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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 11, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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sanders, 1,469. >> lauren green is following the democratic race for the white house. >> but we begin with rich edson live for us in charlesson, west virginia, and donald trump's path heather and abby. donald trump stays on track to soon clinch the nomination. he does so by getting delegates in west virginia and nebraska. he tweeted out to supporters thanks to those who voted here in nebraska. trump is looking ahead to the general election. he has senior republican leaders who have yet to jump on board with his campaign. still have problems and reservations about his candidacy. with that he is scheduled to meet in washington with house speaker paul ryan. >> i think paul ryan loves this party and loves this country and
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wants to see something good happen. i think we will do better if we are unified. >> we have to be a party that is broad and inclusive, principled, apply the principles to the problems of the day and offer the country better solutions and appeals to independents and disinfected democrats. >> ryan and other republicans oppose trump on a number of policy views including entitlement spending and foreign policy some of the rhetoric that has come out of this campaign. this as his campaign is moving forward i am trying to figure out who donald trump's running mate would be. his campaign manager is leading up those efforts. donald trump confirmed he has about 5 names on the list right now. he says new jersey governor chris christie could be on the list or might not be on the list as he was an early supporter of the trump campaign as ended his own campaign. he says he will likely make his announcement in july at the republican convention.
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republicans vote next week in oregon, washington state the week after then it is the big june 7th primary where california and new jersey delegate rich states likely putting him over the top. he needs 1237 to clinch the nomination. back to you. >> turning to the democratic side. bernie sanders slowing hillary clinton's march to the nomination. >> the socialist from vermont taking west virginia with a double dig get win after hillary's trouble in coal country. >> clinton already moving on to an early bluegrass state battle. >> lauren green live in our newsroom following the democratic race. >> good morning. for senator bernie sanders it may be a mathematical long shot to win the nomination but his victory in the west virginia primary tuesday has given him good reason to stay in the race until the end. he intends to do just that. sanders won the mountain state
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51 51.4 percent to hillary clinton's 36 percent. it's delegates will be awarded proportionally. the nebraska primary was a beauty contest having awarded delegates in a march 5th caucus. sanders won that, too, 57 percent compared to clinton's 42 percent. the vermont senator rallied supporters last night in oregon savioring his victory. >> if it ends up being a double dig get victory this is the state of west virginia where hillary clinton won by over 40 points against barack obama in 2008. >> clinton's recent gaff about the poll may have crippled her in west virginia and held her rival in the coal rich state. despite the loss she focused on the presidential contest in a folksy appeal in kentucky
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backers. >> you cannot image a more different vision for our country than the one between our side of democrats for progress, for prosperity, for fairness and opportunity than the preservative nominee on the republican side. >> sanders has now won 19 states compared to clinton's 23. she is 144 delegates short of receiving the 2,380 required to win the nomination. a oo donald trump and paul ryan set to meet tomorrow in hopes of uniting the gop. it comes days after he was blind sided saying he will not support him. will he ask him to stand down as
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republican chair. fox news analyst and republican strategist as well as fox news s meeting change the race? angela, start with you. >> how will it change the race? i think it will unify the republican party. he will still be the chair of the convention. donald trump will be our nominee. the party more unified the more we can defeat hillary clinton. >> they seem to be more consolatory at this point. trump saying he wants to talk to the chair. >> both speaker ryan and donald trump understand the unique need to grow the party and unify the party. speaker ryan feels the obligation as probably the legitimate liter as the conservative movement today to make sure donald trump
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understands some of the principles some of the issues in the way his caucus his members would like him to understand. that being said speaker ryan has to understand donald trump was just the recipient of in i candidate in history. that is the conversation. >> what will happen to paul ryan if he doesn't throw his support behind donald trump with all of the supporters donald trump has? >> sarah palin will go after him in wisconsin. i think the meeting is symbolic. we are in the shadows of a bloody primary process we have never seen before. paul ryan needs to keep the intellectuals of the party he needs to keep them together. trump does need those votes as well. republicans defeated republican. it wasn't just barack obama that
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defeated romney. we did by staying at home. republicans want to hold on to the state and the senate. >> how many times have they selected a nominee the grass-roots don't like. they said look it is the nominee. you have to nominate him now. >> they have the candidate of their choosing going against the grain of the establishment and the establishment has to understand. we are people that is largely reflective of our party members. we can't just deny that done that wou nald trump is the nominee and needs our help. the effort to strengthen the trump dan cassie. i believe paul ryan in his heart. he does care deeply about the party and wants that. >> trump who will strengthen our party. we have a grand opportunity to reach out to women, to reach out to blacks, to reach out to hispanics. i believe even though trump has
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been harsh with certain things he can get those constituents as well. >> on nient. that being said, that would go into term inning who would be his vp pick? oo not necessarily. >> the vp pick woucould help wi conservatives but he has a welfare to work program. he has something with capital gains and corporate tax plan. he has something for all. >> politics won't determine it it will have to be an alignment to bring the conservative movement and trump together. >> population of the third party candidate yes or no and who would it be? >> talking about senator, mitt romney, the bottom line is this, if we did that that is political suicide and we are handing it to the democrats.
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>> we will see what happens with the wig meeting. >> we love to speculate. the time is about 10 minutes after the hour. hillary clinton's xhints taking a big toll. >> we are going to put a lot of coal mierns and coal companies out of business. >> how badly did this hurt her? we are looking at the polls released overnight. the fight in the fall. what they need to secure to beat hillary in the general election. that's coming up.
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>> yesterday the state department found it didn't find any technology whom clinton was secretary of state. then hillary said you won't find that staffer either. turn the car and buddy. >> hilarious. donald trump won both primaries in nebraska and west virginia. brand new fox exit polls said the chances against hillary clinton may be better than any one thought. here to take a closer look inside the mind of nebraska motors is partners always good to see you. i always love the exit posteriorlies. >> there was a frustration with the federal government. >> people are saying they are angry or sdafsed. 92 percent stayed they were angry or dissatisfied. you have to take away from this
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it explains the rise of the outsider candidate. ing something different. somebody that is going to shake things up. that's what we are seeing with trump and sanders. who would have ever thought he would be here with trump. >> so interesting. one thing that gets voters to the polls is feeling optimistic or excited. we look at the states nebraska and west virginia 60 percent felt that way about trump. 74 percent in west virginia. that is good news for trump. >> enthusiasm is what drives people to the polls. enthusiasm is contagious. to have enthusiasm is one of the most important things you can have. hillary clinton does not have it. that will effect her. >> only 29 percent came out for hillary clinton. >> it is not too shocking.
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she tried to stem an olive branch. she met with the coal miners. she tried to explain herself. it clooerl did not work. she is in kentucky now. i don't think it will be coal mining jobs. this is something that is stim bollic of a larger issue. she has to say i am not just taking these away they will be disengran chiezed. >> you have trump verses hillary and trump verses bernie sanders. hillary 44 trump 33. sorry. hillary 45 trump 35. you compare that to trump verses sanders in west virginia 51 percent for sanders 33 for trump. what do you make of that? >> i think it is fascinating. the fact that you are looking at that many democrats that say i am going to vote for trump. that is huge for hillary. hillary has issues in these kinds of states. you have 90 percent white voters
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in west virginia. we know she has an issue there. it is going to be a real problem for her. we are seeing over and over about a third of voters say that he would that they would vote for trump in hillary clinton in state after state. this is bigger but it is a trend we are seeing. bernie sanders did well when we see that 39 percent say they want someone less liberal. >> to me if you see less liberal than obama this is one of the first times we have seen that. we have seen a lot of states saying they want more liberal or more of the staple. this is clearly a different state. if the red state we know that is something they want but when you look at this it is something you have to take away and got to start thinking about how they are going to move forward here. >> this stuck out to me. 82 percent in nebraska.
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87 percent in west virginia. that is a good sign for trump. >> we are see ago big shift about whether or not people think trump stands a chance against hillary. they said not a chance now we are seeing a chance. we are seeing that reflected as a whole. we haven't seen them head to head but now we see i think trump really has a shot. >> the race could just be beginning. lee carter always good to have you here. >> the time now is 17 minutes after the hour. we have other news to tell you about this morning. a bloody rampage. a horrible story. a deadly stabbing spree packed with people. the hero cop who stopped a killer as police work to uncover a motive.
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>> an off duty police officer carrying a concealed weapon putting a stop to a stabbing spree at a mall packed with people. they are combing through the evidence at two crime scenes to unravel a motive. patricia stark joins us live with the brand new details. >> that officer a hero preventing more lives from being lost by stepping in, shooting and killing the attacker.
2:22 am
the spree of violence happened he forced his way into a home and grabbed a kitchen knife stabbing and killing an 80-year-old woman and leaving her daughter now fighting for her life. neighbors watched in horror as derosa raced back out. >> there was a kayed from the house with a knife in his hand and jumping over the fence. >> derosa stole a black car and smashed into the macy's entrance turning the gallery mall into a chaotic scene stabbing people inside including a pregnant woman. >> she was screaming and crying to save her baby, help her. >> there was a guy who came out and was stabbed in the chest. everybody had pressure on him. they were holding him down. he was bleeding through whatever
2:23 am
they were putting on top of him. he was bleeding pretty bad. >> an off duty officer shot and killed derosa. three people including the suspect are dead. four more are injured. police are working to figure out just what sparked the deadly attacks. abby. >> what a horrificstory. >> middle america still reeling from this week's extreme weather. state of emergency in 15 counties hit by the deadly tornado outbreaks. twisters touched down across the great plains killing two people. 10 others were hurt as the storm system moves east overnight unleashing the wrath on the ohio river valley. >> taylor swift trying to shake off a scare outside her man hat tan apartment as security guards take down a man roaming around
2:24 am
outside. >> a 25-year-old emotionally disturbed and at that taken to the hospital for psychiatric treatment. swift has a long list of stalkers including a man who claims they were married. she had a restraining order against him in 2014. >> prince's minneapolis estate looking for new clues in the singer's death. a local dr. michael shown burg saw prince twice in the month before his death including the day before he died. the day that prince canceled an atlantic show in april. one week later the singer was rushed unconscious off his plane during an emergency landing given a shot used to reverse opioid overdoses. >> you know her as hermoine in
2:25 am
harry potter. one of emma watson's real life tricks has been revealed. documents show how hundreds of thousands of people use offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes. a watson spokesperson said she did it to protect her privacy and it is not illegal. financial companies must publically reveal shareholder information. fireworks erupting as hillary clinton's former chief of staff stormed out of the interview with the fbi. she was asked a question deemed to be quote off limits. the fbi has been looking into a possible criminal wrong doing in clinton's use of an unsecured server to handle state department business. no word if the lead democratic candidate will be called in to testify herself.
2:26 am
back to politics sort of. you hate trump and are you planning to move to canada? a lot of people said they would do that. now there is one new dating web site that is promising americans a new path to love and away from possible trump presidency. >> this is ridiculous. the map was launched one week ago. 13,000 have already signed up. a quarter of them canadian. the server's founder is only 25 years old. even he has signed up to find his soul mate, heather. >> see if it works. >> the time is 26 minutes after the top of the hour. democrats openly pulling for hillary clinton elizabeth warren ticket. >> how would it change the race for donald trump? the democratic panel on deck. [engine revving] [phone buzzing]
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>> voters in west virginia and nebraska have spoken. donald trump one step closer to securing the nomination. >> bernie sanders insisting don't count him out just yet. >> we are going to run a country that works. we are going to get this country going again. >> maybe he doesn't really mean it. >> when you are running for and serving as president, you better mean what you say. >> tonight it appears that we won a big, big victory in west virginia. we are going to win in oregon next week.
2:31 am
am with the democrats clinton with 2,239 and sanders 1,469. >> we are live in charleston, west virginia with more on donald trump's path to the nomination. it was a big night for trump again last night. >> # 1 percent in one county alone. >> he picks up two more states and competitions here. donald trump has a wide base of support here continuing on his goal of securing the delegates he needs to secure the nomination. trump took to twitter thanking his supporters in west virginia and nebraska. he is turning his election to the general election. a number of republican leaders who have yet to endorse him. donald trump is scheduled to head to washington, d.c. tomorrow to meet with congressional leaders including
2:32 am
paul ryan. trump is making the case with broader republican support. >> in one way you have to be proud because other people spent 200 million and sitting at home watching television. there is something good about that. >> ryan has yet to endorse trump. he and other republicans have policy concerns for him over spending and foreign policy. some of the rhetoric that has come out of his campaign. trump is selecting his running mate. they are leading that effort. >> it is not about agenda. it is not about geographic it is about bringing our country back from where it is. we have to make sure we don't allow another 4-8 years of a democrat for the white house. >> he is down to 5 candidates for a running mate and he will likely announce his choice in a republican convention in july in
2:33 am
cleveland. they vote in little less than a week. a week after that washington state. it is june 7th primary between delegate rich california and new jersey that could likely put donald trump over top of the 1,237 delegates he needs to clinch that nomination on the first ballot in cleave lapped. >> if we can all get to june 7th. rich edson live for us. thank you, rick. the gop has been slammed for their big divide. democrats still don't have presumptive nominee. what challenges does hillary face in unifying the democratic party if she wins. >> democratic strategist and pollster for consulting jessica f farlove and careen jon pierre. >> jessica, i will start with you again. speaking of hillary clinton, 52
2:34 am
percent of the people, the democrats say she can bring the party together. 60 percent say she is likely to get things done once she gets to washington. what challenges does she face? >> i think she really has to go after tackling her negatives. it is the honest tee and trust worthiness here. liberals especially progressive liberals think she is only moving to the left because of bernie sanders. i understand why she is feeling that way. reversal sales on the keystone pipeline and ttp she is only for a $12 minimum wage and says she is in the fight for 15. i agree with her position there on the 12 with the senate democrats. i understand the cautiousness about that. i think she really needs to go out there. she needs to speak openly and honestly about who she is. i know it will be a lot easier as we get closer to the general election and get past this nominating process. i think the people need to feel they can connect better to her.
2:35 am
>> careen, bernie sanders is not having a problem. people think he is trust worthy. is there anything he can do to help hillary unify the party and over come that issue. >> i was part of the obama campaign in 2008. i was at the convention in denner have. we are on pins and needles waiting to hear what hillary clinton is going to say. she leaned in and gave a compelling speech as to why she was supporting president obama and delivered her supporters to him. so it is doable. i think bernie sanders at the convention could do the same. his message of breaking the big banks, $15 minimum wage has really resinated. these are the things that the platform that hillary clinton and her team have to really take on in order to win those voters. those liberal progressives that he has brought to the table.
2:36 am
>> he has. 24 percent of them according to some polls say they will not vote for hillary clinton. they would either not vote all together or some of them would go over to trump's side. that remains to be seen what would happen there. democrats openly hoping for a clinton warren ticket. that is something that has been tossed around. will america vote for an all female team, though? karine i will start with you on this. >> one of the products of having a bernie sanders as a protest candidate and a real candidate as you saw early on this year, now we have these progressive issues out there. it is no surprise that elizabeth warren is being talked about. other progressives are on the list. elizabeth warren has policies he introduced as the u.s. senate that speaks to the democratic base. not surprising at all.
2:37 am
two wilt women on the kick tic am not sure. we have seen the same on the ticket for the last 100 years it never affected it. >> jessica, that would play into some of the issues and demographics that donald trump has. >> i think only one woman will still be enough there with donald trump. i don't think elizabeth horn is the right person. she is fen nolnal everyone should look at her tweets from last week at real donald trump at real donald trump and see how wonderful she is. i don't actually see her being the vp pick there. i think clinton will pick up a progressive man as her side kick. >> her side kick. the most important side kick in the world. >> karine thank you for joining us, jessica as well. appreciate your insights as always. >> abby?
2:38 am
>> thanks, guys. the time is 38 after the hour. sounding the alarm the three major airports are facing if they don't get their long lines under control. >> plus facebook accused of political bias. which candidate does the social media donate to the most? we have that answer next. before i had the shooting, burning of diabetic nerve pain, these feet were the first in my family to graduate from college and trained as a nurse. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet.
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we're out ink.nk. not ink. getting ink doesn't have to be painful. staples just cut ink and toner prices. add in our 110% price match guarantee and our prices are unbeatable. staples. make more happen. >> a fox news alert for you. security is at an all-time high as the world's biggest movie stars walk the red carpet at the cannes film festival today. terrors loom large after the paris and brussels attack. hundreds of police and special forces they will all be on patrol. bomb sweeps and bag checks will happen ever are i day. surveillance cameras are already
2:42 am
installed through out the city. the festival runs until the 22nd. >> a terrorist will not face the death penalty for his role in the deadly benghazi attack. the justice department saying they will allow abu cat tal l ka to face trial in the u.s. he is facing life in prison if convicted. pot in america. the ohio state passes a bill that would legalize medical marijuana. the fast tracked bill would ban patients from smoking the substance but would allow them to use it in a vapor form under the legislation. medical marijuana control commission would set up rules for cultivating distributing and licensing cannabis. communities could opt out of dispense arias. sorry. i apologize. minor changes are expected.
2:43 am
>> speaking of marijuana. it turns out it is dangerous to drive while high. failed crashes involving marijuana use more than doubled in washington state in 2014 after use was legalized in the state in 2012. the study released by aaa said deadly crashes spiked from 8 percent to 23 percent. they have no way to measure the amount of marijuana in the bloodstream. >> the time is 15 minutes to the top of the hour. the fight in the fall. key states donald trump needs to win to defeat hillary in the general election. >> we are mapping out the race to the presidency. >> one spelling error. >> first brian kilmeade with what is coming up on "fox & friends." >> he knows how to spell oz opposed to being arrested. a huge show ahead on "fox &
2:44 am
friends", ladies. a bad night for hillary clinton. we will go inside those numbers. donald trump had a big night. he will join us live this morning. former first lady laura bush and one of her favorite daughters jenna bush hagger will be here live. they wrote a children's book. i can even understand it. it is very exciting. joe montana according to joel was a good quarterback. he's bringing his wife here with a personal story. that will be fun. he is also maybe the best quarterback ever. actor and model antonio saboto is here and he will talk about how he grew up in a communist country and how it taught him to appreciate america and why he is voting for trump. it is time to wash up and watch "fox & friends". go ahead.
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>> welcome back. airports set up about long security lines now threatening to fly solo. cheryl casone is here to explain that to us a little bit more. >> few stories for you. good morning. first one. the port authority of new york and new jersey is threatening to hire its own security screeners for the airports because they are frustrated for long lines. they are getting complaints from passengers and terminal officers. this would cover laguardia and new york and jfk and they would hire a private firm instead. they are worried about the current threaten environment>> this ties in with the election. senate republicans now investigating facebook. >> this is something else. we brought you the facebook story yesterday. they sent a letter to facebook ceo mark zuckerburg asking for answers saying they were
2:49 am
observing news trends. they quoted former contractors and said that's the directive of facebook. they want to know how trends are organized now. they are asking if they will be investigating at facebook. the claims they should be pointing out the fact that also mark zuckerburg. employees at facebook, they have given more money to hillary clinton than any presidential candidate 114,000 dollars. now the senate is going wait a minute. we need to flush this out. >> whether that influences anything. >> at the beginning of your segment it talked about airport screeners. now let's talk about pilots at frontier airlines they are suing. >> this is something else. four female frontier pilots filed discrimination suits for penalizing them for having kids and trying to pump while working. so these were new mothers that were trying to pump. one pilot said she asked why -- one pilot said she was asked by
2:50 am
her bosses at the airline why don't you just switch to formula. these four women are suing frontier now. >> how about end it on a good note. apple's brand new patent getting good business bus. >> it is interesting and strange to be frank with you. they filed a apple has filed a an ipad case that has its own touch screen. they filed this back in 2007, the question being asked this morning is are they going to do it. if you need a case for your ipad that does the same thing that your ipad does that. >> that's a good question. thank you very much. cheryl casone joining us. i'm looking forward to debating donald trump in the fall. >> now we're focusing on crook hillary clinton. i think we're going to do very well. >> the fight in the fall, both candidates feeling confident if
2:51 am
it comes down to a trump hillary ticket, what are the key things that trump needs to do to win in the general election? scott rasmussen is here to break it down. good to see you. i cannot believe it. we know that the democrats have the advantage when it comes to the math. it's still not impossible for mitt romney to win. >> the challenge for donald trump is where can he pick up 64 more electoral votes. he's got to win all the romney states. normally you could say a republican could do well in florida. obama won by it by a single point. that could be a challenge for donald trump. there's a latino population in florida. >> a true swing state, the last six states, three of them have gone republican, three have gone democrat. >> if you good back 50 years,
2:52 am
this is a state that's gone with a winner. florida is a state that normally has to be a win. if donald trump cannot win florida, he absolutely needs ohio. >> no one has dwn -- gone on to win the presidency without winning the state of ohio. and this state, talk about perfect for donald trump's message. if you are falling behind economically, that's the definition of people from ohio. >> the quinnipiac poll, it's neck and neck. >> these are states that pl mitt romney lost. if trump does well in ohio, he could conceivably do well throughout the rest of the midwest. these four states have 64 electoral votes. that's exactly how many trump needs. if he won all of romney's states plus wisconsin, michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, he wins all of those states are listed by larry
2:53 am
sabato as leaning democratic. anything could happen. >> then we go out to west. >> nevada and colorado are states you put in play. donald trump is going to have trouble with the minority vote here. east coast, you got virginia, a lot of government employees living in the northern part of that state. not sure how it works. if donald trump wins, nevada, colorado, or virginia, you can say he's having a good night at that point. >> you are saying earlier if he does struggle, he's going to have to rely on places like new hampshire and iowa. >> these are smaller states. if it's a close election, if we're looking at polls showing it's very close on the popular vote and these other states are being split down the middle, new hampshire and iowa are always in play. >> the big take away here, scott. florida. ohio. >> we've been talking about those states forever and those are the decisive states in this presidential race. >> anything could happen as we've seen with the polling
2:54 am
recently. it's anyone's guess. >> it's important to remember six months ago people were saying donald trump didn't have a chance at the republican nomination. obviously we were all wrong. to try and get what's going to happen in november, at this point in time, is a little bit of a fool's game. all we can do is identify a playing field. >> it's foolish to make any sorts of determinations at this point. >> right. >> thanks for breaking it down. heather, over to you. >> we're not done yet. six minutes until the top of the hour. we're going to tell you about other news, including this deadly stabbing at a mall. >> and mile-high menagerie, allowing pets to ride in coach. ♪ ♪ living in america ♪ you owned your car
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oh! yurt. yes! earthy... just rustic. [laughing] oh my gosh. wow. [owl howling] [gulp] uh, how about an island? island, yeah. yeah. yeah. [laughing] were you laughing in your fantasy? yeah! me, too. [gasps] before you leave the house, here's what's happening for you today. authorities now combing through evidence to unravel a motive in a stabbing rampage near boston. a man killed two people and injured four others during that spree that started in a neighborhood and it ended in a mall. he was shot and killed by an off-duty officer. opening statements begin for three minnesota men akiesed of trying to join isis in syria. they were arrested last year following an intense fbi
2:59 am
investigation and they face life in prison. and donald trump and bernie sanders celebrating more wins. the presumptive gop nominee winning west virginia and nebraska. while sanders beat hillary clinton by double digits in west virginia. let's keep talking for the race for the white house. who would the gop most like to see in the general election, hillary or bernie? weigh in now on facebook with our #keep talking. the good, the bad, and the ugly. airlines in canada breaking the rules and allowing pets to fly coach. thousands flee from a wildfire. a georgia mom accidentally packs a four in her lunch. her mom thought it was an iced tea or an energy drink. finally the ugly, can you spell handcuffs. a south carolina man tried to
3:00 am
get back at his ex-girlfriend by spray painting her car. misspelling "cheater." the police arrested him. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye! ♪ ♪ good wednesday morning to you. it is may 11th. i'm ainsley earhardt. another big night for bernie sanders and for donald trump. trump he had adding to his delegate count with wins in west virginia as well as nebraska. and sanders smoking hillary clinton in coal country and stunning exit polls revealing that democrats support donald. >> what? then as donald trump gets closer to the imagine ib number of 1237, he hints about his vice-presidential pick. >> i like chris a lot. i'm not ruling in or out.


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