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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 10, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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that was a great performance from cole swindell singing about his father who passed away years ago. we'll talk to him in the "after the show show." bill: breaking news with growing questions over a possible cover-up in the department of state. fox news discovering a key piece of video from a press briefing 3 years ago had been altered to possibly remove a damning piece of evidence about media manipulation. i'm bill hemmer. another primary day, too. martha: i'm martha maccallum. this could be a disturbing development in an ongoing effort by the obama administration to potentially manipulate the information the media receives.
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a series of questions by james rosen about whether the administration lied about the timing of the iran nuclear talks was mysteriously edited. it was replaced by what we call in tv as a white flash. >> there are remaining concerns that we have that you are all familiar with whether it's involvement in support of the regime in syria or humanitarian issues. that has not changed that. martha: that blocked out 8 minutes of video where the spokesperson admits sometimes the press needs to be misled to accomplish what the administration needed to do. here is part of the exchange as it originally happened. >> i have no fow information on the timing of when there were discussions with any iranian officials. >> let me try it one last way.
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is it the policy of the state department where the preservation of the secrecy of secret negotiations are concerned to lie in order to achieve that goal? >> i think there are times where diplomacy needs privacy in order to progress. this is a good example of that. bill: in 2016, byron byron, what would be the intent of the state department's decision behind this? what's going on? >> it's not entirely clear. but a lot of this is fallout from a new "new york times" article about ben rhodes, one of the president's top national security advisors in which rhodes admits and brags about how the administration misled the press about the iranian talks. ed the story was the talks began after the election of the
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supposed moderate president rouhani in iran. but we know the talks began well before that. that's what james was asking about in december 2013. he said we have reports these talks were going on beforehand. did you lie about that? you just heard about jen psaki said. what james reported was a large segment of the video had been taken out. and that's the question we have. bill: why does it matter in 2011, 2013, moderate in power in iran. hardliners still in control after an election. why is that important? >> because the administration story is we began to think about lifting sanctions, about coming to an agreement after more moderate forces were in control
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in iran. that's one story where we began to think about lowering sanctions and doing negotiations back when the real hard liners were in control and there was no doubt about that. in other words, it was the president's plan all along to do this. that's just a question of whether the white house is telling the pun the truth about what's going on. >> what does the state department do now? how does it react? >> i think it will be an interesting state department briefing today. as martha pointed out, it was a clear edit. it didn't appear to be a mistake. it was a clear edit in the video of the state department briefing. the state department does post video of its briefings on its been site and there will be a lot of questions about how this happened. bill: the missing piece of video is back. >> checking this morning, it
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appears to have been restored. that's another question. how did it get out of there and how did it get back? bill: here is martha. martha: coming up, we'll speak to james rosen about all of this. he will join us with his take on what may have happened. this clearly a missing section of that tape. as byron and you were just discussing, it was restored. that raises questions. why, this is a public website that replays the press briefings with the state department so people can go back and see what was said. to see if there is clearly a transparency issue if not more. that's not the only controversy we are covering this morning surrounding the state department. the agency saying every email from the man responsible for setting up hillary clinton's
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private server is now missing. >> is it the case you have not found a single email related to mr. bryan pagliano's service while secretary clinton was here? >> that's accurate. we located a pst from his recent work as a contractor, but those were from after when secretary clinton left the department. martha: the state department said bryan pagliano had a state department email account, but any record of any activity on it appears to be gone. bryan pagliano is a key witness in the f.b.i.'s investigation into hillary clinton's emails. he has been given immunity from the justice department in order to cooperate with the investigation. bill: new polling out looking
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further down the road at possible general election matchups. quinnipiac polling showing hillary clinton and donald trump neck-and-neck in three battleground states. senator bernie sanders fares better against the presumptive republican nominee. we'll put those states on the map and show you how the electoral college changes. martha: we have seen national polls. to see them no those states that you have to win two out of three of is a number we need to talk more about. also this morning. a disturbing attack that happened overseas. a german man is in custody after going on a stabbing spree while witnesses say he was screaming
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allahu akbar. one person was killed and three others were injured. police say the suspect is a 27-year-old german man who was making politically motivated comments. what do we know about the motivation and about this incident? reporter: at this very moment the best we can say is at the very least there was a terror scare early this morning in germany. as you noted it happened at a commuter train station at 5:00 a.m. german time. one man stabbed on the train and another on the station platform. along with the dead dead man, witnesses say the man was screaming things including death to the infidel. police were quickly on the scene
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and did detain him. they investigated the possibility of an islamic motivation for the attack. but an official in that area reportedly are saying they are not seeing any apparent evidence of islamist or isis ties to the attack. the man reportedly had mental and drug problems. he's a german national with no immigrant background. but we are seeing even sympathizers for the cause can end up with deadly results. >> anything on that spectrum will be of great concern. two people in germany. >> germany like all of europe have much on edge. it has been threatened. and two stabbings were linked to islamist motivations.
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germany is part of the u.s.-led coalition fighting isis, making it a target. there are 200 homegrown german isis fighters along with a million refugees. as we have seen the refugee screening has been used by terrorists to get back into europe. we'll get those details to you as soon as we have them. bill: the general election already heating up. will the republican party unite behind its nominee? we'll talk to a former candidate, governor rick perry. the former governor wanted to be that nominee. he is not. plus there is this. >> i'm being threatened by the federal government, transportation fund, housing funds, university funds, it's like big brother is all of a
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sudden descended on our state in a coordinated political way. martha: the north carolina governor vowing to defend his states rights against a federal lawsuit. we'll talk about what he calls retribution by the feds. now this. bill: it has been a deadly dave severe weather with tornado tearing through the heartland. we'll tell where you they struck now. when consultant josh atkins books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and think big. and when josh thinks big you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some... he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. look at that pie chart! boom! you've never seen a number like that! you feel me lois? i'm feeling you. yeah you do! let's do this! watch out he just had a whole thimble full of coffee...
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martha: a series of he tornadoes ripped through oklahoma. a tornado was spotted barreling toward a home. >> oh, no, those houses its passing by -- they are hitting them. martha: a man believed to be in his 70s are believed to have been killed in that tornado. the twisters ripped bark off trees, george turned cars in three counties. that storm is headed toward the
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ohio and tennessee valleys. >> i have been threatened by the federal government, transportation funds, housing fund, university fund. it's like big brother has descended on our state in a coordinate and political way. actually what the national media is missing. this is no longer a mandate on north carolina. they are making bathroom rules for every employer in the united states of america with over 15 employees. bill: the justice department and the 8 filing dueling lawsuits yesterday. the north carolina dan forest is with us. did you expect the government to sue you. is that why you fired the first shot? >> absolutely.
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regardless of whether they decided to sue us, we had to fire back. what they are doing is unconstitutional and against the law. the federal government is using extortion trying to bully the state. bill: loretta lynch, strong word directed at you and others leading this fight. >> state-sanctioned discrimination never looks good and never works in hindsight. it was not so long ago state other than north carolina had other signs above restrooms and water fountains and other public acome about days keeping people out. bill: she is linking this to the history in states in the country, including your state. >> i think it's shameful that protect of women and children in
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bathrooms and relate that to jim crow laws. to say north carolina is discriminating against somebody, that's not the case at all. what we had is a radical out of touch order ordinance mandating signs had to come off bathrooms. it is unconstitutional. it's extreme and a return to status quo. for her to say we are discriminating in north carolina mean she doesn't understand the situation going on here. bill: you and other argued the public safety side of this. what does that mean? >> that means if loretta lynch has her way, the justice department has their way, the charlotte ordinance will go into effect for the entire nation. they will use an unconstitutional ordinance in
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one city to mandate law across the country telling businesses you have to take down the signs in your bathrooms. men can walk into women's change facility and showers. the real discrimination is against women and children. 99% of the people out there don't want men to walk into their restrooms. bill: law the legal argument. on what ground do you win this case, do you believe? >> you win based on the civil right act. the interpretation they are using is the civil rights act from the 60s and test ha d and 70s has to do with transgender and sexual ask gender. so the real issue is the rule of law and the rule of law applies
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to everybody, including the president of the united states and the justice department. bill: your state can lose a lot of money. a lot of companies will line up against you. thank you for your time today. lieutenant governor dan forest in raleigh, north carolina. martha: facebook is under fire. a whistle blower at the social network says they regularly censor conservative media out of the site. bill: will the republica come together before they meet in july? >> so many people joining me. he called me a few week ago, we couldn't have had a better consideration.
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look me... in the eyes... and see what's possible... botox® cosmetic. it's time to take a closer look. by the pentagon reports a top isis leader is dead. the military amir of ar -- amir of anbar had appeared in execution videos. martha: a report that facebook hide conservative news posts from its users. the rnc is trying to get this to trend.
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what did facebook allegedly do that upset conservatives across the country. reporter: they believe this has been going on all along. but this story is now trending on facebook which according to the allegation wouldn't have been the case a couple days ago. a website said facebook trending list. you can see the stories trending from friend and news sources, that they potentially suppressed articles from news sources and topics like the irs scandal. it has people concerned about censorship. facebook denied the allegations, releasing a statement stating in part there are rigorous guidelines in place for the review team to assure consistency and neutrality.
6:26 am
these guidelines do not permit the prioritization of one organization or news outlet over another. 222 million active facebook users just in canada and the u.s. so a lot of people have concerns about this report. martha: that lead to the hashtag and the online fight back. reporter: the hashtag is makethistrend. he turned this into an online hashtag battle. the rnc said in part it's beyond disturbing to learn that this power is being used to see you excellence viewpoints and stories that don't fit someone else's tea general today. you can see this is just
6:27 am
trending on facebook right now. it has a lot of people upset. if you watch any of the online sites you go to, it has stories all over the place. there is concern this may be a true case where people are controlling the messages we see. martha: everybody has to be held accountable. if you are putting out information and news you have to tell both side of the story. thank you very much, adam. bill: opening bell, three minutes from the opening bell on wall street. futures point to a higher open. traders watching for earnings from companies like disney. we'll see if we are up or down today. martha: brand-new polls showing hillary clinton and donald trump in a dead heat in the three most crucial swing states for the general election. former governor rick perry will
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join us next on his take coming up. >> if you want to split hairs and get your panties in a wad over this issue, that's fine. but donald trump is going to be our nominee. he earned it. and we need to respect that. hey honey. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. martha: brand-new polls came out this morning showing donald trump and hillary clinton in a dead heat in three pretty important places for the general election. the front runners are neck-and-neck in florida, ohio and pennsylvania. clinton leading by a single percentage point. trump is also within the margin of error. he has the upper hand in ohio where he lead hillary clinton by 4 points. first let's go over to bill at the touch screen and have a look at why these three states are
6:32 am
historically so crucial between trump and clinton. >> electoral college. that's way it's going to be about come november. we put a bit of a baseline in here. this is the 2012 result from barack obama and mitt romney. obama 332, romney 206. we just talked about ohio. there is that poll in ohio. if that were to be the case come november. you give them 18 electoral votes. florida, they are big. in florida it's neck-and-neck. what if trump can flip that and take the state of florida away from the democrats. what about pennsylvania? this is going to be debated for a long time. if this poll is right, if it's within the margin of error. if donald trump is able to steal
6:33 am
pennsylvania away from democrats, there you are, 273. you are just above the electoral vote that's necessary, 270. that's why these three states are so critical six months out. martha: as promised, former presidential candidate and former texas governor rick perry. you have looked at plenty of polls over the course of your career. what do you make of these quinnipiac polls? >> it indicates it's going to be a close race. i don't know if anyone has talked about how important the military vote is going to be. and you think about florida, you think about ohio and pennsylvania. those states have some substantial military both active duty and veterans. and donald trump is way, way ahead with the military oriented voter.
6:34 am
and i think that that's something that is going to have a powerful impact on this election. secretary of state clinton has some real issues that will have to be addressed by her and the democrats dealing with the issues of benghazi, and dealing with the lack of support that is perceived, and i will suggest to you is real with the men and women of the united states military and the veterans. martha: we see strength perhaps with military voters with donald trump. definitely with men. we know he has problems with women and with the his andic vote. but let's talk about your party for a moment. that's where the focus is this week. but let's play the sound bite from fall ryan. >> he's the nominee. i'll do with whatever he wants. the point i would make is. i just think it's important that all wings of the party come
6:35 am
together and we shouldn't pretend -- we shouldn't pretend that we are there, we are not. it's been a while since we spoke. and the point is we need to get to know each other. my goal is to help put together a unified party that sticks to our principles. martha: you look at what donald trump said the past week about taxes, increasing taxes, he doesn't talk about cutting spending. he's talking about raising spending for the military and va which a lot of people are in favor of. but none of these go along with real sort of conservative orthodoxy. and he said himself, it's not called the conservative party, it's called the republican party. so what party is this, to you, governor? >> the party it's always been. we have has disparate views. in 2008 and 2012 there were individuals who didn't agree
6:36 am
completely with our nominee but we all settled in and supported him. i think you will see a very strong coalition and coalescing behind donald trump as we go along. everybody needs their time to have the conversations. i admire speaker ryan for reaching out and saying we need to talk to each other. you never heard him say never trump. so we are going through a process. and the process works. that was my point that i made over the course of the last few days. donald trump wasn't my first choice. i was my first choice. and donald trump wasn't my second choice. but he was the choice of the vast majority of the republican primary voters who are going to go in and do that. it's this simple from my perspective. donald trump, hillary clinton, supreme court justice
6:37 am
appointments. that is going to have 40 years worth of impact on our country. not 4-8 years. martha: democrats make the same argument when they look at that picture. that's the conversation they want to have here as well. i found it interesting senator rubio said take my name off the list. i do not want to be the vice president. you see people in your party clearly placing their bets this is not going to go the gop's way and they don't want their fingerprints on any part of this race. what do you think about that? >> i don't want to have my fingerprint on empowering and enabling hillary clinton. that's what this is about for me. when you look at that supreme court appointment that's going to be made to fill justice is
6:38 am
scalia's spot. i'm going to make sure there is an individual listening to people, strict constitutionalist. individuals like myself with a rather unquestionable conservative record for 30 years. those are the kinds of individuals i wanted making these decisions. you can't do it if you are outside the tent. martha: what about his comments about women. we'll show an ad in a little while where he goes after hillary clinton, talking about the way she ate cake at his wedding. there will be no holding back. in going after this comments that he has made. and they will put him in a situation where he's going to have to be defending these remarks. you are as you points out a person with a conservative record and a spiritual background as well.
6:39 am
are you okay with the things he says? >> if people are going to focus on how somebody eats, whether it's donald trump talking about john kasich or hillary clinton, they are missing the whole point here. there are going to be a lot of ways to distract away from the issues that are important. how do you get the economy back on track? i believe donald trump does have ideas and concepts that can get this country back and track. bringing those trillion and a half dollars back onshore to develop this country. one of the things as a governor that's music to my ears is when he talks about the devolving of power out of washington, d.c. for education purposes, for example. not leaving those common core in place and those no child left behind all of those washington-centric programs. bring them back to the states where they long. all those things are real
6:40 am
conservative issues, and how somebody eats, that's a distraction. martha: we'll show the ad we just mentioned. governor perry, always good to talk to you. thank you so much. bill: more emails go m.i.a. at the state department. emails from hillary clinton's former communications manager are missing. plus there is this. martha: mexican drug lord el chapo guzman may not get a third chance to escape. why he should soon be locked up in the states in a u.s. prison.
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martha: the white house confirming president obama will make an historic trip to hiroshima. he will be the first president to make a trip to the city since it was leveled in world war ii. last month secretary of state john kerry became the first high-ranking official to visit the site when he attended a memorial ceremony. bill: the state department says it cannot find many of the emails belonging to bryan pagliano. he served as hillary clinton's i.t. manager at the state department and set up the private server in chappaqua, new york. they can't say why many of the emails did not turn up, but they say they are still looking. >> it's conceivable nothing he committed to email during the
6:45 am
time he was here rose to the standard of a federal record? >> i can't say on that. what i will say is the department is conducting a thorough search but i don't have additional details to provide. reporter: apparently late last night the state department said some of his emails from hillary clinton's tenure had been recovered. >> i think there is one significant point on this contradiction between what the justice department said to the court and what the state department is now saying last night. i just speak as an alumnus head of the i have division that represents agencies and departments in cases like this. when the justice department makes a representation to the court on the basis of what they are told by the state department and it turns out to be false. that is very serious. if i were the attorney general i
6:46 am
would have a bone to pick with john kerry. but i think this confusion demonstrates the inept way this entire email controversy has been handled by the state department. you have now got federal judges in washington in these foia cases getting increasingly dissatisfied with the department, and they will have issues with them that will cause real trouble for the department. what it says about the clinton investigation is how far away it still is from a resolution it's inconceivable that if bryan pagliano is doing real state department work while secretary clinton is at the department, they would have emails in the archives. it suggests to me that he may have been on the federal payroll but doing non-federal work. that might explain why bryan pagliano had potential
6:47 am
liability. bill: apparently he has been a quote devastating witness to hillary clinton. did you follow that? >> exactly. he would be able to say what he was told to do to set up the server. what he did to maintain the server. what he did to wipe the server. his testimony is more hand on likely than almost anybody else. and he can also say who was taking orders from, which is the way a criminal investigation normally goes. he can provide a roadmap part way up the chain and i think that is what have been devastating about his interviews with the f.b.i. bill: i'm reading from the piece we have at the question is whether he limited his emails to a private account.
6:48 am
and whether his government emails were deleted. if that's the case, that's a problem. >> if the emails were deleted which is. >> the possible explanation, then you are verging on obstruction of justice and destruction of evidence which is something that has dogged the clinton account of this for a long time. i think there are a variety of explanations which of course we don't know on ought outside. none of them are good for pagliano. bill: what would this suggest about how far this investigation has come or how much further it need to go? >> i don't think you can draw conclusions from this particular episode since the court filing was in a separate unrelated proceeding, unrelated to the f.b.i. investigation. the f.b.i. knows whether it has any of paglianos emails from other sources.
6:49 am
we have not seen the f.b.i. leaking terribly much about the clinton investigation which says to me they are minding their ps and qs, following the book, whatever cliche' they want, so nobody can say they were the ones who impaired the investigation. i think there is a ways to go yet. march report battle for women's votes, donald trump calling hillary clinton an enabler. bill: hillary clinton still has bernie sanders to worry about. will he pull off another win today? >> we are going to fight for every vote until june 14. and we are going to take the political revolution into the
6:50 am
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bill: mexican drug lord el chapo could soon be in the united states. a federal judge ruled the extradition can move forward. think no specific time when he can come to the u.s. >> it's up to the mexican court system. we'll be in contact with them as to the mechanics of a transfer. bill: it has 20 days to decide whether to approve guzman's extradition. the kingpin was moved saturday to a prison near the u.s.
6:54 am
border. martha: the race for the white house turns to west virginia and nebraska. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are battling it out for the democratic nomination. how does voter turnout look in west virginia. >> chiefy, in coal -- heavy in coal country. the county clerk says voter turnout is heavy and some polling stations have requested more voting machines. the secretary of state's office says 100,000 voters have cast early ballots. it received 5,250 absentee ballot. there are 29 delegate at stake in west virginia for democrats. hillary clinton has 2,228
6:55 am
delegates. they need 2,383 to clinch the nomination. coal country was a lock for hillary clinton. she beat barack obama easily. in part because of comments she made about the coal industry saying she would help with the coal industry. and we would put coal companies and coal miners out of business. she clarified those remarks. but it's a difficult remark to make on a state so dependent on the coal industry, one battered by natural gas competition and major environmental regulations the obama administration has put forward. martha: that remark will be interesting to see how it plays out. what about donald trump who is enjoying running unopposed in this situation.
6:56 am
>> the campaign has work to do today because of the way the west virginia republican ballot is set up. it's six pages long. 222 candidate running for 22 delegate slots. the trump folks put out a guide how to vote for donald trump to make sure he gets the most delegates he can out of today's primary. bill: did the white house intentionally edit government video to deceive reporters and the american people? fox news discovers disturbing new details about a cover-up at the department of state. we'll talk to james rosen live. martha: storm chasers get dangerously close to one of the most destructive forces on earth. maria molina storm chasing in the heartland.
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. . . .
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martha: stunning revelations this morning about a possible cover-up at the state department. fox news discovering video from a 2013 news conference had been allerred to -- altered to take out apparently damaging comment from the government. brand new hour two of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. those edits involved series of edits asked by chief correspondent james rosen whether or not the obama administration lied about the timing of talks were iranian leadership. now about eight minutes of video have been cut and replaced with a white flash. >> there are remaining concerns that whave as you all are familiar with, whether it's their involvement in support of the regime in syria or humanitarian issues. and so that has not changed that. >> the obama administration says -- bill: there it was. in part of that removed video the state department
7:01 am
spokeswoman, jen psaki admits sometimes the press needs to be misled. that was the suggestion. listen three years ago. >> is it the policy of the state department where the preservation of the secrecy of secret negotiations are is concerned, to lie in order to achieve that goal? >> james, i think there are times where diplomacy needs privacy in order to progress. this is good example of that. martha: james rosen joins us live from washington. james, good morning to you. reporter: good morning. martha: you remembered you had jen psaki specifically about the timing on when the negotiations began between the administration and iranian regime for some sort of nuclear deal. then this piece came out, this ben rhodes piece we'll talk about in a moment that made you go back and say, well i asked them about that. i have that on the record. then what happened? reporter: and we discovered as you just said, martha, that the critical exchange between
7:02 am
jen psaki and me which went on for several minutes of of course expert cross-examination on my part had been deleted from the video archive that the state department maintains on its own website. and also deleted again with the use of that white flash, on the state department's official youtube channel. now we can't call this a full-throated effort at censorship simply because the transcript remained intact on the state department's website but an example of censorship it clearly appears to be. the state department could not explain to me why this had been done. the state department could not provide a single other instance where it use ad white flash in any of up loaded videos like that. and promised to restore the video, at least on its website which it still has done but white flash remains on the youtube channel. martha: let's get to the substance what you were asking her about and shed light from viewers on why they may not want that video to be available anymore. >> okay. so in february 2013 i got a tip that there was some kind of
7:03 am
secret, direct bilateral talks going on between the united states and iran at a time such talks were not being disclosed publicly. so i showed up at state department briefing room in february 2013, asked the then spokesperson victoria nuland is it true or false there is some sort of secret bilateral talks between the united states administration, members of it, and iran true or false. she said in 2013, in terms of government to government contact you're talking about no. at that point those talks had been ongoing for months and months. when those talks were finally disclosed later in 2013 i showed up at briefing room to confront jen psaki new land's successor as you saw. martha: this very exhaustive piece on ben rhodes, deputy national security advisor to the president who claims in this story and others claim about him i has a mind meld with the president, that they worked on foreign policy issues very closely throughout the entire administration.
7:04 am
he says of his own volition he never expected to find himself advising the president of the united states on international issues. he was from a writing background. was getting fine arts degree in college. then after 9/11 turned his attention towards these issues. so he talks about the fact in this piece that in fact they were talking prior to the beginning of a more moderate regime in iran and then they tried to present it differently to the american people, suggesting that the american people probably wouldn't like it if they knew we were actually talking to the more extreme regime actually getting together on a deal, correct? reporter: right. this was a 10,000 word profile of ben rhodes that ran this past weekend in the "new york times" magazine. the writer, david samuels, himself respected washington reporter, has had extensive access to ben rhodes and quotes extensive isly from ben rhodes throughout the 10,000 words and uses ben rhodes's own quotes to portray him as not only singularly influential in the
7:05 am
shaping of president obama's foreign policies as contemptuous of the foreign policy establishment and the news media and therefore in some measure as contemptuous of the public but also having used his writerly gifts to deceive the american people about the timing and origins of the iran deal. i would simply say, first of all, we have to be grown up about the presence of people like ben rhodes on the government payroll. they have been there for both parties dating back to the '60s. ben rhodes is very good what he does. the question, not even really raised by the article so much is not just whether lies were told about the timing and the origins of the iran negotiations such as i exposed in those briefings but whether lies were total about the ultimate outcome of those negotiations, substance of the iran deal and as we've been reporting on "special report" an elsewhere on this network it would appear that ben rhodes and the administration were also involved in some deceptions about the actual substance of iran nuclear deal. martha: it's a fascinating story, james. when we look at the attention
7:06 am
that this deal has garnered and the fact that many people are very uncomfortable with the outcome of that deal, the substance of what they agreed to, and how that was presented to the american people is, as you point out the real crux of what may be of great interest longer term here. james, thank you very much. good to see you this morning. reporter: thank you, martha. the same ♪ bill: we have brand new polling numbers this morning from three critical battleground states. here we go. hillary clinton and donald trump are more or less tied. latest numbers out of quinnipiac. these are head-to-head matchups. clinton and trump separated by one point in florida, one point in pennsylvania and trump leading by four points in ohio. charlie hurt, columnist for "washington times." how are you doing. good morning to you. >> good morning. bill: we're six months out. still a battle on the democratic side, kind of sort of speaking. what does this tell you. >> this is pretty blockbuster poll. for better part of a year we've
7:07 am
been told all along by all the experts that donald trump is the defective candidate. he is the flawed candidate. it turns out that actually hillary clinton is the played candidate. because in that same poll, you look at bernie sanders outperforms hillary clinton in each of those states. you know, the truth of the matter is, donald trump is obviously performing much better in these polls than anybody was, would have been willing to admit even a couple months ago but it just goes to show there is a, a lot will change between now and the election. bill: it could. >> we'll see a lot of movement in those numbers. bill: specifically on pennsylvania, i'm surprised at this number, only because it hasn't gone republican since 1988. george bush tried to turn it red in 2000 and 2004. he came close but could not do it. do you believe that number way it is right now between trump and clinton? >> i do believe it and this is why, bill. donald trump his performance in states like pennsylvania, in the
7:08 am
primary, he way overperformed, he has the ability to break the, been sort of a logjam for the past 30 years. sort of a demographic logjam where all the red states, all the blue states, we know what they are. the republicans have theirs, democrats have theirs and republicans have to win florida and ohio. if they don't win those two they can't win the nomination. donald trump is totally different candidate. totally different kind of republican. he is, and the big issue there is on trade. his, his reversal of past republican position on trade means that he is viable in a place like pennsylvania, indiana, places like that and if he does, if he flips pennsylvania it is a game changer for two reasons. one is, it means that pennsylvania is massive trove of delegates that go to him. bill: 20. >> the other thing, that if he, if he does, is he a able to flip pennsylvania where else will he flip? we have no idea.
7:09 am
bill: you have to think that michigan or maybe wisconsin is in play also. maybe iowa in midwest. >> exactly. bill: unfavorables, charlie, look at this, clinton and trump in florida they're tied. in ohio he she is considered more unfavorable by five points. then by three points in pennsylvania. i think that goes to the first point you were making about her candidacy. >> yeah. and you know, donald trump has been through a bruising primary. it has been ugly. he has had to work hard to get where he is now. i think that when he turns to the general, a lot of that will change but hillary clinton has been in politics. she has been campaigning for 25 years. politically-speaking, people, her numbers are baked in concrete. people know what they think of her. donald trump it is not like that. donald trump is still sort of a question mark even among republicans. paul ryan, not sure whether he can support him or not. all that means is, that those numbers for donald trump are
7:10 am
fluid and i would suspect that he is a smart guy. i suspect that they will change, probably change towards the favorable. bill: very interesting. watch the tone out of these meetings with paul ryan and mitch mcconnell come thursday morning in washington. thank you. >> fascinating. bill: thank you, charlie. charlie hurt there in washington. martha: so train station terror scare. german man goes on a deadly stabbing spree during the morning commute, killing at least one person. what we're now learning about his motives. bill: also he was one of donald trump's biggest critics. bobby jindal at one point called trump an egomaniacal madman. did i say that right? now the louisiana governor is changing his tune. he is here live to explain what song he is singing. martha: donald trump and hillary clinton going to war over the women card, women vote, whatever you want to call it. stinging new attack just released by a clinton pac, and
7:11 am
the trump response next. >> well obviously it is greater outer beauty. we could say politically correct look doesn't matter but the look obviously matters. like you wouldn't have your job if you weren't beautiful. >> donald trump knocking supermodel heidi klum in the "new york times," heidi klum, sadly she is no longer a 10. protection now comes with an incredible double your money back guarantee. always discreet is for bladder leaks and it's drier than poise. try it, love it or get double your money back. always discreet. if you're approaching 65, now's the time to get your ducks in a row. to learn about medicare, and the options you have. you see, medicare doesn't cover everything - only about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
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wrely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you bill: want to bring you this update on developing story out of europe.
7:15 am
a vicious knife attack today in germany. investigators saying the suspect is mentally ill and may not be fit to stand trial. the man attacked four people outside of a train station. one died at hospital. three others injured. they will survive. witnesses say the 27-year-old germanou must die, god is great. police say there is no indication that he had any contact with extremists groups and appeared confused during questioning that is it an ongoing story in southern germany. martha: fight over critical voting block. hillary clinton and donald trump fighting for votes. trump slamming clinton for using the women card, and making issue out of her husband's 1990 scandals. a clinton pac using more and more of this, folks, using donald trump's words. watch.
7:16 am
>> nobody respects women more than donald trump. ♪ she came to my wedding. she ate like a pig. seriously the wedding cake, it was like missing in action. does she have a good body, of course. does she have a [bleep], absolutely. martha: according to recent tweet from mr. trump, he claims that discussion was about rosie o'donnell. it was not about hillary clinton. but the comment remains the same. katrina pierson joins me from the trump campaign. national special woman. kat, welcome. >> hi, martha. martha: obviously there has been this kind of ad. there will be much more of it. there is plenty of material from the person that you are spokesman for. how do you take it? how do you fight it off? it is there. it is on the tape. >> of course it is there. this is something we've been anticipating and expecting. this was a line of attack that the clinton campaign was going
7:17 am
to use no matter who the republican nominee was. at the same time a lot of these comments were taken while mr. trump was in the entertainment industry. when you look at who mr. trump is as a man, as a business owner, mr. trump was one of the first to bring women into executive positions back in the '80s. he was working with the rainbow coalition back in the '90s to bring blacks and minority into corporate america. these things will continue but get very old as mr. trump continues to take his message out to the american public and see, women are going to vote for mr. trump. we see today they're already neck-and-neck in swing states. martha: let's look at the pennsylvania "quinnepiac poll" you referred to with men and women. it is very interesting. so you have hillary clinton gets 51% of the women's vote and only 33% of the men's vote. donald trump takes 54% of the men and 32% of the women. so, you know the question that this raises to me, is, does he
7:18 am
care about the women's vote? or is he going really focus running up the men's vote so strongly, also bringing in women who could care less about these comments and want him for other reasons, for how they think he will do on the economy or terrorism or whatever? now the reason i bring this up because of a statement he made on sunday. i believe this town hall was in nebraska. let's play this. >> i mean all of the men, we're petrified to speak to women anymore. we may raise our voice. you know what? the women get it better than we do, folks, all right. they get it better than we do. martha: he is talking to guys out there who are tired of women sort of getting it better than they do and being so nervous and having to sort of be on tender feet all the time with what you say and what you do? >> well he is right. there are a lot of women who are out there who don't buy into this old-fashioned feminism. they do want to be treated equally. it is not just a slogan to them.
7:19 am
they want to be treated as you would treat a man, without taking consideration you could be a emotional bag of mood swings. mr. trump is definitely considering women, who want a strong leader, who wants to put them and their families first and you will have those woman who want to vote for hillary clinton simply because she is woman but i got to tell you, martha, i just don't think that is the sentiment out there today. when you look at the republican side, mr. trump was under water with women early on. but as he took his message out to the public those numbers began to change. he closed that gap. martha: i hear what you're saying. he needs to grow his base. bring people into the tent who are not in the tent right now, right? >> he has been doing that from the beginning. martha: you say he only said those things when he was entertainer. you could beg to differ with that, that some of those comments continued on into the present but if that is the case, why doesn't he come out and talk about that. why don't he say, you know what i said things off color i really wouldn't want my children or grandchildren to stay.
7:20 am
i was trying to be funny with howard stern. he said that to a certain extent, said apologize. if i offended any of you i apologize, i don't mean to be mean-spirited against women. why not do that? >> because that is the politically correct thing to say. martha: no, it is not the polite thing to say, katrina. this is case it is polite thing to say. i would imagine his children or anyone else. >> let me tell you this, martha, at same time this is response. if he said anything like that, is in response to criticism of him. he doesn't just wake up in the morning wanting to offend people. he is responding to people who are offending him, his supporters, even his staff for that matter. this is a response. mr. trump has always said it's a counterpunch. just because you criticize a woman after she criticizes you, that doesn't make you sexist or misogynist. martha: i get what you're saying. your argument he is equal opportunity offender. he, carly fiorina made him mad. he said what he said about her. called marco rubio and ted cruz
7:21 am
lots of names as well. in some ways i can understand that is interpreted as basically, equality, right? he is treating everybody exactly the same but the fact remains that he does not do well with women. many of these polls. when you look at the national polls, right. so, politically wouldn't it be smart for him to maybe, you know speak a little bit differently on these issues? >> well, he has said on the stump and in some interviews that some of those comments were pulled out of context from the entertainment realm. i think taking his message out to the public and showing that many of these women have no idea who mr. trump really is, when it comes to women. because they don't get to hear about all the women that mr. trump brought into his organization. they don't know that the majority of his executives are women. martha: he should talk about that put them forward. >> will definitely talk about that. martha: i imagine we see a lot more. >> you got it. martha: kat, thank you very much. >> great to see you.
7:22 am
bill: 20 minutes past. post this on your wall. leaning left. whistle-blowers from facebook claims that it keeps conservatives from reading news stories. is that the case? tucker carlson takes it on next.
7:23 am
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martha: we have a live shot now of something happening downtown. this is maiden lane in the financial district in new york city. a rather precarious situation for two window washers who are stuck on the 17th floor there. the fire department is on the scene, the new york fire department. they have come out the windows and are now shimmying down the rope to help them and get these guys out of a very nerve-racking situation. they're on the 17th floor. we'll keep close eye on that. hopefully they will soon be rescued safely.
7:26 am
that is underway as we speak. bill: wow. so trending now on facebook, leaning left. facebook is under fire after report that the social media network purposefully blocks conservative news stories from its trending topics feed. the reporter quiz mode dough has the story. whistle-blowers talked about the right-wing cpac meeting appearing in highly influential section even though organically trending among the site's users, end quote. fascinating piece. tucker carlson knows this well. editor of daily caller. coanchor of "fox & friends weekend" and fox news contributor. tuckerrer, good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: you were saying during the cop merges this is one of the biggest stories of the year. >> sure. bill: that sounds like overstatement. go ahead and defend it. >> i'm not sure people understand how central facebook is to the news business. more americans get their news
7:27 am
from the facebook than any other source. millenials it is in the '60s. average millenial gets majority of his or her political news and news about government from facebook. if you control what news people are getting, control attitudes they develop about the news. it is hugely significant. i think people think of facebook, especially older people as a place to reconnect with your high school classmates but for especially younger people as i said, it really is their window on the world. bill: very true about that. walk down the street, talk to people in your lives, hey, did you see that story. i asked where did you see it? saw it on facebook. to that point you're right. >> completely and especially trending topics part. what the allegation is, and appears to be true, is that facebook employees distorted the data. they distorted the stories that were the most popular. so imagine you're sitting at home reading trending topics because you want to know everyone else on facebook is reading about, you're left with
7:28 am
the sense you're sort of alone in whatever your concern is. that nobody else shares your concern. sort of opposite effect the internet is supposed to have. internet is place of people of like minds can find one another and public opinion can be roughly measured and they're distorting those data. this is massive, massive story. bill: this is what facebook is saying. we take allegations of bias very seriously. there are guidelines of the research team to insure neutrality. they do not permit the political perspectives. >> the guidelines may not. bill: i would expect to hear that from the company. is that something you can prove without quotes from anonymous people? >> quite number of them with specific examples. i don't doubt that the guidelines specify a certain code of behavior anymore than the constitution every country in the world guaranties human rights but very few actually provide it. guidelines and practice are two entirely different things. in one specific instance pointed to mark zuckerberg, founder of facebook giving a speech to
7:29 am
employees, hey, we need to pay attention to, comma, sympathize with "black lives matter." shortly after that, stories about "black lives matter" were added artificially to the trending tops list, suggesting more facebook users were sympathetic to "black lives matter" than actually were. what effect does this half? bill: most people think you're seeing popular stories people are clicking on. but you have a unique prespective on this. you run a website. >> that's right. i run "the daily caller." bill: what your experience then? >> we have big presence on facebook. we have a couple of employees who spend a lot of time thinking about this we're primarily a political site, identified on the right yet our entertainment coverage, we're grateful for this to facebook but gets big play on facebook. our political coverage gets disproportion finale smaller play on facebook. i can't prove that is the result of bias, but if you talk to people that run conservative websites probably get similar story there. the point is, if facebook is
7:30 am
perceived to be corrupt, politically corrupt in middle of a presidential campaign skewing the news that people you know use to understand who to vote for, this is a basic betrayal of the trust it has with its users. by the way, keep in mind on facebook, people sign up for news. you, put in your preferences. and so people aren't getting what they asked for which is the other point. bill: i could keep going. i'm fascinated by the topic. apple, snapchat, we get into all that too. apple is doing their own news feed now. >> they have a lot of power, more power than people understand. bill: more to come. thank you, tucker carlson in washington, thanks. >> thanks, bill. martha: while he was still a candidate bobby jindal had very harsh words for donald trump. >> we can not send this narcissist. we can not nominate this egomaniac. nominating donald trump is certain way for us to ruin our opportunity to make america great again. martha: what a difference a year makes. bobby jindal is here live with
7:31 am
why he is now voting for donald trump. bill: meet an american veteran and his remarkable journey spanning more than 3,000 miles. >> because the war officially is over, it doesn't mean that america can lose interest because the mission of recovery, i think we've learned as a nation is just as important.
7:32 am
7:33 am
7:34 am
bill: we have success here in manhattan. did not take long. two window washers have been stranded seventeen floors up above the financial district, lower end of manhattan. they have been rescued, and happened in the blink of a commercial. we were watching this, martha. they were in trouble and now they're okay. martha: that's amazing fire department of new york city, go fdyn. job well-done. bill: bill: you know what we call it? new york minute rescue.
7:35 am
martha: great job. violent weather has been tomorrow meanting the midwest and plain states as we've been showing you all week. watch some of this. >> oh, it is sledding stuff. we have to go north and around. martha: north and around for sure. that one, at least two deaths have been reported after the severe weather slammed oklahoma. two severe weather systems made their way across the country's midsection, bringing punishing winds destroying homes, overturning cars, even stripping bark from the trees according to reports there. here's this. >> i was inside the house, staying there at backdoor i was showing you by the patio door. i had a hold of the door just like that. had me tied on that wood. you could feel the whole house shaking and rumbling. martha: wow. maria molina is live in katy, oklahoma, where she has been having assignment of a lifetime. how are you doing, maria?
7:36 am
reporter: hiked good to see you, martha. hello to everybody at home. this is katy, oklahoma, this is hour south of oklahoma city where a tornado struck yesterday afternoon, leaving behind destruction and devastation. we're seeing family members, homeowners returning to what's left of their homes. that tornado was so powerful it actually lifted the home off the foundation, leaving behind only the foundation. that gives you idea of winds there. the woman that lived there, survived the tornado coming into the the storm shelter and rode out the storm as it went overhead. you see people doing cleanup effort. we'll track the story. unfortunately west of our location we did hear a man lost his life. we also witnessed this morning some positive news with family members being reunited even with some of their pets.
7:37 am
we'll keep you updated, a sad, somber day in katie, oklahoma, where storm strict yesterday afternoon. back to you. martha: our hearts go out to those families, maria. thank you very much. ♪ >> donald trump is a far sy sift and he is an egomaniac. he is not a serious person. it is all just an act. it is all just a solo show. the joke is on us. donald trump's campaign is not about making america great again. it is about making donald trump great. bill: that was september. this is may. former louisiana governor bobby jindal with nary a kind word for donald trump but now he says he is on board to support the presumptive nominee. we first reported this yesterday here on "america's newsroom." today we wanted to speak with bobby jindal. he is with me now. how are you doing, governor. >> good morning, bill. thank you for having me back on the show. bill: narcissist, egomaniacal madman, on and on it goes. what is the difference now,
7:38 am
governor? >> well, two things. bill, there was a lot more to that clip. you're exactly right. i'm not walking away from my criticisms. i haven't had a sudden epip any. i don't think donald trump has evolved. i continue to be critical. he was not my second or third choice for president. two things have changed, the people have spoken. that is important. unlike many people in the establishment i think it is important to listen to voters in republican primaries telling us they're frustrated and mad not own at president obama but republican leadership. secondly even more importantly, we're down to binary trump. it is either donald trump or hillary clinton. i don't like donald trump. i don't think he is conservative. but i think he is better than hillary clinton. just two examples. the next president will appoint a very critical, very critical person to the supreme court of the united states. that person may be the tie-breaking vote on whether we have religious liberty rights, on scope of our second amendment rights. whether they will rein in the federal government like epa when they overreach. i don't think there is a chance
7:39 am
that hillary clinton will put a constitutionalist on the court. i'm not convinced, there is not 100% chance donald trump will but at least greater than zero. secondly, look, hillary clinton was for obamacare before there was obamacare. she was for hillary cair in the '90s. there is not a chance she will wayne in and repeal obamacare. the next president will decide obamacare lives on or at least gets repealed. there is a chance that president trump will get rid of obamacare. bill: he is absurd, non-serious carnival act. that was september, eight months ago. i understand you say now. what do you say to jeb but, what do you say to lindsey graham, at least as of today they're clearly not going to cross over? >> well look, i hope that with time there is still time between now and november. i hope with time people will come to the conclusion that i have, we may not like donald trump but he is better than hillary but i have a lot of respect for my fellow republicans. i understand why people struggling with the choice. i won't criticize everybody that comes to different conclusion. people get to decide how at the
7:40 am
want to vote. at the end of the day there is only two choices. we may not like what he says or some of the policy positions he has taken but he is definitely better than hillary clinton. bill: he said last week a former rival called him up and he said, how can you say you will support me now when you said all these bad and nasty things about me. then his conclusion was, that, you are just a politician. i don't know if he was saying that about you. was he? >> no. i have not talked to donald trump since we were both in the race. i have not talked to him for several months. i don't want a job from him. i don't want anything from him. bill, this isn't about the republican party. this is about our country. i spent a lot of time saying last several years we're headed in wrong direction. we need a fundamental course correction. to me hillary clinton represents more of the same, more government dependence, more borrowing, more spending, more government regulations. we know that path doesn't work. i can't promise you donald trump's path will work but it
7:41 am
will be better. bill: using your words as of today, not last september. i do not pretend rum trump the reagannesque leader we need. hardly an aspiring slogan i know, end quote. 15 seconds before the computer cuts us off to explain where you are now with your head and your heart. >> i would love to tell you i'm voting, excitedly for the next conservative champion. sometimes i wish elections were like that. sometimes you choose lesser of two bad choices. he will be better than hillary clinton. i don't walk away from anything i said last september. i still embrace that. we have two chris choices. he is better than hillary clinton. bill: governor, thank you. bobby jindal in baton rouge, louisiana, nice to see you again. thanks for coming back. martha. >> thank you for having me. martha: the state department says emails from the man who set up hillary clinton's email server, don't exist anymore. really?
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
martha: there is yet another bombshell in the hillary clinton email story. it turns out all back and forth between the man who set up the private server and the clinton camp is mysteriously missing for some reason. bryan pagliano was the former secretary's i.t. manager and he had a government email account but the state department doesn't have any record of his activity and doesn't seem to know why. we played a sound bite from them trying to answer the question a little earlier in the show. joined by david goodfriend, former staff secretary to president bill clinton. and lars larsen, radio show host and donald trump supporter. good to have you here, gentlemen. david, let me start with you. you will say it is noted and a lot of people look at that say that is weird, and that's odd. why would they be missing and where are they? >> we're talking about a lawsuit brought by the republican national committee desperately trying to change the subject from their nomination process and bad nominee.
7:46 am
looking for anything that will unify the party. what about anything looking at hillary clinton. martha: i'm asking you a question. does it not see to you that there wouldn't be any emails from the person who has got immunity in this case. >> what is initial to me, 11 hours in front of trey gowdy's committee. they couldn't lay a finger on her. give it up, guys. this dog won't hunt. they have to find something to talk about. the republican party is in disarray. this will lead them down a rat hole and not going anywhere. martha: still doesn't answer the question. you doesn't think it is all unusual that the i.t. manager for hillary clinton's staff, doesn't have one email, excuse me there is one email. let's put one email found up on the screen. can we see that please? happy birthday, mad today. secretary, to many more. from bryan pagliano. here is the response that hillary clinton sent to that. she forwarded it to another staffer. she didn't respond to bryan pagliano. forwarded to another staffer and said please respond.
7:47 am
>> wow. i guess i should be running for the hills because two emails that say please respond and happy birthday. clearly there is a conspiracy. get my tinfoil hat on everybody. this is conspiracy at state department. martha: it is typical thing that we've seen over and over. i want to get lars's response here in second. oh, we gave thousands and thousands of emails. we testified for hours and hours. and yet there is missing stuff always. there is the stuff that doesn't get turned over. and of course anybody could turn over thousands of emails, if you don't turn over everything, then you essentially have turned over nothing in many ways. let me bring in lars to get your thoughts on this. is this big deal? >> i don't, it is a big deal because hillary clinton committed crimes at the state department. she destroyed public records. that's a crime. one of the punishments is you can't hold public office if convicted. one of the crimes she exposed american secrets and david says he can't answer it and he tries
7:48 am
to change the subject. the subject is this. there is no doubt in my mind that the reason you can't find anything from mr. pagliano is because hillary clinton knew when she was going in as secretary of state she knew she was planning to do things she didn't want to expose from public view. she not only hid her own emails, had a man hired on the taxpayer's indictment, packly yawn know and hid everything he did and all the emails exchanges he shoved has through the state department system. it was important to do that. because one she destroyed public documents at the end. two, she engaged in pay for play as secretary of state to the benefit of the clinton crime family foundations hundreds of millions of dollars. of course millions of dollars to her husband? peeking fees that effectively went into her pocket as well. so she had to hide -- martha: are two issues which lars brought up. >> yes, david. martha: the fact when you work for the government, david, as you well know you don't get to
7:49 am
parse out stuff. everything that you're doing essentially is as an employee of the american people. so you don't get to have certain things disappear, reminds me of travel documents that were found a couple years after the law wanted to look at them. they were found in the residence, i mean, popped out of nowhere. so you don't get to do that. you can't set up your own little quasi-government sideline arrangement. it is just not allowed. >> certainly it is not and lars, in addition to being radio commentator has credentials of mind reader, judge and jury because i guess he figured this all out to the exclusion of trey gowdy entire committee, fbi be and department of justice. lars you should be the next attorney general. you're that good. >> i would be happy to indict hillary. >> of course you would. the problem is we have system in the united states where the investigators go to prosecute when they feel they have enough evidence. guess what, we're all going to know the answer to that one
7:50 am
within a matter of weeks, maybe months at the most, but you won't have, here's the problem. the republican national committee which is trying to do this in order to change the subject away from their disasterous nomination process is now going to be in the a position after the fbi and the department of justice do not bring an indictment which i believe is going to happen, then you will see republicans say, oh, it's a cover-up, they should have and they didn't. that will not work out either. martha: you know what when that is done and that comes forward everybody will have to accept that answer for what it is. >> i agree with that. martha: merely asking for everyone to be under the same standard, you have to turn everything over you have to turn everything over. >> i ail which agree why when you look how race is going, looking at quinnepiac polls the race is very tight. we'll talk to you both again which we enjoy doing. good to speak to you both. thanks, twice. bill: in a moment meet the veteran who is changing lives at the precise time they need it most. his remarkable mission is next.
7:51 am
>> you asked the average veteran, the guy in special operations, he might know a dozen or more and there is nothing right about that. the
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
♪ bill: veteran and wounded warriors on mission from texas to new york city. his goal, to bring awareness to suicide rate among veterans. 50% higher than non-veterans. phil keating live in hollywood, florida. good morning. reporter: bill this is five-month, 3500-mile journey. josh collins rounded florida peninsula. here on out all up the intracoastal, still 1200 miles to go. >> one paddle stroke at a time. reporter: when the sun goes up, josh collins kisses his wife
7:55 am
tonya good-bye and drops his paddle board into the water. paddles and paddles until sunset. from texas all the way to new york, the 20 year army veteran saw combat in bosnia, iraq and iraq and doing this to raise money for awareness and ptsd and 22 veteran suicides every day. >> i think if you ask most people, how many people do you know have killed themselves, most people would say, you know, maybe one. you ask the average veteran, guy in special operations he might know a dozen or more. there is nothing right about that. reporter: this war vet also has ptsd, he used to find himself home staring at the wall, medicated on pills and booze. and then he found paddleboarding. >> the war officially is over, it doesn't mean that you know, america can lose interest because the mission of recovery,
7:56 am
i think we've learned as a nation is just as important. reporter: over the weekend the city of miami gave collins a proclamation. hopes to raise $20 million or more via the task force dagger foundation and va reports that 30% of all iraqi and afghanistan vets that it treated suffer with ptsd. bill: wow. our best to them and all of them. phil keating, great story, hollywood, florida. martha: we have brand new polls out this morning that look at three key battleground states in the 2016 race. who has the advantage as we get closer to the summer convention? that's next.
7:57 am
>> . >> .
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martha: some lost mementos from world war ii have been returned to the rightful owner. the uniform accidentally left behind in the move. the new owner founded during renovations on house. thomas wilson juniordied in 2012. the mementos mean a lot to his family. they say wilson wrote a memorable memoir that will be passed down the generations along with his uniform speed. bill: an awful lot. it's primary today . martha: it's primary day . we will be in action this tuesday, see you later everybody. jon: a fox news alert, voters in two states turning out on this tuesday as the presidential primaries enter the home stretch. republicans in nebraska and members of both parties in west virginia will cast ballots in the first contest in which donald trump is the only republican candidate. good morning, welcome to the first hour of happening now, i'm jon scott. heather: i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. is it possible we are into the home stretch? the one i guess you could say that. heather: may be, you never know. mist


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