. now, the doj gave pagliano immunity in the investigation. so they're looking. >> i wonder why. >> because they have nothing to hide. i'm sure they're as upset as somebody. >> they'll find them the day after the election. >> when he was the head of the i.t., i'm sure he didn't send messages. >> ask him to dig them up.
5:06 am
>> things disappear in clinton land. they're just gone. i mean -- looking on my computer. i'm not quite sure. i have to get a new -- >> you don't need your computer to send e-mails. >> it goes from right here. >> yeah. laura, we have a fox news alert and it's all about the election. and you know today is primary in west virginia, we have the brand-new quinnipiac polls that have come out, first up, in the state of florida. donald trump and hillary clinton are tied. in the state of pennsylvania, hillary clinton and donald trump are tied. in the state of ohio, donald trump actually leads hillary clinton by four points. now, wait a minute. the mainstream media narrative has been that she would clean his clock head to head and yet in these must win states it's way too close. >> well, not just that. the fanatical never trumpers who i just written a definitive piece about on lifezette, they
5:07 am
have been saying this all along. you know, trump can only appeal to this narrow neanderthal like group of troglodytes who know anything, a bunch of knuckle dragger meth heads who are angry at the world. i mean this is the message we receive from some of these people. but what we have known all along is that there is a hunger in america in among voters across the political spectrum for america focused leadership. that doesn't mean we don't engage with the rest of the world, it doesn't mean we have no immigration. it doesn't mean we have no trade, contrary to what they're saying in many so-called conservative publicatiot decisi make always redown to american sovereignty and the integrity of the economic standing of the american family. in trump continues to make that message and make it forcefully and not get caught up in these
5:08 am
extraneo extraneous, you know, side battles i think you'll see more of the type of polls where he's moving closer to hillary or advancing past hillary. i think this more populist, slightly more naturalistic view of conservatism in republican politics will be very popular in unconventional places if done right. >> i think there's a market out there for talking about how ben rhodes lied instead of how bill clinton lied. i feel like we have been through that already, but who knows? now it turns out that donald trump will need $1 billion and he needs to raise money. how surprised are you if at all that some of the conservatives who supported the other 16 candidates like ted cruz donors are choosing hillary clinton over donald trump? does that make sense? >> it makes perfect sense. these are -- >> establishment. >> these are fanatics for globalization. >> but how -- >> really? >> let me finish. they are more fearful of the
5:09 am
american electorate who is supporting trump than they are of the rise of china, than two or three new justice on the supreme court who will rule by judicial fiat. they're much more than fearful of that than everything we know that clinton will do to use the power of government against average, innocent americans. he me say this again -- they're more fearful of the people watching fox news who many of whom support trump than they are of what we know the clintons will do. >> it doesn't make sense. >> it does make sense, in terms of the globalization policies here at home on trade, on immigration and so forth. again, these are people who say trump's a vulgarian, trump's not smart, well, he was smart enough to beat rubio, bush and all of the people who were bank rolled by people giving, you know, 100, $235 million to both of them, thank you very much.
5:10 am
remember back at cpac in 2015, i gave a speech people were complaining about, maybe bush and hillary should make this official and run on the same ticket because what difference does it make? now we're seeing why i said that at the time. a lot of bushies think hillary is preferable to -- who got tens of thousands -- >> what about the cruzzers? >> a lot of the people were for cruz, because jeb and rubio, went down in flames in their own state. >> you have the billionaire, james simons, who gave $13 million of his dollars to cruz when cruz was out of the race, and now he's giving $2 million to hillary clinton. he is saying that trump is not conservative enough, so -- >> so hillary is? >> well, she's the conservative -- she's the only establishment friendly candidate left in the race. so that's where the money goes. >> i mean, hillary made hundreds of thousands of dollars giving
5:11 am
speeches to the investment banks that these people do business with every day. >> right. >> so these people donate millions of dollars to the clinton foundation. including a lot of these republicans. >> sure. >> so they're all backslapping. giving each other awards. like they're the brother of another america, all good friends and the american people are seeing through this. i'm literally done with, you know, with obsessing at least about the never trumpers. we now see everybody's cards, they're all on the table. i think that moment of clarity is very important for the american people. i'm glad we have it. >> you know, another moment of clarity, it looks like the white house has been lying to us. listen to this from yesterday. >> oh, you're kidding? >> i know, shocking. listen. >> see, there's no evidence that that ever occurred. what i would encourage and other critics of the deal to do is to look at the facts and look at the results. we can verify them and the facts are clear. >> last week, you called --
5:12 am
>> okay. what we have learned is that ben rhodes who is the national security adviser to the president in a "new york times" article revealed that the white house pretty much made up the story, a fairy tale about what was going on between the united states and iran to sell the iranian deal. now he admits, you know, nobody called us on it, the people who did, you know, we beat -- >> he called the bunch of a 27-year-old no nothings who depended on them to get their information. >> again, the same media types and the same writers today who are saying oh, you didn't do enough due diligence on donald trump, you didn't hold his feet to the fire, they're going after fox and everything. where is the same outrage expressed about how the media just let this whole thing slide? after we know they lied about the stimulus with all the shovel ready jobs, they lied about irs, they lied about obamacare, they botched the obamacare website and lied about that. what haven't they lied about?
5:13 am
they have lied about how well the economy is doing, when we know it's flat lining. we have lied about issues on race. this is like a nonstop lie-o-rama and again the people who are opposing trump want more of the same with hillary. i mean, at some point, this is the definition of insanity. you hope for a different result when you have the -- >> nonstop lie-o-rama. >> i mean, they actually edited out james rosen's question. eight minutes of it. >> yeah. >> unbelievable. >> well, kilmeade, remember they were going after james rosen not so long ago, the administration. right? ainsley, you and steve know this. this is what they do. and this is what they'll always do. the american electorate needs to be kept in the dark. everything is okay. >> and the stupidity of the american voters. >> and americans were stupid during obamacare. >> it's not just us saying it, but the white house themselves. >> laura, thank you so much. go do your radio show. >> good to see you.
5:14 am
>> good to see you guys. switching gears, coming up, deadly tornadoes ripped across the country last night and yesterday. maria molina is out there amid the devastation and she joins us live, next. introduces new, easy-to-swallow tablets. so now, there are more ways, for more people... to experience... complete protection from frequent heartburn. nexium 24hr. the easy-to-swallow tablet is here.
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(vo) but with nationwide it's no big deal. okay, your retirement plan is all set. nationwide? awesome. nice neighborhood. ♪ nationwide is on your side fox news alert right now.
5:18 am
extreme weather damage, ravaging the midwest and the plains. it's killed at least two people that we know of. >> my goodness. oklahoma bearing if brunt of this tornado -- the brunt of the tornado outbreak, with 100 miles an hour winds. decimating everything in its path. >> our own maria molina is live in katie, oklahoma. as the sun has come up, you can clearly see a lot of devastation there, maria. >> yeah. a lot of devastate here. you're right, the sun is rising and now we're getting a better idea of how widespread this damage is. over to the left, we have a home that was lifted off the foundation. this gives you an idea of the strength of the tornado. it's likely this is rated an ef-3 or higher. to give you an idea of how widespread or how wide this tornado was, we have damage over to the left and to the right as well. mobile home destroyed.
5:19 am
at least 150 yards wide at our location, possibly even greater than. again they're out taking a look at the damage. crews are out here and we already spoke to emergency management. take a listen to what they had to say. >> right now, it's a clean-up effort. our county crews are opening up the roads, cleaning up the roads. our utility companies are trying to get power restored back to the customers and clean-up efforts ought to go fairly fast. rebuilding is going to take a while. >> now, today we are anticipating some additional severe weather in texas and the midwest. stay safe out there. large damaging winds and tornados and the threat continues as well into tomorrow. steve, ainsley and brian, let's head over to you. >> look at that. my gosh. thank you. coming up on a tuesday, looks like it's only left turn on facebook. the company admitting it censors conservative news to the right.
5:20 am
>> look at that graphic, that's hilarious. all right, the polls are open in west virginia. heather nauert is live, talking to the voters and the breakfast table. good morning, heather. >> good morning, ainsley and good morning, guys. we are in fairmont, west virginia. the polls have been open since 6:30 this morning. this is coal country. so we've got a big hamburger here. what is the deal with this thing? you give this to somebody, right? >> that's our two pound burger challenge. >> this is d.j., he owns this restaurant. wonderful to be with you, and you voted this morning for -- >> trump. >> donald trump. we'll talk to more voters in a moment. politics and pancakes here from west virginia, we're live. houston: mission allergy escape. for those who've gone to extremes to escape their unrelenting nasal allergy symptoms... houston: news alert... new from the makers of claritin, clarispray. ♪
5:21 am
welcome back. clarispray is a nasal allergy spray that contains the #1 prescribed, clinically proven ingredient. nothing is more effective at relieving your sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. return to the world with new clarispray.
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5:24 am
all right. quick headlines now starting with the new tactic in the fight against isis. going after elvira. the terror group says it just killed a russian spy named elvira. that spy suspected of sharing the locations of safe houses and secret bases. and el chapo could be bound for brooklyn. new york city expected to be the first stop for the notorious drug lord once he's extradited to the united states next month. and the convicted criminal has come from behind bars claiming to be prince's son. in the -- and the sole heir to his fortune. he requested a dna test while he remains in prison on weapons charges. man, that's getting complicated. ainsley? >> thank you. the information superhighway a left turn only? a super pac supporting hillary clinton fighting back against her haters on social media
5:25 am
engaging people that are critical of her online. this as facebook also comes under scrutiny today after a report claims that workers were told to suppress conservative news stories. not put them in the trending column. here to weigh in is fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. he joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is the headline from "the new york post," you won't read this on facebook. conservative news you will not read on facebook because the people who control that site, they're only putting in the trending section liberal stories and they admit it. >> and "the new york post" headline has it right, that's news censorship. when they say we're not doing to put up something from the blaze or glenn beck or the washington examiner -- or chris kyle's death or rand paul or ted cruz or certain people in the republican establishment or republican insurgen
5:26 am
censorship. that's facebook saying we're making a determination that we're going to ignore the so-called algorithms. they say it's a math cal concept, thank you put it up in the trending box. now we have a report from a disgruntled employee saying wasn't so simple and they engaged in censorship based on anti-conservative base. that's wrong. and let the reader know that what they're reading is not actually trending out there. >> we did reach out to facebook. this was their response. we take allegations of bias very seriously. facebook is a platform for people and for spectrums across the political. these guidelines do not permit the suppression of political perspectives. however, two people are coming out in the article in "the new york times." >> well, there are guidelines and then there are guidelines. do the guidelines work?
5:27 am
they say they have guidelines, but, you know, good answer. >> good point. >> where are you going to go? >> let's talk about hillary clinton because her super pac is spending $1 million to confront people on social media that have written negative things about her. >> well, it's called correct the record. it's a brain child of a guy named david brock who runs media matters which is an anti-fox, anti-conservative media organization here in united states and has become an arm of the hillary clinton campaign for a long time so they put $1 million in it to basically troll people. to go after them who are saying bad things about hillary clinton in terms of her policies and her personality and what she's doing in the campaign. well, can turn to bullies. tim robbins says he was bullied based on statements he made on behalf of the sanders campaign about alleged voter fraud and he was swarmed by the dozens of people online.
5:28 am
the correct the record people said we can defy federal law that does not allow cooperation between campaigns and super pacs because it's a digital campaign. a digital campaign in the internet is not within the confines of the old law. so we're okay. we can talk to each other. so they're spending $1 million. they have a professional group of bloggers that go after people and attack people and allegedly set the record straight and allegedly there's another group of people that they have enlisted that they have trained to go on the internet and twitter and facebook and go back and attack people who are questioning the hillary clinton campaign and their motives. it's quite incredible. you know, hillary clinton has a real deficit in terms of donald trump with regard to twitter and facebook. so maybe they're trying to make up the deficit this way with these attacks. these swarmed attacks on people that are questioning her record. >> we'll see if it works. >> yep. >> thanks, peter. >> left turn all the way. still ahead, a big announcement from one of these former candidates this morning and it's about running as
5:29 am
trump's vice president. plus, primary day in west virginia and independent voters are not happy with hillary. will they vote for bernie sanders or donald trump? we are talking politics over pancakes. what is that, ice cream? that's coming up next. and more from our incredible performance, live on top of the world trade center four. here is cole swindell with "broke down." ♪ ♪ anybody else with any kind of sense would have moved on ♪ ♪ but it is what it is but i'm off the shoulder ♪ ♪ yeah baby i'm broke down, it ain't the truck this time ♪
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[man] hello,totten designs. sales department? yes...i can put you right through. ♪
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5:35 am
jobs, economy, the top issue and of course coal. when hillary clinton started talking about getting rid of the coal jobs and putting people out of business that did not sit well with folks here. let's talk to the people about the election. give me your name. >> patty. >> nice to meet you. what are you doing for a living? >> i'm a homemaker. >> who did you vote for? >> donald trump. >> why is that? >> not in the establishment. not going to be controlled by them and the economy, i think he'll get the miners back to work. >> and when hillary clinton started to talk about getting rid of the jobs what was yours reaction? >> i couldn't believe it. >> did you buy it? >> no. >> what is your husband's name? >> dell must. >> tell me who you're voting for today? >> trump. >> why is that? >> i just believe he's talking the things that the people are wanting -- are concerned about. and i just believe that he will
5:36 am
not be bought off or intimidated by anybody. and like i say, we talked before, i'm a republican now. thinking about going independent. and the reason is because i think the republicans are entangled with the democrats. they have all got the same agenda. they just do it differently. >> all right. we are seeing a real shift in the mood of voters here. talking to folks, d.j., this is your restaurant by the way. i want to ask you about this. talking to folks here, a lot of them used to be republicans, becoming independents. a lot of the democrats that we have talked to becoming republicans. what is go on in your community? >> it's all mixed up. i'm a democrat, it's a closed proi mare. so -- primary. so i can't vote for my man trump until november. it's messed up, crazy. >> that's what we're seeing at this diner.
5:37 am
lovely folks here in this community and it's great to be out. look at this burger. steve, i know you'd eat this thing up. >> looks delicious. >> and stay as thing as ever. >> i know, right. not fair. >> heather, thank you. so there you have some diner democrats but want to vote for trump but because it's a closed primary they can't. let's head over to heather. >> we'll talk about donald trump and a big announcement from marco rubio this morning. he will not be donald trump's vp. the florida senator said this on facebook. my previously stated reservations about his campaigns and many of his policies remain unchanged. he will be -- he will be best served by a running mate who fully embrace has campaign. however, jan brewer is up for the job.
5:38 am
she tweeted this. of course i'm willing to be considered for vp but i'll help donald trump in any capacity be our next president. president obama already preparing for his successor and praising george w. bush for successful transition. obama says that the bush staff had the blue print for how to hand over a new leader. he says that bush was especially helpful about handling terror attacks. however, not quite the same when bush took over from bill clinton. you may remember clinton staff stole ws from the keyboards. and a team at mit created a cream that tightens up baggy eyes. acts like a second skin, look at that. they say it sticks around for 24 hours. the stuff can just be peeled off or taken off with makeup remover. researchers are working on making the dream a reality in the near future. and millions of your tax dollars going towards scientific
5:39 am
research, but what kind of research? you may think of a zika vaccine or cancer cure. no. how about a study to see what makes gold fish feel sexy. in a brand-new government waste report, senator flake reports it's a real thing and it cost you $3.9 million. another government study wasted $390,000 to see how many shakes it takes for a wet dog to get dry. >> 15. >> depends on the size of the dog, right? >> $390,000 of our tax dollars to know that. >> how do you know that? oh, man. >> ainsley was interviewing senator jeff flake earlier. let's come over to the same wheel that ainsley spun before. all right. ainsley -- alligator on a treadmill. how much money did we spend on an alligator on a treadmill? >> $1.9 million to see if they
5:40 am
could outrun dinosaurs. >> really? how many dinosaurs are runing these days? >> got a mammoth frozen somewhere. >> we have an mammal -- official mammal. you know what, that's "fox & friends." why does the face of jesus appear on toast? how much money did we spend on that? >> $3.5 million according to this stat. >> you know angels appear on trees, jesus' face appears on toast, those kind of things. >> right. >> a lot of your money. >> aren't you glad you wake up at 3:00 a.m. to come to work and work hard so our country can use that tax money to find out these things? >> right. i'll never look at toast the same. all right, meanwhile, coming up on a tuesday, brand-new swing state polls released this morning. no candidate has won without winning two of the three states. larry sabato breaks down some
5:41 am
pretty good news for donald trump. plus we have more from cole swindell with the stunning back drop of the world trade center. a performance you won't see anywhere else. >> you should be here. ♪ ♪ girl it is what it is and i won't waste a dime ♪ ♪ for the bartender's time trying to catch a buzz ♪ ♪ oh, girl, the thought of us but i'll drink to a country song ♪ ♪ and to another long workweek gone ♪ ♪ i'll raise my glass to a long lost buddy i ain't seen ♪ ♪ i might stay for one more round ♪ or i might close this place down ♪ ♪ but don't think for a second i'm out to drown your memories ♪ ♪ baby, you ain't worth the whiskey ♪ ♪ my school reunion's coming fast.
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no candidate has won the presidency without winning two of these three states -- ohio, pennsylvania, florida. this morning, brand-new polls from those swing states. here to break it down, the director of the university of virginia's center for politics, larry sabato, who as we can see is out in the front yard today. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. i'm not in the front yard. and there is not a blue bubble floating behind me. >> it's just some of that tv magic. all right, let's talk about poll magic. i'm going to give you the three brand-new quinnipiac polls. in the state of florida, donald trump and clinton are tied. in the state of pennsylvania, pretty much tied. and finally in the state of ohio, trump actually leads hillary clinton by four points. larry, give us some analysis here. >> well, the analysis is that
5:46 am
the top numbers -- the top line numbers you just read and this is so appropriate for you, steve, really don't matter. it's may. and these races according to quinnipiac at least are tied in these three states. you have to go into the poll to see what's significant. the number one thing that i think is significant from these polls is that average republicans, rank and file republicans, have more or less coalesced around donald trump. that's the rank and file is ahead of the leadership which is still disputing whether donald trump should be the nominee or whether they should support donald trump as the nominee. and that obviously is important. you need a unified party, at least at the base in order to win an election. >> sure. so larry, while the rank and file seems to be coalescing around donald trump, a couple of days ago you got paul ryan saying, you know, i don't know if i'm going to endorse him yet. my question to you is, what needs to happen when they come
5:47 am
out of this meeting that they're going to have on thursday, when donald trump and paul ryan step to the microphone, what are they going to say? >> well, if they're smart, and particularly paul ryan i think given his future, probably it will be sweetness and light. whatever they really believe about one another and whatever they really think, this will be a shock to you in particular, but politicians hide their real feelings. they often -- they often project a phony front. but it works. >> right. >> and so that's what they should do because this is kind of the silly dispute that doesn't get the republicans anything. >> absolutely. i mean, paul ryan is the cochair of the big party, the nominating convention, where donald trump is going to get the nod. you know, if he doesn't want to do that, he would have bowed out by now, but he's a politician. he wants to get stuff done, especially if trump's president. >> and the other thing that's key here is ryan has to defend his membership.
5:48 am
his members in some of the swing districts they're worried. well, the way to take care of the worry i think at this point is to forget about independent candidates or third party candidates. because it's just not happening. >> yeah. >> you don't see them running. romney isn't going to do it. other people who have been approached aren't going to do it. so so they're going have to stand together. united we stand, divided we fall and that applies to both parties. particularly the republicans this year. >> larry sabato, you're right. >> i'm shocked. >> oh, have a great week. next up on "fox & friends," the performance we have been waiting for. cole swindell honors our military with "you should be here," from high atop four world trade center. but right now, let's check in with bill hemmer for what happens at the top of the hour. >> all visitors to new york, go down to lower manhattan. a stunning piece of
5:49 am
architecture. good morning. a knife attack, where the killer is screaming god is great. and where are the e-mails they're missing at the state department. where is the edited video, they need to explain that too. we'll tell you why both are important today. and the new polling, what they mean on the electoral map. that's top of the hour. question, are my teeth yellow? ...have you tried the tissue test? ugh, yellow... what do you use? crest whitestrips crest 3d whitestrips whiten... 25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste i passed the tissue test. oh yeah. crest whitestrips are the way to whiten quite like the human foot. introducing the 255 horsepower lexus is 300 all-wheel-drive.
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5:52 am
all right. we are back in the shadow of the freedom tower with cole swindell. ready to go. you're about to sing for the nation here. we're between the statue of liberty, manhattan and obviously the freedom tower. tell us how you're feeling right now and obviously you deering this for the droops too.
5:53 am
this means so much to you personally and the people at 9/11 and the troops around the world. how are you feeling? >> i want everybody know that's here and everybody watching this is absolutely the most special thing i have ever got a chance to do. this is the most special song i could ever sing. i want everybody to know how much i respect this place and respect the families and everybody that were involved. i think we were all affect by 9/11 and this is an opportunity of a lifetime to get the same -- you know, get the favorite song right here on stage. >> first live performance, "you should be here," live, cole swindell. ♪ ♪ it's perfect outside it's like
5:54 am
god let me dial up the weather ♪ ♪ got the whole crew here, i ain't seen some of them in forever ♪ ♪ it's one of those never forget it, better stop and take it in kind of scenes ♪ ♪ everything's just right, yeah, except for one thing ♪ ♪ you should be, standing with your arm around me here ♪ ♪ cutting up, cracking a cold beer, saying cheers ♪ ♪ hey, y'all it's sure been a good year it's one of those moments that's got your name written all over it ♪ ♪ and you know that if i had just one wish it would be that you didn't have to miss this ♪ ♪ you should be here
5:55 am
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5:56 am
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that was a great performance from cole swindell singing about his father who passed away years ago. we'll talk to him in the "after the show show." bill: breaking news with growing questions over a possible cover-up in the department of state. fox news discovering a key piece of video from a press briefing 3 years ago had been altered to possibly remove a damning piece of evidence about media manipulation. i'm bill hemmer. another primary day, too. martha: i'm martha maccallum. this could be a disturbing development in an ongoing effort by the obama administration to potentially manipulate the information the media receives.


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