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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 10, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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flying over, so there is that. you can join us every weekday, always fair, balanced. up next a special midnight edition of "the five". >> hello everyone, i'm kimberly guilfoyle and it's midnight in new york city and this is "the five". i'm going to kill you. >> you're a weirdo. fox news alert. thanks for joining us on this special late-night edition of the five. a big night in politics on the republican side, donald trump racks up two more primary victories in west virginia and nebraska. trump now won 30 states but the big story, bernie sanders upsets hillary clinton in west
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virginia. the crushing blow after sanders beat clinton in indiana and a victory rally earlier. >> this is a state where hillary clinton won by over 40 points against barack obama in 2008. we have now won primaries and caucuses in 19 states. let me be as clear as i can be. we're in this campaign to win. >> sounds like someone who has a nomination clenched. his confidence, and the crowds seem to love winning and the crowd seems to love him.
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and the super delegate process is some ways the republicans look and go wow. that is a good idea. but republicans moved away from that. one democrat says they think the system is demanding a platform issue but i think that there will be a discussion on the democratic side once again to try to flatten out and make it more transparent. >> we've got some. >> i am listening. >> you've been removed. now, so the numbers coming out, six exit polls, yes, that we can go over now. some might be important in terms of the coal industry, and we're
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talking about this earlier, that is, i think hillary clinton said not just the willing to put her out of business and turn it into national. what is next? retailers weren't paying $15 an hour, are they next? two things, one that jumps out is a little earlier. 92% in nebraska, 92% in west virginia. and the exit polls show between 35% and 50%. depending on what time of the evening it was taken.
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and that is massive opportunity for donald trump to capture democratic voters. that is the thing we've been talking about for a long time. and juan, you don't believe it's possible? >> west virginia is an outlier here and a state with very few minority voters. and in fact, bernie sanders is going to go on a run in kentucky, oregon coming up. this conversation is going to continue. he'd say i'm winning. there is no chance. and if he's not the nominee what percentage of voters? >> what do you say? >> what would i say? there is 20. >> in west virginia, and there
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is a lot to do. if you're talking about working class, and coal miners you have a chance. beyond that, no shot. >> so. >> 0. >> in order to believe supporters will move to trump, you have to ignore three things. the wall. sanders is for a carbon tax. those are three issues in which there is no overlap. and there is some saying absolutely no. and it would need a pet komodo
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dragon. don't ask for more than you deserve, please. >> you know what he's doing? right? >> there is a margin of error. >> i can't believe it's not butter. >> why? >> whether or not democratic voters think clinton can beat trump in november, about 60% of the voters think she can. that is compared to 90% of west virginia voter who's think trump can compare hillary. >> yes. and so let's go back to greg. >> let's go back. >> 15%? >> that is -- west virginia democrats, don't think? >> go back to what greg is
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saying in terms of people who support trump and sanders. people who support trump hate government. they hate government. >> this is what you're saying, sanders people wants bigger government. do you get this? i don't disagree with you in that. if numbers are less, what is your number? ten? 15? if 15%, 12, in 12. >> when hillary beat obama, all those votes are going to go to mccain? is that what you said? >> how is that saying apples to apples? >> 40% difference.
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>> where is this druft up and violence there is a lot of animosity there. >> is there a possibility saying we like bernie sanders and in fact, we want to vote against hillary clinton that some can cross over and have to be persuasive. coal country was going to be against hillary clinton anyway. and unfortunately because the industry has been so maligned by regulational policies that are going towards no fossil fuel sort of future, i think that would be difficult for them to do so flip that around. but is it possible that some might? yes. i mean, some, a handful, yeah.
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i don't know a huge amount of difference but there is a lot of work to be done. and republican national committee is going to have to decide how to figure out how to bring republicans together in addition, we try to find these bernie sanders voters. and bilt's numbers are so bad, i don't know the plan to try to turn that around. i don't know. >> how tired of bernie is hillary? just honking his horn. he's right behind her and that
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is an opportunity. >> media matters. >> yes. that is a midnight show. >> oh, my goodness, coming up, g.o.p. leaders ahead of the key meeting between donald trump and paul ryan. can the two bring the party closer to unity? reaction head on this special late night edition of "the five". don't go away.
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injection site pain, eyelid drooping and swelling. tell your doctor about your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions and medications including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. look me... in the eyes... and see what's possible... botox® cosmetic. it's time to take a closer look. >> after wens tonight, donald trump is gearing up for a critical meeting. thursday, he will meet with house speaker paul ryan who says he won't endorse his party's presumptive nominee yet. >> i don't want to negotiate or have a conversation with someone through the media. i want to have a conversation with them one on one. we need to talk about how to unify the republican party.
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the point i've been making is we should bt pretend our party is unified when we know it is not. it's been a week since the primary ended. it was a bitter, divisive primary. it's going to take more than a week to unify this party. >> we're meeting on thursday and i think it will be interesting. i look forward to the meeting and think positive results. he's a very good man. he wants what is good for the party. i would like him to stay as chairman. >> this meeting is being built up to be bigger than a meeting of -- >> rocky and bullwinkel. in order to continue, they had to establish a certain relationship. they had good goals but realized they had to work together. just like "the view". anyway. >> or life. >> you can't turn the table oaf
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and expect there aren't broken dishes. and let's face it. the trump phenomenon broke a lot of dishes and they revelled in it. now, it's time to figure out how to clean it up. >> do you know what the dishes were? >> franklin commemorative obama plates. sorry. >> you know what the theme behind unity is? warts and all. i'm from the option of why not try wart removal before you have warts and all, that is all i'm saying. >> could you pick a better word? >> what if you like the warts? part of the appeal? >> stop, enough already. >> the producer is saying enough of the warts. >> we're talking, eric, nobody expects a big announcement but it seems to me people are hopeful it will be a positive meeting right sf. >> yes. i hope it s i hope, i understand
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why paul ryan wish he hadn't done what he did. i understand his logic. he has a group of constituents but at some point said look. we have the risk of having a hillary clinton president is going to be far greater than my problem with your right. >> with your wart. >> with jindall and perry. and he's going to dump trump also with others. >> others? >> there are others. >> there are one we're not supposed to talk b maybe it's a phone meeting. anyway, donald trump does not reach what is going on in leadership and trump, after thursday says do you know what? let's behind the guy. >> is it formidable if there is unity? do you think that the hillary clinton camp would be more worried than they are today?
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>> this is such a question. >> this is a fantasy. why not? so go right ahead. paul ryan says it doesn't matter to me that i care about reducing the size of federal government. i'm just going to embrace donald trump. do you know he just looks lovely in the middle of the night? >> enough of that. >> one goal is to say here are a series of policy issues we care about. >> yes. >> how does that work? is he supposed to flip? what is a flip?
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>> was told donald trump is now the leader of the g.o.p. i would say paul ryan would have to -- >> oh, oh. i get it. i get it. >> what? >> get in line, dog. get in line. >> he takes it on the basis of interviews. >> here is what is going to happen. it's going to work out. they're going to go and meet on thursday and have more private meetings. >> there are going to be cro crossaints. >> okay. we got it. >> you know how we know it's going to work out?
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trump is not poking the cage on anything. he's smooth about it. >> what juan is getting at, you can negotiate on terms of a deal. it's hard to negotiate on principles. those are things you grow up with and believe in. then, you say like entitlement reform, now, all of a sudden saying i'm not. it's hard to do. >> and to convince fellow republicans i'm sincere. and what are you going to say to people like mitt romney? and the bushes? >> what is. >> he doesn't need any conservatives. >> there you go. >> yes. >> any principled conservatives.
9:21 pm
>> and lindsey graham. >> he's going to get all of these. >> the sanders supporters. >> everybody who is not a trumpeter is a rhino. >> out of your mouth. >> you mentioned two senators and a guy that ran for president. >> john mccain? >> do you really think that is going to be a good idea? >> i don't know. >> it's about the principle. >> i know. i know. >> saying on that issue. does anyone think that is a good idea? you know? what is mitt romney going to gain? >> i'm sure people want to have the appearance of unity. the larger thought is this. the odds are against donald
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trump winning. >> there is a tie. >> this is hilarious. >> ahead, brand new polling and a match up that could be a operation. more on that when we return. >> late night. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. >> sdielt hill's loss, polls show trump and clinton in a dead heat. florida, ohio, pennsylvania, and
9:27 pm
in pennsylvania, clinton by one point. two trumpive nominees are taking swings at each other. >> and it's all nonsense. you know what? women understand it better than anyone. and watch out well i do with women when it counts. watch how well, women want to see strong securij they want strong military. they want to see borders where people just can't walk across. like it's swiss cheese. >> and now, hillary hits back at trump's attack. >> i've been concerned about the reckless talk coming from donald
9:28 pm
trump. this is a long list now. when you're running for the serving as president, you better mean what you say. i am looking forward to debating donald trump in the fall. >> are you sure? maybe -- >> for a second, if i close my eyes, she sounded southern, then, if i close my eyes she sounded like her husband. >> she was in kentucky. >> how charming. >> yes. >> she's going to have a tougher time and she seems worn out. and i worry about her having stamina going forward. i think she's going to have a tough time. i think it's going to be a brutal, vicious fight. >> low energy.
9:29 pm
>> three important -- >> yes. these are ridiculous. i mean, i love these polls. in our interest, let's go for it. if you're asking hillary clinton, these polls were taken before trump wrapped up the nomination. and he might have a lead. fine. so wait until the borage comes. >> three weeks ago, you said hillary clinton is going to destroy donald trump. >> no. no. >> and then, the polls are too far out. >> too far out? >> these polls. >> this is still the case, hillary clinton has a lead
9:30 pm
beyond national error. these are big polls. >> their argument earlier. dana? who is winning now. >> well, she does better with women. so women do vote in larger numbers than men in several contests. the other thing is that hispanic voter registration being hup up. states where they're possibly in play for the democrats of arizona. i didn't realize clinton won it in one the 995. georgia, and utah. so the map could be different than it was in the last couple elections. >> do you want this one?
9:31 pm
>> no one asked me that. >> i wanted to say hillary's criticism of trump being reckless are to his benefit. people love him because of the impression he is reckless. it's like saying a horror movie is scary or space mountain, too fast. what she has to do is trail trump on the contradiction. it's an issue that is not scary. that is a very important. >> it's something when you go like it doesn't know what he's if you go after him being scary or dangerous, that is his sex appeal. >> let's take a look at debbie wasserman shultz. she weighed in.
9:32 pm
listen. >> a good point. the polls i have seen across the board, i'm in may, not one that puts a lot of stock in the polls. if we're going to cite polls there is a poll done in south florida and their poll showed donald trump being trounced by hillary clinton if she was the nominee in miami dade county. if the republican nominee doesn't get something like 40%, they're done. >> what do you think? >> i think she's spinning as fast as she can. what do you expect? that is her role in this business. nice one. >> great. great. are you listening? >> i was. i had a conversation with debbie
9:33 pm
wasserman shultz. >> debbie wasserman shultz did what you just did. >> that is where he learned it. >> these polls are ridiculous. >> that is her job. everybody says he's a dnc chair, right? if you wanted to be serious about it, i'm not going with debbie wasserman shultz. they're talking about pennsylvania, it's a tie. >> you think that tells you about that? >> 2342. >> that is -- >> oh, please. you know what? put the money on it. >> you're saying something different. that poll says what it says.
9:34 pm
is that not true? >> he does have a point. >> but if you do point out polls say he's falling behind her. it's too early to tell. i think the race will be close until the end. november 7th they're going to know what is going to happen. >> all right. up next, the obama administration, is it caught in a cover up involving the iran nuclear deal? stunning developments when we come right back.
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new revelations about a
9:39 pm
possible cover up at the state department involving the ire yawn nuke deal. a series of questions by james rosen, and whether the obama administration lied about the timing of the talks. here is the video. >> this is a policy of the state department. the preservation of the secrecy of secret negotiations are concerned. to lie in order to achieve the goal. >> james, i think there are times when diplomacy needs privacy in order to progress. this is a good example of that. >> ha. >> here is the version posted on their website. >> there are concerns we have whether it's their involvement
9:40 pm
or humanitarian issues. that has not changed. >> the obama administration says. >> so eight minutes of video has been cut and replaced on a white flash. the fox news exposed the story, the original video now appear on the website. this is amazing. don't you think? this is, i mean, this is, this makes the ire yawn deal pretty much a mess they have to get rid of. right? what i just said. >> well, i love the way you triang triangleulated that. it doesn't matter. the press still embraces them. they can edit you. you know? and tried to prosecute him. there is no end to this.
9:41 pm
of their misdeeds and malfeasance. >> a white house communications director? >> yes. >> she got a promotion. >> that is what they do. this is what they do. >> how did this deal survive? >> the deal, the old deal? >> no. look. this is predicated on a lie, correct? >> no. no. >> they predicated they were meeting with moderates when meeting with hard liners. it's a big deal. >> it's not a deal. it's the way they're selling the deal to try to prevent the senate from voting that would have wiped out the deal. >> so they were tricky. >> people, all the time spin information.
9:42 pm
>> this is an actual lie. >> if this is a marriage could you get a divorce based on a fraud or lie? or say no. and call it a lie. >> this is a marriage based on a lie. >> in this marriage, every time you're a fraud you get a job promotion. like susan rice. >> i'm having a flash back. >> i remember -- >> it would be that -- >> i was justing they did say sarkozy was cozy when he was talking about -- >> not sarkozy. >> that makes me suspicious. my worry is that this is the future politicians cut what they don't like. >> really? >> yes. >> this administration, juan, and your buddies.
9:43 pm
>> this maybe a year and year and a half ago. >> i remember after -- don't they know we're watching? >> that is right. it was a glitch. he had a glitch. >> hats off to james rosen. yesterday, he came up to the aftermath of all of this talk and said wait. only then, he went back and looked. nobody had looked. this is as far as a record. >> there you go. >> that is because we're doing real journalism. >> is there a reason to do it? this is a glitch. i could not conceive of a single instance. >> generally, people edit things
9:44 pm
out that make them look bad. remember? >> yes. yes. >> that is wrong. >> people edit stuff out and they claim it's for time and space. >> npr did that. i told that story about president bush. they cut that out and had the other part. >> yes. yes. you would know. >> you can't cut anything out. >> you like to. you're an editor. do we have time for this? >> the late tony snow thanked a list of people and left one out. and called the white house transcription office and said can you put him back in? it looked like we were tampering with transcripts and they flipped out. >> people should flip out because this is 10 times worse. >> right.
9:45 pm
that administration wanted to be courteous and thank someone. >> is it too late to impeach president obama? >> no. you go right ahead. >> i'm starting it tomorrow. >> trump vice presidential chatter is kicking into high gear. who is on the vp short list? that is not fair. new details when we return. hey, jesse. who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. over time, your money could multiply. hello, all of you. get organized at
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>> he needs to appoint someone to be the vice presidential nominee. we know, i believe that is not the case. >> that is marco rubio making a case he is not interested in becoming donald trump's running mate. on the o'reilly factor, donald trump said he narrowed down his potential picks to five. what do you think? >> i like bob corker a lot. the guy, it might be too early to be voting on presidential picks. it's a little bit of a
9:50 pm
distraction. i would be surprised if they announce it before mid june. >> see they had ben carson doing it, then, all of a sudden what do you think sarah palin. >> i don't think she will be chosen but has been helpful in other ways and a steadfast supporter. chris christie seems to be warming to. he has a good relationship and he appreciates loyalty. he was there for him right away in the beginning. so it's like president obama grew to rely on biden. there's some kind of relationship going there. ultimately he has to pick somebody that i think will help his ticket, help to bridge the divide and pull in voters.
9:51 pm
>> dromp told the "washington post" he wants someone that can walk in to congress and make a deal right away he knows he's a businessman and he wants political. >> corker is a good choice then. >> corker as head of the senate foreign relations brings that. >> it is 1%, i'm sorry. zero, zero, zero. >> used to be the thought you could flip states. we are arguing about polls and i'm concerned about flipping states. i want to know which state he can flip for the republican, this is there a vice presidential pick, maybe marco rubio will reconsider, what about kasich? >> i have a great idea for trump. go to the convention with five potential nominees, christie,
9:52 pm
corker, rubio, kasich and geraldo and do it like "celebrity apprentice" and fire one at a time until you are down to geraldo and rubio and the last second he picks rubio he goes geraldo, you are fired and rubio is the vice president nominee. >> excellent. >> i think you should be in charge of producing the republican race because it is a fantasy reality show and america can get back to reality and let the republicans go home. >> wait a second. >> the co-pilot has more seniority than the pilot. generally if someone has more seniority doesn't listen to somebody giving advice so you make the vp have more seniority than the one in charge. you need someone incredibly presidential. to convince me to vote for
9:53 pm
donald trump you have to pick somebody like bolt on the and you get the expertise and -- >> or john mccain because that erases the ugliness from before. i think i'd like to look for somebody like that and then you have me. >> is that right? >> you understand the point. >> you know what they keep saying? we have to go. >> they say that all the time and we don't care. >> we have seven minutes. >> yeah. >> can't do this. because we in fact love me g gyn. g gyn. gyn. gyn.
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kimberly's food court. like the vegas buffet or something. here's the deal. this is a great story. i love domino's pizza. i really do d. i think they are under rated. so are their employees. this is when you have a personal relationship. he realized one of his regular customers hadn't been ordering a pizza. they sent an emergency car over there. he was in need of medical
9:58 pm
attention. saved the man's life. we want to say thank you so much and god bless. we will support dominos one at a time. this is what we are going to do an i'm going to share it. >> greg hasn't ordered in weeks this is what happened with my liquor store. >> warning system would be for me. he hasn't ordered wine. >> it is not your turn. >> you don't have a turn. >> you fold your pizza. >> it is cold. >> this was a fun week for me. you know why? because guess what,er you could go to the nasa website and see mercury cutting across the sun. it took a seven-hour transit across the sun. it's that spec you see coming across. this is incredible because mercury normally can't be seen. nobody sends anything to mercury
9:59 pm
and again seven-hour transit. >> like passing a stone. >> i think my one more thing is better and tastes great. >> i love football. you know who else loves football, texas. $63 million stadium for high school football games. >> holy moley. >> it from nied lights. 63% of the town voted to make the expenditure. >> what if you don't play football, build a $60 million library for people like me. >> hillary is pulling out this stops to win. she wants ufo enthusiasts, she's committed to releasing the area 51 secret documents that no president has released before. she said if elected she will release them and you can find
10:00 pm
out what the government knows about ufos. she's trying everything. dominos pizza in oregon, we love you. that's it. stay tuned to fox news. continuing election coverage throughout the night. we will see you back here 5:00 p.m. eastern. donald trump the presumptive gop nominee is inching ever closer toward officially clinching the republican nomination. as bernie sanders racks up yet another win. nice to be with you. nice to be with you. >> nice to have you here. >> welcome to "america's election headquarters." trump winning two more primaries, nebraska and west virginia today. he earned just over 60% of the votes in the winner-take-all state of in e ne and 36 delegates. >> trump adding to his total following iz victory in west virginia. as it stands, trump i


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