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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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live edition of "special report," 11:00 p.m. eastern time. wrapping up all the day's politics. a look at the general election, too. please join us then. greta goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. it is are in near over. secretary hillary clinton scratching for every vote as she struggles in coal country to take on the never giving up senator bernie sanders. west virginia polls closing in 30 minutes and g.o.p. rumblings from senator ted cruz even though he just got out of the race, cruz could jump back. in former governor jan brewer is here to respond. also, protecting your family. news tonight that the army is down sizing, smallest since 1940. colonel oliver north right here with how that might impact your safety. very close clinton aide, her confidante stormed out. catherine herridge is on the case. to west virginia and the fight of votes for coal
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workers. secretary clinton struggling to gain support after threatening to put the coal industry out of business and transform their lives of those who work in it. that is rubbing many people in coal country the wrong way, even some democrats. >> we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. >> she was talking about the miners as if they were just numbers and she was talking about she wants the mines closed and she will never let them work again. >> it was a misstatement because what i was saying was that the way things are going now, we will continue to lose jobs. >> those people labor day in those mines for generations, losing their health, often losing their lives to turn on our lights and power our factories. now we have got to move away from coal. >> the miners don't want to leave anywhere; is that right? you want to stay here. you want to open the mines. we're going to open the mines. >> west virginia house of delegates member and a democrat ruby phillips is back here to go on the
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record. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. how are you doing? >> very well. rupee, you are a democrat, did you vote today? >> yes, ma'am, i did. >> did you vote democrat or republican? >> well, in the primary here you have got to vote democrat if you are a democrat. >> so -- >> -- we don't have that option. >> okay. so with all the controversy with secretary clinton and the business with the coal country, you vote clinton or sanders? >> actually, greta, i voted for -- get it right here, paul farrell out of huntington, west virginia. he is on the ballot only in west virginia. >> all right. well, we will see how he does when the polls close in about 28 minutes in your state. how do you expect secretary clinton to do tonight? has she sort of resolved the problem that she had with the coal miners? >> no, ma'am. i think it wouldn't surprise me if she comes dead last place it's that simple. >> why did you vote as did
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you? why did you vote for -- why didn't you vote for sanders. >> sanders is against coal too. i told your people i don't support anybody that don't support coal. it's that simple. >> so that's why the no to sanders? >> yes. like i said, paul farrell, is he from west virginia. he supports coal. and it's more of a statement vote for me to vote for paul. >> how about your colleagues in the coal industry? who do you think they are going to vote for tonight? >> there will be a lot of no votes and i think you will see a lot of vote for paul farrell. >> how bad is the coal industry -- i mean, tell me what's going on in the coal industry there and how tough it is. >> greta, the mines right now, the majority of the mines we have working, which is in the low 50's, they're running coal three to four days a week, just to keep the doors open and to pay a few bills. they are struggling.
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a lot of coal companies have filed bankruptcy throughout the country. and it's really tough times these days. >> employment is, what? i take it you're going to have reduced employment with that scene you just paint. >> you broke up on me. you can repeat, please? >> i assume there is a lot of unemployment in the coal industry? >> oh, yes, ma'am. thousands on thousands of people out of work. and not just coal miner jobs. it's the people that supports the coal companies, too, or the coal mines. you know, it's roughly five support people to one coal miner. >> all right. because in the primary you can't crossover to vote republican in west virginia, as you so instructed me, tell me, in the general election, when you have your choice, between let's say donald trump and hillary clinton, who is going to get your vote? >> oh, donald trump all the way. >> why? >> he is for coal. he is our only shot in west virginia we have to mine our
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coal in west virginia, our coal miners need donald trump. our state needs donald trump. >> what's he going to do for you? >> you know, donald trump, i believe trump will create more jobs throughout the country and also create more energy consumption. and coal is the most sustainable energy they are. >> secretary clinton says she has a 30 billion-dollar proposal that she laid out last november. is that not convincing to anybody to help the coal miners? >> greta, like i told you last week, we're not looking for handouts. i know you said it's not really a handout. we don't want to move. we want to mine coal. we are good coal miner here in west virginia. i was thinking all day when i knew i was coming on your show, west virginia has more love and more heart than probably any other state in the country. our state has come to call every time our country has needed our men and women to go to war and fight for our freedom.
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our mining has produced more coal to produce energy and the steel to make the ships and tanks to give us our freedom. my hats off to the coal miners and the people in west virginia and the other mining states. >> and my hat goes off to the coal miners as well. it's very tough work. ruppy, thank you for joining us. we will be watching, now it's 24 minutes until the polls close in west virginia where rupee is. tonight, here is the question. where is everyone? the west virginia is practically a ghost town. not a single one the 2016 candidates is in west virginia tonight. but that's where fox news correspondent doug mckelway is. doug? >> i guess doug -- doug is having some audio problems. but our eyes are on west virginia. note that donald trump is expected to win very handsomely tonight in west virginia. but the race is tight on the democratic side and it was always tight for secretary clinton but in she made that statement that has offended
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many coal voter now we have doug. doug? >> i don't hear anybody. >> lucky us. well, we hear doug but he doesn't hear us. so, i will tell you a little bit more what happened was that secretary clinton came into west virginia in march. she made the statement about the coal industry saying that she was -- she said put them out of business. she also said something to the effect she was not going to leave anybody behind. she had previously had a -- put together a program of $30 billion that she offered last november to help the coal industry but it was not received well because it was seen as by many of the coal workers as displacing them. requiring them to train and go other places. of course, they want to stay there with their families. this is where they have lived for generations. coal mining goes back many generations. doug is now standing by. doug? >> yeah, greta. you are here in west virginia and you talk to people about what this election cycle means. two things come up. two subject matters come up.
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coal and donald trump. we all know about coal. we all know about its imminent demise at least in the terms of coal critics. it's seeing new competition from fracking, which was -- which is every bit as economically feasible asacol. we're seeing government regulation or what miners believe is government overregulation and we are seeing the move to renewables in light of climate change. people see its demise. and then there is donald trump. when he came here last thursday to a crowded auditorium in downtown charleston and he donned that coal miners hat and made a movement shoveling coal and said he i am going to bring your jobs back it met with thunder russ applause. people believe in him. evidence made promises in other places he promise to do continue corn ethanol in iowa. he will do whatever is necessary, his critics say for political expediency. how do you answer that. >> that may well be.
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he is the first man who has come in this state who said we are going to bring back coal and increase coal production. if he turns out to be wrong we will boot him out after four years should he be elected president. then you look at the democratic side from hillary and bernie. from the people i have spoken with, hillary's plan $30 billion in retraining programs also help to fund schools that lost tax base from the demise of coal here and bernie's plan $40 billion in retraining programs. people ask here retrain what? we have guys who mine coal here. older. incapable of being row trained. another miner i spoke to said half the guys on his crew cannot even read. how do you go about retraining them. retrain for what? two industries in this state one is mining and the other is healthcare. one contingent upon the other because of black lung disease. those are the issues right here. i would suspect that when the first exit polls begin to come in tonight from west virginia, if you tally up the sums from bernie sanders
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and hillary clinton thol pale in comparison to donald trump. is he a phenomenon in this state because is he promising to bring back one commodity that has made this state. greta, back to you. >> doug, thank you. >> we do have brand new exit poll data just in to fox news. martha maccallum has the latest. martha? >> hi there, greta. let's take a look at how voters first of all would feel about a donald trump presidency. first of all in nebraska 62% of the g.o.p. voters there say they would be excited or optimistic to have donald trump in the white house. but in west virginia, that number jumps to 81%. the republican voters think that donald trump can actually beat hillary clinton in november. we have had so much talk whether or not is he electable. look at this, the g.o.p. voter in nebraska 83% say is he triumph over hillary and jumps to 90% where interest is a lot of enthusiasm for donald trump tonight in west virginia. we talked a lot about the angry voter during this whole cycle and we keep
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seeing these numbers coming in very forcefully. angry on or about dissatisfied with the federal government in nebraska the g.o.p. voters say 93% say yep, that's me. that fits my description. in west virginia, 92% say they are angry or dissatisfied. and these g.o.p. voters want somebody who they think shares their values and can bring what they sees a needed change. so let's take a look at the democratic side in these numbers this evening. hillary clinton as you guys were just discussing offended coal miners with her comment about putting a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. no surprise that voters who live in the coal industry households in west virginia are not at all happy with hillary clinton. extends beyond those families as well. sanders wins that group as you can see here. although we talked about this earlier, a third of crack voters say that if it comes out -- democratic voters say if it comes to hillary vs. trump, they will cross over and vote for donald trump, which is exactly what the man said to
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you. one of those voters born out in voters, greta. want experienced candidate although that group looks to be smaller, she does win with them 73% to 26%. one last thing we see in in the numbers this evening something unusual going on in west virginia today. democratic voters there are more conservative than in the early states that we have watched. many of them say they would like the next president to be less liberal but interestingly those people are voting for bernie sanders. not going to get a less liberal policy from bernie sanders. can you ask him that yourself as usually folks who want to continue president obama's policies seem to be voting tonight for hillary clinton. a lot of interesting tea leaves we are seeing. >> indeed, martha. thank you very much. >> you bet. >> just when you thought it could not get stranger, this bombshell, senator ted cruz who one week ago ended his white house run is now coy suggesting he might jump back in.
4:13 pm
>> listen, we have suspended the campaign. we have suspended the campaign because i can see no viable path to victory. of course, if that changed, we would reconsider things. but let's be clear, we are not going to win nebraska today there should be no mystery and no excitement in that. we have withdrawn from the campaign and it's in the hands of the voters. if circumstances change, we will always assess changed circumstances. >> so, what do you think that means? senator cruz is not in the race or he is? former arizona governor and donald trump supporter governor jan brewer goes "on the record." good evening, governor. >> good evening, greta. >> governor, what do you think? do you think senator ted cruz is being coy and suggestive? do you think he might get back in the race and, if so, would that be good or bad? >> i think it's very disappointing to hear mr. cruz go back there. hold a press conference and stir the pot. you know, all the candidates, greta, pledged that they would support of the nominee. donald trump is going to be
4:14 pm
our nominee. and they ought to be men of their word. and donald trump is our candidate. we need to unify. we need to get behind it and for mr. cruz to be out there making these statements and stirring the pot and implying maybe something is going to happen at the convention. now is the time that we all come together, we support our candidate and we get our country turned around. the people of america are angry. they are angry. >> they sure. >> are they want truth tellers. >> martha maccallum gave us the numbers 93% in nebraska say they are and west virginia 92%. speaking of nebraska sort of interesting tonight senator ted cruz still on the ballot, cruz, kasich, carson, trump, and rubio. so we will see who wins tonight. all right. let me turn now to the favorite parlor game here in washington, which is the vp nominee and let's look at donald trump. does he need a woman?
4:15 pm
because he is getting certainly his opponents are saying he has got an woman issue. does he need evangelical because there are evangelicals are upset with him. does he need a washington insider because is he a -- >> comfortable with somebody who is going to help him implement his programs and policies. somebody he can count on and support him. >> give ho? give me some names. play the parlor game. >> come on, greta. you have heard all the names. all the way from -- you know, the woman has been mary fallon. we have got john kasich. wick -- rick perry's everybody name seems to be
4:16 pm
out there on the media stations. donald will make his decision i think he will do it not earlier. i think he will do it later. i think he will choose someone that will help him bring women to the ballot but, you know, it doesn't have to be a woman. somebody that's going to support him. >> all right. >> i think that most of the people. >> sort of the drip, drip, drip tease we have heard today got it downer -- down to five or six names. we will see. governor, thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much, greta. >> okay, viewers. now is your chance to vote at home on twitter. should senator ted cruz release his delegates tweet yes or no using #greta. we will show you live twitter votes throughout the show. go to twitter and vote on this. today is the first 2016 primary where donald trump has no opponent but that's not stopping a former rival senator marco rubio the former presidential candidate speaking about middle east policy at the
4:17 pm
hudson institute but senator rubio couldn't resist saying this. >> while it is true that there are certainly consequences and complexities presented by our engagement, i still think that the world without american engagement is a world none of us wants to live in. we are challenged in the 21st century not just to justify our continuing continuance find a way to adjust it, modernize and learn from our mistakessenned but ultimately make the fundamental argument if we are not engaged in the world the price we pay will be much higher in the long run than the price we pay to be engaged. i look forward talking to you in-depth. so things we saw and going forward and to do so in the context of the most fascinating election in modern history. >> well, neither rubio has has -- snartd nature rubio has not endorsed. >> u.s. army has the lowest
4:18 pm
army since 1940. 70 years ago. lt. colonel oliver north has something to say about that polls close in just minutes. who will win big in the coal country primary? i take pictures of sunrises, but with my back pain
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less than mine minutes for polls closing in pennsylvania. fox tracking numbers coming. in. the number of u.s. army soldiers on active duty on lowest level since 1940. more than 75 years. the rawction in the number of the troops is expect to do continue. safe?w county military
4:22 pm
colonel oliver north is here to go "on the record." >> they can't. the basic problem is purpose of our military is to deter war and if you have to fight one to win it. well, the size and capability of the u.s. military all depend on the threat to this country and the risk of not doing something. so this president has totally failed on the process of defining and prioritizing our adversaries. is he going to japan. is he going to go to hiro sheep that -- her row hiroshima. world without nukes. that's la la land. a president's job is to prioritize those risks. in other words, you sit down and do an analysis of what the risks are. what are our risks? tier one risk is nuclear annihilation. that's the greatest risk we
4:23 pm
faces a a country. what do you have to deal with that. number two the russians and chinese are expansionists all over their parts of the world and greatest threat to. go to manila, taiwan, seoul, they will tell you we are at risk what they're doing chinese and same thing eastern europe. third level tier 3 radical islam. radical islam is not an existential threat to the united states of america. nuclear annihilation is you have the north koreans building submarines launch missiles into the united states. we have done nothing to build a nuclear ballistic missile capability or a defense against nuclear missiles. >> what do you think president obama would say if he were sitting here? >> i don't think -- look it, he failed national security 101. he never sat down, that i know of, with as president reagan did every year, we sat down and went through those kinds of things. and prioritized those threats and then said these
4:24 pm
are the things that we need -- have to do to deal with them. and so yes, the military was much larger. he we had the threat of a soviet empire. once that went away we stopped doing that kind of thing. we had 9/11 that focused all of our attention on dealing with radical islam. it's not just al qaeda. it's not just one small group or another, it is radical islam. it satire 3 threat. it's not existential. >> what do you think donald trump would do? >> look it, the next president, whoever it is g. is going to have enormous challenges the success trace is going to take the army down even further and navy, air force, marine corps is the only organization that actually maintained its own strength this year. get this, in world war ii we had fewer than 200 admirals and 7,000 ships. today we have more admirals than ships. talk about parody. >> mark of the "new york times" was here and done whole foreign policy analysis clinton and obama.
4:25 pm
she is much more hawkish. >> look it, i don't know, but i will tell that you the next president has got to start rebuilding this military. he has got to deal with the existential threats to this country. consider this: the nuclear weapons proliferation has under this administration direct threat to every single american on this territory. >> colonel, good to be with you, sir. >> good to be with you. >> raid in afghanistan. u.s. and afghan forces finding the son-in-law of a former pakistani prime minister being held captive. prime minister's son kidnapped by al qaeda gunman three years ago. today's discovery came as complete surprise of u.s. officials. this photo showing the son's rescue. the son is out safe in the pakistani embassy in kabul and will head home soon. and, plus, we are minutes away from polls closing in west virginia. major 2016 race call straight ahead.
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this is a fox news alert. the polls closing in west virginia. fox news team tracking results as they come in big, big primary night. bring you results the second woe have them. this is the place for election news. bret baier is here. is there news? >> we can make a projection on the republican side donald trump will win west virginia. he is, of course, the only major candidate remaining but is he going to win big in the numbers here looking at the exit polls. two thirds of republican voters said trade cost jobs. donald trump overwhelming women here. on the democratic side it's too early for us to make a call. but bernie sanders has a solid lead right now over hillary clinton in west virginia. and a lot of this state is lining up towards bernie sanders. we don't know how much the coal comments that hillary clinton made really cost her votes in this state but it looks like bernie sanders is positioned for a win here. it's too early to make that official projection as of yet. >> all right. you're going to have a show
4:31 pm
later on tonight at 11:00. i don't want to jump ahead to that the polls haven't closed in nebraska. i assume you will be talking about that all the candidates on the republican side are on that ballot, still. it's fascinating. ted cruz today being coy. what do you think about that? >> i think he was just not getting to the point where he was officially going to say it was closed completely but it is closed. i mean, there is no path for ted cruz because his path was to stop donald trump from getting to 1237, the majority needed and he is going to get there if you look at all the polls going forward, california will be the end of this race. >> all right. you have got going back now to west virginia. it may be that bernie sanders come out ahead with the pledged delegates versus the super delegates. the super delegates meaning everybody on capitol hill and the big wigs in the democratic party. what does that mean overall? >> he has to win 66% of the remaining delegates on the table to win the pledged delegates. that takes out the super delegates. but he has to win 66% of all the row major states.
4:32 pm
that's a really tall order for bernie sanders. what it means is he is still fighting to the end. is he still firing up people. he just had 20,000 people come out in california at an event. is he going to make the case that is he a big part of this party and probably will effect the platform in philadelphia. >> are you surprised that he is still in this? hasn't liked clobbered him by now. are you surprised? >> i think so. hillary clinton didn't get out until june 7th. that was more of a race all the way until the end. but, i think that bernie sanders is making a case on ideology and really on platform for progressives in his party. >> forcing her to stay left instead of looking at the general election when they all eke back towards the center. >> which is going to be tough to her. she wants to get to disaffected republicans and progressives signing on to bernie sanders. >> we have very exciting night. bret will be back tonight at
4:33 pm
11:00 p.m. for special edition of "special report." 11:00 p.m. eastern. in nebraska, voters still have 90 minutes to vote. the polls in the cornhusker state close at 9:00 p.m. eastern. jonathan hunt is live in omaha. jonathan? >> greta, two reasons to watch the result in nebraska very closely tonight. the first as you and bret just alluded, to the name of senator ted cruz, along with certain other former candidates is still on the ballot here. so what percentage of the vote will the senator win? he, himself, suggested in a radio interview today that were he to pull off a shocked victory here he might even unsuspend that suspended campaign. now, few would actually predict a senator cruz victory in nebraska, but that brings us to the second point here. the g.o.p. establishment and the voters here are still to some measure expressing some
4:34 pm
discomfort with a donald trump candidacy. the governor of nebraska, pete rickets last week endorsed trump, even though his family, the owners of the chicago cubs spent millions trying to stop donald trump. and on the other hand, you have nebraska senator ben saft who has been a leading and vocal opponent of mr. trump and remains exactly that. how much of this will be a protest vote by republican voters or have they just essentially given up, accepted that trump will nominee. some of those g.o.p. voters will stay at home. we won't have official yet greta. official polling place where we are in omaha it has certainly been a long way from overwhelming. as you just mentioned the polls close here 8:00 p.m. central. that's 9:00 p.m. eastern. just in case there is yet
4:35 pm
another shock in this extraordinary election season, we will be here to bring those results to fox viewers. greta? >> all right, jonathan. maybe a stampede in the next hour. who knows. anyway, jonathan, thank you. and a deadly knife attack and tonight the fear is that it may be terror. we're live in germany next. plus, the "on the record" team is tracking all the 2016 primary action. 2016 coverage continues straight ahead. hmmmmmm.....
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[ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm...
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hmmmmm... the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti. part of the award-winning golf family. polls closed moments ago in west virginia and fox news just projected donald trump the winner in west virginia tonight. that's the g.o.p. race. and over on the democratic side? the race between secretary clinton and senator sanders is still way too close to call. the second we can call that race you will get the results immediately right here all night on fox news. and developing right now, a man reportedly yelling allah alh akbar stabbing fatally one person and injuring three
4:40 pm
others it happened in germany. grn reporter lucian is live. what happened? >> what we know is shortly before 5:00 a.m. a ma into a trn at a small town about 25 miles east of munich where, as you mentioned, he stabbed four people. one man 56 years old died. what caused alarm was that witnesses did say in the beginning that they had heard him shout allah akbar, god is great, infidels, you must die. the police issued a news blackout until they had a press conference later in the afternoon. it turns out the suspect, is being identified as paul h., the initial h. he is a german citizen, an ethnic german. unemployed carpenter with a drug history. police are saying now that although he said he convert to do islam, it's very hard
4:41 pm
to make sense of what he said because he seemed very confused. >> has chancellor merkel said anything or what do you expect her to say? we hear terrorism. we hear al akbar we all jump. >> merkel herself hasn't come out and said anything about this. but since the paris and brussels attack, german authorities have repeatedly said that the country is on a high state of alert. and there were actually a couple of alerts in the past couple of months on new year's eve, the police did close munich train station so the same area because of a terrorist threat. nothing, of course, came of that. >> lucian thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you, greta. >> tensions boiling over. long time clinton aide cheryl mills storming out of
4:42 pm
an interview over offlimits topic what happened? >> we confirmed there was an interview between mills and the fbi and the "the washington post" has more details that she did apparently storm out of the interview, which was a very tense situation. after the fbi agent sort of weighed into a topic that she felt was offlimit. that was her discussion with a conversation with mrs. clinton over which emails would be produced to the state department as part of these foia requests. and, of course, this was off limits -- this was negotiated to be off limits because of attorney-client privilege. >> in fact, that actually would be routine. >> right. >> that this would be off limits. there is nothing surprising. when you read that someone storms out and fbi, naturally everyone's radar went off. >> these leaks are designed to have agenda right now. that's my view based on the reporting because you and i both know when an fbi agent asks you a question, nine times out of 10 they already know the answer to their own question because this can be
4:43 pm
a real jeopardy situation. >> it almost sounds that the agent went rogue because the department of justice agreed this was off limits. at least. >> that's how it's being portrayed. i think the leaks, the time something extremely interesting. >> do we have an end point on this investigation? >> well, what we do have is the fbi director is going to be speaking on the record with the reporters who routinely cover this beat tomorrow. no topic is off limits. he has not spoken to us in this format for well over six months. he typically does it every three months. it may be that he has something to say. but he will certainly get questions from us and others about this topic. >> indeed, catherine, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> and if you think any candidate has a lock on the general election, you are so i don't wrong. if the race comes down to trump vs. clinton? who holds the edge in swing states? we know. don't forget to watch hannity tonight 10:00 p.m. eastern. trump campaign manager corey
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4:48 pm
well, the polls just closing in west virginia and fox did predict that donald trump is the winner. on the democratic sight the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders still way too close to call. we will make the call as soon as. nebraska has over one hour left to vote. as we said -- fox news alert. this is shepard smith. >> a serious situation unfolding now, taunton, massachusetts, a suburb of boston where the police department has confirmed to fox news that there are
4:49 pm
multiple crime scenes at the silver city gallery. that's a mall there in metropolitan, boston again in the town of taunton. all the local television stations are there. we are getting reports from the locals of police surrounding this mall from a security guard of the mall being shut down. reports of multiple stations of multiple shootings. frankly it, seems to be such a chaotic scene right now is all that i can tell you is there a massive response event. the state police are there, the taunton police are there. something serious has happened at the silver city gallery mall, townton, massachusetts. as we get more details we will update you, greta. >> all right, shep. thank you. and there is a brand new quinnipiac university poll of register the voters in ohio, florida, and pennsylvania. they show a razor sharp close races. secretary clinton wins only
4:50 pm
1%. within the margin of error and ohio donald trump and pennsylvania hillary clinton. if that's the matchup come november we have a close race. >> it's striking. there has been this assumption that trump would be fighting from behind against hillary clinton. both parties, really. this is an indication of how close it is. peter brown from quinnipiac joked that this will be a season for divorce lawyers because of such large gap in this poll between men and women. it's a 20-point gap that trump has 20 points among men and hillary clinton 20 points among women? it might be divisive in individual households. >> so, stephen, if trump needs women does picking a vice president running mate does that make a difference. >> it can certainly help as the conversation goes forward whether women vote based on that or not, i don't know. vice presidential picks are about changing a story line. and getting hit over women's
4:51 pm
issues come july or june when he makes the pick, yeah, it could help. what's most striking about that poll or all three polls today is that -- well, first of all, independents going for trump. more important trump is winning republicans at essentially the same percentage that hillary is winning democrats in those head-to-head matchups. we have been talking for a while. hyper ventilating republicans are not comfortable enough with trump. now that he is the nominee exactly what has happened in the last several contests happened. he is starting to coalesce, consolidate that base. and it really is a fairly straightforward base election at this point and the swing voters are the same swing voters. >> what does secretary clinton have to do. trump is up by four that's on the edge of the margin of error as well. >> for her, it's striking how solidified voters are among them. the people that said they didn't have opinion or didn't know about them was like 3%. in both polls. so these are well known
4:52 pm
figures. one issue for clinton is white males. in florida, she only has 25% of the vote among white males. >> how does she get those? >> i think she has got to do more. challenges the notion of her picking another woman as a vice president, you know, which has been something that her campaign is looking at. so, i mean, i think that she needs to do more to reach white males in some of these states. a fox news alert. we go back to shepard smith in new york. >> live pictures coming in from taunton massachusetts at the mall there. we have gotten a better sense of what has happened. according to the reporting of the media communications director for the mass state police, it appears to be a person has committed multiple stabbings. apparently a brawl began outside a macy's store there. and then that person who was doing the stabbing of at least four people we are now told, was shot by somebody on scene, perhaps an off duty sheriff's deputy, perhaps someone else.
4:53 pm
at some point during this sequence of events the assailant drove into the front of this macy's store and that's why we see this vehicle here through the facilities of wfxt fox 25 in boston our owned and operated station there at least one stabbing victim was stabbed here at this entrance to macy's. others have been stabbed beforehand. we have no reports of anyone deceased but some of the victims are reportedly with life-threatening injuries. four people with stab wounds and then the initial assailant shot. according to the mass state police, the information is in slow and very fluid and they will update us as the situation warrant. i have gotten further from the wabc news station in boston, they are saying multiple emergency crews are there and that is clear from the scene outside the mall there right at the entrance from the macy's is where that vehicle went in. so, the long and short of it, what we're hearing is somehow a brawl began outside and we believe one
4:54 pm
man with one knife stabbed multiple people. the best reporting we have from the massachusetts state police is four people stabbed. and then at some point, as authorities began to arrive, we're told taunton police and massachusetts state police arrived. someone shot the man with a gun. was it some bystander? was it somebody else involved in the brawl? was it a police officer from taunton or a mass state police officer? the truth is the investigators on scene say they are not yet sure. here is what we are positive of. four people have been taken to hospitals. some of them are what the mass police are calling potentially life-threatening injuries. and the attacker has been shot. we do not know his condition. at some point during the incident, according to wccb in boston, at some point during the incident, the assailant drove this vehicle into the macy's at the mall and that's where at least one of the four people were stabbed. a live look over this mall which has since been shut
4:55 pm
down. can you see there are a lot of people standing around and the police have done their best to try to get people out of that area as they try to figure out exactly what went down and who may need assistance. at this point, the authorities tell us they have this incident under control. they have no reason to believe that there is any one else at the mall who would do people harm. four people to hospitals with stab wounds. one person with a shooting wound of some kind. we don't know where. but as we get more from there, greta, we will let you know. for now it sounds like it started with some sort of brawl outside the macy's and the guy rammed his car into the macy's store, stabbed somebody else, and he got shot. >> i mean, it's absolutely bizarre. we have seen way too many of these bizarre incidents weather it's a shopping center or school or public buildings or whatever. it's just terrible. and obviously we have no information. of course, the first thing i want to ask but obviously triggers what i'm thinking did anyone say anything? is there any report about anyone saying anything is my first thought off the top of my head? and i take it, shep, you
4:56 pm
have no information on that. >> from our sources we have three cooperating television stations there and a newspaper we work with. we have our own new england news bureau there, we have nothing about specifics from any of those. we are also working social media. at this point none of the witnesses who have been tweeting or posting on to facebook have mentioned what was said, if anything. but, greta, it's interesting to me that they say this began with what appeared to be some sort of fight. we don't know what the o. gin of that fight was. we don't know how well contained it was. but it clearly escalated as whoever was driving this car drove it right into the front of a macy's there. maybe that person was trying to escape that brawl. we don't know yet. >> there is no blueprint or script for all these fights. it seems peculiar that you have a brawl and the first thing you do is get in a car and drive -- you usually would drive away if you want to get away. you don't want to drive in the front door. there is no script for these things. >> no, there apparently isn't. it sounds as if this person who is the one who drove the car into the mall may have been one of the stabbing victims as well and then got
4:57 pm
shot. but of that we can't be sure. i have this new information from employees at the townton mall. they say they're currently on lockdown and waiting for mall security to give them the all-clear. though the authorities have told us they believe there was one assailant and that assailant is either in custody or sounds like actually off to the hospital, the mall itself has not caught up with that news and it is still on lockdown, greta. >> our lower third on screen says shooting/stabbing. at this point, from what we are reporting i understand that the stabbing is the criminal and the shooting of the person that was doing the stabbing might have been the police? >> well, that's what the police say. in fact, the massachusetts state police have issued a statement to our folks here on the news deck just a short time ago saying that they are sure that the person who was doing the stabbing has now been shot. what they're not sure of is who shot him. they say it's possible that mass state police did. somebody who was responding shot him. but it sounds like they had such a chaotic scene that the people who disseminate the information, greta, are still working to make sure
4:58 pm
they have it all right. >> i guess when i see the stabbing, i am mindful i just reported a few minutes ago about a stabbing at at a subway station in germany there. there may be some suggestion of were terrorism or extremism. when you use the word brawl, i think of fight. i don't think of terrorism. i think of criminal conduct with begins fight among people escalates have this. >> that's exactly what authorities are indicating to us. they haven't told us what this fight was about, who was involved in it. exactly what precipitated it or how it was broken up except to say that there were a few people stabbed, then someone in a car drives into the front of the macy's. somebody else is stabbed in front of the macy's. then the stabber is then shot by somebody, maybe police, maybe somebody else. >> and, of course, shep, we will be monitoring this from the news deck all night. thank you, shep. we will go back to the political panel. we have all the issues, immigration used to be at
4:59 pm
the top of the radar screen for all these politicians. that has now dropped down. then it's jobs. a string of violence like this. now we are going to go back to guns or go back to terrorism. >> and sort of the unifying in all of that is strong leadership. one of the interesting things out of the quinnipiac poll is that trump and clinton, they both do pretty badly in terms of favorability and trustworthiness. trump scores better than her on leadership and on handling the economy. those are the sorts of things that can carry him. >> it's sort of interesting how fluid the topics are that interest the american people. >> can change in a second. you know, having a terrorist attack or having, you know, things that change the public's mood or change the things people are influenced by. and that's what you don't know between now and november there is a loft time for these things to change. >> of course, meanwhile, the news tonight is at least so far is that donald trump won west virginia. we're still waiting to see what happens in nebraska. and that is all for us right now. we will see you again tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. stay with fox news all night long for instant updates
5:00 pm
2016 primary. hannity has a live show+á)n at 10:00 with corey lewandowski and bret is back at 11:00. good night from washington. ♪ ♪ "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> she is going. did you hear that donald trump raised his voice while speaking to a woman? oh, i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i mean, all of the men, we're petrified to speak to women anymore. >> donald trump enters the no spin zone tonight and some new polling is very good news for him. well, what about the womens issue? we will deal with it. >> the anti-trump demonstrations in california were pretty nasty. what happened to those who broke the law? is it legal will tell us. >> we have got to think about ways that the democratic


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