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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 11, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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martha: what that picture of? bill: i thought it was a lake but apparently it's the opposite. martha: is the top of the towers in chicago. it's a little foggy there might have some airline delays coming into chicago based on that picture. looks like a little bit of a low ceiling. bill: we've had plenty of that around here, so hang in there. goodbye. jon: well, bernie sanders things big in west virginia, slower and hillary clinton's march to the democratic nomination. welcome tohappening now, i'm jon scott . heather: i'm heather dollars come in for jenna lee. let's talk politics. a whole lot of stuff going on. senator sanders winning 51 percent of the vote, there's a 36 percent for hillary clinton. sanders didn't put a big dent in clinton's substantial lead
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but with the senator bowing to fight for every last vote, the battle for the democratic nomination is not over yet be on peter's live from portland oregon, he has the latest for us. peter. reporter: anybody who thinks bernie sanders may drop out of the race just because he trails hillary clinton in the deli department should think again because sanders came here to oregon which is going to vote next tuesday and told a lively crowd last night he thinks he has back wind in west virginia and north carolina are the start of a hot streak that gives them a chance to win more pledged delegates and hillary clinton so he says the democratic primary race will not be settled until this summer's convention. >> our message to the democratic delegates who will be assembling in philadelphia is while we may have many disagreements with secretary clinton, there is one area we agree. and that is we must defeat donald trump. [applause] reporter: donald trump taking
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note of the surge, now tweeting quote, i don't want to hit crazy bernie sanders too hard yet because i love watching what he's doing to crooked hillary. his time will come. but maybe hillary isn't noticing much interference because she's not really came that much attention to bernie, at least not publicly. one subtle side that the clinton camp is concerned, they are buying tv ads in kentucky ahead of the primary there. that's something strategists have been done since last month and when you look at hillary's email funding blast, it does fly right past sanders putting a bull's-eye on november with one exception. last night she took a jab at her primary opponent about a pillar of his platform, free college . >> i don't believe in free college for the wealthy, i don't support that. my opponent, senator sanders does. we just have a different he also requires that a third of the cost for free college be
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paid by the state. reporter: and the hits keep coming. fund the vice president joe biden, yesterday he said he was confident a recruit would be the next president. this morning he says he thinks he would have been a better president than hillary clinton or bernie sanders. john? jon: peter doocy in oregon. sanders one in west virginia not only with support from his usual groups like independents and young voters . he also picked up some of clinton's usual supporters. take a look at this. according to fox news exit polling across the state, bernie sanders on a majority of dependents , 58 percent to hillary clinton 22 percent. he also swept young voters with 70 percent of the vote. let's talk about these results with jamie weinstein,
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senior editor for the daily caller and james holmes, a national political correspondent for the washington post. it is always said james that you have to win independence if you want to win the presidency. this is one state but if hillary clinton gets clobbered by bernie sanders among independents, what does that say about herperspective candidacy? >> john, it shows that working-class whites are not ready for hillary clinton. she has a very real problem . it is very notable. people think of bernie sanders at this socialist from vermont and he won the majority of self identified conservative democrats in the primary yesterday. i think that speaks to the problem that hillary clinton really has. if you look at the map, donald trump has just romped in appalachia and that's part of his calculus for whites will going to be a competitive general election. he can do well in places like west virginia which will be in play in the general. west virginia, kentucky is off the map and in part of that is because hillary clinton has a real perception problem with these independent voters be on it
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is that time in the calendar, jamie, when the parties are supposed to have selected their nominees and the nominees are turning their attention on each other. we heard hillary clinton a second ago talking about my opponent, not referring to donaldtrump, talking about bernie sanders. this is a real problem for her, isn't it ? >> there's no question that she has to continue on and fight this race even though she thinks he has no past and the nomination. i do think bernie has a path to the nomination, it's called a hillary clinton indictment. if something like that happens, you might have a shot but a equipment sports to continue on when bernie sanders is basically out of luck to try to win this nomination. she has not been able to focus and turn her attention to the general election nominee like donald trump in the same way that trump has been able to turn his attention to hillary clinton. jon: there were another item in the exit poll that caught our eye. bernie sanders edged hillary clinton among seniors, 47 to 45 percent and in the past,
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women have supported hillary clinton in every state except vermont, bernie sanders home state. until now. sanders got 50percent of the female vote in west virginia . hillary clinton got 38 percent. again, it's one state and she was expected to have problems in west virginia but that's a real potential sign of trouble. >> john, what i think it shows that bernie is tapping into disaffection and frustration with the status quo, with washington, with the establishment in both parties. a lot of people who are voting for bernie sanders are voting because he is liberal. they are voting because they want to blow up washington. they want to take on the system and they see hillary clinton as the status quo candidate and i think that that is what happened in west virginia by the way, bernie has also won in a lot of states that are conservative . he won in oklahoma which is another state where one in
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five of the democratic voters in the fox exit poll described themselves as very liberal which is the same number who describe themselves as very liberal in west virginia. jon: janie, if you agree with james description of disaffection among voters, is that what's driving the donald trump candidacy? he obviously one in both states.>> absolutely, that's what it seems. it seems like donald trump and bernie sanders voters have this attitude they want to burn down washington. it will be interesting to see if that's actually the case when you look at what happens in the senate and house races. traditionally, 90 percent of house members are reelected in comments, 90 or 80 to 90 percent of senate members are reelected as incumbents. if people want to burn down washington, will they start throwing out their house members who have been there for so long? i'm skeptical of that but the numbers seem to suggest there is some disaffection on the national level james, it's
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often the case that voters do not like congress, don't approve of the job congress is doing but they always seem to like their local congressman or woman . >> here's the thing. i think most people aren't as angry as we assume. there's a lot of anger and frustration out there but most people are frustrated. they wouldn't necessarily describe themselves as angry but ifyou look at a state like west virginia, a lot of people there have been left behind and here in washington a lot of the pundits i talk to every day as part of my job don't know how much people are hurting and how much they are struggling . wages are stagnant. opportunities for upward mobility art there in places like west virginia and people are registering their frustration. again, hillary clinton is perceived as the status quo candidate. both donald trump and bernie sanders have tapped into this feeling that the system is not working for people and they want things to change. and for some people, maybe donald trump, they don't like a lot of things about him but they see him as a guy who can
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take on the status quo . jon: janie, in your your view is it anger at the federal government rips large or is it the obama administration? >> it's hard to say and it's hard to say to the extent that this anger is actually what's driving these things. it looks like that in the polls but could also be the personality of donald trump? as someone who reaches to them as the strongman effect saying that if you trust me i will make all your problems go away no matter how serious or small they are. so every day i'm changing my opinion whether this is a personality-based revolution in the form of donald trump. jon: it's something, we can agree on that. >> that's for sure. jon: janie weinstein, james holman, thank you both.
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p7 donald trump in west virginia and nebraska, his win column last night taking nearly all the delegates up for grabs in both those states and now putting him within striking distance of clinching the republican nomination. in the meantime, congressional republicans gathering this morning for a closed-door meeting ahead of trump's get together with paul ryan which is set to take place tomorrow. archie washington correspondent james rosen is live in capitol hill where the republican just printed a press conference talking about that thing. reporter: today's house gop conference meeting marked the first opportunity for house speaker paul ryan to take the temperature of his members following doldrums clinching of the nomination, becoming the presumptive nominee last week. as ryan himself balked at endorsing him, well-placed sources tell our producer seen here with the speaker yesterday not to expect and abracadabra moment from tomorrow's trump ryan summit. we are told trump's proposal for a temporary ban on muslim immigration and his hesitation to condemn a white supremacist were things that stuck in ryan's craw. today's reporters ryan
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singles it decided to fill his role as speaker and follow focus on policy issues and as a party leader by looking to protect his majority in the lower chamber. >> this election is too important to go into an election at half strength this means we need a real unification of our party which, look, after a tough primary that's going to take some effort. we are committed to putting the effort in. reporter: tomorrow my morning, ryan will meet with trump and with ryan's longtime ally from wisconsin, the head of the republican national committee. then the crowd broadens to include gop leadership figures such as majority leader kevin mccarthy, stephen salinas and kathy mcmorris rodgers. on the o'reilly factor last night, trump characterized the speaker as a good man and expressed the hope that despite some suggestions to the contrary recently, he will remain as the chairman of the party national convention this summer in cleveland. >> i know you have to say this, he's going to follow the line, endorse you, and everything will be fine. >> no, i don't think fall
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into line is the right word. i think he loves this party. he loves this country and he wants to see something good happened and i think we're going to do better if we are unified. reporter: but paul ryan made clear this unification process is not going to be immediate. as part of learned again from our congressional producer that house majority leader kevin mccarthy is going to ask donald trump tomorrow for some point down the line to participate in a meeting with the flow gop house membership so he can meet some of the rank and file as well. heather? p7 as the world turns. james rosen live from capitol hill.john? jon: a news alert from the rack. three car bombs killing more than 80 people, injuring dozens of others today in separate attacks targeting shiite neighborhoods of baghdad. the first bomb went off at a crowded market in the shiite stronghold of sadr city killing at least 60 people. many of them women and children.
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isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. connor powell live in our mideast bureau with the latest. reporter: john, a very dark and deadly day in baghdad today. of violence continuing. the first bombing happened early in the morning, about 10 am or so in a large truck packed full of vegetables and explosives went off in this crowded market in sadr city. this is predominantly a shiite area and isis quickly claimed responsibility. they are course a sunni extremist group that has long been targeting iraq's shiite majority. these bombings in baghdad are new although in the last several weeks and months, the security situation in baghdad was beginning to improve until today and a few hours later, really just a few minutes ago, we began to hear reports of two more bombings in baghdad. one in another shiite from the dominant area, another in an area that is mixed.
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they have some sunni population there as well. no one has claimed responsibility for these last two and we don't know if they were carried out by the same individuals but the death toll is mounting, up to more than 80 already. dozens have been injured and the violence there really signifies how fractured the iraqi society has become in the last year or so. also, a sense there of how ineffective the iraqi government is. there were protests that spilled in the to the protective green zone last weekend we are seeing in baghdad a growing sense of frustration with the iraqi security establishment and the political class there, the inability to tackle these deep-seated problems. jon: bloodshed goes on. connor powell, thanks p7 man dies from an allergic reaction after he ordered take-out food. now the restaurant owner is
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on trial for manslaughter. the details on that case plus, police working to learn the motive in the stabbing rampage in a house and a shopping mall and nowthe suspects family is coming forward. what they are saying. and we want to hear from you. do you expect this to be an unconventional presidential race question mark isn't it already? just go to, join in on the conversation. we will be back in just a second .
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jon: right now some crime stories we are following. the manhunt expanding for a suspect accused of stabbing a massachusetts college professor nearly 30 times before she died. police believe the suspect jumped into the connecticut river but so far the no sign of him. a new york man in prison is looking for love online. writing next to his picture quote, i'm not married and i don't have any kids. no baby mama drama here. he's not married because he was convicted of murdering his wife, pushing her down the stairs and stabbing her more than a dozen times. a restaurant owner in the uk on trial for manslaughter
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after a customer suffered an allergic reaction. prosecutors say the diner specifically ordered a not free meal but the owner who recently switched to a curry sauce using peanut powder did not warn customers about the new ingredient. heather: you have to be so careful with that. breaking news now in a deadly stabbing rampage we reported earlier that took place in massachusetts. police searching for a motive today, family members of that suspect now coming forward describing arthur derosa as mentally ill and say the 28-year-old had just gotten out of hospital psychiatric ward. police say derosa killed two people and stabbed other victims inside the house before heading to a shopping mall, eventually an off-duty sheriff deputy shot him dead at that mall. our molly line is life for us in massachusetts with the latest on that story. good morning molly. reporter: good morning heather. 28-year-old arthur derosa
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prosecutors say claimed two lives before the knife wielding rampage came to an end when this off-duty officer shot and killed him here at the silver city galleria mall. the incident started not to harp on from here in the neighborhood a few miles away. derosa was first involved in a car wreck then gained entrance to a home, attacking two women, all mother and daughter, grabbing a knife and fatally the 80-year-old woman before driving to the mall. witnesses described the vehicle swerving about before crashing into the macy's. prosecutors say he then assaulted multiple people inside that department store before heading to doozies restaurant located here at the mall and inside, derosa armed himself with a knife and stabbed for more people, killing a 56-year-old man say investigators. the rampage ended when an off-duty deputy sheriff took him down with a single shot. the deputy has been hailed for his actions by the mayor.
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>> tragedy certainly hit the city of taunton hard this evening. certainly our heartfelt prayers go to all the victims of this senseless tragedy. i'd like to thank the off-duty sheriff for his heroic actions, there could have been more loss of life this evening. reporter: investigators have not publicly spoken automotive. others say they do not believe this was related to terrorism but derosa's family has spoken out. they see he has a long history of mental illness and suffered from depression. he had complained of suicidal thoughts and sought psychiatric care on monday. heather: thank you so much, we will check in later. jon: her majesty caught in a rare slip of the time. what queen elizabeth said that was picked up on tape during a party at buckingham palace. and why her comments are causing some raised eyebrows
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in diplomatic circles. plus, tense moments between a former hillary clinton aid and the fbi. why she walked out of an interview about those now controversial emails. >> and 1 and a half behind a curtain. family: surprise! but only one of them will make a life long dream come true. great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. at humana, we can help you with a personalized plan for your health for years to come.
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heather: oh boy. talk about an embarrassing international incident. queen elizabeth caught on camera criticizing the chinese government. the british monarch heard talking to a police official at an event at buckingham palace that marked her 90th birthday. beneficial talking to the queen about being on duty for the chinese president let's listen. >> he was seriously undermined. >> i'm not sure what youmeant . [inaudible] very
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undiplomatic. heather: being very rude and undiplomatic. the chinese president and his wife visited the uk in october. jon: the queen called them what she sees them. heather: few sure does he want new information about the email controversy dogging hillary clinton. a senior aid to the democratic front-runner walked out of an interview with the fbi about clinton's private email server. according to reports, cheryl mills left that meeting after an investigator asked her a question that she believed was going to be off limits. for more on this, let's bring in fox news anchor and attorney greg jarrett. about 40 minutes from now, the director of the fbi is
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going to meet with reporters, presumably he will be talking about this? >> this is called in on the record pen and paper session, no cameras. i guess he doesn't like tv. last time: he did this was about six months ago so maybe he really has something specific to say that look, director coney is a veteran, former prosecutor himself. he knows he's going to be thrilled about the clinton investigation. i suspect he may offer something, otherwise he would have said this is off-limits. possible he will give an indication of when this wraps up our car along it is, but it's a sure bet he will not preview for example the fbi's findings, their conclusions or whether criminal charges will be recommended to the department of i mentioned, he's a former us attorney. he knows that he can't really go there even though he could if he wants, there's no that pro hits him from doinwill have happens. jon: is fbi meeting with cheryl mills who was hillary clinton's longtime confidant and chief of staff when she was terry of state. mills is a lawyer herself and she and her lawyer walked out
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of the meeting with the fbi at least temporarily. what does that mean? it really underscores the tension, the intense tension between the fbi and cheryl mills. she's a key witness and a lot of the classified information, she and her attorney apparently objected to the questions about mills conversations with clinton about which emails to turn over to the state department and in turn the public. mills refused to answer questions on the attorney-client privilege which john, is so incredibly broad it could be invoked to cover about anything. it's often abused. as a way to cover up incriminating conduct which may or may not be the case here. for attorneys that wilkinson. she used to be a federal prosecutor with the department of justice. she prosecuted tim mcveigh in the oklahoma city bombing case so you might see wills is lawyered up big time and it's not just her. other clinton aid have been interviewed by the fbi who
8:29 am
have an impact with kennedy, jake sullivan, of course brian gagliano who was given criminal immunity by the fed. they all have big-time lawyers. jon: and kylie on oh, his email account at the state department where he works and set up this server for hillary clinton, that email account was empty for years. isn't that a little suspicious? it's totally suspicious. as i've written a column on, we invite you to check it out, click on the opinion section. probably i'll use a private account for all the official business as hillary clinton did or he removed or deleted his emails which is precisely what clinton infamously did with thousands of her emails. it's interesting, a former justice department director of public records quoted, it stinks to high heaven. i would say he's probably right about that, sort of a limburger stink . probably otto appears to be the keeper of the secrets and
8:30 am
his missing emails reallyóall the secrecy surrounding this. jon: and he was a political appointee at the state department which is a little weird. >> people let the state department couldn't figure it out. they expressed confusion and consternation. this guy is an information tech specialist, and it guy. what's he doing as a political appointee? it didn't make sense to them but a chain of emails at the state in which staffers are expressing their concern but hillary clinton wanted him and all of it adds up to the mystery about what this guy was doing there at stake, collecting taxpayer-funded paychecks and at the same time getting money from hillary clinton off the books which was never disclosed which is against the law so a huge mystery here. jon: we will find out what the fbi director has to say in the next hour. greg jarrett, thank you. heather: i like that limburger cheese reference. have you ever had?
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it stinks. only my grandfather in oshkosh like it. i'll make a merger is now off. why the fed derailed the deal betweenoffice depot and staples. we tell you the reason behind that. plus, donald trump with a strategy to take on hillary clinton in the general election. what it doesn't include may surprise you and will his plan work for mark ?
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jon: news business alert. let's take a look at the now. it's down about 116 points right now, comes as the feds block the billion-dollar merger of staples and office depot. that wasn't easy. nicole with the foxbusiness network live at the new york stock exchange with that. reporter: this is an issue of the government department of justice federal trade commission stepping into block a merger. this was a $6 billion deal set to happen, to companies that have had sliding revenue for many years and the judge saying there's reasonable probability that it would substantially impair competition. in the meantime the shareholders getting squashed today. staples down about 17 percent and office depot shareholders losing about 40 percent today. this was a deal that tried to go through in 1997. at that time they said there would not be enough competition and they kept them apart but now the different story. terry powell bob who is a fox news contributor and president of california capital isn't there anyone
8:36 am
who can buy our pencils? walmart, kmart, online, amazon is actually named in this whole deal as well. so this is very interesting. it is also been other deals squashed over the last year or so including albertan and baker hughes. that was a huge one as well as ge and electrolux. they were going to sell off an appliance unit and us foods. they had stepped in, this is business enterprise and a lot of people stepping in and saying it's a little too much government and the government itself is a monopoly. now i want to take that some of your movements today. the downtown 300 points. winners are amazon, over 712 and electronic arts doing well with its star working. on the downside, disney dragging on the dow and new lows for fox as well as macy's and wendy's. amazon, a new all-time high, people like that one. jon: they do. nicole, thank you. heather: you balance on america's election headquarters today. donald trump covering ground in a wide-ranging interview
8:37 am
with the associated press. in it he talks about his tax returns and running against hillary clinton in the general election. mister trump same he plans to be tough on her made avoid negative ads, explaining that quote, i don't find them to be very effective. i've had over $100 million in negative ads on me and every time it's boosted my numbers. joining us to talk about this interview, g otto caldwell, principal and founder of the auto caldwell strategic consulting and director of african outreach in the state of illinois and richard fowler, a democratic strategist and radio talkshow host. richard, let's art with you. if he's not using negative ads, is that a bad thing for him or a good thing? i think it's a good thing. if you look at the battleground states, in the last election in florida all you saw was negative add on top of negative ad and what ends up happening is the message gets money and because the message gets money, you can't just say it
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make america great again. it will be a whole bunch of mud and nothing gets done. negative advertising in this post citizens united world is not the best use of capital. heather: but the conventional wisdom in politics has long been negative at work we see that donald trump is not a conventional candidate. he's run an unconventional election cycle. when it comes donald trump,, considering that he says i may or may not run against hillary clinton, what we notice is the wall-to-wall coverage which he has generated through this election cycle provides in and of itself. whatever he says about hillary clinton is run in the cycle. it will get run time after time on every network so what's the point on spending money on ads when you have the media to push your message for you? heather: it would be fascinating if he didn't go negative on her and instead ran an inspiring campaign. that would be something new. i want to talk about his taxes and he has said, he
8:39 am
told the ap he found no reason to release them saying quote, there's nothing to learn from them. a lot of folks want to see his taxes. mitt romney last time around released then in january 2012, many months before the convention. what do you think about that statement on his part? >> i think every candidate should release their tax returns. what the tax returns show you what this person is for taxes. why donald trump is afraid of releasing his taxes is because maybe his marginal tax rate is at six or seven percent cause of loopholes in our tax system. he doesn't want the bricklayers and the painters and carpenters of the world to know they pay more in taxes percentagewise than he does which is why he's delaying as much as possible to. heather: we have covered this before whether is john kerry brothers, mitt romney for example. they was really there.
8:40 am
g otto, what do you think? >> in this case, a candidate like donald trump who has pontificated about his success and how he used a lot to his advantage, i don't think it's problematic for him to say i don't want to release my taxes and unlike richard, i think in this case he doesn't need to. why? there has been a lot done on this as well. he announced that here's my wealth. >> why not release his tax returns, g otto? >> he provided information. [overlapping conversation] heather: i would think at some point he would almost have to. it's so much fodder for the democrats. it's never been done before where somebody hasn't released their taxes. on the other hand there could be something damaging in let me ask you about the vp who he would bring on to be his vice presidential nominee. richard, what do you think about chris christie and he said five or six people he's looking through right now. >> i don't think chris christie as at the top of his list. chris christie has weighed so much water under the bridge both literally and figuratively. the bridge gate candle has
8:41 am
harpoon to chris christie . it gives them nothing. he won't win new jersey as a state so he's got to find a candidate that will give him a chance to win estate. jody earned, the senator from iowa is a good pick. maybe jan brewer in arizona would be a good pick. he's going to have to find a battleground candidate that will give him some ground and leverage against what will be a very powerful democratic ticket in a situation where he doesn't have african-americans, he doesn't have latinos and he doesn't have women. heather: i hear you, talking about picking somebody for geography. he said he's not going to pick somebody from the background datenecessarily . >> i would say to richard's point on he doesn't have women, we've seen that hillary clinton's numbers are very bad. >> so are donald trump's have you been around open cans of paint because that was a delusional statement. [overlapping conversation] >> i was talking about the washing and wall street journal callsbut okay. heather: thank you very much for joining us today . jon: chinese fighter jets
8:42 am
flying over islands in the south china sea. why the us says the region is fair game. >>
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heather: tensions rising in the south china sea. china scrambling fighter jets after a us missile destroyer sale within 12 nautical miles of a disputed island. really, just a coral reef that has been built up into an island by the chinese. chinese officials say the vessel was in an area without its permission but the us says it will operate with wherever international law allows it to operate. china claims the islands belong to them though that itself is widely disputed. china says the us presence there prove that its military buildup is now necessary. joining usnow , captain chuck nash, retired navy captain and a military analyst. captain ^ what is the significance of what china did to our us naval ships to scramble to the area until we finallyleft .
8:46 am
>> i think they ar that anytime we come into an area they lay claim to, they are going to react to it and actually, what we need to keep doing is exactly what we are doing. the united states is a maritime nation so first and foremost, we cannot and must not ever up centuries old tradition and establish law and that is freedom of passage. we should be able to sail wherever we can in international waters and fly in international airspace and just because china goes to a reef that is claimed by multiple countries in the area, dumps a bunch of sand on it and builds a runway and then says now you are scheming by it to show that you don't recognize her claim so therefore we have to militarize it, it's a circular argument and wecan't allow them to win that . heather: let's give our viewers a backdrop of what china has been up to. you mentioned a sprinkle some sand on it, they build a
8:47 am
military facility. the us seems to believe china is going to lay claim to this permanently and they want to use this as a base in the south china sea. that seems like a very concerning thing. >> it is. if we allow this president where china just because they have the military might and what they're telling their neighbors is, we all claim these rates but you don't have the military to enforce your claim. we do. they bring in a bunch of dredges, grand dredge up sand and where are the environmentalists screaming about this? u.s. navy ship bumps into a coral reef and its millions of dollars worth of damage we have to pay . heather: if one or uri put our votes in a coral reef we get a big fat bill. >> it's this whole thing, we got windmills chopping up eagles, and it's a felony. back to this issue. to allow the chinese to dump sand on our rock, call it an island and militarize it, they got a military garrison out there and when our ship, thelawrence, went by that we
8:48 am
, they scrambled to fighters and then shadowed us with three ships.where did the ships come from? that takes a long time to get the ships out from china to react to something like this. they were exercising p7 i was talking to gordon chang who is an expert on china and that entire region and he said the us could have done something more. we could have done something more to prevent this because this has been building or some period of time. what should we have done mark . >> well, first off you'd be resolute. you don't back down. we have been withdrawing for the last seven years. we've been withdrawing from the world and we are seeing the consequences of that. once you start, a body in motion tends to stay in motion. once you get that withdrawal going it takes a lot to stop it and then go back and in this case you're not going
8:49 am
back against nothing. you're going to get resistance to go back because the chinese, the russians, they all see the weakness. they been exploiting the weakness. the next administration that comes in is going to have a gargantuan task in front of it to reassert us presence in the world. heather: i'm trying to think about the precedent those kind of things set when a nation can do that. when china can do that, russia is going to be watching. other nations are going to be watching. it has to be unprecedented when someone can lay claim to not even a piece of land because we've seen that with vladimir putin and others. but to lay claim to a bunch of rocks in the middle of the sea and say that is theirs and we can't do it because they want that shipping channel or whatever it is,, i don't know. >> it's not going to get any better. heather: thank you for your service, we appreciate you. jon: there's progress to report in that canadian wildfire. a major industry getting back on track. we are live with some good news. >> show me movies with romance.
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jon: let's check out what's ahead on outnumbered top of the hour. sandra and harris.>> a little sizzle for you. house republicans speaking out for the first time since donald trained trump became the nominee. what speaker paul ryan has to say about party unity that happened about an hour ago ahead of tomorrow's big sitdown with trump. >> plus, who should trump pick for his vp? he says he's narrowed his choices and hasn't ruled out a former rifle whose sense endorsed him. there were over 16 of them so which one? and the senate's top internet cop wants answers from facebook about claims it is biased against conservatives but should facebook have to answer to the government with
8:54 am
mark we talk about all that plus our hashtag one lucky guy. outnumbered, top of the hour. jon: we will be watching, see you then. heather: we are getting new information on that wildfire fight taking place in canada. cooler temperatures now helping crews make real progress finally against those flames that already scorched more than half 1 million acres. now the region's oil industry is getting ready to ramp up production again. stan springer is following the story line from seattle. high hand. reporter: i heather. oil is the lifeblood of fort mcmurray and one of the main drivers of canada's economy and somehow the industry came through that massive wildfire with very little damage and that's good news for the us economy as well. 1600 homes were destroyed, hundreds of businesses also leveled by the flames but the oilsands infrastructure was almost unscathed. pipelines are intact, also good to go. there is damage to the electrical grid but shell and another oil company have already resumed production. officials say the 1 million barrels per day that was
8:55 am
stopped due to the fire should be at full production within days or a couple weeks and most of that will comes from the us. when the fire former update last week, will futures jumped 5 percent. reserves and pushing oklahoma were tapped and tens of thousands of workers evacuated and lost income. alberta gets a half its revenue from the oil industry so getting back to speed as weekly as possible is imperative as fort mcmurray starts the process of rebuilding. >> what benefits fort mcmurray benefits the entire country and we are the economic enter of the country. we are the heart of this country, the holes of the economy. reporter: 80,000 people were evacuated, that 15,000 more
8:56 am
than the population of fort mcmurray. most went to calgary. 10 percent lost their homes but even those who didn't lose their homes may not be able to return for a couple weeks. damage to the town was that expensive. when all the claims are paid, insurance officials say this will be the costliest natural disaster in canada's history with damage costing upwards of $5 billion. heather: thing that is starting to improve their. thank you. jon: new in the next hour, residents in the heartland cannot get a break. they are now bracing for even more severe weather after spring storms on dangerous tornadoes like this one. plus, a colorado man behind bars for the deadly shooting of his wife. why a lawsuit against a marijuana manufacturer is connected to his case. we will bring it up with our legal panel. >> you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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♪ jon: search warrant reveals that a doctor in minnesota saw the musician prince two times in the days before he died and prescribed drugs to him. one of those times the day before prince died, reports indicate investigators are looking whether prince died from an overdose, if so where was he getting the drugs. authorities interviewed
9:00 am
dr. michael shulenberg and hospital where he worked. there is no information what he prescribed or whether prince actually took those drugs. >> to be continued. jon: we're working on second hour. we'll see you back here in one hour. "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ sandra: this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, there chichi is, harris faulkner, fox business network's dagen mcdowell. nationally syndicated radio talk show host meghan mccain. we love having him. republican strategist. and campaign veteran tony sayegh is here. he is "outnumbered." and don't forget it, sir. >> how can i forget? harris: since when we were talking about a primary. >> he is loaded for bear. he is on the edge of his seat. >> boy, am i ready. sandra: careful there, dagen.


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