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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 10, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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inspire drinkers to celebrate this great country. i'm with you. >> spacex releasing three slightly different angles on the falcon 9 ship. that shows the rocket coming down. the company says the odds of pulling it off, 50/50. bye from d.c. it's 3:00 on the west coaea, noon on the west coast. the swing states that could decide our next president. we have brand new polls that show a trump defeat to hillary clinton could be all wrong. a lot of politics this primary tuesday. so let's get to it. first from the desk this
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afternoon, forgive and forget. forget about it. donald trump's one-time rivals are back in the headlines and it's not to throw their support behind the presumptive republican nominee. far from it. ted cruz and marco rubio making their first big appearances since their campaigns imploded and ted cruz is now suggesting he could get back in the race one week after he called it quits. it all hinges on the primaries today, specifically nebraska. ted cruz says he's not holding his breath for a win there but if he does pull off a victory, he says he won't rule out anything. >> if there is a path to victory, we launched this campaign to win. the reason we suspended the campaign, i didn't see a viable path to victory. if that changes, we will certainly respond accordingly. >> it might add a little suspense to today's primary.
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the results out of west virginia and nebraska didn't matter, right? now you can bet people will be watching the polls closely. so even though there's virtually no chance of stopping ted cruz, it sound like ted cruz is still stinging from the loss. and we also heard from marco rubio today. he spoke at a foreign policy think tank in washington today and took a few swipes at the gop's new standard bear erbeare. it's -- >> it's a lot easier to say why do we give all this money to nato? >> a reference there for trump's controversial call to cut funding for nato. it's one of the reasons donald trump is headed to capitol hill on thursday, the day after tomorrow, to meet with republican lawmakers, including the house speaker, paul ryan, who says that right now he's not
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ready to support donald trump. that meeting is likely the most important but don't tell that to speaker ryan. today he's trying to downplay the whole thing sending reporters this e-mail, subject: ryan/trump. "no, not really. you should know that thursday's ryan/trump meeting is not the most important thing happening in washington, d.c. this week." quinnipiac university polled three swing states likely critical in winning the gop election, it found that donald trump is running neck and neck with hillary clinton. in florida clinton leads 43 to 42 and in ohio donald trump beats hillary clinton 43% to 39%. it's way to early for head-to-head matchups. but one thing the polling does
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suggest, we're in for a brutal and bumpy road to november. so buckle up. john roberts is here in new york city for us this afternoon. hey, john. >> good afternoon, do you, shep. as you said, those polls don't mean that much in far out from the general election. heck, a lot can change between now and next week. what they may be is a very powerful signal to a lot of the big republican donors sitting on the sidelines thinking independent not going to go in with donald trump because he's going to get blown out in historic proportions. he may entice some of them to come on board. it's also power to rank-and-file republicans to say maybe the time is now to get behind trump. tease what rick perry is thinking. this morning on fox news, he said that he believes that people will begin to rally around donald trump but that it may just take some time. here's perry. >> i think you will see a very
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strong coalition and coalescing behind donald trump as we go along. everybody needs their time to have the conversations. i admire speaker ryan for reaching out and saying, hey, we need to talk to each other. there's nothing wrong with that. >> nothing wrong with that and also speaker ryan has not said never trump. a lot of people are looking for a cu -- coom bayah movement. it looks like trump is trying to say i'm carrying the torch for the american cause. he was on the glen beck program when he said it.
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he does have a block with which he can yield a lot of leverage. if he goes in with that many delegates, he has a lot of influence to say i want people on these committees and i want to make a big speech at the convention. marco rubio still has 160 something delegates and john kasich has a whole lot of delegates, too. i think you're going to see them playing as well. i don't expect he would get back in. >> let's bring in jackie, the politics editor for "the daily beast." looks like you're in new york, right, jackie? >> no, i'm in d.c. >> well, they fixed their background. ted cruz back in it. really? >> i have a time believing he's going to do it.
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yesterday ted cruz and his folks with blaming marco rubio and john kasich for the fact that cruz couldn't win. if he does decide to get back in, i think it would be a tough climb back to prominence. >> did you see this quinnipiac poll? >> public policy polling. did you see that? >> i didn't see the public policy poll. >> the quinnipiac poll basically tells us it's closer than all the pundits have been saying. the pundits been acting like there's no way donald trump can win this. look, this is florida, pennsylvania and ohio. if these numbers hold up, anybody can win this. >> you know, the thing that struck me about those polls is that hillary clinton's weakness with white men. that was something you saw in
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each of those states. she's winning with women and minorities but when it comes to white men, she's so outpaced by donald trump. they need to figure out how to bring some of those guys into the fold. right now that weakness is affecting her across the board. >> what do you mean she's being outpac outpaced? >> white men don't like hillary clinton and don't want to vote for her. >> he seems to feel he can do better with women yet he keeps having women problems. what should his strategy be? >> i'm not a strategist but it doesn't look like the needle is moving yet. he's in the hole something like 75% in the general electorate with women. you have to think maybe not talking about women for a while would help donald trump. >> he said he's been self-funding but that's not entirely true. and now he needs another billion. how are they planning to do
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that? >> you know, you're right. donald trump actually has been taking contributions, even though he says he's self-funding, he was raising even over this whole primary. that said, he does need to make peace with some of these republican donors that have been a little squeamish about him because he does need to raise, as you mentioned, quite a bit of money to beat clinton machine as we refer to it so much because everyone is going to be kind of out for blood and you're going to need money to defend yourself. >> when we first heard about this donald trump and paul ryan meeting, that sounded to me like this is the part where they come together, paul ryan explains to other conservatives, more establishment types, here's how and why you back donald trump. then there's been all this friction in the meantime. that part i don't understand. does any of your reporting suggest what that is? >> the friction between ryan and trump? >> yeah. paul ryan said come meet, and instead of having a lull period
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between then and then, paul ryan comes out and says i'll back down and donald trump says we may not need to be united. what's that rhetoric about? >> it seems like both are trying to posture. paul ryan was giving some of his moderates maybe some cover, that they don't have to go and back donald trump. when it comes to the actual meeting that they're sitting down, donald trump has this way of being very blustery in public but then when he gets face to face when the person he's squaring off with, he gets very civil. >> have you seen the civil side? >> the civil side of donald trump? yeah, i have actually. >> tell me about it. what is a conversation like? it's not full of bluster, you just suggested? >> i interviewed him actually was when i was at "usa today." we always had a civil conversation. we were usually talking about his books or his role in the last republican race. but it wasn't going after the media or anything like that.
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and we've seen that in other places throughout this contest where there is a softer side of trump. >> interesting. jackie, thank you. donald trump's campaign manager, corey lewandowski, will head up the search for a running maybe. corey lewandowski is now the point person for all v.p.-related issues. since lawyers usually run that process and corey is not a lawyer, they may bring in lawyers to help vet the pick. if you're not a fan of donald trump or hillary clinton, how about somebody else? who could afford it? who could get the backing and who has the time? that's coming up on this tuesday afternoon. e your dad's a lawyer. and you land a job with a 401k and meet your wife. you're surprised how much you both want kids,
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get accident forgiveness from allstate and keep your rates from going up just because of an accident. and it starts the day you sign up. so whether it's your car or home, let allstate help protect your rates. talk to a local allstate agent and discover how much more their personal service can do for you. call 888-429-5722 now. some republicans in the stop trump campaign are not giving up in finding a third party candidate. they may be running out of time. they just missed the deadline to get on the ballot in texas and they still don't have a contender. so who could be running? peter barnes is on this today. peter >> shep, you're right. there's more buzz about them launching a third party candidate.
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and ted cruz just said in a radio interview he would not be a third party candidate for president. and some never trump conservatives say it is too late to launch a third party candidate anyway, it would miss important deadlines this month and texas and north carolina and any competitive presidential campaign would likely cost more than a billion dollars, a high bar for fund-raising at this point, shep. >> who do analysts say has a realistic shot at this? and how realistic is even the whole concept? >> well, conservative leader bill kristol, editor of "the weekly standard," he's continuing to push this third party campaign against trump and hillary clinton. in the latest issue of his magazine he writes, "it is not too late to give republican voters, a majority of whom have not supported donald trump in the primaries an alternative, an
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independent republican candidate can help prevent the con flags of the republican party. and another trump conservative told me today in this age of trump television and social media, all free, you may not need a billion dollars to run anymore. >> well, trump might not. i don't know about anybody else. peter barnes, thank you. a lot more politics ahead in this hour. in nebraska, ted cruz is closely watching. and to west virginia where donald trump told folks don't even bother voting. that's next from the fox news desk. running a small business is definitely difficult. and we've been traveling a lot. hello welcome to holiday inn. the hotel becomes our mobile office. hi.
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tonight nebraska's republican primary just got a little more interesting. as i reported, ted cruz has suggested he might jump back into the race if he beats donald trump there. political analysts say trump is on the way to clinching the nomination now that all of his republican rivals have dropped out. team fox coverage now douglas in charleston, west virginia, where voters are head together polls. first let's go to jonathan live in omaha. >> reporter: if senator ted cruz is considering unsuspending his campaign, he's leaving it until very late in the day to let people know. >> it's a novel campaign strategy to announce that you're
12:21 pm
out and then that you might get back in. i suspect that if senator cruz had thought he was going to win nebraska, he might have stuck it out another week. >> on the other hand, the gop hierarchy here reflects the national republican party split on donald trump. the governor has endorsed him while senator ben sapp has been one of trump's most outspoken critics. cruz was fancied to win here before he suspended his campaign and early voting, there's been a lot of that before that suspension could help half his numbers. polls close at 8 central, 9:00 eastern. >> jonathan, thanks. donald trump is telling supporters to go out and vote in today's other contest in west virginia, even though he's also said he doesn't need to win there. we go to charleston, west
12:22 pm
virginia. hello, doug. >> reporter: hey, shep. turnout at this polling place has been light to moderate from what we're hearing. we've heard turnout at other places have been very high, to the point where they've had to bring in extra machines. 106,000 votes were pulled in. marie cast her ballot for donald trump and did so, she says, reluctantly. >> i voted for trump because it's sort of the lesser between two evils, the criminal or the wild man. i'll take the wild man. >> even that remark that trump made last week saying people need to show up for the primary, people are showing up and the reason is fairly obvious. >> he wants everybody to be working and he's not going to do anything against the coal mines. and without coal west virginia
12:23 pm
is truly nothing. i grew up at a time when coal was king, and now the coal miners are out of work, they say they'll retrain them but to do what? >> reporter: that woman told us she is a nurse and she has seen a dramatic increase in overdose visits to the emergency room and increase in people suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, all attributable to the devastation in the economy from the loss of coal here. >> thanks very much. what makes a food healthy? the food and drug administration vor reports it may change the definition of the world healthy. right now manufacturers can put healthy on their products if they contain limited amounts of
12:24 pm
fat, sugar and sodium. any changes to the fda an definition to healthy foods could really take years. and coming up, we'll introduce you to a u.s. army veteran who is paddle boarding from texas to new york. he's doing it to help some of his brothers in arms. that's coming up from fox news channel.
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u.s. and afghan forces have rescued the son of the former prime minister from the taliban after three years of captivity. the former prime minister said militants had demanded the release of former al qaeda prisoners in exchange for his son. >> police in connecticut say they've arrested a fugitive who
12:27 pm
spent nearly five decades on the run. robert stakowicz broke out of prison in 1968. he ended up in sherman, west of hartford. he was known as a boat repairman. he was caught after applying for social security benefits. >> and combat in the czech republic. no rules except no stabbing. go to, dawn saves wildlife. quite like the human foot. introducing the 241 horsepower lexus is 200 turbo. with almost twenty percent more base horsepower. once driven, there's no going back.
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bottom of the hour. bernie sanders says he has a good shot at winning west virginia tonight, but he admits he's facing what he calls a narrow path to the nomination. most analysts say he has no path at all. hillary clinton still way ahead in the delegate count. senator sanders insists he can still make this a race by getting her super delegates to switch sides. that would be quite the trick. we have team fox coverage.
12:30 pm
first let's get to michael live in louisville where clinton is campaigning today. hello, mike. >> shep, good afternoon to you. it's looking like it might be a long night for hillary clinton in west virginia. she's doing an event here this hour in louisville. earlier she did an event in lexington where he continued her outreach to women voters and young families. she unveiled a proposal to limit child care costs to 10% of a family's income. and she would like to boost pay for child care workers and expand a home visit program to reach out to low-income parents. she talked about what she's hearing from young parents. >> they can't save money for college because they're paying for child care. they're working to support their families but a lot of the stress is because it's so expensive on child care, they don't feel like they're putting anything away for the later education. >> while clinton is taking the
12:31 pm
high road, if you will, talking policy, an outside group affiliated with clinton is engaged in political combat with donald trump, trying to drive up his negatives with women. >> because nobody respects women more than donald trump. >> she came to my wedding. she ate like a pig and seriously the wedding cake was -- it was like missing in action. >> expect more of that in the month ahead. but first things first. hillary clinton has a battle tonight in west virginia with bernie sanders. >> mike, thank you. >> bernie sanders for his part has already made his way out west. he's campaigning today in california, which is the biggest prize of them all and in oregon where voters head to the polls next week. peter is live in portland. hey, peter. >> there's a major effort under way to do two things, first to
12:32 pm
get democratic voters on the phone, tell them to check the male and look for ballots sent out at the end of april and to drop those ballots for bernie in the mailbox, get them to the postman as soon as possible. the somebody thing they're trying to do is to have sanders canvas, knocking on doors, collecting those ballots themselves. officials need ballots in hand by 8 p.m. next tuesday night. they are trying to get organized to make that happen. that portland field office was emptying out to come here because volunteers are going to work the long line and get supporters to turn their cell phones into phone banks while they wait with a special app. the script for the volunteers hasn't changed very much since the start of the campaign but the script that sanders uses has. he's now talking about his path t to the nomination and he's talking about how electability could work for him and how he
12:33 pm
can keep the revolution going until the election. >> we have a possibility. it is a steep hill to climb and i acknowledge that but we have the possibility of walking in to the democratic convention with a majority of pledged delegates. >> tonight it's going to be senator sanders' fourth appearance here in oregon. that's four more than secretary clinton so far. shep? >> peter doocy, thank you. >> seven decades after the u.s. dropped a bomb off japan, president obama will visit hiroshima. the white house says president obama will not make any apology for the bombing and japan's prime minister says he not expecting one. the white house officials say the president will, quote, highlight his continued commitment to pursuing a peace
12:34 pm
and security of a world without nuclear weapons. >> the united states and china are fighting over who is in charge over the south sea. this a busy shipping area, no doubt, with underwater oil and natural gas reserves. the american ship traveled near fiery cross reef, which china claimed. a u.s. army veteran is now paddle boarding some 3,500 miles
12:35 pm
to help other american troops. the guy's name is josh collins. he fought in afghanistan and bosnia and suffered four traumatic brain injuries and wound up with post traumatic stress disorder. he says he's paddling to raise money and awareness for ptsd and high veteran suicide rates. the v.a. reports an average of 22 veterans kill themselves every day. josh collins started in corpus christi five days ago. right now he's paddling his way up the east coast. is it p he about halfway now? >> just about exactly halfway. he wounded the florida peninsula and from here on out, it's 1,000 miles northbound up the intercoastal. he begins every day the same, up
12:36 pm
at sunrise, kisses his wife good-bye and paddles paddles paddle. he's paddling for ptsd awa awareness, as well as the daily veteran suicide rate, which the va says is 50% higher than nonveterans. >> if you had 22 teachers a day killing themselves, we'd do something about this, take this very, very seriously. >> collins is hoping to raise about $20 million in this five-month long, long journey, all that through the task force dagger foundation, which helps veteran with ptsd get better. >> i hear he's getting the hero treatment. as as well he should. >> reporter: deservedly so. he said one of the best things
12:37 pm
is when fellow wounded warriors get word he's coming and show up on the beach. this past weekend the city of miami awarded josh a proclamation. and look at the gratitude when he came aboard in clear water beach. by the time he's done, he'll have set a paddle board distance record burr he says that's nothing compared to his fellow gets vetting the help they need. >> because this the war is over, it doesn't mean america can lose interest because the mission of recovery i think we've learned as a nation is just as important. >> and in case you're wondering, he has a one-woman support team. that's his wife, tanya. she drives the rv, drops him off in the morning, they rendezvous at sunset and she makes dinner
12:38 pm
and they sleep in the rv. >> a man in arizona said he found an old bag in his attic but what might see like some junk was actually priceless to the 96-year-old widow who used to live there. inside that bag, an old uniform, a photo and some dutch wooden shoes. it wasn't easy but the homeowner tracked down the soldier's family and found he had died in 2012, but to the soldier's 96-year-old widow, it was a perfect reminder of her late favorite guy. >> a couple of pilots looking to shatter a record by flying their plane 90,000 feet above our planet. here's the thing, they're doing it without an engine. we saw some of this. i guess people had been way high back decades ago but never under these circumstances and certainly with nothing like this. >> this is a glider. it has no engine, just rides on
12:39 pm
air currents. it was built to go to the edge of space. they're on track to do it this summer. if they succeed, they'll break a record for the highest of any kind of aircraft with wings flying in a level, controlled environment. >> just riding currents? >> just riding air currents. >> this gets up to 85,000 feet using enormous engines. the glider doesn't have that. i'd feel a little safer with the engines i think. some brave guys. >> i suppose. 41,000 feet is around my max. >> there as a lot of great research they can do. it's like flying on mars apparently, similar conditions at 90,000 people. they're hoping to learn some things that will really come in handy. >> i bet they'll have some nice
12:40 pm
note owes. >> i'm sure they will. >> thank you, lilly. >> if you drink and drive, cops can test and see. what if you're spoking weed? triple a says a test they use to see if people are unpaired don't work. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet played shortstop in high school, learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami.
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>> ah, salute the dear leader. thousands of people dancing in china's pyongyang square. north koreans had reportedly been practicing for celebrations of this kind for weeks and weeks. just to get it exactly right for his greatness.
12:44 pm
of course they didn't have a choice. he reportedly hung out with north korea's military chief, a guy that the south korean chief says he executed weeks ago. now apparently he's undead. and triple a says these states use tests to measure the kind of thc in your blood. drivers with high levels might not be impaired but a first time user with low level might be a danger on the road. let's bring in the judge. you'd have to figure they'd have
12:45 pm
problems trying to measure there stuff eventually. >> to make it more complex, the chemical in mayrijuana stays in your blood strong long after you have ingested it. and the machinery can't tell when it entered your blood stream. people have been convicted on the basis of this, which is incorrect and doesn't show guilt. >> so you might have it in your system from a couple weeks ago and not be high at all? >> correct. precise precisely. you may say to the cop, i didn't smoke and you don't take the test. but it's been sold to the police
12:46 pm
as a money maker. >> but in let's say washington state and colorado and other places, if you smoked a couple of weeks ago and you're not high at all today, it perfectly fine for you to be driving on the road, just like having a beer last week. >> absolutely. >> so they need a better test. >> they do. >> if you've been convicted, it's time to stand up and scream at somebody. >> it might be too late to challenge the test before or you didn't know about it. many states will allow after-acquired evidence to challenge a guilty finding. i didn't find out until six months after i was found guilty that it was faulty. it will be up to a judge whether they open the cases. >> a lot of 18-year-olds will tell you you can get cause with
12:47 pm
thc in your system for a month. that's not new information. so how is it that law enforcement, especially the court system, didn't realize their stuff was flawed? >> because law enforcement is more interested in convictions -- >> they wanted the money. >> precisely. and judges who have gone along with this are just as complicit as the police and they should not. >> mad about the whacky weed. that's dumb and old, isn't it? >> it is. the trend today in many states, starting with the federal government, i don't know what will happen under who succeeds president obama, but he allowed the states to decide and that is the trend. a half dozen states have said lawful for personal use, another 0 stat 20 states have said lawful for
12:48 pm
medicinal use and another 10 states said we're not going to process you aggressively. >> wrap your house in cellophane. >> did you have to mention at that? >> we're embarrassing people. >> a foreign company might own budweis budweiser, and it does, but the company behind it says they are rebranding budweiser beer as simply america. >> come on. >> no. a belgian company now own it is. we've put a mock-up of it. this is the can to which we've all become accustomed. this fills cooler all across america. there's a star spangled banner
12:49 pm
up there, the u.s. up there. this is what we are. is this even legal for them to do this? patriotic changes, it called. the first four bars of the "star spangled banner" up there and the slogan indivisible since 1776. >> i'm sure it's legal. >> i'm sure it's legal but it's also kind of gross. >> current threats we're watching from the fox extreme weather center. and incredible images after that massive wildfire in canada. it's still burning right now. into work. and you don't know if you'll get an insurance check or a severance check. the liberty mutual mobile app makes filing and tracking claims fast and easy. liberty mutual insurance.
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wenit gave me a leafput in the names almost right away. first. within a few days, i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. i didn't know that using ancestry would be so easy.
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we're getting a look at what's left after tens of thousands of people had to leave their homes after that huge wildfire in canada. figur officials are working to get people back to the city of fort mcmurray. officials say most of the city is actually still standing but thousands and thousands of homes and buildings have been lost in the flames. here are some of the charred bicycles behind a fence. you can probably see the fire completely destroyed some of these homes. some homes in the background just really untouched. here's a burned out truck in what was a driveway to somebody's home. it's like this all over town they tell us. really big flames. this photo is from over the weekend, right outside fort mcmurray. experts say this could end up being the moeks expensive -- m
12:54 pm
expensive disaster in history. >> two people died after twisters tore across portions of southern omaha yesterday. we're told hail in lincoln nebraska was the size of soft balls. over on our wall, a book at the system over the past 12 hours. you can see where came through here. i guess this is southwestern kentucky. it looks like that one little cell, southwest kentucky, northwest tennessee? >> paduka. we have watches across the ohio valley, as well as central texas. this one good until 10 p.m. local. this one across the ohio valley until 9 p.m. local time.
12:55 pm
s they where you see that tornado warn storm south of the paduka area. and given, there is that tornado warn storm for the next 20 minutes or so, doppler radar indicating strong rotation so people need to be taking shelter immediately and that's the area of high risk tonight as we get into the ohio valley, portions of tennessee, kentucky, indiana and ohio and then an area across tex texas, again, across the central u.s., we could see large hail, damaging wind. tonight we think all of those ingredients will come together for strong winds, very damaging hail and perhaps isolated tornadoes. taking a quick look at what we're going to be dealing with overnight and tomorrow, looks like more storms ahead, shep. >> janice dean, thank you so much. janice is in the extreme weather
12:56 pm
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on this day in 1876, philadelphia hosted a 100th birthday party for america and folks introduced some revolutionary ideas. millions lined the streets of philly for what officials called their own version of the world's fair. among inventions on display, an early version of the typewriter and folks got their first look at a gadget called a telephone. and we got our first look at heinz ketchup and root beer at the centennial celebration 100
1:00 pm
years ago. heinz ketchup is the only ketchup. and neil cavuto is coming up. look at this business. i like it. you have 3 seconds to sell everything. time's up. all right. it was a weird one, shep. i'm neil cavuto. you're looking at your world and a 200-plus point surge in the dow. the growing better seems to be given the lack luster numbers we've seen, the from is less inclined to raise interest rates. we're also winding down the end of earnings season. while it is expected to be yet another quarter where earnings contracted from the year-ago quarter, not as much as they thought. it would be akin o what i used to do with my parents, mom, dad, i'm