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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 10, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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years ago. heinz ketchup is the only ketchup. and neil cavuto is coming up. look at this business. i like it. you have 3 seconds to sell everything. time's up. all right. it was a weird one, shep. i'm neil cavuto. you're looking at your world and a 200-plus point surge in the dow. the growing better seems to be given the lack luster numbers we've seen, the from is less inclined to raise interest rates. we're also winding down the end of earnings season. while it is expected to be yet another quarter where earnings contracted from the year-ago quarter, not as much as they thought. it would be akin o what i used to do with my parents, mom, dad, i'm going to get all ds on my
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report card. when i got some cs, they thought it was great. facebook despite all this stuff about whether it tries to keep out conservative news and trends, it didn't hurt the stock today. it was up into record territory. amazon, which of course is now going to become sort of like this retail favorite and proof that people are shopping and a lot up to an all-time high today. it was in and out of $700 a share. finally the one we're watching later on today that will complete what has been a largely better there and expected report out of our media companies, disney is supposed to announce in a few minutes. we are scrutinizing that number because this is the quarter that included that period where people were going to have to fork over more to go to disney world, disneyland, et cetera.
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and get a read on how global growth is going. where watching this as well. the wait is on for ted cruz, who is returning to the senate for the first time since announcing he is no longer running for the united states, but, but, but, he has also said to glen beck that a campaign suspended is not a campaign done. in the middle of all of that is our chad bergram. i want to show this one-on-one, very analogous of my exclusive with him at the last convention. >> chad, you know me all too well. you know i'm not a walk and talk type of guy. >> excuse me. >> some people are critical of that and think that was a
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political mistake, mr. speaker. >> seconds after that, capitol police arrested chad and had him carted away. no, not really. what was the timing of that, how did you catch up with him? and now this? >> i made bond so i'm out for the time being. i'm in the russell senate office building, just a few steps from ted cruz's office on the third floor from the russell building. this was paul ryan's first return to the capital since this two-step last week. he first of all said he's not ready yet to back donald trump for president and secondly he said he would be willing to forego the gavel to be the convention chair. so there's going to be a couple of meetings later this week. there's going to be one at 9:00 at the republican national convention thursday morning, he'll meet with trump, reince priebus and there will be a senate republican leadership meeting sometime later on thursday. we're trying to sort out just
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what's going to happen here. there are some republicans who are very critical of paul ryan, thought he got out on the tips of his skis here, not going out and saying we're going to immediately back the presumptive the republican nominee. other people think that mean paul other people think that maybe paul ryan is flying air cover for his house republicans so some can make up their own minds just about how much they want to support donald trump and how much they want to be associated with him. i talked to one member today, a senior member, a committee chairman, who said we're all going to be on the ballot with donald trump whether we like it or not so we might as well get behind him. this is kind of like the first day back to school. and in less than ten minutes ted cruz will come back. will be his first appearance
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at the capitol sense february 10th. he and marco cape off the campaign trail to vote for a bill and in a few minutes we'll talk to reporters and see if we can get some questions through. >> this cruz development out of the blue where he said i'm not necessarily done, a campaign suspended is not a campaign done, do you read much into that? he scoffed at how unlikely it was but what does it take to unsuspend a suspended campaign? >> well, e -- i think we need to invent a meth don't for politicians on withdrawal from presidential campaigns. i'm serious about that.
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it's really tough. it's like he's now saying i ran for president and all have i to show for it are these lousy leftover t-shirts. that's understandable. it is tough to get out of a presidential campaign and that's pretty obvious i think too everybody and it's probably obvious to ted cruz and his family. >> on thursday you have this pow-wow, it was supposed to be paul ryan talking to donald trump. it's extended to include the republican leadership. picture being a fly on that wall. how do you think it's going to go? >> i'm sure that they will attempt to project cordiality. what's actually said behind the scenes we'll never know until about two seconds by the way, i
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can't imagine chad being arrested. i've known him for years. he's a very peaceable guy. >> wasn't arrested. >> he wasn't arrested? >> no, he was, he was. >> all right. well, you paid the bail. i'm surprised. you're pretty cheap, neil. ever knows that. but what chance said was true, though, neil. this is really about paul ryan's members, the members of the house and the republican caucus. he's basically saying in a very different way the same thing that senator mitch mcconnell said on the if you want to go chang your name to donald trump
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v, go right ahead. whatever it is that helps you get re-elected because we want to maintain a republican majority in the house and the senate. >> professor, thank you very much. to donald trump and consolidating this and trying to remove all doubt, eant you to take a look at how he is faring in what will be key battleground states that together account for 68 electoral votes. he's are three states. this a national there's a distinct possibility that donald trump could do that and this could be a closer than thought electoral contest. it's 270 electoral votes that determine the next president, not necessarily the popular vote. karl rove on that is correct great historian as well.
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were you surprised by those numbers, carl? >> yeah, i was. i thought they were good news for donald trump. if you look inside the internals, it looks like he's doing a better job of consolidating republicans behind him in the immediate aftermath of his indiana win than hillary clinton is in amalgam eighting democrats to her cause. she's still in a rhyme ry. >> a lot of it depends on how aggressively donald trump comes out of that convention, how united it is and this issue of how much money is spent. it want too long ago where he was sort of hemming and haughing about whether it there was no iron-clad rule that said he was picking up the tab right through november. i want you to react to this.
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>> i'm self-funding, i don't want anybody's money. but if sheldon gives to him, he'll have total control over rubio. >> if you lk. >> once we go through that, then the party kicks in and billions of dollars comes in, everybody wants to support, i think we'll have great spirit. that's a different thing. but i'm not going to accept any -- >> in other words, if you get the nomination, other money comes in to help pay for this or it's still your money paying for the campaign? >> after that the party comes in and they raise, you know, a lot. >> you know, i signed the pledge and the pledge is that we honor a lot of different things. >> what if it's a sheldon
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aidelson raising opinion but i haven't gotten that far. what my pledge is and what i've said very strongly, i'm going through the entire process, through the nominating process and at that point i guess the party wek. >> what do you make of that? he was telegraph being that. >> well, i think it's more complicated than that. early on he was saying i'm the only candidate who can't be bought, i'm fund being my own campaign and then we got into this quirky phase of i'm willing to have the party kick in in the general election, but the party is limited in what it can spend money on. for example, june 8th the democrats, the super pac
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supporting hillary clinton will begin spending $130 million to fight donald trump. and then after july 18th, there are various federal election laws that come into play that limit up and he was pay p said he was paying for his own campaign. now he's going to have to depend on the republican national convention to do everything and they're limited by both resources and legally from doing certain things -- >> but they're ready to do it, right? sheldon adelson is ready to do it? >> i don't know. but he's going to have to be clear in the signal.
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there's going they're limited to giving 300,000 to the republican national convention and not all of that money can be spent on him. >> do you think voters care about that? >> they don't in one sense but they ought to in a practical instance. if he doesn't find a couple hundred thousand dollars, he o could be wildly outspent on television ads. while he can compensation for sam that ted cruz is returning to his job, his full-time job, united states senator from state of texas, his first time visiting since he hinted at but
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it would be -- first time in recent memory that a suspended candidate has put himself right back in the rate race. unlikely but we're watching that drama. and facebook stock hit a high today, despite the fact that a lot of conservatives are angry saying this company has a real problem friending conservatives. when it comes to conservative news, they're not friended at all. the senator wants answers.
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you are looking live, ted cruz is returning to his day job having given up his presidential quest, he is now back on capitol hill, back at his senate office, being greeted by colleagues and a lot of reporters there. let's listen in. >> it's great to be back to the welcoming embrace of washington. >> why are you not endorsing donald trump? >> i'm very glad to be back in the senate, i'm very glad to be rolling up my sleeves and tackling the issues were at the heart of our presidential campaign. we went 13 months crisscrossing the country and saw incredible energy and passion across the country, ended up earning over 7 million votes nationwide, winning 12 states, winning nearly 600 delegates, but alas it wasn't enough. we came up short and didn't prevail. that was not the outcome i had hoped for, it was not the outcome that many others had
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hoped for but at the end of the day in our democratic process, the people decide. for me what is important is that the movement continues. this movement from the people, this battle is about a lot more than one election cycle or one candidate. it is about principles that are eternal. it is about the free market principles that turned america into a beacon of hope and opportunity from people from all across the world. it's about the constitutional liberties that protect the fundamental rights of every american. all across this country people are hungry for change. they recognize that the path we're on, it isn't working and people are suffering. this election cycle should be a wake-up call to washington, d.c. the frustration, the volcanic anger with washington was echoed throughout this election. my priorities had i been elected president were to fight for jobs
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and freedom and security. i think those are the priority of the american people. instead i will continue fighting for those priorities, jobs and freedom and security from the united states senate, fighting to reduce the burdens of washington on small businesses, to protect the liberties of every american. >> reporter: -- have you ruled that out entirely? >> we suspended our campaign one week ago today. there are two and a half months until the republican convention. six months until the general election. there will be plenty of time for voters to make the determination who they're going to support. what i am interested in supporting are free market prin constitutional liberties of americans. and i think what everybody voter is going to be doing is listening to the candidates, listening to what they support and assessing they on their merit. that is the role of the voters.
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>> reporter: you branded yourself as an outsider and now you're back here. do you work with the senate after branding yourself that way? >> listen, from the first day i was elected from the senate, my priority has been fighting for the 27 million texans who i represent. i'm going to continue fighting for the american people and if fighting for the american people makes you an outsider in the senate, then i will happily remain an outsider because at least to date congress, both parties, both houses far too often haven't been listening to the american people. that is the frustration. this town, too many elected officials listen to big money, special interests and lobbyists. the rich get richer under barack obama. today the top 1% earn a higher share of income than any year since 1928. big government does great for the rich but those who are struggling, the working men and women have gotten harder. the people i am fighting for are
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single moms, african-americans, the truck drivers, the welders and the coal miners, the farmers and ranchers, the people who have been left behind. what i have done in the senate and every day on the campaign trail when i ran for president was to fight for the working man of this country to bring back millions and millions of high paying job and raise wages. >> a question about your work in the senate, please. >> is there anything that donald trump can say or do to earn your support and would you be okay when your supporters choose to vote for him in the fall? >> i trust the people. the great thing about our democratic government is authority, sovereignty rests in we the people. we just had a long, drawn out primary and going forward from now until the convention and november, it will be incumbent to the candidates in this race
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to make the case they that an they will fight for them. and i've got a great deal of faith in the american people that at the end of the day, they're going to assess these candidates and come to the right decision. >> i'm sorry? >> reporter: are you ruling out the possibility of a third party run? >> i have no interest in a third party run. >> reporter: you used words like they were humbled. several democrats said they haven't heard any humility from ted cruz. do you feel humbled? >> i would say it is hardly news to have senate democrats attacking me and i suspect that's not going to go away any time soon. >> are you humbled? >> listen, i am certainly disappointed with the outcome. that i disappointed so many millions of grass roots exact adviseds across this country. this has been -- this has been
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an amazing journey. i have to tell you, i am so privileged and so humbled to have had the opportunity to do this, to have had the opportunity to run for president, to travel to virtually every state in the union, to visit with thousands and tens of thousands of men and women across this country, to shake their hands, to hug their necks. every day on the campaign trail some of you spent a lot of days on the campaign trail. every day on the campaign trail i was inspired. i was inspired by the americans who are forgotten by washington, forgot kwen by much of the news media, burr the americans who are struggling that was
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incredible to see. it's incredible to be a part of but importantly, that movement, that energy, that passion is going to continue. the confident movement, i believe, will only continue to get stronger. i recognize a lot of folks in the media, a lot of folks in washington are eager to write the epitaph for the conservative movement and i will say i believe that the american people are fed up with the disasters of the obama/clinton economy and this movement will continue and i look forward to pressing in the united states senate for the very same things that i was pressing for on the cam pan trail. jo
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jobs. >> you know, i'm not interested in monday morning quarterbacking. what i can tell you is it was a long and vigorous campaign. we put our all into it. we left it all on the field. heidi and i and the girls week campaigned as hard as we physically could and the support and energy and passion we saw from the people, i've never seen anything like it, and it gives me great faith in this country. it is why i am fighting, it is why i am working, it's why i intend to continue working. >> reporter: senator cruz, can you please explain what you were talking about today with glenn beck about reentering the race if circumstances -- >> let him answer! >> listen weeks have suspended the campaign. we suspended the campaign because can i see no viable path to victory. of course if that changed, we
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would reconsider things. but let's be clear, we're not going to win nebraska today. there's no mystery in that. if circumstances change, we will always assess changed sishs but i appreciate the eagerness and excitement of all the folks in the media to see me back in the ring, but you may have to wait a little bit longer for that. >> all right. well, never say never, but ted cruz making his first return to capitol hill since bowing out of the presidential race, made it clear, he had very little to say about donald trump, orcying that he would endorse him. let -- so much to talk about in
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this limited time. the senate commerce committee chairman joins us. senator, i do want to touch on the focus of this interview, what's going on, on facebook and defriending conservative commentary but on what ted cruz said by not endorsing donald trump and barely mentioning him, help or heal? what do you think? >> well, it's going to take a while, neil. these guys have been duking it out for a long time. i think any time you've been in that kind of competitive environment and both vying for the prize, it's going to take a little while for some of those feelings to disburse and give them a chance to reconcile. i think that will happen eventually.
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ted made it clear, as you just heard, that he didn't see a path forward. i guess the question going forward is what role does he play in the campaign. that's something he and donald trump will have to figure out. i think that's going to take a little time and you have to give him are you worried the party is not getting around, it's not embracing donald trump? he did win this thing fair and square and they don't seem to be doing it. >> well, i think that we all have to respect the will of the voters. and he did this the old fashioned way. he got more votes than anybody else. and that's the way our democracy works. and so people who don't agree with him being our nominee can have that view, but i think
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before it's all said and done, i think you'll start to see people come around to the view that giving barack obama a third term in the form of hillary clinton is not a good solution for the future of this country. and i think that will start to vo vote, and we have a convention coming up and i think people will unify because that's what's it's going to take to be successful in november. >> you've come up with some short lists for vp. what are you thinking of? >> oh, not much. >> if asked, what would you do? >> that's speculative. i don't want to go there. i'm running for reelection to the senate. >> i understand. >> are you supporting donald trump? >> i said i'll support the
1:30 pm
nominee. he's the presumptive nominee so the answer is yes. >> now to the subject at hand and that is facebook, charges that it leaves out conservative commentary news and never gets it to its readers, viewers, whatever. now, facebook says that's not happening. you say that worries you. what are you going to do? >> we asked a question that was fairly extensive based on word from former employees that they were suppressing content and injecting more liberal topics. a platform that professes to be neutral and use an objective
1:31 pm
algorithm for determining what those topics and and the 167 million users that they see in the form of news, if that's what they're putting out there, then tease what they ought to be doing. it's just a question of having them clarify how they go about doing this, what is their policy and if their policy has been breached, what they've done to correct that. it's just a series of questions to try to get to the bottom of i thi think. >> sir, thank you very, very much on this very busy news day for handling both subjects. i appreciate it. >> thank you, neil. great to be with you. >> the ap is reporting that donald trump has narrowed his vp picks to about five people. he has not ruled out chris
1:32 pm
christie. we don't know if senator thune is on that list. >> we'll have nonstop coverage on fox business network. there's nothing else like it on the planet beginning at 7:00 p.m. 's my brother. keep going... sara, will you marry... [phone rings again] what do you want, todd???? [crowd cheering] keep it going!!!! if you sit on your phone, you butt-dial people. it's what you do. todd! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. i know we just met like, two months ago... yes! [crowd cheering] [crowd cheering over phone]
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disney missed estimates. and theme park attendance kind of frozen in place. no pun intended, frozen.
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you know the democratic race carries on so in west virginia, they're hitting the polls. they close in about three hours. how do you describe turnout? what does it look like there? >> kind of moderate turnout here. we've heard from other areas that the turnout has been high. we heard extra voting machines had to be brought in. if bernie sanders does defeat hillary clinton, it will be his second stinging defeat of her given that defeat in indiana. he'd had to nab something like 80% of the remaining delegates to climb that steep hill indeed. clinton has not been able to
1:37 pm
cover from her comments that the coal industry is going out of business. and her promise of $30 billion in job retraining and money for schools that would alleviate the tax base here. sanders has a $40 billion plan but voters doesn't seem to be impressed with either of those plans. >> i voted for trump. it's the lesser of two evils, the criminal or the wild man. i'll take the wild man. >> ironically bernie sanders has a 6-point lead in the in west virginia. probably because he has got this very powerful populist message, despite the fact he has the most vociferous anti-fossilm of any
1:38 pm
candidates. donald trump faces no opposition in west virginia at all. if he faces any difficulty, it's his own words as spoken here wednesday night. >> i want you to save your vote. save your vote for the general election. save your vote for general election in november and we're going to show you something and then you're going to show me something, okay? >> reporter: trump later walked that back. he apparently did not understand he still needed the delegates. neil, back to you. >> hillary clinton trying to get her mind off of alienating coal miners by talking to women and talking about containing the costs of child care to no more than 10% of your income. who foots the bill for the
1:39 pm
reminder? mercedes, let me begin with you. the 10% thing wasn't a number just picked out of a hat because the fact of the matter is it's well in excess of that nationally for average families in child care so the government presumably would pick up the slack. what do you think? >> i think i start because i've got more children. i've got five girls. our child care costs are very, very high. here's the deal what we have going on here. here's the deal, she's trying to make this more government sen track than parent centric. while it's a smart political move in that they're trying to court the suburban working moms, you have over 45 programs that the federal government is already administering in terms of early learning and child care costs why keep it in the federal
1:40 pm
government? we know these programs are inefficient, they're looply duplicative. why not take this back? many republican states are pushing for and pioneering early preschool programs, many run by faith based organization, nonprofits it. >> in other words, there are other options. >> absolutely. >> what do you think of that? the question will be to donald trump, what are you going to do? the government, there's a limit to what it can do. but it's a good idea to dole out some goodies for college, et cetera, not so good about dialing that back. what do you do? >> hillary has a big lead in the polls with women. mercedes talk about a lot of government programs. there are a lot of others earned income tax credit, child tax
1:41 pm
credit. 19602% of our income to raise our kids went for child care. now it's 18%. but this is a slippery slope to go down. are we saying to certain people, if you're in a certain income bracket, every time you have a child, society, i.e., the taxpayer, will take care of it? it's a tough one to go at no matter who you are, no matter how donald trump counters this. when we start talking about 19 trillion in debt and the obligations of the individual family and person, it's a tough one and i think we need to start saying there are certain responsibilities we have and mercedes is right, society has found a way to rally around their neighbors and friends and families to make sure the kids make it it okay. >> she has five girls. >> she blew me away. i've got two -- three with my
1:42 pm
stepson. a little bit too late for me to try to catch up. >> also keeping a close eye on the polls in nebraska. a lot of stake here, donald trump was saying don't bother voting but he does need those 1 5 -- 153 some-odd delegates. and mitt romney, what drew him to the donald and this time why he thinks he's hooked up with the right guy. after this.
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1:46 pm
they're not quite offended, may this out. time's awasting. can enough been be raised? >> i do think enough money can be raised. i think what candidate trump is doing is he's going to change the landscape once again in donor fund-raising. we're laying out a map. it's going to take three months basically to raise the billion dollar we're looking to do money granted we're behind but i do think the money is out there. it's just a matter of getting ourselves organized right now and going into a nontraditional bundler community. i'm a team playing republican. i had other candidates i was bundling for, but donald trump is the people's choice for the republican party and as a team player i think it's very important for me and other people like me to join forces
1:47 pm
with him because this is a big election. elections, as we know, have consequences and i want to be on the right side of this eventually. >> when you were handling that for mitt romney, you know, you were aggressively behind him helping any way you could, you had other candidates before you went to donald trump, everyone was seeking you out for good reason. but mitt romney, as you know, anthony, is not supporting donald trump, has no intention of supporting donald trump, has no intention of going to the convention. there a lot of others kind of like him, like the entire bush family skipping out, lindsay graham. i must say more conventional republicans, more established republicans, more than not are going to the convention, more are supporting him but there is a tug of war here ahead of the thursday pow-wow in washington. does that worry you? >> it feels like yahoo! and pacific yellow pages back 20 years ago, meaning the people that you're describing are more
1:48 pm
old school republicans. this is an historic time where there's going to be a business entrepreneur at the top of the ticket for the republican candidacy. what typically happens is the old school business model, a lot of people get upset about that. i have an enormous amount of respect for the bush family and governor romney, but we can agree to disagree on this one issue. i'm a team playing republican. had governor romney lost, i would have switched to whoever the eventual nominee. i'm going to call on my fellow republicans to do that and i'm getting some pushback on that. >> who is pushing back? >> bret stevens wrote an article today in the wall street journal calling hillary clinton the conservative hope.
1:49 pm
and so that's an opinion out there that i actually disagree with. you know, i feel that we have the biggest opportunity right now to catch on to the passion that donald trump is creating. >> and it might be worth it. in these battleground polls, he's very competitive with hillary clinton, he's winning in ohio. we also heard out of his campaign tonight, anthony, that he has narrowed that list of potential running mates to five or six people. >> are you on that list, neil? >> no, i am not. not in a million years. he's not a fan but that's fine. very few are. but i was curious. to the fact that he has already -- >> he actually is a fan, by the way. >> okay, that's good to know. five or six people, chris christie is apparently still on that list. just making christie the running mate? >> listen, i'm not a part of that decision making process. but -- why wouldn't he be on
1:50 pm
that list? he's an accomplished executive. >> do you think he needs a woman? or is that too patronizing? >> here's what i would say. i don't think he wants to go off of that traditional dogma that you see in terms of politicians. i think he's going to pick someone who is going to help him govern. >> would you ever entertain a role in the trump administration? >> not me, sir.
1:51 pm
>> anthony, always a pressure. the co-host of "wall street week" one of the nicest guys on wall street. there are a few. there are a few. he's one of them. the only one.
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we're in for a fun night. in the meantime, chad bergmann. look how he cornered paul ryan moments ago. >> chad you know me all too well. i'm note a walk and talker. >> why would you not be the chair? why would you put out that scenario? some people are critical of
1:55 pm
that, some people think it was a political mistake. >> that was an exclusive. no offense to chad, i think he took some pointers on that from me four years ago at the republican convention when i had my own exclusive. >> hey, congressman. how did it go? you get a good feel for things? >> yeah, it went great. >> are you dead for tonight? >> yeah, i am. >> how long will the speech be! >> two birds of a feather. chad, i think i got a lot more out of him than you did. but look i'm not one to brag. good to have you back. what did you make of what he said. >> only learn from the best. >> great job today. i did want to get your thoughts on what he was saying. you were trying to corner him. he was a little bit of unsettling going on ahead of the big pow wow on thursday, how do you think it's going to go? >> well i think that what paul ryan is trying to do here on one hand is protect his members.
1:56 pm
to say wait a minute you said some offensive things about building walls and minorities and muslims and so on. and so he's trying to give his members in the house of representatives a little bit of time to say wait a minute, do you want to support this let's see if we can get him more on board with our agenda. you have to remember that the house republicans are going to roll out four or five very concrete agenda points in the next two or three weeks on tax reform, health care, over-regulation, the constitution. things that they don't think they can get through in this congress. they're going to say these are the totems of our agenda. if you can come on to this agenda, donald trump, great. you got to remember that paul ryan knows that donald trump is a businessman and he's always negotiating. so here's a chance possibly for paul ryan to negotiate. >> good job as always, my friend. you're a workhorse, an animal. chad bergmann, he copies me with these exclusives. but that's okay. good stuff, my friend. as you might have heard, there's a couple of primaries today, and everyone thinks that
1:57 pm
the race is over. one in nebraska and west virginia only west virginia, for the democrats of course, and when you get that in live market coverage. while other business networks are showing reruns of something with a shark.
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it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. happy election day, i'm eric bolling along with kimberly guilfoyle, ebonywilliams, dana perino and greg gutfeld, it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." west virginia and nebraska are putting their mark on the 2016 presidential race, polls close in two and a half hours in west virginia where hillary clinton could lose tosanders. voters there are not happy with her plan to put coal companies out of business and coal miners out of work. but in nebraska where polls


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