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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 11, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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it is wednesday, may 11, and the votes are in, in nebraska and west virginia. donald trump now one step closer to securing the nomination as the democrats continue to battle. >> yes, they do. bernie sanders notching another win in his belt in west virginia, insisting don't count him out yet. >> we're going to run a country that works. we're going to get this country going again, because right now this country is stalled so badly. >> it's why i've been so concerned about the reckless talk coming from donald trump. people say maybe he doesn't really mean it.
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when you are running for and serving as president, you better mean what you say. >> tonight, it appears that we've won a big, big victory in west virginia! and with your help, we're going to win in oregon next week. >> donald trump's delegate count now, 1,107, just 130 shy of the magic number. and clinton now with 2,239, sanders, 1,469. >> we have fox noose team coverage for you. lauren green following the democratic race for the white house. >> but we begin live in charleston, west virginia and donald trump's path to the nomination. rich, good to see you. >> reporter: good morning. the path forward for donald trump is to methodically collect delegates, which he can easily do, without any other national republicans in the race. he has done so here in west
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virginia and in nebraska last evening. and could secure on june 7th the 1237 delegates he needs to secure the republican nomination on the first ballot. june 7 is when california and new jersey vote. donald trump is moving forward on his general election strategy, trying to get more republicans, especially republican leadership behind him. house speaker paul ryan has yet to endorse him. they're meeting thursday in washington. >> i believe we'll have great unity in the party. many people have come out and endorsed and been really strong. >> it's been one week since the primary effectively ended, with a very, very bitter, divisive primary. it's going to take more than a week just to repair and unify this party. >> reporter: ryan and other republicans have reservation on a number of trump's policy positions and his rhetoric on policy, entitlements, taxes and national security. trump has said he would like a unified party, though he's
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brought so many people to the political process, he says that might not be necessary. trump is assigning corey lewandowski to lead his vice presidential search. trump said he's down to about five names and will make that announcement in july in cleveland. also, ted cruz is back in the u.s. senate. he has yet to endorse donald trump. he points out that his campaign is suspended, though circumstances could change but with donald trump moving forward on collecting these delegates, it seems unlikely cruz could get back this the race. but we'll see. back to you. >> rick edson live for us. bernie sanders slowing hillary clinton's march to the nomination. >> the socialist from vermont taking west virginia with a double digit win after51% to ha. but clinton, already moving on to an early blue grass state
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battle. lauren green is live in our newsroom. hello again, lauren. >> reporter: nice to see you again. for senator bernie sanders, it may be a mathematical long shot to win the democratic nomination, but his victory in the west virginia primary today has given him good reason to stay in the race until the end and he intends to do that. sanders won 51% to hillary clinton's 36%. delegates will be awarded proportionally, giving him 16 and clinton 11. sanders won the caucus 57% compared to clinton's 42%. bernie sanders eyeing november as he rallied supporters in oregon yesterday. >> while we may have many disagreements with secretary clinton, there is one area we agree -- and that is we must defeat donald trump! [ applause ]
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>> reporter: clinton's recent gaffe about the coal history may have crippled her in west virginia. despite the loss, mrs. clinton too focused on the presidential contest in a folksy appeal to kentucky backers. >> i think they're going to throw everything including the kitchen sink this time. i have a little message for them. they've done it for 25 years and i'm still standing. >> reporter: sanders has now won 19 states compared to clinton's 23, who needs just 144 delegates to reach the almighty 2383 delegates to win the nomination and she only needs to win 14% of the remaining delegates and super delegates to capture the nomination. heather?
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>> thank you so much. donald trump and paul ryan set to meet tomorrow in hopes of uniting the gop. it comes just days after trump says he was blind sided by ryan saying that he was not ready to support him. so will ryan have a change of heart or will trump ask him to step down as convention chair? let's ask our republican political panel. angela mccowan and tony sayic. how will tomorrow's meeting change the race or will it at all, angela? >> i believe it's symbolic. paul ryan has a constituency he needs to keep in place. if hillary clinton wins, paul ryan needs to have the house and senate to work in concert. we don't need democrat, democrat, democrat. and trump, he's brought new people to the party. we've had 64% more people than in 2012 in this primary people.
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so it's symbolic where ryan is sending a signal hey, i'm still conservative, i will work with you. and trump, i'm reaching across the aisle to shake your hand. >> he did say he would like for ryan to stay on as the convention chair. >> i'm convinced tomorrow is going to begin a much more meaningful conversation. look, both understand to win in november, they have to grow the party, as trump has done, and unify. and the idea that ryan takes this lead as important, because he's one of the few people in the party today who has the legitimacy among so many various constituencies in the party, the judicial and social conservatives, i think he stumbled a little bit by saying i'm not there yet. he's kind of said he doesn't want to do it right now.
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[ overlapping speakers ] >> i think he could have been more constructive how he phrased it, but i think he does want a constructive process with donald trump. >> but i don't think it's a misstep. during the contract with america both paul ryan and i worked as legislative aides on capitol hill. he's very strategic and rarely makes a mistake that i've seen. so i think they're working in concert together. >> i think he did make the decision to play trump's own game. trump always says in the negotiation, let them know you're willing to walk away. >> it gives ryan the opportunity to negotiate some of the things that the republicans currently in the house and senate want to get passed and try to get trump behind it. i'll give you my support if you support this. >> and to keep the conservative
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base in place, why not be attacked by trump supporters? >> we have to move on. speaking of unity could a third party candidate do that? what would happen, is it too late that? >> i think it's logistically too late. you have to go state by state to get on the ballots and a lot of the states have closed that process. number two, i think the republican party understands to beat hillary clinton, we have to remain unified and grow strong around our presumptive and ultimate nominee, which will be donald trump. >> mitt romney, jeb bush, paul ryan? >> look, mitt romney has had his time. it's time for him to support someone that can put a republican in the white house. i like jeb bush. he should endorse trump. let's move on. it's time to defeat hillary clinton. >> do you think that will change, speaking of paul ryan, if paul ryan throws his support behind donald trump, do you
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think you'll see some change with specifically the bushes? >> i think it begins an important tempo that has to be set between now and the convention. donald trump received more votes than any other republican in the history of our primaries. that can't be left complete lly neglected by the leadership of our party. >> 91% in one of the counties in west virginia. we'll have you guysck, so don't go far. you've been here all night. thank you so much. >> have a great time. >> abby? >> thanks, heather. the time is 10 minutes a of the hour. hillary clinton's trouble in coal country taking a big toll. >> because we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. >> just how badly did her comments hurt her in the west virginia primary? we're examining brand new fox news exit polls. and political resurrection. could ted cruz plan on making a
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run as a third party candidate? don't miss this.
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welcome back to "fox and friends." a few minutes after the hour. z donald trump wins both primaries in nebraska and west virginia. but a new poll says his chances against hillary clinton may be better than anyone thought. we're here to take a look inside the minds of nebraska and west virginia voters. thank you for being here. these exit polls are very interesting. >> very. >> coming out of west virginia. let's start with what we've continued to see after almost every primary. voters are angry and dissatisfied with the federal government. >> state after state after
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state. 93% of nebraska voters and 92% of west virginia voters say they're angry or dissatisfied with government. that really explains this rise of donald trump and bernie sanders, because they're saying we need something different. >> and this next one is important, because that's what motivates people to vote, feeling excited or optimistic about a candidate. in west virginia, trump 81% of those that feel optimistic. sthz is one of the most important numbers to watch, enthusiasm of voters will catapult somebody into an election. enthusiasm of trump supporters is so critical to his success. we're not seeing a level of enthusiasm of hillary supporters not even close to 81%. sanders numbers have similar kind of support, but that creates momentum and that's what people go to the polls for. on that day, you need to be excited about your candidate. if you're not, you're more likely to stay home.
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>> hillary clinton really took a stoll with the comments on her. >> this was brutal for her. you've got to think she had to have known this was an issue, why she even went to west virginia and sat at that table, it made it worse for her. if she was going to go there, she was going to have to come up with another solution and she just didn't do it. >> this is a trump versus hillary, and we have trump versus sanders. trump versus hillary, 44-33. sanders does a little better. >> i think it's fascinating. we're looking more and more, trump is going to have a really good shot and beating sanders and clinton. i think a lot of people are saying, especially with clinton, i think that a lot of people are dismissing saying his likability numbers are worse than hillary's. he's sneaking up.
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the numbers that are important are trustworthy numbers. at the end of the day, likability is one thing. but trusting them to do the right thing, trusting them to do what they say is totally different. and that's really important to people right now. so to say that, at the end of the day, when you vote for somebody, you need to trust hem. >> and hillary clinton continues to struggle with the trustworthiness. when we ask west virginian democrats, 39% said they wanted someone less liberal. >> this is something different than we've seen. we've seen a lot of state where is they want more liberal or the same. this is less liberal. that may explain why a lot of voters are saying i might vote for trump over hillary. >> this one, likely that trump will beat hillary, 83% in nebraska, 90% in west virginia. >> we've seen a bunch of polls this week that say they're in a
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dead heat between hillary and trump and you're seeing more confidence that trump has a chance to beat her. >> lee carter, i think you're joining us next hour, so we're seal you then. >> it will be interesting to see if those coal numbers impact hillary clinton as she moves forward, specifically in kentucky. the time is 18 minutes after the top of the hour. a bloody rampage, a deadly stabbing spree at a mall. the hero cop who stopped the killer. plus, a question that would be fine if it weren't for an 8-year-old. the magazine under fire for telling children how to pick a bathing suit for their body types. get ready for the rio olympic games
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welcome back to an early edition of "fox and friends." first, a fox news alert. a bloody rampage at a mall packed with people stopped, thanks to a heroic off duty police officer. >> authorities are piecing together the evidence at two crime scenes, to untangle that motive. >> patricia? >> reporter: that officer, a hero, preventing more lives from being lost by stepping in, shooting and killing the attacker. the spree of violence started in a neighborhood near boston. the suspect was first involved in a crash. he then forced his way into a home, grabbing a knife, then stabbing and killing an 80-year-old woman, leaving the woman's daughter fighting for
1:23 am
her life. >> you don't expect things like this to happen in your neighborhood. one house away really. you just don't expect this to happen. >> reporter: police say derosen stole a black car and smashed into the macy's entrance, turning the mall into a chaotic scene, stabbing people inside, including a pregnant woman. >> the car just dove right in and we dodged the other way. so it honestly happened the fastest thing. >> she was screaming and crying to save her baby, help her. >> reporter: an off duty police officer at a restaurant inside the mall was carrying his concealed weapon. he saw the mayhem unfolding and shot and killed derosa. three people, including a suspect are dead. four are injured. police are working to figure out
1:24 am
what sparked the deadly attacks. >> patricia, thank you so much. horrible story. middle america still reeling from the week of extreme weather we've been telling you about. oklahoma has declared a state of emergency in 15 counties, which were sacked by the deadly tornado outbreak. reports of two dozen twisters touching down across the great plains, blasting 100-mile-an-hour winds and killing two people. at least ten people, ten others have been hurt, as that storm system moved east overnight, unleashing its wrath on the ohio river valley. >> thanks, heather. a terrorist will not face the death penalty for his role in the benghazi attacks. the justice department announcing they will allow him to face trial in the u.s. he's accused of being the ringleader of the attacks on the consulate that killed four americans, including the
1:25 am
ambassador to libya, chris stephe stephens. >> a gitmo detainee with close ties to al qaeda would be released. he was born in kenya and has been at guantanamo bay since 2007. the pentagon says he has a close relationship with al qaeda members in east africa and tried to shoot down an israeli airliner. his representatives told a review board he's been well behaved and just wants to return to his family. it's not clear when a decision will be made. heather? senate republicans launching an investigation into facebook over claims the site black lists conservative news. the commerce committee sent a letter to mark zuckerberg asking how the trending topic section is organized. the site says it looks forward to addressing those questions and guess which presidential candidate facebook donates more
1:26 am
to? hillary clinton, more than $100,000 to clinton's campaign, including $2700 from an executive in charge of trending topics. >> very interesting. well, the duck commander was not shy about his pick for our next commander in chief. >> i've looked at the candidates. ted cruz is my mind. he fits the bill. >> but now that ted cruz is out of the race, phil robertson is joining son willie robertson and enthusiastically. that's a quote, supporting donald trump. >> robertson says he's loyal to the republican party and wants to keep hillary clinton out of the white house, assuming she gets the democratic nomination. >> trump says he's honored to believe robertson's support. the time now is 26 minutes after the top of the hour and democrats openly pulling for a hillary clinton/elizabeth warren ticket. >> how would it change the race
1:27 am
for donald trump? our democratic panel is on deck to weigh in.
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get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. good morning. it is wednesday, may 11. voters in west virginia, nebraska have spoken. donald trump one step closer to securing the nomination as the democrats continue to battle it out. >> and bernie sanders notching another win in his belt in west virginia, insisting don't count him out just yet. >> we're going to get this country going again. because right now this country is stall sod badly. >> it's why i've been so concerned about the reckless talk of donald trump. people say maybe he doesn't really mean it. when you are running for and
1:31 am
serving as president, you had better mean what you say. >> tonight, it appears that we've won a big, big victory in west virginia. and with your help, we're going to win in oregon next week! [ applause ] take a look at the. donald trump's delegate total as of now stands at 1,107, just 130 shy of the magic number. >> and for the democrats, clinton now with 2,239 and sanders, 1,469. >> rick edson is live for us in charleston, west virginia with more on donald trump's path to the nomination. rich, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump stays on track to secure this nomination within the next month or so, collecting delegates here in west virginia and in nebraska. donald trump decided against a typical victory night speech in either state.
1:32 am
instead he tweeted out his thanks to voters here and in nebraska. on june 7, delegate rich california and new jersey, among a few other states, will vote in the republican primaries there, very likely putting donald trump ahead of the 1,237 delegates he needs to clinch the nomination on the first ballot at the republican convention in cleveland in july. trump is now also looking ahead to the general election, trying to address concerns of senior republican leaders who have yet to endorse him. he is meeting with house speaker paul ryan and other republican leaders in washington tomorrow. >> he's a very good man. he wants what is good for the party and i think we're going to have positive results and i would love for him to stay and be chairman. >> reporter: donald trump is also saying that paul ryan should not be the chairman of the republican convention if he fails to eventually endorse him for president. they disagree over a number of issues, spending, entitlements,
1:33 am
national security. republicans have also had problems with his tone and rhetoric in this race. trump's team is also moving forward on trying to figure out who his vice presidential pick is going to be and his campaign manager is leading those efforts. >> you need someone who understands the process and can make sure that in the first 100 days that we get done the agenda that mr. trump is putting forward. >> reporter: trump says he's down to about five or so candidates. he has failed to confirm or deny that new jersey governor chris christie, an early supporter of donald trump, is on that short list. trump says he plans to make his announcement of who his vice presidential pick is by the convention in july. heather, back to you. >> thank you very much, rich. we appreciate it. the gop has been slammed for their big divide. we've talked about that. but the democrats still don't have a presumptive nominee. so what challenges does hillary face in unifying the democratic
1:34 am
party if she wins? here to weigh in is pollster jessica and karene. jessica, i'll start with you. in terms of unifying the party, what does hillary clinton need to do? >> she needs to get bernie sanders to tell his voters it's okay to back hillary clinton. west virginia is a little bit of an outlier with 44% of bernie sanders supporters saying they would back donald trump over hillary clinton. if we think back to 2008, 50% of clinton supporters said they wouldn't back obama and we know they all turned out for him. that is what will largely happen. tonight we saw a defiant and triumphant bernie sanders there who basically was saying, hold up a second, i still want to be president. i think i can be president.
1:35 am
it seems like every week there's a new story out of the sanders' campaign. so they need to look at the math there and stop attacking her in the way that they have been. it's a little too hostile i think for unity come november. >> she did win demographics across the board in west virginia. i mean -- i'm sorry, bernie sanders did. he won women, as he normally does, he won young voters. she will need all of those voters. how does she do it? >> one of the lessons we learned from 2008 is that democrats were able to coalesce behind barack obama and we won with record numbers. i think there's no surprise there. i think it will happen. look, also in 2008, towards the end, hillary clinton won four out of the six primaries that were left before she turned over her supporters to barack obama. so this is nothing new. we've been here before. i think we'll get to where we need to be once the convention is there. i believe that bernie sanders will, you know, turn over his
1:36 am
voters and get behind hillary clinton, when she is the nominee. >> but it is different from 2008, as hillary clinton points out herself, because when she did eventually drop out, she didn't make any demands. you know, bernie sanders is doing that. so jessica, do you think that -- what will he get? >> i don't know. this that interview with wolf blitzer, he hedged around the idea of wanting to be vp. so maybe he's thinking that could be the outcome here. he definitely wants to influence the platform and have key issues sintegrated into the democratic platform. i think she's open to that. i think that will be the big success story of the bernie sanders campaign, she's move the party to the left and the platform. >> she has to walk a fine line. >> she really does.
1:37 am
>> jessica, you go right into our next topic, speaking of who will or will not be the vice presidential candidate with her. if it's not bernie sanders, there seems to be a dream team that's being suggested. that would be a clinton/elizabeth warren ticket. so what would that mean? >> just to jessica's point, one of the things bernie sanders has done is he's talked about progressive issues, liberal issues very important to the democratic base. so elizabeth warren is a product of what bernie sanders has been able to do. so look, she also has fought for issues and brought up policies as a u.s. senator that's important to the democratic base and democratic process. so i think it makes sense that her name would pop up, especially with the type of primary we've had this season. >> and there have been suggestions and some polls that show donald trump has an issue with the woman vote. so two women on the ticket, how
1:38 am
would that affect donald trump? >> i think it would be a nightmare for him, but i don't think it's a winning ticket necessarily for the democrats. she should pick a progressive running mate, but hillary clinton's big problem is with white men. so sherrod brown is maybe a smarter choice. i'm not sure elizabeth warren wants that. she's made it clear she's happy in the senate and i don't think she's one to lie about something about that. a female president, 80% of americans are ready for that. a president and vice president might be pushing it. >> don't go far, we'll join both of you again in our second hour and i want to clarify, jessica, the pollster of democratic strategists and karine, spokesperson for, thank you very much. the time is 39 after the hour. on the run, the hunt for the
1:39 am
fugitive mom who led police on a wild chase. what police saw inside that car that made them immediately retreat. and what ted cruz just revealed about his future plans. that's next.
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welcome back to "fox and friends." a fox news alert for you, security at an all-time high at the cannes film festival after the paris and brussels attack. hundreds of police and special force als will be on patrol. the festival runs until the 22nd. a mom on the run after a wild chase caught on camera, as
1:43 am
a woman ran out of an ohio courtroom and took off in her minivan. you can see the woman drive over curves and into front yards, all with her chard in the back seat. springdale police chased her in and out of traffic until say saw the child and called off the chase. she then went to a nearby hotel. a man says he went into his room and jumped out of the first story window with the child. she is still on the run. to tennessee, growing concern there in the search for a 9-year-old girl who authorities say may be in "imminent danger." carly trent has been missing since last week after her uncle, by marriage, took her out of school under false pretenses. they were last seen on wednesday, buying items at a store.
1:44 am
carly's father says the brother-in-law developed an obsession with his daughter. nypd cruisers are being armed with bullet proof windows and panels, that can stop a bullet from a .44 magnum. it will cost about $4200 to outfit each car. this comes after the death of three officers all killed in their patrol cars. new details about a fist salute that sparked outrage online. did you see this? some people calling it racist. the 16 black female cadets in what some people say is a black panther salute. critics slammed it saying it violates military policy, but the academy said it was meant to
1:45 am
demonstrate unity and pride. an article titled "which sweep suit best suits you," the readers are between 8 and 12 years old and says girls who are curvy should wear tops that fit like a bra and straight up and down can add curves with patterns. the magazine has since apologized. delivering a hero, domino's workers in oregon say a loyal customer's life. employees became worried when they didn't hear from a regular customer who has been ordering from them for ten years. >> concerned, they sent a driver to check on the man. he didn't answer the door but the lights and tv were on. they called police. when deputies arrived, he was having a medical emergency. he is expected to be okay. >> delivery with a smile, saving a life. the time now is about 15 minutes until the top of the
1:46 am
hour. and the fight in the fall, the key states donald trump would need to win to defeat hillary clinton in the general election. >> we are mapping out his path to victory. that is next. why do some cash back cards keep throwing obstacles at you? first - they limit where you earn bonus cash back. then - those places change every few months?
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congress was back in session, making this ted cruz's first day back on capitol hill since dropping out of the race. and congress threw him a little party. [ laughter ] >> got to be able to laugh at yourself, right? cruz is off the campaign trail
1:50 am
but is he done yet? ted cruz returning to work on capitol hill one week after suspending his bid for president. but now the texas senator is hinting at a possible campaign comeback. christian fisher is live in washington, d.c. with more. so is he in, is he out, what do we know? >> reporter: ted cruz says he has no interest in a third party run, but if something changes in the republican race, he would reconsider. >> we suspended the campaign because i can see no viable path to victory. of course, if that changed, we would reconsider. >> now, exactly how that would change is unclear. especially when you take into account how much cruz lost by last night. in nebraska, trump beat him by 42 points. in west virginia, the margin was even bigger, 68 points. yesterday, cruz said he has no plans to endorse trump and no plans to release his delegates ahead of the convention. cruz made those comments outside of his senate office.
1:51 am
it was the first time he had been there since february and the first day he had spoken publicly since conceding to trump last week. and marco rubio is also holding on to his delegates. but unlike cruz, rubio said he would support trump, albeit rather reluctantly. >> i signed a pledge that said i support the republican nominee and i intend to do that. here's the situation we're in. on the one hand, i don't want hillary clinton to be the president of the united states. i have well defined differences with the current presumptive of the republican party. i intend to live up to the pledge. >> the cruz campaign did meet the deadline to file for california's primary last month. why? cruz's state director said the reason is to keep face with our supporters. >> very interesting. so could that face be used for
1:52 am
cruz as a vp candidate or maybe rubio? either one being considered as a running mate? >> reporter: i mean, never say never, but it's highly unlikely. rubio said, i do not want to be vice president. and cruz is still refusing to support trump. trump cess he has a short list of five or six candidates and will announce at the convention. chris christie's name has been tossed around. so has senator bob corker of tennessee. but cruz and rubio, heather, not impossible, but it's pretty close. >> kristen fisher live for us this morning, thank you. >> reporter: sure. >> abby. i am looking forward to debating donald trump come the fall. >> now we're focusing on crooked hillary clinton. and i think we're going to do very well. >> the fight in the fall, both candidates feeling confident if it comes down to trump or a hillary ticket. what are the key states donald
1:53 am
trump needs to win in the general election to become president? can't believe we're finally here to our potential nominees, trump versus hillary clinton. >> it is good to talk about a general election. people get excited about this. it's too early to know what's going to happen. but mitt romney won 206 electoral votes, donald trump needs to get 64 more than that, and hold on to all of romney's states. >> and the key to that is going to be first florida. >> florida is a state that a republican should be expected to win if they're going to beat hillary clinton. he was close last time around, just a one-point victory for barack obama. but heavy latino communities down there, i'm not sure this is a great state for donald trump. >> in the last 52 years, i think everyone who has become president won florida. >> that's right. and by the way, all the last five elections, florida has gone with the winner. so this will be the exception,
1:54 am
if donald trump can't win florida, he needs to make it up. but that brings us to ohio. here in ohio, we have a situation throughout the midwest where you have a place where the message of donald trump should resonate. this is where the dispossessed economically voters, the people who aren't sure what is happening and don't believe washington is listening to them is ohio. >> and no one has won the presidency without ohio. and we saw a new poll out yesterday showing they are very much neck and neck, trump even up a couple points. >> in this whole region, when you expand into the midwest, pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, these are the voters that barack obama said are desperately clinging to their guns and religion. these people are being turned off by the democratic party. the question is whether donald trump can get them. when i talk to people in all of these states, the republicans, it's interesting to see the reaction. some are of course can trump can win here.
1:55 am
one person burst out laughing if i ask can trump win there? there's no middle ground. >> we have no idea how these are going to go. these are going to be crucial for trump. let me get out of here. >> we're having trouble here. there we go. now, in the midwest states, nevada, colorado, virginia on the east coast. these are states that have been fairly close in recent elections. romney thought he could win some of them. donald trump would have some difficulties in each of these states. virginia, the problem is, awful lot of government employees will be living in the northern part of that state. they're not likely to be correspondentti responsive to the message. if donald trump wins these states, he's having a good night and the trump campaign is planning on winning big. >> oh, yes, they're planning on
1:56 am
winning huuuge. trump is behind in arizona. >> arizona is a tough state. there's indications he is having a hard time in georgia. if donald trump can't win all that mitt romney won, forget it. >> thanks, scott. the time now is about four minutes until the top of the hour. donald trump, one step closer to the republican nomination. and bernie sanders slowing hillary clinton's march to the democratic nomination. what is next in the race for the white house? our team coverage and expert analysis continues in the next hour.
1:57 am
1:58 am
it is wednesday, may 11, and the votes are in. in nebraska, and west virginia. donald trump now one step closer to securing the nomination, as
1:59 am
the democrats continue to battle. >> bernie sanders notching another win in his belt in west virginia, insisting don't count him out just yet. >> we're going to run a country that works. we're going the get this country going again, because right now this country is stalled so badly. >> it's why i've been so concerned about the reckless talk coming from donald trump. people say, well, maybe he doesn't really mean it. when you are running for and serving as president, you had better mean what you say. >> tonight, it appears that we've won a big, big victory in west virginia. and with your help, we're going to win in oregon next week! >> doing the math for you, donald trump's delegate total stands at 1,107, just 130 shy of the magic number. >> and clinton now with 2,239.
2:00 am
sanders, 1,469. >> lauren green is following the democratic race for the white house. >> but we begin with rich edson live for us in charlesson, west virginia, and donald trump's path heather and abby. donald trump stays on track to soon clinch the nomination. he does so by getting delegates in west virginia and nebraska. he tweeted out to supporters thanks to those who voted here in nebraska. trump is looking ahead to the general election. he has senior republican leaders who have yet to jump on board with his campaign. still have problems and reservations about his candidacy. with that he is scheduled to meet in washington with house speaker paul ryan. >> i think paul ryan loves this party and loves this c


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