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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  May 11, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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thanks, everybody, for join is us today. >> great to be with you. >> martha is in for gingriretch "the real story." it starts now. hello, everybody. republican lawmakers gearing up ahead of a critical meeting tomorrow between house speaker paul ryan and the presumptive presidential nominee, donald trump, on capitol hill. this is "the real story." so their meeting comes as speaker ryan hesitates to throw his support completely behind donald trump saying that they need to sit down first and make sure that everyone is on the same page. >> to pretend we're unified without actually unifying, then we go into the fall at half strength. this election is too important to go into an election at half strength. that means we need a real unification of our party which, look, after a tough primary that's going to take some effort. we are committed to putting that effort in. i want to be a part of that unifying process so that we're
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full strength this fall so that we can win this election. >> mike huckabee is a former republican governor of arkansas, of course, and a donald trump supporter and a former presidential candidate himself. governor, welcome. always good to see you, sir. >> thanks, martha. >> what have you made from what paul ryan's saying? >> these are things he should have said in private with donald trump. this is not the kind of conversation that you have by way of the front page of the "new york times." i'm not sure what paul ryan's thoughts are here. look, he's a good guy and i respect him. and he's a very respected guy within the party. but i don't think he fully understands how angry people in the party are at all of the people in washington, including him, for such things as the trade deal, immigration policies, syrian refugee relocation, planned parenthood funding, the iranian deal. all of these things have become
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the reasons donald trump is the nominee right now. and for him to act like, well and i'm going to have to bring limb to the table. no, actually, i think they need to come to the table and say, we surrender. we obviously have messed up and we need to understand what you understand about what the voters are asking for. >> so here is donald trump talking about paul ryan last night on "o'reilly." watch this. >> he pea a ve's a very good ma. he wants what's good for the party and i think we'll have positive results. i think he loves this party. he loves this country. and he wants to see something good happen. and i think we're going to do better if we're unified. >> very sort of open language coming from donald trump. but i wonder, governor huckabee, it is clear that there are people in the party who are conservatives who are not on the same page with donald trump. so would it look disingenuous if all of them all of a sudden were on board? everything we said before
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doesn't matter. i wonder if the kind of unity that paul ryan is looking for is one that will be better when they sit down together and they come out and say, you know what? we don't agree on everything, here are the things we do agree on, and i think then people will look at that kind of agreement with a little bit more substance and a little bit more believability and say, wow. i guess people can indeed come together. >> well, we've got to remember that a political party is not burger king. you can't have it your way. you have to accept that once the voters have spoken, there are going to be some things that the nominee will stand for that you may not stand for. i mean how many of us had to sort of suck it up when john mccain was the nominee or mitt romney was the nominee? there were things that we wished they had had put a greater emphasis on, but they didn't. but we went out there and did our duty and we stood steadfast and stalwart and campaigned. i understand there are going to be differences. let me tell you a different way it was handled. bobby jindal, marco rubio, rick perry all have now endorsed
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donald trump. they did it with a candor and honesty saying, look, i've said some pretty tough things about the nominee. but let's get behind him. we don't want hillary. i think that's what we would love to see in paul ryan, him step up and say it. i do think that donald trump has to be commended for a magnanimous approach that he gave to bill o'reilly last night. he could have easily just said i'll show paul ryan who's the nominee. he's a congressman. i'm going to be president. but he didn't. i thought it was -- people keep saying we want donald trump to act presidential. well, you saw it last night. >> that moment was an example of it. so donald trump says that he is focusing on the vp pick, to some extent. i thought it was very interesting that he said, when asked who is in charge of that search, he said we all are. we're doing it together. you've got donald trump, you have the trump advisor, corps
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lun do you blshg corey lewandows lewandowski. he said ben carson is a part of that effort. here's cory lewandowski talking about it. >> you need someone who understands the slalegislative process intimately so we can put forward mr. trump's agenda, cutting taxes, renegotiating our trade deals. it is not about agenda or geographic reputation. it is about who is a partner to bring our country back. >> clearly making it clear to paul ryan that it is very important to a trump campaign and a possible trump presidency. what do you think about this whole vp thing and are you on that list? we'll look at some of the oz. is th is that something you'd be interested in it? >> nobody has called me about it. here's my phone, it is going off -- no, it's not trump.
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no. look, martha he has not asked me anything about it so i don't know if i'm on a list or not. right now my job is to try to do everything i can to make sure hillary clinton is not the next president because i know hilly all too well and i just think it would be a disaster to the country to have another term of barack obama. i do think donald trump would be an excellent president and i think that right now he will beat hillary clinton. so cory lewandowski was exactly on target when he said this is not about picking somebody for appearance sake. it is not about gendzer, ethnicity, geography. he is absolutely right. when i hear people say that, they don't understand, the vice president doesn't win or lose an election. but if the president wins the vice president needs to be a partner philosophically and program maticall ica programplatt programplatticly. someone who's shepherded through the processes of government to
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successful conclusions. that's important. someone who shares the ideology -- maybe not every part of it. that will be hard to find but somebody who is ready to be a partner and an advocate for donald trump's platform. that's what's critical. >> he's going to have so much follow-through to do if he wins this election that he's going to need somebody who can help him get that stuff through because he's made a lot of promises and these people will be sorely disappointed if they don't see it through. election betting odds on trump and the vp pick. newt gingrich, number one at 19.5%. kasich after that. look who is on the list, mike huckabee at 5.5% odds. there's more. carson, rice, martinez, webb and rubio at the bottom of that list. he said he was not interested. donald trump suggested that he hadn't asked him. what do you make of the list? who do you like on there, first of all? >> well, i think any of them
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could be good partners. again it goes back to when trump sits down and talks to the various people he is thinking he might select, what he wants to know is, can you be a real asset, can you come in and help shepherd legislation, will you be not a distraction but will you be an attraction, someone who can help bring people to the table rather than run them off. look, you mentioned the numbers. 5%. that means there is a 95% chance i don't get that phone call. so the fact is, whoever gets it, i hope they say yes. but i hope they say yes to being donald trump's partner and helping him, not thinking they're going to go in and change him. because donald trump's done pretty stinkin' well on his own. the last thing he needs is someone to come and make him more like the establish isn't republicans that he has completely annihilated in this election. >> very true. all right, let's see who's on the realist because that's not
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the realist. donald trump holding that one pretty close to the vest at the moment. governor, always good to see you, sir. thank you very much. >> thank you, martha. to the democrats now and bernie sanders coming off another victory last night in west virginia. this as hillary clinton focuses on one of the next primary states wrapping up an organizing event that she's doing in new jersey. senior political correspondent mike emanuel is in blackwood, new jersey. so, mike, what's the latest today from the democratic candidates in our home state? >> well, martha, good afternoon to you. hillary clinton is still working the room here in south jersey, trying to drive turnout ahead of the june 7th garden state primary. no surprise a few minutes ago she took this swipe at donald trump. >> i believe with all my heart that we are better than the campaign that the presumptive nominee for the republican party is running.
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>> you know, the choice in this campaign literally could not be clearer. >> reporter: meanwhile, bernie sanders is upbeat after his latest victory last night in have and is not feeling any sympathy for clinton who is battling both trump and sanders. >> we have had to take on the entire democratic establishment. we've had to take on senators and governors and mayors and members of congress. that's what we have taken on. so, please do not moan to me about hillary clinton's problems. >> reporter: sanders doing a rally later this hour in missoula, montana, montana which hosts a primary also on june 7th. martha. >> do not moan to me about the problems. mike, thank you. good to see you. meanwhile, sounding like vice president joe biden is having a few regrets about not running for president. he said he would be the best president of all but he's not
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running. so joe biden's two cents into that mix there. coming up, a former police officer charged in the shooting death of an unarmed black man now facing even more charges. why he is heading to federal court. plus, donald trump says he thinks it would be inappropriate of him to take taxpayer money to pay for the campaign. but a top gop fund-raiser just joined his financial team. could all of those trump fund-raising claims be about to change. he'll talk about all that works when we come back. >> we'll have to sell a building. but i think that probably i'm looking -- i'm not looking for myself, i'm looking for the party.
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a former south carolina police officer charged with murder in the shooting death of an unarmed black man who is now facing federal charges. officials accuse 34-year-old michael slager of depriving the victim of his civil rights. cell phone video captured this auf awful moment when he fired eight shots into 50-year-old walter scott in april of 2015 as he was running away during a traffic shot in north charleston. scott's death was one of several high-profile cases last year fueling the ongoing debate about police and the use of lethal force. so donald trump will need to build up his war chest heading into the general election, but the presumptive republican nominee does not want the public paying for his white house run, telling ap, "i don't like the idea of taking taxpayer money to run a campaign. i think it is inappropriate." so how will he fund the campaign? that's been one of the big questions around all of this. here's what he said on "fox &
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friends" about it last week. >> we'll have to sell a building. but, you know, i think that probably i'm looking -- i'm not looking for myself, i'm looking for the party, where the party is going to receive a lot of money so the party can compete, including in senate races, including its congressional races. i think that's a big part of what i want to do. >> okay. so founder and co-managing partner of skybridge capital and a fox business contributor, anthony, welcome, good to see you here today. >> thanks for having me on. >> you bet. first of all, let's dispatch this at the early part of this thing -- which is a taxpayer fund where people check a box and contribute to the election campaign but it severely limits the amount of money you are allowed to take in so someone's done that option for a long time. >> in 2008 president obama -- candidate obama said that he wouldn't take it so that was really the last time, back in
11:17 am
the '04, or possibly in the 2,000 election. but i don't think that's going to be the course of action because once you do that, it is $89 million. you could put up $89 million and the federal government matches you. ajd so you're under $00 million. it is not enough money, not enough rocket fuel to get you to the presidency, $200 million is not. >> in previous races people brought in about $1 billion. that's sort of considered to be the benchmark amount you need to run a presidential campaign which is an unbelievable number. but you believe donald trump can do it on about half that. how and where do you think he'll get money? >> well, first, the stated is goal is $1 billion. we are hopeful we can get to a billion. i think $500 million would do it for donald trump because of his celebrity status and the franchise he's built through the
11:18 am
a prpren aparrentic aprentice, he has very good name recognition. i don't think he'll need it for that but i think he will need it for his ground operation in a lot of those swing states to pull out republican oriented voters and independents who are thinking about voting for the republican candidate in a presidential election. that's where i think his money is going to go to, at least the money we are going to try to raise over the next couple of months. >> he spent a fraction of what the other folks spent in the primary process and they lost. so you can kind of extrapolate what he needed for that and probably come up with a up in number as you did for what he would probably need given how big a name he is, which you of course recognize. so let me ask you about the tax return issue. he has said that he will not release his tax returns, at least not before the general election. the billionaire businessman saying that there is nothing to learn from those returns. but do you think he should release them for the sake of transparency? because every candidate has done
11:19 am
that since 1976. why not? >> well, i think it is an unusual circumstance where you got a billionaire running for the presidency. this would be the first entrepreneur to enter directly into the white house. remember, this is the first person, except for dwight eisenhower -- we're going back 50, 60 years -- that would enter the presidency without any political resume. i think what candidate trump is saying is that the tax returns are super complicated. so he wants to break precedent with that 40-year status. i think he's built up a pretty good case for that and good evidence for the american people. >> but anthony, what's the case -- i'm sorry to jump in on you, but i guess what is the case? i personally don't think that he necessarily should have to. and it is an optional issue. however, there is going to be a lot of pressure on him and people are going to say, we've heard donald trump talk a lot about the fact that he pushes the limits, that he doesn't want to pay any more taxes than he absolutely has to.
11:20 am
he's been somewhat creative, in a way. so what would be in there that he wouldn't want people to see? >> well, i think it has to do with three things. the complication of the return, the fact that he's under an audit, he feels that he doesn't want to give out that information to the general public and have a whole nightmare situation with opposition research trying to pick holes through the return. i think the more meaningful thing is he's trying to get the american public to focus on the policies that could heal the economy and create the middle class jobs, martha, that, frankly, my mom and dad experienced when i was growing up. so we've hollowed out the middle of the united states. the economic pain that's out there is being felt not only by the donald trump supporters, but also the bernie sanders supporters on the other side of the aisle. and so his attitude is why focus on this? it is non-material issue to my campaign. if it were something illegal,
11:21 am
the department of justice or irs would bring something against him. it is clearly not an illegal thing. his attitude is, what you just said -- it is optional. let's make it optional. >> all right. >> you have the option not to do it. >> it would waste a lot of time on the campaign trail rebutting and rediscussing what's in there. no doubt there is going to be pressure from the democratic side to see them but we'll see how it goes. anthony, thank you very much. good to see you, sir. terrible story here. a navy s.e.a.l. died during recruiting and training. so where that happened and why the navy is investigating that. that story coming up. also, this raging wildfire and the efforts to save homes from these fast moving flames. how this incredible footage was captured. we'll be right back. here's the . you grow up wanting to be a lawyer, because your dad's a lawyer.
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brand-new developments as we turn to the massive wildfire in canada. the efforts of firefighters saving a home from fast moving flames was captured as crews made progress battle is the inferno which the ft. mcmurray fire chief says is almost out in the city. look what it left behind though. areas in the south are still being worked on by firefighters and the head of that is calling for evacuees to have patience saying they will not be able to come back until it is safe to get in there. workers have checked water and power supplies yet. our hearts go out to folks who have lost anything in canada. another sat story as the navy investigates the death of a navy s.e.a.l. recruit. the incident happened during a pool exercise in the recruit's
11:26 am
first week of training. trace gallagher joins us now live with more on that tough story, trace. >> very rough. this happened at the navy s.e.a.l. training facility off the coast of san diego. 21-year-old james derek lovelace who went by derek was doing a pool exercise where you tread water in camouflage uniform with a dive mask. as fox news documented a few years ago, we all know s.e.a.l. training is extraordinarily rigorous. but what's unusual in this case is that this was simply meant to get students kind of familiar with the pool, kind of a confidence building exercise. the navy says the safety observers actually saw that derek lovelace was having trouble so they pulled him over to the side of the pool and they noticed that he passed out. they called 911, tried to resuscitate him but they could not. he was taken to a hospital off the navy base where he was later pronounced dead. lovelace graduated from boot camp back in january and reported to basic underwater demolition field training, or
11:27 am
b.u.d.s., in april. navy releasing a statement saying though derek was very new to our community, he selflessly answered his nation's call to defend freedom and protect his country. he will be sorely missed. we share in his family's grief from this great loss." derek leaves behind a father and two sisters. his mom just died last year. the naval special warfare command has launched an investigation but could not say whether lovelace was sick or had a condition that might have brought on the incident. two decorated s.e.a.l.s died a year ago while practicing breath holding techniques at a training pool in virginia beach. very tough on the navy. >> thank you, trace. so big showdown is under way on capitol hill tomorrow. donald trump and paul ryan will sit down to try to iron things out a little bit. we'll ask george w. bush's press secretary ari fleischer who
11:28 am
advice he has for both of these parties. and senator bernie sanders wracking up another win last night as donald trump does not let up on his attacks on hillary clinton. >> he can say whatever he wants to say about me personally. i will stand up and fight for and speak out for every american that he attacks and he insults! tired of working for peanuts? well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut.
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nominee donald trump set to meet tomorrow with house speaker paul ryan. they're going to meet for about three hours according to the schedule we have. today speaker ryan spoke to folks at the podium. he said that the party simply can't pretend that it is unified when it isn't, and that there needs to be an effort to make that happen. >> i want to be a part of that unifying process so that we're at full spretrength this fall s that we can win this election. we cannot afford to lose this election to hillary clinton, to pack the supreme court to keep the liberal obama agenda going. we have to be at full strength so that we can win this election. >> joined by ari fleischer, former president secretary for george w. bush. good to see you. >> thank you, martha. >> what do you make of this ryan meeting tomorrow? >> i think for insiders it is important. i think for the future of how two powerful, important people get along, it's important. paul ryan wants to hear that a president trump would respect the institution of the house, he won't go around the house, he recognizes the way to get things
11:33 am
done and permanent is through law and he needs a speaker to get that done. i think what donald trump wants to hear is paul ryan say i support you. i hope they can unify. it will be a lot easier to win if you have a unified party. bear in mind, donald trump is winning and did well in the primaries, won the primaries because he is an outsider, not an insider. this meeting is important to people who follow it day to day. it's not as important to the overall average person who voted for donald trump. >> i mean it is interesting, your former boss did not back him and made a point of saying that we will not endorse. that is going to be something that's brought up a lot during the course of this campaign. so what do you fink about that fact, and there are those who, like mike huckabee who i spoke to just moments ago, he said paul ryan doesn't need to do this out in public, he needs to do this behind closed doors. it is not good for the party. >> well, there is no behind closed doors when you have a meeting with donald trump. or paul ryan, the speaker. so i don't know how that works. as for president bush, look,
11:34 am
obviously the statement that donald trump made about george bush lying about iraq are erroneous, they're false, donald trump never should have said it. that's how trump pushes away people that he should be able to get. so i don't blame george w. bush for that. there is a lot about donald trump that i don't like but i will support donald trump and vote for him because his opponent is hillary clinton. i will support donald trump any day of the week if his opponent is hillary clinton. but george bush hasn't gone to any conventions. i think he is enjoying being retired and doing things former presidents do, including painting. >> including painting. which we'd love to see. in terms of the rudy giuliani possibility and that's a function he might have, here is donald trump on "fox & friends" talking about a position potentially for rudy giuliani. >> it is a real problem not only here but throughout the world. it is a real problem. so we'll figure it out and we will get it going but we have to be extremely careful.
11:35 am
in fact, i'm thinking about setting up a commission perhaps headed by rudy giuliani to take a very serious look at this problem. but this is a worldwide problem and we have to be smart. >> good idea, ari? >> well, i do think it is an interesting sign of donald trump's potential evolution that if he's going to stop answering a everything for himself and start to bring on people who have some experience and expertise and do things in a more methodical way. that's a sign of a more maturing candidate. look, i oppose his muslim ban. i think that's not how you handle these types of situations. we can target the bad people and that's what we should do without tarnishing an entire faith. but i like the idea of donald trump starting to bring on people like rudy to lend expert idea to what he's doing. >> if he does that, he can say here's what we've worked out, here's how we're going to handle this issue. and it will be a modifying factor. once the explanation comes out about what the program actually looks like and it becomes more clear, that is he said at the beginning, it is a temporary
11:36 am
idea until we fix what's wrong with the system which is what he originally said, he may get some points for that. >> you know, i think that's exactly right. but it is also bigger than that. the office of the presidency is managed. the good candidates and good presidents figure out who they can lean on, the smart people they can rely on and use them to figure solutions out. no president can be successful on gut and whim alone. they've got to develop a strong team around them. i'm glad to see donald trump is moving in that direction at least in thin stance. >> ari fleischer, thank you for coming. so, senator sanders with another win last night. exit polls explaining his victory in west virginia as voters who said that they were worried about the economy backed sanders 52%-34%. they were very unhappy about the coal mining thing. voters said they felt it was important for a candidate to be
11:37 am
honest and trustworthy overwhelmingly went for sanders. you've seen that also in exit polls throughout the course of this. she gets 21% on honest and trustworthy. again, the coal comments no doubt weighed on that answer in exit polls last night. where the results sparking from this headline from the new york post, "stop the coronation" came out this morning based on yet another win for bernie. joining me now, monica crowley, fox news contributor and editor for "the new york times." what's the meaning last night's west virginia win for bernie sanders? >> it is astonishing this 74-year-old disheveled socialist continues to make these wins. he is rack region up win after win. while it is so highly improbable that bernie sanders is going to be the democratic nominee, this kind of winning streak on his part and the losing streak on her part is causing enormous discomfort for most democrats because, remember, going into this race hillary clinton wasn't exactly the strongest candidate. she was the ultimate candidate
11:38 am
in many people's eyes because it was her turn. she lost to barack obama in 2008. she would be the first woman. so a lot of people just assumed that she would be the natural choice. but she's not known for any great political talent. she's there because again by default she was the natural next in line. i think a lot of democrats look at her and say she is not a great retail politician, she's certainly not her husband. we going into this now with bernie sanders continuing to weaken her at the polls she looks even weaker going into the general election. >> she's going to have to pick somebody as a running mate who will sort of aenswer the bernie sanders question and fill in that side of the party for her. >> i always felt that regardless of whoever was at the top of the ticket that the number two would have to be along the lines of elizabeth warren, somebody who would take care of the bernie sanders radical left which is now essentially the democratic party. i don't think if mrs. clinton is the nominee i don't think elizabeth warren is going to be
11:39 am
her choice but she certainly has to take care of the far left part of the party which again now is the majority part of the party. >> last night on msnbc. watch. >> he said hillary clinton did 1st classty, terrible things to these women who were alleged to have had relationship with her husband. did she or did she not do that? >> he'll be talking about those in the campaign. >> does he know what he's talking about? >> he does. >> how do you flow. >> i believe in him. >> you got a case? >> stay tuned. >> are they going to come up with examples of women who say they were berated by hillary clinton or her people? >> i think the list is long. key operative during the clinton years spearheading the attempts to spear a lot of these women, including paula jones and monica lewinsky was none other than cindy blumenthal who's now in the news because he was running mrs. clinton's rogue intelligence operation while she was in the state department. his e-mails to her led to the
11:40 am
exposure of her private e-mails and her exposure. sidney blumenthal is a key part of this disclosure. i think they are terrified to run against somebody like donald trump who continues to overturn all of the federal long standing yood lod ideological and temperamental expectations of politics. they've never had an opponent come at them with this kind of stuff before. >> he uses the instrument of, well, i didn't say it but this is what i heard. >> and that is -- >> powerful. you can get away were a lot if you're going to say, i don't know if this is true but this is what i heard. >> i'm just throwing it out there. >> yeah. >> and it works for donald trump because he is not a traditional politician. none of the rules apply to him. mrs. clinton -- actually both clintons have never faced an opponent like this who wants to win as badly, if not more, than they do. >> going to be unbelievable. right? >> buckle up, martha.
11:41 am
>> going to be a bumpy ride. thank you, monica. good to see you, as always. investigators are searching for a motive after two people were killed during a violent rampage that happened in massachusetts yesterday evening. officials say that the 28-year-old suspect, arthur de rosa, stabbed two people in a home, then drove to a shopping center, crashed his car into the doorway of the macy's store there, then just started randomly attacking other people. molly. >> reporter: martha, this is a community in morning but this morning investigators are hailing one of the victims of this stabbing spree as a hero. along with an off-duty deputy who they say ended the rampage. 28-year-old arthur de rosa of taunton claimed two lives yesterday at this mall. mr. de rosa just attended his child's soccer practice or game and moments later was involved in a car wreck, then gained
11:42 am
entrance to a nearby home in the neighborhood, attacking two women, a mother and daughter, grabbing a knife and fatally stab being the 80-year-old women before driving to the mall and crashing into the macy's here. investigators say the suspect assaulted multiple people until he headed to a restaurant where he armed himself with a knife stabbing four more people first targeting a pregnant waitress. that man that came to her rescue in the restaurant is being hailed as a hero. the 56-year-old, though, lost his life. >> the only bright spots in this terrible incident is the conduct of two individuals at the restaurant. he saw the waitress being stabbed and without concern for his own safety he intervened and quite possibly saved her life and the lives of others, including his own wife. this shows extraordinary character and courage that tragically cost him his life. >> reporter: ultimately the rampage ended when an off-duty
11:43 am
sheriff's deputy named james creed took arthur de rosa down with a single shot to the stomach. de rosa later died at the hospital. >> you spoke with an eyewitness? >> reporter: absolutely. this man was literally shaking from what he had seen. he was inside the restaurant yesterday and saw him go after the way witress. he said de rosa turned his eyes then to him and he believes it was then mr. heath who came up and saved his life as well. >> it was surreal. i heard a waitress scream. i looked to my left and there was a man with a knife that was stabbing her. the gentleman at the bar who was behind the guy with the knife ends up reaching to try to get the knife which gave me an out -- a strategy to get out. he's a hero. >> reporter: investigators are still discussing what could possibly be a motive in this case. the de rosa's family told us that he has long suffered from
11:44 am
depression and mental illness and that's the story that the family has also told investigators in this case. they are looking into that aspect of things. but the family has said that de rosa sought out psychiatric care as recently as just this monday. >> that's an awful, very sad story. a horrifying moment for a museum worker who was just trying to check some lighting, and then fell through the ceiling. what happened next.
11:45 am
. .
11:46 am
11:47 am
shepard smith on the fox news desk. democrats predicted a race against donald trump would be a cakewalk may have another thing coming. that's according to a political reporter who says democrats could have a tougher battle than they thought in the general election. he'll tell us why and what republican lawmakers could be looking for when they sit down with donald trump tomorrow. that's coming up top of the hour, "shepard smith reporting."
11:48 am
a man who fell 40 feet through a philadelphia museum ceiling in 2012 received $7.25 million in settle many moneimy on surveillance camera. >> this was back in 2012. an engineer who showed up to inspect the museum's lighting fixtures claims he was taken up to the museum's attic which was not secured by a gate, had no warning signs. then he says a guard at the museum told him he could step on the glass floor to check out the lights. but when he got there, clearly he knew for a few seconds he was going to fall and he did. 40 feet. through the glass. landing very near the actual surveillance camera. visitors at the museum witnessed almost the whole thing. first they were startled by the shattering glass. then they saw the horrifying image of the man falling. the 27-year-old engineer barely survived breaking his femur, hip, pelvis, ribs and also
11:49 am
suffered severe head trauma and spent three months in the hospital wracking up nearly $2 million in bills. the museum realized it failed to put up guard rails, so just as the civil trial was about to begin, they settled for, as you say, $7.25 million. the security tape certainly helped bolster the case. the man's attorney says one of rodan's most famous sculptures is titled "gates of lehell" and the picture of the man falling nearly to his death could have had the same title. >> without that surveillance video and the witnesses, it would have been a much tougher case to prove. but that is some story. trace, thank you very much. british soccer fans are a devoted bunch, that's for sure. but that devotion in this case turned to violence before one match. what sparked the chaos that looked like this. it is trending today. we'll be right back. mobility is very important to me. that's why i use e*trade mobile.
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so let's get a look at other headlines we're following. federal investigators say someone deliberately caused a deadly explosion at a texas fertilizer plant that killed 15 people and hurt 200 more. investigators have released their findings today from that 2013 blast. and the number of dead continues to rise today after three consecutive car bombings went off in baghdad. officials say that at least 93 people were killed and more than 100 were injured. isis has claimed responsibility for these terror attacks. the area has been seeing much less violence but in the past couple days things have ramped up considerably so we're keeping an eye on that. also walmart is suing visa. the retailer wants customers to
11:54 am
use their pins instead of signatures when they make purchases. walmart sees it as a way to cut down on fraud. according to walmart, visa is currently resisting. here's what america is clicking on today. a bus carrying a soccer team in great britain attacked by opposing fans. manchester united was on their way to a match at west ham united where fans pelted the bus with bottles and cans outside the stadium. the players taking video from inside the bus. kickoff was delayed by almost an hour. and west ham apologized for its fans' behavior. and a woman in key west needed help to get out of a tree. she climbed into this sprawling banion tree and got wedged inside the roots. firefighters got her out in a few minutes and she's fine. still wondering what she's doing. instagram rolling out a new look, an updated icon and app design. the company execs say it puts more focus on your pictures.
11:55 am
the icon has a schismer c simpl and redesigned rainbow. payless shoe stores says it's paying its boys jake and the netherland pirates lighted running shoes from the shelves on worries they might have sparked a fire in a family's suv. the shoes have a small lithium battery inside that powers the light bulbs. a 2-year-old left their shoes in the vehicle, which they do all the time, right, and found the back seat was charred the next morning. they think the battery may have caused the fire. the fire marshals office says it's under investigation. payless is working with investigators and stopped selling the shoes out of an abundance of caution. good thing the shoes were in the van, right? mother's day celebrations were harded marred by a brawl georgia restaurant. happy mother's day, right? the fight breaking outside inside a japanese restaurant near atlanta. video taken shows plates, trays,
11:56 am
a cart getting tossed around. police are using the video to search for five suspects. the restaurant's owner is out nearly 5,000 bucks due to the damage and people leaving without paying their food. happy mother's day, folks. steph curry winning not only an suv, but his league mvp honors but also the hearts of many. unbelievable story for steph curry. we'll tell you why. peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. weinto a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder.
11:57 am
so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪
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11:59 am
so after earning the nba's most valuable player award for the second straight year, golden state warrior star steph curry got a brand new suv, so what did he do with it? he donated it to a non-profit that helps homeless youth. covenant house in oakland. they say the car could not have come at a better time. meanwhile curry's 3-year-old daughter resuming some of her t antics stealing the show,
12:00 pm
motioning to the journalists she was watching them closely for any funny business she might be carrying out. thank you for being part of "the real story" today. here's shep. now, "shepard smith reporting" live from the fox news deck. >> it's 3:00 in washington, d.c., right now, where it seems some top republicans are warming up to donald trump. the presumptive gop nominee is set to meet tomorrow with republican leaders in congress. a sittown thatsittowndown that ryan said he wasn't ready to sit down with trump just yet. suggesting a turn saying the bigger issue is beating hillary clinton come november. a source close to ryan says he doesn't like trump's proposal to temporarily ban muslims entering the country among other


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