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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  May 10, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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going to want to be bidding on that. >> especially the lipstick. thank you so much for joining us. >> "the real story" with gretchen carlson starts now. see you tomorrow. thanks, guys. breaking developments right now making today's primary in nebraska -- more important than we thought. as new reports emerge now that donald trump may soon no longer be the sole republican in the race anymore. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. welcome to a special edition of "the real story." we're live from our nation's capital today. texas senator ted cruz hinting today that he could restart his campaign if he wins tonight. nebraska and its 36 delegates was expected to be an anti-trump state before the donald became the last candidate standing. so what does this all mean now? mike emanuel live in kentucky with the latest on the democratic race. but jonathan hunt is live in omaha, nebraska. what exactly did ted cruz say today? >> reporter: well, gretchen, senator cruz was appearing on
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the glenn beck radio show when he was asked by the host a clearly hypothetical question. if you were to do well, even win in nebraska, would you reconsider your decision to suspend your campaign? now listen carefully here and judge for yourself what you think of senator cruz's answer. here he is. >> if there is a path to victory, we launched this campaign intending to win. the reason we suspended the race last week was with indiana's loss, i didn't see a viable path to victory. if that changes, we will certainly respond accordingly. >> reporter: now the issue for senator cruz of course is that it is very late in the middle of the voting day here to be getting that message out. so if he is serious about inspiring his supporters who may have decided not to bother showing up at all, he's leaving it extremely late to do so here
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in nebraska. gretchen. >> he also made mention of the fact he's not going to let go of the delegates that he already won. so it is getting very interesting. what's the likelihood that he could actually win nebraska then? >> reporter: well, step one, his name is still on the ballot leer. this is a sample ballot. you can see ted cruz alongside some of the other former candidates who have now suspended or completely dropped their presidential campaign. so that's point one. also operating possibly in his favor is the gop leadership. nebraska really reflects the national split in the republican party over the trump candidacy. the governor, pete rick rickett, just endorsed donald trump. we spoke to professor paul la
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landeau and here is what he said about the possibility of ted cruz actually pulling off victory here. >> the state was cleaning toward ted cruz. i would have said that cruz is the favorite to win the primary. now it is hard to tell. i mean you assume that donald trump will win since he's the only person left in the race but you never know with nebraskans. they're pretty independent when it comes to their politics. >> reporter: now about seven hours until we'll get the final answer, gretchen. polls close 8:00 central time, 9:00 eastern. we will be here to bring you results that could once again up-end this extraordinary political season. >> no doubt. understatement. jonathan, thank you. ted cruz to make his first appearance on capitol hill after dropping out of the race. this is a live look, where he will be eventually. that's his office on capitol hill. bret baier, anchor of "special report." this got more interesting today,
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bret. idea that ted cruz after losing indiana now says if he wins nebraska he may jump back in? what's going on? >> i think we're reading a lit more io glenn beck's question and ted cruz's answer than may have been there. the bottom line is even if he wins nebraska, he still doesn't have a path to victory. the path is to prevent donald trump from getting the 1,237. and that's not going to happen, even if he wins nebraska, because the steamroller is just rolling and he's going to get to the majority of delegates. i think they're reading a little bit into that. i do think that he is holding on to his delegates, and that is interesting. he's also putting them in position to be in leadership positions in the rules and credentials and platform committees at the convention, having kind of a positioning there, a leverage there, in his own way. >> it's interesting. rubio had said that he does not want to be trump's vp. we haven't heard from cruz. rubio also holding on to his
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delegates. who knows? meantime, this new poll has come out, head-to-head poll in some key swing states, shows donald trump and hillary clinton statistical tie basically. florida first, clinton is ahead 43%-42%. but in ohio trump is in the lead 4 43%-39%. in pennsylvania clinton back on top, 43%-42%. this is fascinating because the few polls that had been done before had clinton clobbering him. >> the caveat, it is early for general election polls. but the fact that these are state by state polls is significant. the fact that donald trump is outperforming where people thought he was going to be and is outperforming where mitt romney was at this juncture as presumptive republican nominee in pennsylvania specifically is interesting. >> that is so important because he was trailing obama by eight points at this exact time in 2012. >> you look at the internals in these polls. he is trailing clinton with women pretty significantly, but he overcompensates with leading
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with men. it presents potentially a really tight general election depending on how things go forward. >> of course, this would again prove the nay sayers wrong who have also said he can't win. meantime, he is trying to unite the republican party now. he has a series of meetings here in washington on thursday. the very important paul ryan meeting. then he'll meet with the senate. what do you know about that? >> he's going to meet with senator mitch mcconnell and senate leaders. i think that these meetings are pretty important. i think they're trying to get on the same page, or at least close to it. listen, he is the presumptive nominee. he holds the cards. they are i think going to try to see eye to eye on some policy issues. ideally they want to lay out the blueprints for legislative action before the convention and they need buy-in from the republican nominee. we'll see if they get it on thursday. >> very important to see what
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they come out and say almost more important what donald trump says after these meetings sings paul ryan hedged his bets last week as far as supporting him. we'll be watching tonight, 6:00. democratic voters heading to the polls in west virginia today but hillary clinton is staying out of the mountain state, lagging behind bernie sanders in the polls after her controversial comments about those jobs with coal. clinton instead setting her sights on kentucky ahead of the state's primary. that's going to be next week. mike, what's the feeling in the clinton camp? do they seem to be bracing for another loss to senator sanders? >> reporter: yes, gretchen, they seem to realize that west virginia is a tough place for hillary clinton so she's jumped ahead here to kentucky. she'll be here in louisville later in the day. she has unveiled today a new child care proposal that would limit to 10% the cost of child care to a family's income. she would also want to boost the pay for child care workers and
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with double spending on a home visiting program, sending a nurse or social worker to visit low-income families. in lexington a short time ago clinton talked about the problems she's trying to address. >> high-quality child care is as expensive in many states as paying tuition to go to college. it just doesn't make sense. i mean it is the most important job that any of us can do and we're making it really expensive and very difficult. >> so this is the second day in a row that hillary clinton is trying to do outreach to women voters. she's trying to demonstrate that she understands the challenges a lot of young families are facing. gretchen? >> okay. and sanders, where is he today? >> well, he is out in california. the golden state, bernie sanders continuing to do rallies with huge crowds in california ahead of the critical june 7th primary out there. sanders is predicting clinton may face a bit of a primary losing streak in the next few
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contests. >> i think we got a good shot to win in west virginia, in kentucky, and in oregon. and after those three states, we're coming to california, and with your help, we are going to win the biggest prize of all, the california primary. >> reporter: sanders acknowledges his campaign faces it an uphill climb but clearly feeling good about it with the big crowds he is seeing there in california. he's clearly ready to continue the fight, gretchen. >> mike emanuel, thank you. time for my take. just yesterday i gave a word of caution about focusing on the few presidential polls that have been put out thus far showing hillary clinton clobbering donald trump. number one, it's early. number two, she still has bernie sanders to contend with. number three, the fbi is still investigating her private e-mail server, and now today, a new
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poll from quinnipiac. not a fly-by-night polling place. showing the race really tightening. a deeper dive finds another interesting nugget i showcased last week but it is also in this poll -- the economy. in florida, trump beats clinton 54%-40% on that topic. in ohio, same thing. 52%. -40%. in pennsylvania, same thing. yes, there are many other issues we're going to be talking about a lot from now on until november but i still think that question should always be the first to look at in a poll. because no matter what, even in a weird and crazy election year like flo other, my bet is voters will still vote with their pocketbooks over almost anything else. one more clue that donald trump is getting closer to choosing his running mate because we now know who will lead the team to vet the potential candidate. trump saying he wants to add a bit of show biz to the republican convention. i've been to them. i think he might be right.
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to the donald trump campaign. live in studio. how long is it going to take? >> less than nine weeks. >> has to be, right? before the convention. >> exactly. >> corey gets this big nod. he's still campaign manager. >> yes, he is. >> usually it is a lawyer that's in this position. doesn't have to be. but what does he bring to the table as far as what he might be looking for in a vp pick? >> he knows mr. trump very well, he knows what mr. trump is looking for. that's the most important part because in the end the most important thing you need in a vp is someone that works well with the candidate. fills in weaknesses, doesn't duplicate strengths. those kind of things. corey knows mr. trump very, very well. >> he'll be working in conjunction with dr. ben carson as well. >> yes. along with corey. breaking news today with senator ted cruz. he says today he may restart his presidential campaign. even if he doesn't his supporters are planning to have their say when the party lays out its official platform in
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cleveland. former virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli souending out a letter to delegates that reads, in parts, to do that it is important that we fill the rules and platform communities with strong conservative voices like yours. that means you need to come to the national convention and support others in coming, too. it sounds like they haven't given up. >> i think they are interested in many of the same things we are as far as the rules committee goes and the platform committee. conservatives want platform that reflects their values. >> a lot of people want to -- have felt that donald trump has sometimes said things that maybe aren't in line with exactly what conservative values are. all the time. >> a lot of people say a lot of things. but i think that the trump campaign and the cruz conservative delegates work very well on this committee together. >> you don't see that it would be a different kind of movement that would be going on there with trump being the nominee and the cruz people trying to pass rules in a platform that's
11:17 am
what's different from what your candidate would do. >> i think we both have a common enemy in the mainstream establishment. >> let's talk a little bit about cleveland. yesterday i think it was -- >> great town. >> i worked there! i remember it well. have a lot of friends still there. but you made the claim that maybe we're going to pad a little show biz to the convention this time and we're going to mix it up. in what way? >> i think we should take it outside the box, right? a lot of people get their news in different platforms. we should try to engage people on the platform that they choose. >> like how? >> everything from streaming. there's nothing in the law that says it has to happen between 8:00 and 11:00. it can happen all day long in different platforms. i think i'm encouraging mr. trump and the campaign to think of this as a fresh opportunity to redefine. >> i guess a lot of people wouldn't be surprised at that because he's had such a different kind of a campaign. >> well, he truly is the best
11:18 am
media master our party's ever put forward. he understands. he's got 16 million social media followers. he understands social media. he understands television. i think that he can really make this work. >> okay. it would also put pressure on the hillary clinton campaign then to come up with something that would be a little different potentially at their convention as well. talk about the thursday meeting that mr. trump has thursday with the senate and also with the speaker of the house, paul ryan. what is he going to try to do in those meetings to get them on board? >> i don't think there is a trick he has to come in and perform to get them onboard. i think they've got to get to know each other and i expect that they will and i expect they will all leave that meeting unified. >> trump said he was blind-sided by the fact paul ryan said he wasn't ready to endorse him. have you spoken to him about it since he said that? does he still feel that way and does he feel hurt? >> we were all shocked by it.
11:19 am
typically this stuff is handled in a back channel, not on an interview on cnn. >> so you were shocked. do you believe mr. trump will ask paul ryan to not be the chair of the convention? >> i think that's between mr. ryan and mr. trump. >> all right. well, make sure to report back to us. >> i will. >> after those meetings on thursday. thanks. more missing e-mails, all state department e-mails to and from the man who set up hillary clinton's private server. they're nowhere to be found. the new questions that this now raises over the entire scandal. plus, we're going to go back to the hill where ted cruz returns to the senate after his failed presidential bid. does he still think he has a chance though at the white house? hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac.
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welcome back to "the real story" live out of d.c. today. let's look at some headlines for you today. police arrest a man in germany after they say he went on a stabbing spree at a train station near munich killing one man and injuring three others. a u.s. navy destroyer sailed near the disputed man-made chinese island in the south china sea, so says china. china has pledged not to take any action. the first african-american has been sworn in as chief of police in ferguson, missouri. key e-mails from the man to set up the former secretary of state hillary clinton's e-mail server reportedly have gone
11:24 am
missing. he is the same guy that got immunity and is a major witness in the fbi investigation. what do we know about these e-mails. >> he was the guy who was managing the clinton server and he also was a political appointee at the state department but the state department told people yesterday that when they went to certainly for e-mail records there was nothing from that time period when he worked for clinton at the state department. so it is one of those how is it the i.t. guy has no records left. the only records we are aware of were the ones released by federal court as part of a judicial watch lawsuit. what's clear in these records is there was a lot of discomfort within the state department among the career employees about his position because typically a political appointee works for the secretary or works in a policy position. here's tom finton from judicial
11:25 am
watch. >> he did not seem like he was qualified to be in that sensitive position as head of i.t. in the state department. you have to wonder why he was placed there. now that we know that he was there to help, in part, mr. clinton run her ill leaicit e-m system, i think we have the answer. >> one of the document released as part of this suit was his resume. it is very heavy on being a go-to fix-it kind of guy, not a security guy. >> meaning these hacking situations that he maybe wouldn't have had a lot of knowledge about. talk a little bit about the timing. >> i think the key question for people is whether we're so advanced in this election calendar that it is too late to take legal action and we put that question to the attorney general just yesterday. >> we do all of our reviews, investigations in any matter carefully, thoroughly and efficiently and when the matter is ready for resolution and recommendation will be made and we'll come to a decision at that
11:26 am
time. i'm not able to give you a prediction. >> the other thing that we've learned just within the last few hours is that the fbi director is going to do what's called a pen and pad tomorrow with the beat reporters. that's people like myself who routinely cover the fbi. a pen and pad is on-the-record direction with the director. it's been seven months since he's done one of these. from my experience that means there is something he wants to put on the record. whether that's related to the clinton e-mail investigation, we don't know but we will hear from the fbi director tomorrow. >> that is very interesting information. thank you. >> you're welcome. that crazy weather in the midwest is still there. take a look at this incredible tornado. we're going to be live for you in oklahoma next with more bad weather coming that way. and ted cruz returning to the senate today as we take a live look at his office. so what. kind of reception le get from folks like this? >> if you killed ted cruz on the floor of the senate, and the trial was in the senate, nobody
11:27 am
could convict you.
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i've just arrived in atlanta and i can't wait to start telling people how switching to geico could save them hundreds of dollars on car insurance. but first, my luggage. ahh, there it is. uh, excuse me, sir? i think you've got the wrong bag. sorry, they all look alike, you know? no worries.n't save py chatting at the baggage claim all day. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. bottom of the hour here live in d.c. for you today. ted cruz heading back to the hill in a couple of minutes or a couple of hours. he's returning to the senate for the first time since suspending his presidential campaign. john roberts is live for us in new york city today. john, new developments concerning ted cruz.
11:31 am
it is all the talk here in the last couple of hours. >> reporter: first of all, ted cruz told glenn beck this morning that he wouldn't rule out restarting his campaign should he win nebraska today. it is unclear whether he would be able to do that or if donald trump will prevail there. nebraska was talked about by the cruz campaign as a state that they would likely get a win in places like south dakota and montana. but since he dropped out following indiana, the whole calculus has changed. i was out in nebraska with donald trump in omaha, he got quite an enthusiastic crowd there. it is quite likely with cruz suspending the race, that donald trump would take the victory there. ted cruz also sending letters to the state chairs of every state that he won delegates in to say he wants to hang on to those delegates. now people are saying, well, if you restart the race, would you use all those delegates or might you use them during the convention? he's got 564 delegates so far which is a lot of leverage when you get to the convention. the way that we're hearing it now is that cruz is just looking to use those delegates as leverage to get some positions
11:32 am
on powerful committees during the republican convention that he likely wouldn't settle him out of a floor fight. you've heard jokes about how unpopular ted cruz is in the senate. he would likely be very unpopular with the party if he were to stage a floor fight particularly if donald trump either gets very close to or almost over the top with 1,237 delegates. but trump over the course of the next nine primaries looking to put it away and get over that 1,237 and become the de facto nominee. >> so we've been talking a lot in the last week about this so-called unity within the republican party. what's the latest that you know about in a battle that trump is still fighting within his own party? >> reporter: you've got the big meeting on thursday with paul ryan. he's also going to meet with other members of the party, he'll be meeting with mitch mcconnell in the senate. mcconnell said a short time ago he's looking forward to a "cordial meeting" with trump, that he looks competitive in the race. those new quinnipiac polls we saw even six months out show
11:33 am
that he maybe will be. his campaign folks spent a couple hours at republican national committee headquarters yesterday being walked through the apparatus that is rnc has for fund-raising for supporting a general election campaign. i was told by sources inside the rnc that they have contacted all of their traditional big donors and that two-thirds of them are already on board with the trump candidacy. so people who say that they'll never be able to raise the $1.5 billion that he'll likely need for an election campaign may not be actually speaking from a position of knowing exactly what's going on because the rnc very confident that the fund-raising operation will be able to boy wi up donald trump in a general election campaign. but not everybody of course on board. marco rubio yo still has not said that he would support donald trump. in fact, in a speech to the hudson institute a little while ago was taking some swipes at donald trump particularly over what trump said about maybe dialing back on the united states' involvement in nato. here's rubio. >> it's a lot easier to say let's walk away.
11:34 am
it is a lot easier to say, for example, let's not -- why do we give all this money to nato and these other people that we're protecting do not? and it's easier to say that than to explain what would happen if you didn't. >> reporter: of course, rubio has said he does not want to be under consideration for the running mate slot. i was told that by people close to rubio last week. the reason why? he is going to mount a bid for 2020 in the presidential race. he thinks that donald trump is going to lose by historic margins and he doesn't want to be anywhere near that when that happens. >> all very interesting. thank you. for more on this now, let's bring in our political panel. simon rosenberg, and larry o'connor. larry, ted cruz is back in the race. marco rubio doesn't want to be vp. what's going on?
11:35 am
>> first of all, welcome to simon's town. this is a democrat's town. but yes, i don't know what's going on here actually in ted cruz's mind because this doesn't make any sense. i have a feeling that people in the glenn beck orbit are getting very excited about this. he was in an interview with glen. he wanted to say some things that would make people happy. because it doesn't make any sense. it is not logical. yes, he is only suspended his campaign. george pataki has only suspended his campaign but he doesn't have a chance here and a floor fight doesn't help anyone. >> are democrats relishing over this news that once again this could be a break in the so-called unity in the gop? >> i don't know if there is unity yet. right? i think this is going to test donald trump's diplomatic skills to put this party back together. there is an amazing amount of opposition. i come from a party that can be very factious and a lot of
11:36 am
infighting. but it is very clear that trump is going to be the guy. >> talking to the voters on talk radio, cruz voters and trump voters are actually very similar. >> they're all outsider voters. they made up 75% of the primary electorate thus far. that's why i said the establishment should be looking at those numbers more closely. but let's look at marco rubio and what he said now about, he's not interested at all in being the vp. my previously stated reservations about his campaign and concerns with many of his policies remain unchanged. he will, best served by a running mate and by surrogates who fully embrace his campaign. this is an opportunity for trump to say i may look at all 16 of my former competitors on the gop side. >> which is a heck of an olive branch for trump. here's rubio's response. anyone right now who's coming out and saying i don't want to be considered, they're not being considered. by the way, gretchen, i'm giving
11:37 am
you an exclusive right now -- i do not wish to be considered for donald trump's running mate. all right? i would have been a great vice president, by the way. >> he said he might pick a democrat or somebody on the team -- >> i am not being considered. >> all right. what do you make of rubio though? i found this a little fascinating that he would be that forceful about it. because trump did actually mention rubio. it might have been a pretty smart pick for donald trump. and if trump wins, it gets rubio to the white house quicker than running again by himself. >> listen, rubio says that he's going to run in 2020 after trump lose oz. it is amazing this is already being discussed is. can't he let the guy run his race and see what happens? rubio -- i think this was a mistake by rubio. i think he's very quickly going to be out of the limelight and desperately trying to get back in the game. and it is amazing, this is why i think the story about cruz is so interesting. right? cruz has a place to go now. of all the people that lost, right? he's coming back, he has a big
11:38 am
perch in the senate. he's got a big decision to make, is he going to continue to be a bomb thrower the way that he was or is he going to be more of a mature statesman? >> if there is going to be unity coming out of this convention in cleveland, it is going to depend on cruz and his voters. >> he could be the vp pick as well. you never know. >> my money's on kasich. >> or it could be pataki. >> or me! >> you took yourself out earlier. that was just five seconds ago. although today is the day of changing your mind. who knows? guys, great to see you. we are getting a sneak peek at megyn kelly's first sit-down interview with trump after their eight-month future. and of course they discussed the controversy. so, did they mend any fences? >> you seemed to stay angry for months. was that real or was that strategy? >> well, i'm a real person. i don't say, oh, gee, i'm angry tonight but tomorrow you're my best friend. see, i do have a theory that
11:39 am
when somebody does it -- this could happen again with us. it could be -- even during this particular interview. i have great respect for you that you were able to call me and say let's get together and let's talk. to me, i would not have done that. i don't say that as a positive. i think it is a negative for me. and you walk in to trump tower, you didn't have not a neutral site or over at fox. that would be a different thing. i wouldn't have done it. >> i think the doormer an are sl recovering. >> they're like, this can't be possible. >> see the full interview tuesday, may 17th, 8:00 p.m. eastern on fox. we have some severe weather to tell you about today that continues. tornadoes tearing it through the plain states this week leaving destruction behind. at least two people died in oklahoma as twisters flattened buildings and even stripped bark off of trees. storms destroying several homes, even a radio station forcing
11:40 am
residents to take cover as all those storms moved through. marina molena is here to tell us if more severe weather is on the way. >> reporter: tell low, everybody. we're continuing to track the risk for more severe weather. we're in katie, oklahoma where yesterday a tornado ripped through this area producing significant damage. i want to share with you one of the damage scenes that we have scene which shows how strong this tornado was. it ripped the home off its foundation out here just leaving behind the foundation. preliminary reports are estimating that this tornado was potentially an ef-3 which would give it winds anywhere between 136 to 165 miles per hour. that's still not confirmed. they'll confirm that over the next couple of days. but it wasn't just in oklahoma that dealt with severe weather. we are also looking at tornadoes reported farther off to the north across states like nebraska, iowa, even into illinois and farther east into
11:41 am
the state of arkansas. that was the severe weather outbreak. as we head into later on today we are anticipating severe storms to redevelop across areas in the middle mississippi river valley, also across the ohio valley. as we head farther west across places like kansas and oklahoma where we have to deal with severe weather yesterday, it is a much quieter picture today. but severe weather could be returning there as we head into tomorrow with the next storm system that will be rolling through. here's a quick look at those areas that are looking at severe weather possible today. anywhere across portions of texas and also across parts of the midwest. gretchen? >> yes, i've been in those states, texas and oklahoma covering those devastating tornadoes. maria, thank you so much. new twist for you today in the hillary clinton e-mail controversy. there are more missing e-mails. and this time it is from her i.t. guy. where could those messages actually be? i hope greta van susteren knows because she's up next. plus a former u.s. marine held prisoner in iran is now
11:42 am
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hey, shepard smith on the fox news desk. what is cruz thinking? have you heard he's suggesting he could actually get back in this race? that's even though there is virtually no chance he can stop donald trump from getting the nomination. so is there something else at play? i'll speak with a political editor, why she says ted cruz is starting to make her sad. shepard smith reporting. top of the hour. back to "the real story" now live in d.c. today. state department announcing it has no record of any e-mails sent by hillary clinton's senior i.t. staffer during the time of course that he worked for the former secretary of state you should have turned over any e-mails from his work account when he left the job.
11:46 am
greta van susteren joins me now live in the studio. where are these e-mails. >> either there are no e-mails or they're lost in the confidence of the government or they've been destroyed. those are the three options. >> isn't it a little suspicion that this guy would have been there for three or four years? he was head of i.t. and that we can't find any kind of an e-mail chain for him? >> i don't know how much communication. there is one e-mail they have found where he wished her happy birthday which i think was in 2012. look, i have no explanation for it. but the thing is that he has been granted immunity by the justice department so he's free to do as much talking as he wants to the justice department. this is a private suit brought by a republican group so it is different. it is brought over in the court, a civil suit. but we're going to find out more later. if it turns out that something sinister has happened here, we will be hearing more. >> we will. it was reported that tomorrow there is an fbi pen and paper. that hasn't happened in seven
11:47 am
months so maybe we'll learn more then. a lawsuit announced by a former u.s. marine detained in iran. claiming he was tortured, beaten, and tricked into providing a false confession. so here's my question for you, greta. can this former marine sue the country of iran? >> if you pay $50 or whatever the filing fee is. that's done. in order to be successful though you have to get jurisdiction, meaning it has to happen someplace where the court has jurisdiction over it. incidentally, until i met my husband in 1979 because he sued in connection with the takeover of the u.s. embassy and some of the americans were held there, but the difference there is that that was a u.s. embassy in iran which was u.s. territory. and my husband got service on khomeini. that's the second thing he did. you need jurisdiction and service to go forward to have these things happen. i don't know how he's going to be successful. i have no doubt they did all these horrible, bad things to him but it's really -- it becomes more of a political issue and what's our government going to do. of course in this instance looks like our government has not
11:48 am
bargained much or anything for these poor people and they are still holding -- there's still bob levinson? >> we have no idea where he is. i know you've spent time with hekmati's family. what was the reason he sued though? is he going to ask for money? you can't get the time back. >> but he is asking for money because that's the only mechanism we have to compensate people is money. they did terrible things to him. it is a terrible country, they do terrible things to americans, terrible things to journalists. if nothing else it is a statement. we're getting him back on tv he satisfaction that once again the media is talking about how horrible iran was to him and to jason rezaian and other americans. he may not see any money at the end of the day but he may get some satisfaction. maybe our government will wake up and see what some of these americans go through with some of these regeeimeregimes.
11:49 am
>> would any trial be here. >> he filed in u.s. district here so that would be here. but the court first has to decide if it has jurisdiction over something that happened in another country. it didn't happen on a u.s. embassy in another country with i is our territory. this happened in an iranian prison in tehran. i would be surprised if he got jurisdiction, but it's hard to jump in people's minds but i'd be surprised if he got jurisdiction and surprised if he then got service meaning he actually delivered the lawsuit to the right person. >> i know you'll probably be covering this tonight. 7:00 eastern, along with all the other political stuff going on today. good to see you. many green energy companies still in the red even though they're getting lots of green in federal funding. so we went to the middle of a solar field to shed some light on it. >> reporter: hi, gretchen. i am actually at the largest urban solar installation in the country. in just a moment, i'll be back to explain why nobody seems to be able to make any money on
11:50 am
solar power. the answer in a moment.
11:51 am
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e.t. phone home.
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when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. time to check out what america's clicking on today. western sanctions taking their toll on the russian maker of the ak-47. they are now producing a line of casual clothing. >> and a pair of shoes may have started a fire. >> and stephon curry named the mvp, most valuable player. we were debating that in our house last night.
11:54 am
yeah, there really was no debate, right? you know what's happening with the nation's coal miners. not so sunny for the solar industry either. at least you got out of indiana! >> reporter: with my life. >> you were there for like three weeks. >> reporter: electrocuted here. >> why isn't solar power taking off in the united states? >> reporter: in some way it is. look at these solar panels. there are 32,000. we just flew a drone. the problem is nobody can make any money on it. solar city announced its earnings yesterday, very disappointing, multiple solar companies just not making any money and, you know, solar city
11:55 am
was down as a stock 24% today alone. it's a blood bath out there, almost as much as the coal industry. >> well, that is not good news. so much solar is there in the united states then? >> it was growing. it was up 27% last year. but it's still a very small percentage. less than a percent actually. if you look at the numbers on what it costs, this is the reason why. natural gas, the plentiful natural gas with fracking has really come down in cost, coal is pretty cheap but solar is by far the outlier, $125 a mega watt hour. you get a tax break, 30% write-off on your tax return but still the numbers still aren't working. >> some dim numbers there. by the way, i love indiana.
11:56 am
i just meant had you been there covering the campaign for all those weeks. >> reporter: i know, i was there for a long time. happy to be home in chicago. >> we'll see you again soon, jeff. take care. take a close look at the screen. notice something different about this can of bud? how you can get your hands on it and here's some really cool spacex video. kpek it out. -- check it out. i'm terrible at golf.
11:57 am
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here's a fun story for you. anheuser-busch announcing the company will be replacing the logo with america on both cans and bottles. the brewery says it's aiming to
12:00 pm
inspire drinkers to celebrate this great country. i'm with you. >> spacex releasing three slightly different angles on the falcon 9 ship. that shows the rocket coming down. the company says the odds of pulling it off, 50/50. bye from d.c. it's 3:00 on the west coaea, noon on the west coast. the swing states that could decide our next president. we have brand new polls that show a trump defeat to hillary clinton could be all wrong. a lot of politics this primary tuesday. so let's get to it. first from t


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