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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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was watching them closely for any funny business she might be carrying out. thank you for being part of "the real story" today. here's shep. now, "shepard smith reporting" live from the fox news deck. >> it's 3:00 in washington, d.c., right now, where it seems some top republicans are warming up to donald trump. the presumptive gop nominee is set to meet tomorrow with republican leaders in congress. a sittown thatsittowndown that ryan said he wasn't ready to sit down with trump just yet. suggesting a turn saying the bigger issue is beating hillary clinton come november. a source close to ryan says he doesn't like trump's proposal to temporarily ban muslims entering the country among other controversial stances.
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today speaker ryan is suggesting, here's the change, the disagreement should not keep the rally from rallying around the presumed nominee. >> this is a big party. there's plenty of room for different policy disputes in this party. we come from different wings of the baeparty. the goal is to unify the various wings of the party around common principles to go forward and unify. >> not just the speaker talking about bringing the republican important together but rank and file members of congress. just about every republican lawmaker we asked today seems to be on the same page. >> i disgree with mr. trump. yet i'm a very outspoken supporter. trump won my state of louisiana and i'm happy to run on the same ticket. >> i actually think it would be good for the nation to have a president who's going to have that tension with the legislature. >> hopefully close the gap, anyway. >> see what they're doing there? they're giving you a way to think about, well, i didn't used to like dronald trump, i didn't like the things donald trump said, but he's the republican
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candidate, we don't want hillary clinton to win. they're giving you the idea of how you can come around. that's their job in the political season. hopefully they can close the gap, said the congressman from new york, peter king, who said a couple months ago he might quit politics if donald trump becomes the nominee, might drop out of politics completely. now that change. that pivot that they're hoping everyone on the republican side will make. get this, even marco rubio, little marco, remember, seems to be softening. marco rubio says he will vote for donald trump even though he still disagrees on some of his former rival's positions. >> that doesn't mean that donald needs to change his positions in order to get my support or what have you. as i said earlier today, i think he should be true what he believes in and continue to campaign on those things and make his case to the american people. >> getting in line. as for donald trump, himself, he says he does not plan to back down on any of his positions. as he shifts toward the general election. but there are signs that that proposal to temporarily ban
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muslim immigrants might not be as sweeping as he once said or 100 times said. a trump spokeswoman now says the ban would not apply to muslims who have, quote, documents. and if the united states knows their intentions. knows their intentions. today, donald trump said he's still looking into how that ban might work. >> we will get it going but we have to be extremely careful. in fact, i'm thinking about setting up a commission, perhaps headed by rudy giuliani, to take a very serious look at this problem. >> a commission now. ban all foreign muslims, ban them all, temporarily, because we got to know what they're doing. that's changing. donald trump didn't give any details on the commission to look into that proposed ban, but the man he said may head it, rudy giuliani, has called a ban on religious test unconstitutional. because it is. and he said there can be no religious test on immigrants
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entering our country because there can't. politics 2016 is fox's top story. john roberts is on it live on capitol hill. hello, john. >> reporter: good afternoon to you, shep. everybody looking toward that big meeting with house speaker paul ryan tomorrow and donald trump getting together for the very first time. sources close to the trump campaign tell me while they would welcome an endorsement from speaker ryan, it's not crucial by any means. in fact, one person told me in terms of importance it's about a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. the trump campaign is playing down expectations saying while speaker ryan cowell could come offer his endorsement to donald trump, they do not think that's going to happen, not after one meeting. more likely, the two will come out, shake hands, agree to work together toward the future and keep talking. here's last night on "o'reilly". >> i have a lot of respect for paul. he's a very good man. he wants what's good for the
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party. i think we're going to have positive results. frankly for him to stay and be chairman. >> reporter: what he was referring to is paul ryan, chairman in july. a couple months ago he didn't rule out having him removed as the chairman if he didn't endorse him. saying he expects ryan will continue on as chairman even if he doesn't endorse him. >> what's speaker ryan's team, speaker ryan for that matter saying about tomorrow's meeting? >> very much the same thing as the people close to trump are saying, they don't expect lightning to strike tomorrow. don't forget, paul ryan's first order of business is to look ahead to the general election in november from the house side. he wants to maintain the majority there. he's got a number of competitive races he wants to be sure aligning himself with donald trump doesn't affect all of the so-called down-ballot races. that said, though, shep, he is looking forward to tomorrow's meeting. >> these are conversations we're going to have. i don't really know him.
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i met him once in person in 2012. we had a very good conversation in march on the phone. we just need to get to know each other and we as a leadership team are enjoying the fact we have a chance to meet with him. >> reporter: not only will donald trump be meeting with the speaker of the house, he'll also be meeting with the senate leader, mitch mcconnell and a number of other people and then the house majority leader, kevin mccarthy, says he'd like to see trump back on capitol hill to meet with the entire republican a good chance, shep, between either now and the convention, or certainly between now and november, donald trump will be a, if not frequent presence on capitol hill, at least a sometimes presence. >> stands to reason. john robertss live on capitol hill himself. thank you. let's bring in national political reporter for the "boston globe." matt, good to see you. >> hey, shep. >> not changing any positions. certainly wouldn't change any positions. staying with the same positions except maybe that whole unconstitutional thing about a religious test at the border. something that in the united
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states you can't do. i mean, i wonder how much more of this we're not changing positions but we're now changing positions we will have in the days, months ahead. what do you think? >> even as just mentioned, paul ryan should not be co-chairman of the convention, now today paul ryan should be. you know, think trump has been proudly flexible. i mean, he's made these comments about being willing to shift his positions. i think as he heads to capitol hill tomorrow, that's something a lot of republicans find troubling. this is going to a very ideological place, lot of principled politicians up there and trump is not one of them. trump shifts positions very easily. >> i'm -- that's true. i'm curious about this realignment, this getting in line business that happens every cycle but it didn't happen, real quickly, this time. i wonder if you have a sense for who it is that's doing the bringing together here. who's responsible for those who were so diametrically opposed, little marco, speaker ryan, everybody just getting in line?
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>> it doesn't seem to be any one person. >> so it's like organic? >> it's a little bit organic, but you see reince priebus coming out,s rnc chairman very quickly calling on everybody to rally. p that's taken a long time. it's still striking not many senators have given trump a full-throated endorsement. jeff sessions is about the only one who said donald trump's name and i endorse that guy. mitch mcconnell, otherses are being very reluctant to use trump's name. they say, we will support the nominee but don't say donald trump a lot of times so there's a lot of verbal semantics going on and head scratching among house and senate republicans on how they fully get behind they nominee. >> i wonder if that's a matter of wanting to be historically remembered properly. in other words, the things that donald trump has proposed that are unconstitutional like the religious test or impossible like getting mexico to pay for a big wall, if they want to have
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those positions softened before they put their stamp up on it. >> i think in some cases that's true. they're also sort of daunted by trump's dominance in the republican primary. and scared almost of what happens if you challenge him, if you go up against trump, either he goes after you or he's gotten, you know, a lot of support that he's demonstrated throughout the process. so i think there's apprehension over sort of where you sort of stand on trump. so you're getting all these differing views from differing politicians and sort of how they play this, particularly if they're on the ballot. kelly ayotte, for example, saying that she will support the nominee, but she won't endorse the nominee. you know, playing a lot of semantic games on sort of how you come around to trump. >> both ways are nice ways to have it. matt visor, national politics reporter for "the boston globe." vice president joe biden weighing in on the democratic race. some support for hillary clinton
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vice president joe biden says hillary clinton would not be the best president of all. not the very best president. not the best one possible now. he told "good morning america" that he would be the best
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president and he planned on running until his son, beau, died of cancer almost a year ago. he also says he does not regret that decision. >> no one should ever seek the presidency unless they're able to devote their whole heart and soul and passion into just doing that. and beau was my soul. i just wasn't ready to be able to do that. now, may one regret is my beau's not here. i don't have any other regrets. >> vice president biden also said he's confident that hillary clinton will be the democratic nominee. and the next president. but bernie sanders promising to fight all the way to the convention after winning and winning big in west virginia yesterday. still, he barely made a dent in the delegate count and that's the problem for senator sanders. he can't catch up. here's a look at the latest totals. senator sanders got seven delegates on hillary clinton last night. she has all but clinched the nomination. it's not possible for senator sanders. of course he argues that's
12:14 pm
because of superdelegates. he claims if he keeps winning, he can convince them to switch sides. history says he can't. we shall see. he also points to the states he's won. 19. and the states remaining as reasons to stay in the race. then, again, secretary clinton has come out on top in 23 states. mike emanuel covering the clinton campaign in blackwood, new jersey, south of camden. mike, what did she have to say to voters there? >> reporter: well, shep, hillary clinton attacked donald trump on foreign policy calling him a loose cannon on things ranging from nuclear weapons to nato. she also picked up on something someone in the audience was saying attacking trump on his tax returns. >> my husband and i released 33 years of tax returns. we got eight years on our website right now. so you got to ask yourself, why does he want to release them? yeah. well, we're going to find out. >> reporter: new jersey primary
12:15 pm
is june 7th, the same day as california and clinton at this point is expected to do well here. >> ah, but senator sanders focusing on montana, don't you know. >> reporter: that's right. bernie sanders certainly sounds upbeat after his win last night in west virginia. and winning in indiana last week, as you know, both states hillary clinton won in 2008. as you mentioned, bernie sanders is out on the campaign trail in missoula, montana. he also spent a good amount of time in oregon which votes next week. and sanders says he doesn't feel simply for clinton who is battling both him and donald trump. >> with e have had to take on t entire democratic establishment. we've had to take on senators and governors and mayors and members of congress. that's what we have taken on. so please do not moan to me about hillary clinton's problems. >> reporter: so bernie sanders making the case that he's being the outsider from the very beginning. and saying he's doing quite well. when people thought he initially was just a fringe candidate.
12:16 pm
shep? >> mike, thanks. seems even parents are feeling the bern. apparently they don't want to name their -- they want to name their babies bernie, right? no. they don't. there's word we probably shouldn't expect to meet any hillarys or donald babies either. we have the details. i see a donald spike, it was a long time ago. >> back in the 1950s. "the new york times" looked at the social security data for baby names and saw this past year nobody seemed inspired to name their kids hillary, bernie or donald, at least not very many. previous generations were a little bit digfferent. baby boomers wanted to name their kids after harry and truman and dwight and franklin. those names spiked hugely in the year before they became president. but since 1970s, it hasn't really been a thing. people will wait until after a politician dies like there are a bunch of ronalds after president reagan died in 2004. >> that's interesting. >> the only outlier seems to be barack obama. that name spiked, barack, during 2009 right after he was elected.
12:17 pm
but to be fair, there was, like, no baracks before him. >> right. >> less than five. and then in 2009, there were 100 babies named barack. >> right. like an msnbc ratings spike. that was rude. all right. that's good. thank you. it's been nearly four years now since james holmes opened fire inside the colorado movie theater and killed 12 people, wounding 70 more. now a court is hearing arguments from victims' relatives. they say the theater's owner should have done more to protect their loved ones. but company officials say the gunman was on a mission and there was no way the movie theater chain could have stopped him. well, they had opening statements or opening arguments in the trial today. we'll update you with our own lawyer coming up.
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responsibility for three separate car bombings today in baghdad. the attacks killed at least 93 people and wounded 165. the deadliest at a busy outdoor market. all targeted shiite neighborhoods. see some people coming out to inspect the damage in this first image. security forces also on scene here. this is one of the many cars damaged in the attack. they tell us, like, 20 of them so far. here's another car. not much left of that. no word if this is the vehicle that had the explosives inside. they're certainly surrounding it here in this plazplaza. cleanup beginning. see the bulldozer. big cat being brought in in the middle of the crowds. lots of folks pitching in to help. street vendors. remember, they're selling on the streets as all this is happening, cleaning up around the watermelons trying to get some work done. iraqi forces will probably not take back the country's second largest city on president obama's watch. can't happen. that's the prediction from our
12:22 pm
own national intelligence director. james clapper telling the "washington post" he thinks the iraqis will eventually retake mosul from isis, eventually. but he says the battle will be long and very messy as he puts it. he also says he agrees with president obama that the united states cannot fix the middle east. even if it does defeat the islamic state in iraq and syria. the mass murderer james holmes was a mad genius who could not be stopped. that's from today from a lawyer for the owners of the colorado movie theater. nose lawyers defending the theater owners against accusation that they should have done more to stop james holmes' massacre in the summer of 2012. of course it was then he opened fire during a midnight premiere of the movie "batman rises." 911 calls from that night paint a picture of chaos. >> one person that's been shot but they're saying there's hundreds of people just running around.
12:23 pm
copy, somebody -- >> we got another person outside shot in the leg. a female. i got people running out of theaters that are shot. >> get us some gas masks for theater nine. we can't get in it. >> east side. east side. i need officers on the east side to block it. got seven down in theater nine. seven down. >> i got a child victim i need rescued at the back door of theater nine now. >> we're bringing bodies out. get someone to the back as soon as you can. >> bringing out bodies now. the gunman was decked in all black wearing body armor standing at a theater door. some people have said that first they thought holmes was part of the show. it was premiere night, after all. then he started tossing tear gas grenades and shooting. he murdered 12 innocent people. wounded 70 others. he's now doing life in prison. attorneys for the family members of his victims told jurors during opening arguments today the theater should have had armed guards.
12:24 pm
they say there should have been security cameras and a silent alarm should have gone off when james holmes slipped through that exit door. but lawyers for the company, cinemark argue, james holmes was hellbent on committing as much murder a he could and the attack was simply unstoppable. mercedes cohen is a fox news analyst. there's a very compelling emotional argument here then there's a very compelling legal argument. you wonder how you get the jury the way you want. >> it's really funny, it's exactly what the jury is going to have to decide. they're saying, wait, there are 82 people shot and couldn't have done something? 12 people dead. why couldn't you have done something? what about the silent alarms, want the guards? you knew there was hundreds of people for that midnight premiere. why didn't you do more? that's the emotional side. the legal side, krirthey're goio say, wait a minute, how could we possibly conceive someone is going to show up in armor, be a psychopath and murder 12 people? no conceivable way.
12:25 pm
why? there's no history of crime. not like this happens routinely around the country. this is one of those horrible strate tragedies, the defense has to argue. that jury is going to see, it's hard to grapple with that legal argument. >> cinemark has to be came not to go after the motives of the people who are bringing the suit. that could mess up, too. >> that's a great question, yes, because that's when you get to the heart of it. are you going to say -- >> is this greed? >> you want to say these poor families that had this devastating loss, it's all about money? it's such a delicate balance that you really have to walk that line and really say, look, it's a strategy. we're heartbroken. we're sorry for the family. it's devastating to all. but honestly, we're not legally responsible. the only person responsible for this was holmes. not us. >> of course, there's a chance that the jury could buy this, that the jury could go along with the families but then i'm guessing there's probably a grounds for appeal. >> big-time. that's what they're going to keep doing because as long as you can show -- cinemark can con
12:26 pm
to show we had no way to prevent this, no way of knowing this was going to happen, there's nothing we could have done. it's not that it's foreseeable and you're going to pick the sympathy argument, sympathy card for those families, they're going to appeal it all the way up to the top. >> we're told it was a delicate dance in court today for those lawyers. i'm guessing is this the point where you're trying to read these jurors or should you have already done that during voir dire? >> it's not like they didn't know about the terrible tragedy. you have to weed out the people who have a predisposition one way or the other. has anything happened in your life, have you lost someone in this way? so many questions you have to ask to get the model jury. at the end of the day you don't know what the jury is going to say or do. one of the best judges is a jurist, said the only thing i can guarantee you as a judge is an honest -- it really boils
12:27 pm
down to that. >> mercedes, thanks. >> great to see you. >> we'll keep following this one zblchbl . we're learning a massive blast that demolished a town in texas was not an accident after all. ahead, why investigators now three years later have come to us all and said that this incredible explosion that killed 15 people was the work of a criminal and why it took all this time to figure that out. also, we're learning about the victims of a stabbing rampage in the busy shopping mall. was breaking news here on fox news channel last evening. coming up, the teacher who died so a mother-to-be might live. by refinancing her mortgage, jennifer martinez was able to put extra money back into her home-based business. helping her do what she was destined to do... like a boss. buy in. quicken loans. home buy. refi. power. real cheese peoplbig flavor in every little, bitty bite. new sargento snack bites, with 20 calories per stick, you can grab 'em,
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investigators are reportedly looking into whether prince died of an overdose. climbers have reached the top of mt. everest for the first time in two years. the world's highest mountain has seen two deadly avalanches since 2014. the summit was shut down ever since. hundreds of climbers are trying again this year. and justin bieber has a message for his fans. essentially, finished with you. stop trying to take photos of me already. the biebs wrote on instagram he doesn't, quote, owe anybody a picture, unquote. fans who shell out lots of much for his concert tickets could disagree. the biebs say he's not an animal in a zoo.
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12:33 pm
hundreds of homes into rubble in the town of west, texas. that's south of dallas. a witness was sitting in a car with his daughter at a nearby school when he caught the explosion on his cell phone. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> dad, dad. >> you okay? >> i can't hear. i can't hear. >> cover your ears. >> investigators say they waited to come public with their findings because they were still following up on leads. but now they're asking people for any info that could lead to an arrest. casey steagall with the late breaking news from dallas. tell us more about these investigators. and why they say this was a criminal act. >> well, shepard, the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms, atf as we know it, has spent some $2 million on this investigation over the last three years and they reached this conclusion after recreating the blaze at a special research lab in maryland. they've also interviewed hundreds of witnesses and studied all of the evidence.
12:34 pm
remember, there was a fire burning naburn ing near the fertilizer plant 18 minutes before that massive blast which was triggered once the flames reached volatile chemicals inside the facility. and now the hunt is on to find whoever is responsible. the atf offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to a conviction. >> what i can tell you is that while there has not been any arrests made, the 400-plus interviews that have been conducted to date have produced many leads. as many of you know, this investigation is very complex with many moving parts. we ask for your patience as we move into the next phase of this investigation. >> now, two years ago, the u.s. chemical safety board called this blast, quote, preventable, saying that the plant did that implement the proper safety procedures to prevent something like this from happening, shepard. >> how's the rebuilding coming on in that community? it was really messed up.
12:35 pm
>> yeah. it was crazy. we were there, and, boy, leveled -- neighborhoods absolutely leveled and they are still rebuilding which gives you a sense of how much damage was done. dozens of homes and businesses blown to bits. it stripped the roof, windows and siding off of a nearby apartment complex. the school there was damaged. listen to this. the explosion was so powerful that it registered as a 2.1 magnitude earthquake on nearby seismographs and left behind a 1 100-foot-wide crater that was 10 feet deep. now, out of the 15 people who were killed that day, 10 were first respondsers who were attempting to put out that fire that we now know was intentionally set, shepard. >> man. casey stegall in our dallas news hub. thank you. one of the victims of a violent rampage in massachusetts last night was a teacher who died trying to save a pregnant waitress and other people from killer armed with a knife.
12:36 pm
that's according to police and the victim's widow. we covered this story as it unfolded last night during greta's hour. happened in a restaurant and shopping mall about 40 miles south of boston. investigators say george heath confronted the suspect, a man named arthur derosa, as he was stabbing that waitress in a restaurant. heath's widow says her husband grabbed derosa around the waist then the suspect stabbed him in the head. >> my husband grabbed him, i think he grabbed him around the waist area i think. trying to keep him so his arm wouldn't go up to stab anybody else because he was down really low. and the guy pulled his hand back and stabbed him in the temple. my husband couldn't breathe. he was just laying there and he couldn't even talk. that's what he gets. i lost a good man. i did. he's a great man. >> the waitress' sister says the
12:37 pm
woman is in serious condition at the hospital and her unborn baby is okay. police say they shot and killed the assailanassailant, the de a guy, inside that mall there. investigators say, and his relatives say he had some mental health problems and had checked himself into a hospital the day were the attack. investigators say the suspect there, derosa, also broke into a home and stabbed and killed an elderly woman before crashing his car into the mall in taunton attacking shoppers. two sheriffs deputies are set to turn themselves in today to face charges for punching and beating a suspect with batons as heagony and pleaded for help. happened in an alley in san francisco in november and the surveillance camera captured it. we're an to play a bit of that for you. a warning, though, it is violent and it may be tough to watch.
12:38 pm
. >> [ bleep ]. >> how about that? surveillance video appears to be edited in places. we do not know why. another portion of that video shows the man begging for help. look. >> help! >> [ bleep ]. >> well, investigators now say the suspect had stolen a car and rammed two patrol cars before running out of gas and trying to make a run for it. his name is stanislav petrov. we have a picture of our wall. the deputies broke his hands, cut open the back of his head and gave him a concussion. officials have put a third deputy on paid leave. he's facing accusation he used a gold chain to try to bribe a homeless couple who witnessed a beating. trace gallagher in our west coast news hub. what else do we know about these deputies, trace? >> we know, shep, deputy, a
12:39 pm
14-year veteran, and paul weaver, a three-year veteran accused of striking 23-year-old petrov with their batons at least 30 times over 40 seconds stopping only when officers from other agencies arrived. attorneys for the deputy say the beating was justified because the victim was dangerous and was fighting back. the alameda county sheriff will only say that it's not incumbent upon both deputies to justify each and every strike. others say this is also a conspiracy because the third deputy robbed the victim and used his belongings to bribe that homeless couple that witnessed the beating. here's what the couple told local stations. listen. >> they came up to me, the first thing they said, did you like the show? he passed me a very nice gold chain with a large medallion cross on it. >> there are also accusations that deputies turned off their body cameras to cover up the incident. a new policy now mandates all alameda county deputies have their body cams activated at all
12:40 pm
times. shep? >> why did this take so long? i mean, it's been months. >> it was. the excuse is the investigation was still ongoing. the lack of charges baffled city officials especially after the san francisco public defender office released the video and drew comparisons to the rodney king beating 25 years ago. the deputies were also allowed to watch the video then change their police reports and statements which you might imagine raised a few weyebrows. the san francisco d.a. who filed the charges say when officers take law into their own hands, they undermine the moral authority of the entire criminal justice system. the victim, we should note, is back in jail on drug and gun charges. shep? >> wait, the cops filled out their paperwork describing what happened thin they watched the video then they changed their paperwork and it took three months to do this? >> correct. >> wow. trace gallagher in los angeles. that's insane.
12:41 pm
thank you. the families who had to leave their homes behind in canada in that massive wildfire could remain homeless for weeks. that's the latest word from a government official. and that's assuming they still even have homes to which they can return. in the city of ft. mcmurray, most of the fire is reportedly out now, but crews are still fighting the flames in areas nearby. meantime, some of the oil companies had to shut down and they're getting back to work. that industry is an enormous part of canada's economy. and much of that oil comes here to the united states. dan springer with the news live in our pacific northwest newsroom. hi, dan. >> yeah, hey, shep. this wildfire burned 1,400 square miles but thankfully it's to the east of ft. mcmurray, no longer a threat to people or property but certainly the damage has been done. 2,400 structures destroyed including 1,600 homes. experts say it will end up being the costliest natural disaster ever in canada topping $5
12:42 pm
billion and could go up to $9 billion. 10% of the city has been reduced to ashes but there is good news, nobody was killed in the fire and somehow the oil industry which is the lifeblood of ft. mcmurray and one of the main drivers of the canadian economy was spared. gas and oil pipelines are fine, pumps are working. a couple oil companies resumed production. it might take a couple weeks for all barrels to get back online but oil markets and the biggest customer, the u.s., can breathe a sigh of relief. >> what benefits mcmurray benefits the entire country. we are the economic center of the country, the heart of the country, the pulse of the economy. >> and now that oil pulse is beating again, shep. >> and a lot of work people put in there to try to save homes and lives, huh? >> yeah. there were only a few dozen firefighters in the town that first day when the fire erupted. they did an amazing job waiting for reinforcements to come. of work while that was happening. we're getting to see time-lapse
12:43 pm
home video of a crew saving one house. every one of the firefighters lived in town and many were losing their homes as they were battling to save others. this crew kept attacking the flames on that roof until the flames were finally out. 88,000 people were evacuated. we're told nobody will be allowed back into their homes for another couple of weeks. >> dan springer in seattle. thanks. we're watching for more severe weather in the middle of the country today with tornadoes possible. the latest from the fox extreme weather center coming right up. caring for someone with alzheimer's means i am a lot of things. i am his guardian. i am his voice. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to his current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment, it may improve overall function and cognition. and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. vo: namenda xr doesn't change how the disease progresses. it shouldn't be taken by anyone allergic to memantine,
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12:46 pm
springtime, spring weather on the way. hail, wichnd in a big way and possible tornadoes threatening the central u.s. we're watching a couple areas right now. see this area right here, big for a watch or warning area, missouri, illinois, indiana, all risks of tornadoes today. this comes after days of severe weather in the middle of the country. yesterday more than a dozen reports of tornadoes in western kentucky including this one.
12:47 pm
>> oh, look at that. look at that. look at that. [ bleep ]. >> wow. that's mayfield, kentucky, near the -- >> holy mackerel. >> holy mackerel, indeed. police say it injured ten people. emergency workers say a tornado turned just before it hit an elementary school full of children. wow. the storms damaged homes and businesses. flattening parts of some buildings. and the governor of oklahoma declared a state of emergency for 15 counties in the state. that's after monday's twisters killed two people there. our chief meteorologist is at the big wall today. how's this looking today? >> another day. it's may. this is the time of day where you, a lot of areas especially in plains could get tornadoes at any point, any day. so you have to put that into perspective. this is yesterday's tornadoes. primarily across western parts of kentucky. move to today, though, the last 24 hours there's been a lot going on. you see a lot of area here, real estate getting heavy thunderstorms. one tornado, one watch that we're watching, though, is
12:48 pm
across areas of southern illinois. and that's where we're going to be watching, i think our biggest threat. big storms moved through the st. louis area. almost baseball-sized hail with these. >> that wasn't fun. >> that was not fun at all. not tornadoic at this point. this line of storms goes through and we'll see another line of storms go through and the severe weather threat for tornadoes is where you see the yellow bull's-eye. primarily illinois, anything down to the dallas area. certainly more hail and strong winds with all these storms. >> they're still having flooding issues down in texas. >> remember about three years ago we were talking about the worst drought that they had. >> forever. >> now we've had probably five flooding events in texas that have been, like, 100 or 500-year floods in the last year. we're going to have more rain here. this is the future radar. see what happens with this. more storms tonight across parts of southern illinois, but i think what we're going to see is spotty isolated flooding scenar scenarios. no the widespread like we've seen with other ones but some of these thunderstorms not moving very fast. you can have one cell that maybe drops 3, 4 inches of rain real
12:49 pm
quickly and get localized flooding pretty significant that is going to be our story likely for the next four to five days. >> hit and miss. >> yeah. >> what does it say, stop, turn around? >> don't drown. >> don't drown. >> that's it. >> thank you, rick. >> you bet. right now, robots can vacuum your floors, kind of. they can build cars, play soccer. in the future, robots may serve a different role. for instance, keeping grandma alive forever. that's what it says. hang on.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
he also has a warning about robots. and the bottom line is they may kill you. i prefer to deal with living grandparents rather than dead people. i don't know if grandma and nana wanted to be kept alive. she was run over by a school bus in 1976. >> oh, bless her heart. and many her soul stay preserved in heaven. >> i don't know if i needed to have all of the knowledge of the bridge clup and everything available to me. >> what if there was some knowledge that nana let go of in her 20s and 30s. what if you could access that? wouldn't than wonderful? >> that would be cool. i love that this is now a
12:54 pm
philosophical or discussion about a are bot overlord taking over. but more after pragmatic issue about data storage. and whether or not we're going to have enough data bytes to talk to grammy and grampy once they have passed into the hear after. and you know that, bless their future souls, wherever they may reside, i'm hopeful it's up there, that they will have a much harder time getting on snap chat when they no longer have human bodies. >> i don't think nana can do snap chat. but amazon cloud services i'm sure would provide room for nana. >> that's what all of these clouds are doing. whether google or apple. even space x is looking for ways to colonize other celeste rial bodies. we will really have to figure out some sort of an unlimited data plan because it turns out storage is very expensive and we
12:55 pm
don't have it right now. so if we're talking about eternal beings accessed for generations and me linna, how on earth do we put that all into a convenient box like they are trying to do in silicon valley right now? >> i don't know. i'm curious in some ways about the robots that will kill us. i know the thing that tries to vacuum is dangerous it animals and things. but robots that will kill us. >> the roomba is collecting your metadata and your soul collectively. >> like alexia. >> and storing it in the vacuum cleaner bags. but really there is a storage site where the overlords are collecting that information and some day will use it to snuff you out. now this is where it gets optimistic. say the robots take over and say the robots while you're sleeping and all of a sudden you're gone, you're not gone, because all of your information is backed up on the hard drive.
12:56 pm
>> i feel better now. let's follow hail bop. >> you get the purple blanket. >> fantastic. >> kennedy, see you tonight. 8:00 eastern time on the fox business network. that's 7:00 central. we'll be back.'s top of the hour headlines is a flash away. sometimes, maybe too hard. get claimrateguard® from allstate. it helps keep your homeowners' rate from going up just because of a claim. call an allstate agent first. 888-429-5722. accident forgiveness from allstate will keep his rates from going up. but not his blood pressure. michael james! middle name. not good. get accident forgiveness from allstate and keep your rates from going up just because of an accident. and it starts the day you sign up. so whether it's your car or home,
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this out, chicago this morning covered in a thick layer of fog. national weather reports you couldn't see past a quarter mile in some areas. made for a tough commute, i'm told. about 90 cancellations at mid way. on this day in 1946, survivors of world war ii got the very first care packages. more than 20 american charities teamed up to create the care organization. the first shipment sent food and supplies to families and americans sent more than 100 million care packages to troops and other people in need around the globe over the years supplies have included everything from food and medicine to books and carpentry tools after americans found a new way to lend a helping hand
1:00 pm
70 years ago. today. should news break out, and we hope it doesn't, we will break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. >> all right, welcome, everyone. i'm neil cavuto. a big reason behind the 215-point slide, remember yesterday reporting the numbers, we can actually trace it to justin bieber. that is true. because that slide didn't start today. it started with a may 1st disney radio music award concert and now the coup de grace. his instagram, that it is to the