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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 10, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> i'm still not drinking budweiser. "special report" coming up next. donald trump narrows his vp choices. and is essentially tied with hillary clinton in new swing state polling. all while one of his former gop rivals clearly leaves the door open for a comeback. this is "special report." welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. ted cruz is not going away quietly. he's not talking about endorsing donald trump. at least not yet. and the former republican presidential candidate is even hinting he might get back in the race if things go his way tonight or down the road. chief washington correspondent james rosen is on cruz patrol
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this evening. >> ending the silence after conceding the gop nominee donald trump. ted cruz returned to the senate and marco rubio spoke out at the hudson institute think tank. en route to washington, cruz was asked if a win in nebraska would prompt him to re-enter the race. a prospect the texas senator cast as unlikely, but wouldn't rule out altogether. >> well i'm not holding my breath. my sujs is that will not happen. but let's be very clear. if there is a path to victory, we launched this campaign intending to win. the reason we suspended the race last week is that indiana's loss, i didn't see a viable path to victory. if that changes, we will certainly respond accordingly. >> returning to what he called the welcome embrace of the capital. cruz declined to endorse trump. wouldn't specify what trump could do or say to earn his endorsement. >> now until the convention, now until november it will be
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incumbent on candidates in the race to make the case to the people that they will fight for them. >> cruz has advised the party chairs in every state where he won delegates, 32 states and territories in all that he intends to hold on to those delegates so as to shape the party platform and rules to reflect as much as possible, the cruz brand of conservatism. >> with ted cruz, and marco rubio and definitely with paul ryan, they're negotiating with donald trump. ted cruz has an important voice in our party. he's a conservative champion. and he's going to take this message to the convention and make sure that the party platform stays much like it is. >> in a speech focused on foreign affairs, rubio swore off criticism of donald trump for now. >> i'm not going to sit here nor the next six months taking shots at him. >> if oblique warnings to the billionaire real estate mobile noninterventionist foreign policy. >> it's a lot easier to say why do we give all the money to nato
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and all the people that we're protect doing not. it's easier to say that than to explain what would happen if you didn't. >> the cruz campaign or what remains of it, met a deadline yesterday to file a slate of delegates for the california primary next month. his state director told thaus was just quote to keep faith with our supporters. >> james, thank you. we're watching primary season voting in two states right now. republicans in nebraska. and both parties in west virginia. the focus of much attention tonight is on the swing states of florida, ohio, and pennsylvania. and what new polling says about just how close a trump versus clinton election could be. senior national correspondent john roberts is in new york with a look at the numbers. donald trump is moving ahead with his pivot to the election, announcing he's thenarrowed his list of running mates to five or six people, not ruling out governor chris christie.
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there was new evidence today that trump could exceed expectations in november. donald trump was handed ammunition against the naysayers today. a new poll that finds him running neck and neck with hillary clinton in three big battleground states in florida clinton leads trump 43-42. pennsylvania, she leads by the same margin. in ohio trump leads clinton 43-39. in all states, clinton say head among women by significant margins. but he in turn leads her by similar numbers among men. polls this far out have very little meaning for the november race. but they may give reluctant donors who fear trump would get blown out in the general election, a reason to jump in. another big moment for trump, thursday's meeting with house speaker paul ryan. while ryan's office is trying to downplay the significance, there's no question it could be a pivotal moment in whether and how quickly elements of the party come together around trump. >> no one is suggesting we have to get lock step on all of these policy issues.
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the point is can we be a party that gravitates around our common principles and can we have the kind of campaign we're proud of moving forward? >> one entity that's fully behind trump, the republican national committee. trump advisers med with the rnc's top brass to plan out fundraising for the general election. trump expects to need $1.5 billion to battle the democrats. republican sources tell fox news two-thirds of their traditional donors are already on board. former texas governor rick perry who went from mocking to supporting trump offering to be his running mate says reluctant republicans may eventually come around. >> i think you will see a very strong coalition and coalescing behind donald trump as we go along. >> no such strong endorsement from another defeated presidential candidate, marco rubio did say he intends to honor his pledge to support the republican nominee. but at the hudson institute.
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he continued his criticism of trump's policy. including trump's continued plan to scale back america's commitment to nato. >> if we're not engaged in the world, the price will be higher. >> rubio repeated he didn't want to be considered trump's running mate. while trump has praised rubio, the presumptive nominee threw cold water on rubio's announcement. >> it's only people who were never asked to be vp who tell the press they wouldn't take the position. >> sources tell fox news that the senator is staying at arm's length from trump because he's considering another run for the presidency in 2020. rubio's inner circle believe that trump will lose in historic fashion in november and rubio doesn't want to be anywhere near around trump when that happens. the new polls suggest that the outcome could be different than the rubio camp is expecting. hillary clinton has all but conceded defeat in west virginia tonight. and is focusing her campaign on
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the upcoming primary in kentucky. senior political correspondent mike emmanuel has details from louisville. >> expecting to lose in west virginia, hillary clinton spent the day campaigning in kentucky ahead of next week's primary. trying to improve her standing with women voters, clinton has unveiled a new child care plan, proposing to limit costs to 10% of a family's income and is calling for boosting the pay of child care workers and proposing to double spending on a home visiting program to have a nurse or social care worker visit families with low-risk children. >> it's so expensive on child care, they don't feel they're putting anything away with later education. so we'll deal with that on getting to debt free college at the same time. >> clinton did not announce how much she expects the plan to cost. her day of outreach to women voters, saying she understands
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the struggles young families are facing. clinton has not directly responded to donald trump's charge that she's been an enabler for her husband's quote, abuse of women. now an outside pac supporting her released this web video trying to drive up trump's negatives with women. >> in an interview to air tomorrow on abc's "good morning america." vice president joe biden offered this prediction. >> i feel confident that hillary will be the nominee and i feel confident she'll be the next president. >> while clinton would like to dwroet all her time and energy to taking on trump, bernie sanders continues campaigning and attracting massive crowds, including an estimated 15,000 last night in sacramento. today in stockton bernie sanders pointed to polls suggesting he would be effective in beating trump. >> if we do well in the remaining states, and if we do
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very, very well in the larger state in this country, california, we have a chance, it's an uphill struggle. >> what makes prominent democrats nervous at this point is clinton potentially losing west virginia, kentucky and oregon. it's not that she would lose the nomination, but it could make her look weak heading into the general election. bret? >> mike emmanuel with the hillary clinton campaign in louisville, mike, thanks. let's look now at what we're learning from exit polls this evening in nebraska and west virginia, my colleague martha mccallum is in new york tonight. good evening, martha. >> we're still combing through some of the exit poll number as they come in from west virginia and nebraska. not surprising, given the conversation over the course of the week about the coal industry in west virginia. more than nine in ten democrats there overall are worried about the future of the economy. that's a very high number. in terms of the exit polling that we've seen.
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record high 67% say they are very worried about the economy. and then there's this number -- which does bolster donald trump's argument that he can win over democrats to the republican side in this race. one-third of democrats voting today, say that they would vote for trump over clinton, if that is the head-to-head race that develops for november. another one in five say they would stay home. they wouldn't vote for either one of them. bret? >> what are polls saying on the republican side, martha? >> let's look at some of these, here's in nebraska, most say they would vote for donald trump over clinton, in november. yet one in five republicans say that they will not vote for him. they say they would cross over and vote for hillary clinton as nebraska republicans. another candidate if that was a choice, or not vote at all. compare that with the nine in ten west virginia republicans who say they are solidly behind trump. west virginia clearly trump country in a big way. there's one reason that that is ditch.
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the rust best state of west virginia, many more agreeing with donald trump that trade hurts the economy and takes jobs away from americans. that also shows us how they feel about trump uniting the party in west virginia down the road. west virginia republicans, 72% of them say they do believe come november, regardless of the back and forth between paul ryan and donald trump this week that we've been talking about, they think the party will be united by the time the vote rolls around for the general election in november. >> martha, thank you. well the latest shoe to drop in the clinton email controversy involves the man who set up the private email system. that has produced so many problems for the candidate. it appears emails about him are nowhere to be found. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us tonight. >> clinton's i.t. manager brian pagliaono who set up and ran her private email server and cut a an immunity deal with the justice department has no paper or electronic trail from his days working with secretary
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clinton. the state department spokesperson read from statement describing the missing data file known as a pst. >> the department has searched mr. pag limpb ano's email pst file and those not located one covering the time period of secretary clinton's tenure. the absence of this email file, however, does not indicate that the department has no email sent or received by him. >> pagliano was a political appoint appointee, according to new emails released to judicial watch. government employees were uncomfortable with his assignment. critics say political appointees usually work in the secretary or policy, not the i.t. department. >> it looks like his number one qualification was that he worked for hillary clinton's campaign and could be trusted. that's why hillary clinton's political operatives from the campaign were pushing him on an unwilling state department. >> during a recent fbi interview, the "washington post" reports that clinton aide and
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lawyer sheryl mills stormed out of a tense essential when agents asked her about conversations with clinton for producing emails for the state department. the topic was apparently out of limits because of attorney-client privilege. this week fox news asked the attorney general if it was too late in the game to take legal action resulting from the clinton email probe. >> as i indicated we do all of our reviews, investigations of any matter carefully, thoroughly and efficiently and when the matter is ready for resolution a recommendation will be made and we'll come to a decision at that time. i'm not able to give awe prediction, sorry. >> fbi director comey is holding an on-the-record session with reporters tomorrow and there are no limits on questions. >> catherine, thank you. hillary clinton has received about 75,000 in political contributions from employees of the department of justice. the very agency that will decide the fate of the fbi
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investigation into her email scandal. accord together center for responsive politics. the president much watchdog group citizens united is renewing his call for a special counsel to take over the email case. up next, president obama will go to hiroshima, will he apologize for the atomic bombing? first, here's what fox affiliates are around the country are covering. >> cincinnati, kroger says it's holding a nationwide event to fill 14,000 open jobs across all its supermarket chains. most of the openings are for part-time workers who bag groceries, stock shelves or work the register. cincinnati-based kroger has 2800 stores under several brand names. fox 2 in detroit, where a former flint city administrator claims she was fired when she reported mayor karen weaver may be redirecting charitable cash for her own political gain. the lawsuit was filed monday. the mayor's office says it will not comment on civil litigation.
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the county prosecutor says he'll look into it. and this is a live look at oklahoma, city, oklahoma city from our fox affiliate fox 25, the story there, you see it, the aftermath of the tornados that rip aid cross that state yesterday. leaving two people dead. the national weather service says 23 tornadoes were reported across five states. it says about 44 million people live in areas that could see more tornadoes and more heavy storms today. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking
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the justice department will not seek the death penalty against a suspected libyan militant charged in the benghazi terror attacks. he now faces a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted of involvement in the rampage that left four americans dead, including the ambassador. an attorney for katala calls the decision courageous and correct. after the justice department said it would seek the ultimate penalty for katala, a legal source tells our catherine herridge six months into the case prosecutors were having trouble getting some of the evidence admitted into court. and issues with some witnesses. a german man yelling that
3:20 pm
infidels must die and allah is great in arabic stabbed four people today at a train station in germany. one of the victims died. authorities say they have found no links yet between the 27-year-old suspect and any islamic terror network. any say the man appears to be psychologically disturbed. isis claiming responsibility for a suicide bombing in iraq it happened in a commercial area northeast of baghdad. police say the bomber ignited his mini bus shortly before sunset near a bakery and restaurant in a shea quite neighborhood. president obama is preparing to do what no other u.s. president has ever done -- go to the site of the american atomic bombing in hiroshima, japan. correspondent kevin corke tells us why tonight from the white house. >> the messaging will be simple and yet profound -- >> when the president goes to the peace park in hiroshima he'll offer simple reflections
3:21 pm
and that will include an observation about the way that the relationship between the united states and japan has been transformed. >> white house officials, the president's visit to hiroshima later this month is the appropriate bookend to one of his seminal goals in office to rid the world of nuclear weapons. over seven years later and for better or worse and with the iran nuclear deal imprinted on his legacy word of the visit has been warmly received by officials in japan. >> translator: we offer our heartfelt welcome to president obama's decision to visit hiroshima. many people in the city regretfully fell victim to the atomic bomb that was dropped 70 years ago, i wish for the visit to be an opportunity for japan and the u.s. to remember all the victims together. >> mr. obama's journey will be the first for a sitting u.s. president. deputy national security adviser ben rhodes wrote in making this visit the president will shine a spotlight on the tremendous and devastating human toll of war.
3:22 pm
and while the white house has gone to great lengths to emphasize the fact that the president won't apologize for america's use of an atomic bomb, some experts remain skeptical. the author of the forthcoming book "the end of the asian century" -- >> if he tries to pitch it in this fantasy realm of a world without nuclear weapons, most people are going to tune out what they want is to hear the president tell them how he understands the lessons of the past and how he's going to protect them for the future. >> bret, the visit to japan comes as the russians are set to be testing a new nuclear missile, the so-called satan 2. they claim it can destroy an area the size of france and they go on to claim that it can penetrate nato defenses up to 6200 miles away. bret? >> kevin corke live on the north lawn. the president's supreme court nominee has filed or filled out a questionnaire about his qualifications and experience. and sent it to the senate judiciary committee. chairman chuck grassley has made it clear his panel will not
3:23 pm
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the state department says it has recovered and replaced a missing portion of a 2013 briefing in which a top spokeswoman acknowledged misleading the media over the president's iran nuclear deal. james rosen brought us that story with the white flash last night. take a listen to state's explanation when asked at today's briefing about it. >> there was a glitch in the state department video. when fox flagged it for us, we actually replaced it with a
3:28 pm
video from vivids, the military repository where a lot of news media gets its video. the whole video was there and we also ann nated it on our youtub channel. >> spokesman's comments that sometimes diplomacy needs privacy to progress conflicts with a fresh claim by deputy national security adviser ben rhodes that the administration confirmed publicly there were discrete channels of communication established with iran in 2012. at home a big day on wall street, the dow was up 222, the s&p 500 gained 26, and the nasdaq finished ahead 60. voting continues now in primary elections in nebraska and west virginia. we have fox team coverage tonight. jonathan hunt tells us what's happening in omaha, we begin with correspondent doug mckelway in charleston, west virginia, to tell us how the turnout is
3:29 pm
looking there. >> the turnout has been moderate at this particular polling place, but the officials tell us it's been high anywhere other precincts to the point they've had to bring in extra voting machines that mirrors what we've been seeing with early voting which ended saturday here. breaking all records in west virginia. the central issue is coal, its decline and the economic devastation that that has caused across west virginia. hillary clinton has been unable to undo the damage from her comments about coal companies going out of business despite her plan for $30 billion in job retraining and school funding. bernie sanders, who has an even more anti-fossil fuel platform is up six points. but voters we spoke to were unimpressed with either plan. >> i grew up in a time when coal was king. and now the coal miners, are out of work. they say they'll retrain them. but to do what?
3:30 pm
>> they do like donald trump's plan to bring back coal. but how to do that when fracking has become more cost-effective is an unanswered question. to jonathan hunt in omaha, nebraska. >> doug, we have no official turnout figures here in nebraska. as yet. but i can say anecdotally, this particular polling place in omaha, it has certainly not been overwhelming of course. that was predicted by most experts in the wake of senator ted cruz suspends his campaign last week. he had been fancied to do well here in nebraska. and his late suggestion today in a radio interview that he might unsuspend the campaign if he's to have a victory seems to have done little to affect a late surge in turnout. there is still discomfort among the gop leadership that reflects the national republican party
3:31 pm
split over donald trump candidacy. just last week governor pete ricketts, whose family opposed trump endorsed him at a rally in nebraska while senator ben sass has been one of donald trump's most outspoken critics. you would be hard pressed to find any political expert who at this stage would say that senator ted cruz is likely to pull off a shock, victory tonight but poll close at 8:00 p.m. central, 9:00 p.m. eastern we'll be here just in case this race is once again turned on its head. bret? >> jonathan and doug, thank you very much. so is he in or out? ted cruz gets mysterious, doesn't endorse. while donald trump gets closer to hillary clinton in the swing states and closer to a decision on vp. the panel joins me after a quick break. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals.
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if there's a path to victory, we launched this campaign intending to win. the reason we suspended the race last week. it was indiana's loss, i didn't see a viable path to victory. if that changes, we will respond accordingly. >> we've sun spend the the campaign, i see no viable path to victory. we're not going to win nebraska, there should be no mystery. no excitement in that. if circumstances change, we will always assess changed circumstances. >> it's all about keeping your voters loyal to you for what comes next in 2020. >> ted cruz talking about a path to victory if one suddenly opened up. let's be clear here, one is not opening up. donald trump is expected to get to 1237. majority needed. and there's new polls in swing states about a possible general election. a quinnipiac poll out in ohio
3:37 pm
and florida and pennsylvania, there you see the numbers. hillary clinton, essentially within the margin of error on all three states. but in ohio, donald trump doing a little bit better there. also today. another vanquished opponent on the gop side. marco rubio speaking out for the first time again. >> he needs to appoint someone to be his vice presidential nominee that more fully embraces the things he stands for. to be frank i'm never had those conversations with anyone in his campaign. so i'm not, i'm not saying that anyone has offered it to me or it's been suggested to me. i'm saying to you that i believe he would be best served by someone who more fully embraces the things he stands for and that's certainly not me. >> marco rubio today. let's bring in our special expanded panel tonight. steve hayes, with the "weekly standard," a.b. stoddard, social eder to of "the hill." david cantonese and tuck
3:38 pm
ircarlier carlson. msnbc. >> i think he said that to calm glenn beck down. keep him from harming himself. you know what i mean? holding open the possibility. no of course you know as you rightly noted, donald trump is going to be the nominee. against his own campaign. i mean trump has i think had a pretty bad week. he spent a lot of his time attacking lindsey graham and jeb bush as if they're relevant, they no longer are. as if the primaries are still going. yet, his numbers, quinnipiac poll are pretty amazing, he's doing bet anywhere pennsylvania than mitt romney or john mccain did four years ago. he beats hillary in the gender gap. he's doing better among women than she's doing among men. he's considered more trustworthy in a lot of these swing states by voters. i think it's the strength of his message. avert your gaze from trump, look at what he stands for in the eyes of voters.
3:39 pm
it's compelling. >> two-thirds of republicans in the west virginia exit polling saying that trade is a driving force for them. they don't, they believe that two-thirds, two-thirds believe that trade costs jobs. which is donald trump's message. >> trade, immigration, and sort of more of a leftist foreign policy. coming back home think is what trump is going to run on. but the quinnipiac polls that came out were the best news that he's had all week. since he was crowned presumptive nominee. because surprise, this guy is probably going to be competitive. now i talked to some pollsters today, they have some problems with the weighting in some of these states, not enough african-americans, not enough independents. the bottom line is after a week of a lot of of party leaders saying, we're hedging and hawing over when they can support him. this going to quell a lot of that. if this, if these polls hold up and what the election looks like in august? people are going to get on board. >> yeah, it is good news as you
3:40 pm
continue to look at the exit polls out of west virginia and some out of nebraska popping up. there's another poll tonight, a.b. that shows utah is close with hillary clinton and donald trump. and utah is the reddest of red states. so you know, obviously you read into the polls in different states, different things. >> mississippi is in play. at this point. doesn't mean it's going to last. but when mississippi and utah are in play, that's not a good sign for the republican nominee. but the quinnipiac polls are great news and i think david is right. it will calm the queasiness of prb who is think he'll lose in a landslide. he still has a mountain to climb. there are race and gender gaps within those polls that are good news for him, still. he has to, he's got to go beyond a white voter base, he's got to expand it. and that's the work he's going to do. look, all his polling since he joined the nomination, the primary, you know, he topped the polls the entire time.
3:41 pm
now he's at the bottom. it doesn't mean that these polls aren't real. he's got to make up some of this. an i think some of his tactics on you know, hillary as a dirty, mean, nasty enabler are futile. i think they're a waste of his time. >> clearly they're coming differently than any other republican has. >> but there's so much to go after her on. the email scandal, her deception, her dishonesty. there's so much there, benghazi, just skip this stuff about you know being an enabler. i mean i think that he should go after some women voters if he really wants to win in november. >> what does he have to do, steve, on capitol hill with ryan and mcconnell. >> he has to commit himself to outreach. what we've seen the past week in response to paul ryan's with holding his of his endorsement. is donald trump lashing out. going after paul ryan, she's going to primary him, eeg going to be like erik cantor, he's
3:42 pm
going to lose his seat. trump taking shots at the people who resisted or coming to trump or open to coming to trump. with resignation. i think he's got to embrace those. in 2008 and in 2012. 2008 i remember sitting on the straight talk express with john mccain asking him why he wasn't reaching out more to conservatives. why he wasn't picking up the phone and calling rush limbaugh and sean hannity, trying to bridge the gap and mccain's answer was, i don't need to. mitt romney, came late i think to embracing and trying to go after the tea party, make sure that they were enthusiastic about him. he doesn't have as much success as he might have had. donald trump saying this weekend, i don't need the conservatives. that is crazy. he doesn't have the conservatives, the conservatives beyond the never trippers, he will lose. >> ted cruz wouldn't answer today whether he would officially endorse donald trump. he wouldn't take the question, really. marco rubio said he is supporting the nominee. he signed a pledge. what does it take to get these guys to say -- i'm in?
3:43 pm
>> i mean some are unwinnable. trump has insulted them personally. i don't think you can overstate the effect of that. he's gone after them and their legacy, the legacy of the bush administration, they're stung by it they're not going to support him. >> isn't hillary clinton the unifying factor? >> you've seen some republicans come out and endorse her. he should win some conservatives, but i would say the republican party in washington should not ignore trump's voters. the one issue they could win a lot of voters back, he's won the republican nomination beating 16 people all of whom were backed in essence by washington republicans. there's a statement being made by voters in d.c., i think they need to move on immigration. i think the details of economic policy. subject that ryan is interested in, trump would move on those. they've got to demonstrate a good-faith effort to secure the borders and at least to rethink our current immigration scheme which has been in place for 51 years, nobody is even willing to talk about it trump's voters want a public conversation on that. why can't they move on that? >> these republicans are nowhere
3:44 pm
near deporting illegal immigrants. >> but the population, there was a series of polls in swing states done last week, how do you feel about a temporary ban on muslim immigrants. across the country, huge numbers of people, 65% of wisconsin voters favor that not all republicans, a lot of democrats. it doesn't mean you should back it it does mean you need to rethink your comfortable assumptions about immigration. >> if you have principles and believe we shouldn't -- ban a religion? don't ban a religion? a country founded on freedom of religion -- >> it's a little more complex than that. >> republicans can't just cast aside their principles, free trade because donald trump comes around and this orange guy suggests that free trade is bad, we're going to throw away 300 years of adam smith. >> haven't noticed a lot of principles among republicans in washington. i would say look at europe and the destruction there now. it doesn't mean we need to ban people that are muslims, but it
3:45 pm
does mean keeping your immigration regime the face of what's happening there. >> i think they need to respond to this. and they refuse to. >> if you make the argument, you're not making it, others have made it that they cast aside these pillars of conservatism because they're unpopular, because donald trump is making certain arguments about trade and about other things, think that's unwise. i thinkis one of the reasons that you're seeing this resistance from some people. they don't want to support somebody who opposes the things they fought for and held most f >> open bodders is one of things they held most dear for years, they're going to have to give up on it the country doesn't support it they deed dwended it and they need to change. next up, the democrats.
3:46 pm
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we're anxious to see who the next president will be. >> i feel hillary will be the next president. >> we think where we are right now politically is we have about 45.5% of the pledged delegates. those are the delegates actually selected and voted upon by the people rather than just the
3:50 pm
superdelegates of the establishment. we think we got a shot to win in west virginia tonight. >> bernie sanders, talking about optimism in west virginia. he has reason to be polls. and on a number of different fronts. but here's a look at the delegate count in this race and he mentioned it, the super delegates, obviously give hillary clinton a huge buffer and it's a big uphill battle for sanders. look at the quinnipiac poll. we showed you clinton vs. trump here is sanders vs. trump, florida, ohio, pennsylvania. sanders actually does better than hillary clinton significantly in those three states. here is the favorability interest that -- numbers from that same poll. and a quick look at sanders' favorability ratings you can see he is much more favorable to votes in those three states. we back with our panel. dave, is he making the case and he continues to fight but it is a narrow path. >> yeah. and there is virtually no
3:51 pm
path in realistic terms. i talked to the clinton campaign late last week about this. they say 80% of the inquiries we are getting are about the general election, from press, from supporters. we are still 80% operationally a primary race. they have to be very delicate about trying to make this pivot, dealing about all the inquiries about trump. reacting to what trump said today. not alienate and take bernie sanders supporters for granted. what they will start communicating if she drops west virginia. you will start to see them point out that obama lost the last eight contests against her and it didn't matter. they are really going to try to push that out through the press to be like, hey, we are still the nominee although we are going to take some losses on the way to the nomination. >> i want to play the coal missteps because clearly looking at the exit polls, hillary clinton is really trying to tread water after what she said about the coal industry.
3:52 pm
>> we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. now we have got to move away from coal and all the other fossil fuels. but i don't want to move away from the people who did the best they could to produce the energy that we relied on. >> i just want to know how you can say you're going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs and then come in here and tell us how you are going to be our friend because those people out there don't see you as a friend. >> i don't know how to explain it other than what i said was totally out of context from what i meant. i still want to compete in west virginia because of the misstatement that i made, which i apologize for when i saw how it was being used, i know that my chances are, you know, pretty difficult, to be honest. >> it's tough, a.b., for people looking at that and saying where was the misstatement part? >> it was taken out of
3:53 pm
context. >> i think trump has wrapped the miner vote up. but what happens with the next few weeks and months if bernie goes all the way to the convention is trump uses this to his ad vantage. it's not just that bernie -- that she needs to respect the bernie voters and hope they come around to her. trump says oh, bernie keeps winning and winning and winning because it's a rigged system with the super delegates. now she is getting donations from rubio and jeb bush supporters and trump says she is bought and paid for by wall street. and bernie is obviously hanging in because a he is having the time of his life and a make the argument of the super delegates fbi explosion is he more electable matched up against trump. it really is doing more damage than can i please the college kids that love bernie and feel the bern. this is feeding into the trump narrative on trade, on donor money and all the rest. >> other coal states we should point out besides
3:54 pm
west virginia that this potentially effects. tucker, what about her outreach to disaffected republicans that she is saying she is hearing from republicans. trying to talk to them about foreign policy, et cetera. at the same time, trying to get the progressives and young people who are bernie sanders supporters. >> interesting it's worked on wall street. overwhelming donations of wall street are going to hillary right now. i just think that bernie -- first, hillary clinton didn't get out of the democratic primary in 2008 until june 7th. she can't say to bernie you are going on too long. second, he got 30,000 people at a rally yesterday. 10,000 couldn't get. in he is not going to be the nominee. this is a real movement. these voters are nitroglycerin. if she mishandleds them. bernie in is staying in in case she gets indicted. a fair amount of courage to confront the leading democratic contender and say hey, why are you throwing us under the bus? and her answer focused on her chances in west
3:55 pm
virginia. that's not what he was asking. he was asking about coal miners and how she could possibly say something. and she says i still want to compete in west virginia. i know my chances are pretty difficult to be honest. it's not about you, hillary clinton. it's about the coal miners. >> that is it for the panel. but, stay tuned, see one of the golden state warriors zone out and we don't mean playing zone defense.
3:56 pm
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finally tonight, we have heard of athletes having a hard time getting in the zone but one nba player had a little trouble getting out of the zone. watch as the golden state warriors notre dame green completely draymond green completely spaces out. >> a lot of ups and downs. a lot of ups and downs here but it's been a heck of a ride to be honest. [ laughter ] >> i really can't complain. yeah. i was kind of -- i was a little down but i found i was injured and i had to have surgery again. but, in this day, you know, i have amazing teammates. guys like draymond, everybody on this team. >> catatonic there. that's good he came to. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. fair, balanced and unafraid. we will be back here,
4:00 pm
believe it or not, another live edition of "special report," 11:00 p.m. eastern time. wrapping up all the day's politics. a look at the general election, too. please join us then. greta goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. it is are in near over. secretary hillary clinton scratching for every vote as she struggles in coal country to take on the never giving up senator bernie sanders. west virginia polls closing in 30 minutes and g.o.p. rumblings from senator ted cruz even though he just got out of the race, cruz could jump back. in former governor jan brewer is here to respond. also, protecting your family. news tonight that the army is down sizing, smallest since 1940. colonel oliver north right here with how that might impact your safety. very close clinton aide, her confidante stormed out. catherine herridge is on the case. to west virginia and the fi