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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 10, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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then, admit night, my friends at "the five" will be here. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. see you then. >> bernie sanders insists, don't count him out. and hillary clinton in west virginia, and vowing to fight onto the convention. >> we're in this campaign to win. the democratic nomination. >> clinton doesn't seem worried, planning for the battle against donald trump. >> that is what the hate rhetoric and insults. >> trump stays off the campaign trail, narrowing his list for vp. >> very in mind five people. i think they're excellent. i'll announce whoever it will be at the convention. >> two of trump's former rivals making headlines, ted cruz plays
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war on whether he'll endorse trump. >> at the end of the day, they're going to assess the candidates. >> marco rubio offers support. sensing he still has big differences. >> the presumptive nominee according to the voters. >> democrats continue to battle the republican nominee in waiting gets ready for the fall. >> we're going to win, win, win. and you're going to love it. >> good evening, welcome to washington for this special primary night edition of "special report". i'm bret baier, you can click two more states in the donald trump column. the republican presidential front runner coasted to wins in west virginia and nebraska, marching toward what appears to be his inevitable cornation as
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the nominee this summer. we have exit polling and peter doocy in oregon, as the sanders campaign heads west. we begin with john roberts in new york. good evening, john. >> it was, bret, good evening. we learned tonight any possibility ted cruz would restart his campaign was put to an end. trump needs 137 delegates to completely seal the deal. barring an unforeseen event, he will be the republican nominee. now, the task to unify the party. his meeting with house speaker paul ryan on thursday could go a long way to achieving that. i spoke with donald trump's campaign manager lewandowsky.
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>> i don't think fall into line is the right words. i think he loves this party, he loves this country and wants to see something good happen. he's a very good man. he wants what is good for the party. i think we're going to have positive results. and i would like for him to stay, and be chairman. >> the trump campaign is playing down expectations saying they do not think ryan will come on board immediately, but that is okay. as he prepares for the visit to capitol hill, trump announced he narrowed down his voices. the man leading cory lewandowsky. >> it's not about agenda or representation, who best is a partner to bring our country back to where it is? we have to allow we don't allow
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another 4 or 8 years of a democrat. it's important about making sure we have the right person on the picket to make sure mr. trump gets his agenda. >> and they'll embark on a nationwide tour. and trump saying he won't announce his nominee until the convention. we talked about marco rubio just a moment ago. he came out and said he will support the nominee, but he's not going much further, saying he still have differences with donald trump. bret? >> john, thank you. let's find out what we're learning from exit polling in nebraska and west virginia. kristin fisher has numbers for us this evening. >> good evening, bret. tonight is something of a victory lap for donald trump. g.o.p. voters feel betrayed by the republican party. half in west virginia feel that way. they back trump in every state except two, arkansas and
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wisconsin. another reason, g.o.p. voters are angry at the flof federal government. they make up about half in west virginia. these voters have gone for donald trump in almost every contest this year, then, trade has been a huge issue and voters agree with him that trade hurts the economy and takes jobs away from americans. now, on all of these questions donald trump is the guy for the voters but do they think he can win? yes. look at this. in nebraska, 82% say he's likely to prevail. in west virginia, 87%. they feel confident they'll be able to unite the party down the road. 59% of republicans say republicans are divided now but they believe they'll unite by november. bret? >> thank you. >> another big night for donald trump. let's get reaction from his
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national campaign spokesperson. thank you for being here. i want you to ask you about unifying the party. that is the focus now as trump gets ready to meet on thursday with republican leaders. he sounded more tonight speaking to bill o'reilly. what is the thinking inside of the campaign and how important is that for donald trump to make those inroads? >> well, mr. trump is looking forward to his meeting with leaders and paul ryan on thursday, he made a commitment and for the last couple months he has been meeting with lawmakers on the hill to have these discussions, try to calm the concerns and for some lawmakers, mr. trump has not signed a piece of lenl slayings that will be bad for conservatives and he has not ridden a piece of legislation yet. he wants them to be sure that he is going to do what is right for the party and for the country. he's looking forward to thursday, at the end of the day there is one thing that will
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unite all republicans at the end. that is ensuring hillary clinton does not become president. >> the unifying force there. we've seen huge turn out there in west virginia, nebraska, indiana last week. you're still dealing with unfavorable numbers. taking a look at the politics average of over all favoribility ratings, favorable, 28.4%. and is that a concern? how do you turn that around? >> it's a concern. i will say unfavorable doesn't translate into a no vote this, is a person with a personality conflict with mr. trump. at the end of the day, issues will win. i'll note at the beginning of the republican primary mr. trump had high unfavorables. once he got to take his message to the public and talk about his vision of putting america first and talked about doing fair trade deals and putting american
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families first when it comes to foreign policy. mr. trump has policies this country has been lacking for a long time. we're now in a lace where the world global economy is going into chaos. we have wars going on everywhere. and isis is completely out of control, mr. trump wants to take control of that and do it the right way by putting americans first. >> the positive numbers from the trump camp's perspective in that poll in florida, ohio and pennsylvania, to women, he's still unside down. is that something the campaign is trying to turn around by doing something? >> yes. we have talked about this.
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he is one of the piers to bring women into corporate america in the 80s. he has more women executives than men. this is a topic that has been really pushed down by the media and the left trying to create this character of mr. trump when it comes to women, particularly using comments made while he was in the entertainment industry. most people understand that. i do believe that they're going to see women look more at the presidential aspect. at the end of the day, policies are going to win out over time. jobs are important and immigration is important. >> last thing, just to clarify. california put out a statement of a state of delegates and there is a white nationalist on the list and now, he is off.
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can you explain that? >> yes. we have had several people trying to infiltrate and we had media outlets create fake accounts and so when we do catch it, we want to make everyone aware of it. >> thank you. >> great to be here, thank you. >> bernie sanders campaign celebrating the win in west virginia. next week's primaries could be big for hillary clinton and tonight, hi, peter. >> the room just cleared out because senator sanders left but the crowd was enormous and excited. the vice president said today that he is confident.
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sanders saying yeah. at the start of the campaign he was thought to be a candidate who could not win anything but things have changed, and now, the sanders pitch is not just about a political revolution. he's talking about electability and he is on a roll. >> let me be as clear as i can be. we're in this campaign to win and we're going to fight for every last vote in oregon, kentucky, california. >> why shouldn't he? he won 20 contests, almost as many as hillary clinton and a good measure of how excited folks are here in oregon about the primary this night, and we
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visited a sanders field office. volunteers were on the way out to go door to door and make sure they get them to the state in time. and they were working the line here and some hot heat, to try to get their cell phones to turn their cell phones into mobile phone banks. this is the crowd you'd associate more with a rock concert or sporting event than a political rally full of policy and most folks say if sanders is not on the ballot they're not voting for hillary or trump. >> the race could end up being closer than experts think. the new poll, three swing states shows very little separation between the two.
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clinton leads by one point in florida and pennsylvania, trump up four in ohio. let's talk more about the race. going to congress woman debbie wasserman-shultz. thank you for being here. >> you're welcome, bret. good to be here. >> bernie sanders, can he win the democratic nomination? >> well, our, we're not in the prediction game at the dnc, we're in the management game. we have about 12 primaries left and so candidates are going to make their own decisions. >> here is what you can report on the republican side tonight. it is nothing short of embarrassing that hillary clinton has been defeated 20 times by a 74-year-old socialist from vermont and lost the state she carried in 2008.
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and showing her long track record of dishonesty continues to alienate large swaths of democrat voters. hillary clinton has shown she's incapable of the leadership our country desperately needs. your response? >> my good friend, reince. talking about embarrassing? what is embarrassing is that the republican presumptive nominee, donald trump doesn't have support of his own speaker of the house, stnt have support of either bush president, has many united states senators and candidates rejecting they're going to attend their party's convention because donald trump is radio active and they know it. and the problem they have is
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staring them in the face, 3% of voters coming out of nebraska in an exit poll tonight are republicans said they thought they'd unify. that is what is embarrassing. >> you look at the numbers, though. and the swing states. are you surprised by how well donald trump is doing? >> well, at this point, the national polls are a early to be hanging your hat on national polls but the polls i have seen, i'm in may, not one that puts a lot of stock in polls. if we're going to cite polls there was a poll done by a reputable polling firm in south florida their poll showed donald trump entrounced by hillary clinton if she was the nominee in miami dade county. if the republican nominee doesn't get something on the
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order of 40% of the vote in miami, in the hispanic vote in miami dade county they're done. >> let's go back to your race. bernie sanders says the deck is stacked against his campaign. he points to key committees on the convention he's not been able to get people on. is that a fair criticism of the dnc and how a convention is lining up in philadelphia? >> no. not in the least. unfortunately, senator sanders and his campaign have a fundamental misunderstanding of the way we appoint our standing committee. i nominated 25 at large members to the standing convention committees in january. they were elected by the democratic national committee executive committee. the remaining 167 members of each standing committee are divided based on the statewide vote that has been won by each candidate.
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but the majority of the remaining members is actually appointed by the candidates themselves based on a statewide vote they're earned to deck stacking? there are 25 people appointed to the committees and 167 remaining. i don't know how, by anyone's definition, that is a stacked deck. >> madam chair, thank you for the time. if you do have another debate we'd love to be considered. >> we'll take it under advisement. >> and let's go to the sanders side. supporting senator sander who's is not throwing in the towel. he's in baltimore tonight. ben, your reaction to tonight? the win in west virginia and perhaps what you just heard from the chair? >> look. i think it shows we're doing very well when voters are concerned about trade and jobs. frankly when concerned about trust, we do very, very well. that is what you saw in virginia. >> do you think, senator sanders
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can pull out a win for this nomination? honestly? >> we've been climbing mount everest in tennis shoes from the beginning. starting 60 points back. the reality is that we see miracles happening many times. >> to your point, the new york says probability is just 2%, including super delegates, clinton is less than 200 short of getting 2382 she needs to clinch the nomination. the remaining 13 contests, 12 now, most will award delegates she's certain of reaching her target. if that is the case is your candidate hurting your party's candidate in a general election? >> you have to set aside the speaker delegate. it's like counting football
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recruits before it's time to sign. the reality is that they don't vote until july. and so talking about them now is a bit premature. when you're looking at the action, earned delegates, pledge delegate count is frankly we have done much better than anyone thought. we're making our party more competitive. the reality is that you know, we tend to win, win, win voter turn out goes up. if you want turn out to win. >> bernie sanders has to win 66% to get over the pledged delegate hump. let's just say he does that. >> right. >> and still comes up short for nomination. isn't he, to my original
8:20 pm
question, hobbling your nominee when you get to philadelphia? whether you have more say in the platform or not? >> look. if i was advising secretary clinton, i would point out that bernie sanders tended to leave the door open to being her vice presidential nominee when he was on the show last week. and i'd be encouraging her to reach out to him. there is nobody that can help her more if she becomes the nominee than him. and that is the best advise i can give her, he's proven to be a much stronger candidate coming back. like an oxford style debate. but not necessarily where you end up, it's how many points you move. we moved more points than she has. our campaign over six months and year, gained more and more support. she'd lost more and more and she needs somebody who is a newcomer
8:21 pm
that can drive out folks who are likely to stay home. and that is who we bring. >> ben, thanks we'll see if she takes your advice. >> thank you. >> when our special election coverage continues ted cruz leaves a door open just a bit, perhaps, to get back into the race. we'll ex-main, next. savings whiplash.
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ted cruz says he does not think it will happen, but today he was not dismissing the idea of restarting his campaign if quote, a path opened up. here is james rosen tonight on the senator's return to capitol hill. >> reporter: ending the silence after conceding, ted cruz returned to the senate for the first time since february and marco rubio spoke out. cruz declined to endorse trump, won't specify what trump could do or say to earn his nomination. >> it will be incumbent on the candidates to make the case to the people they'll fight for them. >> cruz advised 40 chairs in
8:26 pm
every state, 32 states and territories that he intends to hold onto the delegates to shake the party platform and rules to reflect the cruz brand of conservatism. >> what i think is happening is they're all negotiating with donald trump. ted cruz has an important voice in our party. he's a conservative champion. he's going to take this messag to the convention and make sure the party platform stays much like it is. >> in a speech on foreign affairs, rubio swore off criticism. >> i don't view myself as taking shots at him. >> the florida senator issued a warning about the perils of his america first foreign policy. >> it's easy to say why did we
8:27 pm
give all of the money to nato than explain what would happen. >> the cruz campaign met a 5:00 p.m. deadline to file for a slate of delegates for the california. the senator told us that is just, quote to, keep faith with supporters. what the exit polls are telling us, going over interesting nuggets from nebraska and west virginia when we return. real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing
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now more from the exit polls. >> let's take a look at some exit polls. a former democrat said this they overwhelmingly chose speaker tonight, getting 69% of the vote compared to 21% to clinton's.
8:32 pm
and also, clinton did not do well with independents. she lost in three states, mississippi, alabama and georgia. tonight, receiving hes than one quarter of the independent vote. clinton is not the choice of voters that care about people. 23% of the voters supported clinton. perhaps importantly, more than half said they'll not support clinton in november. 45% will go to trump and 18%, which is a huge percentage. >> west virginia does not look friendly to hillary clinton in the fall. >> no. >> there is more trouble for hillary clinton and her e-mail scandal. the man who set up her private server is finding difficult to
8:33 pm
find via e-mail. >> clinton's it manager apparently has no paper trail from his days working fosh secretary clinton. the missing data is phone as psp. >> the department has not located one from the time period of secretary clinton's tenure. the absence of the file does not indicate that this department has no e-mails sent or received by him. >> he was a political appointee and atowarding to newly released e-mails, career government employees were uncomfortable with the appoint. critics say they usually work for the secretary or the policy,
8:34 pm
not the it department. >> hillary clinton's political office in campaign, pushing into office. >> before romanian hacker claimed he breeched the server back in 2013 and posted files on the web, the chairman of the house intelligence committee said lawmakers were concerned about security. >> it's clear there are people sending classified e-mails. >> fox news asked the attorney if it is too late to take action resulting p the probe. >> we do our reviews carefully and thoroughly. and when we'll come to a decision at that time. >> during an interview, the washington post reports clinton aides stormed out of a tense
8:35 pm
session and the topic was apparently off limits because of attorney-client privilege. bret? >> thank you. >> trump dominates and bernie sanders won't stop fighting. we'll talk about the way forward with a special expanded panel when we come back.
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>> i think they're excellent on whoever it will be at the convention. >> it's not about agenda or representation. we have to make sure it's important about making sure we have the right person on the ticket to make sure mr. trump gets on the ticket.
8:40 pm
>> donald trump campaign manager talking about his candidate candidate. >> he's a very good man. he wants what is good for the party. i think we're going to have positive results. i'd love for him to frankly stay. >> let's bring in our special expanded panel, brit human, lisa booth and donald trump with huge wins tonight in west virginia and nebraska, but what about what he said about paul ryan? >> it's a reversal of the attitude he first took. you know, and trump responded well, i'm not ready to support
8:41 pm
his agenda. and now, we're getting choser to the day and that it would be good for them and ryan said that he'd be willing to stand aside but donald trump seems to have taken a gesture of humility. so i think that sets a stage and set of the issues and agreements everybody can run on trump, ryan and people who are candidates for the house of representatives which i think a lot of people feel is in jeopardy. >> we're look at exit polls that are overwhelmingly for trump in every way, shape, or form in the book and west virginia, today,
8:42 pm
with this poll, it was a shot in the arm for trump. there were interesting quotes. who is better on the committee? >> trump, overwhelmingly. who is better on terrorism? trump. in each of the states. that took some by surprise. >> absolutely. people were looking for his demise. democrats don't have an appointed nominee yet. so there are people driving that message. you're talking about americans out of the labor force, two average loan debt is $35,000. you will get the message tonight which republicans are 50% in nebraska voters thought the
8:43 pm
trade was leading to a loss in u.s. jobs. it was above the majority, believing that same method. donald trump's message is going to be the economy reaching out. and i think donald trump's method is going to be connecting with voters, identifying voters that feel left behind and talking to those people. >> yes. there is is this tep yid response from some that he ran against. >> i think the most important thing these primary results are the most important that we have seen. my question is can donald trump resist the school yard fight? every time a politician comes after him, he goes back with a statement and slaps them. can he instead throw out an
8:44 pm
olive branch and say do you know? lindsey graham, or jeb bush want to criticize me, fine. but i'd rather that them with me an against me. and you know, i think that is is more important. >> tucker? >> i agree with that. and the fact it worked for one thing. a lot of people find it unattractive and you can see people are mad that republicans in washington. in the end, it's talking about you offended me. i'm not going to take it. and so one of the things that is
8:45 pm
interesting. people who voted for trump believe he can win. i don't think anyone in washington believes that. >> inside of the beltway that we have polled. >> what we have here in this case is a personality. if you watch what trump voters say you will find what these voters believe is whatever trump says. and if trump says something at a given moment, they believe that. if he changes his mind, they believe that. so they're all in for him. it is a about him. it is about this man. and we can talk about what works, broadly speaking saying he's going to make america great again and goes into comb country and says to the miners we're
8:46 pm
going to bring back the jobs. he never says how he's going to do that. so they like that, too. he says i'm going to get your job back. well, you're going to be for that. i think it's surprising is that people seem to believe whatever he says. >> we're back with the democrats, tweet me at bret baier, back in a moment.
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these polls are troubling. you have the secretary losing in ohio. she's up only by one in florida and pennsylvania, bernie sanders winning all three against trump. and super delegates are going to have to take a look at these candidates because neither one is going to the convention with enough pledge delegates to win. this, think is very, very compelling evidence about why bernie sanders will be a much better candidate after the fall? >> jeff weaver and clinton and
8:51 pm
trump closing polls and here is sanders looking at the in pennsylvania, and also, in these polls there are numbers in the key swing states. and upside down, tremendously. tucker, you know, the math keep on talking to democrats it's just not there. but he's trucking. >> he wanted to. what is hillary clinton running on? third term of barack obama, of course, do you think the next president should continue barack obama's policies of democrats
8:52 pm
owning 26%? said yes. 26%? want a third term or obama? >> what about sanders as the democratic nominee, she's coming crawling not sprinting. >> i think if she wins california there will be a chance for this. when sitting here in october and seeing hillary i don't think we're going to look back. so this he had states he can win. the question is what are the press narrative going forward?
8:53 pm
and bernie anders, what he does in june and july. >> contrast what happens tonight in west virginia with what happened when they, obama was winning. the situation deteriorated. but why would she be the victim of that? it's a good example of her weakness. >> well, bernie sanders ran a campaign about principle. i don't think it's been winning for him. with hillary clinton it's been winning. the problem for hillary clinton
8:54 pm
is this is what her campaign hz been built across. what is her purpose as candidate? i think that is the problem with her not connecting with the liberal base and her comments about coal miners and callousness in which she said it is going to have her facing a big problem with connecting with voters in generating any sort of enthusiasm. >> and. >> you can deduce the donald trump campaign, but there it is. a few words. >> what is her candidacy really about? >> the message seems to be that it's about another term for
8:55 pm
barack obama but that is -- she never says it that way. >> right. >> what is this campaign about? that has been a fatal failure. do you remember when ted kennedy couldn't question? that really hurt him. >> that is what i think hurt. >> this is talking about the message she will have. >> president obama itching to get on the campaign trail. does she deploy him? >> she's got to go all in. they need numbers in certain communities for sure.
8:56 pm
>> i agree. >> it's philadelphia, cities like that. miami dade county. this is the legacy. >> it's ready to go. >> final thoughts after a final time out. savings whiplash. you know, from car insurance companies shouting, "save $500 bucks over here." "no, save $300 bucks over here." "wait, save $400 bucks right here." with so many places offering so much buck saving,
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flying over, so there is that. you can join us every weekday, always fair, balanced. up next a special midnight edition of "the five". >> hello everyone, i'm kimberly guilfoyle and it's midnight in new york city and this is "the five". i'm going to kill you. >> you're a weirdo. fox news alert. thanks for joining us on this special late-night edition of the five. a big night in politics on the republican side, donald trump racks up two more primary victories in west virginia and nebraska. trump now won 30 states but the big story, bernie sanders upsets hillary clinton in