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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  May 10, 2016 10:00pm-1:01am PDT

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out what the government knows about ufos. she's trying everything. dominos pizza in oregon, we love you. that's it. stay tuned to fox news. continuing election coverage throughout the night. we will see you back here 5:00 p.m. eastern. donald trump the presumptive gop nominee is inching ever closer toward officially clinching the republican nomination. as bernie sanders racks up yet another win. nice to be with you. nice to be with you. >> nice to have you here. >> welcome to "america's election headquarters." trump winning two more primaries, nebraska and west virginia today. he earned just over 60% of the votes in the winner-take-all state of in e ne and 36 delegates. >> trump adding to his total following iz victory in west virginia. as it stands, trump is 130
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delegates shy of clinching the gop nomination. >> getting close. >> meantime on the democratic side, bernie sanders beating hillary clinton again. this time in west virginia. handedly so. >> very much so. sanders using momentum to rally supporters in oregon. he insists he will be taking his presidential bid all the way to the convention in july. >> this is a state, west virginia, where hillary clinton won by over 40 points against barack obama in 2008. with our victory tonight in west virginia, we have now won primaries and caucuses in 19 states. let me be as clear as i can be. we are in this campaign to win the democratic nomination. >> despite winning the mountain state with a majority of the vote, sanders is making a small
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dent in hillary clinton's massive delegate lead. still has a long way to go. he said he is in it until the end, until june 7th, no matter what what. >> when you think of what happened today in west virginia and where he came from. so far down in the polls, came back an beat her in a state she won in 2008 against barack obama. you never know what will happen in the next couple of months. >> she made the argue when it came to super delegates because a similar situation happened to her. >> she didn't get out until july. >> we'll see what happens. let's talk about the gop race in west virginia. conrad lucas, chairman of the west virginia gop is joining us on the phone. are you there, mr. lucas? >> yes. >> good evening. you have had a busy day. how was voter turnout? >> massive. we broke a lot of records on the republican side for turnout in west virginia. we saw polls having to stay open
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late because we had such an interest in our primary. so much excitement that this year in west virginia and largely due to the candidacy of donald trump. >> he received more votes than bernie sanders, is that correct? >> yes. that is most likely the first time at least in modern history that a republican has gotten more votes in a presidential primary here than that democrat. >> what do you credit that for? how do you think he managed to do that? >> the energy donald trump brings here -- he's been strong on the coal issue. trump has been out front saying he will get coal miners back to work. we are a state brought to i9s knees by the obama administration and their attack on coal. the war on coal and the attack on our jobs and the economy in west virginia and donald trump tackled that head on. people are excited because people in west virginia want to work. they want jobs and we need the coal industry to make that happen. >> do you think it was a direct result of hillary clinton really
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just far behind bernie sanders today because of her anti-coal comments? >> absolutely. hillary clinton is on the record saying she wants to bankrupt coal companies and made it personal. she said she wants to bankrupt coal miners themselves. in west virginia we take that personally. bernie sanders victory here was a direct rebuke of hillary clinton anti-coal policies that will be an extension of barack obama's crushing epa regulations. >> reporter: moving forward from west virginia to the remaining races, how do you think what played out in west virginia will influence or tell us how the primaries will work moving forward. >> looking a the republican side we are the first state to be called since kasich and cruz suspended is their campaign. if there is any question about pub republican unity, look to west virginia. donald trump got 80% of the vote cast an the other gentlemen suspended is their campaigns la week. republicans in west virginia are uniting and we were the first
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with an unit to cast their ballots with one clear individual in the race. i think we will see a lot of unity. the west virginia story will speak nationally. >> one county, i understood, just came in west virginia where donald trump received 91% of the vote. the highest total he's gotten anywhere across the country. >> yes. that's mcdow county, west virginia. it suffered like no others. they have spoken loud and clearly and conservatives here are ready for change and ready for donald trump. >> looks like it. conrad lucas, thank you for joining us. congratulations on a successful primary today. >> thank you very much. >> the democrats and bernie sanders big win in west virginia that certainly did not look probable a couple of months ago.
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lauren green is joining us from our new york newsroom with more on that. >> for bernie sanders it maybe a mathematical long shot to win the democratic nomination but his victory in the west virginia primary as given him reason to stay in the race until the end. he intends to do just that. sanders won the mountain state, 51.4% to hillary clinton's 36%. it's delegates will be awarded proportionately, giving sanders 16 and clinton 11. the in e ne primary was a beauty contest for the democrats having awarded delegates in a march 5th caucus. sanders won that too, 57 to 43%. clinton leads the total delegate count with 2,239 to sanders 1,469. that includes all of the important super delegates where clinton has a huge edge. sanders is undaunted, rallying supporters in oregon.
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>> our message to the democratic delegates who will be assembling in philadelphia is while we may have many disagreements with secretary clinton, there's one area we agree. and that is we must defeat donald trump. >> for mrs. clinton, tuesday's contest turned out much different than in the 2008 when she won the west virginia primary against senator obama who went on to become the eventual nominee and take the white house. clinton's gaffe about the coal industry may have clipped -- crippled her in west virginia and helped her rival in the coal-rich state. despite the loss, the former secretary of state spoke to supporters in kentucky and kept her focus on the presidential contest. >> you are voting not just for a president but a commander in chief.
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and the highest obligation of a president is to protect america. i take that as a solemn obligation and it's why i have been so concerned about the reckless talk coming from donald trump. >> reporter: s 19 states to clinton's 23 who needs just 134 delegates to reach the 1283 required to win the nomination. she only needs to win 14% of the remaining delegates and super delegates to capture the party's nomination. leland? >> lauren green in new york, thank you. exit polls giving us a look inside the voters' minds as they hit the polls. exactly why did they vote for who they voted for? what issues are number one to them? kelly wright is joining us live. >> reporter: good morning, that's following tonight's primaries in west virginia and nebraska, we can see ub republican voters in those
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states are reflecting the same sentiment about certain issues as they have in other states. for example, the exit polls show most gop voters in the two states believe the most important issue facing the country is the economy and jobs. we've seen this throughout the other primaries and caucuses. 57% of the voters say they are concerned about this. they want a candidate who can improve the economy and deliver jobs. the gop also said they feel betrayed by the republican party. 63% of republican voters in nebraska feel betrayed and 49% feel that way in west virginia. moving on looking at other polls, as in other states a large number of gop voters are disappointed and have a lot of anger towards the federal government. because of that anger, we are seeing gop voters, donald trump is the man they believe can improve the economy, create jobs, and help them to get over their anger towards the federal government.
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now, these voters want to see a change. trump the outsider is the candidate who's winning voters, who want change in every state except texas. 29% of voters in nebraska and 36% of those in west virginia see trump as the top quality candidate who can bring the change, they say, is needed. so looking at the top quality issue, go to trade and when you see another concern is the trade, most voters in west virginia, nebraska, like trump's view that trade takes away jobs here in the united states. 50% in nebraska and 67% in west virginia agree that trade will do jobs in america instead of improving them. trump scored big with these voters. they believe he's the candidate that can effectively voice their concerns in the general election and defeat hillary clinton. 82% of voters in nebraska and west virginia are backing trump. the republican party is divided right now over trump.
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many are wondering if, in fact, the party can come together to rally behind and for trump, the presumptive gop nominee. 50% of gop voters in west virginia and nebraska are divided now. but say trump will yooe unite the party by november. certainly something we will be watching. leland? >> more coming up. joining us el thank you for staying with us throughout the night. we just got a look at what "the new york post" cover will be tomorrow morning. take a look at what it says. stop the coronation is the cover. an op-ed piece saying she is unraveling. bernie haz won two states in the past two weeks that hillary
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clinton has won in 2008. are things changing? >> i think things are changing in both parties dramatically. i don't necessarily think that bernie sanders will get the nomination. she does still have the super delegates. they could switch. if he gets 300 delegates or less that he needs by winning california which he is not slated to win but he might. then things could change with the supers but right now they are not. >> so many supers would have to switch over. that makes it different than in 2008 because barack obama and hillary clinton were much closer at that point but you still think there is a path to victory for him? >> i don't know. i think at this point people are saying in the democratic party they see hillary clinton as the nominee, period, end of statement. she's acting that way. she's not going after bernie in any way. she's going after trump.
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>> she did buy ads in kentucky and the perception is she bought those ads, which is new. she was not spending additional money on television ads in order to fight bernie sanders in the primary. >> she probably has to do that. that's probably basic. on the other hand, if you look at her overall way she's doing things, it's that she is going after trump, including taking some of the stop trump name. >> where does this -- on the flip side of that, when you look at this in terms of the race that is now appearing to square up, hillary clinton versus donald trump, did we learn anything from west virginia and nebraska that you think is relevant as we take it in to a general election? >> absolutely. first i would say the coronation ended a long time ago. this is hillary clinton stumbling to the nomination mathematically which many of us believe she will get. bernie sanders is on the verge of winning a 20th state. this is embarrassing for the clintons. with have known historically she
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has fundamental flaws as a candidate but the fact she's not been able to create rationale other than it is my turn is a problem. bernie sanders won 52% of women in west virginia. he won 61% of independents in west virginia. on economic issues, on voters that care about those, he won a 55%. 50% of bernie sanders voters said they would vote for donald trump. that to me is the most telling. would you agree with that? >> the figure i saw was one third of democratic voters said they would vote for -- but let's face it. toni is right, west virginia was not a good state for hillary clinton. west virginia does not like hillary clinton and that is partly because of her gaffes with respect to coal. also look at the demographics, 91% of the voters were white.
10:15 pm
where she does better with minorities. there were a lott of things -- >> is that an indication it could be a problem for her. >> could be. there were warning signs for her. not only her own mistakes but the rationale and enthusiasm on the other side of the aisle, the fact, as you heard earlier, the turnout was remarkable. we had never seen turnout like this on the republican side for a candidate. this is what she faces an enthusiasm gap within her own party and certainly versus donald trump in november. >> you mentioned the 50% figure in the state of west virginia. people that would vote instead for trump. nationwide there was another poll that is 39% of bernie sanders supporters, nationwide who would switch over to vote for donald trump or not vote at all. that would be a problem for her either way. >> absolutely.
10:16 pm
that's why bernie sanders is so crucial to her. what he decides to do, the extent to which he truly supports her will be very important for her. i think we saw a little bit of change in bernie sanders's tone and content tonight where you begin to see a pivot toward the general election, a recognition that if he cannot win the nomination. >> he certainly hasn't ruled out the idea of being a vice presidential nominee. is that where this is going, is that why he is taking it all the way and has more say at the convention and gets on the ticket. >> he has created a movement and he cannot abandon the movement as others are abandoned their extra movements before. >> a revolution. >> right. so he feels a connection to that. i have had republicans tell me if he pulls out she will move so far to the right she'll break her leg.
10:17 pm
i don't know. but the fact is, he's keeping her more left on several issues. >> look at how damaging that was on coal. very fact she had to go to the left on that issue. absolutely killed her in west virginia. >> i want to say she was misquoted because she said the best thing we could do is to help the people who produce the energy we rely on and we're not going to forget. >> the tape didn't lie. you have to watch it. all right. go get some coffee. it is going to be a long night. toni, judy, ellen we will be back. >> we will bring it up again. more on the stunning polls from key battleground states that showed tight races and a hypothetical matchup between trump and clinton. >> who would have thought pennsylvania now possibly in play. is hillary clinton the best candidate to challenge donald trump? bernie sanders says nope.
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the general election is six months away if you are keeping track on the calendar. a new poll shows hillary clinton and donald trump are virtually tied in three key battleground states. this was stunning when it came out. look at that. florida, ohio and pennsylvania. let's bring in charles speed, political law attorney, delegate expert. charles, appreciate you being here in the wee hours of the morning. when we are look at most certainly a trump versus clinton race, what do you make of the fact these three key states that you would think certainly would be strong blue states, have been in the past, may not be anymore? >> the poll, the quinnipiac polls are certainly good news for donald trump. ohio and florida should be red states. they have got to be a part of any winning coalition for a republican. so that's part of the road map. the fact that trump has moved up and within the margin of error
10:23 pm
there. >> do the polls mean anything six months out from the general? >> they mean something for the battle that trump is fighting right now, which is trying to win over donors and convince traditional republicans that he's a viable candidate. even though, of course, the polls are going to change the clinton attack machine hasn't unleashed the billions of dollars they will spend but for right now when donald trump and his finance team are going around washington, d.c. this week, trying to put together a plan to get the billion dollars they will need to compete with the clinton machine, proving viability, which is what the quinnipiac polls are the start of doing will be a helpful argument for him. >> it has changed a lot of thinks. how much has to do with trump's appeal to white, middle class, lower middle class males unhappy
10:24 pm
about things like immigration, the economy, trade. that key demographic that trump seems to resonate so well with? >> that's part of it and the other part of it is hillary clinton's unpopularity with large parts of the electorate. donald trump's unfavorable numbers are sky high, but the only candidate has as close to as high unfavorables is hillary clinton and that's good news for trump supporters. >> whenny i look at the polling, again quinnipiac,s michigan, wisconsin, you have one story that suddenly this could be good for donald trump. and then places like mississippi, georgia, utah, traditionally dark red states and somebody like erick erickson will tell you this proves trump is another goldwater. >> the most recent numbers in utah and mississippi are the
10:25 pm
argument for why donald trump could be devastating for republicans. but as you noted, if he can put pennsylvania in play, that means we do have a chance, with being republicans. right now, i think this is an insider's game. hillary clinton's team hasn't put any advertiseing against trump. which is important right now and in the coming months before the election that trump put a finance team together and raise that billion dollars that he and the republican party need. and good polling numbers are critically important for that. that is a good day for him. >> you know donald trump will be talking about his good polling numbers when he meets with paul ryan in d.c. on thursday. appreciate you staying up with us. >> my pleasure. >> we are not done. everyone stay up, political power meets up. trump looks for support from the speaker of the house. what will happen with that? wouldn't you like to be a fly on
10:26 pm
the wall in that meeting. why paul ryan wants to marinate, when talking about donald trump on whether or not he will support him. . >> we are meeting on thursday and i think it will be interesting. i look forward to the meeting and i this i positive results. he's a very good man and he wants what is good for the party and i think we will have positive results. . i think for him to frankly stay and be chairman.
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donald trump and house speaker paul ryan are scheduled to meet on thursday in washington. the gop's presumptive presidential nominee is hoping that he can convince ryan to back his bid for the white house. a source close to the congressman said that ryan will not make any hasty commitments. >> i don't want to negotiate or have a conversation with somebody through the media. i want to have a conversation with them one on one and with our leadership team. basically we need to talk about how do we you know funify the r party. we shouldn't pretend the party is unified when we know it is not. it has been one effect since the primary effectively ended. it was a bitter divisive primary. it will take more than a week to repair and unify this party. >> joining us from our new york newsroom, fox news political analyst. thank you for coming in early
10:31 pm
for us. >> thank you for having me. what do you think will happen on thursday? >> we are talking about two great strategist. paul ryan is great. we are in the shadows of one of the bloodiest primary processes we have seen. as a person that likes politics it is great for the party and the country. donald trump is shaking things up. however, it is time for the party to have a unified front. but if ryan were to come out and endorse donald trump right now it would seem disingenuous. i think paul ryan is doing the right strategy. >> who bears more responsibility to get the party to come together? ryan or trump? >> from a national standpoint, from the presidential election standpoint it is donald trump. but what paul ryan is doing right now, he's protecting his congressional members. we have to keep the party together. he has to keep the house and the senate.
10:32 pm
the only way he can do this to get the intellectual conservatives an the folks that are staunch party supporters, those establishment folks, ryan needs to stand his ground and they need to cut a deal. he needs to fight for the conservatives of the party or the party will still be divided. >> ryan has to protect republicans can further down the ticket. >> kpa ktly. let's say this, hypothetically if hillary clinton wins and we lose the house and senate that's a challenge. it would be great if donald trump could win, pull some democrats and independents, some women voters from hillary and keep the party in line. paul ryan is doing his job. he is unifying the party. >> speaking of pulling the demographics from hillary clinton, donald trump says -- or he said initially, i should say, he is changing his wording at this point, he said he doesn't necessarily need to unify the party to win. >> because he needs to know he's a rebel. he's gone rogue. he's actually registered new
10:33 pm
voters. we have had 64% more folks vote in the republican process. he needs to keep his constituency in line. he's bringing folks over from the left to the right. he's actually pulling some of bernie's supporters. he needs to keep his constituency in line and paul ryan needs to keep his in mind. we are supposed to be the grand old party, inclusive of all and that's what they are doing. >> beyond the republican establishment, anyone that is on social media, anyone who works here at fox news, knows that the followers and the supporters of these individuals take trump and cruz specifically. they are die-hard. they love their candidates. how will it -- how difficult will it be to get any of those folks that were supporting cruz to cross over if cruz does not come out and say vote for donald trump. >> very good question. it is a fine line. donald trump has to seek a vp
10:34 pm
running mate that can actually bring on those ted cruz voters, can bring on those conservatives, those intellectuals that are ultraconservative. those are the challenges that donald trump will have. so he needs to have a running mate where it is the ying and yang where they can balance each other out. we will talk about that in a couple of hours. thank you for joining us. >> heather, thank you for having me. >> appreciate it. here again ellen ratnor. nice to see you. judy, to you, so much is being made of the paul ryan meeting and all of the discussion, will ryan endorse trump, will he not. does it really matter? >> yes, absolutely it matters. it matters big time if the guy who's going to run your
10:35 pm
convention isn't endorsing the candidate i think the problem for donald trump is that it is not just paul ryan. let's look at the money for a minute. for the moment, trump has raised $40 million. needs to raise $1.5 billion if the republicans are going to win. in 2012, mitt romney, together with republican party, only raised $500 million. we are talking about a huge amount of money that has to be raised. look at the key republican fund-raisers. we have the koch brothers who are hanging back now. they were going to spend 900 million. we have paul finger one of the largest donors. last night i was 59 the manhattan institute dinner, the fund-raising, hamilton dinner and he said neither donald trump or hillary clinton was acceptable and he was going to hold out. this is a party split down the
10:36 pm
middle. when you don't have your major fund-raisers and the leaders of your party, the bushes -- i don't see how he pulls it together. >> donald trump won the republican nomination spending less than any other major candidates. >> he hasn't won it yet. >> presumptive nominee. >> presumptive nominee. >> ted cruz said he might get back in it. >> the hole so far, i would suggest trump has been amazingly successful in getting media coverage that propelled him far beyond what paid media would have gotten him. he will get the money. what will happen is once paul ryan and others who are respectable in the party get behind donald trump it will give the signal that he is ready to become the right type of general election candidate. i believe paul ryan took a little of donald trump's play book and said the number one thing in the negotiation is to
10:37 pm
be willing to walk away from the deal. he said if you don't want me as chairman i won't be chairman and trump has done the right thing. he said no. extended the branch. i want you to do at this time and the two will meet and i suspect it will happen with other major leaders and they will begin the process of resolving the differences. paul ryan, i didn't like how he put it out there. he used silly words. he said i'm marinating, i'm not there yet. it seems small ball for a powerful intellect like paul ryan but he has on his shoulders bringing the movement, traditional conservative, the social conservatives and if anyone can do it, as far as aligning them with trump it is speaker ryan being the first major domino. if that happens donors will follow. >> one of the ways that trump can do that specifically, and who he chooses to be his vice presidential candidate. >> no doubt. i certainly agree with the idea it is more important for trump
10:38 pm
to not only bring political experience, which he wants to but to bring an ideological alignment. he needs to pick a real conservative movement conservative, not a ted cruz conservative necessarily but somebody to the degree that could remind people of the ryan-reagan, kemp movement in the party that wants a principaled conservative executive in trump and want to see somebody that could reflect the broadness of the party which people fear trump doesn't right now. >> judy, i see you shaking your head but we are out of time. i promise i will let you start with that when we come back. >> the other big question is will one of those stallworth republicans take the vp job if donald trump offers it. >> some people have said no but does no really mean no. >> i'm not going there. >> as the gop makes strides toward unifying, how does the democratic party recover from
10:39 pm
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take yourself back a few months. would you have really thought the gop race would be essentially wrapped up in early
10:43 pm
may? the democratic race still going strong. this was more drama for the democrats today. sanders winning west virginia which means he has won 19 states compared to 23 for clinton. joaning us is the democratic strategist, pollster and senior political analyst. jessica, appreciate you being here. staying up early in the morning. as you look at this, how damaging is back-to-back losses for hillary clinton? >> i'm not sure it is the back-to-back losses. the math is hugely in her favor. she is up 275 delegates. 3.1 million votes, but it is more the messaging that is the problem. we saw tonight with bernie sanders obviously feeling triumphant and confident and i understand that. but we are talking about the fact his attacks on hillary clinton in the past few days are feeding in to the gop narrative. donald trump has said openly he is getting some of his attack lines from bernie sanders. that bodes really badly for the
10:44 pm
dems come november to have bernie sanders saying the same thing about hillary clinton that donald trump is. >> especially bernie sanders ends up as a vp nominee. >> i think it was interesting where he didn't deny with wolf blitzer there and that is new for him. he had been seeming to go for shaping the democrat you can platform, a few weeks ago that's what we were talk tg about. jeff weaver came out and said we want to have as much influence as we can over the agenda for the democrats going forward. tonight, he looked like he wanted to be vp and he knows the math and it was a big night and he's fired up but for i think he would be open to that which is a new thing. >> that could change a lot, especially when you consider the messaging that could come out of that, the attack ads, those kinds of things. but in a larger sense how damaging is it to hillary clinton that she can't pivot toward a general election campaign and can't run to the
10:45 pm
right or center as she would want to do. we heard what happened because of that in west virginia with her line about putting coal miners out of work. >> i think it is making her job more difficult. i don't believe that bernie sanders should drop out of the race. i'm not that kind of hillary supporter. i understand who i he is there and he has millions of voters behind him. she has many more millions of voters behind her but you raise a good point with the pivot issue. she has to get back to the middle, in the general election as donald trump moves to the middle. we saw his reversal on tax policy, open to a maim wainimum increase. the only republican candidate to say that planned percearenthoods any good things. >> a lot of criticism she's been unable to define her campaign, i9 has been defined by others and she agrees and goes along
10:46 pm
with it will be a third term of obama and trust me because i'm best suited to get the 3:00 a.m. phone call. does she have to define herself as a candidate and move forward with a message, hard to beat somebody with nobody. >> i think she has to sell the nomination before she defines herself as to what she will be in the general election. no doubt she got pushed left by bernie sanders and is playing catch up on the less progressive issues. i think that after the early june primary is when she will have the delegates sewed up there and that is when you will see her define herself as a strong, moderate progressive maybe not as much as bernie sanders but certainly there and will be a great standard bearer for the party in november for sure. >> we remember bill clinton being defined from the movie "a boy from the town named hope." thank you so much. >> thank you. have a great rest of the
10:47 pm
morning. >> you, as well. >> so interesting to think we are talking about bernie sanders winning west virginia, a state that hillary clinton won by 41% against barack obama. >> he won it by such large margins. i can imagine what the clinton team is thinking at this point. they never thought they would still be doing this at this point. sgll bernie sanders was a footnote to everybody. just look at that number. 51% to 36% in west virginia. you have to wonder if team clinton will go through a mid-cycle postmortem and say what did we do wrong, was playing it safe the right way to go about this? everything was about being safe, being safe, being safe. >> the rollout was understand twice. >> twice, plus -- >> we will see. maybe a new hillary clinton will emerge. up next, we will bring your political panel back. their thoughts on the primary. >> they have a lot of them. >> our special election coverage continues right after this. they brought this on themselves.
10:48 pm
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willing back. we are joined by ellen are thener.
10:52 pm
-- ratner. >> thank you for sticking around. we're not letting you go yet. >> we're here. ellen, we will start with you. the race between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. he said he is not stopping. he said he is in it to win it. he said yesterday in new jersey or day before yesterday. do you think he has any path at all? >> he has a path certainly. again, when i talk to hillary people people they point out she has 2 million more votes than he does and a lot of popular support in the democratic party and that is reflected in the super delegates. >> ellen? >> i'm sorry, judy. >> she is up 3.1 million votes. there's no path, ellen. there's no path that we can see.
10:53 pm
barring a black swan event she is the nominee. on trade she was more traditional, backing president obama's trade pact and now walking away from it. issues which she looks like a flip flopper. ironically it is donald trump who has done the flipping on his policy positions, but she's the one who's accused of pandering to the left. she can not pivot to the center until bernie sanders is disposed of. she has to or can't win. >> in terms of bernie sanders versus hillary clinton, sanders is making the argument i'm the electable one, i'm the viae candidate to thak on donald trump. do you agree with that? >> the polls look at that.
10:54 pm
albeit, i will add the caveat it is dangerous to read too much in to polls whether national or state polls because a lot can happen between now and november. if you look at the recent batch of quinnipiac polls,er sanders beats trump in every one of them. places like ohio, florida and pennsylvania. i would say bernie sanders has won this argument. this conversation is over and judy is right and hillary clinton won the math. he is bartered to left on fracking, trade an the keystone pipeline which our state approved and this is not the campaign hong kong hillary clin to run in november. she wanted to do what donald trump has done. >>. >> where is the off ramp to
10:55 pm
dunkin' donuts. >> nicely floating over fact if it were a sanders and perhaps hillary vote against donald trump, sanders wins. >> i already said that. >> two 0er more points in the latest quinnipiac poll. >> in the exit poll out of west virginia somewhere between 40 and a 0% of folks who voted for bernie sanders in west virginia say if it comes to trump versus hillary clinton they are voting for trump. these are sanders supporters. >> and a lot of people say thatly vothat they will vote for hillary over trump.
10:56 pm
if you are looking at a demographic of west virginia voter that bleeds in to ohio and pennsylvania. donald trump is their preferred candidate an he's able to do things and put states in play that other wise don't get put in to play. he may lose traditional republican states as a result, too but i think he adds white male voters. see what happens when you add females. >> and also young voters. >> democratic turnout is at an all time low. while she is getting 3 million more than bernie sanders not the turnout that barack obama got. >> i am depending on donald trump for negative turnout.
10:57 pm
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11:00 pm
donald trump adding nebraska and west virginia to his long list of primary wins just one week after knocking out the rest of his republican competitors. thank you for joining us. >> nice to be with you at home. thanks for staying with us this very early morning, 2:00 a.m. in new york city and also in west virginia where bernie sanders won big in the mountain state. here's the latest look at the numbers as they've come in. race called, bernie sanders 51.4% of the vote. after the win he spoke to a crowd in oregon which has dubbed itself bernie country. sanders says his momentum will
11:01 pm
carry over and he'll rack up another win there next week. >> and on the republican side, trump winning nebraska with just over 60% of the total vote and with the victory comes all 36 of the state's delegates. donald also take west virginia and at least three delegates there. so do the math. trump needs just 130 more to win his party's nomination outright. can he do it? >> most seem to say yes, he will do it. and it brings up so many fascinating questions that all of a sudden are playing out. who would be his vice presidential nominee. he is down to five or six people including chris christie. does the republican establish coalesce around rim? meeting with paul ryan on thursday. >> it remains to be seen. >> we will wait and see on that. in the meantime let's look at the numbers and where they are,
11:02 pm
christen fisher following that from our d.c. bureau. >> donald trump has now won 30 states. he won nebraska by 42 points and there is fresh evidence that he may fare better in battleground states than previous thought. trump is beating clinton in ohio 43 to 39. the same poll shows clinton ahead by one point in florida and pennsylvania. now polls this far out mean fairly little in terms of accuracy but they carry weight in convincing donors to jump on board the trump train. and trump needs money. he also may need the sport of party leaders like paul ryan. a few days ago trump said he thinks he can win the white house without their support but he would still like it. trump w speaker ryan and mitch mcconnell
11:03 pm
on capitol hill. we asked what will his opening statement be at that meeting? >> number one i have a lot of respect for paul and i think the big thing is in the history of the republican party no one has ever got more votes than i've got in the primaries. >> trump's campaign is focused on finding a running mate. one name thrown about is chris christie. >> i like chris a lot. i'm not going to say ruling in or out. i have in mind five different people. i think they are excellent. i'll announce whoever it will be at the convention. >> now another trump rival turned supporter dr. ben carson will be in that vetting process. fox learned that carson and paul ryan spoke on the phone and the conversation was cordial but who
11:04 pm
knows what will happen when the republican heavyweights sit down face to face. to be a fly on that wall. >> wouldn't we all love that? christen fisher live in d.c., more on trump's possible picks with the panel. >> before we get to that we're going to talk about the late nest the democratic contest. lauren greene has the latest on the two democratic hopefuls, bernie sanders hanging in there and a big win for him in west virginia. >> absolutely. thank you so up many. for senator bernie sanders it may be a long shot to win the nomination but his victory in the west virginia primary on tuesday has given him good reason to stay in the race until the end. sanders won the mountain state, 51.4% to hillary clinton's 36%. its delegates will be awarded proportionally giving sanders 16 and clinton 11. the nebraska primary was a beauty contest for the democrats
11:05 pm
having awarded delegates in a march 5th caucus. sanders won that as well. clinton still leads the total delegate count with 2,239 to sanders' 1,469 and that includes the all important superdelegates where clinton has a huge edge. sanders is undaunted, rallying supporters in oregon. >> i am happy to tell you we will defeat donald trump. if you look over the last month or six weeks and every national poll, bernie sanders defeats donald trump by big numbers. >> in 2008, clinton won the west virginia primary against barack obama who went on to become the
11:06 pm
nominee and take the white house. the gaffe about the coal industry may have crippled her in west virginia and helped her rival in the coal-rich state. despite the loss, clinton kept her focus on the presidential contest. >> let's look for ways we can work together and look at what did make our country great. i think we are great but we can be great for we do what we must do and so many of the targets that trump aims at and other republicans aims at they are part of how we became great. >> sanders has won 19 states compared to clinton's 23, she needs 144 delegates to reach the 2,383 required to win the nomination and only needs to win 14% of the remaining delegates and superdelegates to capture the party's nomination. >> thank you for breaking that down for us. >> sure. >> for more insight on what went
11:07 pm
down in west virginia, perhaps what it means for our country overall, hoppy curchevall joins us. we talked on sunday this weekend and you predicted how this was going to do down in west virginia. how did trump do it? more importantly what does bernie sanders do to turn the tide there? >> a couple of things there. donald trump had huge numbers in west virginia in our primary yesterday. he won all the demos, cleared the slate even won 80% of evangelicals in west virginia, extremely strong. for hillary clinton and bernie sanders, hillary clinton struggled. sanders with a 15-point win over hillary clinton. and you talked about her trip to the coal fields where she went
11:08 pm
to assuage coal miners fears. she lost that county 48-21% and in fact, hillary clinton she was beaten in the county by a huntington warrior who got in the race as a favorite son. so her trip may have cost her votes. she did terrible in west virginia. >> interesting to note she did terrible in west virginia. she did great in west virginia in 2008 against barack obama and won the state by almost 41 points. in a state that is deep, dark red and a conservative state as west virginia is, how does bernie sanders, a democratic socialist that he calls himself win over hillary clinton? >> well, i think because you know, in the primary you had the independents and democratics voting the democrat ballot and a third of them consider themselves liberal and they went
11:09 pm
for bernie sanders. but let me give you an interesting stat, is that for those who voted, the democratic ballot in west virginia yesterday and voted for sanders or clinton, one-third of them said in exit polling they would vote for trump over hillary clinton in november. this is the largest story about white, working-class folks who feel disenfranchised and those folks are drawn to trump. he is resonating with them as opposed to hillary clinton in white, work-class areas like west virginia. >> extrapolate this out for us, for those who have not been to the fine state of west virginia. i have. it is gorgeous in places but it is hard scrabble and has been hurt so battery on the war on coal. economically depressed beyond belief in some places. how similar are places in west virginia to places in ohio,
11:10 pm
pennsylvania, kentucky, southwest virginia, that are considered swing states whereas west virginia is dark red? >> there are places in eastern ohio and coal mining, natural gas drilling in southwestern pennsylvania, parts of southwestern virginia, very similar in that appalachian region. and you saw that poll you were talking about in pennsylvania and ohio where you have almost a dead heat between donald trump and hillary clinton. in those white, working-class area, that trump message is resonating more than hillary clinton. even though she apologized about the statement saying putting coal companies out of business, i'm giving $30 billion to appalachian coal areas, the bell got rung, and it's very hard to unring that bell. >> it's hard to unring that bell or delete that sound bite. you can see the attack ads in ohio and pennsylvania and those places that you talked about that have been hurt so bad.
11:11 pm
appreciate you joining us, sir, come back some time. go get some sleep before your show. joining us this hour, ellen ratnor, and the executive vice president of jamestown associates. let's talk more about hillary clinton's words and how they impacted her with the coal industry. you were talking about those exit polls and there was one interesting that was asked this evening in west virginia. clinton, she offended coal workers, no doubt and voters who live in the coal industry, households were not happy with her. they backed sanders by such a large margin. they backed sanders by 55% compared to clinton with 29%. this is going to carry over in many of those states that we were mentioning. >> for sure. i'm not saying that it isn't but if you look at the coal industry in west virginia and certainly
11:12 pm
there are sections that are, but it's not the whole state and the state is trying to diversify at this point. whether bernie sanders has a program in terms of diversification over hillary that is in the hearts and minds of the voters. >> he won the economic voters in that category as well. where clinton has won that category in all but five previous pry mars, sanders won it 57% of people thought he was the best when it comes to job. he won 49% to 38% compared to clinton. >> that's not a large number at this point. bernie sanders has a message which resonates with that kind of voter. she did very well as we talked about all night, against president obama when as she was running. however -- and it is also interesting that the very
11:13 pm
democratic governor won the primary against two other democrats but he is a bell neighbo -- billionaire. >> you want to make money and need jobs. people don't have jobs. such a high percentage of jobs have given up trying to find a job. >> i know. and the issue for the clinton campaign is west virginia really reflective of the -- >> canary in the coal mine. no pun intended. >> absolutely. and they know -- they think it is isn't. and they think her record on the economy is pretty good. this administration's record on the economy is very good. and she's going to be depending on that. you know, when people forget when barack obama became president we were in the middle of a recession and we are growing at 2.2%. it's not great but it's not bad. she's going to have that going for her.
11:14 pm
but this is going to be for mrs. clinton an "i am not donald trump" campaign. >> can you beat somebody by saying i am the never trump candidate. that didn't work -- >> we have never seen a candidate like donald trump. so the answer is we don't know. >> and not when you are running for the third term of the incumbent president's party. while there is no doubt there are economic indicators that can prove more positive than when barack obama started, the majority of america doesn't believe that the economy is work. >> the polls that you were talking about earlier, they believe that donald trump would do more for the economy in these three key swing states. >> and that is the untold story of the trump surge. you know, we want to blame anger and frustration. we want to blame the fact that a lot of people want to just blow the whole system up and disrupt it. but that's because there are
11:15 pm
americans in this country from all political stripes who have not felt the economic benefit of the stock market going up or of certain indicators going up. the average american today is making the same wage they made 16 years ago. when they look at the entire country and the people running for office, you look at hillary clinton who is part of that ruling class and in fairness, both parties have failed to make the appropriate changes and after eight years of barack obama they are not better off than they were or want to be at this juncture. i think they inherit a tough economic message and in pennsylvania, ohio, i would extend it to the rust belt, michigan and minnesota, wisconsin, this is an angle that donald trump has an opportunity to play much more effectively than probably anywhere else in the country. >> and talking about trade and immigration in those states
11:16 pm
makes an enormous difference. james carvel had a sign above the entryway at the campaign headquarters in little rock that said it's the economy, stupid. >> and the trade policy, that's where donald trump and his policies are not aligning with the traditional republican conservative viewpoints. will that be a problem with him? he has a big meeting on thursday with paul ryan. i'm sure that is one of the issues that will come up. >> donald trump today is to the left of hillary clinton on a lot of issues. that is the irony of this extraordinary campaign season. >> what is also interesting is how they are developing their campaign literature early on. there is a never-hillary movement and there is a
11:17 pm
never-trump movement. >> there was a never-carter movement as well. we'll see. more on the panel coming up later. we'll talk about who donald trump's possible vp candidate could be. a superpac will be taking to social media to confront critics of hillary clinton. >> get on social media and let us know what you think about the issues that we have been talking about. all of this, the social media angle comes as allegations are lodged against facebook about playing down conservative news stories. have you noticed that? we'll have more on that when we return.
11:18 pm
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11:22 pm
hillary clinton. >> it's called correct the record. they are pledging to spend $1 million to respond to tweets and facebook posts to establish a ground swell of support in favor of hillary clinton against people who may be critical of the probable democratic nominee. >> but some people actually have that ground swell of support and they don't have to pay for it. >> exactly. >> we know definitely here, supporters of donald trump and bernie sanders. is it a show of weakness? >> it's definitely coming from a place of weakness. donald trump -- anyone who has ever said publicly a critical word of donald trump knows you come under attack online if you do so. his fans want to defend him. that is helpful as a candidate. and hillary clinton is saying how do we replicate that?
11:23 pm
they don't have the ground swell of support but they have the money. i don't know how effective it's going to be. it's a tactic that they are going to try because they think it is worth while. >> do you think it will backfire on her? this is the year of the outsider. people don't want the established candidates and that does show her connection with the establishment. >> look, she has far bigger problems than this. if it backfires it will be minimal compared to other things going on. she is under fbi investigation and has unlikable issues she has to deal with. it's interesting and shows how weak he is and how much trouble she has on a grass roots level. it's not necessarily going to change the outcome either way of this election. >> we want to get this out here, though. facebook responded to these allegations that they are squashing some of the criticism. here's what they had to say.
11:24 pm
facebook does not allow or advise our viewers to discriminate against sources of any ideological origin and we designed our tools to make that technically not feasible. they say that can't happen on facebook. >> look, that seems -- it seems a little unlikely. facebook is under fire right now for being discriminatory on their own, reportedly and showing some sort of bias against conservatives and right-wing outlets. >> that's what this comment is on. their comment is on that. >> exactly. and so -- facebook has serious problems, serious trust issue and credibility issues. i think -- i run -- and i help run a conservative news website, the weekly standard. i'm the online editor. we have a lot of experience using facebook. it doesn't surprise me they are coming under fire for this. we have seen our own facebook -- we have had our own facebook
11:25 pm
issues, let me put it that way. and it's striking that people are surprised by this that an enterprise run out of silicon valley that has a lot of liberals including its leader, mark zuckerberg that it would show a selection bias and it would trickle down to the bottom it seems rather apparent. >> you say that the weekly standard has been impacted specifically? >> we have had issues maintaining certain levels. things that had been trending before, we have had -- our overall growth has diminished because of this perhaps. there's no way of proving it. you don't know what their algorithm is. and they are a private company and allowed to do what they want to do. but on the other hand, you know, people do trust them. people do go through to see what's in their social america and for them to manipulate your
11:26 pm
social network creates serious problems and congress has issues with that too. and they want to look into it and take congressional action to see what the hell is going on here. >> and more and more constituents and individuals across the country are using social media to get their news, to be informed and specifically when it comes to the election, when they look at the different candidates they look on social media to see what other people think about this and where they stand on certain issue. you would like to think it is reliable but that's not always the case. >> it's supposed to be reflective of your social network. and if you have this anonymous facebook team manipulating what data and information you see and falsely manipulating what is trending and what isn't, it sends a false impression as to what is going on. they have a credibility issue going forward unless they want
11:27 pm
to fear losing and shedding actual users. >> just in general if you look at the two candidates in the lead on the democratic side and on the republican side, it would appear to me and you can tell me if you agree that those two candidates were the best at using social media as was barack obama in 2008. how important is this moving forward and what do candidates need to do? >> i think what really helps, donald trump especially has this. it's probably too much for him. you think when he tweets it's coming from him. there is an sauthenticity to hi tweets and instagram videos and to his facebook posts that you think are coming from him. we don't know who is behind it. but the authenticity gives it a certain weight. when hillary clinton posts something, it sounds like a
11:28 pm
robot. it just doesn't sound like a real person and i think authenticity, i think we can learn really helps across social media and people want to share and interact with the candidates. and if they feel like they are interacting with it that does wonders for repeating your message all over the place the way that donald trump supporters have been able to do and hillary clinton's supporters don't. >> you will be back, don't go far. we'll talk more with you. >> a good man, there. on an overnight shift. you think about what happened in west virginia, who would have guessed that bernie sanders won by double digits in west virginia. hillary clinton put coal miners out of business and the coal miners said we'll see about that. >> but what is interesting is that bernie sanders has a vim viewpoint as her but it didn't get as much coverage. so moving forward we'll see if
11:29 pm
that changes. >> it's not what you say but how you say it. >> but overwhelmingly it was donald trump. >> are people voting with their pocketbooks? our next guest has that coming up. >> the next guest says why people are casting their ballots in favor of outsiders.
11:30 pm
11:31 pm
11:32 pm
11:33 pm
welcome back to america's election headquarters. big night in west virginia. donald trump won big but he was essentially unopposed. bernie sanders won big there. it was unthinkable a couple months ago. hillary clinton won that state by 41% in 2008 and now she has a double digit loss to bernie sanders. a lot of people are turning to the outsiders. rex joins us now. dive deeper in this. everyone says this is the year of the outsider. why? >> there's no doubt that in west virginia and across the nation whether it's donald trump or it's bernie sanders, this is the year of the outsider. people are tired of watch washington politics as usual. i like to call trump and to some
11:34 pm
degree sanders the disrupters. they are the uber of politics. they are disrupting the political process and, frankly, west virginians and many people in the country are just tired of the status quo and they are ready for a dramatic change. >> when you talk about a dramatic change are they more interested in a dramatic change of policy meaning the substance of what these candidates want or more interested in a dramatic change of style? >> i believe they are looking for something that works, what voters and the public at large have seen the last number of years is a dysfunctional washington, a dysfunctional congress and a relationship with the president and they believe that a strong leader, whether that is a donald trump or perhaps a bernie sanders, can make a difference. and you mentioned hillary clinton and winning a
11:35 pm
significant margin in 2008, hillary clinton is not popular and she is part of the establishment and she is not popular in west virginia specifically. and that's one reason bernie sanders did so well tonight. >> bernie sanders has this argument. he says the math doesn't look great for me. but i'm the one who can beat donald trump in the general election in november. what happens when you have outside versus outsider? >> well, you're familiar with the exit polling and interesting when you look at the head to head match-up between trump and sanders or trump and clinton, in west virginia, about 33% of democrats said they would vote for trump and roughly the same number said they would vote for trump in a head to head match-up with bernie sanders. you will have democrats who will vote for trump in west virginia. whether that will happen in other parts of the country, west
11:36 pm
virginia is unique in many ways in that it is a state that is suffering economically and trump's economic message and his trade message works very effectively in west virginia and states like west virginia. >> you talk about states like it. and you also think about states that border west virginia, places like ohio, the eastern parts of ohio that are big coal country, southwestern pennsylvania, big coal country, western virginia all struck very hard economically. how much can we extrapolate out this data and get us to the quinnipiac polls that are showing that ohio and pennsylvania, traditionally blue states and florida that barack obama won two years in a row are toss ups and in ohio, donald trump is ahead by 4 points. >> if you look at the appalachian counties in particular in ohio and some of the rural and southwestern
11:37 pm
pennsylvania counties, the southwestern virginia counties, as you mentioned, that's where donald trump is strong. if you look at ohio overall, hillary clinton ran very strongly in ohio. and she is -- if you look in the urban areas of cincinnati, particularly -- i'm sorry, particularly in columbus and cleveland, hillary we believe will run strong there. but in the appalachian counties like west virginia in ohio and virginia and the rural counties of pennsylvania, trump will do well. you look at the republican primary in pennsylvania, trump won every county in the state. >> and in virginia he won 61% in one county in southwest virginia as well. rex, i appreciate your insight as we try to break down the data. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> you have to wonder, though, how much this outsider view of the world is going to change if at any point this race becomes
11:38 pm
about policy rather than style. >> and personality. and looking at changing the electoral votes the republicans looking at the rust belt states and democrats liking at the changing demographics in states like north carolina, georgia, and arizona, and donald trump's comments that have impacted him in those states. >> we have talked about ohio, pennsylvania and virginia being up for grabs but you look at georgia, mississippi, even utah, traditionally deep red states, possibly up for grabs for the democrats. it could be deja vu all over again. a stunning headline will become fodder on the campaign trail. >> the fbi. controversy over a missing tape. supporting claims that the state department misled the press on the iran negotiations. our vitamins contain no gluten,
11:39 pm
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the white house facing new questions about part of a missing tape in which a state department official acknowledges misleading the press on the iran negotiations. it is reigniting the debate over whether the white house oversold the deal to curb iran's nuclear program and it will be a hot
11:43 pm
button issue in the general election. joining us is the executive director of the daily caller and joins us from the bureau in washington, d.c. thank you for being here so early again. >> appreciate it. >> how do you think this will impact the election? >> the iranian deal itself, hillary clinton is going to have to live with all of obama's decisions including trying to make this is third term of barack obama. this iranian deal clearly as the new york times demonstrated this weekend was oversold and certainly the having has -- it was involved in manipulating the public on the terms of the deal and manipulating the press and taking advantage of what the obama administration thought was a dumb journalism corps that was believing what the obama administration was saying. and the state department had outright deleted aspects of the
11:44 pm
public record about the iran deal suggests -- that is so bizarre considering they did it in front of a room full of reporters. but ultimately it is north korean to think that the government is going to remove uncomfortable questions from the public record. >> let's let people see what we are talking about if we can run these two back to back. you will see a white flash in the video. that's where the elements have been edited out. >> is it the policy of the state department where the preservation of secrecy is considered to lie in order to achieve that goal? >> there are times where diplomacy needs privacy to progress. this is a good example of that. >> all right, so now let's take a look at the block that is missing in the tape. look for the white flash.
11:45 pm
>> there are remaining concerns that we have as you all are familiar with of whether it is their involvement in support of the regime in syria or humanitarian issues and that has not changed that. >> the obama administration says -- >> pretty obvious and that is eight minutes that apparently was edited out. who do you think can benefit the most from this? would this be donald trump or bernie sanders? >> yeah, from this bizarre behavior anyone but the term three obama administration. by the way, i heard chris plant who is a regular guest on this network mention that bright white flash is like the flash in "men in black" when they are trying to erase your memory. it's hilarious. but politically it doesn't stand to benefit hillary at all. it stands to damage if iran is tied around her neck and she was
11:46 pm
a part of that administration and those talks extended back in the administration their efforts to open up discourse with iran to bring about this deal. obama cares sincerely about his legacy. >> something that donald trump is bringing up. senator mccain says it exposed how the white house manipulated and manufactured facts to sell the reckless iran nuclear deal to the american people. and something that bothered me more, ben rhodes appears to have tried to keep secret news that iran seized the ten u.s. navy sailors until after the president's state of the union speech. it just continues. >> and we all remember that state of the union speech. leading up to it we were like is the president going to talk about this? our navy sailors are being held by iranians in the face of the fact that the obama
11:47 pm
administration is touting this great deal with iran and clearly, this is a white house who cared more about messaging and whether the american public would have an appetite for this deal rather than the safety in that sense of our sailors. what an unbelievable moment in the administration and it's bizarre to hear they were trying to stop that news from getting out. >> and an administration that said they would be the most transparent. i think they ran on that. but it's not happening. don't go away. we will have you back. >> i'll be here. and you really have to wonder where the larger outcry is. imagine this is 2006 and a video that is crucial to the narrative leading up to the iraq war disappeared from the state department's website. imagine the outcry. >> it falls into a lot of other issues that this administration is having and that includes hillary clinton and her e-mail
11:48 pm
scandals as well. >> that and more coming up. >> stay with us.
11:49 pm
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11:51 pm
back now, ellen ratner, judy
11:52 pm
miller, and tony saeg, the panel for the entire evening or morning, as it were. one thing we have heart from hillary clinton is embracing barack obama's legacy. saying this will be the third term of barack obama's presidency. >> which is the opposite of what people want. >> a lot of people have issue with that. one of the signature issues for the obama administration had been the iran nuclear deal, a lot of folks have a problem with. judy miller, to you, as we're looking at hillary clinton going into the general election and as we are learning more and more about the iran nuclear deal that folks aren't happy about, when does this catch up with her? >> i'm not sure it does. i think that on balance americans would rather have a nuclear deal with iran even a flawed one than the alternative, which is a war with iran,
11:53 pm
bombing iran, and every poll shows that. and by the way, donald trump is the one candidate who has not said he will tear up this agreement on day one. that is not his line. if anything, donald trump has been more accommodating and less interventionist than hillary clinton has been. if she supports an iran deal which so far appears pretty good on paper only in terms of the nuclear aspects. 90% of the highly enriched uranium has been removed. and the plutonium reactor has been completely reconfigured. thousands of centrifuges have been dismantled. we may have bought ourselves ten years of nuclear nonproliferation in the middle east. i think she will wrap herself around that part of the legacy. >> that is john kerry and barack
11:54 pm
obama's legacy. >> picky, picky. >> if you consider that a good thing. there are questions about the verification and questions about the fact they were able to keep their icbm system intact. billions of dollars transferred to the iranian banks. there are holes in that deal as well. hillary's problem is she has not one single foreign policy success she can point to in her tenure as secretary of state from russia to syria to iraq to egypt and the arab string to benghazi, it is wrought with failure. when you combine that with this idea that under barack obama american prestige and feeling of patriotism and exceptionalism has been on the decline, i think it is a difficult road for her to take where her being
11:55 pm
secretary of state is something she to wear as a badge of honor. the reason she is trying to replicate this obama third term is she needs the obama coalition. she can't win unless she's able to do what barack obama did, so hillary clinton in large part might not need independent voters like barack obama didn't need independent voters if she gets the margins from the barack obama coalition and the only way to do it is to run as his third term. >> you mentioned american exceptionalism and i think that's why donald trump is doing so well. his general theme, make america great again. voters on both sides of the aisle want america to be great, of course. >> i think she can talk -- even though she can't point to foreign policy success she can
11:56 pm
talk about negotiations, meeting with leaders, some of the things she was able to prevent if she does the debates. >> what do you think about benghazi? an ad is out by donald trump and his team showing benghazi up in flames and hillary clinton. >> i think people are going to vote with their pocketbook. >> i think e-mails are more potentially a problem for her. >> a lot of those. >> and some missing. >> an i.t. guy who doesn't send i.t. e-mails. panel stick around, back to you in the next hour. >> bernie sanders wins support in a key battleground state. >> don't go away, who is donald trump picking as v.p.?
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
12:00 am
donald trump's march toward the republican nomination continuing this morning as hillary clinton faceses yet another stumble. hour three is here for us. >> the party continues and we are so glad you are with us at 3:00 a.m. eastern time. well, trump is adding to his delegate haul following his victory in nebraska. he is taking all of the delegates from the corn husker state. >> and he nabbed three delegates in west virginia. trump needs just 130 more to reach the magic number we have been talking about for so long of 1237. he can cut into that number next week when republican voters go to the polls in
12:01 am
oregon. >> and turning to the democrats bernie sanders beating hillary clinton twice in two weeks. the vermont senator picking up sixteen delegates after easily winning in west virginia. >> sanderses is vowing to, quote, fight for every last vote, but his recent momentum, well a lot of folks are saying it may be alt too late in terms of -- a little too late in terms of things coming on. think about the tone of the race and the way it has changed. they are leaving open the possibility of a vice presidential slot. >> they did leave it open, but he definitely wants to contribute to the convention. >> he has called it a revolution and he wants his voice heard. >> he does. let's start the headlines from the gop con tess. contest. kristen fisher joins us with more on that. good morning, kristen. >> good morning, heather. it is easy to win when you are the only one still in the race. trump won by 42 points and west virginia by 68 points.
12:02 am
trump is now just 130 delegates shy of the 1237 needed. he is poised to pick up even more delegates in oregon next week and washington state the week after that and california on june 7th. but first trump has to try to win over speaker of the house. trump would say it is the other way around. ryan needs to win over him. the two will be sitting down on capitol hill. there is a lot of bluster with trump saying he may ask ryan to step down as the convention's chairman and ryan says fine by me if that's what trump wants. but trump seemed to strike a more conciliatory tone when asked about ryan by our bill o'reilly. >> he is a very good man and he wants what is good for the party, and i think we will have positive results. i would love for him to stay and be chairman. >> it turns outlast night paul ryan spoke on the phone with dr. ben carson who is account aing as a peace broker ahead of tomorrow's meeting. carson is also a member of trump's vp vetting team headed
12:03 am
up by his campaign manager. he says they got it it down to about five or six candidates. one of the main things they are looking for is someone who intimately understands the legislative process and can get things through congress. >> it is not agenda. it is not geographic location. it is who is the best partner to bring our country back from where it is. >> in addition to trump's big wins there is evidence trump may fare better in battleground states than previously thought. a new poll has strum -- trump beating clinton in ohio while clinton is ahead by just 1point in florida and pennsylvania. election day is still six months away so the polls mean very little this far out. but they could help convince the republican donors to perhaps jump on board the trump train. heather and leyland? >> thank you, kristen. and by the way since 1960 no
12:04 am
candidate has won the white house without at least winning two of those three states. so that could be a big indicator as well. >> shows you how important they are. bernie sanders meantime winning his 19th nomination contest. now what could be the big political story of the night, bernie sanders' big upset in west virginia. >> absolutely, leyland. thank you so much. for senator bernie sanders, it may be a mathematical long shot to win the nomination, but his victory in the west virginia primary on tuesday has given him good reason to stay in the race until the very end. he intends to do just that. sanders won the mountain state 51.4% to clinton's 36%. its delegates will be awarded proportionally giving sanders 16 and clinton 11. clinton still leads the total delegate count with 2,239 to sanders' 1,469. and that includes the all important super delegates
12:05 am
where clinton has a huge edge. the nebraska primary was essentially a beauty contest for the democrats having already awarded delegates in a march 5th caucus. sanders won that too. 57% to clinton's 42%. and here is the vermont senator at a rally in salem, oregon yesterday. >> our message to the democratic delegates who will be assembling in philadelphia is while we may have many disgroaments with secretary cline -- disagreements with secretary clinton there is one area we agree. we must defeat donald 2ru78 p. donald trump jiecht for mrs. clinton the tuesday conference was different than in 2008 when she won the west virginia primary against barack obama. the coal industry may have crippled her and helped her rival in the coal rich state.
12:06 am
despite the loss, the former secretary of state speaking to supporters in kentucky and kept her focus on the presidential caucus. >> you are voting for not just a president, but a commander-in-chief. the highest obligation of a president is to protect america. i take that as a solemn obligation and it is why i have been so concerned about the reckless talk coming from donald trump. >> sanders has now won 19 states compared to clinton's 23 who needs just 144 delegates to reach the magical 2,383 that's required to win the nomination. she only needs to win 14% of the remaining delegates and super delegates to capture the party's nomination. ly -- leyland? >> lauren green live in our newsroom. thanks, lauren. joining us is the bureau chief of talk media news. judy miller the pulitzer prize
12:07 am
winner and author and the vice president of jamestown associates. the numbers are in. donald trump obviously overwhelmingly winning and bernie sanders as well though. i think it was 51% of the vote at the final count? moving forward bernie sanders says he is not going to quit and he is in it to win it and he will stick around. how will that impact hillary clinton? >> i am not sure how it will impact hillary clinton, but assume she is the nominee even though he sticks with the convention and has some influence in the convention. the question is where do the millennial voters, the younger voters go at this point? what happens to them? do they stay at home? do they move to hillary clinton? does she do an olive branch to that group of people by put -- putting him on the vp ticket that magnifies his views? we don't know. >> there was a rock the vote usa today poll and according
12:08 am
to that poll 39% of those that you are speaking of, mill millennials, young voters, say they will either stay home or they will vote for donald trump. >> there is a lot of water between today and the first week in november. a lot can change and a lot can change in terms of how they move out toward the voters. >> what about the enthusiasm, judy? that will be an issue. when you look at the number of voters that are turning out, overwhelmingly republican voters are turning out and democrats not so much. the young voters are, and they are turning out for bernie sanderses. how does she pull out that enthusiasm? >> there are two problems. one is the young voters and will they turn out for her? we don't know the answer of that. and we don't know how many independents will go her way. that's another big factor. tony said before he didn't think she needed to win the independence.
12:09 am
i think it will decide this race. she has a heavy, heavy road ahead of her even though shooy is so far ahead in money and ground game. compare the trump organization to what hillary rodham clinton has going for her and the extent she has been planning for this since she lost to barack obama. >> you could have made that same argument like compare the jeb bush organization a year or so ago to the donald trump organization. >> i want to join dana milba -- milbank to eat his piece of paper. i thought also donald trump would fade out and flame away. i don't think america is even prepared for what we will see in terms of this coming election. >> i remember the first tuesday night you were not willing to say one way or the other. you said it is crazy i won't say. >> it is so crazy that i think
12:10 am
a touch of humility is overdue. >> are we looking to you now for the touch of humility? >> teasing. >> i am not sure you were. >> i am not saying that many would agree with you. i am not sure i said hillary doesn't need independence. if she will rep replicate the obama model he was able to succeed while losing independence. i think she will fail in replicating that. the point ellen is making is they will not be galvanized. they don't trust her and like her and find her authentic. the larger problem it will pose for clinton is the republican grassroots, the republican kind of populous, is getting the candidate they want. the democratic ruling party is getting the candidate they want.
12:11 am
there will be some level of disenfranchisement that will hurt enthusiasm of it is down 20% during their primary. hillary is simply not capable. her candidacy is not inspirational enough to win without it becoming a referendum. >> she has gotten three million more votes. >> to tony's point though, you look at the exit polls right now in west virginia and they said all of a sudden in west virginia you are going to have 33 or 40% of the folks who voted for bernie sanders saying i will vote for trump rather than hillary. nationwide you have people way over trump. hillary clinton is down over trump. >> i understand. >> it is 50% in west virginia. >> again, ever since there is a lot of water between now and november. you don't know if those young people and if the people who say they are democrats, but
12:12 am
they will vote for trump, but what he might do in the debate, he has looked very presidential when he gives his speech at the end of winning. but can he look presidential at the presidential debate? >> you are in ohio and one of the states where that happened this year for donald trull p where those -- trump where the independents and the democratic voters switched parties. they switched for donald trump. >> if i had a dollar for every one of my republican friends who came over to me and said quietly, of course i am never going to say this, but there is no way i can support donald trump, i would be wealthy. >> you wouldn't be here at 3:30 in the morning with us. >> i would still be here with you. i don't believe the polls. i just don't believe them. they have been wrong about a great many things. we have to wait and see. >> and trump over performed most polls by 10%. if anything is under represented it is the support for him. >> you mentioned independents
12:13 am
in strength 61%. we'll see if he can hold on to that. donald trump heads to washington this week in search for party unity. >> mr. trump heading to washington and paul ryan cosh clear -- cautious clearly. it may be hard to win over paul ryan, but thought so easy. what will it take to win the house speaker's crucial endorsement.
12:14 am
12:15 am
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12:17 am
exit polls are giving us a closer look at the issues that drove voters to the polls yesterday. kelly wright will join us now and he has a break down. voters are angry and they want an outsider. those are some of the things we learned. >> anger and frustration and they want an outsider to look in on them. what have we learned tonight about democrat and republican voters in west virginia and nebraska? let's take a closer look at what the exit polls reveal about them starting with the republicans. as we look at the republicans donald trump cruised to easy victories. that much we do know. as heather and i discussed, the gop voters are accepting of the outsider's populous
12:18 am
message and they longer trust the republican party. look at these exit poll numbers. half are politicians and half have angry with the federal government. they want changing. as in other states a large number of gop voters are disappointed and have a lot of anger toward the federal government. the gop voters for donald trump say he is the man they believe can improve the economy and create jobs and help them get over their anger toward the federal government. they want to see a change. trump the outsider wants change in every state except texas. 36 of those in west virginia say trump as the top quality candidate. trade, another concern is trade. most like trump's view that
12:19 am
trade takes away jobs in the united states. 67% in nebraska and -- believes they take the jobs and do not replace them. they believe trump can improve the economy and create jobs. an interesting note. young voters and independents showed broad support. he is doing well among them. he picked up some of hillary clinton's grouches dash >> clinton groups. he picked up seniors. independents 61% and women at 52%. you can see the exit polls support the idea that they continue to suffer from the perception that she is not trustworthy and not honest. 69% say they trust sanders and 21% trust hillary. they have won it in in every
12:20 am
state except mississippi, alabama and short short. >> those numbers will continue to change and whether or not it makes a difference remains to be seen. >> on thursday mr. trump goes to washington for what could be a very contentious meeting with speaker of the house paul ryan. ryan is not ready to endorse trump yet and trump says he is not so sure about ryan either. >> we are meeting on thursday and i look forward to the meeting and i think positive results. he is a very good man and he wants what is good for the party. we will have positive results. >> joining us now, kevin sheridan during the 2012 presidential race. kevin, thanks for staying up with us. as you look toward the meeting tomorrow, is this paul ryan
12:21 am
being a politician? or is this paul ryan being genuinely concerned and skeptical of donald trump? >> i think he is going with his gut on this one and we should leave him. he has concerns that there is members of the party that don't feel united and they don't feel they can get behind donald trump quite yet, but it doesn't mean they can't get there. he is speaking for a number of republicans both in his caw -- caucus and across the country who want to hear more. they felt alienated and it can be a contentious primary season. this is a first step in opening a line of communication to speaker ryan and to a number of republicans who felt a little left out of the process and hope to hear more from donald trump. >> we have heard a lot from him on twitter and everything else.
12:22 am
will he say, gee, i will be more presidential? what can he said that he hasn't already assisted? already said? >> he brings a message that he wants a united party and we can't simply say we are united when we are not. paul ryan realizes the situation. we are not a united party and if we are going to win in november we will all come together. donald trump's tone has turned people off in the party. his policies have raised eyebrows. he wants to raise ks tays and he has some -- he wants to raise taxes now. they are not going to agree on every policy. they will need to find common ground where they can all agree that beating hillary clinton is the most important thing. >> do you think all of a
12:23 am
sudden paul ryan and donald trump walk out to the balcony over looking the washington mall and shake hand? or is this going to be a long, slow process? >> at a minimum this is the beginning of the conversation. i don't know if we can predict exactly how the end of the day thursday will look if we are all unified or not. this is the start of a conversation. this recognizes that trump won 10 million votes and he has an important constituency and he is the presumptive nominee. hopefully donald trump recognizes that paul ryan and a number of republicans have concern about his clat form and his tone and they can find common ground. >> i only have a few seconds left and at some level do you think donald trump who has run as an outsider and i will thumb my nose at the
12:24 am
establishment? he is aware of the optics. trump heading up to capitol hill to meet the speaker is there a kiss the ring moment? is trump acknowledging that he needs the establishment? >> i don't know who would be kissing who's ring. they are important leaders of the party now and if we are going to unite we will work closely together in someway. some of the things they have been saying has beep quite possiblive tiff -- positive. >> we will see what comes of that meeting. >> it is not paul ryan coming on-line to trump tower. >> and paul ryan does realize the bottom line is that trump is a businessman and it will give him the opportunity to
12:25 am
negotiate what is happening. >> on one happened you have an unbelievable career politician and he is the great negotiator. >> the art of the deal. >> he has narrowed the list down to five and six. >> who could be on it? a few hipts on what strum -- a few hints on what trump wants. >> it is not agenda and geographic representation. it is who best as a partner will bring us back to where it is m. we don't want a democrat in the white house taking our country in the opposite direction. we need to make sure we have the right person on the ticket.
12:26 am
12:27 am
12:28 am
12:29 am
to america's election headquarters, donald trump is turning his attention to a running mate. who does he have in mind? a lot of people wanted to know. his campaign manager had this to say. >> i think the most important thing is god forbid something happen to mr. trump as president you want somebody to take over the next day and they make sure mr. trump's uh -- agenda would move forward. nobody would want that, but they need to make sure that in the first hundred days we get done the agenda mr. trump is putting forward which is cutting taxes and reducing our
12:30 am
deaf facial sit and re-- deficit and renegotiating our trade deals. you want someone who has a legislative process to get that accomplished. >> joining us from the wash -- washington, d.c. bureau is the weekly standard. thank you for sticking around. >> great to be here. >> who is going to be the vp pick? who should it be? >> we don't know but the key words are intimate ming -- knowledge with the legislative process. the person will come from capitol hill. by the way, it could be john kasich, the governor of ohio who has spent a lot of years on capitol hill, but not currently there. could be a senator or house member or former governor. we are not sure. it is down to five or six. he hasn't revealed who the names are and it is subject to change. he says he is not going to roll out the names until the
12:31 am
convention. we have been known to do that. >> he has. >> the pick is important. is signals what kind of president he will be and it will be a huge moment as to who that person is. >> choosing someone with legislative experience and experience on capitol hill is the most. as we look ahead to the general election, hispanics, african-americans, is there anything he should do in terms of the vp pick to try to win some of those votes? >> i think he is suggesting it. that's what he is telegraphing. you are right of he has serious problems p 90% -- 90% of the black community and 80% of hispanics and 70% of women, touching
12:32 am
into those he has to win some of those in order to win the election. using his vp takes us into that and it may make a certain amount of sense. object high -- or he can get women to vote for him or hispanic or black voter. the vp pick, it seems like he is siging that -- signaling that he needs somebody with knowledge of the legislative process which means he will not use that person to each out to democrats. >> chris christie is on that short list. >> but he doesn't have knowledge of the legislative process. he does as a governor, but hasn't spent time on capitol hill. we don't know where it is going to go. what is weird about this whole thing is they are driving the news about this.
12:33 am
everyone is curious about it, but they are talking about it. >> why are they doing that? they are very good at publish siding and branding things. is there a reason? >> they think it is too their advantage we talk about this rather than something else. hillary clinton is vetting candidates as well. you are nine, 10 weeks from the convention. donald trump -- perhaps he is trying to see how people react. maybe based on the reactions he can change and uh accommodate and he says i understand the strengths and weaknesses and perhaps that is why he is floating it so
12:34 am
early. >> thank you s much. appreciate it. daniel was talking about the favor built numbers. for that reason alone the vp pick will be important for both parties. >> you also have to think about clinton's unfavorables and trump's unfavorable. finding a big gap. a general map up between clinton and trump. 45% of democrats vote for clinton and 35% vote for trump. 18% don't vote. this is among democrats. joining us again is our panel. a few things we don't see from these numbers is one is west
12:35 am
virginia is a dark, red state. when you think about these numbers. they also do not include presidential picks. judy, how important is a vice presidential pick in a year like this? >> normally -- once again, the normal rules of politics. you will say not vary. when you have a candidate with donald trump with no experience in government much less the legislative experience, it will be hugely important or as he would say, uge why -- hugely important, but you have to look at those they are talking to and those who have taken themselves out of the race like marco rubio who i don't think he would have won. you look at you czar, -- but
12:36 am
there is no experience. i think he will go for something surprising or may try for the ultimate experienced guy who is john kasich. john kasich is everything donald trump is not. if you selected christie you would have two bowls in a china shop. and a man at 2 sick% popularity. there are a great many reasons not to go with christie i will look at something -- >> but based on how john kasich did in the primaries how will it help him in the election. >> it is hard to win an election without winning ohio. it is hard to win an election. >> one of the three crucial stays. >> ellen, at this point, say
12:37 am
you have the republican ticket and you put that aside. it is clear that clinton -- democrats defect to trump at some level if it is clinton versus bernie. is that alleviated or if all of a sudden clinton picks sanders as your vp pick. >> it helps tremendously because they have a unity ticket. i don't think people will defect as mitch. as much. her numbers are very high and it is interesting pause they put out a fundraiser which another television station won with the like ability factor. they are already saying it is an issue. bernie has a trust factor that
12:38 am
can pull away. >> will she lose voters if she goes that far left in terms of her pick. >> >> no bus the hillary people will say she had to do that and they will discuss it. >> because they don't trust her? >> that's the opposite of where they could be going. >> i am not back to the advice. i am not sure if somebody wants to eclipse her. i think she would be con dent. >> she wants to win. >> she does. blind ambition. republicans generally don't play identity politic. even in the case of sara palin who was thought able to bring those people over. it helped john mccain the
12:39 am
most with conservatives. most republican vp picks generally re-aligned a part of the party if the presidential candidate. regan put george h.w. bush, eastern stime. george ew conservative. >> this has been a the standard. >> it is george qsh possessing dick cheney. >> it is probably 40 years of republicans to wit their presidential pick to reflect the fullness. paul ryan and mitt romney is a imr example. >> you look at sara has the hard core convertible voters because of cruz this time
12:40 am
around who has not thrown his support behind trump. >> and palinen -- palin endorsed trump. >> we'll see what happens. >> i think he changed his mind. >> coping out of -- coming out of weapon it is important to no i what of the reasons that happened. he is still giving hillary clinton a run for her money up neck, what hillary had to say about coal and putting miners out of business. we will talk about the issues of energy coming up. >> donald trump all the way. he is the only shot in receive receive we have. our coal miners need donald trump. >> trump will create more jobs throughout the country and there will be more energy con
12:41 am
12:42 am
12:43 am
12:44 am
decisive win for bernie sanders last night. not surprising perhaps considering the heat hillary clinton has been feeling from the coal industry. an exit poll among coal industry households show sanders easy easily trump clinton in that group of
12:45 am
voters, and the executive editor of the caller is joining us for more on this. the devastating picture from hillary clinton because we will put the coal miners and the coal temperatures out of business. is it impossible to underestimate how important that line was. >> my goodness talk about the cold shoulder? unbelievable. you are never hear a politician playing something like this. if you do you will hear it over and over and over. she suffered the consequences. throughout the general election she will not be able to live that down especially because she seems to be going up against a guy like donald trump who is running a campaign based on class issues and economic issues rather than the identity politic s. think back to 2008. in january of 2008, barack
12:46 am
obama said to a san francisco pay that energy rates would unnecessarily sky rocket. by the time he got to wednesday he was prownsed by hillary -- trouncetd. >> she went out there and said something nice bel cool. >> it is something they haven't had in a longtime. you go to 2000 whenner it flipped from blue to red. unreasonable to think it was in play for hillary clinton and the general election. how do these comments play in places like ohio and southwestern pennsylvania and southwestern virginia where you have conceivably have working class and lower middle class and comb honers. >> donald trump supporters based on how hillary and trump's campaigns are going,
12:47 am
look how well trump did and he is unopposed and presumptive energy. they identify squarely with the voter you just referenced. if hillary is hoping to inwith in the swing states she has to attack when she is done with bernie sanders. we are trying to win them over with the economic message. this campaign has been about i am the thirst term of barack obama and i will be the first president. >> a lot of the polls wanting a third perm. to that point, you listen to donald trump. i love coal and i will put them book to work. absolutely zero policy other than how we will do it. have hillary clinton and i will spend this number of
12:48 am
billions of dollars in training. at some poit it is a change to the policies. does it just not matter because people are hearing what they want to hear? >> politicians across the board and not even donald trup p. he is not an experienced with vagary in their policies because they don't want their opponents to come after them. trump has run on the spirit of his message. cheerly there are a few things. he made -- he tried to bring back energy jobs to the united states and it has been a main stay. middle class retearses have rewarted him and said i remember that country where i had it in my face. >> a lot of folks mentioned it and that's the to the that rick santorum was giving.
12:49 am
appreciate your time, sir, thanks for staying up with us. heather? >> you were talking about the demographics and how the electoral votes could change. hillary clinton state, utah now. >> our political views. >> we will get a coffee and a donut. that's coming up. ♪
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it was always just a hobby. something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. our panel. they have been with us all night m ellen and -- ellen and judy and tone fee. i start with you, ellen. >> quick, i think there is not just going to be a reform in the republican party, but i think all of this points to a reform in the democratic party that may happen around not having caucuses anymore and perhaps limiting the role of super delegate. >> that would be huge. since we are here in america we are exemtion exceptional --
12:54 am
exexceptional. we are experiencing it across the world the kind of populous upheaval. a demand for outsiders. whether it is the philippines and where you have quote from "dirty harry" and it was a reversal of what everybody -- every whenner people are demanding -- everywhere people are dend making change and they are suspicious of the credentials that give hillary clinton or should give her a word, normal. tony is there anything normal? can we even make predictions? we are here on another primary night. that's the most c thing that is most consistant. unities will happen on the republican side a lot faster than people think senator corke has come out and they
12:55 am
will lineup behind donald trump. if the -- if it doesn't fall soon you will see more. >> any final thoughts on that? what do you think will happen? >> yls they make paul ryan, the vice president, i think it will be a hair sell. >> i think it will be a -- >> the description matches him. >> it certainly does. >> i didn't mean to cut you off. >> i think it will be be a kumbaya moment. >> you do? >> our pro douser has incredited -- producer has incredible sources. he said if anything this will be a longtime before paul ryan gets behind donald trump 7 if it happens. >> so long as it is before the convention. >> and donald trump said he would like him to do that. >> there you go. panel, appreciate it. thanks so much. you can go home and get some
12:56 am
sleep. >> see you next tuesday. >> i'll be here. >> what a time and to think now woo are sitting in the middle of may and go back six months you would have thought for sure hillary clinton will have the nomination. boy how this year is different than any other and how it continues to be improving. >> i was on vacation and everything changed in one night. cruz dropped out and kasich dropped out m better intoe sanders is holding in there. i. >> unbelievable. they turned down the state that hillary clinton has lost. abbie huntsman is in. i'm out. >> "fog -- fox and friends first." keep it going!!!! if you sit on your phone, you butt-dial people.
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it is wednesday, may 11, and the votes are in, in nebraska and west virginia. donald trump now one step closer to securing the nomination as the democrats continue to battle. >> yes, they do. bernie sanders notching another win in his belt in west virginia, insisting don't count him out yet. >> we're going to run a country that works. we're going to get this country going again, because right now this country is stalled so badly. >> it's why i've been so concerned about the reckless talk coming from donald trump. people say maybe he doesn't really mean it.


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