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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  May 11, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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get back at his ex-girlfriend by spray painting her car. misspelling "cheater." the police arrested him. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye! ♪ ♪ good wednesday morning to you. it is may 11th. i'm ainsley earhardt. another big night for bernie sanders and for donald trump. trump he had adding to his delegate count with wins in west virginia as well as nebraska. and sanders smoking hillary clinton in coal country and stunning exit polls revealing that democrats support donald. >> what? then as donald trump gets closer to the imagine ib number of 1237, he hints about his vice-presidential pick. >> i like chris a lot. i'm not ruling in or out. i have in five -- in my mind
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five or six different people. >> it's not chris wallace. it's chris christie. >> it's also could be chris from behind the camera. chris kringle who was a young santa claus and we told you the state department with an exchange with james rosen from the archives. now we know why. wait until you hear how they are trying to explain this one away. >> oops. >> remind you, please get dressed, because your mornings are going to get better because you are with friends. ♪ ♪ it's the final countdown ♪ what a show we've got today. take a look at some of our guests. you've got donald trump screen left, you've got the bush ladies, laura and jenna bush hager, they have a brand-new book.
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>> and the comeback kid. >> no kidding, joe montana is in the house. we're going to be talking about politics and all sorts of stuff. joe is here to talk about heart health. >> we're going to have a shirts and skins football game out on the plaza. >> i'm shirts. >> we're going to put a penny on joe and we can't tackle the quarterback. we'll see if he wants to scrimmage. >> once a long time, joe montana, we pitched a tent right there, we camped out there with joe montana. >> we hoped for steve young but montana showed up. >> were there some smores? >> we did. i was not there. let's start with politics. donald trump may be running unopposed but he had two yuge victories racking up nebraska
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and west virginia. >> hillary clinton got burned in coal country. losing to bernie sanders in west virginia, remember, she won west virginia in '08. >> those coal comments seemed to hurt her. rich edson is live from charleston, west virginia, with the latest for us. >> reporter: good morning. two primaries, two victories for donald trump, expected though as there is no active republican national candidate running against him. he continues methodically collecting delegates, doing so here in west virginia and nebraska. republicans next vote in oregon. the week after, they vote in washington state. donald trump appears to be on track to secure the 1237 delegates he needs by that june 7th primary with delegate-rich california and new jersey voting. trump's campaign is moving to the general election. he's trying to secure some more republican support. he's meeting with congressional leaders tomorrow in washington, d.c., including house peaker
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paul ryan. democrats, another win for bernie sanders. he took what was once clinton territory, coal country. >> i think it ends up being a double-digit victory tonight. hillary clinton by 40 points against barack obama in 2008! >> clinton supporters point out that clinton still has a lead of millions of votes and hundreds of delegates, including those super delegates. it's those super delegates or democratic party leaders who can vote for whoever they want to regardless of primary results. sanders says he's going to try to convince hundreds of them to come over to his side before the democratic convention. ainsley, you mentioned those coal comments that clinton had made a couple of months ago here in west virginia, comments she was going to put a lot of coal miners and companies out of business, she tried clarifying those remarks but still loses
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pretty badly here in west virginia. >> thank you very much. "the new york post," stop the coronation. they have got miss colombia who lost her crown and they have got steve harvey. >> bernie sanders has won 19 states and he's poised to win the next couple. this is unbelievable, including next week. you got to wonder if this at the very least is embarrassing to the hillary clinton camp. you can't finish off a 74-year-old socialist who only seems to be gathering momentum and not listening to the party elders saying bernie call it a day now. >> why is he staying in the race if mathematically speaking he can't win? >> there's a lot of theories. he's been a democrat for nine
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minutes. he does not have years and decades to allegiance to a party he join in order to run. at 74 years old, he's getting these big crowds. >> do you think democrats are eventually going to say, hey, this is unfair, you have republicans saying that on the republican side? >> absolutely. if what was going on right now on the other side, people would be up in arms. keep in mind, debbie wasserman shultz says come on in and you can run against hillary clinton. it's completely back firing. when you take a look at the exit polls, in west virginia, it is a closed primary. you've got to identify as either a democrat or republican and they give you the appropriate ballots. in west virginia, as you can see right there, with west virginia, democrats, look at that number right there, a third of them will vote for donald trump if it's donald trump versus hillary, and then 18% won't vote
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for either. a plurality, less than a majority would vote democrat. >> donald trump is basically running unopposed in nebraska he got 61%. he's coming up at 7:00 today eastern time. we'll ask him about these polls and the win. there's no big announcement, just a few tweets. he has no opposition right now. >> he was tweeting thank you to folks in nebraska and west virginia. we saw that yesterday when heather was in the diner people were saying i'm a democrat, i'm going to the polls, i'm going to vote for bernie to oppose hillary, when rubber meets the road in november, i'm voting for donald trump. >> west virginia is voting for trump is not big needs. the evan ggelicaevangelicals, t have someone they want to vote
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for. >> that's what they say every four years. what has donald trump going to do? he has slightly tipped his hand. he did that last night with bill o'reilly. >> you say the associated press is reporting that trump has narrowed potential vps to five. all experienced politicians, not ruling out chris christie. is that an accurate report? >> i like chris a lot. i'm not ruling it in or out. i have in mind five different people. i think they are excellent. i'll announce whoever it will be at the convention. >> can you give me one? >> i will love to give you all five. i don't want to do that, bill. >> you are in charge. >> it's not even fair to you. >> of course, it's fair to me. it's fair to my viewers. fair to me. you are in charge. you can do it. us just don't want to do it. >> i don't think it would be appropriate. the way i always envision is during the convention. >> you said experienced politician, i'm out. i'm gone. >> you would be good. if you will take it, i would
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offer it to you immediately. >> i don't take orders really well. >> i know. that's the problem. >> that's a problem. you got donald trump right there saying i will reveal the person at the convention. >> we got to wait until july. >> you had paul manafort last night and he said the convention would be the ultimate reality show. you put those two things together and you essentially got donald trump picking his presidential apprentice at the convention. >> right. >> wow! >> one thing else changed, ben carson not running things. he said i've done enough. i've submitted what i'm going to submit. i'm going to talk to pr -- paul ryan. and now corey lewandoski is in there handling things. you had mitt romney choosing paul ryan to get the midwestern
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vote, younger vote. he's not going to choose the businessperson. he would probably choose someone with political experience. meanwhile, experience is important in washington, d.c. james rosen has been covering the state department for a number of years and when they went to look for some videotape that shows that the state department spokesperson essentially was telling a fib back in the day, they couldn't find it. eight minutes of history was missing, and so they said yesterday, hey, where did that go, and the spokesperson at the state department, elizabeth trudeau had this explanation for rosemary wooding, eight minutes of history. >> there was a glitch in the state department video when fox flagged it for us. we actually replaced it with a video from the repostitory.
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>> it just happened. james rosen in the eye of the storm and this was all predicated and came to fruition because of ben roden's questions. james rosen because he remembers everything, he said i remember asking questions about this deal, and when he went back to the archives, it was edited out, so we really -- we really, in looking at this, really helped the country. >> it wasn't edited out. it was a glitch. >> perfect. it was a glitch! hello! >> how convenient. >> i have to watch the show back. >> next you make a mistake from the show, we're going to delete it. >> have you seen me work? i never make mistakes. >> steve and brian you are perfect. great to be back from west virginia. such nice folks down there. we had a terrific time talking to voters. a couple of headlines to bring you this morning.
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an off-duty police officer carrying a concealed weapon put a stop to a bloody rampage at a mall packed with people. it started in a neighborhood near boston. police say that arthur derosa forced his way into a house and stabbing a killing an 80-year-old woman and stabbing her daughter who was inviting for her life. and then stabbed people inside the gallleria mall. >> there was a woman screaming and crying, she was pregnant. and a guy was also stabbed who was trying to help her. he was bleeding very bad. >> that pregnant woman survived. another man at that mall died. an off duty police officer at that mall saw the mayhem unfolding and shot and killed
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derosa. we'll keep you updated on the status of the pregnant woman. some extreme weather in the plains still reeling from this week's wicked storms. oklahoma declaring a state of emergency in 15 counties, devastated by the deadly tornado outbreak. reports of two dozen massive twisters touching down across the plains, blasting 100-mile-per-hour winds and killing two people, that storm system moved east overnight, unleashing its wrath on the ohio river valley. it's not a hit-and-run if you leave a note. yo, i have leaving this note because i hit your car. the driver took it in stride. not even mad about the scratches. funniest thing that has ever happened to me. what a way to look at things. >> the car must have been a junker if he didn't care about the scratch. >> maybe. i don't know. >> put it into perspective. thank you. >> straight ahead, donald trump heading to capitol hill tomorrow
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with a huddle with capital republicans. what do they want to hear? >> taylor swift shaken up this morning. why police were at her house overnight. >> is that her house? >> that looks like a castle. ♪ ♪
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real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing a big night for donald trump picking up primary wins in west
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virginia and nebraska. sumptive nominee is looking ahead to a meeting with house speaker paul ryan and other top gop leaders tomorrow in d.c. congressman scott dejerlet join us now from kplil. good morning, sir. >> good morning. >> the speaker was caught a little bit off guard by the question. i think it would have been helpful had he already met with donald trump before he asked that, i think a lot of fences will be mended on thursday, and i honestly don't know that it was as bad as it looked in the media. >> fox has learned that apparently people close to paul ryan have said that speaker ryan upset about some of mr. trump's comments regarding muslims and also disavowing david quickly enough. does something like that matter quickly like you?
3:19 am
>> that's something the two of them will really matter and what people across america think. both republicans and democrats in washington have a big problem and that's what we're seeing from the electorate. we need to focus on what the people want government to do. not what the establishment thinks is right or wrong because that's obviously being rejected. >> one of the things you are doing up on capitol hill, congressman, you are trying to convince more to jump on the trump train. how is that working out now that ted cruz has called it quits last week? >> it's going well. the key is dpg getting mr. trump to meet with more members. he is not a politician and he's not as well-known among the house and senate like some of the other candidates were. when i first met with mr. trump a month ago, i already endorsed him. i felt much better about him after meeting with him. i think paul ryan and others have not got the chance to sit
3:20 am
down and visit with him and see what he's like off camera. i think once they do that, there's going to be a lot more people joining in. >> tomorrow is a big day in washington. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. it is 6:20 now here in new york city. are democrats leaving the clinton campaign to vote for donald trump? lee carter is here with fascinating new numbers that shows potential problems for hillary clinton. this photo of west point candidates doing a black panther salute sparking an investigation. are they going to get punished? next.
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time for some quick military school headlines. rules are rules at the citadel, especially when they have been in place for 175 years. the military college denying a military student's request to wear a hejab with her uniform. they denied that. and black panther fist being made at west point, students will not be punished. donald trump wins primaries in west virginia and nebraska yesterday. brand-new fox polls suggest his chances against hillary clinton
3:25 am
might be better than everyone thought at first. here to break it down is lee carter. she is a partner at the polling firm menasky and partners. good to see you. let's break down the exit polls. angry or zafed with the federal government? what did you find? >> state after state, we're seeing the same numbers, 92% in nebraska and west virginia saying they are angry or dissatisfied with federal government. this explains the rise of donald trump and bernie sanders. they say we need to change. this isn't just unique to these two states. >> that seems to be the message, they want an outsider. >> for sure. >> excited or optimistic if trump is elected president. what did you find? >> this one is fascinating to me. 60% in nebraska and 74% in west virginia say they are enthusiastic for donald trump. especially nebraska.
3:26 am
west virginia didn't surprise me as much. this is enthusiasm. this is something we need to keep watching. >> why did that surprise you in nebraska? >> a lot of people are saying they aren't that excited about donald trump. 60% is a big number. enthusiasm is what drives people to polls. enthusiasm is contagious. enthusiasm is what gets people talking and that's what -- you can start winning more and more people with that. when people are skeptical and are on the fence, you are not having the best conversations. >> coal industry households, that affected hillary clinton. >> it back fired for her. she did not win those folks over, and it's going to be an issue for her now. she's in kentucky and it's going to be more of the same there. >> this fascinated me. the trump versus hillary, the democrats in these states, in west virginia, these were democrats that came out of the polls in west virginia and you asked them about trump versus
3:27 am
clinton. >> 35% say that they would support trump over hillary or 18% said neither. this means her support is weak in west virginia and she's got to do something to shore this up. >> right, especially considering it's a closed primary. the democrats couldn't vote for donald trump. one-third of democrats say they would vote for him in november. >> that's an important point. >> what do they say when it's trump versus sanders? >> still the same thing. they are going to go to vote for donald trump. a third willing to go over and vote for trump. >> what are people looking for policy-wise from the next president? >> this is interesting. we've seen a lot of states we've seen a lot of states say more liberal. west virginia is a red state and i'm not sure it's something we will see more and more. >> what about trump versus hillary? >> amazing, 82% nebraska, 87% in
3:28 am
west virginia said trump is likely to win. that is a huge, huge number and i don't know if it's just representative of what's happening here, but we've seen over the last week, there's polls that put them head to head and they are saying it's really a close race, whereas before we can't see that and it's really important to look at not only likability numbers versus trustworthy numbers. >> kasich was saying he was the only one who could beat hillary, but these polls say this is not the case anymore. can you say busted? a guy getting revenge with spray paint may have to go back to the drawing board. and why our troops are fighting in the middle east? our panel of military vets, here they are, they are coming up next. happy birthday to panthers quarterback, cam newton. he's 27 years old today. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ oh, you should be here ♪ you'd be loving this ♪ you'd be freaking out ♪ ♪ god i wish somehow you could be here ♪ >> that's cole swindell yesterday atop four world trade center singing "you should be here." it's a song he wrote for his father who suddenly passed away four years ago. >> if you saw anybody who felt a song, not only did he write and sing it for his dad but at that
3:33 am
moment you felt like he was actually reliving if his dad was actually there. i can't imagine a better shot anyplace anywhere in the country than we witnessed all morning yesterday. >> pretty powerful when you see him raising his arms, singing you should be here singing to his dad. dad passed away right after he sign his first contract. how fitting for him to be there at the world trade center because so many people wished their loved ones that they lost that day could be here today. >> first live concert on the roof of that building, first live shot from that building. it was an honor to bring it to you. many comments throughout our social media platforms. on facebook, that may have been the very best musical performance i ever saw on fox news. perfect weather, perfect view, perfect song. >> i am a new fan. with the background and his sincerity, well-done. >> susan on facebook says cole, your dad could be so proud. >> he would be.
3:34 am
it looked like he was shooting a music video. it was so beautiful. >> it reminded me of the beatles up on the roof of apple records remember back in the day. >> i know. >> 7:50 eastern time. there are some people who cole met after the live performance, people who lived through september the 11th. pete hegseth interviewed them along with cole. we'll bring you that coming up shortly. >> they were up there watching the concert. some of them getting emotional. >> heather nauert, i believe you are ready. >> kborng -- good morning. that was such spectacular coverage yesterday. a couple of headlines. there was a mom on the run. she's on the run still this morning following a wild car chase. the woman ran out of an ohio courtroom and she took off in her minivan of all things. you can see her driving over curbs and into front yards. the tragic part is she actually had her child in the backseat of
3:35 am
the car. police followed her in and out of traffic until they saw the three-year-old was in the back of the car and they called off the chase. she reportedly went to a nearby hotel. a man claimed that she stormed into his room. she jumped out of a first story window with the child. the child was not hurt. police still looking for her this morning. taylor swift is trying to shake off a scare outside of her manhattan apartment. ♪ shake it off ♪ >> security guards had to take down a guy roaming around her apartment building. a 25-year-old was taken into custody and brought to a local hospital for psychiatric treatment. the pop singer was not at home. she has a long list of stalkers. can you spell handcuffed? a south carolina man tried to get back at his girlfriend by
3:36 am
spray painting his car. the only problem is he misspelled "cheater." he was later arrested. american forces stationed in afghanistan are uncertain about the nature of their coming fromd pentagon report, 700 pages, it's shedding light how the rules of engagement are not fully understood by the troops on the ground. our military panel is here to talk about this and so much more, carl higbee is here. carrey lawler is back and stephen alfosi is joining us. >> we're hearing one officer to another over the waukie-talkies, can you clarify the rules of
3:37 am
engagement? on the other end, crickets. we're in an advise-and-assist role in the middle of fighting the taliban. >> we can't figure out when to shoot and not to shoot to. they are worried about coming home to a court-martial. troops are afraid to do the mission here. we need to start looking out for your troops first and the enemy second. >> this is what they say, operation resolute support. we understand you don't want to make enemies of innocent people and that's what we do if we have casualties. resolute support says you cannot engage the taliban in an attack unless it's in self-defense. if you are in the middle of battle in afghanistan, how does that make you feel? >> that's incredible. in the vietnam war we said our troops had one arm tied behind their back. now, one arm is behind the back and our troops are being fitted
3:38 am
with blind folds and told to do an almost impossible mission. >> the failure to provide guidance is moral cowardice. >> all of our service kads -- academies for other 30 years we've been teaching of the mistakes that we made in vietnam, the rules of engagement there were tragic, they are tragic now. we're losing lives because of rules of engagement aren't complete, concise and able to be enforced. >> what about armed forces? the senate. don't wait for the white house. there can be pressure from congress, from the committees, am i right, carl? >> we're facing an electorate that chose not to serve and it's not fair and it's getting people killed. unless we're willing to remove them, we're not going to make a difference. >> we know they watch fox over the theater. >> take the handcuffs off.
3:39 am
>> switch gears. military times, their study, they said who is the best commander in chief, by a 2-to-1 margin, they choose hillary clinton -- they choose donald trump over hillary clinton. does that surprise you? >> absolutely not. i'm a card carrying never hillary. i want to serve and defend and fight for this country. >> why is that. >> that's what it's all about. what inspires an all volunteer military force is that patriotism and nobody looks at hillary and says i want love this country and i want her to lead it. >> donald trump talks about fixing the va. >> we've been talking about fixing the va for probably 30 years as well. you know, that was not just under -- i'll say it's not just under republican or a democrat
3:40 am
administration. that's been going on for years and it hasn't been happening. i'm confident that donald trump with his business expertise will come in there, kick butts, get people fired and fix the va. >> we haven't heard the details yet, carl, about what donald trump will do. mitt romney had the same advantage, 2-to-1 advantage over barack obama, when it came to a state like virginia, it still went to president obama. >> corey landowski, trump back his manned. he will do the same with the military. >> you have to trust them to do what they are trained to do. if you want them to win, tell them what winning looks like. in iraq. against syria and now in afghanistan. thank for your service and your insight. straight ahead. wall street whistle-blower setting a site on a new target, the clinton foundation. stewart varney is from britain
3:41 am
but he like it better here. he's one of the most iconic athletes of all time. do you know he had a secret health problem he never made public? he will tell us if you promise to keep it a secret. ♪ walk this way ♪
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more bad news for hillary's campaign, a wall street whistle-blower now accusing the clinton foundation of charity fraud based open new records that he found and here's with more is stuart varney. what is this all about? what did he find? >> potentially, this is a new headache for hillary. it involves another scandal bring that in and it goes to the trustworthyness issue. >> she has a trust problem? i had no idea. >> well, it has been said. charles ortel is a financial analyst. he spent the last year going
3:45 am
through the books of the clinton foundation and the global project and their various projects. he's found what he calls gross charity fraud. in particular, this is what he's found. he says, and i quote now, there are massive discrepancies between what some of the major donors say they gave and what the clinton foundation said what they got with the donors and what they did with it. there's money missing. maybe they have been playing fast and loose with the tax rules and the money coming into the clinton foundation. that's a scandal. >> if it's true, there's got to be a government agency to look into charity fraud. >> there should be. maybe it will be product the authorities to take a closer look at it. >> would that be the irs? >> that would be the irs. >> they have been so thorough and conscientious. >> especially with democrats. >> they just want to get the
3:46 am
answers. >> just go through with it a fine-toothed comb. let's switch gears and talk about the election. let's talk about the donors. a lot of people are upset that donald trump is the nominee, including those on the right, the establishment. they are finding a place to put their money, they are putting it with hillary. >> some of it. let me intro deuce you to james simmons, he runs the ren rennaisaance technology, a hedge fund. he was backing cruz. he's gone to hillary. so far $2 million has gone to hillary. >> because she is the lone last standing establishment candidate. >> that's right. trump is out there, nonestablishment, and you don't know what he's going to do. hillary is reliably establishment, so she's getting some of that republican money that used to go to cruz on the
3:47 am
right. >> that's what's odd about it. they are saying trump is not conservative enough so we're going to give it to hillary. >> on occasion, some of trump's policies that he's put on your show have been a little bit to the left of hillary clinton. that makes him suspect to establishment republicans. >> he's self-funded his campaign, he appears -- you can't buy him, whereas apparently she's available for several million dollars. >> but he does need $1.5 billion and he will good to the republican party for that. >> if he wants to get loyalty amongst republicans, he's got to raise money and perhaps he can bring new money into the republicans because he's the business guy with business connections. am i correct that's one way to win loyalty amongst those skeptics? >> kbre, it is. that's one way to win loyalty. i don't know how that battle is going so far. some people are shifting away from the establishment republican candidates, like peter teal for example, a great entrepreneur. he's for trump. a very wealthy guy. whether he's contributed to
3:48 am
trump or not, i don't know. some of that republican money is actually going to hillary clinton and that's a surprise. >> are you going to do your show today? >> i'm here and i'll put in an appearance. >> 9:00 to 12:00 on the fox business channel. who is on donald trump's short list for veep? we'll ask him when he joins us live in 12 minutes. he is one of the most iconic athletes of all time, but did you know that joe montana has had a secret medical problem that he's never made public. the legendary quarterback and his wife are joining us next. >> he's going to make a comeback. ♪ ♪ ♪ [crowd cheering] i could get used to this. now you can. when you lease the 2016 es 350 for $329 a month for 36 months.
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every 40 seconds, every 40 seconds, just get that into your mind, an american dies of heart disease and your family history puts you at a much greater risk. >> our next guest was an unstoppable force on the football field and after losing his grandfather and father-in-law to heart disease he knew he had to make some major changes. >> hall of fame quarterback joe montana and his wife of 31 years jennifer montana join us live right now. >> hey, welcome. >> good morning. >> great to have you. joe montana in the annals of "fox & friends," you look back, you were there, we were out camping in front of the building. >> we have done a bit of everything. >> if we have a hall of fame, joe, you would be a first ballot, right? i'm just saying, i don't want to get your hopes up. >> okay. i'll sign the wall for you. >> i was talking to the montanas a little while ago and talking about how when joe discovered shortly after he retired he had high blood pressure, and you for
3:53 am
the most part i said it sounds like you have to run the drugstore and pick up the pills. you said you're the one trying to keep him here. >> absolutely. i'm the team leader knowing he has high blood pressure and high cholesterol too, we had to make some changes in lifestyle. he thought i didn't need to work out any longer, i don't need -- i can eat what i want. >> nobody is trying to tackle me in house. >> those things had 20 -- to change. >> you don't think someone as healthy as you had to deal with that. what are some of the changes you had to make in your own life? >> i'm a big salt lover. so salt is the one of the first things that had to go. that was one of -- i was one of the guys who could eat red meat every day. i just never thought it would affect me. i never thought that, you know, i was staying in shape enough that this wouldn't be there. but sometimes it's just genetics
3:54 am
that play a big part in it. that's why, you know, we've teamed one amgen and the american heart association and schwinn for the break away from heart disease campaign and try to get people to be aware. go to the website, break away from heart and you can see the events that are come up. what we're doing. how you can help yourself health wise. >> famously your blood pressure seemed like in the low 40s. >> it was at 49. >> is there anything that gets you and maybe your wife is better to answer this, anything that gets his blood pressure up emotionally? >> i think it always is up. >> you mask it? >> well, i think one of the things that you try to do is when you are out there, you're thinking about something else. but you're nervous about what you're doing, right? i always felt like if you weren't nervous about what you're doing you didn't care enough about it. if i didn't -- if i go in and i'm prepared for a test or --
3:55 am
>> you're nervous. >> yeah, i'm still nervous. it doesn't matter. if i didn't care about it, i wouldn't have to worry about it. >> you mentioned genetics. do you have a family history? >> yeah. my grandfather passed away early. my mom's two brothers had heart disease. so -- at early ages and attacks. so it was something that was there, but, you know, as you're growing up you don't think about it. >> sure. let's go back to you're in charge of keeping him here. there are a lot of women who, you know, sometimes need -- they need to push the husband out the door to go see the doctor. with amgen in this case, it's one of the things with this program you have to identify -- if you have a problem, and then if you do, you treat it. >> absolutely. we actually just started basically talking to the kids because my father passed away at the age of 60 from heart disease and a heart attack. and our kids need to know now it's really time to start forming the habits and understand on both sides of the
3:56 am
family, you have -- you're at risk for a heart attack. >> such a sweet love story. did you think when you met, you're a football player, an actress and a model and now here you are on the curvy couch and talking about heart disease. how long have you been together? >> just over 31 years. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> is he fun to be married to? >> half the time he is. >> and the other half? your blood pressure's up. >> that's right. >> all right. joe and jennifer montana, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> great to see you guys. all right. coming up in the next hour, donald trump is going to be joining us live. and laura bush and jenna bush hager are here live as well. you're watching "fox & friends" from the curvy couch here in midtown manhattan. with hydrogenated oil...
3:57 am
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4:00 am
good morning to you on this wednesday. it's may 11th. i'm ainsley earhardt. bernie sanders riding high after sending hillary clinton another losing primary loss. what does that mean for the general election? and donald trump notching new wins, but now everybody is looking ahead to his big meeting tomorrow morning in washington with paul ryan, the speaker of the house. what can we expect in behind closed doors? we'll talk to donald trump himself when he joins us live. and there's nothing like a nice, cold, lukewarm room fresh swig of beer. yep. the new beer that will have you saying red, white and brew. as we go down to animation, i'm going to have a sip. can we go to animation now, now?
4:01 am
>> you're actually drinking beer it's 7:00. >> you know what, i usually start at 6:00 right before the show. >> i was going to say you're drinking budweiser, but it's not called that anymore. >> i'm caught up in the patriotism of american's beer. >> they changed it to america. >> it's half a beer. >> you know what, i left my funnel in the office. or it would have been gone. listen, it's no longer budweiser for a short period of time. >> this might be a bigger story. in my house at least. we have laura bush and jenna bush hager coming on to talk about the new children's book called "our great big backyard." >> we'll do our best to sober up brian for that. and donald trump will be joining us after the news. >> we'll be doing keg stands in a little bit. >> with no beer in the children's story. >> no. let's separate out the issues. good morning, i hope you're off to the good day. i have a couple of headlines to bring you right now. an off duty police officer carrying a concealed weapon put
4:02 am
a stop to a bloody rampage that took place at a mall that was packed with people. the spree of violence started in the neighborhood near boston. miss say that arthur derosa forced his way into the home, stabbing and killing an 80-year-old woman and leaving her daughter fighting for her life. then he stole a car and crashed it into the macy's store. he stabbed the people inside, including a pregnant woman. >> she was scream, crying. to help her. right after her, there was a guy who came out who was stabbed in the chest. everyone had pressure on it. they were holding him down but he was bleeding right through whatever they were putting on top of him. bleeding really bad. >> thank goodness that pregnant woman lived. we'll let you know how she and her child are doing.
4:03 am
now to extreme weather. the plains are reeling from this week's wicked storms. oklahoma declaring a state of emergency in 15 counties. now devastated by the deadly tornado outbreak. reports of two dozen massive twisters touching down across the great plains, blasting 100 mile per hour winds and killing two people. that moved east overnight, unleashing its wrath on the ohio river valley. we'll watch that throughout the day. fireworks erupting as hillary clinton's former chief of staff stormed out of an interview with the fbi. cheryl mills was considered to be a cooperative witness by the feds until she was asked a question that was deemed off limits. the fbi's been looking into possible criminal wrongdoing in clinton's use of the unsecured private e-mail server to handle state department business. so no word if the leading democratic candidate will be called in to testify herself. and america, this bud's for you. our favorite story of the day. budweiser being renamed america
4:04 am
for this summer. anheuser-busch says it celebrates patriotism, freedom and drinking in the summer. it's only temporary though. america will be in stores next week and through the november election. those your headlines. see you back here real soon. i love that idea. well, you know somebody who is trying to make america great again is trump. do you think you had something to do with budweiser changing their name of the beer for this summer? >> they're so impressed with what our country will become, they decide to do it before the fact. >> get a taste of that. by the way, congratulations, you had a couple of big wins last night. >> yeah, two great states, great people and we really appreciate it. >> how about what's going on in west virginia? you had the exit polls, i don't me you have been listening to the show. people are walking out -- these are democrats, registered democrats so they had to go to the polls yesterday. they couldn't vote for you. they had to choose between bernie and hillary. bernie wins there. they're coming out and they're saying now that they would vote for you -- democrats versus
4:05 am
hillary if it comes down to the two of you guys. >> well, i have heard that. i have seen that. and i'm not sthat surprised. we had a rally in west virginia, it was unbelievable. we had 25, 30,000 people all told. it was just an incredible evening. it was -- the spirit and everything. we're going to put the miners back to work. it's horrible what's happened. we'll put them back to work and hillary said we're going to close the mines, we're going to close up the jobs. i mean, i don't know how she can get any votes frankly if you want to know the truth. frankly she's not getting to many. she's got problems. got a lot of problems. the crazy bernie character, look at him and you see what's going on. she's got some difficulty, no question about it. >> i wanted to clarify, it was one-third of the people, the democrats were asked who they would vote between don and and hillary and one third said they'd vote for you. >> that's pretty good. i like that number. considering they're bernie people, they'd vote for me. i like that. >> do you think it's time for your team to gain plan against
4:06 am
bernie sanders? "the new york post" has a point. he won 19 states and they basically have a fun headline, but based on fact, stop the coronation. so are you -- do you have to game plan against bernie and if there's an indictment against biden? >> well, everything really about hillary is rigged. she looks like she'll be able to run, that sounds to me like, you know -- how can she run after what she's done with the e-mails? that seems rigged. it's a horrible thing. and the election, ever trial you see it, you know, i call them crazy bernie because he's not very good. but probably beating him would be easier. who's going to run against the socialist and lose? he's a socialist. going to pay 95% tax. i'd love to run against him in one way. but there's something about running against hillary -- >> just real quick, donald. he does better against you head to head than hillary does. >> well, i know. but i never hit him, don't forget. i haven't said anything about him. i would start. maybe i'll have to start, based
4:07 am
on -- he wins wins wins and then everybody sits around the table and says he can't win. >> you did tweet about crazy bernie today and that's trending. you had an impact on him. you know, the thing about hillary clinton in west virginia though, she won by a landslide in 2008 against barack obama. >> right. >> she got smoked by bernie sanders yesterday. debbie wasserman schultz who runs the dnc was on with bret baier last night at 11:20 and here he is asking her, hey, this is embarrassing for hillary, right? listen to what she had to said to bret. >> talk about embarrassing, what's embarrassing is that donald trump doesn't have the support of the speaker of the house, doesn't have the support of either bush presidents. has many united states senators and many candidates questioning
4:08 am
or rejecting that they'll attend their own party's convention because donald trump is radioactive and they know it. >> so she didn't answer the question. what would you like to say? >> well, first of all, she's a terrible spokesman. i hope she stays in that position because i want her speaking against me. i think we're doing fine against paul ryan. we have a meeting tomorrow. if we make a deal, that would be great. if we don't, i'll trudge forward and winning all the time. i will say this. if you look at the vote count, in the history of the republican party, i have got more votes than anybody else running for president and by the way, we have plenty of states left which i'll win. so we have plenty of states left. i do have tremendous support within the party. i'm not going to have the bushes because i hit jeb very hard. remember, i hit him hard. he spent $12 million on negative ads on me. everyone said you hit jeb so
4:09 am
hard, the low energy stuff. but the truth is jeb bush spent $12 million on horrible, negative and very false ads. they weren't even true on me and then when i hit him, oh, gee, you hit him hard. so i can understand the bush family sitting it out. you know, i did a good job, frankly, on jeb -- >> what about jeb taking the pledge? >> well, he lied. i mean, he outright lied. look, everybody wanted me to take the pledge. so i took the pledge and i would support whoever won, okay, good. so i took the pledge. now you have guys like jeb and lightweight lindsey graham, a total lightweight. he totally failed in the campaign and he does nothing but go on television and speaks badly of me. he said i have been doing this for years against isis. that's the problem we have. guys like that, his thinking is so far off, that's why -- that's why we're getting nowhere with isis. that's why isis is essentially is winning because of minds like this. >> but the thing is, lindsey graham has no power. it's president obama who's winning or losing against isis. >> no, but he sets the strategy.
4:10 am
they all set it together. >> no one listens to him. >> nobody listens to him. frankly, if they did listen to him -- but he also took the pledge. and, you know, so it's very dishonorable. when you take a pledge, you don't follow the pledge. it's very dishonorable. but that's okay. >> you never know. people will come around, people won't come around. we'll find out about paul ryan. some of the things that ryan said in past, that will come up tomorrow, we think, we would imagine, we have learned that the wall -- the way as read by hispanics is negative. the muslim ban is another thing. the fact that you didn't disavow david duke quick enough bother him. those are the things that paul ryan has issues with. are you willing to talk about that? >> i disavowed duke very rapidly and on twitter and everything else. i can't imagine that being a problem because he was disavowed. the wall is the wall. people want the wall. drugs are pouring into our country.
4:11 am
you know, the wall is something that people want. and the republican party wants, and forget about polling. i do what's right. but the wall is the wall and it's going to be built. and the mexicans are going to pay for it. i'll tell you, it will happen. mexico is going to pay for it. >> yeah. >> what about the temporary muslim ban? >> well, we have a ban, there are obviously some very bad things going on. and we're going to figure out what's going on and we're going to be very, very careful. we are allowing syrians to come in here. we have no idea who they are, we have no paperwork. there's no documentation. they're pouring into the country, our country by the thousands. you see what's happening in germany. it's a mess. look at sweden and some of these other countries that are taking them and it's a total mess. and i want to be very, very careful. so i'm going to be extremely vigilant and careful. >> careful is one thing, you have saluted the kurds in the past. you mentioned the london mayor who won an election and you wish him the best.
4:12 am
to make a swooping comment about donald trump disliking all muslims is not correct. right? >> it's a temporary ban. we have a problem. now, if you don't want to discuss the problem, then we're never going to solve the problem. we have a president that won't even use the term radical islamic terrorism. he won't use the term. he refuses to say the term, even after paris where 130 people were killed or san bernardino or any other place. he refuses -- our president refuses to discuss the term. it's a real -- it's a real problem. not only here but throughout the world. it's a real problem. so we'll figure it out, and we will get it going. but we have to be extremely careful. in fact, i'm thinking about setting up a commission perhaps headed by rudy giuliani to take a very serious look at this problem. but this is a worldwide problem. and we have to be smart. >> well, the meeting is tomorrow and a lot of people are asking
4:13 am
for unity and they're ready to move forward. a lot of the gopers are ready november forward. you talked last night on bill o'reilly's show about the vp list. you said you won't announce your choice until the convention. why is that? >> well, i think i want to hold it. i don't have a choice yet. i have five or six people that i think would be very good. you know, i do get a kick out of all of these people saying they've decided they don't want to do it. they weren't on the list. none of them. everybody that talks about, you know, being vice president, they have decided not to do it they weren't on the list. but that's okay. what difference does it make? let them have fun. they're politicians. >> you're not going to announce until the convention, why? >> that's traditionally the way it's done. i think suspense is very good and i'm vetting various people. i'll make a determination before the convention and announce it during the convention. >> on our e-mail and the twitter machine, you have a whole bunch of people who would like to ask you questions. could you stick around through
4:14 am
the commercial break and answer some of them? >> yes, i will. only for "fox & friends" i'll do that. >> if you have a question for donald trump, e-mail us or tweet. sorry, justin bieber, he's not a believer of you. what he won't do for fans anymore. that hurts my feelings. >> that's him? oh, hi! hi! ooh. goodbye thick sunscreen. hi! [ nervously laughing ] hello coppertone clearly sheer. it provides beach level protection that's ultra light to let your skin breathe. coppertone clearly sheer. hello sunshine. as our business is growing, and you're on the road all day long, it's exhausting. hi how are you? you're on the fourth floor. thank you so much. hey sweetie! how are you? it's important to stay at a hotel with a lot to offer. that's great! and the holiday inn has really been that. holiday inn has been a part of the team. good luck with the meeting today. thank you. i really think small business is tough.
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4:18 am
all right. donald trump is on the line with us right now. a number of comments online, a lot of people are asking about your opinion regarding facebook. if it is true that they seem to have a bias against conservatives where they intentionally suppress articles from the conservative sources. >> well, it's terrible. if it's true, it's terrible. i'm hearing more and more that they're doing that and, you know, they deny it or they're trying to deny it. but i have heard from many people that they're doing that. that would be terrible. >> it's impact. ful -- impactful because a lot of people a look at the news feed. >> they're selecting what's news and what's not. >> i have not found it, i have close to 8 million followers on facebook too. and twitter even more. but i have not found it. i have heard about it. i have not found it. >> all right. >> harold says this, we asked the viewer to e-mail in.
4:19 am
he tweets and says, i'm a veteran getting the run around for back surgery. what will you specifically do to make the system better? >> the system for the veterans is so terrible. look at phoenix and new hampshire and look at different places where i have been and spent so much time and it's broken. and what we're going to do is, you know -- i don't know if you know, brian, but people are waiting in line for five, six, seven days to see a doctor. we'll make it possible for them to see local doctors, local private hospitals or public hospitals, whatever is available, pay the bill and it will be so much cheaper. people are going to get care and get care immediately. you know, we have people dying while waiting in line. they're actually dying while waiting that's not going to happen anymore. we'll take care of our vets, believe me. >> this next person on twitter, jose, said that carson was helping to develop policies on education and health care.
4:20 am
any highlights to disclose? >> no, but he is. ben carson is a great guy and a friend of mine. you know, so -- it was so beautiful to see he just loved what was happening with my campaign and he called it a movement. he said, donald this is a movement, an amazing thing. he'll be involved a lot. he is looking along with corey and paul and myself and a lot of people, frankly, but also looking at vice presidential potential candidates. and ben is very much involved. he will be very much involved in those subjects too. >> all right. on to another ban, somebody tweeted, do you have a nickname reserved yet for nebraska senator ben sasse who will not support you? >> republican. >> well, i haven't done that yet. i had a huge victory last night in nebraska by a lot. he's a very nasty person. i mean, he's got a nasty mouth, but, you know, not too many people know him. he's a nasty guy. >> no nickname yet? >> no. hopefully i won't need one. maybe eventually we'll get along, but so far he's been a nasty guy. >> lrlts.
4:21 am
-- all right. donald trump thank you for joining us today. good luck tomorrow on capitol hill. >> thank you very much. all right, real quick, coming up next, she accidentally packed her daughter's lunch what she thought was iced tea. but it was not iced tea. wait until you hear what happened next. two moms we love are here. former first lady barbara bush and her daughter jenna. allergies. and i'm doing just fine. claritin provides 24-hour relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 allergens. yeah, over 200 allergens! with claritin my allergies don't come between me and victory. live claritin clear.
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4:24 am
♪ time now for your "news by the numbers." zero, that is how many fans justin bieber will take pictures with. what? the pop star saying he will not do it anymore because he feels like a zoo animal and he wants to be able to keep his sanity. okay. >> i understand the feeling. next, $2 billion. that's how much amazon founder
4:25 am
jeff bezos earned in one day thanks to the surge in the stock price. for the first time in history the nba's most valuable player vote was unanimous. steph curry winning back-to-back mvp awards, securing all 131 first place votes from sportswriters and broadcasters and his daughter stole the show last night. she's adorable. all right. meanwhile, donald trump and hillary clinton looking to november. >> i am looking forward to debating donald trump come the fall. >> now we're focusing on crooked hillary clinton. and i think we're going to do very well. >> both candidates feeling confident if it comes down to trump versus clinton. so what is trump's map to victory? i have a big map behind me and that guy, political analyst, scott rasmussen, to break it all down. >> good to see you. >> so donald trump won big in
4:26 am
west virginia and nebraska. west virginia was humiliating for hillary clinton because she won in a landslide in 2008 against barack obama. >> west virginia is the type of state that democrats will be cringing about this fall, but the real story is now we're down to probably hillary versus donald trump, mitt romney won 206 electoral college votes. if the election is close, where can trump pick up the 64 more votes he needs? >> so let's look at the 50 states. let's circle the swing states, the important states. yesterday, in the swing state of ohio, the quinnipiac poll came out and it showed that donald trump was actually beating hillary in ohio. >> ohio is a perfect state for donald trump's message. people who are left behind economically who think the politicians don't care, aren't paying attention, that's a critical state and in fact this is really where the path to victory for trump would be in a close election. because not only ohio, but you have pennsylvania, michigan, and wisconsin.
4:27 am
midwestern states -- >> i've almost got the olympic rings going there. >> without the fifth ring, you have got enough electoral college votes that if trump won all the romney states plus these he wins. >> really? >> get to exactly 270. now, the challenge is i talked to republicans in a lot of the states yesterday, half of them are saying of course he can win here. it will be big. but the other half -- one person actually laughed when i suggested that donald trump could win their state. larry sabato has all of these together. >> but in wisconsin, you know, ted cruz was the big winner there. >> that's right. will he have ted cruz campaigning for him, what's going to happen? but this is the place -- remember, these are the voters that barack obama said we're -- were desperately clinging to their religion and guns, that's trump territory. >> let's talk about florida, we have a lot of people watching right now. that's essentially donald trump's second home. if he could win florida that would be a step in the right direction. >> absolutely. this is a state that the
4:28 am
republicans would count on normally. barack obama only won it by a single point. the latino population down there could be a challenge for donald trump. a bigger minority population is going to be tougher for trump to win. if he wins the four states it doesn't matter. but if the democrats win florida the path to victory is pretty narrow. you have some other states that are possibly in play. some people think nevada out here, colorado. some even say virginia could be trump territory. >> really? >> now, that's because these were close the last time around. i'm skeptical about virginia because as you know, right next to that evil empire of washington, d.c., a lot of government employees are there. >> they work there. out in the great state of california, they're going to start early voting on monday. >> yeah. >> there's a possibility that bernie could actually beat hillary out there, right? what happens then? >> well, i would tell you exactly what's going to happen,
4:29 am
except for all through this primary season we have been guessing wrong about these things. i think the bernie movement is really very significant in terms of showing how weak hillary is as a candidate. we have two candidates -- this is a new jersey type of election. you're a jersey guy, you know this. we have unpopular candidates get nominated. and donald trump and hillary clinton have high negatives, a lot of people don't like both of them. so what's going to happen? going to be fascinating. >> stay tuned. that's why everybody is watching the news. scott rasmussen, thank you. coming up on this wednesday, a mom on the run, driving all over the road, even backwards through a neighborhood, escaping police with her kid in the car. the hunt this morning to find her. and former first lady laura bush and her daughter jenna bush hager are here. they're talking about life after the white house, prince harry and there's a special surprise for the kids coming up next.
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4:33 am
now that trump is the only one left on the republican side he's starting to set his sights on hillary clinton, but hillary dismissed the attacks, especially up on her personal life, saying what's using a playbook from the '90s. which backfired when americans are like, oh, my god, we love the '90s! i love it. >> all right. thanks so much. that was jimmy fallon last night who ironically would go on to host our next guest. but first things first, let geese to heather for what's -- let's go to heather for what's happening in the news. >> a mom on the run this morning after driving backwards with her 3-year-old in the back seat of the car. erica rapp barrelled over curbs
4:34 am
and that started after she ran out of a courtroom after finding out she had felony warrants in the state of kentucky. they called off the chase when they saw the child in the back seat. the mom went to the nearby hotel and a man claimed she stormed into his room and jumped out of the first story window with the child who was not hurt by the way. senate republicans launch an investigation into facebook over the reports that it censors the news. well, the social media site says it looks forward to addressing the concerning and guess which presidential candidate donates more money? hillary clinton's staffers have donated more than $100 million to her campaign, including the $2,700 donation from the executive in charge of the trending topics section. and a woman put in a 4 loco
4:35 am
in her daughter's lunch book. she drew out the drink before she got to school. let's go over to you. after the race for the -- as the race for the white house heats up, the current term is winding down. just yesterday, barack obama praised george w. bush for the handover. >> by the transition has started. what is it like on the inside during the final year of the administration? on its way out. let's ask people that know. the former first lady laura bush and former first daughter, jenna -- are you ever former first -- jenna bush hager. so great to be here. i know you're excited about your book. and fresh off "the tonight show" last night. but real quick, mrs. bush, what do you remember about the transition the final year? >> well, i remember that i started thinking about where we were -- would go.
4:36 am
that we knew we'd probably move back to dallas which is where we lived before george became governor. i started to look for houses. really anticipating what the next part of our life would be like. the other thing that you do you really treasure all the last moments. because what happens when you leave, you leave all those friends. the butlers, the ushers, the house manager, all the people that we knew so well because we had known them when we visited the white house when the bushes lived there. so you -- you know, that's the sad part is saying good-bye to so many great people. >> i remember ronald reagan saying that same thing. flying back to california, and flying over america and just the emotion of leaving the white house behind. >> that's right. >> now, jenna, they decided -- the obamas have decided to stay in d.c. so their daughter can stay and finish high school there. good decision? >> i think so. one of the things that the obamas share with my parents they really put their daughters first. people ask all the time, how are
4:37 am
you all so normal? but the reason why is because my parents showed us unconditional love. we were their first priority. especially with my mom. but, you know, people said oh you must -- when you got in trouble, my parents felt bad for us that we couldn't be normal college kids and mrs. obama has wanted to be a mother first and she's done exactly that. >> this is what you said in 2010 -- this is you, mrs. bush. i didn't realize how stressed we were and how vigilant we were. the hyper vigilance until we came home and i wasn't so stressed with so much. we were used to it. we didn't know we were. i almost stood straighter. just whipped out the weight of worry. >> that's true. of course i had forgotten all that. since i have been home now. >> since you have been relaxing. >> for almost eight years. amazing how quickly the years had gone by since we had been home. but i do remember of course in those days and after september 11th, the stress that we both
4:38 am
felt. it stayed really. the whole time we were there. >> i read your book. you were so glad when he brought you and -- when president bush brought you the first cup of coffee because you were back to normal. >> like taking a deep breath and being able to breathe again. >> right. let's talk too about you, jenna. you're in action, because the invictus games took place and you're one of the co-hosts in orlando. you had a chance to talk with prince harry and plead your case for your twin. let's listen. >> does it make you laugh that people are already asking you about children? i mean, sort of jumping ahead a couple of steps. why? >> i have no idea. i don't even have a girlfriend at the moment. >> exactly, you know what i have a single sister and she feels the same way. listen, she's available. she'll kill me. >> we can talk off the air. >> okay. >> did she kill you? >> she killed me. that happened totally
4:39 am
unscripted. the reason, she should be a princess. no, people always jump for seven questions ahead. you had a baby, how many people said are you going to have another? >> when is your next one? >> when is the next baby. i have been asked the next question. i think it's so hilarious, well, ask him if he'll have kids. what about the other things, that he'll do and what about the fact that he's hosting the amazing wounded warriors. >> a lot of young ladies perked up. he's single. did you give him your sister's number? >> not yet. >> it's gettable. >> let's talk about the children's book which is perfect. it's great. because you tackle one of the major issues today -- technology. >> that's right. this little girl jane in here always had her nose in her tablet or her iphone or taking selfies or texting her friends and her mother wants her to look up at the big, beautiful world. really we wrote this book -- i wrote this book with her major editing help on maternity leave.
4:40 am
i thought attention most precious memories as a family. you know, people may they were grand, but they weren't. they were walks -- night walks with my dad around the little lake in texas or staring at the sky in mid land, texas, with my mom. when i held my little precious baby puppy, i thought i want to make sure that technology doesn't disrupt it. >> do you mind reading something? >> sure. >> and we have the kids here. >> on the last day of school, my parents picked me up for what they called the great american road trip. i sent my friends a message. i'm leaving on a road trip, don't know when i'll be back again. oh, boy, i hate to go. as we drove south, my parents sang along to show tunes. how humiliating. at least i had their phone to keep my company. >> jane, put that away. you're missing some beautiful sights. >> all i'm missing is time with my friends. >> first stop, everglades
4:41 am
national park. swamps. cypress trees with creepy, hanging moss and mosquitos as far as the eye can see. >> big deal. there's nothing to see here. >> we drove forever to get to our next stop. as we crossed the mississippi river, sam waved to a river boat captain. >> i hid behind my ipad. ahoy, matey. >> next stop, big ben national park. i couldn't wait to get out of the car so i can play starship. jane, put that away. come look through the telescope. >> oh, wow. the star -- the sky in texas was huge and bright. then bless my lucky stars, a meteor shower lit up the sky like fireworks, brighter than any screen i had ever seen. >> wow. >> that's when she starts to look up. >> yes. >> and guys, lady, what did you think of that? >> two thumbs up?
4:42 am
>> they're not going to tell us if it wasn't. >> peter, what do you think? did you love it? >> who wants to go to the national park? everyone. >> i love the map at the beginning. open up the front page and show the map. i just love that. you can see where all the national parks are on the map of the united states. tell your parents you want to visit. >> we're thrilled on the partnering with the national park foundation. the proceeds from the book go there. because we had our happiest memories in the parks and we're so lucky to have it protected. >> you don't have to travel outside the borders. mrs. bush, you must be seeing this too, jenna, the kids love the ipads, it's great. they have the games and the apps but do you get concerned they're not looking up? >> yeah. we're concerned -- we know from research that this generation stays inside more than any generation in the history of man. and it's really important to be outside. it's good for your mental health. it's great to be able to be out in nature. and so that's what we want
4:43 am
children -- >> real quickly, how is it being a grand mother? >> it's so great. >> the girls are good? they're so perfect. >> that's one thing they like about technology -- my dad who is called boss in spanish -- >> every time we can face time with them. >> what a pleasure to have you here at "fox & friends." thank you so much. >> thanks. >> thanks for coming. >> all right, a round of applause for the co-authors. >> thanks for coming. you're out of school, you're loving it, right? >> yeah. >> all the kids tied their own ties. >> so cute. navy blazers. so great to see you, jenna. you do a great job on the "today" show. thanks so much. all right. meanwhile coming up straight ahead, we told you the state department deleted an exchange with our own james rosen from the archives and now we know why. how they're trying to spin this one. and actor antonio sabato jr. has a message for all those celebrities threatening to move
4:44 am
to canada. he says go ahead. he joins us with a story from his childhood in a communist country. that explains why he's voting for trump. ows how to keep his wheels spinning. nice shorts, dad... this is what the pros wear. uhhh... that's why he starts his day with those two scoops in heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran. ready to eat my dust? too bad i already filled up on raisins. kellogg's raisin bran. deliciously heart healthy. ♪
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to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them with k9 advantix ii. it kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog. celebrities from rosie o'donnell to leah dunham claim they'll move to canada if donald trump is elected president. >> but not everyone in hollywood is against the presumptive gop nominee. >> our next guest says living in a communist socialist country taught him how to appreciate american value. joining us is actor and trump supporter antonio sabato jr. >> good morning. >> why is it that you support trump? >> i believe everything he says makes sense and that's what this country needs. so i support him. i have been supporting him the
4:48 am
whole time, since last june. >> yeah, you're from hollywood. >> i'm from rome, italy. but this is about -- >> by way of. >> yeah. >> but the mainstream media would have you think that most of the people are out there for hillary. >> but this is different than before in the past. he's the guy in every way. it doesn't matter. i'm not a democrat or a republican but in this situation i'm for trump 100%. >> are you concerned about security? >> for trump, he has a good team. >> no for the country. is that one of the reasons? >> yeah, i'm afraid for security, the economy. everything else. i think this country has been doing really bad for the last seven years and needs a huge change and a i think trump can do it. >> many americans, they don't know what it's like to live in a communist regime or in a country that is under, you know, these certain rules. >> right. >> we take it for granted living in america and all the freedom. what is it like living in a communist world? >> it's pretty awful. >> in what what?
4:49 am
>> and a socialist country. go around the world and see it, it's devastating. there's no freedom for people. and you -- you taken away on a daily basis. your money, income, everything else. >> so for the supporters of bernie sanders who, you know, he's the socialist here. your message to them is? >> socialist is the opposite of what this country is all about. socialism should never be here or allowed to be in this country whatsoever. i think most people -- kids especially don't know what socialism is. but if you -- you go to china, go live in china for a little bit or south america, you'll get an idea. it's not fun at all. >> right. it robs you of the pursuit of happiness. let's talk about what you're pursuing out in las vegas. >> chippendales, yeah. i'm hosting the chippendales in las vegas for five week, it's a great performance. i'm working in vegas i can't complain. beautiful weather. i love vegas. >> what's your role? >> just host. talking to the people, the fans,
4:50 am
they come from all over the world. yeah. do some dancing. >> shirt on or off? >> a little bit of both. >> ooh, my goodness. up i'm just -- >> good to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we wish you the best with your show in vegas. >> thank you. coming up, we made history yesterday, broadcasting from top of four world trade. what you didn't see happened after cole swindell's song. that might be the best part. that's coming up. show me movies with romance.
4:51 am
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wish ♪ that background is real and so is the singing. you saw cole swindell sing "you should be here" live from top of world trade center number four. what you didn't see is what happened after the show. >> his emotional encounter with some of the men and women who lived through 9/11. take a look. >> cole, kevin. kevin, i know you were here on 9/11. >> yeah. >> tell us about a little bit about your background and what brought you here and why. >> i was on engine fydy and we responded to the call. i lost my friend, lieutenant wilkinson, bless his soul, he was killed that day. i'm still standing. and -- >> right. >> it's weird how songs like this have so much meaning to so
4:55 am
many different people, and that's not what you intended. but the world today -- >> it is. i just wanted people to know that, you know, i lost my day da dad in a freak accident. everybody's got their own story, but what an honor to be here. >> i was a recovery worker, my husband was an nypd first responder who is sadly ill because of the toxins. but we're here because this song while he wrote it for one reason it speaks so much to the 9/11 community. and we thank you. whenever someone does something like that, it speaks so much to us. and we're so honored. we're so honored that people have not forgotten. >> i promise you, we'll never ever forget that. that's all we can do. that's -- i love -- i love living in this country and i'm -- just it may have happened in new york but i can promise you the whole country will never forget this. we're always behind you. >> well, thank you so much.
4:56 am
we talk about how they live not how they died. >> it's beautiful up here. cole swindell, military honoring the uso. cole swindell. give him a round of applause. [ applause ] >> you see why i said it was one of the greatest moments of his life. >> absolutely beautiful. >> totally moving. the song deserves to be number one in the country. >> absolutely. >> all right. coming up, are democrats leaving the clinton campaign to vote for donald trump? trouble ahead in hillary land. and pete hegseth did a great job. imagine coming back to find your car all dinged up, and this note saying, yo, i hit your car. i'm leaving this note because someone is watching and they're still looking and it didn't stop there. i have asthma...
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good morning to you and your family. it's wednesday, may 11th. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with this, a fox news alert. a chaotic scene as a man crashes into macy's and then goes on a stabbing spree. >> still is a victim, female, macy's second level in a changing room that is a stab victim. >> so why did this happen? this morning, investigators are trying to pinpoint a motive. well tell you what we know. >> and donald trump goes to washington tomorrow. fresh off a big win overnight in west virginia and in nebraska. for a sit down with paul ryan. will he negotiate on some of his most popular proposals like a temporary ban on muslims and a wall on our border with mexico? and we -- and we told you the state department deleted an exchange between james rosen
5:01 am
from its archives and that's just the one that we found. now we know why. listen to how they're spinning it this morning and see if you buy it. we're finding it hard to buy it and you make the call, because your mornings are always better with "friends." >> what a morning. if you missed a little, you missed a lot. we had joe montana on, mrs. bush and jenna bush hager. and we had donald trump on. >> right. >> what a -- >> busy morning. >> right. we dropped the inflated -- the inflated of the laura bush during the reading of the book. it was just tremendous. >> when you say we, you mean ainsley. >> right. >> i say me. we're all on the same team. >> anyway, a great team behind the scenes bringing a great -- we have another hour right now. >> all right, steve, way to kiss up. donald trump may be running unopposed but he had two huge
5:02 am
victories. >> huge. >> racking up delegates in west virginia and nebraska. >> and meanwhile hillary clinton got berned by bernie sanders. >> coal people not too happy with her. rich edson has the latest from there. >> reporter: hey, good morning, ainsley, steve and brian, and donald trump continues amassing delegates. he wins here in west virginia. and also in nebraska. that's somewhat unsurprising considering he has no national gop active opponents running against him. that includes senator ted cruz. he returned to washington, d.c., and the u.s. senate yesterday. he said he could re-enter the race if a path to the nomination opens up for him. though he says he assumes that will not happen. trump is turning his focus to the democrats now, tweeting this morning and ensuring all his opponents have nicknames, big win in west virginia and nebraska.
5:03 am
get ready for november, crooked hillary who is looking very bad against crazy bernie will lose. as for the democrats, another primary win for sanders here in west virginia. >> i think it ends up being a double digit victory tonight. this is a state, west virginia, where hillary clinton won by over 40 points against barack obama in 2008. >> reporter: a marked change when coal country was clinton country back in 2008 when she did defeat barack obama. she still has a substantial lead and the number of people who have voted for her, and the number of delegates she has. a wide lead that have a lot of folks out there saying that she is still has an insurmountable lead for bernie sanders to overcome. sanders say he'll try to stay way the super delegates who can
5:04 am
vote any way they want to, not depending on primary or caucus results and he'll continue those efforts. back to you guys. >> all right. rich edson. bernie sanders has a string of states coming up to favor him. he's got washington and oregon and he's got kentucky. so not only did hillary clinton lose yesterday, looks like she's going to be on a losing streak for a while. to show you how the system is rigged, she's going to win. >> because of the super delegates. >> and keep in mind, steve, they can switch. >> they can change their mind. >> they did it with barack obama. they left her and went to barack obama in '08. >> how many more states does she have to lose before they do it? >> here's an example of some who are worried about the clinton support. when asked, who would you vote for, 45% say they'd vote for hillary and 35% would vote for
5:05 am
trump. >> these are democrats. >> they want to vote for trump. they weren't able to yesterday, but they will in november. >> in november, who will we be voting for? donald trump versus hillary clinton? joe biden was on television and he said the democratic standard-bearer will be hillary. >> i feel confident that hillary will be the nominee and i feel confident she will be the next president. i had planned on running, it's an awful thing to say. i think i would have been the best president. but it was the right thing -- not just for my family, for me. >> see, you've got -- >> wow, that's significant. >> sure. you have to wonder though if hillary clinton does get in trouble, legal trouble with the fbi and the department of justice, who would be standing right there to take over? well, bernie sanders is actually coming in second. although i'm sure in joe biden's head, he's thinking i can fly in like a white knight and take over. >> the establishment might do that. hey, hillary is out, we'll put him in and put him on some
5:06 am
morning shows to talk about it. >> morning shows we could run if that was the case. but here's the thing, ainsley. let's say something happens, and we know that hillary clinton's assistant stormed out of the fbi meeting when being questioned by the fbi. i don't know what the question was. >> she came back. they asked a question that was out of bounds. they agreed ahead of time -- >> that they claimed was out of bounds. that's according to the clinton camp. if things do go bad, for example, the i.t. guy suddenly has no e-mail exchanges for the last four years before the two, and you go, okay, joe biden you have the better chance, excuse me, you have a guy named bernie sanders who has got millions of votes. you're going to tell all those people go jump in a lake, we have a better guy for you? are you kidding me? this is chaos. >> well, you know, many people are saying -- many people that didn't think we'd get to this point. like 16, 17 candidates for the gop. they thought that's going to take forever to decide. hillary's got this in the bagging but turns out it's not the case.
5:07 am
and trump is meeting with paul ryan tomorrow afternoon. we'll have full reports about it. we were talking to him earlier on fox, talking about some of the hot button issues like the wall and like what he said about -- exactly, muslims. he said he's not going to budge. take a listen. >> the wall is the wall. people want the wall. drugs are pouring into our country. and, you know, the wall is something that people want. and the republican party wants. forget about polling because i don't care about polling. i do what's right. but the wall is the wall. it's going to be built. and the mexicans are going to pay for it. i'm telling you it's going to happen. >> the reason we asked him about that, there are a couple of things that stuck in paul ryan's craw and one of them was the temporary muslim ban. another thing was -- they apparently -- donald trump did not disavow david duke quickly enough. and trump was on with us a
5:08 am
little while ago and he said, i pretty much disavowed him right away, so i don't know what he's talking about. >> people are saying that ryan is saying all that and don't expect an abracadabra moment, that he'll be processing the information, he might not come out of the door and say i'm in trump's camp -- >> and kevin mccarthy who was going to be the speaker he's endorsed trump. >> i have a feeling that they'll say, we're on the same page, next stop, cleveland. >> because ryan said we have to defeat hillary clinton. >> when you look at the swing state polls that we showed people yesterday, hillary clinton and trump are tied in pennsylvania and florida. >> this is what politics is all about. you're supposed to come together, represent your constituents and talk about your differences and then work them out on the table. as a party. >> actually, ainsley, that's what life is about, right? work out your differences. >> that's right. that's right. face to face. >> exactly. meanwhile, let's talk about
5:09 am
this. it has been revealed by ben rhodes, if national security adviser for the president of the united states, that the white house has been selling us a bill of goods regarding the deal with iran. well, in preparing the story about the deal with iran, james rosen went snooping through our video archives and they went to the state department site and realized that the state department or somebody there erased eight minutes of this exchange with jen saiki? where did it go? elizabeth trudeau offered this of what went wrong in the tape room at the state department. >> there was a glitch in the state department video. when fox flagged it for us, we actually replaced it with a video from givens which is the military repository where news med media gets it video and it was
5:10 am
there and we annotated it on the youtube channel. >> so there was a glitch. the glitch happened right when james started to ask the question and ended right after she answered it. happened to be perfect. >> you know what? its must have been a sunspot. right at that point. >> it's suspicious because right there is when she effectively admitted that the administration had been lying about iran. so where did that go? a glitch. >> how convenient. >> if they said it happened it happened. it made total sense. >> can you imagine if rosemary wood said, 18 minutes, a glitch. >> right. >> nobody bought it then. >> there are no problems. >> 8:10. time for the news with heather. >> good morning, i hope you're off to the great day. we start off with a fox news alert. an off duty police officer carrying a concealed weapon put
5:11 am
a stop to a bloody rampage at the mall. the chilling 911 calls have been released. here they are. >> an update, there's a -- one gunshot victim, and she was stabbed. >> there's still a victim, female, in the changing room. >> wow. the spree of violence started in the neighborhood near boston. police say that arthur derosa forced his way into the home, stabbing and killing an 80-year-old woman and leaving her daughter fighting for her life. then he stole a car and smashed it into the macy's department store, turning the silver city mall into a chaotic scene and he even stabbed a pregnant woman. >> dove in that and my mom is like, go the other way. it happened like the fastest thing. that's the only thing i saw. >> that pregnant woman has survived but another man at that mall died. we'll keep you posted on her status. because i know you want to know. the off duty officer at the mall
5:12 am
saw that mayhem unfolding and shot and killed derosa. >> i'd like to thank the off duty sheriff. if it wasn't for his heroic actions it could have been more loss of life. >> indeed. authorities are now combing through the evidence at the crime scene and also at the home to find out what the motive was. some extreme weather to bring you now. the plains reeling from this wicked storms. oklahoma declaring a state of emergency in 15 counties now that have been devastated by that deadly tornado outbreak. reports of two dozen massive twisters touching down, blasting 100 mile an hour winds and killing two people. that storm system moved east overnight and unleashing its wrath on the ohio river valley. we'll watch that throughout the day. this is a hit and run, well, it's not, if you leave a note, right? not if it's like this. yo, i'm leaving this note because someone is watching. i'm good, my bad, peace out.
5:13 am
but the driver took it in stride. noticing that note and then writing this response on twitter. hey, not even mad about the scratches. hands down the funniest thing that's ever happened to me. nice sense of humor, love that. a good sense of perspective. >> all they have to do is dust it for prints or find the dna. track them down. >> totally wrong. >> totally. >> left his phone number. >> no kidding. straight ahead, a photo of west point cadets doing a black panther salute has people outraged. will they be punished? a big update when lieutenant colonel allen west joins us next. and how domino's managed to save the life of one of the most loyal customers, that's ahead. when josh atkins books at
5:14 am
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5:17 am
all right. new this morning the 16 female cadets in plan black panther style salutes will not
5:18 am
disciplined. critics say it violated the military policy but the academy pushed back, said the ruling is fine. let it stand. lieutenant colonel allen west, who spent over 20 years in the military. what's your take? >> good to be with you. i have to disagree with west point because they're in uniform, you don't make those type of political statements in uniform. but the most important thing to realize the progressive left has created this incredible hypersensitive racial atmosphere in america. just imagine if they were white male cadets and taking a picture with a confederate flag. everyone should be screaming about the investigation of west point and they need to be disciplined an probably expelled from the school, but yet the young lady will go on to be commissioned as army officers. the only power they should be concerned with is the power of the constitution. that they're about to take an oath to support and defend. >> well, do you think -- why do
5:19 am
you think they're getting away with it when they wouldn't have perhaps gotten away with it five or ten or 15 years ago? >> because of this environment. i think that is what is really upsetting to people. it's a double standard, the duplicity out there. without a doubt they should not have been in uniform doing that and this is a major violation, and west point cannot sweep this under the rug. i'm quite sure that the administration and the department of defense has a lot to do with that. >> something else you want to weigh in on is the rules of edge gaugement in afghanistan. the men and women in the field, only 10 -- under 10,000 left have no idea that victory looks like. they have no idea about the mission and count understand the rules of engagement. it changes all the time. >> yeah. >> what's your message to them? what should we take from this report? >> well, the message to them is that you're going to have to
5:20 am
hold on for the next seven month, and have a change of administration. we can get the right type of leadership and the right type of leader who understands what is going on. the recent commander testified up on capitol hill that he's not allowed -- was not allowed to attack the taliban for being the taliban. then why do we have those men and women over there if they're supposed to be just targets for the enemy? we cannot allow them to be on the rules on that says you must be fired upon before you can return fire. >> this is not trench warfare, world war i. every moment you're in afghanistan, you know that well, you have been there before, and served there before. colonel, thanks so much. >> thank you so much for having me, brian. >> i hope they know we care and we're watching over in afghanistan and in iraq. meanwhile, straight ahead, "the new york times" correction, you have yet to see -- you will see but you won't believe. and donald trump shocked the country with this ad slamming hillary clinton for the handling of benghazi. he's not done yet. neither is she. could this be the most vicious
5:21 am
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5:24 am
some quick headlines. a terrorist will not face the death penalty for a suspected role in the deadly benghazi attacks. the justice department just announced this guy, abu khattala, the accused ringleader of the attacks will instead face life in prison. rules are rules at the citadel, especially when they have been in place for 175 years. they denied a muslim student's request to wear her hajib with the uniform. they said that the dress code is
5:25 am
vital to their training. and the new york times with a misprint that you won't believe. they cited a blogger who refuse extremist claims about islam, but quotes the wrong snapchat handle. in correction, "times" wrote we misquoted the snapchat handle used by suhaib webb. it is not pimping for paradise 786. a new ad hits hillary clinton for her handling of the benghazi terror attacks and uses the families. >> we have seen rage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video. >> she lied to me. she told me it was the fault of the video. >> she said, we are going to have the filmmaker arrested who was responsible for the death of your son. >> so she did say to you that
5:26 am
the benghazi attack was caused by protests? >> absolutely. [ laughter ] >> i don't know why that's funny. >> this all follows two scathing ads by hillary clinton slamming donald trump as amoral in one and calls him a con artist in another with clips coming from his own party. so is this a preview of what could be the most vicious campaign in u.s. presidential history? let's talk to historian and attorney and legal analyst peter johnson jr. >> and your pal and yours too. this is the dirtiest campaign in american history. it will be the filthiest campaign in american history. >> what do you mean filthy? >> we'll see a new low in terms of character and conspiracy and character and conspiracy are the two watch word, the two bywords of this campaign with regard to each candidate. we see here donald trump accurately in some sense showing clips with regard to statements
5:27 am
that were made by hillary clinton to family members as to what happened. that was a video that propelled this terror attack that killed the brave americans, and so we also are going to see hillary clinton now using the words of former republican rivals of donald trump to say he's a con artist, amoral and this and that. so the trick is to define each candidate quickly, even before the conventions. and make americans think less of them. to destroy their reputation. their character. to say that they have no conscience. that they're monsters, in fact. >> but peter we have seen with the exit polling so many people view both of them in such a negative fashion. if you say it's going to be the dirtiest campaign in presidential history, can they go down much further in those unlikability or unfavorables? >> i think they will, and both come up at some point. you may see a defection from parties. we see something that we're never going to see in american
5:28 am
politics. it's so unsettled in terms of who's a republican, who's a democrat, who's an independent. where people are going to be. whether they're comfortable being a democrat. we saw in west virginia a lot of people saying if hillary clinton becomes the nominee we're going to bold from her -- bold from her to donald trump. >> those were democrats. >> a lot of sanders supporters are saying we're not going to vote at all. so there's a huge segment at least in the state of west virginia we're going to sit this out. if this becomes about character and conspiracy then the american people are hurt. if it becomes about ideas and the future, who can provide jobs, who can protect us on immigration, who can protect us from terrorism, then this is an exercise that america can be proud of. hold on to your hat, buckle up your belts, this is going to be a very tough, vicious race with paid ads and with statements by the candidates and their surrogates. >> stand by. just getting started. >> it certainly is.
5:29 am
>> all right. peter johnson jr., thank you. coming up on a wednesday, a frightening story for any parents. these two are accused of stealing babies from hospitals. give these guys a major league contact. a ball boy saves the fans from the line of fire. wait until you see this. mr. kendall um...
5:30 am
5:31 am
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i need to ask you a favor. not really a favor, just like (gibberish). todd makes more than i do and hes only worked here for 2 years. you know i'm also a really great, leader. really have things... (toilet flushes) do it! secret, stress testsed for women. speaking of hillary yesterday the state department said that it can't find any e-mails belonging to hillary clinton's senior technology staffer from when clinton was secretary of state. then hillary said, you won't find that staffer either. [ laughter ] i'm sure. bring the car around, buddy.
5:33 am
>> i wonder if they'll use the same excuse as they did at the state department where there was a glitch. >> i guess so. >> it seems to be -- seems to be working. steve, no outrage this morning. >> except on this couch. donald trump is marching closer to getting the nomination, and brand-new fox news exit polls that suggest his chances against hillary clinton might be better than anybody thought a few weeks ago. here to break down the exit polls, lee carter, a partner at maslansky & partners. good to see you. >> are people angry or dissatisfied with the federal government? in nebraska 92% of the republicans said they were, as did the west virginians. >> this is consistent with what we have been seeing state after state. in the 90 percentile over and over again. which really explains the rise of trump and sanders and the need for the outsider candidate in somebody who is doing things
5:34 am
differently. >> so the other question that you were posing in the exit polls, excited or optimistic if donald trump was elected president. this is who republicans are asked. >> i think it's a fascinating 60% of folks in nebraska, 74% in west virginia said they're enthusiastic about donald trump. this is a number we haven't seen before. but you get a sense talking to the trump supporters they're enthusiastic, but this number is big. >> because it's high? >> because it's high. and when -- you know, where enthusiasm is there's momentum. they're going to be excited. >> show up at the polls in november whereas you look at the enthusiasm gap, people are enthused about bernie, but not about her. >> exactly. this is really important to track. we have to see this state after state. because this measure i think might be one of the key indicators. >> in march hillary said she wanted to do away with the coal industry. didn't fare too well for her in the state of west virginia. >> when your audience is wearing miners caps it won't get cheers. >> clinton only got 29%.
5:35 am
>> of the coal miner families. >> she tried to make it right, sat around the table, that didn't go well for her. only 29% came out for her. >> the guy said, look at the family you have put out of work. >> that was devastating. devastating moment. >> when they where the story about west virginia, that's the sound bite that cooked her goose because she won by a landslide eight years ago. of the democrats in west virginia, look at the middle number. 35% would vote for donald trump over hillary clinton and these are the democrats. >> this is fascinating to me that in -- you know, it's a closed primary there so they had to vote for the democrat. but here they're saying -- more than a third of people would vote for donald trump over hillary clinton in november. >> how many people are there across the whole country? >> quite a few. we have spoken to a lot of sanders voters are saying if it's not sander, i'm going to vote for trump. >> makes no sense. >> makes no sense. >> one is a socialist, and the
5:36 am
other is capitalist. >> but they're outsiders. >> i'd rather see somebody who i can trust. and trust ask really important to people right now. >> what do you want them in the next president policy wise? >> this is really interesting. in west virginia they say that 41% said they want somebody less liberal. a lot of people were saying more liberal which is a trend to bernie sanders and been pulling hillary to the left and maybe we'll stop seeing that. west virginia is a red state, things might be shifting now. something to take a closer look as we go through the rest of the primary state. >> final one, in the state of nebraska and virginia, asked of the republicans is it likely that donald trump will beat hillary in nebraska, 83% of the people said yes. and in west virginia, you can see the number right there as well. so it looks like they are confident that their guy will win. >> this is really big to me.
5:37 am
i'm not surprising that in west virginia they thought he'd win, but in nebraska which is a totally different state, people are saying i think trump is going to win. this is a different -- totally different than what we have been seeing. and last week we are seeing polls when you go trump versus hillary and some critical states it seems like it's a head to head race. >> when the polls came out it didn't surprise donald trump he told us earlier. >> yeah. >> everything really about hillary is rigged. she looks like she'll be able to run, that sounds to me like, you know -- i mean, how can she run with what she did with the e-mails? that's maybe rigged. the democrats seem to control it. it's a horrible thing. and the election, every time you see it, i call him crazy bernie because he's not that good. who's going to run against the socialist and lose? he's a socialist, going to pay 95% tax. >> you know, donald trump right there in that little sound bite he tagged bernie sanders as crazy bernie. and suddenly it starts trending on twitter. >> unbelievable. >> exactly. >> now hill libertariary is tal
5:38 am
a public option to win over the bernie supporters when it comes to health care. >> not going to work. >> she's been at the exit all week, thank you, lee carter. >> let's hand it over to heather she has some headlines for us. a tragedy for our military and our military families. a navy s.e.a.l. training had died during his first week of basic training. 21-year-old seaman james derrick lovelace losing consciousness during a pool exercise in california. he was apparently having trouble treading water in uniform when he was pulled from the pool and then taken to the hospital where he later died. the native of florida joined the navy six months ago. his family said he had always dreamed of becoming a navy s.e.a.l. our prayer goes out to his family. a mom on the run to tell you about right now after she drove backwards down a busy street in ohio with a 3-year-old in her back seat.
5:39 am
erica rapp leading police on the wild chase with the toddler in the back of the car. she barrelled over curbs and into the front yards. she ran out of a courtroom after finding out she had a state in kentucky. the police called off the chase after finding out about the child in the back seat. she went to the nearby hotel, stormed into a room and then jumped out of a first story window with her child. who was not hurt by the way. police are still trying to track them down. and if you see this couple, please call police. the couple we're about to show you. several dallas area hospitals on high alert this morning after these two people allegedly tried to kidnap a baby posing as adoptive parents. that couple they may be homeless t man has a criminal history. please keep an eye out for them in the texas area. delivering a hero. domino's pizza works in oregon save a loyal customer's life. literally. employees got worried when they
5:40 am
didn't hear from one of the regulars who had been ordering pizza from them for ten years. listen to this. >> he places an order almost every evening, every other evening, around 11:00 or midnight at night. we knew after saturday, was getting later, no order was coming in something was up. >> so they hadn't heard from him. what did they do? one of the drivers drove over to his place to check on him to see if he was okay. he didn't answer the door. by the lights and the television were on. so they called police. when deputies arrived they found him on the floor. he was having a medical emergency. they got the ambulance over there and that man is now expected to be okay. way to go, domino's. way to go to those employees and their quick thinking. >> amazing. that's such a sweet story. >> the domino effect. they care about their customers. >> they need to get raises. >> thank you. all right. next up on the wednesday, the u.s. senate now investigating
5:41 am
apparently facebook after claims of bias and silencing conservatives' views and new information may reveal the reason why. and give this guy a major league contract. a ball boy makes an incredible catch, saving the fan from the line of fire. good job. houston: mission allergy escape.
5:42 am
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as our business is growing, and you're on the road all day long, it's exhausting. hi how are you? you're on the fourth floor. thank you so much. hey sweetie! how are you? it's important to stay at a hotel with a lot to offer. that's great! and the holiday inn has really been that. holiday inn has been a part of the team. good luck with the meeting today. thank you. i really think small business is tough. it's better to have friends out there. you have a great day. appreciate it. it makes life on the road much easier. now members get more savings with your rate at all right. a quick look at your headlines right now featuring me as the reader. in arlington -- thank you, steve. on a hot pursuit like no other. wow. how do they get the music with the horse?
5:45 am
i mean, the cow. >> that was a cow. >> sorry, i'm not good at farming. >> look at all that moola. >> you're right. they tracked down a bull which had escaped and was running around the neighborhood with a harmonica. it took a cowboy to lasso the bull to safety and then it was returned to the owner. call a cowboy -- >> it was in texas. a diving catch by a minnesota twins ball boy all in an attempt to protect fans. >> oh, goodness. down the right field line. >> yeah. that's right. that amazing catch happened during the ninth inning. fans are now joking he should sign him to the team. they have a young team. that's a quick look at what's happening in the world. nothing else is happening beside those two stories. >> you have heard about the liberal bias of the mainstream media and there's a feeling that some of the tv networks they lean a certain way.
5:46 am
but when you go online and get stuff unfiltered. there are accusations of some curators who have worked at facebook, and revealed to gizmodo there's a bias against conservative news sites. if it's something that's trending they won't put it up it looks like not to help the conservative -- >> ridiculous. >> but to tamp them down. >> they're picking and choosing what the news of the day is? >> exactly right. >> a lot of people get their news right from facebook. right online. the whole generation that doesn't watch as much television as the others. of course, facebook says it doesn't happen, we don't know where it came from. if you want to find out what they believe, where they put their money is often is the key. >> so allegedly the clintons gave 114 -- >> this is money that employees from facebook gave to various
5:47 am
candidates and they're giving all the money to hillary clinton. she has $114,000, then donald trump got zero. ted cruz got zero. so it's a little suspicious. that is why the chairman of the senate commerce committee john thune is calling facebook to congress saying, hey, you have do do some explaining on what's going on here. because it looks like you've got your thumb on the scale and you're trying to tilt it to the left. >> but what i don't understand is why is congress getting involved? because their facebook -- they're a private company. why should congress be asking them anything? >> they have all sorts of power over big corporations. >> why? you should just observe the news source and make your judgment. i don't want washington going, facebook, you better balance it out. they can do whatever they want. >> well, facebook can come out and say we're a lefty website. but right now they're saying we're fair and balanced, but according to the curators at facebook, that's not the case. >> tell us what you think.
5:48 am
are you going to facebook for your news? send it to >> write us about something you have found incorrect. >> people trust facebook. coming up, donald trump has a high opinion of himself and that does not sit well with some of his opponents. but dr. keith ablow says narcissism might be exactly what this country needs right now? >> exactly. >> the doctor is in to explain come up next. speaking of narcissists, that's what martha maccallum, bill is so obsessed with himself. >> bring it on, brian. >> he heard me. so hillary loses and donald trump reveals the unconventional strategy for winning the general election including a convention that will be the ultimate reality show. the trump campaign is here to explain and bernie sanders getting trump's attention as he quote keeps winning and winning.
5:49 am
a surprising look at the scramble for the employee. and why did cheryl mills get up and walk out of her fbi interview? interesting stuff there when bill and i see you at the top of the hour. nothing unleashes power... quite like the human foot. introducing the 241 horsepower lexus is 200 turbo. with almost twenty percent more base horsepower. once driven, there's no going back.
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the man cannot tell the truth, but he combines it with being a narcissist. a narcissist at a level i don't think this country has ever seen. >> do we trust a man who believes in nothing but himself? donald trump is not a conservative, he's not a liberal. he's a narcissist. >> what you're saying to them, look, the only way that i can win this part of the race is by being an unrepentant narcissist [ bleep ]. >> i'm shocked that jon stewart
5:53 am
would say that. there you have liberals and republicans alike slamming presumptive nominee trump for being a narcissist, but is that a bad trait for the president to have? >> the fox news medical a-team keith ablow say it's exactly what the country means. >> good morning. >> why do you think that? >> listen, i think we're emerging from eight years of self-loathing instilled in americans by a president who asked us to we question everything about ourselves. you know what, maybe it's time for somebody who believes in himself, donald trump, in american context. you know, he puts his names on buildings he owns. he's willing to state what he thinks clearly because guess what? he loves free speech, not political correctness. he's happy to say yes, my dad was my dad. i got a head start, you know, i inherited some money but i made more, and that's a good thing because i love capitalism.
5:54 am
this candidate, narcissism, is deeply entwined with a love for america, his love for self is deeply entwined with a love for country in a way we haven't seen for past eight years. not even close. >> you know, dr. keith, you know, narcissism, ego, the thing about somebody who is so self-assured as donald trump is, the last thing he wants to do is lose. and so if you're on his team, you've got to figure that guy is going go for the gusto. >> well, listen, you know, i think that he feels that he has manifest destiny and that america has manifest destiny. might not be such a bad thing that both folks winning -- well, a person and a country isn't so bad. yes, i think that when donald trump looks at the world he says i have single minded focus, i can't lose. this team has to win. these are qualities of ego. no question, but is it so tragic
5:55 am
that there would be qualities in an american leader who say to other countries, listen, if you manipulate your currency and you have ill gotten gains don't expect us to pay the whole bill. right? why? i'm an american first. >> a lot of people like that about him. we love a new york -- in new york city, we see a lot of wealth. people who inherit daddy's money don't go out and use it for good. it's right. it goes back to your point. using the money and building america. you drive down the streets of new york, you see trump all over the place. so thank you -- >> right. and so i put up a blog about this. people can check it out on the opinion page later today. bottom line is i think he wants americans to love being americans. the president's over in another country today saying, well, maybe we should apologize to everybody. >> thanks, dr. ablow. >> indeed. thank you. coming up, there's nothing like a nice cold refreshing swig of america. the new beer -- >> called america now? >> the new name on a beer that's
5:56 am
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helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. welcome back. former first lady laura bush and former first daughter jenna bush hager are out with the new children's book. they were here earlier to read some of it to us and to the children that we had in the studio. and jenna had this to say about her dad. how is it being a grandmother? >> so great. >> the girls are good? >> our babies are perfect. >> that's the one thing she likes about technology. she and my dad -- meaning boss in spanish, he still wants someone to call him boss -- >> every day we can call in and face time. >> that's nice. they were great. >> the book is great. >> meanwhile, this bud's for usa. budweiser is being renamed
6:00 am
america for the summer, but only temporary. america will be in the stores next week and through the november election. >> even in the bottle form which i prefer. the "after the show show" they're drinking. >> by the way, the thing about budweiser, no longer an american company. >> i know. they're in belgium now. >> there you go. bill: fox news alert. donald trump adding two more states to his list of victories. but what will fellow republicans on the hill say this week? will they get on board? we are about to find out. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to america's newsroom. martha: republicans in congress are gathering for a closed door meeting. donald trump is set to meet with speaker paul ryan and others on capitol hill. ryan says he has quite a bit he wants to discuss with the


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